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 April 19th, 2018 REVOLT

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April 19th, 2018 REVOLT Empty
PostSubject: April 19th, 2018 REVOLT   April 19th, 2018 REVOLT Icon_minitime8/2/2018, 1:25 am

[big][big][big]Thursday Night REVOLT
April 19, 2018
Minneapolis, Minnesota
U.S. Bank Stadium

April 19th, 2018 REVOLT U.S.-Bank-Skyline-Daytime-450x287

[big][big]Last Chance[/big][/big]

(Thursday Night REVOLT kicks off with Tom Phillips standing in the ring. The ring is set up with a nice purple carpet. The Grand Stand logo is large and in the middle of the ring. Covering part of the logo is a table that is set up with a large black sheet draped over it. There is a chair on either side of the table. Tom Phillips has a microphone. There are also two microphones on the table, as well as a pen laying in the middle of the table.)

April 19th, 2018 REVOLT Latest?cb=20170717155859

Phillips: Ladies and Gentleman. I’d like to address you at this time. There has been a rivalry going on here in the PWG that has threatened the very core of the PWG Revolt show. It has been as brutal as it has been egregious. Tonight we are going to figure out how two of the more prominent members of the Revolt Roster will face off at Grand Stand! To get the proper perspective on this monumentous occasion – I give you the face of PWG Revolt! The Man! The Legend! ----I Give you… THE RATED R SUUUUUPERSTARRRRR ---- EDGE!!


(Metalingus by Alters Bridge blares into the arena. The boos erupt immediately. Edge steps through the curtain first – hand in hand with Beth Phoenix in tow. Edge is wearing his black rated R shirt and jeans. He has a clipboard in his free hand. Edge pauses at the entryway and looks around. He looks back at Beth Phoenix, he whispers in her ear, she gives him a weird look….they share a kiss and Beth Phoenix reluctantly walks back through the curtain to the locker room. Edge does not pause on the ramp. He walks confidently, and slightly egotistically, to the ring. He has a slight grin on his face. He enters the ring and promptly shakes Tom Phillips hand. The boo’s continue to rain down from the crowd. Edge picks up one of the microphones and smiles.)

April 19th, 2018 REVOLT Edge-Looking-Angry-1April 19th, 2018 REVOLT Edge

Edge:   Thank you very much Mr Phillips for that hearty welcome. At least someone can recognize talent when they see it – and give me the proper respect I deserve!
(Edge lowers the mic and looks around smiling. The crowd starts boo’ing louder)

Phillips:   Edge – it is an honor and a privilege to be the host of your contract signing here tonight with that coward AJ Styles. The world has been dying to know – what is the stipulations of your match at the upcoming Grand Stand show? Please let us know exactly the type of match you will be ending AJ Styles career in next week!

Edge:   Tom – I’m glad you a-

(Edge Pauses again, cut off by a growing “A-J-STY-LES” chant. Edge looks visibly shaken but continues on)

Edge:   I’m glad you asked. Because next week at Grand Stand. I am going to rid the PWG of that over-saturated, highly-inflated, sack of trailer park dog shit – A..J..STYLES. I hold in my hand the contract that AJ Styles will have to sign if he wants to face me on the Grandest Stage of em all! Tom – I am going to give you the honor of telling the entire PWG universe just what kind of match the Rated R Superstar has planned out for Grand Stand!

(Edge hands Tom Phillips the clip board. Tom takes it and mouths the words “my pleasure” to Edge. Tom looks down at the clip board, reads it over, and then grins from ear to ear. He looks at Edge and nods...)

April 19th, 2018 REVOLT Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTRaZrKWe6s5zn7m9tlab7-66naDaTO_BX8dS2YmCMec55LIyuiJBSP3Yg

Phillips: Ladies and Gentleman – This contract that I hold in my hands for Edge vs AJ Styles at Grand Stand……is for…………….a NO HOLDS BARRED – IRON MAN MATCH!

(The Crowd cheers at the announcement and starts another A-J-STY-LES chant. Edge laughs it off and resumes.)

Edge:  Cheer now. Everyone chant his name while you can. Because just like I did at Broken Promises, I am going to put AJ STYLES back on the shelf watching PWG from his hospital bed. AJ – Before you come out here … I want you to think long and hard about your wife at home, your kids that you have tattooed on your side… think about the quality of life you will be living if you sign on to face me at Grand Stand – because without a shadow of a doubt – you will not walk out of Grand Stand. You will be carried out….and you will be carried out while listening to MY MUSIC, while the fans sit in silence at what they just witnessed – while your wife and children sit at home and wonder if daddy’s ok. So be careful what you wish for A-J. You just mig-

April 19th, 2018 REVOLT Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRzslXYaWMRKXEP3QQI0okJPBb2C1rdAm0Abz6Z8JQvHjdL5_PZ

April 19th, 2018 REVOLT Entrance%2B3

Edge is cut off by AJ Styles' theme song blasting throughout the arena generating a massive pop for the hero of Revolt. The Phenomenal One appears from behind the curtains walking with a purpose. Devoid of his usual entrance pose, he simply makes his way down the ramp with a serious and calculated look upon his countenance; no doubt due to the man inside the rings actions at Broken Promises one month ago. A devilish grin appears across the Rated R Superstar's face as, some may say, the man of his obsession gets closer to the ring. Edge starts to nod up and down excitedly as AJ makes his way upon the apron and through the ropes to meet face-to-face for their contract signing. AJ picks up the other mic on the desk before looking Edge up and down for many moments. The intensity of AJ Styles is suddenly unleashed being in such proximity to a man for whom his hatred escapes description.

April 19th, 2018 REVOLT Ff15577b5255d9ac30139cfbc005075574d2b4a9_hq

[big]STYLES [/big]
Thirty-one days... It's been thirty-one days since Broken Promises... you want me to "think long and hard" about my wife I love and my kids I honor with this tattoo!? THEY'RE ALL I THINK ABOUT!!! And that's exactly why I'm not going to GrandStand as some "hero"... That's why I'm not going as 'The Phenomenal One'... No, I'm going as a Husband! As a Father!

His words continue to intensify with each sentence.

[big]STYLES [/big]
See this contract, right here, isn't for AJ Styles vs Edge, no, this is for Allen Jones vs Adam Copeland! This contract, right here, isn't for a match, it's for my VENGEANCE and I don't give a shit what the stipulation is or setting!

The crowd gets further behind AJ's raw emotion.

[big]STYLES [/big]

[big]STYLES [/big]
NO HOLDS BARRED!!! ...... (AJ briefly scoffs after his pause as if a realization came to him)It isn't me who should be concerned with you, Adam, but you who should be concerned with me; about what I will do to you...

AJ looks Edge dead in the eyes.

[big]STYLES [/big]
You scarred my children. You scarred my wife. And in 10 days... I'm going to scar you Edge. I'm going to put you down. I'M GOING TO RIP YOUR THROAT OUT BECAUSE APRIL 29TH THE GEORGIA PITBULL IS COMING FOR YOU AT GRANDSTAND!!!

The crowd cheers emphatically for the passion delivered as AJ slams the microphone down before picking up a pen off the desk and signing his name ink-to-paper. Now the audience awaits in anticipation for how Edge will respond...

(The Rated R Superstar follows suit and signs the contract himself before he moves to the end of the table. AJ slowly walks to the same end. They are merely feet apart. Edge smiles, enjoying the fact that he is so deeply inrooted in AJ Styles soul.)

April 19th, 2018 REVOLT Edge-talk-about-his-retirement-edge-20975355-500-280

Edge: AJ..AJ…AJ. You ruined my PWG debut, my return to wrestling after years of sitting on the sidelines. You are the exact reason I could not get a win here until I mauled you last month at Broken Promises. I HAD NO CHOICE. I saved my career! I don’t care about you or your family – I care about me……all you care about…

(Edge’s voice trails off as he abruptly swings at AJ’s head with the microphone. AJ – sensing the possibility of attack – dodges the blow, ducks under Edge’s arm and delivers a Pele kick as Edge turns back to face AJ. Edge is stunned by the attack. Tom Phillips rushes to Edge’s side to check on him. AJ pauses for a brief second and then quickly exits the ropes to the apron. The crowd is on their feet cheering.)

April 19th, 2018 REVOLT AJ-Styles-Gif-Pictures

(AJ Styles springboards off the top rope with a Phenomenal Forearm! Edge pulls Tom Phillips into the way at just the last second. Tom Phillips takes the full force of the forearm. Edge drops to the ground and rolls out of the ring quickly. Edge points to his brain while mouthing “I’M SMARTER THAN YOU”. AJ Styles can’t believe Edge was able to evade his Phenomenal Forearm once again. He is jawing back at Edge – “YOU’LL GET SOME TONIGHT!” ...Edge continues to back up the ramp smiling and mocking the fans. Suddenly, a voice rings through the arena.)


(The fans leap to their feet as Triple H’s face appears on the big screen. He is in his office.)

April 19th, 2018 REVOLT Nintchdbpict000252038895

Triple H: You two can’t wait for GrandStand can you? YOU JUST CAN’T WAIT! You are starting my show like this? This isn’t Fury…This isn’t a show run by the inmates. You two can’t wait to get your hands on each other? FINE. I’ll send out the ref… I have officials finding Daniel Bryan and Jinder Mahal – your tag match is next. As far as I’m concerned – anything you two do to each other between the bells – well, that’s just best for business.

(The screen goes dark as Edge and AJ continue their stare down. After a few intense seconds we cut to commercial…)

The Loved vs The Hated
AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan vs Jinder Mahal and Edge

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:




Edge survives being hit with his own Spear as the first scheduled commercial break takes place............upon returning we find AJ Styles and Jinder Mahal at it once again! Mahal sets up AJ into position for The Collass but as he lifts Styles up his grip is broken and AJ locks his legs behind Mahal's lower back as his momentum carries him downward into a Rollup!




Ding! Ding! Ding! Styles and Daniel Bryan raise their hands in victory as Mahal is outraged complaining to the official for what he perceived as a fast count. Mahal shouts at the pair of babyfaces, whom are now heading up the ramp, that he wants Daniel Bryan at GrandStand which is met with an emphatic "YES!" Meanwhile, Edge is staring down with his arch-rival Styles knowing its only a matter of time til their showdown at the Show of the Immortals...[

Nikki walks up to Brie holding the world women’s championship on her shoulder *

April 19th, 2018 REVOLT E358FAE8-850F-4059-9C76-7288AA023231_zps9dsqb5c8

Nikki: Sis, listen to me, I need you as my partner tonight. The Bella Twins need to get back together. The one person I trust the most is my sister; you've always had my back, you never lost hope in me, so if I am to beat Ruby and her goon squad I need you out there. What do ya say sis?

Brie: Of course...we are sisters! We stick together! We will be going after the Riot Squad, and I'll be in your corner when you defend your Championship against Ruby Riot. Now, lets indeed give these lowlife drag queens a "Riot".

PWG Revolt takes a quick commercial break...Upon its finish, The Bella Twins make their entrance out onto the stage.

April 19th, 2018 REVOLT E8685D1F-5F2F-459F-8C29-F09D497F2E5D_zpszvduoshv

Nikki: The Bella’s are going to prove why we are better than the "little girls" squad. I mean you got ruby, who I believe is a man, we all do, right? She probably has balls right under those stupid tights. But then we know Charlotte is the bitch in the relationship! Well, come GrandStand my sister Brie will be in my corner and Charlotte will be in Ruby's. But all that matters is it will be ME raising the Womens World Championship above my head! ... Bellas out!

Nikki and Brie head down the ramp and into the ring for their tag match against the Riot Squad only moments away...

A Shot at Taking Out The Riot Squad
Riot Squad vs Nikki Bella and ???

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

The Bella Twins pick up the win and celebrate with the crowd for a handful of moments before they begin heading up the ramp. Ruby Riot enters the ring and stares down Nikki Bella; for the next time they see one another it will be a 1v1 match for the World Womens Championship. Ruby then looks behind her at her fallen squad mates, shakes her head in disappointment, and heads up the ramp alone...

*After a commercial break Ruby Riot is seen walking backstage, caught in thought she is stopped by Kayla Braxton*

Ruby, Ruby, can I get a word.

*Snaps back* What!?

Well you just left your "Riot Squad" out to dry to the Bella Twins... With Grand Stand just 5 days away... do you-

*interrupts Braxton* -do I what!? Think I need Charlotte and Alexa or Lexi of whatever her damn name is. Huh? is that it? or wait... don't think I can beat Nikki on my own?!

*Braxton taken aback by the abrupt anger shy away slightly and Ruby composes herself and continues*

April 19th, 2018 REVOLT 1280x720-Uul

At Grand Stand Ruby Riot is walking out of Grand Stand with the World Women's Championship. Thats a damn promise... The Riot Squad will be fine, we're fine... I'm fine.. we're...
*Ruby walks away muttering to herself*

Erm... Well and obliviously frustrated Ruby Riot... Back to you Tom.

The Authors vs The Goons For Hire
A.O.P. vs The Revival

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

April 19th, 2018 REVOLT L3gcgC7m


Hello sexy; the Princess of Staten Island with a sexy ass booty... maybe you shouldn't bend over with an ass like that - even the females could be all over it... Carmella, my dear, how would you like to take a ride on "The Total Diva" train baby? I could make it worth your while.


Personally, I'm just here to wish you luck good, maybe after your match we can catch up... and go for some food afterwards.


The Princess smiles as she glances at the Total Diva. She looks down at Dana’s ass as she raises one eyebrow.

April 19th, 2018 REVOLT Carmella-before-SDLive

[bgcolor=#000]Carmella: Girl you’re looking mighty fabulous tonight. How can I say no? Sure I’d love to spend some quality time together.[/bgcolor]

They both embrace as Carmella whispers something in Dana Brooke’s ear. The live audio fails to pick up what is said between the two. She then moonwalks down the hallway towards the curtain. However, before she walks through a doorway The Princess of Staten Island turns around and blows a kiss to Dana Brooke.

[bgcolor=#000]Carmella: Til then...[/bgcolor]

Who Will Rise out of The Ashes
Bri Bella vs Beth Phoenix vs Carmella

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

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April 19th, 2018 REVOLT Empty
PostSubject: Re: April 19th, 2018 REVOLT   April 19th, 2018 REVOLT Icon_minitime8/2/2018, 1:26 am

As we come from advertisements we are pervaded with the usual banter from the three Revolt commentators. The rambling comes to a halt as the Theme song of the Beast Incarnate plays throughout the arena.

As the Beast gradually makes his way out onto the stage he is met with a deafening chorus of boos with a hint of cheers from the few Lesnar fans in attendance. Heyman with the same old grin plastered over his countenance while Lesnar just has a blank stare over his visage. Before getting inside the ring Heyman snatches a microphone from the ringside staff, now inside the squared circle Heyman begins another promo.

April 19th, 2018 REVOLT Heyman-Blog

: Heyman :  
Sunday April 29th, PWG's first ever big Pay-Per-View comes to Miami, Florida. The match for the Intercontinental Championship is set you are going to see Brock Lesnar vs Chris Jericho. Yep, the biggest PPV of the year and you get this shit. Not even a decent challenge at least with Stone Cold it would've been a bit better but for the Beast this is barely worth his time. Not that my client cares who he faces but I would've liked for him to get some competition. A match with AJ Styles would've torn the house down, a match with Roman Reigns would've been an absolute war, filled with blood, excitement and carnage. Hell even a match with Stone Cold would've been better than what your gonna get. Here's a spoiler for you little fans, my client walks into Grandstand, absolutely destroys Chris Jericho hits ONE F5 secures the three count and then saunters off into the night. It sounds disappointing for this big of a stage and it will be disappointing, you ain't gonna get no five star performance from either man. Simply because my client honestly doesn't give a shit about this match and because Jericho is a washed up imbecile who can't get the job done anymore. So there you have it, thats your go home promo for Grandstand I hope you unappreciative scumbags in the crowd are happy.

Just as it looks like the two are about to leave Lesnar snatches the mic out of Heymans hand and begins to speak.

April 19th, 2018 REVOLT 62b811b49b2ee5b353356a443cdea1b6_crop_exact

: Lesnar :
Paul, you forgot to mention i'll be teaming with that idiot tonight. Well fuckhead I dont need your help cause I can get the job done myself against that obese fuck Samoa Joe and that bitch Austin!. After I've destroyed that little shit Jericho, i'll be demanding more competition. The only way that can happen is by doing open challenges for this fucking belt! whoever wants this damn strap can step up to the plate and see if they can take it. I don't give a fuck who you are, your either getting a F5 or your head beaten in until the blood begins to pour out. I'll hold this title for as long as i god damn want!

Lesnar slams the microphone to the floor and storms off in a revolting mood. Heyman cautiously follows the foul mouthed Beast as the segment finishes.

Country Gal vs Mrs. Glow
Mickie James vs Naomi

Match Result wrote:

winner via SIM:

Revolt returns from commercial break to a backstage interview. Seated on two chairs I none other than the Usos who have been on quite the role as of late. They are joined by Renee Young who, as always, is prepared to question these two young men.

Renee Young: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time the Usos. (The crowd gives a negative reaction) Gentlemen, what is your current mindset heading into Grandstand for PWG’s first ever tag team title match?

April 19th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_owus7lBokT1w7ic24o3_540

Jey Uso:
What’s my mindset? I mean, my nigga… You’ve been watching the show lately?

Renee Young: Well I ug-

Jey Uso:
Of course not. A lot of these niggas come out here talking that nice shit but don’t really examine the environment for themselves.  We told everyone on the day that we debuted that we would be the realest niggas to make it on top. You had guys laugh it off and claim nothing was going to come of it but fast forward and look where we at. So what’s my mindset? There ain’t no mindset because at the end of the day the Goonsos are gonna come out on top.  

Jimmy Uso: And if niggas don’t believe us, let’s take them down memory lane real quick doe… Let’s get that roll call going.

Jey Uso: Authors of Pain.

Jimmy Uso: Locked down.

Jey Uso: Breezedango.

Jimmy Uso: Locked down.    

Jey Uso: AJ Styles& Finn Balor

Jimmy Uso: Locked do- Oh, nah… That was on that other show… We not supposed to talk about that. And easy with the cursing too.

April 19th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_owus7lBokT1w7ic24o1_540

Jey Uso: You right… You right…. My fault, my nigga. But my fucking point is, we ain’t about that talk shit and do nothing life. We've proven time and time again that we deserve to be at the top of this division and ain't no one gonna stop or take that shit away from us. Nah I'm saying, my nigga Renee? When we talk, shit happens and at Grandstand The Bar finna know what it means to be locked down in the Usos Penitentiary...  And best believe we coming back with the titles too, baby!

The Goonsos arise from their seat. Renee tries to ask another question but they snatch the microphone from her hand and toss it over their shoulders. The laugh to themselves before leaving the premises.  

Will Reigns Dominance Continue?
Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton

Match Result wrote:

winner via SIM:

Coming back from a commercial break the camera focuses on the Revolt commentary team

Tom Philips: Man what an exciting show it’s been thus far.

Mauro Ranallo: And there’s plenty more where that’s coming fro-

A sudden scream pervades the area, interrupting the banter from the color commentators. The crowd is confused and bewildered, eyes glancing around everywhere until a macabre scene is depicted on the titantron. The source of such a bellow? A woman backstage witnessing the lifeless carcass of Finn Balor splattered upon the locker room floor.

Bryon Saxton: What the hell happened to Finn Balor?  

The cameras pan out and reveal none other than Roman Reigns with a wicked smile depicted upon his lips. He eyes Finn Balor with cruel intentions and chain a wrapped around his fist.

April 19th, 2018 REVOLT DeliriousWickedIberiannase-size_restricted

Mauro Ronaldo: What is he doing?! Oh my god!

Clutching at Finn’s head, Reigns connects with several shots from that chain wrapped fist. Strike after repeated striking is met with a loud thud until the familiar site of blood displays upon the screen. That doesn’t stop the enraged Samoan  who drags Finn out of the locker room and into the middle of the hallway. Various personal try to stop Roman but he doesn’t budge, instead he continues to drag Finn to an undisclosed location.

Roman Reigns: You want to cost me opportunities? You want to stick your nose where it don’t belong? You probably think you're better than me or something, huh? Haha... I’ll make sure you don’t make it to Grandstand.

Stopping near a limousine, Reigns lifts the bloodied Finn Balor into a power-bomb position. Hoisting him up, he eventually slams him down hard on the windshield. Cracking the glass, shards of it are embedded within the Irish Born Lad's back while he convulses on the floor. Now being pushed aside by referees, backstage personal, and medical staff, Reigns looks on with a solemn expression on his look. Almost as if he doesn't care that he's injured this young man...  

Byron Saxton: Why the hell would Roman Reigns do this...?

Cross another marked target off the list... The cameras gradually fade to black.

If your boss told you to show up tomorrow for work. Yet, they don't tell you who you'll be working with, what you'll be doing or what work conditions there will be... would you show up?

*After the jarring statement from commercial break the camera focuses on Samoa Joe, Joe holding a handheld camera is backstage in the Gorilla Position, with Stephanie McMahon and Vince seen in the background*

No... you wouldn't but these idiots expect me to show up this Sunday and wrestle. I still don't know who my #1 contender is!
*Joe Scoffs, and a louder voice to make sure management hears* These self indulgent idiots care more about you useless sacks then they care about THIER world champion... It's fine... Steph knows I'll put down anyone that steps off to me. You know I kind of respect you for tagging me with Steve tonight Steph... I'd love to pick the brain of the man who handed your husbands ass on a silver platter. *Steph goes to stand up but is held back by Vince, Joe looks down at someone at a computer* Play my music.

April 19th, 2018 REVOLT Entrance%2B1

*Joe makes his way out to the ring, a smug arrogance to him. With the title over his shoulder he throws the camera behind him, enters the ring, and grabs a microphone*

So here's whats going to happen. Old man Steve and I are going to beat Y2Joke and the Albino Gorilla. I'm going to stroll into Grand Stand WITH my championship. Walk into the back and sit back and watch. I'll come out, IF I SO CHOOSE, and take my victory lap as your first ever champion of PWG. Then maybe I go and talk to JBL... kinda like how that man runs things... God knows its better then these excuses of McMahons...

April 19th, 2018 REVOLT 001_RAW_12112017cm_0009--34e83bc4a9affe9c5ebc6e2aeb7dda44

*Joe takes a breath, with a breath as he's serenaded in boos*

I've said my peace... Now get these sorry excuse of "talent" out here for this tag match so they can experience real greatness...

A War of Promise
Stone Cold and Samoa Joe vs Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

After a hard fought unexpected victory the competitors stand face to face with another as the crowd begins chanting "FIGHT FOREVER, FIGHT FOREVER!" Brock Lesnar seems to not be done! He approaches both Joe and Stone Cold! However Brock Lesnar, is immediately turned around by Chris Jericho and is hit with a huge Code Breaker! The crowd erupts in a huge mixed reaction as Jericho immediately leaves his stunned partner in the middle of the ring too with two men looking at Jericho with confusion!

April 19th, 2018 REVOLT Giphy

Jericho exits the ring and walks up the ramp leaving Lesnar alone! Stone Cold shrugs his shoulders and smirks while looking at Samoa Joe! Joe nods his head and lifts up Lesnar from behind as the crowd begins erupting with cheers at the sight of these two men ready to do some serious damage to Brock Lesnar! Stone Cold signals Samoa Joe to lift up Brock Lesnar and readies himself for what seems to be a Stone Cold Stunner when suddenly Stone Cold is grabbed by the foot and dragged out the ring by a suited man! The suited man pulls Stone Cold out the ring and continues to follow up with a huge closeline! Immediately a confused Samoa Joe gets a surprise F5 by Brock Lesnar due to this distraction!

April 19th, 2018 REVOLT AeJw5G9

The camera then zooms in on the suited man who is no other then TRIPLE H! Triple H laughs at the sight of this carnage followed by tossing a downed Stone Cold into the ring! Triple H looks underneath the ring and pulls out his signature sledge hammer followed by slithering into the ring! Brock Lesnar begins to look towards Triple H ready to defend himself as the Game stares at him head on! After a short stare down, Triple H demands that Lesnar pick up Stone Cold! Lesnar smirks then lifts up Stone Cold with ease in a German suplex esque clutch and tosses him at Triple H! Triple H responds to this by connecting with a huge shot to Stone Cold's head with the sledge hammer! The crowd roars in a mixed reaction at this sight! Triple H then proceeds to toss the sledge hammer aside. The Game finds his way to a microphone while remaining eye contact with the last competitor in the ring Brock Lesnar.

April 19th, 2018 REVOLT Giphy

Triple H - Everyone wants to know who is Samoa Joe's opponent and you're looking at him right here.. no, no, no... not me. It's you Brock.. The Beast Incarnate! A man that I'm well pleased with.. a man who will now have an opportunity to hold two championships if he so damn well pleased and a man I want to take to another level... but as for me? I have unfinished business with this washed up piece of junk.. So at Grand Stand Stone Cold you better believe you'll have a match.. and you're match will be against me THE GAME.

Stone Cold seems to be getting up slowly grabbing onto the boots of Triple H! The game notices and then laughs as Brock Lesnar immediately comes to the aid of Triple H grabbing Stone Cold by the back of the neck and dragging his carcass underneath Triple H's legs! Triple H smirks at Brock Lesnar then connects with a huge Pedigree on Stone Cold!

April 19th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_nfk0nnLk041sbzhteo1_400

The Crowd erupts with boo's at the sight of this carnage! Samoa Joe is then seen crawling into the scene as Triple H looks over to Joe with disgust. The game immediately tells Brock to dispose of him! However Joe does not give up without a fight! Immediately he rushes to Triple H doing some free flow! He does a fast paced combo to Triple H only to for the Game to be once again helped by Lesnar, who turns Joe around and connects with another F5!

April 19th, 2018 REVOLT Tenor

The Camera's slowly fade to black at the sound of a chorus of boo's with Triple H raising up Brock Lesnar's hand! Brock Lesnar seems to be chuckling to himself while Paul Heyman enters the ring and inserts himself in the middle, raising both Triple H and Brock's arms up high!

Thursday Night Revolt.
PWG Inc. 2018 ©
Team Revolt Productions.
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April 19th, 2018 REVOLT
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