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 July 5th, REVOLT

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July 5th, REVOLT Empty
PostSubject: July 5th, REVOLT   July 5th, REVOLT Icon_minitime8/2/2018, 2:04 am

[big][big][big]Thursday Night REVOLT
July 5th, 2018
New York, New York
Hammerstein Ballroom

July 5th, REVOLT 869619409_5d6c11fb48_b

[big][big]Final Stop Before Fortune [/big][/big]

Drew McIntyre and Christian both walk out to boos from the live crowd in attendance to kick off Thursday Night REVOLT. They shrug off the warm reception as they walk down the ramp. The referee for the first match of the evening signals for the bell to ring so the match can start.

Drew walks over and grabs the ref’s by the arm informing him to wait as the Chosen One requests a microphone.


[bgcolor=#000]McIntyre: Ladies and gentlemen, due to the overwhelming importance of my match on the 15th of July, I am not competing this evening.[/bgcolor]

Christian gets in the face of his supposed protégé and argues about how he knew nothing of this change in plans.

[bgcolor=#000]McIntyre: I’m going to tell you this once so pay close attention. I spoke with Triple H and he agreed that I should be removed from active competition until Fortune. Plus I bet Hunter my next paycheck that you wouldn’t last 5 minutes against this young upstart.[/bgcolor]

Drew smirks as Christian looks angered by his last comment. At first, it looks like the two are going to come to blows, but Captain Charisma backs off understanding that the word of Triple H is final. The crowd, however, continue booing McIntyre for his cowardice.

[bgcolor=#000]McIntyre: All of you casuals can shut up right now. I am the McMahon family’s personal investment in the future of this company and if they tell me to jump you better damn well believe I will. I owe them and I’m not about to put my faith in the hands of someone who can’t deliver. They have given me a way to put food on the table and come the 15th of July I will repay their kindness by scaling that ladder, unhooking the briefcase, and becoming 'Mr. Fortune'. Hmmm that doesn’t have the best ring to it does it?[/bgcolor]

Drew looks at Christian who shakes his head in agreement.

[bgcolor=#000]McIntyre: It doesn’t matter what you call me, because once I win the six-man ladder match -sooner rather than later - you will be calling me champion. Good luck Cap.[/bgcolor]

Drew leaves the ring and joins the commentary team as the next match gets underway.

Revolt New Bloods Go 1 on 1 - 2x Points
Shane Thorne vs Christian

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

*Shane Thorne's Music fades out as Renee Young enters the ring with a microphone in hand*

Renee: "Congratulations on winning your debut here in Revolt, is there anything you'd like to say about your victory?"

*Shane Thorne takes a couple seconds to get his breath back*

July 5th, REVOLT Yrrysp1472219615

Shane: "Not gonna lie Renee, Christian put me through the ringer there, from the outside looking in... It may have even seemed like I might lose. I didn't even know that I'd be facing Christina one on one until mere minutes before I came out here, I had no time to prepare for this, and I still pulled out the victory because I am... Mighty and...

*Crowd chants "Mighty Don't Kneel!*

*Shane smirks, catches his breath again*

Shane: "The Mighty. Don't... Kneel..."

*Shane bows as his music hits, and exist the ring making his way backstage*

**After the match, The Rock appears on the screen.**

July 5th, REVOLT 90a407a9f6c8726f2e5f85e731ac590d

**There are mixtures of cheers and boos at the site of The Rock.**


**The fans cheer.**

The Rock:  It's been awhile but finally, The Rock is back in the big apple.  Finally, The Rock is back in the big apple to smell all of the New York City trash that fills its streets and, quite frankly, it turns The Rock's stomach.  The streets are infested with rodents...hell, The Rock saw a big ass sewer rat carrying a big slice of Joe's Pizza all the way down into the sewer.  The last time The Rock was in New York City, he had some DAMN GOOD pie though.

**A ladies voice can be heard off-screen.  The Rock changes focus and turns towards the voice heard off screen.**

July 5th, REVOLT 5514468e061cd4320d0e249b0cf64fae

The Rock:  The Rock said LAST TIME he was in New York.  That was months and months ago.  Hey!  Don't look at The Rock like that.  The Rock only has eyes for YOU, baby.  Now bend over and put that nice lookin' apple pie in the oven...The Rock needs to take care of business.  Sorry baby, but the lovin' has to wait 'till the fightin' is done.  Make sure to keep that pie nice and warm for The Rock.

**The Rock now turn his attention back towards the camera.**

The Rock:  Being as The Rock apparently is scheduled to be in New York tonight for a tag team match, he's gonna make this short and sweet.  The Rock whooped candy as last week and he's gonna do the same tonight against The Hardy Girlz.  People are asking The Rock if he can co-exist with Bobby Roode. Well let The Rock make something crystal clear.  The Rock doesn't need Bobby Roode.  The Rock doesn't want Bobby Roode.  in fact, if Bobby Roode steps out of line, The Rock is gonna shove his glorious boot up Roode's glorious candy ass.  How's that?  How about this?  Bobby Roode, how about The Rock just comes down to the ring and slaps your teeth out of your mouth.  How's that?  It doesn't matter what happens tonight, Bobby Roode.  What matters is what happens when you're looking across the ring from The Great One with the PWG Intercontinental Championship on the line right before The Rock lays the smackdown on your Canadian, Maple Syrup havin' monkey ass.

July 5th, REVOLT 6d7e059d06276e347e8c0d970de6510e

The Rock:  Bobby Roode, The Rock says this:  If you get in his way tonight, he won't think twice about putting baby powder in his dominant hand and smacking you so hard across your face that great-great-grandma Roode will roll over in her grave from feeling the most electrifying pimp slap in ALL of sports and entertainment.  After we take care of business tonight...your ass belongs to The Rock.


July 5th, REVOLT 2e674988bc560d3f6b49439871c3259a


iiiiiis cookin.

July 5th, REVOLT 6f325ab72ae8ce922641d8e2b6a36dc5

**The Rock walks off camera as his music plays in the arena. The scene fades.**

Second Chance IC Contenders Match
Jinder Mahal vs Kevin Owens

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

As the Go-Home edition of Thursday Night REVOLT continues, the IIconics theme hits to a mixed - but mainly negative - reaction.

July 5th, REVOLT Tenor

Walking out alone is none other than Peyton Royce. She hits her signature pose on stage to the satisfaction of the young men, and to the dismay of the females, in the arena. She twirls around as she's in an exceptionally good mood, stopping with her back facing the ramp, as she appears to be waiting for someone.

July 5th, REVOLT Carmella

With the 'IIconics" theme still playing, moonwalking from out behind the curtains is none other than the Princess of Staten Island, Carmella, to yet another mixed reaction. Peyton takes Carmella's hand and the pair skip down the ramp towards the ring as the commentary team speaks.

Mama Mia! It looks like Peyton Royce and Carmella were serious in their talks last week. Has Peyton really just get a new bestie?

Well, Billie Kay is on the shelf indefinitely with no timetable set for her return still, and Carmella took advantage of the apparent opening. But if Carmella proves her worth and helps bring IIconics championship gold, I'm sure Billie & Peyton wouldn't mind making it a trio at all.

They, they just better not make a mockery out of the PWG Women's Championship by having Carmella lay down for Peyton. Championships need to be earned!

Shut up Bryon how are you still even employed here.

Upon entering the ring, Carmella barks at ringside staff for a microphone, and upon receiving it hand-delivers it to Peyton Royce. She waits a few moments for the noise in the arena to die down before parting her lips to speak.

July 5th, REVOLT Payton_Royce_SD_April_2018

Ovah this last week my tweeter has blown up with tha tears of all ya smarks. (Royce does a lower pitched mocking voice of words in quotation marks)  "How come Peyton is in tha Fortune Laddah Match N' the PWG Womens Championship Match" - Because I won my qualifyin' n' contendah'ship matches ya blokes! "But Carmella & Peyton are going tah make a mockery of tha Womens Championship if she lays down" - well it's already too damn late cause Bayley has long since dunn it!

The crowd has a mixed reaction as Royce continues.

Like, do ya guys even remembah she has tha belt? (a group of fans are heard shouting "NO!") Exactly me eith'ah! Ya know, it really is too bad she's not even half tha taul'kah as tha fighter she is; hell it's too bad she can't taulk period. I mean, tha last time she said ah word was nearly 3 months ago... How do I know? Cause it was against me at GrandStand! Now I was screwed that night, no doubt, but this sequel is goin' to fair far differently than tha original. Back then I was held down on Fury... now I'm on Revolt; back then I was inexperienced n' alone in tha ring... now I'm hitting my stride (Royce stops talking briefly to look over at Carmella) n' have some company... See Mella is he'ah as my insurance policy... Mella is he'ah to make sure tha PWG Womens Championship is represented by real women...Mella is he'ah to become IIconic! And, oh dear, how IIconic is truly will be when we bring tha title back tah relevancy at Fortune. But I'm not stoppin' there, no, because tha next time all ya slobs n' thots see me on Revolt, not only will I be tha new PWG Womens Champion, but I will also be called 'Miss Fortune' aftah I climb tha ladder and take tha Women's Fortune Briefcase! And the'ah not ah single thing any woman in tha back can do about it...

Royce smirks confidently as ever with Carmella at her side now, as she's set to take on Lexi Bliss of Riot Squad after the commercial break

Who Will Gain Momentum Going Into Fortune
Peyton Royce vs Lexi Bliss

Match Result wrote:

July 5th, REVOLT CR7bqDdW0AEiyh-

After Bliss lands her signature Insult To Injury, she goes for the cover.



.....3- no!

Before the referee can make the 3-count, he is pulled out of the ring by none other than Carmella. The ref takes a bump on the mat and currently out of commission, causing all hell to break loose!

Bliss uncovers Royce to see what happened, and upon discovering Carmella is behind it, tries going after her. However, Bliss is blindsided by Royce from a stiff forearm to the back of the head. Royce then begins stomping on the downed Bliss repeatedly until Ruby Riot enters the fray by attacking Royce from behind!

Ruby mounts Royce and begins throwing hard rights. As Bliss gathers herself off the mat, Carmella enters the ring to even the playing field and Lou Thez Presses Bliss right back down and unloads copious right of her own. The referee finally comes too and sees both illegal women attacking Royce and Bliss and throws out the match for the double-DQ, but these 4 women don't seem to care! Both Royce & Bliss are able to roll over and switch positions with their attackers and mount an offense of their own as the fans cheer for the brawl.

The referee calls down for extra help to separate these two groups of fiery women to preserve their respective spots in the Women's Fortune Ladder Match or PWG Womens Championship Match, as both Royce and Bliss have to be peeled off of Ruby and Carmella respectively. Meanwhile, the other group of security and refs have to hold back Ruby & Carmella from any follow-up attacks as both the Riot Squad and IIconics are heated going into Fortune PPV.

The camera turns to a different kind of scene. This seems to be a video package from earlier in the day. Dasha Fuentes is seen accompanied by cameraman is attempting to get an interview with a busy young man.

Dasha Fuentes - Hey, Hey!! Can I get a word with you!?! Seth Rollins!?!

A what to seems to be busy, Seth Rollins turns his attention to Dasha Fuentes almost with disdain - having his "alone" time be disturbed by a young hungry woman.

July 5th, REVOLT Tumblr_p991sfg04C1uh5e5do1_500

Seth Rollins - Absolutely not, can't you see i'm enjoying this delicious hot dog? Like here take a bite and try re-asking me that question. Here you go, just one bite.

Rollins presses the hot dog against Dasha's lips. Almost against her will she takes a small bite with her entire visage changing. Her entire demeanor changes as she speaks out of pocket.

Dasha Fuentes - Oh my God, this shit is good. Like what the actual fu.. Oh my gosh wait I'm sorry I didn't mean too.... I'm supposed to be professional... I... I mean if I was eating something that tasty I don't think I would want to be bothered either. I'll just go i'm sorry for wasting your time.

Seth Rollins - No wait, don't go. You see this tenacity? This authentic persona? This is what makes you relatable and what makes the fans interested in you. Not this robotic persona you've put on for the past few months. For now on Dasha I want you to be real and switch it up cause there's nothing else I love then watch others succeed whilst I do the same. But let's answer a question you haven't even asked yet.. I'm sure you wanted to ask about Shinsuke Nakamura. A man that beat me clean last week whilst coming to Brock Lesnar's aid. A man who I thought was on Fury but apparently he's on Revolt now. A man that the reddit smarks are already going crazy about again - but let's say ban waggoning on for lack of a better word. A man that'll i'll be going one on one with tonight for the main event of Revolt. Well Dasha for one.. I'm not afraid of Shinsuke Nakamura. In fact he might of went over last week but let's face the facts that was in a tag match where my partner Chris Jericho was in the match for himself. You see if the tides were turned I would of saved Chris Jericho from being pinned one two three after a kinsasha. But obviously Jericho was trying to make a statement. A statement that said he didn't care about taking a loss just as long as he didn't take too many bumps. But, you know what that's fine... it's fine because tonight won't be a 2 on 2. It'll be a one on one and if you know anything about me Dasha. It's that I excel in one on ones and i'm going to show the world that although Shinsuke is back and on revolt this is still THURSDAY NIGHT ROLLINS.

Rollins smirks as he takes another big bite into his hot dog. Dasha also can't help but smirk as well the two begin to laugh together almost simultaneously.

July 5th, REVOLT Tenor

Nakamura approaches Rollins as he’s laughing.

Shinsuke Nakamura - I’m sorry.

Nakamura stops and smiles at Rollins as Rollins just gives him a look of disgust.

Shinsuke Nakamura - I’m sorry that my knee hit your face and made you unable to answer 3 count. I’m sorry that you will be unable to compete at the Fortune Contract Ladder Match. And you say it’s what now, Thursday Night Rollins? Well too bad there’s already a king here, a King... of... Strong Style!

Dasha Fuentes grabs her mic again

Dasha Fuentes - I mean you did put on an impressive match, but what does a tag match prove and why even help Brock if you already on in Fortune match?

Shinsuke Nakamura - It proves why that I’m am who I say I am, me in the main event and I shine. And it doesn’t matter what match I’m in, that Kinshasa will always put flashbacks for Seth...

Rollins demeanor changes a bit as he see's Shinsuke Nakamura enter the fray. Rollins directs the microphone back to himself as he prepares himself to speak to Shinsuke at this moment.

Seth Rollins - Wow, Shinsuke that's impressive. I mean so not only did you make your return last week and managed to pin the man of Thursday nights but all of a sudden you have damn near perfect english too? Well, i'll tell you what Shinsuke. You may be a King of Strong Style but in some places i'm known as a King Slayer and if you think you're going to take me out again you got another thing coming. Words are cheap and tonight we'll see just whose show this really is.

Rollins and Shinsuke lock eyes until eventually Shinsuke breaks eye contact and leaves the scene in style. The camera fades to black at the sight of Rollins with a hot dog in hand staring at direction of where Shinksuke left.

July 5th, REVOLT Tumblr_p93vztCiiH1tqjisao1_400

The Beast vs The Goat
Brock Lesnar vs Y2J II

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

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PostSubject: Re: July 5th, REVOLT   July 5th, REVOLT Icon_minitime8/2/2018, 2:06 am

As the coveted revolt show proceeds we hear a voice clamoring the eardrums of the attending audience. "Ladies and Gentlemen" is heard which garners an unpleasant reaction from the people. Heyman rears his head into vision increasing the deafening onslaught of disrespectful boos. Noticeably absent is his client the Beast Incarnate. Heyman saunters down the ramp with a cunning smirk equipped. He begins to speak while he makes his way to the ring.

July 5th, REVOLT 062_RAW_05222017hm_1678__d2e9d5068a29345aac519e70b6f02863.0

You know its been a while since I have blessed you ungrateful scumbags with one of my promos. There are many events that need to be addressed but firstly you'll notice that something is missing. My client does not wish to come out here because he does not care for this show and you damn well know that he can't stand you screaming imbeciles in attendance.

Heyman has now made it to the ring and continues to speak.

July 5th, REVOLT Dfa9b5ac4ac498a3f9aa299612063464654eecd7_hq

Firstly i'd just like to say that Roman Reigns did not defeat my client for the World Heavyweight title. You all know just as well as i do that Roman used performance-enhancing substances to obtain the title. He stole it because he knew full well that he didn't have a chance in hell. I will give Roman credit for rightfully relinquishing the title and walking away because if he didn't do that then he would have been stripped of the title and suspended for the intake of illegal drugs. In the land of Pro Wrestling Genesis things like this should not happen but somehow Roman slipped under the radar and gets away with daylight robbery. Things like this make me sick to my stomach and Roman Reigns should be fired. If that drug abuser ever has the guts to return to this ring my client will be here to make him suffer for what he's done.  

July 5th, REVOLT Heyman

Now with that being said, a certain individual has captured my attention and that was evident when i approached him a few weeks ago with an offer. Bobby Roode the man who took my clients IC belt and the right to be in the Men's fortune ladder match. A man who was once a heel but somehow changed from swimming in a lake. What you believe you are is an illusion you can pretend to be the good guy all you want but I know the true Glorious One. The guy who despised these fans I want that man back because it is time for a change. I'm offering you one final chance to become a Paul Heyman Guy, because unlike these people I see right through your act and you can no longer deny your fate. All the damage you have done to me and my client will be forgiven because if you don't accept this my client Brock Lesnar will make it his personal mission to beat you senseless and make you suffer. Your title will be taken, your career will undoubtedly be overall because you couldn't suck up your pride and do whats best for business. Look on the bright side this offer comes with many perks for instance dealing with the contender to your title The Rock. With the help of my client Rocky boy wont even get to sniff that title. Being a Paul Heyman Guy means that you're the absolute best, a man who is feared by many and a man who can and will dominate Revolt. So, Bobby, the floor is yours and I believe you now know the right choice.  

Roode's theme blares throughout the arena to a tidal wave of cheers from those in attendance. The Glorious One steps out onto the entrance ramp. He has his Intercontinental championship draped over his shoulder and is equipped with a microphone in hand. Roode is all smiles as he raises the microphone to speak.

July 5th, REVOLT Maxresdefault

Bobby Roode: You just don't get it, Paul. I told you about two or so weeks ago I have no desire to be a "Paul Heyman Guy". You claim you know the real Glorious One, eh? Know this, Heyman. There isn't any hidden agendas or plotting. What you see is what you get. Everyone isn't a slithering snake in the grass like yourself. The Lake Of Reincarnation changed me for the better. Actually, I have a match against Matt later. I'll have a chat with him. You can take a dip yourself. Who here would like to see an honest Paul Heyman? (Crowd pops) I don't think even the Lake Of Reincarnation can change your wicked ways. However, Bobby Roode is done resorting to underhanded tactics to get wins. As you can see that has worked out GLORIOUS. After all, I am undefeated against the only man dumb enough to have you as a manager.  

Some fans in the audience cheer for Roode while the other half chant "Heyman Sucks". Roode begins to nod his head to the flow of the "Heyman Sucks" chants. This infuriates Paul Heyman as he tries to remain cool.

July 5th, REVOLT SCUAoId

The crowd dies down as Roode begins to speak once more.

Bobby Roode: Despite everything I just said, I actually find it quite flattering you want to represent me so bad. The only thing is I can speak for myself. I'm fully capable of opening my mouth and projecting words. Has anyone even heard Brock speak? Word around the locker room the guy is deaf-mute. That couldn't be the case though. He does that little squealing thing in every match. I'll sum it up as the guy is just lazy. Oh yeah, I completely forgot about The Rock. You can't get that guy to shut HIS mouth. I heard those kind words from earlier, thank you. I just hope he can back up everything. It won't be his foot in his mouth, but my boot kicking his teeth down his throat at Fortune. Anyway, sorry I got a little off topic. Thanks, but no thanks, Heyman. I'll be declining that offer. You can threaten me all you want. I will just beat Brock's ass like I did the last two times. I'm the farthest thing from afraid trust me. Whether its Brock, Rock, or even you Paul, know I'll take on anyone at any time. Come step to me all I'll knock you all down. Not only will I retain at Fortune, but I'll be the first man in PWG history to win that briefcase. Now that's GLORIOUS!

Bobby Roode waves at a few fans before waving goodbye to Heyman. The camera then cuts to the next segment.

TTC Action
Authors of Pain vs American Alpha

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

(As Revolt rolls on we are taken backstage to Charly Caruso)

July 5th, REVOLT Tumblr_ombmqmtJef1w5qv23o5_250

Charly Caruso: Ladies and Gentlemen my guest at this time.....the Queen Charlotte Flair.

(Charlotte walks into frame with a mixed reaction from the crowd in attendance)

Charly Caruso: Now Charlotte this week you get to pick the opponent for the leader of your group the Riot Squad, Ruby Riot. What factors did you take into account in picking an opponent for Ruby?

July 5th, REVOLT Maxresdefault

Charlotte Flair: Well Charly Rubes....Ruby is a proven wrestler here in PWG she’s beaten practically the entire women’s roster...well except when the titles on the line. (Charlotte sips some imaginary tea) but she still shouldn’t be taken lightly. She’s tough, quick, cunning, and deceptive.

(Charlotte pauses and takes a deep breath)

Charlotte Flair: She was my friend a really close friend and if this was a few months ago I probably would have had her face probably one of the Iconic Duo or something but due to recent events. I think Ruby deserves a run for her money. So I hand-picked an opponent for Ruby to take her to her limits and make her dig deep and earn this victory.  So with that being said, Ruby’s opponent is...

(Charlotte pauses as Ruby Riot walks into frame)

July 5th, REVOLT Latest?cb=20171122044838

Ruby Riot: Charlotte lets US stop you right there little miss “Queen”. You can pick anyone on this roster man, woman, or whatever the hell Bayley is... WE will beat them and claim what is rightfully ours - the fortune briefcase. Because WE deserve the Fortune Briefcase. WE are one of the hardest working superstars in this entire damn promotion....and WE tried to do it the right way, the modest and approved way.

(Ruby pauses)

Ruby Riot: But frankly that was is a bunch of crap.. .and doing it the way WE want is a whole lot more fun Queen! So Charlotte it doesn’t matter who you picked because WE will beat them. They will just be a stepping stone, so Charlotte I suggest you take your notepad out and take some notes. Because you're about to witness the best wrestler in PWG hand out the biggest ass whooping you've ever seen in your life to your little-handpicked superstar.

Charlotte Flair: ok let’s see how confident you are after you face... Nia Jax here tonight Ruby, my tag partner from last week. And we’ll see who's the one taking notes after your match.

(Ruby looks taken aback but then shakes it off and Charlotte dead in her eyes and sticks her tongue out and laughs maniacally and walks off. As Charlotte stare intently in her direction as the screen fades to black)

Charlotte Picks Ruby's Opponent
Ruby Riot vs Nia Jax

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

Can Champion And Contender Coexist
The Rock and Bobby Roode vs The Hardy Boyz

Match Result wrote:
The match has been completely back and forth. The tag team specialist vs two of the best wrestlers in the world today. Rock and Matt Hardy both get hot tags from their respective exhausted partners. They both quickly enter the ring and begin trading blows. Rock gets the better of Matt scoops him up for a quick suplex. Matt reverses kneeing Rock right on the head. He then hits the ropes and comes running back with a huge big boot right in the face of The Rock. Matt Hardy wastes no time hitting two quick leg drops on Rock before dragging him to The Hardy Boyz's corner where Jeff has regathered himself. Matt tags in his brother, Jeff who climbs to the top rope. Jeff lets out a loud yell before diving for his signature Swanton Bomb. The Rock somehow manages to get his knees up as Jeff crashes right on them taking him out. Bobby Roode is seen on the apron begging for a tag. Rock crawls with every inch of strength he has left in the tank. They're both fingertips away from a tag when

This causes Roode to hop off the apron and turn his attention to the entrance ramp as prepares for a fight with The Beast. A tired Rock uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet. Leaning on the ropes, he beings to yell at Roode to get back on the apron. Roode pays Rock no mind as all his focus is on the ramp waiting on Brock. Jeff Hardy then quickly rolls up Rock as the referee counts 1... 2.... and 3! Both Hardy Boyz quickly exit the ring and celebrate on their way up the entrance ramp. It becomes apparent that a mind game from Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman has just costs Bobby Roode and Rock the match. Roode enters the ring and extends a hand to help The Rock to his feet. Rock slaps Roode's hand and get up by himself. The two then get into a shouting match. The argument seems to die down when all of a sudden, The Great One scoops Roode up for a quick Rock Bottom.

July 5th, REVOLT 4a06685ffc64b27e69d9d865824cc8fb69e2f384_hq

The Rock then stares at the downed Glorious One where he throws off his right elbow pad setting up for a People's Elbow. He begins waving his arms before hitting the ropes. As he rebounds off the ropes gathering momentum, hes met with a quick Pop Up Powerbomb from Kevin Owens!

July 5th, REVOLT 69028eebcee694fb9bd67d82d8e88fac96117410_hq

Kevin Owens picks up Roode and nails him with a Package Piledriver. Owens then admires his work before picking up Roode's Intercontinental championship and raising it high for the world to see.

July 5th, REVOLT Top-50-WWE-Intercontinental-Champions

A crooked smile comes across the face of Owens as he drapes the title over his shoulder and exits the ring stealing the championship. Medical staff and referees run down to the ring to assist Rock and Roode as the camera fades to the next segment.

Rollins Aims to Even the Score
Seth Rollins vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

After a huge victory Seth Rollins slowly gets up grabbing the ropes in order to help him get up on his feet. Seth Rollins looks out to a raging crowd chanting "LET'S GO ROLLINS! LET'S GO ROLLINS!"

And The Winner of This Match - SETH ROOOOLINNNSS!

Immediately a familiar theme song plays through the speakers as Stephanie McMahon makes her way out to a chorus of boo's. She seems unfazed with a microphone at hand as she continues her way down to the ring. The Boss confronts Seth Rollins while Shinsuke Nakamura rolls out of the ring.

Stephanie McMahon - Ah, Seth "Freaking" Rollins!! The man who thinks he runs this show and has been calling Revolt - Thursday Night Rollins am I right!? It's good to see you, i'm sorry I couldn't have introduced myself earlier but let's make one thing clear. I'm the one who runs this damn show and if we ever were to change the shows name, it'd be my name in the title not yours. Now I know that I've been gone for a little while but don't think for a second I haven't been aware of the desperate state of Revolt after that Samoan Jackass Roman Reigns left us high and dry upon his disappearance. It's a damn shame i'm not going to lie, he could of really been something in Revolt but the reality is that the wheel keeps turning and the authority always has a plan B. So don't go anywhere just yet Seth because i'm not just here to address the current state of our world heavy championship, i'm here to address you. You see, Seth I admire your charisma and I admire the fact that you've been putting in 110 percent without demanding anything but letting your work speak for itself. I admire the fact that you haven't demanded the spotlight and yet week in and week out you've still managed to steal the show. You truly have shown why you are a FORMER champion but former refers to the past. FORMER means that you were a champion but aren't one any longer. However, I'm going to give you an opportunity... you see as it stands Fortune doesn't have a championship match or champion yet and our title is well, obviously vacant. So I will be giving you an opportunity to achieve your former glory and once again become a champion here on the A show Revolt.

The PWG Universe begins roaring with cheers chanting YES, YES, YES.

July 5th, REVOLT GlaringHighJapanesebeetle-max-1mb

Stephanie McMahon - Now you're not the only one i'm giving an opportunity to though, because the reality is you need an opponent. I won't be just handing you a title, oh no. So, I'm sure everyone probably is wondering who Seth Rollins opponent will be am I right? Well Seth, your opponent will be a man who was robbed of his championship re-match after an upset victory. A man who was cheated of a round 2 for lack of a better word... A man who dominated this show for months until one tiny slip up. Your opponent Seth will be the BEAST INCARNATE BROCK LESNAR! You see you might of been the best in Fury, but here in Revolt it's different ball game. Brock Lesnar is undoubtedly in my eyes, still the best draw Revolt has and at Fortune we'll truly see who the real best of Revolt is. And so my question to you Seth is do you think you're ready for the fight of your life?! Because I know Brock will be more than ready to reclaim the championship that was robbed from him. So good luck Seth, you're going to need it HAHAHA

Stephanie tosses the microphone and leaves the ring while Seth Rollins looks to be dealing with a plethora of mixed reactions. The show goes of the air at the sight of a confused but focused Rollins.

July 5th, REVOLT Tumblr_p55ituVwjc1weypzfo1_540

Thursday Night Revolt.
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July 5th, REVOLT
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