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 April 5th, 2018 REVOLT

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April 5th, 2018 REVOLT Empty
PostSubject: April 5th, 2018 REVOLT   April 5th, 2018 REVOLT Icon_minitime8/2/2018, 1:19 am

[big][big][big]Thursday Night REVOLT
April 5th, 2018
Knoxville Tennessee
Reyland Stadium

April 5th, 2018 REVOLT 1230

[big][big]Legends in the Making! [/big][/big]

(The PWG Revolt graphics finish rolling..the camera pans the sold out Knoxville stadium crowd. The fans are wound up and ready for this show tonight.)

Mauro: Welcome everyone to the sold out and chilly Reyland Stadium here in Knoxville for PWG’s Thursday Night Revolt! I am Mauro Ranallo and with me, as always, are Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton!

Tom: Thank you Mauro! Its great to be back here in Tenn---

[big]****YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME….****[/big]

Mauro: Oh no…

(Alters Bridge ‘Metalingus’ blares throughout the sold-out stadium. The crowd erupts in a very loud chorus of boos for the Rated R Superstar. There is no smoke on the ramp, no pyro to speak of. Edge and Beth Phoenix slowly appear from the curtain holding hands. One sight of this new power couple and the fans grow louder, with more and more of them joining in on the boo parade. Edge is wearing a black Rated R shirt with his wrestling tights and boots. He is carrying a chair in his free hand. Beth is wearing a Rated R shirt as well, with black pants and her wrestling boots. Edge and Beth stand in the middle of the stage. Beth is looking around at the crowd smiling. Edge closes his eyes and tilts his head upwards as he slowly raises the chair into the air. A smile crosses his face……they continue to the ring. Edge grabs a mic and paces back and forth in the ring – soaking in the boos. Beth watches her man with admiration in her eyes…)

April 5th, 2018 REVOLT Wwe_2k14__edge_render_cutout_by_thexrealxbanks-d6mgsqaApril 5th, 2018 REVOLT 2bfw

Edge: Welcome Everyone to Thursday Night Revolt! The House That………..Edge TORE DOWN!

(Fans boos grow louder, drowning out Edge. Edge pauses and looks around.)

Edge: Ladies and gentleman – It has come to my attention that there are a few of you here tonight – nay, I say a couple of you here tonight – that seem to really not like me and my wife here not one bit…

(Fans boos grow loud again, Edge has to pause again….)

Edge: Well that’s just too damn bad because we just got here, the party just started, and the career’s put up against us just started being ended! 2 weeks ago. AJ STYLES. Where is he? WHERE IS YOUR HERO? Oh that’s right – He’s still in some hick Georgia hospital fighting for his life. We really do feel bad about his wife though – but I’m sure she’s right there by his side. In another bed of course...

(Edge and Beth laugh. They stare into each other's eyes and turn serious. They share a lingering kiss – then Edge turns back to the camera...)

Edge: So here we are. Another Thursday Revolt – But this week – Triple H got scared. He saw that I was ruining his roster. I was depleting his talent pool. AJ Styles – SHELVED! Mick Foley – DudeKindJack – SHELVED! Hell – Mick Foley may not have left the burn unit yet – and dammit that’s just fine with me. Mick should have stayed home last week – he should have hung out with his kids – kept producing Holy Foley Moley Joley – or whatever the hell his reality show is called – and just collected a paycheck. I guess that brain of his really is damaged. Mick – call it a career Dude, for all of Mankind!
Now my wife here, the strongest woman to ever step foot into this ring, has a match this week – versus Naomi. What a joke…

(Beth smiles and takes the mic from her husband…)

Beth: Naomi. I’ve heard you like to talk a lot – but I don’t think I’ve heard from you on this match here tonight. I do hope you show up though dear…because I’ve been waiting a long time to get back in this ring and hurt someone. So tonight miss Naomi – I’ll bring the muscle…you bring the fake hair and horrendous dancing…and I’ll make sure that you leave the ring looking absolutely…Glamourous….
And to AJ Styles – Say hello to your wife for me won’t you?...

(Crowd boos once more. Suddenly an “A-J-STYLES” chant breaks out…for the second week in a row, Edge loses it, grabs the mic back and starts pacing.)

Edge:  No! NO NO NO! NO! AJ STYLES IS NOT HERE! DO YOU PEOPLE EVEN LISTEN? Let me spell it out for you….. AJ STYLES IS IN THE… H…..O…..S…..P…..I…..T…..

Edge is cut off by the titantron flashing to a video package which displays the Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

April 5th, 2018 REVOLT Emory-hospital-bs*1200xx4256-2394-0-219

The scene fades from outside the hospital to inside one of its hallways. A doctor is seen holding a patients door open, saying a last few words before he leaves.

Well, we finally feel comfortable enough with your health that you're discharged. BUT you're far from recovered. Take it easy next few weeks eh? Doctor's orders.

The doctor smiles and closes the door behind him before walking down the hall away from the camera. Moments later the same door swings open and out walks The Phenomenal One to a huge roar from the Revolt crowd watching in the arena. Edge becomes irate as "A-J-Styles!" chants perforate his ears once again. AJ turns toward the PWG Cameraman with a laser-like focus we've never seen before.

April 5th, 2018 REVOLT WHlZJ37

EDGE...Eighteen days ago... Broken Promises... You broke the line of Sports Entertainment... It's not about Fury vs Revolt... It's not about the house I've built... It's not even about "AJ Styles"... IT'S about Avery, Albey, Ajay, and Anny - my kids - sitting front row not knowing if they'd see their father again... IT'S about my wife being assaulted after watching her husband's head smashed between two chairs... April 29th... GRANDSTAND... IT'S... PERSONAL!

Another loud pop is heard during AJ's brief pause.

Cause you're NOT getting a technical in-ring classic. You're NOT getting The Phenomenal One at GrandStand. You're getting ALLEN *beep* JONES! And I'm going to make you regret ever involving my family, Adam Copeland...

Edge, with a twisted smile, nods his head in acceptance for the match at GrandStand, and the opportunity to put the final nail in the coffin of AJ's career. He heard it himself, after all, that AJ isn't cleared to compete for many more weeks. AJ leans in closer to the camera to say one last thing.

By the way... this shot isn't LIVE!

The building energy of the crowd reaches a climax as they witness AJ Styles emerge from the crowd and slide into the ring just in time for Edge to turn around and be tackled to the ground! AJ unleashes a flurry of stiff-rights upon Edge that have been built up for nearly a month as the Revolt crowd is in a frenzy. Beth Phoenix, still stunned by AJ's appearance, finally takes action and slaps AJ across his face! The crowd says "ohhhh" in response as AJ unmounts Edge to focus on the woman who assaulted his beloved wife.

The Glamazon talks some smack not picked up by the camera before suddenly rushing AJ for a Clothesline! However, AJ side steps Beth and uses her momentum against her to send her crashing out of the ring. Edge takes advantage of the distraction and spins AJ around before landing a gut kick to hit an Edgecution! However, on the first mini-hop before lift AJ counters into a Back Drop! Edge pops up to a kneeling position with one hand on his lower back and winces in pain before AJ Styles sets him up for position for the Styles Clash!

AJ extends his arms out to either side signaling for his Finisher but just as he's about to hoist Edge up Beth grabs her husband's feet and drags him out of the ring, saving him from a well-deserved punishment. Edge and Beth frantically back up the ramp, still in shock at AJ's return, as Edge holds the back of his head from the assault. AJ's theme song hits as The Phenomenal One stares down the Rated R Couple from inside the ring as chants of "A-J-Styles!" fill the arena.

April 5th, 2018 REVOLT AJ-Styles-WWE-728x410April 5th, 2018 REVOLT 3249bb1fee62ee4756ba698e42397158


The Modern Day Maharajah takes on The Leader of the Balor Club.
Jinder Mahal vs Finn Balor

Match Result wrote:

winner via SIM:

Daniel Bryan Music Hits.


Crowd chants "YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!"

April 5th, 2018 REVOLT Yes_crop_north

Daniel Bryan comes from backstage chanting YES!

April 5th, 2018 REVOLT 5aeffe61d4004278a370ad7930de3740

Daniel Bryan Walks to the ring Chanting Yes! Daniel Bryan finally gets in the ring.

April 5th, 2018 REVOLT Raw-dan

Daniel Bryan: I bet you're wondering why I am here on Revolt. How I even got from backstage to this ring without being jumped or attack. Well, let me break this down for you. Did Daniel Bryan really park his car in the Revolt Parking lot? Yes! Did Daniel Bryan really walk backstage? Yes! Did Daniel Bryan really walk from backstage to this ring? Yes! Did you just hear Daniel Bryan Music hit in the Revolt arena? Yes! So... Is Daniel Bryan on Revolt?? YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!

Daniel Bryan stands on the turnbuckle chanting Yes!

April 5th, 2018 REVOLT Daniel-bryan-e1455125916629

Daniel Bryan: Well that was tiring. Last time anyone saw me I lost to Shinsuke Nakamura. After that match I was hit with reality. That I was being disrespected by being put against Shinsuke. Someone not really on my level. Sorry Shinsuke. Revolt management has been very very welcoming to me on this brand. I would like to thank them for signing me. So...what is next for Daniel Bryan? Well...I don't know. I don't whats next for me on this brand. I guess we will have to see. But I ensure you...that this brand will be screaming 1 word. YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!

Music Hits. Daniel Bryan Leaves the ring Chanting "Yes!"

Will the Viper be next on the list?
Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

Maura Ranallo: Is she back!?!?..... YES! SHE IS!!!! Brie Bella is back on Thursday Night Revolt!

(Crowd Chanting YES! YES! YES!)

April 5th, 2018 REVOLT DIN39o3l

Brie Bella: Thank you, thank you! ...I am so happy to officially announce, after my leave of absence, that BRIE MODE IS IN FULL EFFECT!!! What does that mean you ask? Baby I am back! Lets go down memory lane. I beat Trish Stratus to be given the opportunity to go to Round 2 and win the Triple Threat. But things didn't go my way and I lost. I took a break to reflect and think about what had happened, and I simply wasn't ready. Yes, I wasn't ready. I underestimated my opponents and walk in with no plan, no nothing. Now I walk in this ring completely ready... ready to kick someone's head off, ready to smash someone's face in the mat.....ready to rip SOMEONE'S ARM OFF with the Yes Lock! This is a statement for the entire women division back stage (Brie pauses for a few moments) I am not the Brie that walked in 3 months ago. I am the Brie that will kick you in the face, smash your head in the ring, and put you in the Yes Lock for you to simply SCREAM 1 word when the referee asks if you want to tap... YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!


April 5th, 2018 REVOLT TP_NutnY_400x400

The Dark Glow vs The Phoenix
Naomi vs Beth Phoenix

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

*Revolt rolls on with the camera fading into a shot of Renee Young*

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time: The World Heavyweight Champion, Samoa Joe.

April 5th, 2018 REVOLT Maxresdefault

*Joe walks into the frame in his usual smug way, taping up his wrist but with a slight chip on his shoulder. The words out of his mouth cut through Renee like a hot knife through butter.*

My time is valuable Mrs. Ambrose, so hurry up so I can get back to prepping for my match. Then you can go back to your abusive relationship with the mister.

*Renee appears taken aback by the the harsh words. She takes a moment to compose herself and then shoots back with a sly question.*

Well, how did it feel to get beaten by the "Little Boy" champion, as you so eloquently called him, Brock Lesnar?

*Joe finally looks up from taping up his wrist at the slight smirk on Renee's face. In a moment Joe goes from pissed to impressed, then proceeds to answer*

April 5th, 2018 REVOLT Hqdefault

Simple. At Broken Promises I defeated not one but two individuals: Finn Balor and Roman Reigns. Some people would call them some of the best workers on this brand. *Joe lets out a audible chuckle* I wouldn't, but I digress. Who did Lesnar fight?

*Renee goes to answer the question but is quickly cut off by Joe*


Jinder Mahal... A man I defeated in the Genesis 1:1 tournament. Tell me, Mrs. Ambrose, who couldn't Lesnar beat in that very same tournament?

*Renee again goes to answer but gets cut off once more*


Roman Reigns, the man I PINNED at Broken Promises. Back to your question, though... Lesnar got lucky. He caught me on my back foot after recovering from a fierce triple threat while he "defended" his belt in a regulation one-on-one against a man that I have already dealt with. He's no better than HIS world champion. Now are we finished?

*Renee, pissed off with how the interview is going, shoots out the next question to get this interaction over with*

You'll be teaming up with Edge tonight against AJ Styles and the aforementioned Brock Lesnar. Finally, what are your thoughts on tonight's main event?

April 5th, 2018 REVOLT Maxresdefault

As long as Edge stays out of my damn way he will earn an easy victory being carried on my shoulders. I told you, Brock Lesnar is nothing to me... As for Styles, I haven't had the displeasure of being in the same ring as him yet. That changes tonight... If I have words for him it will be to keep this between me and Lesnar and stay out of my ring... the champs ring.

*Joe looks at his title belt and gives a smug smile as he is interrupted by...*

(The camera pans out slightly. Edge steps into frame on the other side of Renee. Edge has a smile on his face. Renee turns toward Edge…)

April 5th, 2018 REVOLT Hqdefault

Edge: Hey there Champ! I think I must have missed some of what you were saying. It sounded like you were trying to warn me to stay out of your way?

(Edge turns serious…)

Edge: I get that you think that shiny belt you wear makes you some privileged person around here – but I’m not here to be your friend. I’m not here to be on your side. Tonight – I’m not even here to take your title. Tonight – it’s not about you and Lesnar. It's about ME getting my hands on that southern bastard AJ STYLES for what he did to me earlier tonight. Were you even watching Joe? Do you even have TV in Samoa? Whatever – I don’t care. The point is tonight – I’m going to get my hands on AJ STYLES, and you are going to stay the hell out of my way – or next time we meet, I’ll be coming to take that shiny prize off your hands.
See ya later… Chump...

(Edge walks off in one direction. Joe watches pissed off – then turns and walks the other direction. Renee just stares into the camera....)

(As Revolt rolls on we are taken back to the Riot Squad locker room)

(Charlotte is stretching Ruby can be seen mean mugging as she is about to speak)

April 5th, 2018 REVOLT 28427332_1614777011963400_8383750340448616448_n

April 5th, 2018 REVOLT Cpxv8JPUIAAcSVt

Ruby: Do you think we can trust little miss Blissy tonight in our tag match Charlotte?

(Charlotte stands up and looks at Ruby)

Charlotte: Rubes we knocked some sense into that little blonde bimbo she actually thinks we were friends  (Charlotte Laughs) She is literally eating out of the palm of our hands. And tonight if you feel some type of way we'll just jump off the apron and leave its no big deal.

Ruby: I understand but she creeps me out and you know that's not a very easy thing to do Charlotte but yeah that sounds like a plan though (As there's a knock at the door as Ruby says come in as Lexi walks in)

Charlotte: Hey Lexi

(Charlotte hugs Lexi)

Charlotte: You ready for our match tonight?

April 5th, 2018 REVOLT 171d2cd7dfa2119362dc401f9f1149c4

Lexi Bliss: I'm ready as i'll ever be Queen b (as she nudges Charlotte) So hows it hangin Ruby Red?

(Ruby gives a head nod towards Lexi)

Lexi Bliss: Whats with the long face Red? We get to smash some skulls tonight don't you enjoy that?

Ruby: Yeah I do enjoy smashing heads Lexi and I get to give Nikki Bella a taste of her future when  I Riot kick her plastic head off her stupid body tonight and at Grand Stand I get to take what is rightfully MINE the Women's championship. (Lexi laughs)

Lexi: HAHA this is why I love you red(As Lexi wraps her arms around Ruby and Charlotte as Charlotte leans down a little to accommodate for Bliss) You see this is why our gang is the best is town and when you win the women's title at the grand whatever will be on top of the world. But what about this bounty on Triple H?

Charlotte: First let's worry about the match then we can talk about the bounty later.

(The last shot before the camera fades to black is Ruby looking at Lexi confused, Lexi having a sick twisted smile, and Charlotte looking at Ruby concerned)

Six Woman Tag! (3 Entries Only)
Nikki Bella, Carmella & Mickie James vs Ruby Riot, Charlotte & Lexi Bliss

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

(The bell rings and the Riot Squad are announced as the winners)


Phillips:Since Ruby has joined forces with Charlotte someone may correct me if i'm wrong but the Riot Squad hasn't lost a match.

Saxton:I think I saw one of Mickie's teeth fly out guys.

(As Nikki Bella makes her way over to the time keepers area and snatches her Women's championship and makes her way up the ramp as Ruby Riot taunts her and says Tick Tick Barbie ALMOST TIME TILL I GET WHATS MINE)

Ranallo:And Ruby Riot eluding to her clash with Nikki Bella for the women's championship at Grand Stand where she looks to claim something she claims she deserves.

(As in the ring the Riot squad raises each others hands as Ruby gives a look of approval to Bliss who is just maniacally laughing as Charlotte is displaying arrogance and confidence with a huge smirk)

(As this is the last shot before Revolt takes a quick commerical break)

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April 5th, 2018 REVOLT Empty
PostSubject: Re: April 5th, 2018 REVOLT   April 5th, 2018 REVOLT Icon_minitime8/2/2018, 1:20 am

The camera pans backstage, as Tyler Breeze can be seen while Fandango walks into frame with a clipboard in hand, a UNLV tracksuit, a determined look on his face with a whistle under his neck, and a green betting visor with a golf pencil above his ear...

April 5th, 2018 REVOLT Latest?cb=20160714144338

Fandango : Breezy?! Have you finished your March Madness Bracket?!

Breeze looks up slowly confused.

Breeze : Yea Dangler.. A month ago. Villanova kinda won... Wait it’s April-

Fandango blows his whistle as Breeze holds his ears and attempts to compose himself as Fandango cuts in.

Fandango : Breezy! Not only are we in spring but there’s also a tournament! Between you and me I hate these kinds of things because, I always bust early!!!

Tyler gives a confused look as Fandango looks almost unfazed he continues.

Fandango : What?!

Breeze : I didn’t say anything...

Fandango : Anyway look I’ve bet everything I have on Breezeango, so no pressure, but if we win Breezy I’m kind of going to be homeless...

Breeze : Bet? Wait you put it on the Authors of Pain...

Fandango : Whaaaaat?! Umm Ok Breezy look I don’t want to be that guy but we need to lose tonight...

Breeze looks confused as he drops his jaw.

Breeze : Dangler I’m not throwing a chance at the tag team Title-

Fandango attempts to speak his case but everytime he goes to speak Breeze cuts him off with simple word “AH”.

Fandango : Fine... Have it your way it’s not like you lose anything... But if I get pinned don’t be mad at me...

Breeze goes to speaks but almost appears to lose any drive to speak as Fandango continues.

Fandango : Trust de process Breezy... Trust de process...

Breeze : What does that even mean?

Fandango : Picture this Breezy it’s the bottom of the third half, two strikes and their lined up on one knee during the national anthem.... With millions of busted brackets all over their face.... I mean place, that’s what I meant. And it’s up to us to throw the homer run, double double while avoiding as the kids say hat trick... And then and only then we can claim the Road to the Super Stanley Cup Series Cup Grand Prix....

Fandango seems proud of himself as Breeze takes a deep sigh and almost seems to shred any sort of comedy.

April 5th, 2018 REVOLT 2w32qgp

Breeze : Listen Fandango, we are three wins away from being the first ever PWG Tag team champions all we have to do is beat the Authors of Pain; we’ve done that... Get to next week prove to the world that the Usos beating us was a fluke... And then tackle whatever Fury thinks they can throw at us... And then the two of us Brothers in Arms will be in the first ever Tag Title Match at GRAAAAND STAND! Fandango all joking aside I know we have this are you with me?!

Fandango nods slowly and almost shares the exact look of Tyler as you hear in a normal voice.

Fandango : You know what Tyler we got this.... Let’s go make history!!!

Tyler nods his head as he almost jumps out of frame pumped but before Dangler can follow. He slowly looks back at his clip board and the red circle around the Authors Of Pain can be seen...

Fandango : That was such a good speech but damn it we need to lose, my entire life savings and more are on this.... My pets my, loved ones and especially Derrick Batemaaau
You know what I mean everything screw it we’re losing!

April 5th, 2018 REVOLT Hqdefault

Breeze calls to Fandango.

Breeze : What was that?

Fandango : I’m just on my waaaay to totally win...

Fandango walks out of frame as the scene fades out.

Round One of Tag Team Tounrament
A.O.P. vs Breezango

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

*After another exciting match on Revolt the titantron lights up to show the GM headed towards his office backstage. As he reaches the door he is met with the sound of crumbling aluminum followed by a quick hiss and crack as he opens the door with a puzzled look on his face. When he enters the camera is on his back for a brief moment before coming over Triple H's shoulder, who is stopped in the doorway, to reveal Stone Cold sitting behind Trip's desk with an open 12 pack sat beside Austins crossed feet on top of the GMs desk. Austin who doesn't seem phased by Triple H's entrance is leaned back in the desk chair with a beer in one hand and a lit cigar in the other, the cigar from a wooden box on a shelf behind the desk still open from Austin retrieving a smoke.*

Austin: I gotta tell you, Hunter, to be such a successful man, these cigars taste like horse shit.

*Austin throws the cigar on the floor as he removes his feet from the desk and smashes it into the carpet as he gets up from the GMs chair. Triple H doesn't seem pleased with Austin's actions but keeps his composure to hear what Austin is here to say.*

Austin: I couldn't help but make myself at home when I came by earlier and your office was empty, but now that you're here maybe this is a good time to have a conversation. At Broken Promises, I secured my spot as THE number 1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship, yet last week there was a singles match to decide another contender for the IC belt. Not only was there another contenders match but it was a contender match that featured who? A golden freakshow and a cocky jackass? But, ya know what fine we have another contender I don't have a problem with more ass to stomp but giving a title shots to these nobodies? I haven't been on your show that long but Stone Cold puts asses in seats and in doing so motivates the locker room to rise to my level. Do I think there's a sumbitch tougher than The Texas Rattlesnake... AH AH! ...there ain't a single pansy on either show that holds a candle to Stone Cold's badassery. Business picked up when I came around and that's a fact, so why is Jericho now a contender when he barely shows up to lace his boots?

*Austin grabs another beer with an angry yet confused look on his face.*

April 5th, 2018 REVOLT Skysports-triple-h-wwe_3981967-1605

Triple H looks around for a second to see if anyone's behind him. Stone Cold looks puzzled as Triple H almost looks delusional, looking around, but no one is near him but Stone Cold in front of him. After a while of doing this Triple nods his head and looks at Stone Cold with an expression on his face as if to say "Ok."

Triple H - Who the fuck do you think you're talking to like that? No seriously like who? Did I not remind you that this isn't fantasy land where you're over and you think you can do whatever the fuck you want on my show? You think you can come here and sit on my chair with your dirty ass sneakers on my desk? Do I have to remind you that over here on this show you aren't anything but an old geezer? An old geezer who I felt sorry enough for to give a second chance at wrestling too. You want to run around and act like you're a hotshot? Truth be told I don't think you're ready for the big leagues. You see in whatever promotion you might of came from you might of been looked at as a god, but here? You're standing in Olympus boy, which means there's nothing special about you other than your disrespectful attitude which won't go unpunished. Revolt doesn't need you, you need Revolt. You see, I have big draws already like Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns, AJ Styles, Brock Lesnar and Edge. Do you really think I need you on my show? You want to come out here and disrespect my decision making? Well news flash Steve had I not given you the same fresh free opportunity I gave Chris Jericho you wouldn't even be number one contender for that COVETED intercontinental championship in the first place. Revolt is the land of opportunity and you're going to learn the easy way or the hard way that you DO NOT BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU. Security get this piece of shit out of my office.

Immediately what seems like a plethora of security guards looking like Mr. Smith's of sorts come through to the scene in an attempt to detain Stone Cold. Steve doesn't let off without a fight attacking some of the security guards until he's eventually held down. Triple H gets in a few last words before Steve gets removed from the scene.

Triple H - You listen and you listen good to me Steve. You're going to go home and you're going to think about what you've done today. Because i'm not Vince McMahon and you're not going to make me look like a clown on my show. This is a warning. The next time, there will be SERIOUS consequences. Now get out of my face you texan pig.

With those last words Stone Cold Steve Austin extends his neck and spits in Triple H's face! Triple H boils in anger as he turns back to Austin and meets him back with a vicious right hook sending Austin crashing to his knees. Triple H raises his hand ready to attack Austin again but holds himself back and adjusts his suit while calming himself down.


Security drags Austin out of the room. Austin seems to be chuckling to himself as he knows he was able to get under Triple H's skin. The camera focuses on a Triple H alone in his office, wiping his face in disgust. Triple lets out a scream in anger as he throws a chair towards his wall. The cameras proceed to turn to the next segment.

When it Reigns it Pours. Is it enough to put out a Flair?
Roman Reigns vs Ric Flair

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

Despite having won his match, a solemn expression remains depicted upon his countenance. His music is abruptly cut off when officers saunter down the stage. They enter the ring, cuff Roman once more, and leave backstage.  

Michael Cole: I guess Roman isn't being left off the hook.

Corey Graves: Must have some sort of deal with Triple H that allows him to wrestle while being investigated. I'm sure we'll find out more next week.

As we return from a small commercial break we are pervaded with the voice of veteran commentator Mauro Ranallo.

April 5th, 2018 REVOLT Mauro-ranallo

Ladies and gentlemen we would now like to show you a backstage promo that was recorded earlier today by Paul Heyman and the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar.

April 5th, 2018 REVOLT Maxresdefault

Displayed on the screen is none other than Paul Heyman and his client. Heyman with a look of disdain plastered across his mug while Lesnar just glares into the camera. Heyman now opens his mouth and begins to speak

Now lets start of this backstage talk or whatever the hell this is by addressing a number of things that happened last week. Lets do lighten up the mood and do it like this, previously on Revolt...  My client the Beast absolutely forced the beating into the World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar when he beat his obese ass with little effort. Joe can run his mouth all he wants but when it comes to this ring he can swing his fists and scream and shout obscenities all he wants but the result will never differ. The facts will never change and that is when a Professional MMA fighter faces a out of shape entertainer you know the result loud and clear. Samoa Joe if I were you i'd be finding any possible way to keep your pathetic grasp on that championship because your days are evidently numbered, whether it be my client or whoever your facing at GrandStand. Oh we also had that drunk jackass Steve come out last week and spew out nonsense. Now enough reflecting on the past I would like to focus on the proceeding future and it appears there will be a triple threat match at GrandStand for Brock Lesnars Intercontinental belt. The management team thought a one on one between my client and Steve just wasn't enough for their grandest stage of them all, so what you  dodgy fans are gonna get is a 3 way with the inclusion of Chris Jericho. Oh isn't that great now heres what your gonna see....    

Just as Heyman was going to continue speaking Lesnar shockingly cuts him off and opens his mouth for once. He gets real close to the camera and then begins to depict the events of what will happen at the grandest stage of them all.

April 5th, 2018 REVOLT 18be730cf8d7a3fba336606bf379ca18

What your gonna see at whatever the fuck its called is utter destruction, your going to see me pummel and beat the holy shit out of those two poor souls because I am Brock Lesnar and I don't give a fuck. When my bare fists are penetrated into the skulls of Jericho and Austin and the blood starts to pour out their going to realize that they never stood a chance. If their lucky enough to be conscious then they'll see me standing over them with a fresh fucking smirk equipped over my face and their won't be a damn thing either of them can do it about it and thats just how it is.

After the disturbing scene Lesnar just painted with his choice of words he stands up and saunters off leaving Heyman there by himself. Heyman with a look of astonishment slowly starts to get up and leave. The video ends and fades to black as we go to commercial break.

When Ego's Collide
Samoa Joe & Edge vs Brock Lesnar & AJ Styles

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In the final moments of the Main Event it is The Phenomenal One AJ Styles in a battle against World Heavyweight Champion Samoa Joe. The Samoan Submission Machine lands a succession of fast jabs on Styles before hooking his arm in preparation for a Uranage! As AJ is lifted, he is able to slip out of Joe's hold and uses his downward momentum to latch onto Joe's leg and rolls through for his patented Calf Crusher hold! AJ has the submission locked in deep and Joe is in tremendous pain, but the World Heavyweight Champion powers his way to the ropes by his team's corner in order to force the break.

But the damage has been done to Joe's leg as he is clearly favoring it and not able to put any weight on it. Styles makes his way out of the ring to the opposite apron aiming to land a Phenomenal Forearm as Joe is using the ropes to pull himself up. Meanwhile, Edge is yelling at Joe for the hot tag with his hand outstretched since he see's the Phenomenal Forearm coming. Samoa Joe, however, refuses to tag in the Rated R Superstar and waves him off before turning around and hit flush with a Phenomenal Forearm!





AJ Styles isn't in a celebratory mood, however, and goes straight after Edge once again but the Rated R Superstar is too quick and is already in retreat up the ramp. AJ leans on the ropes while pointing at Edge to get back in the ring so he can "get some more." Meanwhile, Lesnar is holding his IC Championship at ringside while looking at the downed WHC Samoa Joe. The final shots of Revolt is the camera switching back and forth between Edge-Styles and Lesnar-Joe as Mauro Ranallo signs off.


*After another successful night on Revolt the titantron lights up one more time to reveal Triple H walking to his black limo shaking hands with random show hands and scattered superstars on his way. The camera follows him all the way to the limo door, where he is seen giving a thumbs up to the camera to play to the crowd before ducking inside where the camera zooms out to get a full view of the boss' exit.*

April 5th, 2018 REVOLT L-black-limo-night

*Instead of the limo pulling off it begins to rock violently back and forth. Suddenly the rear door window shatters to reveal a bloodied Triple H. The door swings open and the camera zooms in on the GM, who slumps over in the leather seats with his upper torso hanging from the door trying to crawl to freedom from an unknown attacker. The sound of an unseen door slamming is heard and the camera quickly zooms out to reveal Stone Cold coming around the rear of the vehicle. He takes hold of the metal door and slams it into Triple H's back, smashing him between it and the frame with a sickening thud. Triple H rolls out of the limo onto the pavement. Austin hears the yells of officials and security coming to the aid of the Revolt GM and makes his way offscreen as the camera pans to the crowd rushing to the side of the limo. Tires are heard squalling as a black F250 with chrome smoking skulls on the front fenders is seen peeling out into the busy streets leaving a cloud of smoke as it disappears amongst the traffic outside the coliseum.*

Thursday Night Revolt.
PWG Inc. 2018 ©
Team Revolt Productions.
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April 5th, 2018 REVOLT
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