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 March 1st, 2018 REVOLT

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March 1st, 2018 REVOLT Empty
PostSubject: March 1st, 2018 REVOLT   March 1st, 2018 REVOLT Icon_minitime8/2/2018, 1:06 am

[big][big][big]Thursday Night REVOLT
MARCH 1, 2018

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT Thunderopening

[big][big]Who is The "Face" of Revolt!?![/big][/big]

Thursday Night Revolt kicks off with Revolt GM Triple H standing in his office with none other than the Boss of Pro Wrestling Genesis, Vince McMahon.

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT Triple-h

I'm not playing favorites here. After all, I want both FURY and REVOLT to succeed. But I was a bit disappointed Mickie James was unable to bring the PWG Womens Championship to the blue brand... BUT you and Stephanie rebounded nicely creating the Womens World Championship exclusively for the Women of Revolt. That type of thinking is exactly why I chose you both for the job. Not because we're family. But because you can get the job done. You'd be wise to remember that in case you can't in the future...

Vince waits a few moments before easing the slight tension caused by his last remark by patting Hunter on the shoulder.

HA-HAAA but I doubt that will happen judging from the last two months of action! Ratings for Revolt, and Fury, have been off the charts. Lots of talent stepping up ON the microphone and INSIDE the ring! This is exactly what I envisioned when I selected you and JBL as my inaugural GMs!

But now I have another great vision! Inspired by the bout of Fury's Sasha Banks and Revolt's Mickie James! The feeling was electric in Staples Center that night. Which superstar would win for their brand's dominance? And then it hit me! We can capture that same electric feeling at every Pay Per View!

So, for every PPV going forward; JBL is going to choose a Superstar to represent FURY while you choose a Superstar to represent REVOLT. And these Superstars are going to fight for their brand's honor and for bragging rights! I'll be keeping score, Hunter, and at the end of the season it may just be the factor I use to determine the season's winner... so choose wisely.

A big grin comes across Triple H's face as he responds.

[big]TRIPLE H[/big]
Oh, I think I have just the right two men for the job... They will compete against each other to determine who has the privilege of fighting for REVOLT at Broken Promises. It will be a battle between two Superstars who've led the same group, yet, have never crossed paths, until now. It will be 'The Demon King' Finn Balor... versus 'The Phenomenal One' AJ Styles!!!

A huge pop erupts from the arena as chants of "BULLET CLUB! BULLET CLUB! BULLET CLUB!" break out in excitement of a "dream match" taking place on weekly television. Vince grins back at Hunter and shakes his hand in agreement of a great match before the camera cuts back to the arena for the next segment.

We return from Commercial break.. The camera is in the backstage area. It is pointed at a wall..but slowly starts to pan around until it is fully zoomed in on the head of a smiling Edge! Edge has arrived in the PWG! The crowd inside the arena can be heard hitting their feet and cheering in anticipation of the arrival of the Rated R Superstar! Edge walks out of frame past the camera……

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT Edge

Seconds pass but for those in attendance, it feels like ages….then…..


Alters Bridge ‘Metalingus’ blares throughout the sold out arena. The crowd grows louder with anticipation as Edge steps out onto the stage through a mixture of fog and smoke. Edge runs to one side of the stage and riles up the crowd…then to the other side and riles up the other half of the arena. Edge is wearing his red, grey and white camo tights, a grey rated R Superstar shirt, and his grey beanie cap. Edge goes through all of his entrance poses timed with his pyro…then motions for a microphone from ringside. His music fades, the cheers remain, Edge looks around taking in all of the emotion of the crowd….

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT 1368452_o

Edge: Well damn…Did ya miss me?

Crowd goes crazy and starts chanting “WELCOME BACK…WELCOME BACK…WELCOME BACK..”

Edge: Thank you..Thank you…..It feels good to be back between the ropes once again. (Edge pauses as the crowd starts to quiet down…) Thanks to the wonders of modern medicine and technology – they finally found a way to repair my broken neck and get me back out here in front of all of you for another run. Its been far too long…but it feels SO … DAMN…GOOD! To top it off, to make my return against my fellow Canadian brother Chris Jericho – what a high profile come back this is going to turn out to be.

Edge pauses for a few seconds…There is a moment where Edge’s smiles turn straight and serious…

Edge: Jericho….This is MY moment. This is my return to the ring..this is MY COMEBACK STORY. So you can take your catch phrases…you can take your lists…you can take your scarves……and you can pack up and hit the road with all of that. The Rated R Superstar is back and ready to get back to the top of the heap RIGHT NOW. If you are the first rung of that ladder here to climb in PWG – then YOU will be the rung I step on first. We’ve met in the past, many classic encounters…but nothing like this. Nothing with the energy this crowd is going to have here tonight..nothing on the line like the re-birth of my career. I not only want my career back. I not only want my glory back… im on the way to getting my gold around my waist back. Different year…Different Titles…Different arenas…………….Same…old….Edge….

Fear the spear Jericho….and be ready to count the lights. Its showtime – and this time its RATED R!

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT 4863___edge_grin_wwe_by_0ydolorosa3-d9qfu69

The Rated R Debut
Edge vs Chris Jericho

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

(As The bell sounds Jericho gets up on his knees and raises both his arms in the air as gets to his feet arms still raised. then starts celebrating like he won the royal rumble or a world championship)

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT Wrestling-fighter-chris-jericho-raises-his-arms-at-the-ring-during-picture-id91953406


PHILLIPS: And Jericho (Tom Chuckles) really soaking this win in

Saxton: Well he is the self proclaimed GOAT To (As Jericho takes Saxton's microphone)

(As Saxton says hey Chris that's mine)

Chris Jericho: Shut up you stupid idiot did you see what I did I embarrassed the Rated G superstar no the Rated L superstar Rated L for Loser unlike me a winner bay bay. Now you see I'm calling out any champion in PWG Chris Jericho is coming for you 195 live more like Chris Jericho Invented being Live maaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

(Jericho Pauses to catch his breath)

Chris Jericho: Bray Wyatt the eater of worlds pfffft I invented eating you see my gut maaaaaaaan (Jericho starts to do the pose of Jericho then stops as he realizes what he said) umm never mind that but......Brock lesanr the Beast Incarnate more like the Beast Irrelevant no one even cares about you your disrespecting my championship jack. Hell the Legit Boss Sasha Banks your title isn't save either sister ya dig. I don't even need a tag team partner I win the damn titles myself maaaaaaaaaaaaaan (Jericho Pauses) AND AS FOR YOU SAMOA JOE....JOEY SAMOA....I have no problems with you and I ummm think your a great champion keep up the great work.

(Jericho drops the head set and gets back in the ring and gets on the second rope and points at a nonexistent Wrestlemania sign and says JERICHOMANIA BAY BAY)


Thursday Night Revolt returns from commercial break to the familiar site of Roman Reigns arriving to the stadium. He appears to be listening to music via his earbuds, more specifically “Take on Me” by A-ha. Unlike the macabre and disturbing promo cut last week, he seems solemn and unfazed. Shades conceal his eyes, a lavish well-tailored suit accentuates his muscle, and decorating his wrist is, an expensive Rolex watch. Almost as if the promo never existed, Roman Reigns appears as if he’s a new man—or is he?  

Dasha Fuentes: Roman Reigns… a moment of your time?

Seemingly out of nowhere, the newest interview of PWG, Dasha Fuentes attempts to ambush Roman Reigns with questions.  Despite her attempts at garnering Roman’s attention, he doesn’t seem to notice the robotic interviewer. It isn’t until Dasha notices the earbuds covering his ears, that she realizes she can’t hear him. She taps on his shoulder which causes him to remove his ear buds. He stares at her with disgust and continues to walk.

Roman Reigns: Yes, Charly?  

Dasha Fuentes: It’s Dasha… So sorry to disturb you Roman, I know how busy you guys can ge-

Roman Reigns: What’s the topic of discussion?

Dasha Fuentes: Well, it’s about last week. You were in a dark room in what looked to be an eerie scene and a lot of us have been wondering what’s that about…?  

Roman Reigns: Dark room? Eerie scene? I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about.  Do you think somebody like me would be cooped up in a dark room? I've got things to do.

Dasha Fuentes: But… last week you were in a dark room and-

Roman Reigns:
Don’t make me repeat myself… I don’t know what you’re talking about. Quite frankly you’re wasting my time and I'm trying to relax before my match tonight. Now if you’re finished fantasizing about me in dark rooms, I must be on my way.

Dasha Fuentes: What… Wait? At least tell us your thoughts on your match with Samoa Joe.

Roman Reigns suddenly stops in his tracks, almost as if triggered by the mere mention of his name. An image of Joe’s picture appears within his mind, causing him to stare awkwardly into space. Of course the audience thinks nothing of it, especially with his eyes concealed.  The camera gradually captures Reign’s balling his fist is anger before it slowly subsides.  Without a word he laughs eccentrically an unconformable and fabricated smile upon his visage.  

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_o5scecAzyA1ubatowo5_r1_400

Roman Reigns: I see, yeah... Joe is… a great competitor. Fantastic, a real class act. I’m glad he won the championship. Very underrated and… very fortunate. Not many guys can get opportunities but Joe? He clearly made the most of his. I mean, first ever championship on Revolt? Wow. That's... that's something. I could've done that too. Haha. But I heard what Stephanie had to say about him... From a friend cause y'know... I'm out doing big things outside of the company but wow... I ugh... I don't agree with what she said. I think Joe is a great champion in the making... yeah.  Can't... Can't wait to face him.  

That weird smile remains etched upon the Samoan's countenance. Every so often nodding his head as if listening to someone giving him instructions but... no one is even speaking. After a few seconds of awkward silence, he turns his back and proceeds to leave Dasha to her own devices but stops yet again to face the newest Revolt interviewer.

Roman Reigns: Oh, and... Renee?

Dasha Fuentes: It's Dasha.  

Roman Reigns:
Yeah, right.... Anyway, would you like to accompany me to dinner after the show?

Dasha Fuentes: I... Yeah, sure?

Roman Reigns:
Great. Meet me in front of my locker room after the show. But be sure to change... I mean what are you even wearing anyway? Colored tissue paper from H&M? You know what…

Roman Reigns rummages through his coat pocket and hands Dasha a wad of one hundred dollar bills. Where and how he received this money is unknown.

Roman Reigns: Why don’t you get yourself something nice before our dinner? See you soon.

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT PeddO25

Finally departing from the camera's view, Reigns leaves a smiling Dasha Fuentes to herself in front of the camera. Despite his change of demeanor many of the fans watching at home are left questioning what exactly is going on with this sudden change in Roman Reigns. Especially after complimenting a heel like Samoa Joe. And what of Dasha Fuentes...? Why did he randomly ask her out for dinner? Is there something more to this than what we realize...?

The Viper vs The Dude
Randy Orton vs Mick Foley

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

Revolt returns from commercial break to a familiar theme blaring throughout the PA system.

Donned in their typical clothing, both Jimmy and Jey jump around whilst muttering obscenities to the crowd.  Suddenly they stop once they spot an obese fan with a patchy beard near the barricade. He wears an “Xtreme Generation Wrestling” t-shirt. Immediately Jimmy and Jey eye him up almost as if disgusted with the fan which makes him shook. He’s about to back up until Jimmy and Jey simultaneously deck him in the mouth. The fan falls to the floor with tears streaming down his face as the crowd in attendance boo’s the two. Evidently they smirk and enter the ring.  

Jimmy: How are the trash ass folks from Oklahoma doing tonight?

Jey: Ya’ not as wack as Las Vegas but ya’ still trash. (The crowd gives a mixed reaction)

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_ouefnolGrG1r6lg1mo3_540

Jimmy: Ya’ good though? Ya’ feelin’ alright now that the Usos is here?  Feels like management should dedicate an hour to us for simply being real niggaz. Y’know? But we not talkin’ about us tonight cause tonight we fight two niggas and a bald ass dude who call themselves the Authors of Pain. I don’t know about Authors but I feel like Triple H picked these niggas up from the dirty ass streets of Bronx, New York. Looking like the type of dudes who wear sweaty ass wife beaters and timbs in the Summer.

Jey: They can go ahead and call themselves the authors but the Usos are the Publishers of Pain. They ain’t going nowhere unless we tell them too. We got them dudes on lockdown and tonight, just like that punk ass fan in the audience, they’re going to know exactly how it feels to be in the Uso Penitentiary.

Brothers go to War
AOP vs The Uso's

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

*After the impactful Tag match that occurred the Revolt Crowd is on their feet and everyone in this Oklahoma Arena is on edge, excited to see what surprises are in store.*

*The sound of glass shattering fills the arena and the PWG universe lets out a deafening roar to welcome Stone Cold Steve Austin who is seen riding his ATV to the ring*

*Austin turns the ATV off and stands in the seat to throw up patented Digits and can be seen saying some, without a doubt, profane words before making his way into the ring and does the same at each turnbuckle before demanding a microphone from the ring announcer*

Austin: So, last week, in good ole Dallas, Texas I came out to this ring and I announced my arrival to this shithole they call Revolt. You see I've been to Dallas for a number of promotions and one thing I've noticed is that any other time Stone Cold comes out here and starts drinking beer and talking about whipping asses, somebody comes down to this ring and wants to run their pie hole. But, here at PWG, Hell I could've slept in this ring just like this...

*Austin lays down in the middle of the ring*

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT Tenor

*The titantron lights up as The Nature Boy's music hits*

*Austin jumps to his feet as he and the audience wait for Flair to emerge from behind the curtain*

*A chorus of boos echoes through the stadium as Austin stands in the ring confused*

*Ric Flair emerges from the crowd and sneaks into the ring only to shoulder tackle the worn left knee of The Rattlesnake*

*Austin can be seen clutching his knee obviously in anguish from the sneak attack as Flair grabs a steel chair*

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT RicFlair018

*Ric Flair brutally assaults Austin with the chair and repeatedly targets Austin’s legs. Then Ric Flair quickly exits the ring and grabs a mic*

”Austin you want to continue talking smack when you’re fighting the dirtiest player in the game? Come on get a ref out here, I’m finishing this now! ”

*A ref eventually comes out and hesitantly rings the bell*

Legends Cross Paths Again
Stone Cold vs Ric Flair

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

*After the match is over Ric Flair grabs a mic again*

”See Austin, this is what happens when you mess with the nature boy. But I didn’t come here alone, if you can manage to walk and turn on the television next week, tune it because you’re going to want to hear this ”

*Flair drops the mic on Austin and leaves as his theme music is playing while the crowd uproars in boos*

As we return from commercial break the commentators are heard babbling about the show but their words fade away as the theme song of the Beast Incarnate blares throughout the arena.

: Ranallo :
MAMMA MIA! its the new Intercontinental Champion gracing us with his presence after two weeks of absence.

The beast saunters out onto the ramp with an apparent grin smeared over his gob. As per usual he is  accompanied with his well known advocate Paul Heyman. With the freshly designed Intercontinental belt draped over his shoulder he ambles down to the squared circle sinking in a mostly positive reaction from the ever vibrant crowd on hand. Now inside the ring Heyman beckons for a mic from the ringside staff. Heyman now begins another one of his promos.

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT Maxresdefault

: Paul Heyman :
Ladies and gentlemen my name is Paul Heyman and I present you with my client ,the champion,
the Suplex Machine, Brock Lesnar!. My client overcame insurmountable odds with only having a 25% chance at taking home the gold, but we all know full well that those odds never apply to The Beast!. Two other top competitors were beaten down, victimized and ultimately conquered. Now you notice I said two competitors and now that was not one of those botches that you fans were desperate for so you could chant that obnoxious 'Botchamania' chant, no it was because the other competitor Mick Foley is not a top wrestler well he might have been if this was 20 years ago but now we just have a old fool who stumbles around the ring and that was evidently shown when he was the first eliminated in about 5 minutes. Now Moving on to better topics I can now discuss the future of that Intercontinental Championship that is displayed over the shoulder of my client. That title will remain in that exact spot for as long as Brock Lesnar deems it necessary because if World title worthy wrestlers like Roman Reigns and AJ Styles couldn't take it then its sure is shit those pathetic bottom feeders struggling down in the bottom of the IC Bracket aren't going to stand a chance against my client.  

Last week we witnessed the birth of a new number one contender for the IC title in the form of Jinder Mahal. Are you kidding me this guy? seriously, well Jinder if I were you when this match takes place I would advise you to just LIE DOWN take the pin and save yourself from the vicious beat down you will receive if you even think you have a chance of taking this god damn belt from my client. Because all you are is a pathetic excuse of a 'wrestler' who has minimal experience. So please I beg you don't fight what you can't win because your odds are zero percent and they always will be. Oh I also forgot to mention that my client is scheduled to team with Jinder, once again seriously? alright well all I have to say is just don't get in The Beasts way or there will be trouble. Now looking past Jinder I am informing anyone who thinks they have a chance at getting this title to either bring your best effort and somehow win or don't show up at all because my client ONLY wants to face top level talent. Squash matches are never fun for the opposition nor my client because real matches with hard hitting action are where the fun takes place. Now with that said my client has a match to get ready for.  

Heyman drops the mic and him and Lesnar start to walk off...

Carmella is shown in the ring. She waits a few seconds for her music to stop as she paces back and forth. She then prepares to address the crowd.

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT Maxresdefault

[bgcolor=#000]Carmella: Last week I was only one second away from becoming your women’s champion, but Nikki proved just how tough she is, she truly is what her shirt says. However  next time we meet in that ring it won’t be so easy. [/bgcolor]

She clears her throat before she raises the mic back up.

[bgcolor=#000]Carmella: Despite not wearing gold around my wait I am still the face of this show. I have been since the inaugural episode and I’m going to continue to be. [/bgcolor]

The crowd cheer.

[bgcolor=#000]Carmella: Now that’s all well and good, but apparently there are a few people in the back who disagree with me. ( The crowd boos)I know right![/bgcolor]

“The Princess of Staten Island” looks up at the stage as she continues to speak.

[bgcolor=#000]Carmella: Let’s talk delusional for a quick sec.  The Riot Squad think that they can be the face of this show. With their win/loss record they’d be lucky to be featured on the back of a milk carton. Charlotte and Ruby need to learn for themselves that no matter how much you push and shove me around. I’m not going anywhere except straight to the top of the women’s division. And before you come out here spouting about how pathetic I am. If I were you two I’d take a long look in the mirror.[/bgcolor]

[bgcolor=#000]Carmella: Charlotte, if memory serves weren’t you the first elimination last week? The flairs have really let themselves go, huh.  Of course I’d be nervous too if I had to live up to my father. [/bgcolor]

The crowd begin chanting “WOOOOO!!!!” at the very mention of Ric Flair.

[bgcolor=#000]Carmella: it got sooo bad that daddy dearest had to hobble his way out of retirement in a desperate attempt to preserve his legacy. And don’t even get me started on little miss Manson. No literally. [/bgcolor]

“The Princess” climbs the turnbuckle and sets down on the top rope.

[bgcolor=#000]Carmella: For starters; I'm not to fond of that hair and those tattoos do nothing for you honey. Tell ya what regardless if I win or lose I am going to treat you to a day of luxurious seaweed wraps and mud baths. Next we’ll see if something can be done about those little peaches on your chest. Then I’ll help you in the makeup department. Trust need it[/bgcolor]

(As Charlotte Flair's theme rings throughout the arena followed by a chorus of WOOS then a chorus of BOOS when Charlotte walks out on the stage)

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT ZcokByD

(As Charlotte makes her way down the aisle and stops at the end of the ramp)


Phillips: Charlotte Flair looks unfazed by Carmella's comments and seems to be smirking at Carmella,Mauro

Saxton: She's probably unfazed because she is confused by what a real winner looks like and am I right Mauro

(As Commentary goes silent another Familiar theme kicks up)

(As Ruby Riot emerges from backstage and has a disgusted look on her face as she looks around at the crowd and then towards Carmella as she makes her way down the ramp)


(As Ruby gets on one knee and lets out a scream towards the crowd then sticks her tongue out as Charlotte goes under the bottom rope and does her patented split as both ladies get handed microphones as Ruby starts)

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT Ruby-riott

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT CourageousDifferentBuffalo-max-1mb

Ruby Riot: Carmella just who the hell do you think you are. You come out here and tell these idiots here in attendance what they want to hear and butter them up so they can like you because we know and you know no one here likes you. I mean Naomi is with you cause she has to be. (Charlotte and Ruby laugh as the crowd boos) you want to talk about being the face of Revolt please don't make us laugh even more,and you want to come out here and make fun of the fact that we have won please just because we don't have that many wins yet doesn't change the fact that we will be the next women's champion here on Revolt. We also can out wrestle anyone on this show we want...(As Ruby steps closer to Carmella and is face to face with here) Or we can do what I think is more fun.....we could just beat them up and start with you right here right now.

(As Ruby Pauses and stares Carmella dead in her eyes as Carmella stands her ground)

Ruby Riot:Ruby Riot and Charlotte Flair are the best wrestler's in this company male or female and unlike you I don't need to come out here and insult other women and their "peaches" I'll just make you uglier when I beat your face in and leave you face down on this mat tonight with your pretty little make up running and your fake hair all over the mat

(Ruby plays with Carmella's hair then smirks)


(As Charlotte pulls Ruby back and tries to calm her down as Ruby hands Charlotte the microphone)

Charlotte Flair: Hey Carmella honey look here I'm gonna tell you this one time sweetheart don't you ever bring my Dad or my families name up ever again because your too irrelevant to speak such a historic name OK. And you want to talk about me ruining my families legacy sweetheart lets talk about your families legacy in wrestling. Your father was as pathetic of a wrestler as you were. And if you add both of your accolades together you have a grand total of say it with me Ruby.....

Ruby and Charlotte: ZERO  

Charlotte Flair: You have zero combined accolades Carmella so here's my suggestion to you go back to were you belong in the minor leagues and develop yourself more and then you can come back up to the big leagues with me and Ruby when you're a fully developed women and not a little girl....OK Sweetheart.  

[big]Naomi's music plays through the arena to a loud pop from those in attendance. The fans jump to their feet and cheer on one of their heroes in Naomi. She walks out onto the entrance ramp holding a microphone. Even high fiving some fans in the front row as she makes her way down. There is a large group of African Americans all holding pieces of paper that read "GLOW SECTION". Naomi holds her heart and tells the cameraman to get a good shot of them before she turns her attention back to the ring. On her way down she begins to speak.  

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_p1abkkPWS61wro6bvo2_400

Naomi: I love verbal jabs as much as the next girl, but ya talking too damn much! Is this a wrestling ring or a seventh grade classroom? Y'all know how we settle our differences here in PWG don't you? We settle our differences right in the middle of that ring and let our fist do the talking! What do you say we get a referee down here and have a tag team match RIGHT NOW?! Word to Teddy Long lets do this!  

Charlotte and Riot both nod their heads in approval as Naomi enters the ring. A PWG offical then runs down to the ring so the match could officially begin.

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_m1utdfKIsC1rnjfjfo1_r1_400[/big]

Newly Formed Alliances Clash
The Riot Squad vs Naomi & Carmella

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

*After the commercial break, the show cuts to the backstage area. Samoa Joe is seen walking with suitcase in hand and championship slung over his shoulder. Charly Caruso comes into the frame. "Joe, Joe, a word please?" Joe stops, adjusts the championship over his shoulder, and grunts in dismay.*

Tonight, it seems Triple H has booked you in a match against your Samoan counterpart Roman Reigns. What are your thoughts on the match?

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT 1280x720-MMz

*sigh* Roman Reigns claims to be "the big dog", but Roman, this isn't your yard. This is my yard. As you can see. *Joe readjusts his championship while looking at it and smiling* So you can leave as many cryptic messages as you want and confuse the hell out of all the commentators and the idiotic fans in attendance here tonight, but tonight's gonna be just like Origin for you. You're gonna fall short, you're gonna get pinned, and you're not gonna get the job done. And you can believe that.

*Joe goes to walk away but is interrupted by Charly with another question.*

What are your thoughts on Stephanie McMahon and Triple H's current stance on you and where you belong in the company?

You see, Stephanie and Stephanie's purseholder seem to have a lot of problems with me. But quite frankly, i don't give a damn. I am their champion on my show, and I'm where I belong. See, the fact of the matter is I am the first champion of PWG. The first man to claim gold and the only man undefeated on Revolt. So, book me against anyone you want, McMahon or Helmsley, whoever the hell wears the pants in that relationship. Tonight, the nation of violence claims another victim, and I'll be one step closer to total domination. Any other questions, Charly?

No, thank you for your time.

*Joe grunts as he wheels off with his luggage, championship still slung proudly over his shoulder.*

As Tamina walks out of dressing room in full gear ready to compete tonight in a non-title match. She is stopped by Charly Caruso again.

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_or706liLOJ1rmv1vdo1_400

Charly: Tamina last week not only did you defeat Trish but you ended up hurting her and now she’s going to be out of action. Why did you do such a thing?

Tamina chuckles before responding.

Tamina: Were you not paying attention to what I said last week when we talked? I promised that I would hurt Trish to make a damn point for not being in that Women Championship battle royale and to prove why I’m the most dominant diva on this roster! Charly, I know Trish is your favorite wrestler of all time but now you're looking at your new favorite wrestler and her name is Tamina...

*Tamina strokes Charly's hair*

Caruso stutters in response.

Charly: Now.. now that you have a match with Nikki bella for a non title match what’s your.. your plan for tonight against her?

Tamina: I can’t beleive it’s in a non-title match this booking is not cool or I would have walked out of here as the new women’s champions. But now I get to hurt our little fake champion and to prove a point I'm going to Superkick her 10-times harder than I did Trish!

Right before Tamina walks away someone comes up.

Tamina is approached by none other than Naomi. She extends her hand for a handshake. The Samoan Queen is reluctant at first staring at Naomi's hand then back at her face. She realizes Naomi means no harm and shakes her hand. After they both come to that understanding, Naomi begins to speak.

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_p1p7xwflP01vk7olho2_r1_400

Naomi: I hope you don't mind, but i've been eavesdropping this entire time. You really want to know why its a non title match against Nikki Bella tonight? Its because management is afraid to have a woman of color representing them as champion. Instead of you or myself they have Nikki Bella being the face of the Revolt women's division. Shes the one at the award shows, shes the one on the cover of magazines, and they even got her some acting roles in Hollywood! While us on the other hand, we're stuck here fighting twice as hard to even get noticed. I know you're probably asking yourself "Why should I listen to her? She just lost her match". Carmella has played me twice now. Last week during the battle royal and tonight in that tag team match. I'll need to have a chat with her next week. Just know if you need someone to have your back, your sister is in your corner.  

Naomi gives Tamina another quick handshake before walking off.

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Who Will Represent Revolt?
AJ Styles vs Finn Balor

Match Result wrote:

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March 1st, 2018 REVOLT AJ-Styles-1


Whoever represents Fury will have their hands full against one of our best in AJ Styles!

Finn Balor has hit his stride as of late but has fought against two incredibly tough opponents in back-to-back weeks. First our World Heavyweight Champion, Samoa Joe, and the man who previously took over leadership of Bullet Club in New Japan - AJ Styles. Some are wondering why we've yet to see 'The Demon King' on Revolt. And if Balor keeping his "demon" under such tight control is actually hurting him in the ring...

AJ's theme song fades out as Finn uses the ropes to help himself up from the hard-fought match. The founder of BULLET CLUB and the man who carried it on as a leader come face-to-face. Neither blink an eye for a handful of moments as tension in the arena is felt until AJ slowly lifts his hand up forming a "Too Sweet" gesture... Finn Balor looks around as the fans in attendance begin chants of "YES! YES! YES!" and "TOO SWEET! TOO SWEET! TOO SWEET!" until he finally decides to lift his hand up to meet AJs.

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT DMyd238U8AAftKW

What a great showing of respect for their past in NJPW and the present here on REVOLT.

Man imagine if these two teamed up!? How cool would that be!? And what a formidable duo they'd make!

Maybe that’s what happened in some alternate reality universe there Bryon, but not this one...

Finn rolls out and heads up the ramp to give AJ his spotlight in the ring. AJ beckons for a microphone from ringside staff...

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT Promo%2B3

Week-in and week-out! I come out here and show why REVOLT IS THE HOUSE THAT AJ STYLES BUILT! And at Broken Promises, I will show Fury who really runs the neighborhood! (A loud pop from the Revolt fans is felt as AJ continues) Dean Ambrose! John Cena! Kurt Angle! Bobby Roode! I don't care who ends up across from me on March 18th because it all ends the same way - a phenomenal victory for REVOLT!

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT Maxresdefault

A logo appears highlighting the Fashion Files will be coming up next  as the shot fades in Fandango can be seen in a sheriffs outfit discussing in front of a board as Breeze walks in with a bald cap and the “number 11 teen” written on his arm as Fandango looks seriously at Breeze.

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT Tenor

Breeze looks incredibly irritated but seems to be playing along to Fandangos lunacy as Breeze goes to speak,Fandango places  a finger on Breezes mouth as he begins to speak.

Fandango : We did good eleventeen  we cracked the case of the “thicc” Usos and now we stand as the only two keeping the peace between the Beast trying to escape the upside down and that Canadian...

Breeze whispers in Fandango ear as Fandango eyes go wide with shock.

Fandango: What really?? It said Canada on his..

Breeze simply nods his head.

Fandango : Oh I get it the “Indiiiian”

Fandango does a terrible wink at the camera as Breeze face palms as Fandango snaps his fingers.

Fandango : Alright time to connect to the psychic world.. So we can beat the Beastie and the Cana-Indian... Now Breezy I mean Eleventeen move the lamp with your powers...

Breeze looks puzzled as he cuts in.

Breeze : I don’t understand how..

Fandango: Shhhhh take a seat and focus!!

Breeze gives an audible sigh as he takes a seat cross-legged and closes his eyes as the camera zooms in the lamp appears to be floating in the sky!?!!!

But as it zooms out you can see Fandango making levitating noises and moving it side to side as his phone rings he drops the lamp making Breeze jump a bit as Fandango rushes to stand up as he pats Breeze on the shoulder while holding his phone up..

Fandango : You don’t know your own power it’s ok that’s why we’re learning now hold on while I take this call..

Fandango answers the phone as Breeze stares blankly toward the camera.

Fandango : No you must have the wrong person I’m Sheriff Faaaaaan Daaaaan Gooooo... I don’t care what you have written down..

Fandango looks puzzled as he continues.

Fandango : Of course I’m the one who Ordered the meat lovers pizza I love meat...

Breeze raises an eyebrow and looks confused at Fandango as Fandango reassures.

Fandango : What’s wrong with liking meat?! Anyway just tell me the price.. twenty seven dollas?!

Fandango grips the phone and tosses it against the wall as it explodes Breeze jumps out of his chair as Fandango grabs his shoulder.

Fandango : Breezy it’s the government!! No pizza in their right mind costs twenty seven dollas!!

Breeze : I thought I was eleventee..

Fandango grabs Breeze as he attempts to shove Breeze in a locker Breeze lets out a cry of Pain as Fandango struggles..

Breeze : Your hurting me!!

Fandango : I don’t care their coming!!! Fine if you don’t fit put on this disguise!

As Fandango holds up a dress and wig.

Breeze : Where did you?

Fandango : No time just go!!

Breeze walks out of frame as Fandango begins to look around.

Fandango : Now they had to know we were here it’s almost like something to the world! But what could it be?! Some kind of bug!

Fandango digs into a locker and pulls out the List of Jericho.

Fandango : List Of Jericho more like the Mic Of Jericho am I right?!

Fandango attempts to break the list over his knee as it breaks in half Fandango let’s out a scream of Pain ..

Fandango : Owww that hurt!!

Breeze : Dangler maybe its nothing...

Fandango scrambles and picks a bag outside the room and closes the door.

Fandango : Hmm Ruby Riot and Charlotte... Well of course Charlotte can’t be involved because she is a nice lady! But Ruby... But Marilyn Manson might be..

Fandango digs into the bag making sure to not touch Charlottes things as he grabs a makeup kit with a Riot sticker on the side.

Fandango: This is what he uses to doll himself up..

Fandango throws it as it to explodes against the wall as he begins to rip and tear apart the locker room.

Breeze : Dangler calm down!

Fandango shuffles to Randy’s locker and pick it up and gives it a sniff.

Fandango : What is this green herb coming from the bag it smells funny almost like some kind of herb you could almost call it a weed..hmmm the government wouldn’t like this so he’s not involved..

Breeze grabs Fandango now dressed fully in the dress and wig.

Breeze : Dangler!!!

Fandango : What?! And shhhh

Breeze rolls his eyes and grabs the boom mic over head as Fandango looks stunned.

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_oslm70N5sO1rnux1so1_400

Fandango : Great detective work eleventeen!

As a knock can be heard Fandango pushes Breeze back and pulls out a water pistol.

Fandango : Their here, don’t worry I won’t let them get you!

Fandango removes his shirt and places it over Breeze as you can hear through the door.

Voice : Fandango, Breeze your match is next..

Fandango : Oh is it now?! Than why don’t you come in!

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT Breezango-fandango-fashion-files-bw-20002676-1280x0

As Charly opens the door she is met with ten water shots as she stares blankly toward Fandango who seems to have a look of determination in his eye.

Charly : What are you doing?

Fandango : Oh my apologies I thought you were the government!

Charly : No I’m here to tell you your match is next. Now can we never do that again?

Breeze stands up and tosses the shirt as Charly looks puzzled at Breeze in a dress.

Charly : What are you wearing??

Breeze : I um..

Fandango : Don’t worry about him! Let’s go! Give this to the nice lady Charlotte let’s go  Breezy or Eleventeen..

Fandango hands the woman’s bag to Charly as Breeze stops.

Breeze : I’m sorry about him I just um...

Fandango grabs Breeze as the leave. Leaving a confused Charly to hold a bag and look at the destroyed locker room,as we go to commercial break.

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT Tossed-Bay-1

Can The Champion and Contender Co-Exist? - TTC
Brock Lesnar & Jinder Mahal vs Breezedango

Match Result wrote:

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: Ranallo :

: Phillips :
What the hell did we just witness Mahal just stood there watching his partner be pinned.

Just having pinned Lesnar, Fandango idiotically stands there soaking in this shocking victory, Breeze stands beside him with a smirk depicted over his facet. Mahal now starts to make his way into the ring with a fresh smile plastered over his gob showing that this one time duo was never going to co exist as a team. Lesnar who's absolutely seething has now made it back to his feet with Breezango and Mahal now aware they all start to foolishly assault the Beast. They try to stomp and hit him down but Lesnar easily thwarts there oncoming attacks and starts to kick it into another level.

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_nisj7it4891sbzhteo1_400

The Beast gradually wipes out all three with clotheslines and German Suplexes. He then peforms a double back suplex on Breeze and Fandango. Mahal then tries to sneak up from behind to execute his padinant finisher but Lesnar reverses it and drills Mahal with a massive F-5. Lesnar clearly pissed off about the loss goes to punish Breezango some more, he starts to pummel them on the outside before proceeding to drag a lifeless Mahal to ringside. He then clears the announce table and hoists Mahal up for another F-5.

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT Outside%2BF5%2Bto%2Bthe%2BAnnouncers%2BTable

Mahals body crashes through the commentators table. Lesnar then glares over at the commentators and surprisingly leaves them alone. Now with a fresh smirk equipped he begins to saunter up the ramp with his advocate.

Nikki music hits as she stands in the ring with the women's championship over her shoulder and a microphone in her hand.

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT 7B543DE3-A1CB-4B18-85AC-C425A99B3DDA_zpsbwejwyyr

Nikki: Last week I made history! I beat 5 other women to become the first ever World Women's Champion! There's not one woman on this whole roster that is fearless as me. And that is why I will the first, and last, World Women's Champion.

the fans chant "Lets go Nikki!" repeatedly.

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT D06BBF11-CE68-45EA-BA0A-540B778F3BE5_zps7e0xmlry

Nikki: Tonight I face some Samoan trash named Tamina whose not on my level. I should be having the night off... but against competition like Tamina, I guess you could count it as a night off.

Nikki looks at the camera.

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT A9EAD8F7-873F-44AB-B6EA-4A8A6F2CFA56_zpsco8fcghv

Nikki: Take a good long look. I will be the longest reigning Women's Champion that this brand has ever seen. My man, John Cena, hasn't even won gold yet here. Guess we know who wears the pants in this relationship now. But that doesn't change the fact that tonight - I will beat that ugly Samoan trash just like I beat five other women to win this championship!

Nikki tosses down the mic and prepares for her upcoming match against Tamina.

The New Woman's Champ vs A Worthy & Hungry Contender
Nikki Bella vs Tamina

Match Result wrote:
winner via Match Scheduling - Tamina

When Samoan's Collide - Main Event!
Samoa Joe vs Roman Reigns

Match Result wrote:

After the crucifix powerbomb Roman Reigns saunters on towards the corner, does his signature taunt, and beckons for Samoa Joe to get up to his feet. Once he does so, the dazed Joe is met with a vicious, rib shattering spear…





Byron Saxton: This guy’s the real d-

Tom Philips:  Yo…

Roman Reigns ascends from his position over Samoa Joe and stares at the crowd with vacant eyes. The crowd for the most part is ecstatic, cheering alongside his signature music that blares throughout the PA System. Roman, however, seems discontent and almost troubled; it’s as if he doesn’t realize how important this win—something is on his mind.

The referee goes to lift Roman’s hand but Reigns instead leaves the ring. He paces back and forth on the outside, various fans near the barricade stretching their hands to touch Roman’s mocha colored skin. But again Roman does nothing to acknowledge or notice his fans, instead he paces back and forth and evidently leans against the barricade.  He leans against his side, in a way the cameras find it difficult to see what he’s doing.  His hands rummage through one of those massive pant pockets and pulls out...

Byron Saxton: W-woah w-oah… Is that a knife?!    

Tom Philips: A knife? Are you on drugs?! I don’t see nothing!

Unbeknownst to the audience members or to anyone else watching at home, within the Samoan’s right hand is a small pocket knife— what for? No one knows or realizes it, they only see Roman speaking to himself . A few seconds pass until he gradually turns his head to stare at Joe’s still lifeless body.  He grips the object tightly within his fist until suddenly he’s interrupted by a fan who points towards the ring.

Random Fan: You alright, Roman? You should grab the belt! I think it’d look neat on you.

Snapped back into reality, Roman gives the intrusive fan a scowl almost as if disgusted by suggestion; though if it weren’t for him, who knows what would have occurred. Returning the blade , he slides it back into his pant’s compartment and slithers into the ring. He stands over Joe who remains flat on his back, still facing the effects of the spear. Glancing towards the referee with empty eyes, he takes notice of the title which makes the Oklahoma crowd stand to their feet. Snatching the title from the referee’s hands, he stares at it before raising it high in the air to end the night…

March 1st, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_o8ui0skMEi1rnux1so6_250

What’s next for Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe? And will his peculiar behavior ever be explained…?

Thursday Night Revolt.
PWG Inc. 2018 ©
Team Revolt Productions.
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March 1st, 2018 REVOLT
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