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 May 10th, 2018

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PostSubject: May 10th, 2018   May 10th, 2018 Icon_minitime8/2/2018, 1:30 am

[big][big][big]Thursday Night REVOLT
May 10, 2018
Miami, Florida
Amalie Arena

May 10th, 2018 Amalie-Arena

[big][big]A New Type of Revolution[/big][/big]

As the shows introduction culminates we are presented with thousands upon thousands of hardcore fans with a international flavor to it. The camera pans across the arena as the people in attendance give of a roaring ovation for what is sure to be an eventful and shocking night. The show has been in high anticipation because of the superstar shakeup and because of all the twists and turns that occurred at Grandstand not long ago. Many superstars are expected to make the jump to the top show that is Revolt ditching their failures in Fury hoping to make a name for themselves in a freshly opened up world. The pyrotechnics blast off pervading the ears of the believers and we are know tuned in by the sound of the commentators.

May 10th, 2018 960May 10th, 2018 Tom-PhillipsMay 10th, 2018 Image?

The three commentators of Revolt remain the same as we have the eccentric veteran Mauro Ranallo, the idiot Byron Saxton and the wannabe heel Tom Phillips. Mauro starts to pitch in with his calculated input...

::Mauro Ranallo::
Ladies and gentlemen! welcome to the Revolt after Grandstand, this is gonna be one hell of a night. First of we have....

Before Mauro can even promote the first match of the night he is abruptly cut off by a theme song that produces a deafening amount of hateful boos that drown out the sound of the song.

That song being none other than the Beast Incarnates Brock Lesnar. He comes out to a chorus of invading boos which don't seem to bother him at all. With a smirk depicted among his features he is tailed by his notorious promo addict advocate Mr Paul Heyman. They begin to make their gradual stroll to the ring which irks and enrages these passionate people.

::Mauro Ranallo::
MAMMA MIAA!! its the first ever dual champion in Pro Wrestling genesis history kicking of the illustrious show that is Revolt. Although I don't particularly enjoy his attitude I must commend him for pulling off the unthinkable and winning not only the World Heavyweight championship but retaining his Intercontinental title in the process.

::Tom Phillips::
Mauro what are you talking about?! this man has the perfect attitude which is to earn as much money as he can by being the ass kicker that he is.

Tom, me and Mauro are sick of you! why don't you go to Fury or something, you're such a dick!.

May 10th, 2018 Ap_wrestlemania_xxxi_71999488

Tom ignores it in disgust as the Beast is still making his way to the ring of professional wrestling entertainment. Now finally there the Beast circles the squared circle while Heyman beckons for a microphone.   After looping the outside a few times to piss of the fans and to let them know he can take as long as he pleases Lesnar finally saunters up the steel steps and is accompanied by Heyman in the ring. As the song dies down the arena becomes unglued as the two can't even hear themselves think because of the distasteful reaction provided by these mouth breathers. Heyman then says "Ladies and..." but is cut off by the unhappy people who seem to be far to salty over what happened at Grandstand. Heyman then begins to increase the volume of his voice.

May 10th, 2018 Brock-lesnar-paul-heyman-raw-promo


The boos begin to die down quite a bit as they know Heyman means every word. Heyman who is clearly upset with the crowd now tries to calm himself as he is ashamed of himself for letting these obnoxious hooligans get into his head. Lesnar looks over to Heyman and he can be heard saying "get yourself together Paul". Heyman clears his mind and begin to speak again.

Well that was not how I wanted to start this but I digress. Here's another promo for you undeserving fucks. At Grandstand my client became the Intercontinental and World Heavyweight champion. That slob Samoa Joe and that lazy ass Jericho got the beating they needed and now our good friend Triple H has done us all a favor by sending that loud mouthed out of shape bitch Samoa Joe to the B show fury, which is run by that clown JBL. Matter of fact all the dead weight around here has been dumped onto fury to make it a worse show than it already was!. Now all of you can boo us but that doesn't change the fact that you only boo my client and I, simply because you are jealous. Your all in tears because you wish you could be like the Beast but all you will amount to are fat idiots who scream, shout and cry at a wrestling show or the same on your couch yelling and balling your eyes out at the television cause your favorite wrestler didn't win. That is just a fact of life and you all will have to fucking deal with it!.  

Just as Heyman was going to continue, an idiotic fan is seen jumping the barricade and evades security because they weren't paying attention and probably are underpaid so they don't care enough. This causes Lesnar and Paul to laugh until this fan somehow slides his way into the ring unscathed. Security who are just about to grab him are told to stop by Lesnar who can be heard saying "I'll deal with this". Fans can be heard shouting "Please don't kill him!, Please don't kill him!". The fan glares at Lesnar while a fresh smirk is smeared over the gob of the Beast. The unhappy fan charges at Lesnar with what appears to be a sharp object that he pulled out of his pocket, Lesnar luckily dodges being stabbed with a damn knife and then proceeds to knock the fan out cold with a UFC-esque punch to the skull. The stupid fan who tried to commit murder crumbles to the ground in a heap while Lesnar just laughs it off, He then dumps the lifeless body outside the ring and then acts like the whole thing never happened.  

May 10th, 2018 RAW_1139_Photo_251-2534697414

Well that was, unexpected. But moving forward the reason we are out here is because my client is going to be issuing an open challenge for the IC belt to anyone in that locker room who has the bravado to come out here and face the Beast. Because you are just going to end up like the past failures of AJ Styles, Jinder Mahal, Chris Jericho and Samoa Joe, oh and that boneheaded fan who lays over there practically dead.   So who's it gonna be...

May 10th, 2018 Paul-heyman-brock-lesnar-600x400

Lesnar leans against the ropes with his title in hand waiting for his challenge.

Just then, much to the disdain of the those in attendance, Jinder Mahal's entrance music hits. The PWG faithful boo the self-proclaimed "Modern Day Maharaja". The Singh Brothers walk out onto the top of the stage both equipped with microphones.

May 10th, 2018 Tenor

Samir Singh: Ladies annnnndddd gentleman, get ready for greatness.

Sunil Singh: We ask you all to please stand up and bow your head as we introduce to you...


Jinder walks out from behind the curtain before The Singh Brothers roll a long red carpet down the entrance ramp. Mahal then walks down the entrance ramp followed by The Singh Brothers. He is met with even more boos than Lesnar was as hes shown nothing but disrespect from the sold-out crowd. He doesn't let this affect him as he steps between the ropes and goes face to face with The Beast. Samir Singh quickly gives Jinder his microphone so he can address the dual champion.

Jinder Mahal: The last time you and I met in the middle of this ring for the Intercontinental Championship, you didn't beat me. The referee screwed me! I've watched the clip over and over again. When you covered me off that F5 my shoulder was up clear as day. I was the victim of bad officiating and I will not stand for it. I'm here to accept your challenge and bring the Intercontinental Championship back to my beautiful country of India. I have 1.324 billion proud Indian citizens begging me on Twitter to slay not "The Beast", but the filthy American Swine who disgraces a once prestigious championship. So I'm officially accepting your open...  

Before Mahal can complete his sentence and accept Brock Lesnar's open challenge, He is cut off by a surprising theme.

The fans jump to their feet in excitement as Revolt's newest acquisition steps out to the ramp holding a microphone. He swirls his hands, throws them up in the air, and yells GLORIOUS on par with his entrance music. One fan even throws up a sign that reads "Welcome Roode" having had read the dirt sheets. Roode begins to speak on the microphone as he walks down the ramp.

May 10th, 2018 14482fe5f14b89b3084452bc530c7d1a

Bobby Roode: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages... How are you feeling tonight? I wouldn't blame you if you guys said bored because listening to Paul Heyman speak for five hours is a total snooze fest. Don't fall asleep just yet! Things are definitely about to pick up. Especially since I'm here to announce that 'The Glorious One' is officially a member of the Revolt roster! I know what most of you guys are thinking. Didn't Bobby Roode get thrown into The Lake Of Reincarnation? The answer to that is clearly yes and I'd highly recommend it to anyone in need of some soul-searching. Jinder and Brock could use a dip themselves! The Lake Of Reincarnation pulled me in and showed me the error of my ways. I believe I'm a better man emerging from those waters. I honestly can't thank Matt Hardy enough for waking me up. Its only right a new Bobby Roode gets a clean slate on a new show. I can't think of a better way to kickoff my Revolt debut than dethroning Brock Lesnar for the Intercontinental Championship.  

Roode then walks up the steps and enters the ring where Jinder quickly jumps on him.

May 10th, 2018 046_SD_02202018cm_0420--29832e5d78c247a6646056d3e5a25cb7

Jinder Mahal: Listen, I know you're new here so I'll go easy on you. This isn't Fury where you can just interrupt champions and their challengers. I was going to accept Lesnar's open challenge before you so rudely interrupted me. No pun intended of course. I for one, think its great you get along with The Hardys and buy into their whole Woken spiel whatever that is. Why don't you go take another swim right now while the grown-ups attend to business. As I was saying, Brock

Roode interrupts Mahal once more

Bobby Roode: WE ACCEPT THE OPEN CHALLENGE! Triple threat next week live on Revolt for the Intercontinental Championship. Ohh that has main event written all over it.

Jinder Mahal: Who do you think you are?! I'm going to put you in your place right now! Samir and Sunil, get him.

Both Singh brothers begin throwing strikes at Roode. Paul Heyman tosses himself out the ring as business picks up. Roode tries to fight back, but the numbers game is too much as Jinder joins in the beating. Out of nowhere, Brock pulls Jinder in by his belt for a quick free flow German suplex. Jinder Mahal rolls out of the ring and begins to sell on the entrance ramp. Sunil goes to throw a punch at Brock, but he easily weaves it and scoops him up for a F5. Samir Singh goes to help his brother, unfortunately for him Bobby Roode turns Samir around, kicks him in the gut, and grabs him in a front headlock position. Both Lesnar and Roode then hit their respective finishers on The Singh Brothers. Bobby Roode and Brock Lesnar get up after the finishers and go face to face in the middle of the ring. In a bizarre turn of events and something that is unheard of from Bobby Roode, Roode extends his hand to Brock in a sign of respect. Lesnar nods his head and shakes Roode's hand before lifting Roode's arm welcoming him to Revolt. In almost a split second after, Brock pulls Roode in and hits him with a devastating F5.

Brock picks up a microphone and his championships from the floor before speaking.

May 10th, 2018 Tumblr_nlkxgo18zf1s8dwjeo1_400

Brock Lesnar: You two just signed your own death certificate.

Brock tosees the microphone as referees and medical staff run down to the ring. The camera shot focuses on Roode for a handful of moments until...

The cameras cut from the ring, into the backstage area where the Iconic Duo are stood before the camera, the grins on their lips as the crowd is split as to whether to cheer or boo for the two former Fury stars, who haven't had the best start to their PWG careers collectively. Billie Kay has her arms crossed as she begins to speak.

May 10th, 2018 Y2p3icM

Billie Kay: Is this Revolt?! Oh my god, Peyton, have you seen the roster?

Peyton Royce keeps her eyes on the cameras.

Peyton Royce: Yes I have and let me tell you something, it is NOT iconic. Don't worry though! We are here to improve what can be considered a filthy roster. With us now here on Revolt, we can flourish like we were supposed to, because due to the unfairness we suffered at the hands of JBL on Fury.

Billie Kay: Unfairness isn't even the right way to describe what can only be considered a traumatic time on Fury! JBL clearly hated us because the amount of cheating that goes on, on that brand is disgusting! I mean, just look at the replays. So many times, me and Peyton should have won our matches and what happens? The referee either counts too slow or doesn't see us being the victim of the cheaters! It is unfair and not iconic!

Peyton Royce: Don't worry, though, Billie. We have a fresh start and the Iconics will show just how good we are. I'm offended though... Why are we already the victims of Triple H? Bloody putting us against those... things.

Billie Kay: Ruby Riot and Alexa Bliss...

Billie Kay begins gagging just at the thought of the two and Peyton pats her back.

Peyton Royce: What is it Billie?!

Billie Kay: Just the tought of Ruby Riot's face gets to me... Riot is a fitting name for her. She looks like she's a victim of one.

Peyton Royce and Billie Kay begin laughing to together after Billie's very high schoolish insult. Once they are finished laughing about the joke, they look back towards the camera, with their grins wider than before due to the joke.

Billie Kay: The Riot Squad are just a group of rejects who need to learn their place and respect me and Peyton! I mean, when will be next time they will ever see a pair quite like this?

Peyton Royce: Nevah! And today marks a new era on this brand. The era of the Iconics!

The Iconics, interwining their index fingers as they usually do, walk away from the camera shot as the show fades to commercial.

(As Revolt rolls on we are taking back to the Riot squad locker room Charlotte plays with her hair as Lexi has her arms folded and is talking to herself as Ruby walks in Bliss perks up like a puppy when their owner comes home)

May 10th, 2018 19184479_ruby-riott-on-why-she-thought-shed_7059b9f2_m

Ruby Riot: Well looks like the Riot squad gets to crack some skulls tonight haha we get to play welcoming committee to the new girls the Iconic love....LOSERS hahahaha

(As Bliss laughs along with Ruby as Charlotte looks around confused)

Ruby Riot: I can take my left over frustration from Grand Stand out in this tag match tonight.

(As Charlotte stands up)

Charlotte Flair: Alright I already beat Billie Kay at Grand Stand so lets do this Rubes.

Ruby Riot: Huh oh silly Queen B haha me and Blissy are taking this one tonight WE get to handle them.

May 10th, 2018 171d2cd7dfa2119362dc401f9f1149c4

Lexi Bliss: Yeah sit your pretty self down Queen B me and red got these two tonight haha we gonna have a lot of fun playing with the Australian girls huh Ruby (As Ruby nods with a sadistic smile across her face as Charlotte sits down) AND SINCE NO ONE ANSWERED MY CHALLENGE AT GRAND STAND, I WAS SO SAD THAT NO ONE WANTED TO PLAY WITH LITTLE MISS BLISS HAHAHA. I CAN PLAY TONIGHT WITH YOU RED AND THE NOT SO ICONIC DUO HAHAHHAHA. (As Ruby and Lexi both laugh )

Ruby Riot: Lets go talk strategy Lexi and about how much were gonna mess up Peyton and Billie's stupid faces.

Lexi Bliss: Lets red

(As the two walk away maniacally laughing Charlotte looks forward)

May 10th, 2018 CvpRtz2WYAAc1sj

Charlotte Flair: What the hell is up with Rubes....I think she got a couple screws knocked loose in her match at Grand Stand.....or that loss sent her over the top.

(Charlotte looks at the ground concerned as Revolt rolls on)

The Riot Squad vs Iconic
The Riot Squad (Any 2 of 3) vs Iconic Duo

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

The show returns from commercial.

Phillips: Welcome back to Revolt.

Ranallo: Coming up next its a matchup between PWG Womens Champion Bayley and Carmella!

Phillips: Can this week get any better we have the debut of Bayley here on Revolt and we also get to see the Queen of Staten Island. What else can tonight bring us?

As the lights in the arena turn off fans start to scream then a theme hits.

Phillips: What’s going on..

May 10th, 2018 ElderlyDeepFrogmouth-max-1mb

Ranallo: OH MY GAWD!!


Fans chant "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!"

Batista smiles as he’s rejoiced with the PWG universe chanting his name.

Batista: Well isn’t this a warm welcome huh! Thank you PWG universe glad you know who I am. (Batista points towards the monitor) People would see me ass Dave Batista the MMA fighter.

May 10th, 2018 Db

Others see me as the wrestler  The animal Batista!

May 10th, 2018 Batistathumbs

Then people see me as... Drax The Destroyer.

May 10th, 2018 Dave-Batista-Talks-Drax-The-Destroyer-In-Guardians

Fans start chanting "DRAX! DRAX! DRAX!"

Batista: Man I miss you wrestling fans! Let me tell you why I’m here I got a phone call from Vince McMahon himself after the biggest showing in movie history and the most successful boxes off ever - The Avengers Infinity War (fans cheer) my phone rang none stop till I saw a voice message from the boss himself Mr. McMahon. First he congratulated me on the success of the movie and how far I’ve gotten myself. Then he told me that he created this PWG! Wasn’t fond of the name to begin with then he told me, "Dave..."

Mic cuts off.

Batista: Sorry about that. He says Dave I know how much you love being Drax and fighting off guys like Thanos but how would you like to be the Animal Batista again! Back then I would have hung up on Mr. McMahon cause after I became drax, and was fighting in the MMA, I wasn’t really into wrestling anymore, but don’t get me wrong, I love the wrestling fans, always will. So we kept talking for about an hour and I asked myself when will the next Avengers movie be released, shit i don’t know either. Then he offered me a contract. He talked money! Then he talked to about me winning the World Heavyweight Championship. He talked about being even more famous in PWG!

Batista pauses

Batista: So what did I tell Mr.Mcmahon? I declined all of that and told him Mr. McMachon the only way I come back is if I’m going back AS THE ANIMAL DAVE-FREAKING -BATSISTA and winning the World Heavywieght Championship on my own with the fans behind me! ... So PWG! THE ANIMAL IS BACK!! And guess what Miami? My debut in PWG - is tonight!

Fans chant "Welcome back Welcome back!"

May 10th, 2018 TDcWLZ2

Batista exits the ring and shakes the PWG universe hands as he makes his way back up the ramp.

Phillips: OH MY GAWD! The Animal is back.

Ranallo: Everyone is been put on notice with the historic announcement!!

The World's Best Hugger Debut's on Revolt
Bayley vs Carmella

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

*The camera fades into a backstage area, as Breezango are seen walking down the corridor. The microphone kicks in at the tale end of their conversation.




Stop trying to spoil! I haven't seen Avengers yet.

May 10th, 2018 Img-tyler-breeze-finds-fandango-235

I don't know what you're talking about, all I was trying to say I can't believe they killed off The-

CURTIS! Stop it! This isn't the bit we agreed on!

What do you mean?! We're going to walk into that locker room and we will show NO MERCY to our opponents. Just like Than-

*Breeze kicks open the locker room door to the surprise of it's two occupents and Fandango, as they walk in Fandango continues*

Wait, did you use my shoot name? You shooting all over me now Tyler?

*Ignoring Fandango* I heard you two villains wanted to scrap.

May 10th, 2018 Tyler-breeze

*The camera pans over to a disturbed Randy Orton and Chris Jericho*

Now just wait a darn second bay-bay! Who do you Broke-back Mountain lovers think you are for just busting into the GOAT's locker room JUNIOR!

*Randy looks irritated at Jericho's remarks, as Fandango chimes in*

Broke-back Mountain? I was going for a Miami Vice feel. You Dig, Senior?

*Jericho becomes red with rage as Randy and Tyler share a chuckle*

As funny as you too think you are, we were actually booked at Grand Stand? Where were you two job boys at?

Watching Avengers, can you belive they did-

DANGLER for the 100th time, shut it!

What?! You snooze you lose ammirite Randy? When was the last time you won a match? I can't wait to hit you with the Dangler-K-O in our match tonight. Your move is the new black.

You listen here you runny nosed punk! The only reason people his my move cause ITS DAMN OVER! I'm sick and tired of losers like you riding my damn coat-tales!

Now that I think about partna- when was the last time you punks got that W? Seems you can't win when its on the line. I didn't get pinned in my match at Grand Stand so the way I see it the iotola of rock n' rolla deserves a REMATCH. YA DIG!

Listen, Dangler and I are done with waiting. The Infinity War for the Fashion Police begins tonight. The biggest crossover in sports entertainment as The Future.
*Breeze points at himself and Fandango* take out the old vets. Spider Man takes out Iron Man! Bucky goes through Cap! It's-


*Chris, Tyler and Randy turn with the camera as Fandango is seen searching though a bag*

WAIT, WHAT, NOTHING! I was just thinking that this was Charlotte's bag I wanted to leave here a lov- wait what is this?

*Fandango pulls out a plastic baggy with a green herb in it*

*Striding over and ripping the bag out of Fandango's hand and throwing it and the bag away* DON'T YOU WORRY ABOUT THAT! I'M TIRED OF LOSING, GET OUT!

*Randy shoos the Fashion Police out of the locker room*

Dude, you just need to stay with alcohol man. OR YOU CAN TAKE THE DRUG OF JERICHO, SMOKE IT IN MAAAAA-

May 10th, 2018 Randy-Orton-Chris-Jericho-Battleground-645x370

*Randy slams the door on the police*


You went through his bag Dangler? What did you expect?
*Tyler stiffs a laugh*

Never mind that. I'm getting a call.

Alright Dangler, I'll see you in the ring tonight.

Whaaats Up Derrick?........ NO of corse I haven't seen the avengers yet....... I would neeeeever watch it without you.

*Fandango walks off camera as Tyler looks slightly amused as the camera fades to black*

An Unorthodox Tag Team
Randy Orton and Chris Jericho vs Breezedango

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

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May 10th, 2018 Empty
PostSubject: Re: May 10th, 2018   May 10th, 2018 Icon_minitime8/2/2018, 1:30 am

As the General Manager Stephanie McMahon's music blasts through the titantron a chorus of boo's evades the Revolt Universe. Stephanie McMahon makes her way out with a typical stank face looking out towards the crowd with a look of disdain. The Boss and self proclaimed mother of Revolt walks down the ring focused only on making a speech and not engaging with any fans on the way down. Stephanie enters the ring and makes her way to a microphone before finally speaking. However the crowd begins a chant before she could even speak saying "YOU'RE A BITCH, YOU'RE A BITCH, YOU'RE A BITCH."

May 10th, 2018 Npina9F

Stephanie McMahon - You know I promised myself before I came out here that I wouldn't reply to any of your petty chants but you know what? At least this "BITCH" gets paid more than all of your salaries combined and that's a fact so shut your mouths when the Queen is talking! -Crowd Boo's Intensifies" Now that i'm out here I wanted to make a statement and that statement is too never cross the authority.. because whether you're just a fan or superstar in the back when you cross either my husband or I.. you better be prepared to be buried. You see, after all we do for you people out here and the back we still seem to get no damn respect. I mean every single week we put out these amazing shows and we give opportunities to certain superstars who are excelling and we see promise in, yet people still have the audacity to try and undermine our authority. Well you want to know what happens when you do that?! You end up like Stone Cold Steve Austin.. you end up like guys like Samoa Joe.. I mean hell i'll even go as far as say you even end up like guys like Jason Jordan. Here on Revolt we believe in respecting the authority. My husband has said it, time and time again you don't bite the hand that feeds you. And that's why for the superstar shake up we got rid of a lot of the dead weight around here. Samoa Joe? Gone. AJ Styles? Gone. Daniel Bryan? Gone.

The Revolt Crowd roars with deafening boo's as Stephanie McMahon sadistically laughs to herself looking like a Disney Villain of sorts.

May 10th, 2018 Tumblr_o80mkkzsY31saykaxo1_400

Stephanie McMahon - Oh that's right, I authorized all of that... because this brand will be about RESPECT and if you can't do that then well... ask Little Old Steve what happened to him. I mean you people saw it didn't you? Last night my husband beat his sorry ass to a bloody pulp and then nailed him to the ground with a pedigree, defeating poor Austin - One, Two, Three in the middle of the ring. Showing the world that no one is safe. You disrespect me and my husband you better believe the golden shovel will be taken out from the closet and you know what? That isn't even the best part.. I think you guys will love this a little better. Effective of today Stone Cold Steve Austin is suspended INDEFINITELY.  

The PWG Universe once again roars with boos that could be heard around the world. Stephanie continues to laugh as if these boo's almost empowered her.

Stephanie McMahon - So let this be a lesson too each and every person who thinks they have the balls to step up to authority. For your sake and for your families sake. Please don't... because we will beat you, torture you, victimize you... and then slowly but surely make you OUR BITCH!

Dolph ziggler’s music hits as he and Mustafa Ali walk out to boos from the crowd. They both slide in the ring and stand face to face with Stephanie.

[bgcolor=#000]Ziggler: I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced. My name is Dolph Ziggler and I am the reason GrandStand will go down in history as one of the biggest shows ever produced. I’m an outside name that even the average joe has heard of. This company wouldn’t be in the state that it is without my star power. Stephanie I know that being the boss can sometimes be taxing so I’m going to jog your memory.[/bgcolor]

Mustafa interrupts Dolph and tries to calm him down. Ziggler shoves Ali down much like how he did at GrandStand. The Showoff once again gets in the face of Stephanie McMahon

[bgcolor=#000]Ziggler: Fury or Revolt. Which one!!!??[/bgcolor]

Stephanie shakes her head no which irritates Dolph. He walks to a corner of the ring looks at Stephanie and out of a fit of anger superkicks Mustafa Ali.

[bgcolor=#000]Ziggler: You better be happy that he was standing in this ring. If Ali wasn’t you’d be looking at a very expensive dental bill sweetheart. Now since you obviously won’t give me an answer I’m going to go over your head.[/bgcolor]

Dolph arrogantly looks toward the stage.

[bgcolor=#000]Ziggler: Hunter I know your back there. I know you’ve been listening and all I want is a simple answer. Which show am I going to stealing.[/bgcolor]

A few moments pass and Triple H doesn’t make his presence known. Ziggler begins to mock the general manager of Revolt. This tactic fails to work however so Ziggler again attacks Ali. This time with a ZigZag.

[bgcolor=#000]Ziggler: Hunter if you don’t come down to this ring the next person to receieve a beat down tonight will be that bitch wife of yours. I wi-[/bgcolor]

Dolph is interrupted by.

A returning McIntyre walks down the ramp dressed in a suit. He is wearing a sling over his his left arm.

Dolph laughs as McIntyre takes his time climbing in the ring.  Drew walks over to Dolph smircks and swiftly headbutts him. This stuns the Showoff while Drew removes his left arm from the sling. He grabs a dazed Ziggler and lays him out with a Future Shock ddt.

May 10th, 2018 QM45e

Stephanie McMahon - Now does anyone else want to try me?! By the way thank you Drew, I can already see a prominent future for you. Oh, and Dolph.... I got two words for you, YOU'RE FIRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!

Stephanie McMahon tosses the microphone at Dolph Ziggler's broken body and steps over him while Drew holds the bottom rope out of courtesy for Stephanie to leave the ring. The crowd continues to roar with mixed reactions for this scene.

The Debut of The Chosen One
Ric Flair vs Drew McIntyre

Match Result wrote:
PWG returns to the ring where McIntyre can be seen standing by with a grin on his face. He waits for his opponent. The fans in attendance begin chanting for Ric Flair as the living legend walks out onto the stage. The medical team tries to persuade him from competing, however, Flair limps past them as he heads toward the ring.

The Nature Boy looks at his fans and then does his signature "WOOOOooo" which they join in. Ric Flair removes his robe only to get attacked by Drew McIntyre before the match has even begun. The Chosen One attacks the injured knee of Flair with a few stomps as the crowd boo at this display of poor sportsmanship.

The referee regains control of the situation but is quickly knocked out by Drew McIntyre with a headbutt. He walks over to Flair who is holding his knee.

[bgcolor=#000]McIntyre: You're done![/bgcolor]

He climbs out of the ring and grabs a lead pipe from under the ring and maliciously takes his time climbing back into the ring. Drew stands across the ring from Flair as the crowd again show their support for the Nature Boy. He runs and swings the pipe but Flair's knee gives out on him and inadvertently saves him from an early retirement. Drew turns around and is met with a low blow from the dirtiest player in the game.

The audience cheers as Ric Flair locks in the Figure Four Leglock on Drew. McIntyre screams in pain and tries to think of a way he can make Ric release the hold. Drew spies the pipe and due to his size is able to reach it. He grabs the weapon and strikes Flair right across the forehead which busts him open. Blood pours from the head of Flair. This doesn't have the effect McIntyre wanted as it fires up Flair who applies more pressure. Drew desperate to escape the submission wacks Flair's injured knee. Ric lets go of the hold and writhe in pain as McIntyre makes it to his feet and takes him out with a Claymore.

The Chosen One stares down at the devastation that he caused and smiles. He picks up the lead pipe and exits the ring as EMTs rush to the aid of Ric Flair.


May 10th, 2018 T9xZVKb

Hello there; wasn't expecting you to come by this way before my match. You look beautiful tonight girl I might have to give you 100% stratusfaction!

The camera pans out to reveal The Princess of Staten Island standing across from Trish. Still wearing her ring gear she smiles at the returning superstar. A few awkward seconds of silence pass by before Carmella is able to muster up the courage to speak to Trish Stratus.

May 10th, 2018 1391b0ee1c4ce3ac4575dc628b3570a1

[bgcolor=#000]Carmella: I just wanted to be the first person to welcome you back to the A show.[/bgcolor]

The Princess looks at the floor while she twiddles her thumbs.

[bgcolor=#000]Carmella: And if you’re not too busy after your match tonight. I was wondering if you would maybe be interested in hanging out together. We could do whatever you want Trish. I know this great five star restaurant or if that’s not your cup of tea, we could just go back to the hotel and order room service. [/bgcolor]

Carmella nervously lifts her head awaiting an answer from Trish.  The returning legend begins to speak but Carmella cuts her off as she remembers she left something very important in her locker room.

[bgcolor=#000]Carmella: Wait right there.[/bgcolor]

She runs to her locker room to retrieve the gift she bought for Trish as a way to celebrate her return.

PWG goes to a quick commercial break...

The show returns on air with Trish Stratus standing in the same room she was in before the break. A producer walks up and informs her that her match is next. Hearing this she turns around to leave but the sound of someone yelling can be heard off screen. Carmella, obviously out of breathe, runs back into the room. She has a neatly wrapped present in her hands and as she hands it to Trish she stumbles and falls to the floor. Landing with all her weight on the intended gift. The Princess looks up at Trish with a disappointed frown on her face.

[bgcolor=#000]Carmella: That was supposed to be for you, but now it’s...[/bgcolor]

Trish Stratus looks down at Carmella who is still sitting in the floor trying to repair her gift. Trish smiles at Carmella’s clumsy antics.


Carmella Dear; sure we can do something tonight. After my match meet me in the locker room and we'll take my car. Love you bunches, I'll see you later.


Ladies and Gentlemen my guest at this time and newly signed PWG roster please welco-

Right before Renne can finish Nia snags the mic from her.

My name is Nia Jax! Tonight you all will witness my domination of the Revolt women roster. It starts tonight against a veteran who should have stayed in the Retirement home where she belongs.

May 10th, 2018 Maxresdefault

Nia: Trish Stratus. Whatever happens to you in that ring is the message I send throughout the locker room and if you end up in the hospital, just remember who sent you there. The Irresistible Force Is Here!

Nia throws the mic back at Renee and walks away.

The Debut of Nia Jax & Return of Trish Stratus
Nia Jax vs Trish Stratus

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

The Animal Debuts Against The Rated R Superstar
Batista vs Edge

Match Result wrote:

winner via SIM:

The Revolt Arena roars with cheers at the sound of a familiar theme playing throughout a new land. The crowd scream in unison "BURN IT DOWN." Seth Rollins is seen coming out with a huge smile planted on his face, being that he is receiving a huge welcome from this sold out crowd. Rollins raises his hand then punches the air while making his way down the ramp. He gives some fans high fives on his way down, before getting fully into the ring.


Tom Philips - Well hold your horses Ranallo, I'm just excited as you but one has to wonder if Seth is just as excited to be here. I mean if you remember correctly Seth Rollins wasn't sent here due to the shake up. He was sent here because he lost the triple threat for the Fury World Championship.

Byron Saxton - That's true... the stipulation was that the loser of that match was to be sent to Thursday Night Revolt... and although that was one HELL of a match, no pun intended.. Seth Rollins ended up not only losing his championship.. but losing his spot on Monday Night Fury. I wonder what's going on through his head?

Seth Rollins is seen in the middle of the ring pacing back and forth nodding his head at the sound of the Revolt Crowd going nuts!! They begin chanting "WELCOME ROLLINS, WELCOME ROLLINS, WELCOME ROLLINS!" Rollins smirks before preparing himself to speak.

May 10th, 2018 Fbaccd4f1774b8ca5c7093a1b382762172ddbce1_hq

Seth Rollins - You know what they say, when one door closes another opens and from the looks of it seems like Monday Night Rollins just became Mr. Thursday Nights!! People have been asking me all around the world how I feel about being here, how I feel about losing at Grand Stand and how I feel about losing the championship and the reality is i'm grateful. I'm grateful because anyone could easily see this as a setback of sorts, I mean hell I was on top of the Fury Mountain after all but the reality is I sure as hell don't see this as a demotion. I mean you people are making me feel like this is my second home already... you see, life is all about perspective and the way I see it is that this is a new land to conquer. They call this place the land of opportunity and I like to think i'm an ultimate opportunist of sorts because when I rise to the top here just like I did on Fury I will be the first man to have held both the Fury and Revolt World Championship!!

The crowd begins chanting YES, YES, YES, YES, YES.

Seth Rollins -I mean hell a normal man would of took his ball and went home after a huge loss like I did but i'm not a normal man. I'm Seth Freaking Rollins. The new face of Thursday Nights! I'm the type of person who believes in order to succeed you have face real trials and real tribulations. And at Grand Stand I had a match of a life time. Bodies were thrown off the cell, power bombed into the cell and worst of all through the the cell. So with that said I want to personally thank Dean Ambrose and Shawn Michaels who were two hell of a competitors for taking me to the limit. It was a match where blood, sweat, tears and carnage was the only thing being shed.. But enough about that if you guys haven't seen it, go back and watch it on the PWG app it's only $9.99 -Rollins winks- But no, no, no for real. Now it's time to go on to bigger and better things. I am happy to be here because Thursday Nights is the start of a new chapter not just for Seth Rollins but for Revolt as a whole. Because this isn't just Thursday Night Revolts anymore no, no.... You're looking at the new ERA the ERA of THURSDAY NIGHT ROLLINS!!

The Crowd Roars with cheers beginning a new interesting chant! Chanting "T N R, T N R, T N R" Seth Rollins smirks surprisingly liking the sound of that. Rollins then prepares himself to leave the ring.

As Rollins walked towards the ropes to roll out of the ring, the arenas lights were cut to completely darkness, with the audiences chatter raising as the question begged of what the hell just happened? Whispers could be heard lightly, coming from the speakers, and the whispers tone becomes deeper and more demonic until silence...

Tom Phillips: He's here! The Demon King is back!

Byron Saxton: Yes, but one has to wonder what his mindset must be like. I mean, missing out on an opportunity at the biggest night of the year because you were injured at the hands of one of your fellow superstars, that would rile any one up.

Finn Balor came out from behind the curtain, with a huge pop. Despite his recent injury and woes, Finn's rather mischievous smirk was on full display. Balor did his poses at the same timings as usual with the crowd joining with raising both their arms in the air with the Balor Club leader.  

May 10th, 2018 Tumblr_or3dxeYq5U1uxtjooo1_500

Balor continued walking towards the ring, walking up the steel steps and stepping in the ring through the ropes. He spotted a camera oppose him to which he turned his back to, displaying the Balor sign printed on the jacket. The crowd were still excited, even more excited to see two superstars like Balor and Rollins in the same ring together. Balor retrieved the microphone from one of the ringside workers before standing opposite Rollins, nodding, his music dying down.

Mauro Ranallo: I feel the crowd's excitement. Seth Rollins and Finn Balor in the same ring together. Mamma mia!

Balor rose the microphone to his lips, tilting his head slightly.

Finn Balor: Let me be the first to welcome you, to the best show in PWG.

The crowd began cheering in agreement, as if the losses of Samoa Joe and AJ Styles didn't happen.

Finn Balor: Thursday Night Rollins? I feel like ya might just upset a couple of people in the back, but that's none of my problem. My problem is with ya friend. Ya supposed brother who is running around attacking me from behind and costing me my opportunity to go to Grandslam. Now I like ya Seth and I respect ya. I have no bone to pick with ya but I suggest you speak to your brother in arms and tell him he better watch who he is provoking. In case he has forgotten, not only is he provoking me but he's also infuriating the beast that's within me.

He lowers the microphone, pausing for a second, looking from side to side to look at the crowd who is chanting for
Seth Rollins, to which Balor nods his head.

Finn Balor: See? These fans w ant you to talk to him. Now, I know you've had your issues on Fury with Ambrose, but Ambrose can't be saved. Perhaps Reigns can be.

Balor took a step forward towards the Architect

Finn Balor: Otherwise, I will definitely have to retaliate.  

He lowered his microphone for good this time, his eyes locked on Seth Rollins, watching his every move.


Bryon Saxton: I wonder what he's doing here no-

Tom Philips: What are you? Stupid? He's here to address the two of them.  

Donned in a lavish suit, loafers, and his tresses tied into a bun, he saunters down the ram and into the ring. He's met with a plethora of boo's and threats from the crowd, none of which faze him. No, instead he saunters into the ring. He glances over at Seth Rollins with an amused expression before idly gazing at Finn Balor for an uncomfortable amount of time...

Roman Reigns: My apologies...

Turning his attention towards Seth Rollins, he extends a hand towards Revolt's newest signee.  

Roman Reigns: The names Roman.

Seth gives a confused expression. The two have met before and yet here Roman was acting as if this were their first encounter. Seth reluctantly reaches for his hand only for Roman Reigns to retract immediately.

Roman Reigns: On second thought, no. I don't interact or speak with trash nor will I acknowledge a man who's been discarded like gum on my show. Monday Night Fury's hand-me-down, Seth Rollins. Has a nice ring to it doesn't it? Unfortunately, you won't find much success on here so do yourself a favor and go clean up the locker rooms, you're nothing but a low-life in the presence of someone like me. A handsome man with integrity, class, and the ideals to go with it. People want to see Roman Reigns; children want to be like him; women aspire to be with him; and men are inspired by him... Not some failure like Colby Lopez. Sigh... Just when we got rid of that obese tub of lard Joe, we get a failure in his place. Disgusting...

Roman's features contort into a grimace, eyes now focused back at Finn Balor. Yet again his expression changes, soulless eyes staring at the Irish Born Lad.    

Roman Reigns: ...........You should've stayed away, you'll regret coming back now.

The tension in the ring is cut by none other than the 4th contestant in the Main Even tag match. The self-proclaimed A-Lister struts down the ramp as the 4 Revolt Superstars get ready for their match coming up next...

An Unlikely Reunion
Roman Reigns and The Miz vs Finn Balor and Seth Rollins

Match Result wrote:

winner via SIM:

[small]Thursday Night Revolt.
PWG Inc. 2018 ©
Team Revolt Productions.
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May 10th, 2018
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