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 August 13th, 2018 FURY

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August 13th, 2018 FURY Empty
PostSubject: August 13th, 2018 FURY   August 13th, 2018 FURY Icon_minitime8/14/2018, 1:31 am

Monday Night FURY
August 13th, 2018
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Wells Fargo Center

August 13th, 2018 FURY Wfc7-venue-image-full-9138c6181f

SHOW NAME: Lucky 21

Cena comes out and the fans cheer as he makes his way down the ramp.

August 13th, 2018 FURY D2628316-20EF-464E-8D5A-E29507BB5419_zpsngjwhtly

Cena gets in the ring and asks for a mic from ringside staff.

August 13th, 2018 FURY 8930806E-CF82-41A2-AB5D-3EF55D4555FC_zps47o3lvaz

Cena: Last week's tag match wasn't about getting the win. In fact, I let Taker's team get the win. Why? Simple. I wanted see what Taker could do in the ring; if he could actually still go; but truth be told Taker couldn’t keep up in the match with Ambrose in his corner - so how in the HELL is he going to keep up with me when he's on his own!?

August 13th, 2018 FURY ADB4C1A9-3FED-4961-9BD6-F58FC02EEEEE_zpsq8qkafru

Cena: At BlockBuster I’m facing Taker in a No Holds Barred Match. Listen here, Taker, after that match is over you really will be a Deadman walking, or crawling rather, because when it comes to the Big Match you just can’t deliver anymore. What is it Taker? The funny thing is I've been in more title contenders matches than you, received more opportunities than you, because I always deliver! I give it my all each and every time I step into this ring! But you, Taker, ya lost your passion!

Fans have a mixed reaction to Cena's controversial words.

August 13th, 2018 FURY DDD6524C-5BEA-497E-BC83-BEDE49629E71_zpsjrc1jy7g

Cena: Listen to these fans! Every time they hear the name "Undertaker" they scream so loud! ...But it's ditto when they hear my name.

Cena takes off his hat before continuing.

August 13th, 2018 FURY 196762CC-B365-46AE-A8E7-A24EB2DDCFB5_zpsi5svkhbj

Cena: I'll say this once, and I’ll say it twice; when it comes down to me and Taker at BlockBuster, his ego will get best of him. It will cost him the whole match. Cause I'm dead focused on you dead man. Not tonight's Main Event tag match. Only you... And I promise you that when time comes, I will walk out the winner at BlockBuster...

After Taker. collectively listens to cena the whole arena turns pitch black with the lights of cell phones and cameras that can be seen

August 13th, 2018 FURY G8Djj

The sound of thunder followed by a bell toll has the crowd going into a frenzy of cheers, then fire emploads on the entrance ramp as an omineous smog drifts onto the stage

August 13th, 2018 FURY LK3L6

Shortly after, the figure of The Undertaker makes his presence from behind the curtain and makes his way slowly down the ramp as the fans continue to cheer on The Deadman

August 13th, 2018 FURY ZWLgK

The Undertaker makes it to the end of the ramp and quickly turns his attentions to the steel steps where he lifts his arms in the air and the lights coming back making the arena lit once again

August 13th, 2018 FURY O0yM7

Undertaker grabs a mic and stands in the ring looking on at the crowd showing no emotion as they continue to cheer for The legend that is The Undertaker

August 13th, 2018 FURY P1XnF

Last time you saw me in this ring, Cena, I was the one kicking your ass... You thought that would be the last time anyone would see the Undertaker? Just like the souls before you, you ultimately failed... Cena you thought you would accomplish your goal by costing me the Gauntlet Match, but you still failed... But what you didn't fail to do, was showing everyone that you're nothing, but a fool...

Undertaker stops speaking briefly and rolls his neck in his classic style.

Let us not forget, I'm still the Phenom... You tried to send me a message that you were not afraid to do anything. Something like that I could admire, but, you made yourself not only look like a fool, but a coward... So Cena if you want to really try me, then I'll be waiting, and you know what you'll have to do...

As the cheers finally begin to die down Undertaker scratches his chin a few times before continuing on

August 13th, 2018 FURY IYduX

Now through the many years, I've been in the wrestling business. I've seen many Wrestlers that have never got the chance that they deserved to prove their salt. But I've also seen those select few Souls that shouldn't have gotten the chance by the status quo, take their shot and make something of themselves... AJ Styles fits in that category... Those who stepped up to the Deadman and was able to look him in the eye and show no fear, truly deserved what they accomplished after... Then there are those who are like you, Cena, who thought they could handle the Deadman... only to end up in the same line of those who failed!

August 13th, 2018 FURY ECRSZ

I only show my respect rarely. For those that have EARNED it. But you, Cena, have earned no one's respect. You believe you are entitled, for past accomplishments in far away federations in a distant time... But, respect is earned here in PWG, not given...

August 13th, 2018 FURY H9fUG

Those that think respect is not what it's about, are the same stars that sit in the back, while others get the spotlight they think they should have... Having passion for this business is one pillar to success, but respect is the biggest pillar... Because if you have someone's respect, then others will look at you without doubt, and know you belong... You've earned opportunities, contenderships, and title matches because of your passion... But you've lost them all because you lack Respect! And I will teach you that come BlockBuster...[

August 13th, 2018 FURY CpyU6

As long as The Undertaker still stands here, this ring is my yard... You want to try your luck with Big Dog? Then you, or anyone else, that steps into this yard better be prepared... because there is no chain that will keep this Big Dog from unleashing hell on anyone who dares to enter!

Undertaker drops the mic with his music hitting and Chokeslams Cena straight to hell before as Fury heads into a commercial break

August 13th, 2018 FURY PINZZTk

Can Sasha Bank on Redemption?
Sasha Banks VS Nikki Bella

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

Cameras cut to the back as JBL appears to be on the Phone with someone until Johnny Gargano shows up next to him. JBL hangs up the phone.

August 13th, 2018 FURY Johnny-gargano

Gargano: "Mr. Layfield, I know you're a busy man, but something needs to be done. I want that bastard Killian Dain at Blockbuster! I-I-I just need this match John, please, after what he did to me 2 weeks ago, I've been wanting to get my hands on him at any cost... I need this match John, I need to prove that I belong here..."

JBL gives a look of confusion wondering why Johnny can't wait til he's 100% to compete.

Gargano then interrupts JBL before he even got a word out.

Gargano: "I'll put my Fortune Contract on the line, but only in return that if I win, his FURY contract, is terminated! JBL, I need this!"

Gargano then waits on a response from JBL...

A brief silence ensues once Gargano ceases his speech, a disgruntled John Bradshaw Layfield staring at Gargano with disbelief. Why would a superstar at 50% be willing to risk his career for the sake of revenge?

August 13th, 2018 FURY Tumblr_mlyw02eZTS1r1nn6fo1_250

So let me get this straight... You want to fight a man twice your size when you're not even fully recovered? You're willing to put your Fortune Contract on the line for the sole purpose of beating a monster like Killian Dain? You may have fortune on your side but that dude is practically an immovable force! What if ya' lose, kid? Ya' willing to go bankrupt working for peanuts and a half-empty bottle of sprite? You're either a dumb-ass or you've got some major balls, kid...

John pauses briefly, the crowd giving a mixed reaction which could be heard all the way backstage.

You remind me of Jason Jordan who bit off more than he could chew. You see, like you, I saw a fire in his eyes. He was willin' to work hard, was willin' to put the company on his back, and wanted to do everything in his power to come out of his father's shadow. Used to come into this very office asking for opportunities as a way of proving himself. You know what happened to him? He asked for an 'I Quit Match' against a certain superstar and found himself on the employment line faster than an auction. 1...2...3.... And that boy was gone... Are you really willing to risk it all? Your career, your briefcase, and your health for the purpose of one match, Johnny?

Gargano takes in what JBL has just spoke to him. He thinks about his decision for a few moments then comes up with an answer.

August 13th, 2018 FURY Maxresdefault

Gargano: "John... I'm willing to risk it all, just to get my hands on him While my body may be 50%, my heart is at a never changing, never stopping One-Hundred Percent!"

Johnny receives a lot of cheers from the PWG Universe watching on the titanton.

Gargano: "John I'm not doing this just for me, I'm doing it for all of the PWG Universe! Hell, John, I'm doing it even for you! You brought me back to PWG, and I've still got a lot to prove to you; I'm also doing it for the sake of your job, what if Killian were to take out AJ? He is the face of Fury, he's the face of PWG; if Killian took him out who are the fans going to tune in to watch? You in your briefs wrestling a goddamn broom? (laughter is heard coming from the arena) And if anybody's got the balls and heart to go up to him and go face-to-face with him it's me! You don't see Nash, Cena, or Goldberg, hell even AJ trying to take him out. It's me John, a 5'10" 190 pounds guy taking on this 6'4", 322-pound Monster. Heart matters, not size..."

Gargano waits on the final response from JBL.

A brief silence ensues while the general manager of Fury considers Johnny's proposals. He looks at the underdog and current Fortune winner before shaking his head with a slight.

JBL: You've got heart kid but it's going to cost ya' someday... (a brief pause ensues) But fine, I'll give ya' what ya' want. At Blockbuster it'll be Johnny Gargano versus Killiain Dain in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Johnny will put his Fortune Contract on the line and Killain will put his Fury Contract up for grabs as well. A modern day David and Goliath match with a lot at stake... Enjoy.

The crowd reacts all the way from backstage with a thunderous applause. John goes back to his paperwork while cameras zoom in on Johnny's face who has a determined smile on his face. Will a not-so health Johnny be able to overcome the mammoth known as Killain Dain...?

Can the Authors Rewrite Rusev Day?
Rusev Day VS Authors of Pain

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

After the AoP and Rusev Day match, Aiden and Rusev are seen in the back with Dasha Fuentes.

August 13th, 2018 FURY C71c44e8a3bd7d421048a6ca70f721a7

Dasha Fuentes: "Aiden, Rusev, you two just came off a crushing defeat in a close contest against Akam and Rezar, the Authors of Pain. How will you two bounce back in the following weeks to come?"

Aiden steps up to answer.

English: "Well you see Ms. Dasha, me and this Bulgarian Brute Rusev has yet again been cheated out of a win, did you not see Rusev's mighty shoulders off the ground in that final pin?"

Dasha: "Aiden his shoulders were clearly do-"

English puts a finger over Renee's mouth.

English: "Shh! Shush woman! Look, now me and Rusev want a rematch with the Authors of Pain, we don't care whether it be the pre-show of BlockBuster, or next week on Fury, isn't that right Rusev?"

Cameras turn to a furious Rusev throwing stuff around before answering Aiden with a Mighty Bulgarian Roar!

English: "I believe that means yes, so AoP, you better be ready, because Rusev and I will be the Authors of your defeat, and that book will be released on...RUSEV DAYYYYYYY!!!!"

Aiden and Rusev walk away ending the segment.

The lights go out and on the titantron appears Killian Dain, backstage in a dark room.

August 13th, 2018 FURY DbGsK-gV4AEvP1Q

Killian Dain:
So Johnny thinks he can beat me? He thinks he can STOP ME? Johnny has not faced a BEAST like me. He says that his heart is 100%... well during our match, I'll make sure his heart dies with the rest of his PWG career... FEAR THE INSANITY!!!

As the titantron goes to black there is a moment of silence. An explosion is heard from the ramp. The PA system helicopters play but no one comes out.

Bryon Saxton:
Cory what just happened...

Cory Graves:
I don't know, Saxton. But is this the end of Johnny Wrestling as we know it?

No More Dolls, This is Real Life
Becky Lynch VS Asuka

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

EVO Qualifiers Clash before Blockbuster
Tommaso Ciampa VS Dolph Ziggler

Match Result wrote:
Ziggler comes down to the ring feeling confident after toppling the Lone wolf the previous week. He looks straight down the camera and smirks.

Tomasso Ciampa walks down the ramp and waves condescendingly to the crowd in a sea of boos.

The two men lock up but Ciampa hits a vicious knee to the ribs of Ziggler. Ziggler is on the ground in pain as Tomasso celebrates.

Ziggler then Superkicks Ciampa from out of nowhere! And looks down at him with fury in his eyes.

Ziggler destroys Ciampa from pillar to post, hitting him with multiple DDTs and kicks leaving the crowd stunned in disbelief. The referee has to stop Ziggler and give him the win via TKO.

Ziggler then grabs a steel chair and puts his leg in it. He then grabs the steel steps and smashes Ciampa's knee and puts him on the shelf as Ziggler storms off backstage...

The former comedian and amateur wrestler turned PWG wrestler has turned up the aggression to 10 as he is planning to become the inaugural EVO Champion!

Two Crazed Individuals Clash into Blockbuster
Killian Dain VS Dean Ambrose

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

As the coveted number one show Fury returns from a brief collection of advertisements the titantron visualizes a lonesome Ember Moon sitting down in the women's backstage locker room. It appears a lot of thoughts mixed with emotions are running through her young fresh mind, this is made foreseeable to the audience by the look of perplexity smeared across her countenance. A few uncounted seconds pass on by until the locker room door is heard being opened to unveil a ticked off Asuka who has just arrived to the arena. The first thing Asuka notices is Ember sitting there minding her own business. Once Ember realizes Asuka's arrival she stands up and they both stare into each others eyes as silence fills the room. The once known friendship has dissolved into disdain for one another. The noise of nothing is finally broken when Ember begins to speak.  

August 13th, 2018 FURY DOJxsgMUMAAr4z6

::Ember Moon::
Last week Asuka I did exactly what you thought I could never do and that was beat you, it is my time to reach the top of the mountain and achieve my set out goal of becoming the best. Asuka you can't handle defeat and that was evident at the end of last weeks match.

Before anyone can continue the two get closer face to face. Asuka's face displays a look of disgust as now she opens her mouth to retort.


As the final word comes out of Asuka's mouth she completely loses her temper and strikes Ember in the skull with a vicious forearm that stuns her. Ember then fights back with a stiff forearm of her own. They both trade lethal forearms until Asuka gets the upper-hand. The enraged Empress starts dishing out kicks that blister the chest of Ember as she falls to the ground. Ember tries to fight the onslaught of offense from the Japanese veteran but its too much. Asuka then locks in her aptly name finisher the "Asuka Lock" trying to choke the life out of a person who once looked up to her. As a few more uncomfortable moments pass officials storm into the locker room to break up the carnage. They finally remove Asuka of a lifeless Ember. Asuka then continues her dominance and starts striking and knocking down officials left and right.  

August 13th, 2018 FURY 526x297-e6S

Once clear of all officials she grabs a hand full of Embers hair and starts screaming words of Japanese into her face until English is heard.


Asuka then slams Embers face to the floor as she walks off. The screen then fades out to commercial. Once back live the commentators run down what they just witnessed.

::Michael Cole::
Asuka has completely lost it, an absolute heinous assault that was completely uncalled for. Someone needs to control this woman! and what was this "I want in", what does she want in on?

Cole if you had half a brain you'd know that she was clearly talking about wanting in on the Women's title match at Blockbuster. That opportunity was stolen from her by Ember last week, I believe Asuka's actions tonight were fully justified although she did let her emotions get the best of her at some points.  

The sound of Fury's commentators ceases as this segment ends and another one begins as the show progresses.

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PostSubject: Re: August 13th, 2018 FURY   August 13th, 2018 FURY Icon_minitime8/14/2018, 1:42 am

*Big Rig Horns ring out through the arena sound system as Kevin Nash's entrance music hits. Nash makes his way to the ring with a mic in hand ready to speak.*

August 13th, 2018 FURY Wwe_2k15_big_daddy_cool_diesel_by_nuruddinayobwwe-dbutrha

Nash: Well, well, well...Look at all the idiots that decided they wanted to see some action tonight. (the crowd boos) Yeah, I hear ya...I'd be upset if I had to pay money to watch some losers like AJ "No" Styles, some freak that thinks he's dead, and some guy that thinks he's Clark Kent. I feel bad for you all. It's okay though, Big Daddy is here now to give you your money's worth; just like I did last week.

Nash has a cheap smirk across his face as he turns to face the titantron. A video package displays recapping last week's PWG Championship Contract Signing; with Nash sending Styles crashing through the table with a thunderous Jackknife.

August 13th, 2018 FURY Giphy

The video package now ends, and the cameras return LIVE to Nash in the center of the ring, as the boos continue to pile on.

Nash: Oh you don't like that? Well that wasn't even a Match, so you're really not going to like what happens to your precious Hero in the Main Event. The first time ever Big Diesel and The Phenomenal One step into the ring against each other! But at BlockBuster, he won't be able to Tag out from the ass whoopin' I'm dishing out. And that's why August 26th will be the LAST time AJ ever gets in the ring against me!

The crowd's boos grow the loudest of the night until an "A-J-Styles!" chant begins to pick up steam. This seems to get a rise out of Nash who goes to cut it off.

Nash: All you're little chants dont mean squat because you are all looking at your NEXT Pro Wrestling Ge-

The #1 Contender is unable to finish his sentence as the PWG Champion's theme hits to a massive pop!

The Face of Monday Nights hits his signature pose to the continued cheers of the PWG universe.

August 13th, 2018 FURY Giphy

Without taking his eyes off of Nash, he makes his way down the ramp, and into the ring to confront his behemoth challenger.

August 13th, 2018 FURY A_1486284649067_SD_01242017ej_0970--85b4ca5e009593332d4d583d41dc9bdc

Just, just, just SHUT UP!

The crowd emits a mixture of cheers and laughs as AJ mocked Nash's opening delivery.

That's quite a piece of tape ya got there Kev. Who'd ya give a back rub to in Editing to cut out the part where you low-blowed me? But hey who are we fooling; we've all come to expect cheap shots, from a cheap man, with a cheap career! ("Ohhhhhhs" radiate throughout the arena) Now, now, there's no point of crying over spilt milk; you got one over on me last week. And I hope it felt good holding up MY Title as we went off air, cause that's the CLOSES you're ever getting to the PWG Championship!

The fans in attendance cheer once more.

Put me through a table, hell, put me through a hundred and I'll still get up! Cause it isn't about the size of the dog in the fight, it's about the size of the fight in the dog! But I ain't just any dog, Nash, I'm THE GEORGIA PITBULL! And I'm going to TEAR into those quads of yours! I'm going to cut you down and dissect you in MY ring! I'm going to CRUSH you quads until you can't take it anymore. And when you look around in pain, when you realize there's no Steel Cage for you to escape from to save your ass... I'm going to make you TAP!

The fans start chanting "Tap! Tap! Tap!" repeatedly which seems to irk Nash. AJ waits a handful of moments for the chants to die out before continuing.

So when the Credits roll from BlockBuster, and I'm STILL the Pro Wrestling Genesis Champion; you won't be known as Big Diesel anymore... you'll just be known as my Big Bitch!

The arena just about comes unglued at the last shot fired from the undersized competitor in this title match. AJ proceeds to lift his championship up into the air, right at eye-level of the 7 footer Nash.

August 13th, 2018 FURY Giphy

Nash, continuing to be unimpressed with the so-called 'little man', laughs off the strong and confident words of the champion. He looks away from Styles briefly before surprising the champ with another Low Blow! But AJ expects it this time, sidesteps out of the way, and grabs Nash's boot on its way back down. Just as quickly as he catches it, he hits a Dragon Screw which directly damages Nash's quad and sends Big Diesel down to the mat.

AJ talks some trash to the downed Nash, which the camera mics cant pick up, before exiting onto the apron. AJ adjusts his elbow pad as he is sizing up the #1 Contender for a Phenomenal Forearm! Nash uses the opposite side ropes to help hoist himself up and AJ springboards off the top rope! But alas, in that motion, the savvy challenger rolls out of the ring, and out of harm's way...

AJ's theme hits as Nash backs up the ramp slowly with one hand applying pressure to his damaged Quad. He barks out at AJ to just wait for the Main Event, as the PWG Champion stands strong in the ring brandishing his title to more cheers from the fans as the segment ends.

August 13th, 2018 FURY E4cda-1520947429-800

Two Egos Collide
Baron Corbin VS Samoa Joe

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

August 13th, 2018 FURY LTgh4fH

As Joe stands out of the pin before he can even react a figure tackles him to the ground and begins unloading with rights and lefts!! As the crowd gives a mixed reaction, it’s Dean Ambrose!!!

As the referee try’s to detain Ambrose, Dean shrugs him off and resumes the assault on Joe not giving him a chance to even react!! As the referees attempts one more time to stop Dean, the referee gets decked in the mouth as, Dean begins mauling the official!

As Dean is stomping out the official he gets spun, around and hit with a close line! Joe than begins punching Ambrose with his signature punch combo as he hits the last one Ambrose looks to fall out of the ring... But Ambrose able to come back for a rebound close line!

Joe knowing Ambrose so well at this point catches Dean out of the air and hooks in a uranage the same move that gave Dean his concussion! But Dean knowing Joe as well slides out and goes for the Headlock Driver!!! But gets thrown with a Irish whip into the ropes as he’s met with yet another close line! As the crowds gives an applause for that sequence!

August 13th, 2018 FURY 148_RAW_12112017ej_6335--a67f3c5d7393da97dbd082ea27daa1af

Joe grabs “The Lunatic Fringe” by the neck he than, goes to punch Ambrose to the delight of the crowd as just before security and officials come rushing down to detain him!!! As in the crowd gives a boo and a “let them fight chant”! As Joe can be heard screaming and demanding to “let him go”. As for the first time in quite some time the crowd echoes a “both these guys chant”.

August 13th, 2018 FURY Tumblr_lu2g2eJE2f1qhjbxeo1_250

As two security guards run to detain Ambrose who simply laughs... And goes to exit to quick turn from the crowd, who begin booing him as Joe can be heard screaming “Six Days!!! Six days Ambrose!!As Ambrose turns his back to Joe which seems to enrage Joe even more.

August 13th, 2018 FURY A6ce57f6eb3c70ae6f2c47cc89686a7d6a9d30a6_hq

As Joe is finally subdued we head to commercial break.

Nikki comes out and the fans cheer as she walks her way down to the ring. She eventually enters with a microphone already in hand.

August 13th, 2018 FURY Normal_WWE_Smackdown_Live_01_03_17_720p_HDTV_H264-XWT_mp4_20170103_223604_687_zpsmi8wkiog

Nikki: as of late my mind is on one person that’s Asuka, Asuka last time we was in this ring you beat me I can’t get my head wrap around it so now I want one more match at blockbuster! Me vs you one more time before I wasn’t ready for Asuka but now I am ready for you.

Nikki smirks.

August 13th, 2018 FURY Normal_WWE_Smackdown_Live_01_03_17_720p_HDTV_H264-XWT_mp4_20170103_223709_798_zpsa8wzn6e6

Nikki: Asuka you think you’re so type of empress but really you are a  Asian bitch who needs learn that this Bella is fearless. At blockbuster I am going show how fearless I am i got a gut feeling you’re going to accept the match if you do it’s the match that’s going to be coolest of the summer.

Fans cheer on in approval of the match.

August 13th, 2018 FURY Normal_WWE_Smackdown_Live_01_03_17_720p_HDTV_H264-XWT_mp4_20170103_223616_942_zpsu8bza9z6

Nikki: So miss Asuka, why don’t you bring your Fortune Cookie ass out here and accept my match... if can actually speak English!

A few moments pass by as Nikki begins to grow slightly impatient. The crowd looks on wondering if the Empress will show her face after violating Ember and declaring she wants in on the Womens title match at Blockbuster not too long ago. Asuka's theme song then begins to blare throughout the arena as the fans give a mixed reaction for the aggravated Japanese superstar.  

::Michael Cole::
Oh my! here comes Asuka and there's no doubt in my mind that she is still in a foul mood.

August 13th, 2018 FURY Asuka-Ring-Entrance-300x188

Asuka storms down to the ring with a look of disgust smeared across her features. Removed of all happiness and smiling she approaches the ring and without hesitation leaps into the squared circle at lightning pace and strikes Bella in the skull with a speedy roundhouse kick. Nikki crumbles to the floor but somehow remains consciousness. The commentators sound off...  

Oh come ON! this has to stop Asuka has already done enough damage tonight, security needs to remove her from the building this instant.

Nikki Bella chose the wrong night to call out Asuka its as simple as that. Asuka has been provoked all night.

Asuka rips a microphone from the hands of the ringside staff and gets into the ring to address the layed out Nikki Bella.  

Nikki......i'll...give you what you...want!
Just for...this!
At...the event of...the summer....
I will...take!
AND I will take the Womens...TITLE!!

Asuka drops the mic to the floor and saunters off leaving management to decide whether Asuka will pull double duty and join the women's title match at Blockbuster and face Nikki Bella in a one on one contest.

United States Championship #1 Contendership Match
Sami Zayn VS Goldberg

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

* Goldberg's Theme Song blasts throughout the arena as he has defeated Sami Zayn in a dominant fashion. *

Booker T:
Mayn, dis was sad to watch!

Corey Graves:
I'm actually more relieved that Bill shut him up. No oppertunity at Gold for Sami Zayn.

* The crowd cheers because they obviously dispise Sami because of last weeks promo, but they then proceed to pay attention to Goldberg when he looks down at one of the officials outside of the ring *

Get me a damn microphone!

* We see lots of the officials panic, they quickly get a microphone to the impatient man, Goldberg yanks it from them and stands center of the ring. *

August 13th, 2018 FURY 528089708_1280x720

I'm telling it straight. This match has officialy set a goal for me, and when i'm driven to pursue something. Like i am right now, it is ment to happen.

* Goldberg then shows a vicious grin. *

BRAY WYATT! I'm not going to ask you to come out here to stand infront of me and lay the US Championship on the floor. Giving it up to me. No, like ive been saying week after week! I'M LOOKING FOR THE REAL FIGHT! You have already lost this match, i know that. But i still want you to fight! I want you to scratch and crawl with everything you've got! Just so i'll be satisfied.

* The crowd has a mixed reaction. *

So Bray, come out here so I can look into the eyes of the man that I'll shatter to pieces come Blockbuster, and you don't have to be scared! You can bring the entire looney bunch you call a family with you, if that makes you feel safer when you get to be in my presence!

*Goldberg awaits the arrival of the US champion, but then...*

August 13th, 2018 FURY JoqQ3t

(Michael Cole)
Ladies and gentlemen, here comes a man who in my opinion is the creepiest dude in PWG today, the United States champion, Bray Wyatt.

(Corey Graves)
He is no mere man, Cole. Bray Wyatt has proven time and time again that he truly is a god amongst mortals, his win over Eddie Guerrero last week proved just that.

(Michael Cole)
Yeah, but Goldberg is on a whole nother level than Eddie Guerrero, Goldberg has ran roughshod over everyone since arriving here on Fury, does Bray truly stand a chance?

(Booker T)
Guys, lemme tell ya, I gotta agree with Cole, Goldberg is on a completely different level than most people in PWG, so does Bray Wyatt stand a chance at Blockbuster? Imma go on a limb and say nah.

*Bray Wyatt makes his way into the ring, staring down his next challenger*

August 13th, 2018 FURY 146_RAW_03052018cm_2833--d44049c9ba3e3715ccc2b330ab9f8237

(Bray Wyatt)
The mighty Goldberg has earned his opportunity! His opportunity to become one more victim, Abigail... She once warned me that something like this would happen, she warned me that I would become a hunted one, she came to me, and she said the words, "Bray, you are a god, but there will come a time when someone will become hell bent on ripping your power away from you!" and she claimed that you, Goldberg, would be that one person to try it, man.

*The fans begin to chant Goldberg's name*

(Bray Wyatt)

*The fans begin to boo know Bray Wyatt referred to them as sheep*

(Bray Wyatt)
They want you to be the one, man. They have chosen YOU to be the one to try to take this from me!

*Bray Wyatt holds his source of power, the United States title belt, above his head*

(Bray Wyatt)
The sad truth is, THEY know NOTHING! They believe they've chosen wisely, but in the cold reality, they have chosen oh so poorly, because when the time comes, when you and I do battle, you will end up like those before you, Goldberg. A failure! A man who simply tried his hardest, but his hardest was just not enough to dethrone a god!

* Goldberg then looks very irritated by Bray's comments, so he proceeds to walk towards him and grasp him by the throat and shove him into the corner.*

Booker T:


*While Goldberg keeps his grasp tight to Bray's throat, we see the creepy man laughing instead of shitting bricks. Which triggers Goldberg even more.*

You listen to me, man with the stench!

*Bray keeps laughing like the madman he is while being in this helpless state.*

August 13th, 2018 FURY 12405448

Your level of delusion just PISSES me off! I told you that i'm going to look you in the eyes, the eyes of the man that will be shattered to pieces. Notice how i say "man" but not God? It's because theres only ONE god! And that's not you. You're far from it!

*Goldberg's anger turns into a smirk.*

That's me. GODBERG! So when all is settled. When i see you lay like a corpse on the canvas, with me standing as the victor. The NEW United States Champion. You'll better refer me as that. Or i'll be hunting you and your disgusting family down.

*The crowd suddenly changes its tone of volume, which catches Goldbergs ear. He turns to see Erick Rowan nearly approach him, but his speed saves him and crashes into the sheepmask wearing man with a SPEAR that nearly rips the man in half! He rolls out of the ring in pain.*

August 13th, 2018 FURY LightheartedIndolentCardinal-max-1mb

*We then see that Bray has left the ring to join with Harper & Rowan outside of the ring. Luke Harper and the still hurt Erick Rowan are hellbent on entering again, but Bray commands them to stop. Which proceeds to end the segment in an intense staredown between the Family and Goldberg.*

Old & New Rivals in Tag-Team Action!
Kevin Nash & John Cena VS Undertaker & AJ Styles

Match Result wrote:





August 13th, 2018 FURY 093_RAW_01252016ca_1315-39865518611-1200x675

Styles thought that was it!

Shit I did too dawg!

Nash just kicked out of the Champ's best shot!

Styles realizes he needs to keep the pressure on Nash and stands up to plan his next attack when The Deadman extends his hand out for a Tag...

Oh man it looks like Taker smells blood in the water!

Him and Nash have some recent bad blood after their clash in a Steel Cage last month at Fortune!

AJ tags in Taker to a huge pop from the crowd, and The Deadman sizes up Nash with brawling fists, forcing Nash to back up in defense on their corner. Taker proceeds to Irish Whip Nash out of the corner, but has to use so much force to move the 7 footer that Taker drops to a knee.

Taker then stands up, and charges the corner, leaping up to land a Jumping Clothesline onto Nash! But as he connects in the opponents' corner, so too does Cena with a stiff right to Taker's head!

Oh come on! A cheap shot by Cena!

Cheap? Michael are you as blind as Taker? Cena is the legal man. He tagged Nash in the corner when Taker fell to a knee.

Cena enters the ring and lifts the stunned Taker up onto his shoulders for another Attitude Adjustment! But Taker shakes free of the hold, and as Cena turns around to face him, gets scooped up into position for a Tombstone!

August 13th, 2018 FURY F3a124255aca82426ca17cbf10deb0e2



Taker feels cold hard steel to his back when his old rival Kevin Nash hits repeated chair shots. It appears Big Diesel has had enough of this Tag Match as his blatant illegal attack causes the referee to call for the bell.

Nash winds up for another chair shot, but is intercepted by a Phenomenal Forearm from the corner! AJ mounts Nash and begins to unload quick flurry of strikes while the bigger man is still dazed. Meanwhile, Cena has shaken off the Tombstone, and gets the upper hand on Taker who is still reeling from the chair shots.

The referee tries to de-escalate the situation but he completely loses control of the situation as an all-out brawl between the 4 men is underway! With two money matches at risk of not making it to BlockBuster, we see Fury GM Layfield make his way out on stage and waving to the back for reinforcements.

From behind the curtain pours out various referees, officials, and Fury Superstars who each do their best to restrain Styles, Nash, Cena, and Taker from continuing this brawl. Each Superstar in the Main Event curses at their respective Rival, and attempt to break free to continue the fight as the commentary team takes over.

What a choatic scene! This is pure Bedlam!

Let these man fight hah!

Yeah, I'm sure you're used to this growing up in Houston Booke, but there are some serious dollars at risk here!

Guys, we are out of time here as emotions are running sky high! And it all comes to a head August 26th! San Francisco! BlockBuster! Only on the PWG Network...

Monday Night Fury fades off air with the last scene before the PPV of a mob of people trying to restrain AJ Styles, Kevin Nash, John Cena, and The Undertaker...

Monday Night Fury.
PWG Inc. 2018 ©
Team Fury Productions.

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August 13th, 2018 FURY
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