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 June 28th, REVOLT

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June 28th, REVOLT Empty
PostSubject: June 28th, REVOLT   June 28th, REVOLT Icon_minitime8/2/2018, 2:01 am

[big][big][big]Thursday Night REVOLT
June 28th, 2018
Oakland, CA
Oracle Arena

June 28th, REVOLT Cxo4FjYUAAAVhcE-68bcf81f5b

[big][big]Forward To Fortune[/big][/big]

"The Rising Sun" blares through the Revolt arena, and the PWG fans jumps to their feet.

June 28th, REVOLT Bd8187fe5d5fbd70dbe918fce734ce18c32dc1c9_00

Ranallo: Welcome to Thursday Night Revolt! And Mama Mia it looks like we're going to hear from new Revolt Superstar Shinsuke Nakamura after his surprise return in the Fortune Qualifier match last week!

Phillips: Last time we saw Shinsuke was at GrandStand last April when his Fury Contract was stolen by current PWG Champion Eddie Guerrero! But it didn't take long for our great GM to secure The Artist's talents here for Thursday Nights!

Saxton: Now Nakamura has a shot to take home the Fortune Contract to guarantee himself a World Championship match at any time, any place. I'm sure the icing on the cake would be cashing it in on Eddie Guerrero and taking his PWG Championship, much like Eddie took Nakamura's Fury contract. Man would that be a sight!

June 28th, REVOLT A7bb59929f8a2ff2e2a61193d9697161

Shinsuke grabs a mic to begin speaking but he pauses to listen to the crowd chant his name.

My name is Shinsuke Nakamura. Last week I showed Tommy End what happens when knee meets face. Now I qualify for Fortune where I will fulfill destiny and make my future. So P....W....G I hope you ready, because everyone will get a knee... to...

Nakamura holds up the mic and crowd responses with “FACE!”. Then "The Rising Sun" hits again and Nakamura does his taunts around the ring.

Will Tommy Put An End To Captain Charisma?
Christian vs Tommy End

Match Result wrote:

winner via SIM:

The match continues as Christian is laid out on the mat after a stiff series of strikes. Tommy sizes up the Canadian superstar as he looks to connect with the Black Mass. Suddenly, the lights go out in the arena. Technicians work frantically to restore power and within mere moments manage to do so revealing Drew McIntyre standing in the ring. With baseball bat in hand, he stares down at Tommy who is laying on the canvas holding his ribs.

McIntyre pushes the referee out of the way as he walks over to Captain Charisma. Drew drops the bat at Christian’s feet and climbs out of the ring.

Christian takes the hint and picks the bat up and swings but Tommy connects with Black Mass knocking the bat out of Christian’s reach! Drew sees this and jumps up on the apron distracting Tommy.

Christian takes advantage and spears Tommy as he turns around. At first, the referee refuses to count, but with encouragement from Drew McIntyre, makes the three count.

Captain Charisma celebrates his victory in the ring as McIntyre demand's a microphone.

June 28th, REVOLT 0d310-1501146093-800

[bgcolor=#000]McIntyre: Even if I don’t see it, Triple H knows how valuable you are Christian. To me, you’re nothing more than a 'past his prime' nobody that is hanging on for one more moment of glory. Hunter, however, thinks that your veteran wrestling mind can be of use as an assurance policy. "An investment into his investment." Those were his words, not mine, so no matter how I feel about this little deal; you and me are going to become real good friends... Otherwise, you're 'One More Run' tour is comin' to an abrupt halt. So don't disappoint in my Intercontinental Championship match against Bobby Turd later tonight.[/bgcolor]

Drew drops the mic and climbs out of the ring leaving Christian and the fans stunned at this latest revelation...

Women's Wrestling Pioneers Clash
Mickie James vs Trish Stratus

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

The camera pans backstage to Renee Young.

Renee: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guest Randy Orton.

The Viper steps into frame to a big pop.

Renee:  So Randy as of late you have been on a bit of a losing streak. What seems to be the issue?

June 28th, REVOLT Tumblr_m4o59tLWK01qlrs5eo2_250

Randy: Well, Renee, the main issue is the RKO is just that good. Go back and watch the tapes; the only times I've been pinned is by my own finish; that just means it's better than everybody else's.

The Viper's tone now changes as he continues.

Randy: But in all seriousness, everyone needs to get their own fucking finishing move cause I'm sick of mine being used against me.

Renee: Randy you can't possibly think that's the reason you can't win a match?

Randy: You're joking right? I'm Randy Orton. The greatest sports entertainer in history. I've created a move so good even I can't kick out of it. As for the unoriginal superstars that have to steal my move because they can't get their own move over; you're on the top of my revenge list!

Following that statement, Randy Orton turns and walks away from Renee Young.

Can New Day Bounce Back?
The Revival vs New Day

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

IC #1 Contenders Triple-Threat Elimination
Kevin Owens vs Randy Orton vs The Rock

Match Result wrote:

After The Rock's victory we see KO grab a mic.

June 28th, REVOLT Kevin-On-Mic

Kevin Owens: Rocky...Congrats man. You really should feel proud of yourself! FOR STEALING MY SPOTLIGHT! I'm Kevin Owens, the Prizefighter, You're an old man who does not deserve the spotlight. And Randy, nice job losing to your own move! HAHAHA!

Saxton: I think Kevin is upset he lost

Phillips: Wouldn't you be in your debut?

Kevin Owens: Hey idiots! Yeah, you down there. Shut up! As I was saying... if it wasn't for the "Viper" teaming on me! I had no chance! C'mon, someone in the back give me another shot....anything. I'm not leaving until I get another response. Even if its just a match, I was Screwed and I'm not taking it!

**The Rock stops celebrating his victory to listen to Kevin Owens.  After hearing what Owens has to say, he grabs a mic.**

June 28th, REVOLT The-Rock-WM

The Rock:  Kevin Owens, before you put all of us to sleep, let The Rock says this.  You didn’t lose because of Randy Orton.  You lost because The Rock whooped your fat, Dunkin’ Donut eating, smelling like hot garbage CANDY ASS!  The Rock dropped Orton with the RKO and took him out of the picture.  That meant your monkey ass went ONE ON ONE with the Great One.  The result was you hitting Rock Bottom.  The Rock didn’t steal your spotlight fat boy, because the spotlight is ALWAYS on the jabroni beating, LALALALALALALALA...PIE EATING, TRAILBLAZING, EYEBROW RAISING, FUTURE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION...THE ROCK!  Now The Rock suggests you take your ass back up that ramp before he checks your fat ass back into the Smackdown Hotel, jabroni.



is cookin'...

**The Rock spits at Kevin Owens and tosses the mic to ringside.  He walks up the ramp and into the back, talking trash the entire way.**

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PostSubject: Re: June 28th, REVOLT   June 28th, REVOLT Icon_minitime8/2/2018, 2:02 am

Revolt comes back from a commercial break with The Princess of Staten Island standing inside the ring.

June 28th, REVOLT Maxresdefault

[bgcolor=#000]Carmella: First off I would like to congratulate Peyton Royce for qualifying last week. You really deserve it, sweetheart. Peyton ever since you arrived on revolt you and your bestie...umm what do you call yourselves again? (The fans chant  "IIconics") Oh that’s right! How could I forget the IIconics? Peyton, you’ve uhhh... Well I guess there isn’t a lot of accomplishments to list huh?[/bgcolor]

She laughs to herself as the crowd are confused with this new side of Carmella.

[bgcolor=#000]Carmella: Time after time we have been pushed to the side as the Baley’s and Bella’s of the world gain everything. While they’re enjoying the high life those of us with real talent have to scratch and claw to stay relevant. And Peyton, now that Billie is out of action, where do you go from here? Don’t answer that. I’ll tell you exactly where you’re going to go and that’s to the top. All ya got to do is help the biggest underdog in PWG history finally earn an opportunity at the championship. Currently ya need a new bestie and I’m more than capable to fill that role. Hey, I’ll even lie down for you at Fortune.[/bgcolor]

The Princess of Staten Island is cut off by Royce.

June 28th, REVOLT E35c22e8696962f4ad3fba553b305541f2c70813_hq

Peyton Royce makes here way down to the ring to a mixed reaction as the Oakland crowd wonders how the Aussie will respond to Carmella's surprising offer. Peyton enters the ring and receives a microphone from ringside staff.

June 28th, REVOLT F43c3c58-6c4c-4208-badd-8d77ced6b841

Ya right about quite ah few things ya said the'ah Carmella. We do haft tah scratch n' crawl while othah's get spoon fed n' protectah'd. Me n' Billie wurr oppressed by ah Nationalist GM on Furray. But tha difference between us is since we came ovah tah Revolt, we've made a name for ourselves...

Some "ohhhs" are heard from the crowd as Peyton gives a backhanded compliment as Carmella did earlier.

Billie finally got on ah winning streak and rode it to a Womens Championship match... And I, I've qualified for tha Fortune Laddah Match; and aftah tonite, secure a PWG Womens Championship Match whe'ah I'll finally right tha wrong of GrandStand against Bayley! I will not only go on tah become tha inaugural 'Miss Fortune', but also tha first woman to hold both the Fortune briefcase AND the PWG Womens Championship at tha same time!

Another loud, mixed reaction emits from the audience at Peyton's potential chance for history. The Aussie brushes off the reaction and continues.

But...that IS quite ah off'ah the'ah dearie... and my IIconic lovah is out indefinitelee cuz of tha barbarian Rubee... So I'll tell ya wut... ya juss listen tah my instructions in our tag match late'ah tonite n' we'll be tha next #1 Contendah's, I mean, I am ah mastah of tags aftah all.

Uh, have IIconics even won a tag match yet?

Shut up Saxton! That's only because of Billie's slow start in PWG. But that's all behind them since coming to Revolt. Have you even been listening you idiot!?

N' then, ya can prove ya self to be truly 'IICONIC' by ensurr'in I walk out of Fortune tha NEW Womens Champion! Juss, uh, don't get anything twisted sistah... I don't play for the same team as ya...

Some laughter is heard from Peyton's reference to Carmella's love life, but that doesn't seem to matter to the Princess of Staten Island who nods her head in agreement at this newly formed alliance.


I can't believe this! So if these two win tonight Bayley will basically have to defend her Championship in a handicap match.

Well at least the PWG Womens Championship has some potential juice on it for the first time in a long time. In fact, I hope these two win tonight and go on to end Bayley's title reign. THEY ARE SAVIORS IN MY EYES DAMMIT!

McIntyre Gets A Shot At Glory - Intercontinental Championship
Drew McIntyre vs Bobby Roode(c)

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

American Alpha Step Up To The Champs In A Tornado Tag!
Breezango vs American Alpha

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

*Promotional Video begins on titantron*

*The word "Aussie" appears and disappears 3 times in white text against a navy blue background*

Todd Phillips: We don't know much about this man, but I can't wait to see what he can do!


Byron Saxton: Calm down Ranallo, we haven't even seen if he's any good yet.


*Camera cuts to Shane heading towards the locker room in preparation for his debut*

June 28th, REVOLT D10b848da082340e8e846467af7408cf

*Renee Young comes into shot*

Renee Young: Shane! Excuse me, hi, could I get your thoughts about your impending debut here on Revolt?

Shane Thorne: Renee, I prefer to let my actions in that ring speak for me, but if you really want an answer... I can't wait to get out there and jump up the rankings faster than you've ever seen. Whoever my opponent is, I hope they're ready, because us Aussies? We are mighty... and the mighty. Don't. Kneel.

*Shane continues into the locker room, confident with a look of determination across his face*

Tag Team Contenders Match - Both winners get a shot  
Peyton Royce and Carmella vs Charlotte and Nia Jax

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

Brock Must Find A Tag Partner
Seth Rollins and Chris Jericho vs Brock Lesnar and ???

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

Thursday Night Revolt.
PWG Inc. 2018 ©
Team Revolt Productions.
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June 28th, REVOLT
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