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 January 10th, 2019 REVOLT

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January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Empty
PostSubject: January 10th, 2019 REVOLT   January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Icon_minitime1/10/2019, 7:21 pm

Thursday Night REVOLT
JANUARY 10th, 2019
Mexico City, Mexico
Mexico City Arena

January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Ciudad_mexico_arena.0

Show Name: Crash or Burn

Genesis 2:2; Group D & EVO Championship Match
EC3 vs Dream (c) vs Roderick Stong

January 10th, 2019 REVOLT EVO

Quote :

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After another boring advert break, we are met not by a ring or even the backstage area, but by a massive airfield complete with control towers and other various building that dominate the landscape. The camera pans over to a commercial aircraft that sits still as the humming of it's engine slowly grows silent.
January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Commercial-Market1

The Air-stairs are rushed over by a group of workers in high-vis jackets as they position by the airplane door. PWG Interviewer Charly Caruso is on the airfield awaiting it's doors to open and release a sea of passengers. She doesn't wait long as the doors open and people rush out, but not in the sense she expected. Various murmurs are picked up as passengers in panicked voices are heard saying things like "Did you see who was on that plane?" and "Mamma who was that scary man?"

Charly Caruso waits for the line to thin, but not without scanning everyones face to make sure she doesn't miss who she came for. Eventually the line thins out and disappears altogether leaving Charly confused, She couldn't have missed him could she? Her eyes suddenly light up though as she spots someone else in the planes doorway. He stands at the top of the air stairs, his face covered by a pair of aviator sunglasses that scans his surroundings carefully. He walks his bulking frame down the stairs until he takes his first step onto Mexican soil.

Charly Caruso is heard saying to the camera "That's him! Follow me" She rushes over to the man with purpose before finding...  

January 10th, 2019 REVOLT 300px-SamoaJoe

Samoa Joe slowly removes his sunglasses, placing them carefully into his pockets. He looks around as Charly stands right in front of him, It's clear that he did not arrive for her.

Charly Caruso
Joe! You're back! How does it fee-

Samoa Joe quickly brings his finger to her lip, she looks shocked and visibly offended but Joe does not care in the slightest. He leans down to her hand held microphone it picks up his heavy breathing as he holds the mic in place. Charly looks terrified like she wants to escape her own skin and run from Joe

Samoa Joe
*Heavy Beathing*

Eventually Joe licks his own lips before finally speaking, but not in the loud and thunderous tone we grew accustomed to, in a much quieter, more calculated tone that somehow carries more rage then ever

Samoa Joe
They attacked my Uncle. They put him in the hospital, a good honest man making a living has been punished for the things that I did not do in time. The Chief told me what I needed. He told me that it would give me direction.

If I had done it sooner then I'd have known they'd be in Samoa. I'd know that my Uncle was in their firing range. And I'd have killed them. Killed them before they scurry off to wherever rats like them come from. Cause that's what you do to filthy Rats, they deserve to be exterminated.

Charly reaches her breaking point and tries to move away, she is desperate to be anywhere but there. Joe Puts a forceful hand on her shoulder, he is not done yet. He can be seen clenching his other hand in a fist as he tries to not explode on the poor interviewer

Samoa Joe
Oh my apologies, did I miss the part where I said that I was finished with you yet? Little miss messenger, I'd like to give you a task. See, I'll be at that arena once I'm finished with some... business. Yeah let's call it that. Business. So what I want you to do is simple.  

Joe's hand is still placed firmly on her shoulder, he starts to squeeze forcefully causing the interviewers face to wince in pain as she tries desperately to pry Joe's hand and escape.

Samoa Joe
I assume a simple task is no issue for you.

Joe squeezes even harder, his hand seen going red from the force he's applying.

Charly Caruso

Samoa Joe
Shhhhh now Miss Caruso. I asked you a question. Would you like me to repeat it?

A terrified Charly nods her head, she'll do anything to escape the death grip Joe has on her shoulder

Charly Caruso

Joe loosens the grip and a look of relief slowly appears on Charlys face as she quietly says the words "Thank you" to Joe under her breath.

Samoa Joe
Good. Compliance is appreciated Miss Caruso. Now for your task. I want you to go ahead to the arena, sound the horn! Tell anyone that'll listen. Joe is coming. He is coming tonight. He is coming for blood. I want those brotherhood boys prepared and ready as can be. So make sure they in particular know, Charly. Find them and say these exact words...

Joe... is gonna kill you.

Samoa Joe releases his grip, Charly is on the brink of tears and in fact, her fear is likely the only reason she doesn't cry. She quickly scurries away as Joe watches her run to the airport in search for the nearest exit.

The camera then turns to Joe who focuses his gaze at the man behind the lens. Joe ever so slowly walks toward the camera causing the poor guy to shout "Aw f#ck that!". The Camera then drops to the ground with a loud blunt thud as the floored lenses just picks up the cameraman running away from Joe, who picks up the camera before saying to himself "hmmm Useful. He then starts reaching for the off button and sends the screen into darkness.  

Genesis 2:2; Group E
Naomi vs Paige

January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Naomi-Paige

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

Shayna Baszler walks through the curtain and stands on top of the entrance ramp throwing up her spade hand sign. This pops the PWG Universe showing love to one of Revolt's breakout talents. The Queen Of Spades walks down towards the ring with confidence feeling there isn't anyone who can touch her. She's wearing her usual badass attire that consist of a leather jacket, shades, and ripped jeans. Some fans are even shown in the front row wearing similar clothing trying to be like Baszler. She lifts her shades on her head and gives a wink to the fans acknowledging them before stepping through the ropes and entering the ring where she is handed a microphone. Shayna decides to allow her fans to continue their chants. Even bumping her head to the chants of "Let's Go Shayna!" before raising the microphone to speak.
January 10th, 2019 REVOLT 34602640_1568673483262036_6609935878062080000_n.jpg?_nc_cat=103&_nc_ht=scontent-lga3-1

Shayna Baszler: I've been hearing a lot chatter and rumbling backstage on why I've been so silent for the past few weeks. Things like "She's frighten of Paige" or "Shanya can't cut a decent promo to save her life" when in reality, I try to let my actions speak for itself. I'm still undefeated in singles competition. Hell, I would've won that chamber, but those women knew I was a threat. Every time I got something going, someone else came out and attacked me from behind. And if i'm going to be honest here, I don't blame them. It was simply the smart thing to do with a skilled combat fighter like myself. I regret nothing that happened that night. Actually... that's not true. I regret allowing Paige to slither away like the snake she is still the PWG Women's champion. I'm actually blessed she retained because I don't want any excuses when I beat her ass for that title one on one. I'm all in on the G2 tournament and I will be going to Grand Stand mark my words!

The fans in attendance go crazy at the idea of Shayna headlining the biggest pay per view of the year. Shayna tries to hide it, but can't help but smile. The crowd dies down as she continues to speak.

Shayna Baszler: I have to hand it to Carmella after last week. For someone who runs her mouth so often, I never really took her seriously. All doubt was removed once she caught me right across the chin with that superkick. So props, princess. Wouldn't mind giving you a rematch somewhere down the line. Tonight, I was told I'll be facing Alicia Fox in the second round of G2 match ups. I hear that girl has a few screws loose. Shouldn't be anything I can't handle. Maybe one well timed strike will knock some sense into her. If I face Fox this week... that can only mean one thing. The only person left to face is Ronda Rousey! (crowd pops) Yeah I knew you guys would like that one. Ronda is my best friend in this world. I've known her for year, I even got ordained to officiate her wedding. But listen when I say this. There isn't anything stopping me from winning this whole thing. Not even years of friendship. I just hope there won't be any hard feelings when I advance and eventually win. Let's just leave it all in the ring. I'll tell you what, if you're listening, Ronda, you're the only one invited to my championship celebration.

Shayna then drops the microphone and taunts once more before going to exit the ring.

January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Tenor

The crowd pops as the other half of the MMA Horsewomen makes an appearance. Baszler has an expression across her face that gives away the fact she wasn't expecting Ronda out here, but nonetheless is glad to see her friend. The 2018 Miss Fortune makes her way down the ramp and joins Baszler in the ring. The pair give each other a 'dap' before Ronda asks for Shayna's microphone, to which she is obliged.

Well, Shayna, it just so happened I was listening and... I couldn't agree more. See, you and I aren't going to wrestle each other for management's entertainment. Stephanie McMahon really thought she pulled one over on us last month when she made Paige the Special Enforcer in our match.. well we were the last ones laughing when we beat that Casper champ down instead.. But with the G2 Finals at stake, with the Main Event of GrandStand at stake, now that's worth us beating the brakes off each other!

Ronda smirks at Shayna and pats her once on the shoulder before continuing.

And I know you wouldn't have it any other way. We are both Combat Athletes and we both always bet on ourselves. That competition and drive made us the close friends we are today. Unlike Trash-o-lution who try to plot there way around fighting each other at every turn, you and I always prefer to go head on. So that's why I came out here. After you handle Alicia Fox and I defeat Carmella, our Singles match next week will be for all the marbles..

The crowd cheers in anticipation of such a high profile bout.

Whoever wins advances to the Semi-Finals and I wouldn't have it any other way; cause I know whoever makes it to the Semi-Finals will be battle-tested and prepared to win the whole DAMN THING! So like ya said girl - no hard feelings and let's leave it all out in the ring. The only thing that'll be bittersweet - is we both can't beat down Paige or Maryse at Origins.

The two share a laugh before Ronda extends her hand out. Her good friend Shayna wastes no time extending her own for a handshake before the pair raise their hands together causing cheers from the crowd as they circle the ring.

Ah yes it's all sunshine and rainbows right now, but I don't trust either of these women. They'll dig the knife in each other's back soon as they see an opportunity to advance in this tournament. Just wait, just waaaait til next week and one of them is on their back for the 3-count. Lets see the smiles and handshake then!

Ronda & Shayna exit the ring together as Phillips wraps up his last thought before Revolt goes to a commercial break.

Tag Team Triple Threat Taster
R-Truth vs Bobby Fish vs Fandango

January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Tag-Triple-Threat-B

Quote :

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After a commercial break, Crews is seen sitting in the ring with a microphone in hand

January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Promo%2B2

Apollo Crews: Last week Triple H and Stephanie came out here to open the show. They do the same thing as usual, but something caught my attention.

Apollo Crews: The so called “The Great One” vacated the I.C. Championship.

Apollo gets a mixed reaction from the fans

Apollo Crews: Apparently he got another movie role and he had to leave everyone again. The fact is Dwayne you don’t care about PWG. This is just one of your little side projects to promote your movies.

The crowd boos angrily at Apollo’s statement about The Rock

Apollo Crews: But now let me talk about the McMahons. They said The I.C. Title match would be contested in a triple threat between three G2 Tournament Competitors with the most points but didn’t make the finals.

Apollo Crews: I’m confused because your giving to Superstars who weren’t good enough to win the tournament. Superstars who are losers.

Apollo tries to continue ranting but is interrupted by....

Dillinger comes out to a huge pop from the PWG Universe who haven’t forgotten about ‘The Perfect Ten’. He walks from behind the curtain throwing up ten fingers while the crowd chants “TEN” each time. He then fist bumps some fans on his way down to the ring before sliding in and standing face to face with Apollo. There’s a stare down for a few moments until Tye walks past him to request a microphone. Once he’s handed one by the ring crew, Tye Dillinger wastes no time letting Cruz know how he really feels raising the microphone and beginning to speak.
January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Tye-dillinger_0

Tye Dillinger: I think it’s funny how you think you can walk out here and disrespect the hard working talent in the back on your first day. Are you serious, my man?! Where do you get off calling anyone a loser when you haven’t even won a single match here in Pro Wrestling Genesis? See there isn’t any handouts here. That isn’t how we do things. I’ve been sitting in the back for months just waiting for an opportunity that never came. Not only am I going to put you in your place, but I’m going to steal that spotlight! So let’s get a referee down and do this thing.

Tye drops the microphone right by Cruz’s feet as the two get in each other’s face. A referee comes dashing down to the ring. After he manages to separate the two and get them in their respective corners, he calls for the bell starting the match.

PWG Rookie Debuts
Apollo Crews vs Tye Dillenger

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

Mauro Ranallo: Welcome back to Thursday Night Revolt, next up is another G2 tournament match between Alicia Fox and Shayna Baszler!.

Genesis 2:2; Group D
Alicia Fox vs Shayna Baszler

January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Baszler-Fox

Quote :

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We go backstage to find The Brotherhood lounging around talking amongst themselves. Despite airing their despicable act on live television, they're all smiles. In fact, they're proud of what they did. They show no concern of retaliation laughing it up. This is when the camera is able to pick up what The Brotherhood are talking about.    
January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Maxresdefault

Kyle O'Reilly: So then I said to the guy "look man, if you don't give me this parking space, i'm breaking your fingers and you'll never drive again."

Bobby Fish: What did the guy do?

Kyle O'Reilly: He got up in my face puffing his chest all out. I mean this guy was heated. His wife yelling trying to pull him back tugging on the arm. She was all like "It's not worth it, Gerald! The kids are scared." Had me dying the whole time.

Roderick Strong: And what did you do?

Kyle O'Reilly: I did what any rational person would do. I kicked him right across the face. Wham! Bam! Sent him flying right over the hood of the car. The craziest part was the kids weren't even rooting for their dad. Apparently, they're big Brotherhood fans! The mom was super hot too. Busty blonde milf type. To make a long story short, I took her home and I now have two step kids.

Bobby Fish: Maybe our kids could have a play date sometime.

Kyle O'Reilly: I wouldn't count on it.

Bobby Fish shrugs off that last comment. Before anymore nonsense can be spoken, a woman can be heard shouting in the distance. The trio can't quite make out whats being said or who is saying it. The shouts then become more clear as they see Charly Caruso running towards them in the distance. She runs towards them shouting "JOE IS COMING!" repeatedly. The young interviewer finally reaches them gassed and out of breathe, but somehow continues her warning about Joe as if he were some sort of monster. The Brotherhood manage to clam her down before speaking.

Bobby Fish: Calm down for just a second. You don't have to get yourself all worked up over some overweight guy from Samoa. We're not worried about him at all. Take a quick look at my head. Do you see a single strand grey hair anywhere? He's exactly where we want him. It's a very busy night for all of us, but we'll still find time to address him out in that ring later tonight. I know the real reason you're here. You are here trying to flirt with the hottest group in pro wrestling today. Sorry, but I'm a happily married man. Same with Strong over here. Usually, Kyle is all for the groupies. I think you missed out on him by a few hours. Nice try though. Now go take a hike, toots.

Charly Caruso's look of concern turns to one of disgust after the remarks made by Fish and The Brotherhood. She then quickly fires back...

Charly Caruso: I hope Joe tears all three of your heads off!

She proceeds to slap Fish before he catches her hand and shoves her to the ground. Caruso sits on the floor at the verge of tears embarrassed while The Brotherhood all mock her. They walk off laughing like a pack of hyenas leaving the woman on the floor. Much to her surprise, an arm is then extended helping her up. The camera doesn't show who it is but Caruso thanks the man while still somewhat puzzled of this man's unusual kindness.

Match of the Night
Genesis 2:2; Group D
Carmella vs Ronda Rousey

January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Carmella-Rousey

Quote :




After 2 Superkicks from Carmella & what feels like 6 Rowdy Busters, this G2 matchup continues!

Carmella yells at Rousey to “get up!” as she aims to deliver another Superkick to put the match away.. Rousey staggers to her feet and Carmella unleashes a swift kick! But Rousey sidesteps causing the Superkick to connect to the unsuspecting referee!!!

Mella is shocked, allowing Rousey to recover and hit her with one more last ditched effort Rowdy Buster! Rousey slowly crawls towards Mella for an exhausted cover.. that is until ABSOLUTION makes their presence known!

Maryse & Sonya ground-and-pound on Ronda at the behest of the World Women’s Champion Paige. This mugging occurs roughly for 15 seconds until they lift the limp Rousey off the mat allowing Paige to blast her across her head with the Women’s Championship!

The crowd boos pile on but Absolution doesn’t appear done yet. Paige then orders Sonya & Maryse to pick up Carmella, before also blasting her with the Women’s Championship!

Absolution proceeds to drag Mella onto Ronda and shake the ref awake to make the count.




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January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Empty
PostSubject: Re: January 10th, 2019 REVOLT   January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Icon_minitime1/10/2019, 7:22 pm

The Brotherhood walk out as their new theme plays throughout the sold out arena. They are showered down with boos even having trash thrown down on them like last week. All three get stanced up making a gang like hand sign throwing up a B and U on top of the entrance ramp. Roderick Strong nearly gets blasted with a full cup of soda, but luckily he manages to duck it and blows the crowd a kiss which results in more boos. All three strut down to the ring trying to be as obnoxious to the PWG Universe as possible. Swinging their arms around as if they were a much more exaggerated Mr. McMahon. The trio of talent all quickly enter the ring where they're handed microphones. They then begin to act like they're looking all over the arena for someone. Squinting their eyes and surveying the crowd before starting to speak.    
January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Undsiputed-e1515678902329

Kyle O'Reilly: Can you see em, boys?

Roderick Strong: You'd think a man of his weight would be easier to find.

Bobby Fish: Ohhh boys I think I see him! Wait no... thats just some fat Asian guy in a Hawaiian shirt and a newsboy cap. You know I can read Joey like a book, but I'll never understand his taste in fashion. I'm no supermodel. I'll even throw on a scarf and glasses from time to time. Some things just don't go together though. Kinda like Joe and a championship. When was the last time that guy had one of those?  

The Brotherhood all laugh as if that were the funniest joke they've ever heard.

Kyle O'Reilly: You'd think he would wanna confront us after what we did to his uncle. Word on the street he's super mad at us. Imagine if he knew what I did with his wife, Jessica. I mean I have some real nasty stuff on my phone. Borderline illegal, but hey she's just that kinda girl. Come take a look at this.

Kyle takes out his phone and shows Fish and Strong. Their reactions go from excited to confused to appalled.

Bobby Fish: I love you to death, but you're not allowed in my house after that. I'm making sure you wash your hands before touching anything I own from now on. You did that in Joe's own house without him knowing?

Kyle O'Reilly: In his own bed with his wife. I even stole one of his goofy looking hats.

O'Reilly removes a newsboy cap from his back pocket and places it on his head.

Roderick Strong: You need to be stopped. Who am I kidding?! We do whatever we want whenever we want. Like knockout Joe's old ass uncle and sleep with his wife all in the same week. Who else can do something like that and face no consequences whatsoever besides The Brotherhood? Nobody in the world can do the things we're doing. We're the greatest team on God's green earth. I kinda wish Joe would bring his fat ass down to this ring just so we can top everything off with a swift beat down just like we did his uncle.

Bobby Fish: Speaking of that Joe's uncle, let's see that one more time on the titantron!

Bobby Fish points to the tron for that disgraceful clip of The Brotherhood assaulting Joe's  uncle to play for the live audience and before the world once more. Instead, they get Joe's theme music sending them into panic mode despite it being three vs one. They all get ready for a fight awaiting Joe.

The crowd respond in a whirlwind of cheers and boos, with some people showing sympathy for Joe despite his actions earlier in the night toward PWG interviewer Charly Caruso. The fans eagerly await "The Destroyer".  

Mauro Ranallo: "And just like that the mood has drastically altered! Here Comes Samoa Joe!"
January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Raw_05062017mm_1507-1

The heavy Samoan marches down the entrance ramp, not taking his eyes off of the brotherhood for a single second as they all stand by the ropes, waiting to jump Joe like a pack of bloodthirsty wolves.  

Tom Phillips:"Samoa Joe warned them he was gonna come, he wanted them here together for a reason! I always considered Joe to be smart but he set his own trap right now!"

Samoa Joe has reached the ringside area, he stops right before the ring. half The crowd are chanting "Joe Joe Joe" whilst the rest bite their nails in anticipation for the fight that's ready to break.
January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Maxresdefault

The Brotherhood are impatiently gesturing for Joe to enter the ring and take his beating but The Samoan in a rather surprising move walks around the ring, still keeping his gaze fixed on The Brotherhood. He eventually reaches the timekeepers area and picks up a long box covered by a thin black veil that was left leaning against the barricade

Byron Saxton:"You think Joe brought them a gift? Maybe extending an Olive branch?"

Tom Phillips: "They just attacked his Uncle, showed it to the world and on top of that, Kyle allegedly slept with his wife! Do you REALLY think that's what he wants to do right now!?"

Samoa Joe slowly rips off the top end of the box and reaches in, Audible gasps of horror are heard from the crowd as he slowly pulls out...
January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Sk-951c

Joe's bottom lip trembles with rage, yet he somehow manages to also crack a sadistic smile that would make even the worst serial killers shit themselves. All 3 members of the brotherhood are in panic mode as Joe slowly walks over to the steel steps

Mauro Ranallo: "Somebody alert the authorities cause I don't think Joe was kidding about killing them! he has a freaking MACHETE! This is about to be an international crisis!"

Samoa Joe slowly walks up the steel steps, his three rivals are keeping well back out of the Machetes reach. For a moment Joe stands calm and watches the trio squirm. Then all of a sudden... A switch is flipped and Joe explodes between the ropes and into the ring moving faster than any man his size has the right too.

Mauro Ranallo: "Like a bat of hell, and the brotherhood, They running faster than Barry Allen outta that ring!"

All Three members make a run for it, but only two make it to the safety of ringside as Joe manages to use his free hand and grab Roderick toward him by the hair before forcefully shoving him to the ground and placing the tip of his Machete by Roddy's throat. People look genuinely afraid in the crowd and some parents even cover their kid's eyes before they see the horrors about to unfold

Tom Phillips: "Oh my god! Roderick is helpless and Joe has that machete by his throat! He's gonna kill him! Where are the cops at!? Does Mexico even have cops!?"

Strong looks out to his friends at ringside who finally regrouped and notice their trapped friend. Samoa Joe steps on Roderick's chest, pinning him down. Joe starts barking out rage-laced words to the team formally known as "ReDragon".
January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Samoajoe

Samoa Joe "Eh, you boys ain't looking so hot now, are ya!? You wanna attack my Uncle!? You wanna mess with my Wife!? Come in here! I dare you! Get your asses in here and save your boy!

Kyle and Bobby truly feel fear for the first time seeing their friend's life in danger. They start to pace back on forth rapidly as they plan their next move

They want to help their brother, but they stand no chance against a machete wielding Joe. Samoa Joe begins to grow impatient before letting his rage get the best of him. He lifts the machete up high and swings it down straight to Roderick's head. Only once it reaches the tip of Strong's nose, Joe is physically unable to continue. He struggles for a moment before tossing the machete to the side. Fish and O'Reilly quickly take advantage of this by jumping on Joe delivering various strikes and kicks. Strong crawls away wiping sweat from his forehead after nearly getting decapitated.
January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Roderick-Strong-NXT-2618-645x370

Joe manages to duck a few punches delivering a few of his own fighting back. He hits Fish with a quick spinning backfist. O'Reilly attempts a roundhouse only to get caught by Joe who delivers a powerbomb. Roderick Strong tries to sucker punch Joe, but Joe weaves it with ease. Joe goes to strike Strong when his fist stops mid swing. For some strange reason, Samoa Joe is unable to harm Roderick. Strong notices this and dashes hitting his Sick Kick on Joe similar to the one hit on his uncle.
January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Sick%2BKick%2B3

Strong then helps his brothers to their feet as Joe lays unconscious. They go to exit the ring when Fish points to the machete dropped by Joe. Strong picks it up while Fish and O'Reilly hold Joe up. The fans gasp while Kyle drags the machete across his face. He then grabs Joe by his head and begins cutting off his hair. They take off a good portion of Joe's hair before dropping him to the canvas. The Brotherhood stands tall over Joe throwing up their gang sign once more. Except for Roderick who raises a fist full of hair. The trio all leave the ring while Joe still sells in the ring.  

Genesis 2:2; Group E - The Rematch
Dean Ambrose vs Pete Dunne II

January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Ambrose-Dunne

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

Revolt returns from it's previously aired match to the familiar site of PWG's robotic interviewer.

Charly Caruso - Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, Maryse.

Once the camera pans out and reveals Maryse, the crowd gives a negative reaction to embodiment of sophistication. Unlike her previous appearances, her demeanor is different. Devoid of smug expression, she seems concerned almost worried.

Charly Caruso - Last week your stable mate and the co-founder of Absolution threatened you after your actions at Wrestlution. Do you have anything to say about that?

January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Tumblr_ophy2bxNyD1tj4kk1o3_250

Maryse - Je vous remercie. Je vous remercie. I understand where Paige is coming from and I respect what she's said. I probably would've felt the same way if I were in her shoes. But there isn't any animosity. It's tough love between two women, two sisters. Mistakes were made but we're good in the end. And we'd appreciate it if the garbage media and commentators would stop stirring up trouble.... But let's not focus on that, yeah? Let's focus on the fact that I eliminated the most women from the chamber—four. Let's focus on the fact that I beat Naomi last week and that this week the same will happen with daddy's girl Charlott-

Charly - (cutting her off) But if you win this week... You face Paige next week. What will you do then?

Maryse is quiet, she scowls at Charly but is unable to say anything. Instead she walks off from the camera's view.

Genesis 2:2; Group E
Charlotte vs Maryse

January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Charlotte-Maryse

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

January 10th, 2019 REVOLT 647c5-15432332046131-800

As PWG Revolt returns from another commercial break we find ourselves beholden to a truly rare sight. We find "The Monster Among Men" in the ring, but not in action, but rather holding a microphone! Fans don't know what to make of the scene as the animal known as Braun looks out to the sea of people that is the PWG Universe. The mammoth individual slowly raises the microphone to his mouth, breathing heavily into it and seemingly ready to finally speak in PWG! However before he can utter his first words...

The Bruiserweight appears on the titantron interrupting Braun before he can speak. This triggers massive heat from the PWG Universe who wanted to hear this living monster speak for himself. Pete Dunne comes off rather cocky even after being crushed by The Monster Among Men just last week. Still with that sour look as always. He manages to crack a devilish smirk leaving you to wonder what this devious young man has in mind. Braun Strowman watches intently as Dunne beings speaking to him somewhere backstage.   
January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Tumblr_pidc0nWmng1xgwzygo1_400

Pete Dunne: Easy there, big man. I'm not going to lay a single finger on you tonight despite after what you did to me last week. I know we both have big matches tonight and neither of us needs a scuffle right now. You practically cost me my G2 match this last Thursday. I couldn't afford any distractions against Ambrose. You on the other hand, you're facing the same man that beat me after the mauling you put on me for no good reason. I received the message loud and clear. Listen, I know I can't match up with you psychically, so I have to beat you up here. With that being said, I have a nice little surprise for you. When your little educator was sent to the hospital, I thought I'd be inclined to pay him a visit. Lets just say, I've been taking real good care of our friend.

Dunne pulls a wheelchair into the shot. A man sits in the chair with his head covered, hands and feet zip tied. Pete removes the bag from the man's head revealing him to be none other than Matt Striker with some sort of cloth wrapped around his mouth. This sends Braun into a rage as he begins pacing back and forth while huffing and puffing. This amuses Dunne knowing this is his ace in the hole to Braun's emotions. He places his hand on Striker's shoulder beginning to squeeze causing Matt to moan in pain.  

Pete Dunne: I know you have a soft spot for Matthew. The only way to knock down the big mean Braun Strowman is through his heart. You have a strong bond with this man don't you? I'd go so far as to say you love this man. Like the father you never had. Unfortunately, his fate is now in my hands. I could roll him off the roof of a high rise or return him peacefully. The ball is now back in my court. Checkmate, Braun. Good luck in your match tonight. I'll be watching.

Pete winks into the camera in an attempt to taunt Braun Strowman before walking off pushing Matt Striker's wheelchair.

Genesis 2:2; Group E
Seth Rollins vs Braun Strowman

January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Storwman-Rollins

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

We cut to footage from earlier in the week, where a local paparazzi member tries to get a word with EC3 whom looks like he is focused on where he is going

Paparazzi: EC3! Hey man, where you off to right now??

EC3 pauses for a moment before giving a short response
January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Piyuoz9dcqo01

EC3: I am off to... unlock my potential...

We cut to a grassy clearing somewhere near a forest...

January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Latest?cb=20151213152611

We then see a familiar man walking through the clearing singing something to himself...
January 10th, 2019 REVOLT 1565lau

EC3: The top one.. TOP ONE PERCENT, dunnannana, Time to pay attention cause I'm movin' too fast
Top trending, time bending
Yeah, I'm built to last
EC3 is VIP
And that's what makes you, just you
And me, me!

January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Ethan_carter_iii

Can't be far now, he said to meet him here...

There is a change of wind direction and then an unfamiliar figure begins to descend in front of EC3...

???: Long time no see Ethan...

EC3: I know, but how could I resist the allure of more power, you contacted me saying there was a way to delve within and unlock any hidden away potential. Well here I am...

The figure reaches the ground and is now in full view of the camera...
January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Latest?cb=20180203115506

EC3: Master Piccolo.

Piccolo: Ethan, I won't waste your time. We must head to the lookout, the way to unlock your hidden potential lies within.

EC3: You don't mean...

Piccolo: Yes... The hyperbolic time chamber. A year of training inside and only one day will have passed in the outside world. This along with some help from Dende will unlock all of your hidden potential...

EC3: Then let's go!

EC3 and his Master Piccolo head off to Dende's lookout to unlock EC3's hidden potential, will EC3 find the power that he is seeking? Find out LATER on PWG Revolt!

Tag Team Triple Threat Taster
Goldust vs Kyle O'Reilly vs Tyler Breeze

January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Tag-Triple-Threat-A

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

The show cuts to the arena parking lot where a big black truck comes barreling through, stopping as close to the backstage area where all the PWG staff are.  The truck comes to a complete stop and turns off, and an irate Stone Cold Steve Austin exits the vehicle.

He is heard complaining as he marches with such intent that it seems a fight could break out at any moment.

Oh what the hell is this I hear about not being booked tonight!?! I was fine with what happened at Wrestlution. And hell, as a Christmas present Triple H, that Son Of A Bitch, didn’t have to see my face last week!

Stone Cold arrives at the closed (and locked) door to the General Managers’ office of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. He starts banging on the door as Ref’s and other works try to calm the situation.

Listen ya Bastard, I know you got that Genesis *BEEP* goin’ on, but if you don’t book me next week, match or no match, Stone Cold is gonna be whoopin’ someone’s ass in that ring!

PWG security finally arrives to help the ref’s and other backstage workers to get Austin away from the GM’s office and start walking him back to his truck in the parking lot.

Genesis 2:2; Group D
Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns

January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Ownes-Reigns

Quote :

Owens reverses the top rope move with ease. Taking a hold of Reigns he tosses him against the rope in an attempt to pop up power bomb him. Just as Owens is about to hit the pop up powerbomb, Reigns jumps over Owens. Turning the Prize Fighter around, he pushes Owens into the referee which knocks him out momentarily. Kevin is livid at this point and turns around straight into a big boot from Roman.
January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Tumblr_pkvf3rAJDM1uta6xoo2_540

With a sinister smile, Reigns slithers out the ring and takes a hold of his champion. He slides back into the ring and beckons for Owens to stand up. Gradually he stammers to his feet and just as he's about to hit Owens with the title, a hooded figure snatches the title from Roman's hand. Roman turns around to face this hooded figure who is quick to leave the ring but stands there staring at the deranged champion. Angered, Roman tries to maintain his composure. Turning around to face Owens again, he charges straight for him in an attempt to spear him. Kevin instinctively kicks him in the gut stop his momentum, ricochets Reigns towards the rope he is met with a quick kick to the guy, and is met with a swift pop up powerbomb that shakes the ring to its core.  

The referee, now conscious slaps the mat to count the pin...


click to reveal winner:


Our Main Event of Revolt has ended and the Prize Fighter Kevin Owens stands victorious. The crowd are shocked, upset, and happy all at once. They break into cheers having witnessed quite the upset. In the ring Owens doesn't stand for long as he falls against the rope clutching his gut with one hand and raising his other hand to the sky.
January 10th, 2019 REVOLT KOMain

Owens eventually reaches his feet and slithers out the ring. He somehow takes a hold of the microphone and stammers up towards the stage. Still clutching his gut, he holds up the mic. Owens takes a few heavy breathes into the mic before finally speaking.

Kevin Owens:
I told you all. This is my year. I just pinned the World Heavyweight champ and when I win the G2 tournament...I'll do it again...on THE GRANDEST STAGE OF THEM ALL! GRANDSTAND!

At this comment, a strand of spit is seen flying out the mouth of Owens. Not only this, but Owens also winces in pain after the two spears he took. After a good thirty seconds Owens continues.

Kevin Owens:
Now I proved my point tonight. I am going to go out and celebrate my victory. Just like I said last week WELCOME TO THE YEAR OF KEVIN OWENS!!!

Owens drops the microphone to a mixed reaction, more positive than anything. With momentum high on his shoulders, he lifts a fist into the air before disappearing backstage.
January 10th, 2019 REVOLT JWStZn7

Now left in the ring is a still disoriented Roman Reigns who is soon joined by...  

... The Hooded Figure. Roman Reigns doesn't seem to know where the hell he is, as he does his best to get back up on his feet. Roman latches onto the ropes in order to pick himself up as he has no idea that the hooded man is behind him! The hooded man seems to be still holding onto the championship awaiting Reigns to turn around!! When Reigns finally turns around the crowd roars with a mixed reaction as the hooded man connects with a huge title shot to the head of Roman Reigns!! The crowd roars with mixed reactions once again until the hooded man finally removes his hood and identity!!

January 10th, 2019 REVOLT Tumblr_piodw3ZWCZ1vjciejo1_540

The crowd roars with cheers as Seth Rollins holds the world championship in his hands. Having almost recreated the horrid scene the fans witnessed last week - Rollins now stands tall. Seth Rollins slowly sits in Indian style near Reigns unconscious body holding the championships on his shoulder as the crowd continues to roar with cheers chanting "BURN IT DOWN, BURN IT DOWN." Seth Rollins pulls out a microphone from his back pocket as it stares at a fallen Reigns.

Seth Rollins - All this time.. All this time I thought I was the good guy and maybe, maybe you were right and I was wrong. Maybe all it took was you hitting me so far underneath the belt for me to realize it. To bring my past loved ones to "expose me" for who I really am. Maybe you were right along - maybe it was I who was the true villain of this story. Maybe my past is too dark to be redeemed and i'm to far gone for saving myself. Maybe this is the curse of being apart of the brotherhood that was the shield, a curse that will follow all three of us forever. But Roman Reigns... that doesn't mean what you did to me last week was justified. This all began with the shield and it's going to end with the shield. Roman Reigns this isn't over, no not by a long shot. Hell, this will never be over until one of us is put six feet under. This goes way deeper than any story line, feud, rivalry - whatever you want to call it. You made this deeper than just being personal - Roman Reigns, i'm going to end you and after i'm done with you i'm going to end Dean Ambrose. Then maybe ... then maybe the Legend of Seth Rollins can finally rest as well. You see, at Origin - i'm not going to just take this championship. I'm going to take your life too. So prepare yourself.

The crowd roars with cheers still somehow behind this different broken side of Seth Rollins. Seth slowly lets go of the microphone and stands up still holding the championship on his shoulder. He slowly removes it off his shoulder and stares at it for a little while just before releasing it onto Roman Reigns downed body. Seth looks out to the crowd with a serious look on his face. They continue to cheer him on as he closes his eyes and brings his head upwards almost as if he can feel rain showering over him.

One Question stands though... has Seth Rollins finally been broken!?

Thursday Night Revolt.
PWG Inc. 2018 ©
Team Revolt Productions.

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January 10th, 2019 REVOLT
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