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 July 26th, 2018 REVOLT

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July 26th, 2018 REVOLT Empty
PostSubject: July 26th, 2018 REVOLT   July 26th, 2018 REVOLT Icon_minitime8/2/2018, 2:08 am

[big][big][big]Thursday Night REVOLT
July 26, 2018
Detroit, Michigan
Ford Field

July 26th, 2018 REVOLT Ford+Field+Kansas+City+Chiefs+v+Detroit+Lions+Hh7Qe0MzCJ0x-593x356

[big][big]From Fortune to Promise[/big][/big]

Championship Celebration & IIconic Initiation - PEYTON ROYCE & CARMELLA
July 26th, 2018 REVOLT 7MXOodp

After the show intro plays, fireworks shoot off into the air as Thursday Night REVOLT is officially underway!

July 26th, 2018 REVOLT Mauro_Ranallo1.2e16d0ba.fill-735x490July 26th, 2018 REVOLT 2924868a0560154133d60947260c7765d181d355_hqJuly 26th, 2018 REVOLT Image?

Ladies & Gentlemen welcome to the post-Fortune edition of Thursday Night REVOLT!

Fortune was a great showing for the blue brand, where our vacated World Heavyweight Championship was finally claimed in a barn-burner TLC Match!

And while our we wern't able to bring home the Men's Fortune Contract Briefcase, we did bring the Women's Fortune Contract Briefcase home, while making some history to boot!

Almost as if on que, Peyton Royce appears from behind the curtains to a loud but mixed reaction, though the boos peirce through most the cheers from the audience. With the PWG Womens Championship around her waist, the Womens Fortune Breifcase in her hand, and her signature flower in the other, she strikes an IIconic pose. Following not too far behind her is none other than the IIconic canidate Carmella.

July 26th, 2018 REVOLT Giphy

And speaking of history, Bryon, its our NEW Pro Wrestling Genesis Women's Champion - Peyton Royce!

After month's of mistreatment and bias authority over at that red brand, The Venus Flytrap has proved all the doubters and haters wrong once coming over to the A-show! She's a true trail blazer and hero for young women across the world; becoming the first woman to win the Fortune Contract AND Women's Championship in the SAME NIGHT!

Uhh hero? Didn't she need Carmella to win the Fortune Contract, and use her as a distraction to finally defeat Bayley?

Shut your god damn mouth Bryon we are in the prescence of a truly IIconic woman! A Diety of sorts! The Face of the Women's Division!

July 26th, 2018 REVOLT Giphy

Upon entering the ring, Peyton is showered in more boos while Carmella barks at ringside staff for a microphone. The eager candidate cannot wait to get the 'IIconic Celebration & Initiation' underway, now that she's proved her worth. Peyton smiles at Carmella before turning to face the hardcam and address the PWG Universe.

July 26th, 2018 REVOLT Peyton_royce_2018_new_png_by_ambriegnsasylum16-dc65rjuJuly 26th, 2018 REVOLT Carmella_2017_new_png_by_ambriegnsasylum16-dbpmp5f

Ya know last week at Fortune, all I did was... everythin' I said I was goin' tah do! (Royce & Carmella laugh while the crowd boos them more) Awww trust me I enjoyed all tha tears flowin' in on social media ovah tha past week; I used them all tah draw a nice bubble bath haha! Oh it was so lovely. Expensive wine, soothin' music, AND THA PWG WOMENS CHAMPIONSHIP N' FORTUNE CONTRACT next to me!

More boods are exerted from the crowd as Peyton waits a handful of moments for them to die down before continuing.

I am tha first woman - NO - tha first Superstar tah hold both tha Fortune Briefcase n' tha top Championship at tha same time! At Fortune IIconic finally broke through n' now I have a stranglehold on tha entire Women's Division... Even if one of these trash women can somehow take tha title off me, which is like, impossible, I have THIS! (Royce lifts up the Fortune Breifcase) as my insurance plan hahaha! ... N' as was promised when we first came tah this promotion - PWG is now truly IIconic!!!

The loudest boos yet fill the arena as Carmella applauds the inaugural 'Miss Fortune'. Royce looks towards Carmella and smiles before continuing to speak.

But all of this may not have been possible without my ally, my friend - but most importantly - NEW membah of IIconic... Carmella!

Royce gives Carmella big hug as the crowd continues to boo. After a moment Royce releases the hug and hands Carmella the microphone to speak...

[bgcolor=#000]Carmella: Everyone give it up for your PWG Women’s champion![/bgcolor]

The crowd boos.

[bgcolor=#000]Carmella: All of you people need to shut ya mouths cause this woman deserves every ounce of praise and adulation for what she accomplished at Fortune! Peyton Royce not only retrieved the contract for a guaranteed title match but she also pinned Bayley for the 1..2..3! That night I proved my loyalty. I proved I am worthy to join the IIconics, but I feel I need to explain exactly why I didn’t lay down for you...[/bgcolor]

The Princess of Staten Island looks toward the stage.

[bgcolor=#000]Carmella: Play the footage![/bgcolor]

Last Week at Fortune wrote:
A video begins to play of Charly Caruso standing in a hallway as she waits for her scheduled guest to arrive. Carmella walks up and the interview gets underway.

July 26th, 2018 REVOLT Latest?cb=20161127173359July 26th, 2018 REVOLT Latest?cb=20171006135156

Caruso: Carmella; many fans in attendance are shocked by your actions as of late. Care to elaborate?

[bgcolor=#000]Carmella: Charly you know me better than most and for the longest time I’ve tried to find my place on Revolt. Tonight when I lay down for my new bestie I will finally become the star I always knew I could be. That’s enough Charly I need to meet Peyton.[/bgcolor]

Carmella finishes her conversation with Charly Caruso but before she can leave two men walk up. Matt Hardy stands to the left side of Carmella as Jeff stands to her right. Both veterans completely ignore the Princess as they talk amongst themselves.

July 26th, 2018 REVOLT DKDVoooV4AASFLx

Matt: Can you believe the audacity of Triple H and JBL. Not booking us at a grand event such as this is a travesty of epic proportions. We are the innovators of the ladder match!

Jeff: I hear what you’re saying Matt but we’re here to help shape and mold the future stars of tomorrow. We agreed to help bolster the depth of the tag division. Who knows a couple old timers like us might get a chance to show these young bucks a thing..

Carmella interjects herself into the conversation.

[bgcolor=#000]Carmella: I consider both of you kings of the ladder match.[/bgcolor]

Matt looks down at her and covers her mouth with his hand

Matt: Were we speaking to you?

Jeff: No we weren’t but at as long as she’s here.

Matt: Brother, pray tell where are we currently located?

Jeff: I believe we are in Madison Square Gardens!

Matt: No, no, no what city of dwelling are our feet standing upon.

Jeff: New York.

Matt: Ahhh yeeesss! The New city of York and where is this tiny princess realm of origin.

Jeff, who at this point shakes his head in frustration, answers Matt by telling him that Carmella is from Staten Island. Carmella rolls her eyes at this weird back and forth between siblings.

Matt: Did my ears deceive me or did the words lay down emanate from her lips?

Jeff: Yeah she did tell Caruso that she was going to lay down for Peyton tonight.

Matt Hardy, with a look of pain on his face, pulls his hand away from Carmella’s mouth.

Matt: She bit me!

[bgcolor=#000]Carmella: I’m going to help Peyton win that title and nothing you two clowns can say will change my mind.[/bgcolor]

Matt: What if...

Jeff: That could work!

Matt: Wonderful!

Carmella gets fed up and slaps Matt Hardy. This actions make the elder Hardy return to his senses. He holds his jaw and ask his beothet where they are to which Jeff explains. The charismatic enigma brings the woken one up to speed on Carmella’s predicament.

Matt: So you consider us kings do you? Well as your royal superior I decree that the Princess of Staten Island fight with all of her might to capture the women’s championship. Mella you are in your backyard and your fellow New Yorkers are here to support their princess.

Jeff: Can you lay down now?

Carmella starts to think about all the support she has out there tonight that will be cheering her on to victory.

[bgcolor=#000]Carmella: All of my friends and family are setting ringside and it would be kinds cool to celebrate winning the women’s championship with them.[/bgcolor]

Jeff: Matt’s right. Carmella, it’s your time to shine. Don’t let those Aussies use you as a stepping stone.

The Princess of Staten Island hugs Jeff Hardy and thanks him for the pep talk.

Jeff: Now if you excuse me I’ve got to find Matt.

Jeff walks off screen in search of his brother as Carmella looks on. The video feed ends.

[bgcolor=#000]Carmella: I know that I’ve sent plenty of texts apologizing but I want to apologize again. Peyton, I’m sorry for not following our plan. It’s just with my family being there I felt as though I needed to pull out all the stops to show them how good I’ve gotten in the ring. I mean you had the fortune contract anyway and if I won the title it wouldn’t matter because I’m a part of the IIconics. We’re good right? [/bgcolor]

Peyton shakes her head yes as they embrace for a hug. Royce whispers something that Mella can’t make out as they release the hug. Both women celebrate in the ring as Carmella’s initiation is about to begin when suddenly she attacked from behind by Billie Kay!!! Kay mounts Carmella and punches her with stiff rights and lefts!

Ronallo: Mama MIA!!! Billie Kay is back!!!

Saxton: Oh my god! What’s Billie Kay doing out here and why is she attacking her soon to be teammate.

Phillips: Isn’t it obvious Saxton. Carmella has been trying to Kay’s place in the IIconics and the Aussie has taken offense to that.

Peyton Royce finally pulls Billie off of Carmella and helps the newest ally to her feet. Royce hugs Carmella again and tells Billie to back off... that is until Royce hits a Fisherman Suplex out of nowhere!

July 26th, 2018 REVOLT 5fa685885885375a65d22832d755d3c4

Royce & Kay look down at their handy-work of Carmella before grinning ear to ear as it becomes apparent to the PWG Universe that IIconics were only using Carmella as a means to an end...

July 26th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_p70gd5SYpq1sodzggo1_500

The Balor Club takes on a Young Gun
Finn Balor vs Shane Thorne

Match Result wrote:
After each man has made their way to the ring, they step in the center and face each other. After a brief stare down Finn raises his right arm performing his signature "Too Sweet" taunt, and nodding slightly. The man back away as the bell rings.

They lock-up, Finn gets the advantage and Irish whips Shane into the turnbuckle, Finn taunts his opponent and smirks.

Into another lock-up and again Finn gets the advantage, feeling even cockier this time he releases and slaps Shane on the back of the head, while laughing to himself.

Shane slightly angered hits the ropes and rushes back towards Finn who jumps over Shane, Finn again smirks. Shane continues his momentum hitting the opposite ropes and this time nailing his signature clothesline to the back of Finn's neck!

Shane goes for a pin!



.... NO!

Finn kicks out, Shane immediately gets up and nails a kneeling Finn with a running dropkick to the face. Shane goes to the top rope but Finn kips up and quickly climbs to the top grabbing Shane, and performing a very swift superplex.

Slightly frustrated now, Finn goes back up top looking to hit the Coup De Grace. Shane rolls out the way just in time, Finn tries to regain his balance, Shane hit's a quick German suplex, before quickly picking Finn back up and hitting the sit-out last ride powerbomb!

Shane goes for the pin!





Byron Saxton:
What the heck is this?

Kassius Ohno and Cesaro walk on stage together, they look out over the fans in attendance who are freaking out over the debuting Ohno and returning Cesaro.

Mauro Ranallo
Mama mia! The once critically acclaimed Kings of Wrestling have reunited here in PWG! And it looks like they have something to say!

Cesaro goes to speak, but before he can Ohno asks for the mic, Cesaro nods and passes it over to KO

July 26th, 2018 REVOLT Kassius-Ohno-NXT-WWE-Network-e1487880481983

Kassius Ohno:
Relax homie, I got this one! Alright... I'm sure you guys all know this but this is the first appearance for big homie Swiss since his nasty injury. (The fans pop for the Swiss superman) But for me it's my first time stepping into the PWG ring! Now... I've always been I nice guy, I would smile and sign autographs for anyone to ask, but in this business that gets old real quick!  

I got sick and tired of being passed on cause PWG didn't want me! I couldn't even get a single tryout! That was until ma boy big swiss hooked me up! HE is the only reason I'm out here,so when I tell you this guys my brother, the man I'd take a bullet for, you'd better believe it.

Kassius ohno respectfully tips his metaphorical hat at his friend

Kassious Ohno
Now... speaking for my mans over here, he's been training in that gym like a goddamn cyborg, rehabbing that injury, he was gonna call that man Sheamus to come in and be the bar, but he changed his mind, he gave me a call, asked me to help him get tag team gold and I'm there like that (KO snaps his fingers) he knew that if he wanted to reach the top, he needs more then some pale schmuck to get there! he needs a guy who knows his next move before he's even thunk it, ain't that right, man?

Cesaro smiles and holds the microphone to his mouth.


“That’s right, Kassius! I have teamed with this guy all over the world, and Kassius right here is one hell of a competitor. So, when it was time to come back I called him up, and I KNOW I made the right choice.”

The crowd cheers


“Oh, you all cheer for me NOW! But where were you when I was on the shelf? Or even before I got hurt? You people wouldn’t know great talent if it uppercutted you in the mouth!”

The crowd boos


“See how quick they turn on us, Kassius? Well guess what? We don’t care! Because we’re only here for two reasons... Win gold and prove without a shadow of a doubt that WE ARE THE KINGS OF WRESTLING!”

Kassius takes the mic back fro his tag partner, the knockout artist mouths the words "I see what you mean" as the crowd boo

Kassius Ohno
Hear that? My boy over here speaking the truth! none of you cared about him, none of you cared for me either! I busted my ass for my entire adult life and I didn't get a damn thing in return! You selfish bastards take and you take and you take some more! I'm sick of it. It's my turn to start taking! taking titles! Taking me and my boys' career to the damn heavens! taking heads and watching them roll off da chopping block!

July 26th, 2018 REVOLT Ohno-return

Kassius Ohno
K.O.W here to knock 'em all out! King's reign supreme! Now let's get outta here, Claudio.

The swiss cyborg and the knockout artist are satisfied with their words, Kassius drops the mic and they walk out of the arena

First Time Ever TTC Matchup
The Wyatt Family vs American Alpha

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

Championship Celebration - THE ROCK
July 26th, 2018 REVOLT ZVnejzi

**The sold-out crowd is hot after returning from commercial break.  A video package is shown of The Rock's championship victory at Fortune.**

July 26th, 2018 REVOLT E91a1465ebdc14e8611f25b3194758e5

**The Rock's music hits the arena and there is a mixture of cheers and boos.  The Great One walks onto the stage smiling with his Intercontinental title over his shoulder.  The camera cuts to the ceiling of the arena where balloons and confetti start to fall.  He strides down to the ring talking trash the fans.  Confetti has now filled the ring as The Rock enters and poses on the turnbuckle with the Intercontinental title.**

July 26th, 2018 REVOLT 4d4b450fa9323f0cab8fbf29b74c9479

** Under the confetti, the ring has been covered in red velvet.  In the corners, there are two huge photos of The Rock.  He stops and looks at both photos, smiling and mouthing "Damn The Rock looks good" at the second photo.  He grabs the microphone that is laying on the table in the center of the ring.  As his music stops, the cheers and boos continue.  The Rock is still smiling as he looks into the crowd and talks some more trash to the fans.**

The Rock:  FINALLY.....THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO DE... Ya know what.  Your people don't deserve to have The Rock say your cities name.  The Rock arrived at Detroit Metro Airport this morning and instantly his superhuman lungs were filled with dirt and dust that fills the disgusting air.  How in thee blue hell do you people live here?  But let's not have The Rock spend too much time telling you how crap your city is.  This is The Rock's time.  The Rock has graced you with his presence and FINALLY Detroit gets to see what a champion looks like.  The Rock knows the steaming pile of monkey crap city isn't used to winning, so let The Rock say this:  Take out your cell phone, post this on Twitter or Instagram because this will be the last time in a long time you pieces of trash see a champion in THIS arena.  

**The crowd is now heavily booing The Rock.  The Great One smiles.**

The Rock:'s not The Rock's fault your Quarterback sucks.  It's not The Rock's fault that his good buddy Calvin Johnson packed up his shoulder pads and retired because The Lions absolutely suck.  Don't blame The Rock.  The Rock is here to celebrate his title win and you fat pieces of trash are ruining his moment.

July 26th, 2018 REVOLT 07a99bed01094d80b94ee920fbe9886a

The Rock:  Now....being as The Rock is here in Detroit to celebrate as the new Intercontinental Champion.....and also he has a flight to Hollywood in about 2 hours..... let's get this party started.  The Rock could come out here and talk trash about how Kevin Owens and Bobby Roode suck on each other's Maple trees, but he has already laid the smack down physically and verbally on those two candy asses...and quite frankly, The Rock is sick of physically and verbally laying the smackdown on those two Tim Horton eatin' pieces of Canadian bacon.'s over.  Move on, nothing to see here.  The Rock whooped both of your monkey asses.  Go play ice hockey or fall head first into Niagra Falls because nobody gives a damn about you two Cookie Pusses.

The Rock:  So what's next for The Rock?  Shinsuke…. (The Rock lowers the mic and asks the cameraman how to pronounce Nakamura's last name)…..Nakawhata?   Ohhh... Nakamura.  Shinsuke Nakamura and Drew McIntyre, it looks like you two are next in line to get your faces smacked by The Rock's dominant hand.  But make no mistake about it.  The Rock knows exactly what he's dealing with.  The Rock knows you two are fierce competitors.  The Rock has just a few questions.  Nakamura, what's with the shaking and convulsing?  Is that some form of Japanese Tourettes?  Is that suppose to impress The Rock?  Do you even understand what The Rock is saying to you? Well let The Rock make this simple.  The Rock's boot.  Your ass.  

July 26th, 2018 REVOLT 0f518b6de482dcaefd3bc3680a2984af

The Rock:  The Rock's hopes you understand that Nakamura, but The Rock knows someone who understands everything The Great One is saying.  Drew McIntyre, The Rock has watched you and knows that you are one tough sumbitch.  The Rock knows that.  The Rock also knows that if you step into the ring with The Rock, he's gonna shove of box of Lucky Charms up your anus so far you'll be able to feed yourself marshmallow rainbows, clovers, horseshoes, and stars.  The Rock won't even give you the pleasure of shining it up real nice or turning it sideways.  Just straight up your anus.  And when you finally finish that last marshmallow, the Rock will smack the taste out of your mouth.

Now that The Rock has gotten the trash talk out of the way.  Let The Rock turn everyone's attention to the big screen.  The Rock's personal assistant took it upon herself to make a tribute video of The Great One in celebration of the biggest title win in PWG history.  This video has already been nominated for Best Short Feature Film and Best Actor.  Watch this.  You're all gonna love this.

**As the video finishes, the camera focuses on a smiling Rock.**

July 26th, 2018 REVOLT A98a8301007ad916498987178e428934

The Rock:  The Rock would like to thank the one person who made all of this possible.  There is one man and one man only who The Rock has to thank for all of his success.  From the championships, the movies, the millions.....AND MILLIONS....of dollars the Rock has stacked in his bank account.  The Rock wants to thank... The Rock.  Everyone else can come into this ring and every single one of you can kiss the people's ass.  IF YA SMELLLLLALALALALALA.....WHAT THE ROCK...…..IS COOKIN.

**The Rock's music hits and he continues to celebrate as confetti falls from the ceiling yet again.**

July 26th, 2018 REVOLT Ab3f1b023e5b143a863ba03fe6dfbdef

**PWG fades into a commercial.

The Aussie Debuts
Emma vs Mickie James

Match Result wrote:

winner via SIM:

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PostSubject: Re: July 26th, 2018 REVOLT   July 26th, 2018 REVOLT Icon_minitime8/2/2018, 2:09 am

”Must See” Maharaja TV - Guest The Miz

[bgcolor=#000]July 26th, 2018 REVOLT The_modern_day_maharaja_jinder_mahal_logo_by_nuruddinayobwwe-dbrjbmx

The screen show's the static logo upon the Revolt entrance stage viewing panels accompanied by the blinking illuminations, produced by bulbs upon the surrounds, emitting generous amounts of color.

Garnering the visual entertainment package at this time is on display within the ring, which is decorated with a few chairs and a side table which has a Maharajah TV placard that replicates the former show sign of the miz and it has Incense vases on each side of it.
All in front of that furniture at the center of the ring, Is the smartly dressed singh brothers on either side of the even better dressed modern day maharajah in a fine suit and Turban combo, he adjusts himself while slowly panning his glare as he smiles slightly.

:: Jinder ::
"Welcome toooooo must seeeee maharajah T V !!!!"

July 26th, 2018 REVOLT Jinder-mahal-wwe-2-BIG

The crowd is a mixture of reaction some caring while others do not care for the PWG's resident Indian Nobleman. Some may admire the tenacity showcased by the maharajah, possibly seen as an artist plying his craft week after week, within the confines of the PWG canvas, the obvious true connoisseurs of the proverbial martial art of wrestling.
While others simply see him as just unjustifiably arrogant enhancement talent, the obvious close-minded bigots.

:: Jinder ::
Yesss The maharajah Jinder Mahal is hosting this talk show live tonight here in.....

Jinder leans toward Sunil who whispers to him.

:: Jinder ::

The crowd can't help but cheer out to their city's name being called out.

:: Jinder ::
Yeah I wouldn't cheer if I lived here but go ahead...

Crowd boos.

: Jinder ::
Are you done?
Because I have a special guest tonight who caused a bit of a scene last we were together this man had to be shown that the Maharajah don't take bad manners and disrespect lightly.
As I will show you a flashback to that very event.

The trio motion there arms upward pointing toward the big viewing panels.

Jinder urges him to let the Miz try.
Miz eats it he munches it about then his eyes widen.
He spits it at Jinder messing up his shirt with food splatter.

:: Miz ::
That's so super spicy, whoo, I need some milk or something.

The Miz is handed some milk from Sunil.
He spits that at Jinder too.

:: Miz ::
What the heck is this?

:: Sunil ::
Freshly squeezed goats milk the best goat milk.

:: Miz ::
ewww goat?

:: Jinder ::
Uh yes, its spice up your life Miz... It's obviously going to be spicy.

:: Miz ::
I'm a good actor but sorry, I can't act like that's any good at all.
was that peanut sauce I don't like peanuts.
Can we make some lasagna or maybe a beef wellington?

:: Jinder ::
No, we won't make a lasagna....or a beef wellington.

:: Miz ::
Yeah well, I don't see this getting many episodes if this is the standard, it's not a list standard that's for sure.

:: Jinder ::
You messed up my shirt and disrespect the cuisine of my people?
The Modern-Day Maharaja will not be disrespected on his own show, by anyone.

Jinder takes Miz's hand and puts it in the toaster, miz screams out as it heats upon his skin.
After a couple of agonizing seconds, Miz tries to retaliate by grabbing a pan and swinging it.
Jinder is knocked back a couple of steps, where he turns to grab a handful of pepper spice which he throws into the Miz's face.
Jinder then hits a Khalass on Miz on the corner of the kitchen table, severely injuring Miz's back.

Jinder takes the blinded Miz by the shirt and heaves him out of shot.
He adjusts his turban as he looks at the camera.

The clip on the big screen ends.

Jinder shakes his head.

:: Jinder ::
"See what I mean? Disgraceful...
He caused my Pilot cooking show the simply delicious Spice up your life to be put on the back burner.
The network wants to review episode ideas with some focus groups... but for all those who like good food and especially yours truly, I'm sure you'll be treated to more episodes in the future.
Maybe after this time healing from those injuries, he's learnt from his mistakes and I'm willing to give him a chance to do the gracious thing, I'll give him a chance to apologize and maybe there'll be time left to tell you some enthralling side piece on a B grade movie he's working on or the like.

Any way sumir him down."

Jinder takes a seat, Sunil makes preparation for a bottle of water to be ready for the Maharajah.

:: Sumir ::
" PWG universe please move your attention to the entrance way for the miz...!"

Almost a minute passes and there is still no sign of The Miz. Jinder loses it.

:: Jinder ::
"Damn you Miz! Nobody stands up The Modern Day Maharaja! You want to try to embarass me on National Television!? After I give you a chance to make peace!?
Is it cause I do talk-shows better than you ever could!?
...Just wait until I get my hands on you later tonight you embecile!!!"

Mahal and the Singh brothers storm out of the ring and up the ramp fuming.

TTC Teams Look To Rebound
AOP vs Revival

Match Result wrote:
The bell rings as Dash and Akam lock up. The Author of Pain quickly gets the advantage over the smaller Dash Wilder tossing him across the ring. Dash quickly gets up and charges straight at Akam. Wilder is met with a quick lariat that sends him spiraling in the air and crashing hard into the canvas.

July 26th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_onf9q0JjtQ1tx8dnyo1_400

Akam decides he wants to end it early tagging in Rezar to Attempt The Last Chapter. Rezar goes to hit the ropes when the dastardly Scott Dawson pulls down the top rope causing Rezar crashing over and down onto Paul Ellering. This causes Akam to drop Dash Wilder and go to check on Ellering. An enraged Akam tosses Dawson into the ring. Scott Dawson begs and pleads as Akam walks towards him. This is when Dash catches him with a quick running chop block. Dawson then gets up and joins Dash in giving Akam a beat down. The referee shouts for Dawson to leave the ring, but it falls on deaf ears. Both Revival members waste no time hitting a quick shatter machine.

July 26th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_om7nf4mlSZ1s05wxzo1_400

Dash then quickly covers Akam as the referee counts one..... Two..... and three! Their celebration is cut short as Rezar slides in the ring causing The Revival to retreat. Revival continues to celebrate up the entrance ramp as AOP is stuck licking their wounds in the ring.

Talk Show Hosts Team Up Against Rivals
The Miz & Chris Jericho vs Jinder Mahal & Randy Orton

Match Result wrote:

winner via SIM:

the camera comes to an area with a bunch of people standing behind a barricade cheering for someone and yelling and screaming then the camera shows who it is speaking to a interviewer

July 26th, 2018 REVOLT ImpartialMarvelousJaguar-max-1mb

Trish Stratus: Hello everyone, I'm Trish Stratus, well, at least I hope you all know who I am by now. Let's see PWG management has asked me to come back and I gladly accepted the offer because what else better can I do then send a warning to the women of Revolt. I'll be back next week and I'll be throwing out an open challenge... so if you have what it takes and want to step into the ring with one of the women legends, then accept.

Trish Stratus motions the interview to be over as she grabs her luggage and leaves for the next show for Revolt.

IC #1 Contenders Match
Drew McIntyre vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

PWG World Championship Celebration - SETH ROLLINS

July 26th, 2018 REVOLT TZmPE34

The PWG Universe roars with cheers at the sound of Seth Rollins theme song blasting through the titantron. Seth Rollins comes out the curtain with a huge smirk planted across his face. Draping over his shoulder is the World Heavyweight Championship which he holds close to his shoulder with one arm. Seth Rollins quickly raises the championship over his head followed by strutting his way back down to the ring. The crowd continues to roar with cheers as Rollins makes his way into the ring.

Seth Rollins - Ladies and Gentleman YOUR CHAMP IS HERE!!! Yes, it's absolutely true that the World Heavyweight Championship is right where it belongs and that's in the hands of ONE Seth FREAKING Rollins!! Damn, does it feel good to be champion again and not just champion but the first superstar to have held the world championship's both on Fury and now Revolt! Albeit my title reign wasn't as long as I hoped - when one door closes another opens and what seemed like a huge loss at first only made room to make history here in Pro Wrestling Genesis. You see last week I did the unthinkable... I went one on one with the beast and I came out on top. I mean I'll admit Brock Lesnar is one scary guy, there's not a single superstar as fear inducing as that man. But when push came to shove.. I showed the entire world that I have no problem facing fear in the face and telling it to sit the hell down when the man of this damn company says so!  

The Revolt Crowd roars with cheers chanting "BURN IT DOWN, BURN IT DOWN, BURN IT DOWN."

Seth Rollins - Now it may have not been easy.. and some critics are saying that it was a conspiracy. I mean after all, the match wasn't about their being a clear winner by pin or submission.. it was more about survivability, cunning and speed which are three things I feel like I had the advantage on Brock in. But here the reality, it didn't matter what the match type was I made a damn promise to each and everyone person out here cheering my name and chanting Burn it Down! I promised that I was going to lead this show with integrity and show the world what a real champion looked like. I said that I would be an example that everyone could look up too and be proud of. A champion that the people could get behind! It doesn't matter what kind of adversity is placed in my way because I will continue to overcome each and every single trial put in my path. So now I'm at a place where I've taken out Revolt's biggest and baddest beast, so I guess that means that i'm officially the top guy around these parts. So with that said how about we turn up a little tonight and get this party started!?

Seth Rollins signals to the tech crew to begin a sequence! Party music starts playing as beach balls descend from the sky to the floor. The crowd seems to be whiling out at the sight of this. Now, some female dancers start coming through entering the crowd with minimal clothing and giving free lap dances/twerk on those who desire it. On top of that they also begin dispersing Seth Rollins Ice Cream bars. The crowd roars with cheers at the sight of what seems to be every fans wet dream.

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Rollins celebration is cut off by the sound of a familiar theme...

The champ is startled a little as he see's the animal emerge on the stage to a loud and mixed reaction. he walks down the ramp slowly, not taking his eyes off Rollins for a single second.

Tom Phillips:
Here comes the animal! he's back! he's back for the first time since leaving for a major movie deal!

The animal walks into the ring and comes face to face with the champion, he looks around at the balloons and the confetti with absolute disgust before finally lifting the mic to his mouth...

So these are the levels we're stooping to now, huh? throwing stupid little celebrations so that you can stand out here and hear these stupid people chant  "You deserve it, you deserve it"

July 26th, 2018 REVOLT Batista-1

That very same chant rings out through the arena as Rollins grins looking around at his supporters

You don't deserve nothing, far as I'm concerned, the fact you are a world champion diminishes and tarnishes the legacy of not only that belt, but this entire industry! You and your entire entitled generation need to be put back in line, and I'm gonna be the one to do it, you understand? one day, I'm gonna get my shot at that gold and when that day comes, you are gonna fade off the map, and be forgotten forever.

Rollins and Batista stare down as the crowd is getting louder and louder, hyped at the intense stare down

So enjoy your reign while it lasts, because when I've taken down the rest of you entitled vanilla midgets, when you're the last one left, that's when I take MY worlds heavyweight championship!

Before Batista can continue he is cut off by a potent, notorious noise that was projected by none other than the illustrious advocate Paul Heyman. "Ladies and Gentlemen" was the profound sound that pierced the eardrums of the attending believers. Heyman unveils himself from the curtain and saunters his way out onto the stage with a clean crisp smirk paraded on his mug. The crowd showers him with an onslaught of disrespect as Heyman shrugs it off. He starts to make his vocal chords motion as he waddles down the ramp.

July 26th, 2018 REVOLT JKv6GiS

Well well well.... look who decided to show up tonight, Batista finally decides to return because his inadequate acting skills just couldn't cut it any longer. The man whose done literally nothing in this business, he walks in with a clean slate thinking he's the top dog. Batista let me give you a little advice, you don't belong here, and you definitely do not belong in the ring with Seth 'Freaking' Rollins.

Those comments seem to aggravate the Animal Batista as Heyman steps inside the ring. Batista surprisingly controls his emotions as he allows Heyman to proceed. Rollins looks at both men with disdain as Heyman continues his incessant rambling.  

Seth, what I just said before don't take that as a compliment from me because why would a heel give the prominent crowd panderer any admiration. What you did at 'Fortune' was win a match that suits you and only you. So whoever in this little PWG creative team decided to make this a TLC match needs to be fired. My client was put in a match he wasn't meant to win, Brock Lesnar was screwed out of the World Heavyweight belt for the second time. Firstly it was a jacked up Samoan fueled with illegal substances and now we have the nimble Rollins leaping all over the place to grab a hanging title. Despite your apparent speed you just barely won that title by the skin of your damn teeth because my client was an inch away from grabbing you off that ladder and delivering an F5 and capturing what is truly his, but due to quickness, this is the scenario I have to deal with. If you thought you were gonna come out here tonight and celebrate with your hired harlots then you were sadly mistaken because my client is not even close to being finished with you because you have something of his and when the Beast Incarnate wants something he damn well gets it. Now you're probably wondering where is Brock Lesnar, why doesn't he come out here and give Seth Rollins a beating. Well, my client is not here tonight (crowd cheers) because he does not care for this show and he will take time off when he pleases. So now it seems that I have completed my mission which was to ruin your little party and now I must go...

Before Heyman attempts to leave the ring Rollins stops him while Batista seems to be relaxing on the opposite corner. Rollins backs Heyman into a corner with a fresh grin smeared across his countenance. Rollins then backs up with an even bigger smile on his face; he then mouths the words "No violence tonight". Heyman then rapidly scurries his way out of the ring in fear. Heyman makes his way back up the ramp while he starts to speak again.

Seth, you're gonna regret that little stunt you just pulled because you can act cocky all you want, but when push comes to shove the outcome will always be the same. Suplex City, F5, victory and that's just way it is! So you better watch yourself, oh by the way I lied...

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Suddenly from out of nowhere Lesnar emerges from the crowd at lighting pace and grabs Rollins and throws him across the ring with a vicious German Suplex! Rollins lies in the ring motionless after only one suplex. Meanwhile, Batista smirks at the sight of the 'little man' in his eyes being tossed around, as he exits the ring and begins heading up the ramp, as Lesner's path of destruction continues.

Lesnar picks up the dead weight of the champion and hauls him across the squared circle with another devastating suplex. "Suplex City Bitch" is audible from the mouth of the Beast. Lesnar then picks up Rollins who suddenly tries fight back with lefts and rights that slightly stuns Lesnar but then The Beast fights back and knocks Rollins silly with a few stiff forearms to the forehead. Seth crumbles to the mat as blood begins to trickle from his head. The Beast laughs as he picks up Rollins.

July 26th, 2018 REVOLT Giphy

He then destroys the bloodied champion with a defeating F5. Lesnar then picks up Rollins once again and looks to deliver another F5 before he is cut off by a theme that provides a great reaction.

Glorious Domination by CFO$ blares from the PA system as the fans and scantily clad female dancers just to their feet in support of The Glorious One. Brock drops Seth Rollins and turns his undivided attention towards the entrance ramp. Paul Heyman scurries towards the ring in fear of Roode. A few moments pass as it appears just a mind game. Lesnar turns back around to do some more damage to the World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins. A huge pop is heard from those in attendance when it's revealed an emotionally driven Bobby Roode is standing right across the ring from The Beast Incarnate. Lesnar is met with a quick low blow from Roode.

July 26th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_ntaba08lzd1sbzhteo1_400

Mauro Ranallo: Bobby Roode has just hit The Beast Incarnate with one of the lowest blows we've ever seen here in Pro Wrestling Genesis!  

Tom Phillips: And it seems to have leveled Brock Lesnar.

Byron Saxton: I don't care who you are man or beast, a low blow like that will take you out.

This sends Lesnar toppling over into the canvas. Roode follows this up with rapid stomps before jumping on top of Brock with quick strikes to the head. Roode notices Paul Heyman trying to pull Brock's leg from outside the ring in an attempt to save his client from this beating. Bobby Roode then stares at Heyman with an almost demented grin. He quickly rolls out of the ring as Heyman attempts to escape through the crowd. However, the fans block his way after seeing him setup Seth Rollins just moments ago. Paul Heyman attempts to plead to Roode as he's approached. Roode grabs Heyman by his shirt and tosses him into the ring before sliding into the ring himself. The Glorious One picks up a microphone dropped earlier as he continues to back Heyman into a corner. The manager begins pleading for his life at this point as Roode steps closer. Once there's nowhere to go and the two are face to face, Roode stares Paul Heyman dead in the eyes as he begins to speak.

July 26th, 2018 REVOLT VjzY9fe_d

Bobby Roode: This is what you wanted isn't it? You wanted to see "the real Bobby Roode". Well I hope you like what you see. The Bobby Roode who walked into Fortune was an enlighten, woken, and overall nice guy. He could've never predicted the evil wickedness that awaited him. You see Heyman, when you and your beast attacked him, you made sure he wasn't walking out a winner. A fortune was the farthest thing from his fate. He left that pay per view a beaten and Broken man. You shaped me into the man I am now, Heyman. Brock and I could've had a match for the ages. Now, im not waiting for papers to be signed and matches to be made. I'm out for blood.

Roode knocks Paul Heyman over the head with the microphone before pulling out handcuffs from his pocket. He handcuffs Heyman to the middle rope. Making sure Heyman witnesses what he's caused, Roode gives Heyman a few slaps on the face to wake him up. Bobby Roode is then seen equipping brass knuckles. He tosses off his sports coat and begins unbuttoning and rolling up his sleeves. A teary eyed Heyman begins to yell "I'm sorry". After he realizes apologies aren't going to cut it, Heyman shouts for Brock. Bobby Roode begins to stalk Lesnar who is still holding his crotch in pain. The broken Bobby Roode grabs Lesnar by his hair and begins striking him in the head till there's blood. He then picks Brock up and tosses him outside the ring.

July 26th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_outufuy9c31s05wxzo1_400

Byron Saxton: This has gotten wayyy too outta hand. Roode needs to be stopped or arrested.    

The fans aren't sure if they want to cheer or boo anymore. Some young fans can be seen crying in the stands. There are some who believe Roode has gone too far and others who believe he didn't go far enough. Roode notices the World Heavyweight Championship on the ground. He picks up the championship and stares at it for a few moments before raising it high in the air. Roode then tosses it back to the grounded Seth Rollins. Bobby Roode exits the ring as medical staff, security, and the higher ups all run down to the ring.

Mauro Ranallo: What was supposed to be a heart felt celebration has ended in chaos! Bobby Roode making a massive statement after taking out Lesnar and raising Seth Rollins championship!

Byron Saxton: I'm not sure, but I think Roode took this whole thing way too far. He has babies crying in the audience!

Tom Phillips: Some would say Bobby got his revenge here tonight, but how will Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins respond to all this. Will there be any consequences for this new aggressive Bobby Roode?

Mauro Ranallo: I guess we're going to have to wait till next week. What will follow all this pandemonium!?

Thursday Night Revolt.
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Team Revolt Productions.
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July 26th, 2018 REVOLT
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