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 April 12th, 2018 REVOLT

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April 12th, 2018 REVOLT Empty
PostSubject: April 12th, 2018 REVOLT   April 12th, 2018 REVOLT Icon_minitime8/2/2018, 1:23 am

[big][big][big]Thursday Night REVOLT
APRIL 12, 2018

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT Arena-wp-1152x864

[big][big]Revolution starts with an Evolution[/big][/big]

Mauro Ranallo: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Thursday Night REVOLT!!! Last week Daniel Bryan made history by becoming the first superstar to jump sides in this brand warfare as he turns in the red for the blue! And earlier today I had an exclusive sitdown interview with him. Take a look.

(Titantron shows the interview)

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT 16343030_mauro-ranallo-set-to-make-return-to_c7351218_m

Ranallo: Hello everyone! Welcome to my weekly Interviews with REVOLT's highest talents. Today's guest is Daniel Bryan. Welcome, Daniel Bryan.

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT A0a86533847a85ae9341b805cb63b315---march-daniel-bryan

Bryan: Thank you for having me Cole.

Ranallo: So how are feeling about the switch of brands from Fury to Revolt.

Bryan: It actually feels right. I needed to leave Fury. It just needed to happen. On Fury, I had no respect. Now I get welcomed by the entire Revolt roster. Here I get respect.

Ranallo: That's great to here. Tell me something. Rumor has it that you been under some prayer or some "Higher Power". What do you have to say about this.

(Bryan remains quite)

Ranallo: Daniel?

(Bryan Leaves room)

Ranallo: Brya...Umm.. Well, that ends our little interview. Thank you to everybody who joined us today for this interview. See you next Week!

The Return of The Yes Movement
Daniel Bryan vs Finn Balor

Match Result wrote:
The bell rings signaling the start of Daniel Bryan vs Finn Balor.

Daniel Bryan Runs for the Dropkick in the corner as soon as he heard the bell. Daniel Bryan repeatedly hits the corner kicks. The referee counted to 3 almost disqualifying Bryan. The ref then backs up Bryan giving a warning. Finn takes off the turnbuckle pad.

The referee backs up Bryan. Finn takes advantage of the detraction and slams Bryan into the corner. Finn then picks up Bryan and hits a suplex on Bryan. (Fin has had the lead in the match for now 4 mins.)

Finn picks up Bryan and throws him out the ring. Finn mocks Bryan and does the YES chants. As Finn attempts to the Suicide Dive outside the ring Bryan then counters with a roundhouse kick. Bryan runs into the ring and tries to do a Suplex. Finn then counters the suplex into a roll up.

Referee: 1...2...Bryan kicks out!

Bryan gets up and hits a roundhouse kick on Finn as soon as he gets up. Bryan then pins.

Referee: 1...2...Finn kicks out!

Bryan hypes the crowd up as he gets ready for the Yes Kicks. Crowd chants "YES!" with every successful hit. Finn reverses the last kick and throws Bryan into the exposed turnbuckle. Finn then runs off the ropes and hits Bryan with a Sling Blade. Finn waits in the corner hitting the shotgun dropkick in the corner on the exposed turnbuckle. Finn goes on the top rope and hits the Coup De Grace.

Referee: 1...2...Bryan kicks out and the crowd goes wild!

Finn Balor Picks up Bryan and slaps him in the face. Bryan gets fired up off of Finns slaps. Fin hits 1 more slap and immediately gets pushed in the corner as Bryan huts his comeback. Bryan starts hitting the YES kicks! Balor again reverses the last YES kick and goes for a roll-up. Daniel Reverses it and the last YES kick.

Bryan goes into the corner and chants YES going for the running knee. Finn slowly gets up. Finn reverses the running knee into a Sling Blade. Finn goes on the top rope about to hit the Coup De Grace. Bryan Reveres and hits a running knee. Bryan drags Finn in the middle of the ring and locks in the YES Lock. Finn is screaming and is forced to tap.

Daniel Bryan's music hits and the referee lifts Bryan's hand.

(As Revolt rolls on were taken backstage to Charly Caruso)

Charly Caruso: Ladies and (as the microphone is plucked from her hand)

Ruby Riot: Scram Charly before I make you leave.

(Charly scurries off )

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT 005_SD_03062018ej_0029-8e12775ee2b3d5c63b66b020d6c62884

Ruby Riot: Losers and boys, my guest at this time one-third of the Riot Squad - the Queen Charlotte Flair.

(Ruby claps as Charlotte walks into frame.)

Ruby Riot: Now Charlotte tonight you go up against possibly the worst women's (Ruby stops herself) no worst wrestler in the company. Plastic, I mean, Nikki Bella. What's your game plan tonight?

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT C-TIoz0VoAEehB2

Charlotte Flair: Well Ms. Riot that's a great question, and yes Nikki is the worst wrestler in the company but tonight is gonna be easier than the work out I had earlier. One, because I am the Queen of Revolt. Two, because let's be honest I could wrestle circles around Nikki with one arm tied behind my back. She is a horrible representation as the Women's World Champion. I mean even Bayley is better than her. That's why tonight's Bella beat down is a glimpse at your future Nikki.

(Charlotte pauses and smirks)

Charlotte Flair: I am not going to just beat you tonight no no no I am going to embarrass you more than you do on your stupid reality tv shows. And then at Grand Stand, we finally get a real women's champion in this company and not a wannabe Kardashian, a legit loser, or whatever the hell Bayley is. Ruby Riot will show the world what a true women's champion and wrestler looks like at GrandStand....wooooo!!!

(Charlotte walks off Ruby smirks)

Ruby Riot: I couldn't have said it better myself, long live the Queen. Now I have to find Bliss I didn't like the way she was laughing; back to you idiots at ringside.

The Champion vs 1/3 of The Riot Squad
Nikki Bella vs Charlotte w/ Ruby Riot

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT Vn9XcnZ

Thursday Night Revolt returns to an unfamiliar scene. Depicted upon the titantron and everywhere else around the world, is an interrogation room. Seated on one side of the table is Roman Reigns and the detective who’s made sporadic appearances throughout these past few months. Roman is vexed and donned in a lavish suit. He checks the time while the detective shuffles through some paperwork.  

Roman Reigns: I thought my lawyer handled this situation accordingly two weeks ago. What you did last week was also excessive. Was it really necessary to bring out the police after my match to bring me back in? Could've left a message or even called me. Think of the women and the scared children having to witness such an atrocity-    

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT Modern-detective

Detective: We did what was necessary, Mister Anoaʻi. You weren't answering us after our first encounter. Dasha Fuentes was last seen with you and hasn’t been seen since. You are a suspect and the leads you gave us two weeks have led us nowhere.

Roman Reigns:
I told you all I need to know. That blob Samoa Joe was there, he scared off Charl-

Detective: Her name is Dasha.

Roman Reigns:
Right. Got it.  He scared off Renee and probably pursued her afterwards. The motive was and still is there. I mean a lot of people are out to get me. I mean just look at me.

Detective: Well we checked the security camera and we didn’t see Joe anywhere in the vicinity. Witnesses did I.D. you getting in the car with Fuentes. We also found xanax in your gym bag which you claimed belongs to AJ Styles—we’ll have yet to check that out. Regardless, Joseph… It’s not looking good for you. It’s either you tell us what happened or there’s going to be grave consequences.  What did you do with Dasha Fuentes and where is she? You’re looking at 20 years of kidnapping and perhaps an extra 25 if you don’t tell us what really happened. The truth will come out eventually you might as well say it here.

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_n1sekipLoo1t99chso2_250

Suddenly that calm demeanor disappears and is replaced by nervous facial features. Shifting his gaze everywhere, he looks like a mad man possessed. He quivers and runs his fingers through his hair and is about to cave until a knock comes at the door.

Detective: Just a second…

The detective ascends from his seated position and heads for the door. He opens it and discusses some back and forth banter with a co-worker. He then turns to glance over Roman Reigns who is as eager as ever.

Detective: Well, Joseph, I must apologize but we've just received word that Dasha is fine. Her mother claims she’s fine. Turns out she took a sabbatical from work to really contemplate life. Your lawyer even brought us a copy of the texts she sent her mother… Anyway, you guys can be on your way. Should we have any questions, we’ll be sure to let your lawyer know...

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT Hl9XuJG

From out of the shadows is David Otunga with a sly smirk on his face. He steps into the room and pats Roman on the shoulder. Roman still can’t believe what’s happening but a smile gradually forms upon his lips.

Roman Reigns:  (Whispering) How did you do that? I could've sworn I-

David Otunga: Well I'm a lawyer for a reason, Joseph. My track record doesn't speak well within PWG but outside of it? It's a different story. That and... (Whispering) a little bribe money has always kept clients satisfied. Given your assets and funds, I made sure this all went away for the time being. Now come on... You've got a match tonight.

A bewildered Roman ascends from his seat and grabs his coat, something falls out from oat pocket and lands on the floor. It goes unnoticed as both men leave the premises. The cameras, however, zoom in and it's revealed to be a locket of hair and a photo of... Finn Balor with a red X upon the photo.

A Rivalry Rekindled
Carmella vs Naomi

Match Result wrote:
Carmella's music dies down as she enters the ring and finishes up her entrance.

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT Original

The majority of fans in attendance chant for the self-proclaimed "face of Revolt". The other half, the glow section, show The Princess of Staten Island nothing but disrespect as they boo and yell obscenities. Carmella manages to block out all the negativity as she turns her attention straight up the entrance ramp. A few moments pass before Naomi's music plays through the pa system. It takes everyone almost a few seconds to realize Naomi isn't making her entrance. Carmella begins to shout for her to come down to the ring. Just then, The Culture Queen herself, Naomi appears on the titantron. She appears somewhere backstage in her street clothing not looking ready to compete. Naomi then begins to speak from the titantron.

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT WWE-Naomi-Wallpapers-HD

Naomi: I already told you before, I'm here to represent THE CULTURE! After Tamina took her L at Broken Promises, she packed her bags and abandoned the mission. That is more than fine with me because I will stay and continue to represent the culture my damn self. I once considered you a friend, Mella. It took me awhile, but I finally woke up and started to see you for the culture vulture you truly are. Coming out to yourself trying to rap with your little privileged white ass. You don't know the struggle! You've never struggled a day in your life.

This gets a mixed reaction from the live audience. The GLOW section cheers their queen on white the more conservative red neck fans boo. Others are torn between as there is truth to what Naomi is saying.

Naomi: One day you just happen to see a young black woman succeeding in professional wrestling for once. Over with the fans and all. So you decided to befriend me in order to leech off my popularity. How could I have been so blind. This certainly isn't the first time whites have tried to leech off the hard work of my people. Just look at this country. WE built this country while your people sat back, drunk your lemon aid, and whipped us to the point where we couldn't stand. Once you superkicked me in that women's battle royal you woke me straight the f*ck up. I won't let the hard work of another African American get jacked by a lazy, culture stealing cracker. I'm not competing tonight at all. I want your ass at Grand Stand! Just know, my little culture vulture, it won't be a wrestling match. I'm going to knock your ass clean out. A normal match would be too easy. I'm challenging you to a no dq 30 minute ironwomen match! Oh i'm gonna have you beggin' for mercy. At Grand Stand, its not going to be the glow you'll be felling. It'll be me punching your lights out.

Naomi then walks off before the camera shows a distraught Carmella standing in the ring alone hurt from the words of her former friend.

The Princess of Staten Island is given a microphone so she can respond to the words that were just spoken by The Culture Queen.

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT Maxresdefault

[bgcolor=#000]Carmella: Your right, I did use you in the beginning simply because I’m not half the in-ring performer you are. Most of the girls in the back are more experienced. They’ve been wrestling for years to make it here and then some no-name rookie waltzes in and starts talking trash. Believe me, if I were in your shoes I’d hate me too. [/bgcolor]

She stares at members of the glow section before she speaks. A look of determination now on her face.

[bgcolor=#000]Carmella: Na, I’ll admit it, because of my dancing background I was offered a contract. You guys want to know how much wrestling experience I had, none. I hadn’t even been inside a wrestling ring until the day after I signed. [/bgcolor]

The crowd begins a “You can’t wrestle!” chant as Carmella covers her ears in an attempt to drown out the noise. The chants die down.

[bgcolor=#000]Carmella: You want to talk about struggle? Naomi did you hear that. Most of the crowd knows my flaws by now. Hell I'm on a 3 months losing streak! Hearing those chants every week makes me train that much harder and my passion for this business keeps me going strong. Otherwise I wouldn’t still be here. Queen, I’ve had to work twice as hard to show the crowd that I belong here.[/bgcolor]

She takes a moment to mentally process what she just said. The Princess grins to herself as she is being honest about her career so far.

[bgcolor=#000]Carmella: Rewatching those matches made me realize how badly I treated you. Naomi I saw our friendship as tool that I could use to catapult my career to championship status. I was wrong, but since it’s too late to say I’m sorry, I’ll have to beat an apology out of you. You're on!! [/bgcolor]

The self-proclaimed “face of Revolt” climbs out of the ring and high fives a few fans as she walks up the ramp.

The camera pans backstage as Breeze can be seen looking motivated nodding his head as he accidentally bumps into a cardboard box as it tips you hear a familiar voice say “Hey watch, where you're going!”

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT Pe01

As Fandango emerges from the box with a fake grey beard and a John Deer jacket on as Breeze shakes his head.

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT 20170425_sd_x_breezango--f8043ef57d9233544b2777fb726c293e

Tyler : Dangler?

“Dangler” responds in a very raspy voice you could swear is fake.

Fandango : Breezy?? How long has it been??

Fandango begins to rub his eyes as Breeze looks almost dumbfounded.

Tyler : A Week.... Dangler how do you have a beard?

Fandango : I had one... Anyway only a week are you kidding me Breezy I can’t do this! I’ve been here all week Breezy I had to cancel my Netflix... I was on the last episode of Stranger Things...

Tyler : Oh is that one where.....

Fandango : Breezy no! No one likes a spoiler...

Tyler : Look, man I don’t know what to say, I... I feel bad for you... But wait didn’t I see you and Derrick Bateman having dinner at the...

Fandango cuts in.

Fandango: Nooooo!!! Breezy I’m too poor to wait... Derrick had dinner with someone else?.....

Fandango looks down in a depressing manner as Tyler pats him on the back.

Tyler : Look we still have a chance at appearing at Grand Stand in the first ever Tag team title match... Dangler we’re doing this for you man!

Fandango weakly nods his head as Tyler embraces him into a bro hug as Tyler nods his head aggressively.

Tyler : Let’s do this Dangler!!!!!

Tyler storms off as a ringing noise can be heard as Fandango rips off his fake beard and pull out a smartphone and begins to speak in his normal voice.

Fandango : This is Fandango? Yes of course I still want you to clean my pool!! What do you mean you thought I was poor where did you hear that?? Oh... Well look don’t believe everything you read on the internet some people still think the Uso’s are good wrestlers! Thank you... Bye!

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT Fandango-superstar-ink

Fandango rolls his eyes as he goes to fall Breezy he slowly slips on his fake beard.

Final Round of the Tag Tournament
The Uso's vs Breezedango

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

Tom Phillips: Shut Up Saxton. No one cares what have to say.

Bryon Saxton: I didn't even say anything.

Tom Phillips: Shut up.

Mauro Ranallo: Anyways. Ladies and Gentleman, earlier in the night you saw my exclusive interview with Daniel Bryan. Now it's time for his wife Brie Bella's exclusive.

(Titantron shows the Interview)

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT 16343030_mauro-ranallo-set-to-make-return-to_c7351218_m

Ranallo: Hello everyone thank you for tuning in, in my weekly interview with some of PWG's top talents. This interview is a special one with PWG's returning Brie Bella. (Pauses). How are you Brie?

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT Screen-shot-2016-02-10-at-1-37-00-pm

Brie: Great Cole thanks you for having me.

Ranallo: Of Course. So let's discuss your big return how does feel to be back?

Brie: Oh Cole if feels great. You know I needed a break and a rest from fighting you know to get my head together and make sure my body was prepared to return. After that Triple Threat, I felt beat up and pretty much wasn't ready to compete. But now I feel great.

Ranallo: That's great to here. Speaking of returning, your sister Nikki is now champion how do you feel about that?

Brie: I couldn't be more proud of my sister than right now. I am so happy what she has done since winning the champion. I am so happy that she is champion. You never knew what you might see in PWG. Sister Fued or even The Bella Twins back together.

Ranallo: Would you rather team with your sister or fight her?

Brie: I love Nikki and everything but in this business, everyone wants 1 thing and that's become Champion. But nothing makes more happier than teaming with my sister.

Ranallo: Well....I would love to see the Bellas Back together.I feel we all would (Laughs)

Brie: Well I give the choice to Nikki. Nikki no where to find me if anything.

Ranallo: Well Brie is was a pleasure having you. Thank You

Brie: No Cole. Thank you.

Bri Mode returns to Thursday Nights
Lexi Bliss vs Bri Bella

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

After her victory Brie beckons for a mic from ringside staff.

Brie: See that. (Looks at Alexa on the floor) See Ms. Bliss you were my statement(Looks at the Camera). I am back and ready. But I hear there is a problem in the women locker room. That problem being the Riot Squad. Who the hell do you guys think you are? See your little friend Alexa Bliss faced just 1/4 of the pain I am about to lay on you guys. I don't like the odds you guys have on my sister. So Nikki listen up... I am here and here to stay. It is time the Bella Twins put this little "Squad" on notice. So Nikki what you say? Are the Bella Twins back together?

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April 12th, 2018 REVOLT Yqpgfg3m


April 12th, 2018 REVOLT ATOskjWm

-Dana Brooke-
Listen up all you disgusting people I don't give a crap about you booing me you know why because all of you are just jealous of me and you damn well know it "The Total Diva" has arrived and all you nasty losers will respect me.


April 12th, 2018 REVOLT Te65JGwm

-Dana Brooke-
for all the female's on this Roster you will know that I will destroy any of you my plan is to make a big ass impact in the female division but with this said I have stuff to do so you losers have goodnight not.


An interesting re-encounter
Randy Orton and Ric Flair vs A.O.P.

Match Result wrote:

winner via SIM:

*Revolt rolls on when the camera fades into the sit-down interview set with Tom Phillips playing interviewer he welcomes his guest*

Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest for this interview; The first World Heavyweight Champion, Samoa Joe.

*The camera pans over the seated champion. He gives a crooked grin adjusts his championship then proceeds to speak*

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT 20170213_raw_samoajoeinterview-4b2150041cd1d5c5a4acc6d464cd583c

The pleasure is all yours I'm sure. Now hurry up I have better things I could be doing.

*taken aback by the blunt nature of Joe he stutters but then proceeds with his question* Well, one week from Sunday is Grand Stand; the biggest Pay-Per-View in PWG's calendar year. Yet you still don't have a challenger for your title. Thoughts?

*smirking, Joe is quick to answer* The reason I don't have a contender is simple. There is not one person on this roster Revolt, Fury or otherwise that is on my level. Management knows it, Roman Reigns knows it, these piss poor fans know it. You see the thing is Tom, I'm not profitable for others... I make millions from shirt sales, and trust me when I say that the higher ups pay me very VERY handsomely. However, I do not put on good matches... I enter my ring, then desolate my opponent in a swift fashion... whether it's when I plant them to the mat or make them pass out. I don't get five stars from Dave. The Vegas odds are never EVER against me. I am predictable, the Samoan Submission Machine enters, destroys, then leaves with his championship.

All that being said you're on a losing streak. To Lesnar two weeks ago, and to AJ and Lesnar last week. No-

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT Maxresdefault

*not giving Tom time Joe cuts him off* I did not lose last week... Edge lost that match for us. I shouldn't even be forced into putting that Loss on my record... As for Styles... He's impressive for someone who can't win a big match.*Joe pauses then continues* As for Lesnar... he got lucky two weeks ago then carried last week. That's all I have to say about that albino Donkey Kong... Next Question.

Um...okay... last question actually. What does the future hold for you beyond Grand Stand?

*the smirk comes back* First I beat my opponent at Grand Stand... handily. Then the plan is simple Tom... Arrive, destroy, profit... The universe better get used to this site. *Joe stands while holding the championship high* This is going nowhere and neither am I.

Thank you for your time.

*Joe doesn't respond as he just grunts and walks off*

A Phoenix vs A Veteran
Beth Phoenix vs Mickie James

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

*After another display of technical skill from the Women's Division the camera focuses in on Tom Phillips and the theme music of the winner fades to silence in anticipation of news on the Revolt GM.*

Tom Phillips: We have received news on the condition of the Revolt General Manager Triple H but before we get to that let's take a look at what happened last week in the final moments captured by our backstage cameraman. The images we are about to show you may be disturbing so keep that in mind.(Phillips continues to narrate)

*The titantron lights up to show Stone Cold's vicious attack on Triple H (see end of Revolt April 5th Show)*

Tom Phillips: I am told that Triple H will not make it to Revolt this evening due to a concussion as well an extensive list of minor injuries at the hands of Austin, but Stephanie McMahon made it clear to me backstage before the show that she would be out here to personally confront the Texas Rat...

*Glass Shatters and Austin's music slams through the titantron. The crowd seems to have mixed reactions but the roar of cheers overtakes the few boos in the crowd.*

*Austin doesn't burst through the curtain as usual instead the camera cuts from center stage to the side of the titantron as the same black F250 from last week roars into the arena. Giving the crowd a show Austin proceeds to spin tires generating a cloud of smoke as the smell of rubber fills the arena. Austin climbs out onto the roof of his truck with 2 beers in hand and does his signature beer bash before stepping onto the hood then onto the ramp and makes his way into the ring and quickly demands a microphone.*

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT Stone-cold-steve-austin

Austin: How y'all doin here in Virginia tonight?

*The crowd responds with a thunderous roar that calms almost instantly as Austin speaks once again*

Austin: Glad y'all are doing good tonight, I know somebody who's not doin too good after Stone Cold stomped a mudhole in his ass and walked it dry. Ain't that right Hunter? I know you're watching from whatever bed you're laying in right now you smug sumbitch. Not so tough when you don't have your guerillas hold good ole Stone Cold back now are ya? Did you think you can talk to me like that?!? Did you think I wasn't gonna return the sucker punch with a lil street justice? And while we're on the subject and everyone has their minds made up on the matter, Stone Cold don't need a goddamn bounty to leave a trail of bodies and any of you Fury pansies show your face on MY show and I'll make sure to have a Revolt ass-whoopin here waiting on ya so here's to ya.

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT Tenor

*The Revolt goes crazy with "Austin" chants ringing throughout the arena*

Austin: Now from my understanding, word around the back is that Steph...

*Austin cuts a huge grin and drops his head when he is interrupted before he can speak the Co-GM's name.*

As the commissioners theme song blasts through the titantron a huge mixed reactions comes from within the Revolt Crowd. Stephanie Mcmahon, a woman who hasn't been seen since slapping the taste out of Samoa Joe's mouth comes from out the curtain and slowly walks down the ramp with a serious demeanor. She steps into the ring and makes her way to a microphone seeming unfazed and unafraid of and by Stone Cold Steve Austin. She tries to conceal her anger by smirking then proceed to speak to the unhinged Austin.

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT Giphy

Stephanie McMahon - You just don't learn, do you old man? My husband made it crystal clear that this show isn't your play pen and what did you do? Not only did you spit in his face but you blind sided him last week as the show went off the air. You must truly be delusional if you think this is the 1990's and i'm just going to let you run around and do whatever the hell you want to do on my show. Do you realize all it takes, is two simple words for you to no longer work here. Do you realize all it takes is two words for you to no longer have a way of supporting your family? Do you realize that all it takes it two SIMPLE words for you to go from raising hell and making good money here, to raising glow sticks in the crowd, while trying to scrape up some loose change just to make enough for one meal!? I am sick and tired of you and you know what? I should fire you on the spot for what you did to my husband but you know what? Firing you would be to easy. Why fire you when I can make your life an actual hell until you get on your knees and beg for forgiveness? You see, last week Hunter warned you not to bite the hand that feeds you and his words fell on deaf ears, as you did just that. So you know what happens when you bite the hand that feeds you old Steve? You begin to lose privileges. So tonight you will be going one on one against the other contender for the Intercontinental Championship, Chris JERICHO! And if you lose you will be stripped of your title - as number one contender for that championship as well. On top of that if you lose that means you also won't be making it to Grand Stand either.

The PWG Universe begins booing.

Stephanie McMahon -And truth be told Steve, this is me letting you off with a simple warning because I could do way way worst things to you as a punishment for attacking my husband but I won't for two reasons. One being, that I see potential in you to start over a new leaf. To put these beers aside and start a new life as an upright business man, that I could groom to be a force to be reckoned with here in this company. Secondly, I understand my husband lost his cool and threw the first punch. Now, that was very unprofessional of him but he had all the right too with how you disrespected our office and showed a huge sign of disrespect. So consider this your last chance to make things right.. because if you make one more wrong decision... You're going to know what it's like to get hit right on the top of that bald head of yours with a golden shovel.

Stephanie McMahon turns away and exits the ring as the Revolt Crowd begins roaring with OOOOOO's. Stephanie begins walking up the ramp paying no mind to Stone Cold or the loud passionate crowd after speaking a true piece of her mind.

A Darker Side of Reigns
Goldust vs Roman Reigns

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT 52c65634222833.56c880501f80c

(Metalingus by Alters Bridge blares into the arena. Cutting the quiet like a serial killers knife. The crowd erupts into loud boos. The Rated R Superstar has not been kind to the fan’s favorites lately. Edge emerges onto the stage slowly and methodically. Edge is wearing his street clothes tonight. Black Rated R Superstar shirt and bluejeans. He wanders from one side of the stage to the other, almost soaking in the boo’s from the crowd.)

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT EDGE-wwe-16795348-1000-1000

(Edge returns to the middle of the stage and gets into his pyro-inducing pose! Edge starts to raise his arms and then laughs and waves off the pyro. In Edge’s eyes, the crowd doesn’t deserve it.
Edge continues to the ring. There is a microphone waiting for him on the steps. He grabs it as he enters the ring. He gives the ‘cut my music’ gesture…the music stops, the crowd – they do not.)

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT 5fd22125f00ba6c224711693f7de2d1a

Edge: First things first let's get one thing straight – ALL of you only hate me because I have systematically destroyed all of your heroes. I set fire to the house that A..J..STYLES built…. – And then I  EVEN PUT MICK FOLEY RIGHT IN THAT DAMN FIRE. So you can boo me all you want – and then you can kiss my ass. Because I'M not here for YOU – I'm here to leave a trail of bodies, blood, broken bones, and shattered dreams – and it just keeps getting better from there! But there is a problem with my plans – a thorn that just won’t stay out of my side. A redneck, hick town, trailer park shit-livin, piece of trash – AJ – just won’t stop getting back up.

So AJ – What I’m going to do for you – I’m ALL IN for a match at the Grand Stand event. I am all in for finishing exactly what I started at Broken Promises. I am ALL IN for destroying every semblance of you that is in the PWG. However – there are some things we are going to have to go over. We are going to do it my way – the Rated R Superstar will get the papers drawn up and submitted to management. And next week we will come face to face in front of all of these people – as we all watch you sign both your career, and quite possibly your quality of life, away.

(Edge checks his imaginary watch on his wrist.)

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT Adam_Copeland.10

Edge: Well AJ – It looks like its half past a freckle on the ol’ timepiece here. Your match is up next…and I can see that Mr. Phillips over here has saved me a chair at the announce table. So I think I may just stick around and see what this match has to offer…

Byron: Edge must be delusional – look around Mauro, we don’t have any seats open over here. Looks like he’s going to be standing room only tonight!

(Edge drops the mic and exits the ring on the announcer tableside. He walks over to the announce table. There is clearly no empty seat for him to sit in. Edge laughs and looks at Saxton…)

Phillips: Saxton – I am not sure what you think you are doing right now. You are sitting in the seat that I saved for Edge. What are you thinking?!?! Get up! GET UP! Move, Go, Goodbye. The Man of the Hour needs a seat!

Byron: But I..this isn’t ri-

(Edge lunges at Saxton. Saxton ducks and covers like someone just pulled a gun. Edge laughs again and coaxes Saxton up and out of the chair. Once he is up Edge pushes him out of the way and takes his chair. Saxton falls to the ground and stays there.  Edge puts on the headset.)

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT Smackdown-04-28-16

Edge: Thank you Mr. Phillips for your dedication to the Rated R Superstar and your dedication to all of these fans who want to continue to hear what I have to say throughout the course of this match.

Phillips: It is my pleasure sir! The things you are doing to better the PWG, man – I just – How could you not be on board? Right Mauro? Right?

Mauro: Oh..Ma-

(Jinder Mahal’s music starts in the background. Jinder makes his entrance while the bickering at the announce table continues.)

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT Tenor

Edge: Mauro agrees. He agrees. Unimportant swine – can we just cut his mic Tom? Can we just cut this down to a two-man power team?

Phillips: I’ve wished to rid myself of these two dead-weights for ages. Mauro – your silence is appreciated in the presence of the greatness of the Rated R Superstar.

Mauro: Well I don’t know about that. And Edge you can talk a big game all you want but the man who is about to come out to this ring, one Mr A..J..STYLES … he holds a victory over you in both a singles match, and a tag match. That’s something you cannot say about yourself over him. So from where I sit – you keep talking, and he keeps winning...

Edge: Mauro.. If it wasn’t super illegal to assault the mentally handicapped – you’d be in some serious trouble right now. *Mocking voice* AJ STYLES has wins Derrr derrrr. *Normal voice* Shut your mouth and open your ears. Your Hero AJ will be ended once and for all in just 2 weeks time – just wait and see what I have in store for him! JUST YOU WAIT AND SEE!

(The lights dim as AJ’s music hits and he makes his way out onto the stage. He continues his entrance. He makes eye contact with Edge multiple times and even does his P1 pose right towards Edge at the end of his entrance.)

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT Tenor

Edge: Oh here we go – Light effects, play it up to the crowd AJ.. play it up. Soak it in. 2 weeks. 2 weeks until it all comes crumbling down around you… I don’t know whether to feel sick to my stomach about watching this, or delightful and giddy because I know this is one of the last times you’ll all see this..

Phillips: Either way I'm ready to throw up. This man claims to have built Revolt – its Revolting is what it is. Edge, may I just say, you have done more for Revolt in just a few short weeks than AJ Styles has in his entire career – and for that, Mauro and I Thank you!

Mauro: Well I wouldn’t go that far..

Edge: I know I know. And I think you both for that! I promise to make this show a little less revolting after I rid it of this AJ character…

The Rated R Superstar Scouts his Rival
AJ Styles vs Jinder Mahal w/ Edge

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:




The bell rings as AJ Styles is victorious once again, this time against The Modern Day Maharaja Jinder Mahal. However, the celebration is cut short almost immediately as upon the bell ringing, The Rated R Superstar took off his headset and slide into the ring to attack The Phenomenal One from behind!

AJ drops to the mat from the stiff forearm shot to the back of his head before feeling copious amounts of stomps all over his body as the audience boos loudly. Many moments of this assault pass by until Jinder Mahal gathers his wits and jumps in! The crowd's boos grow even louder as the two heels gain even more heat. Things are looking grim for The Phenomenal One until...

"The Flight of the Valkyries" blares through the arena as the new Revolt signee runs down the ramp like he was shot out of a cannon!


What is this Goat-faced idiot doing out here!? He needs to mind his own business!

Oh, like Jinder Mahal and Edge are?

Shut up Bryon!

Daniel Bryan slides into the ring as Mahal takes his attention off Styles. Mahal attempts a patented Running Knee Strike but Bryan sidesteps it while grabbing Mahal's arm and using his momentum to drag him down to the mat for a YES LOCK! Mahal is yelling in pain until Edge finally notices and leaves Styles to deal with Bryan.

The Rated R Superstar hits a sliding clothesline to the back of Bryan's head forcing the release of the Yes Lock. Edge now starts to stomp on the dazed Bryan for many moments until the crowd pops as Styles is seen flying in camera shot to deliver a jumping Clothesline!

Edge falls to the mat and rolls outside the ring as Mahal, now upright, sneaks behind Styles to lock him in place for a Colasse! But just as Mahal is about to deliver it he feels a sharp pain in his lower back from a stiff leg strike from Bryan forcing him to release the hold and fall to a knee. Bryan now gets in position to deliver his patented Yes Kicks as the crowd chants "YES!" with each strike. 1-2-3-4... Bryan takes a step back to deliver the final buzzsaw kick but right before he can Edge grabs Mahal's foot and drags him out of the ring to safety...

Edge & Mahal back up the ramp cursing at Daniel Bryan for helping out AJ Styles, while the crowd cheers on the two babyfaces of Revolt. Styles gives Bryan a dap for the assist before beckoning for a microphone from ringside staff...

EDGE! JINDER! Since you two cowards seem to enjoy "working" together so much, how bout next week you two take on Daniel Bryan and me in a tag match!

Edge and Jinder accept the challenge in their retreat before Bryan's theme hits as the two babyfaces continue to stare down their adversaries ending the segment.

IC Contenders Face Off
Stone Cold vs Chris Jericho w/ Brock Lesnar

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

The bell tolls throughout the arena to signal the end of this brief match. Fans look on mildly shocked to see Austin went down to only one Codebreaker. Jericho looks stunned and then gets up and begins to celebrate knowing he just thwarted Austin from the triple threat at Grandstand, which will now evidently be a one on one between him and the Beast. Jericho's music begins to play as the commentators pitch in accordingly...

MAMMA MIA! Austin is out of the 3 way at Grandstand, but that match was not at all fair Lesnar was clearly being a nuisance distracting the Rattlesnake from ringside. Its clear the Beast got in the head of Austin tonight just from his mere presence at ringside.

Oh Austin is just too much of an idiot that he forced himself to be distracted by Lesnar and in turn blew his chance to go to the grandest stage of them all.

Austin rolls out to the floor looking exhausted while Lesnar gets into the ring. The music gradually dies down as Lesnar comes face to face with Jericho who's face of elation evaporates.

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT Jericho-1472110917-800

The Beast now with a sly grin depicted across his features glares at Jericho for a momentary second until suddenly Jericho lunges at Lesnar with a rapid code breaker that floors the beast for a few seconds. Lesnar quickly leaps back up to his feet no selling the move until he is met with another vicious code breaker. Jericho looks at the downed beast with a fresh smirk equipped.

April 12th, 2018 REVOLT 4921359_orig

Jericho raises his arm and panders to the crowd for about five seconds and then he turns around and walks straight into a somehow recovered beast who delivers a speedy but impactful F5. Stone cold who is also recovered now looks on from outside the squared circle. A seething Stone Cold charges into the ring but Lesnar surprisingly exits the ring before the two can clash. Austin looks on in disgust as the fans generate a heavy amount of boos directed at Lesnar for backing down from a fight with Austin. The show closes out.

Thursday Night Revolt.
PWG Inc. 2018 ©
Team Revolt Productions.
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April 12th, 2018 REVOLT
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