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 January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT

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January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Empty
PostSubject: January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT   January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Icon_minitimeThu 3 Jan - 23:12

Thursday Night REVOLT
JANUARY 3rd, 2019
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Bell Centre

January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT 1003846992-1003847015

Show Name: New Year, Same Revolt

January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Opener

*The show opens up to a done up arena to ring in the new year, balloons, streamers and tinsel all strewn about, just at the Montreal crowd get's into the shows open a familiar tune hits*

*HHH and Stephanie stand on the stage to the very mixed reaction that they get. Despite the reaction the McMahon's can't help but embrace on there accomplishments, this however garners more boos*

January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT 18346b42c45d7de6c71fab08592d867f91b31f14_00

What a way to kick off the new year! Our CO-GM's!


I told myself I wouldn't eat so much candy! I guess that's out the window!

Will you shut up Saxton, Our GM's are here!

*The Revolt GM's make there way into a equally done up ring, with two presents in the middle of it. The love birds grab a microphone and begin to speak*


*The crowd pops for the mention of the show they're on*
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Maxresdefault

You know, I don't NORMALLY do this... but I told Pete and Braun to stay backstage to kick of the show because I wanted to share something with all of you.
One year ago, almost to the day, PWG was born... a birth formed to find a place away from corruption, a way from "Xtreme". While yes... we've had some downs. However, the ideals of this company are the BACKBONE of this project... and we have not only survived the past 365 days... WE... HAVE... THRIVED! However, no matter how good Year ONE was... 2019 i is THE YEAR OF PRO WRESTLING GENESIS!

*The crowd pops for the passion leaving the bosses mouth*

Now we look ahead to the first Pay-Per-View to ever repeat it self... our first EVER PPV... Origin. With the second annual Genesis Tournament. Now while I'm very proud of everyone that got us here... The winner of the G:2 earns the right to main event the biggest show of the year... Grand Stand. So to the sixteen members who signed up for that tournament... and whoever wins the tournament on Revolt's side... YOU BETTER DAMN WIN.

*HHH lowers the mic as Steph picks up*

We expect nothing but perfection of Revolt... we want and deserve the Main Event and Co-Main event. So listen to us loud and clear, weather you're on the male of female roster. If you win for Revolt... YOU BEAT FURY... if you do, the rewards will be just... if you don't... WE WILL do what is BEST FOR BUSINESS.  

*HHH then looks at the two presents in the ring*

Formalities aside... Steph and I are a little bit flustered tonight because we received this in the mail.

*Triple H opens up the present to reveal the IC Championship to the confusion of the crowd Steph grabs the note attached to the present*

To: Management
Regards, with love from Hollywood.
From: The Rock

*The Crowd let's out a loud mixed response*
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT 711143edc51b2a53df2bfbe71b766a16_1284_722

So Rocky has another movie to go to so he wants to send us his championship? I'm sure Rock thinks that this would get under my skin... guess what Rock? You want to step down without telling us? That's fine...

*Triple H puts the championship over his shoulder*

So... I've vacated the IC Championship and at Origin. The vacant championship will be on the line in a Triple Threat match. The competitors? Will be the THREE superstars that earn the MOST points in the G:2 without making the finals.

While we are talking about championships... We are going to send a shock into a division that has been DEAD for months... The tag team division... so we are making a match of the night! Breezango will defend there championships in a triple threat tag match. The Qualifying matches for the triple threat match will be SANITY vs GOLDEN TRUTH.

and ReDragon vs.... Evolution.

The qualifying matches will take place TONIGHT!

*The crowd pops for the matches made tonight, but it's not over*

Now on to the last present we have for you...

*Steph goes to open the final present as she gets intrupted by...*

Breezeango emerges from backstage with smiles on their faces and tag Titles in tow, much to the anger of Stephanie Mcmahon.
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Tenor

Fandango : Now hold on just a minute we are the final present... And what is this myself and Breezy hear? Dead division?Last we checked Breezeango have been here since before, and of course after the Day One is H!!!

The crowd cheers as Fandango shakes his hips to a “Breezeango” chant. Stephanie And Triple H do not seem amused as Breeze continues.

Breeze : Thank you Dangler... And while most weeks we continued the longest running segment in this company the Fashion Files from the longest reigning champions in PWG history! We decided to come out here for our fans and clear the air here tonight!

Breezeango enter the ring adjusting their titles as Fandango smirks.

Fandango : I know this is the part where we’re supposed to complain... But just as how myself and Breezy, kept this division a float we welcome the challenge...

Stephanie stares the two down as Breeze continues.

Breeze : The first ever PWG Triple Threat Tag team match?? You are damn right we want this!

The crowd cheers again as Fandango laughs.

Fandango : I mean look at your Champions... We have Rock... Or I should say we had Rock who not only didn’t have time for these lovely people but he went back to Hollywood?!

The crowd boos as Fandango shakes his head.

Fandango : Roman? I mean he’s kind of a douche....

Breeze : Dangler! You can’t say that!!!

Fandango : Your right Breezy... He’s just a douche...

The crowd laughs as Fandango shrugs.

Fandango : And Paige?!

Breeze goes wide eyed at Fandango scared of what he’ll say.

Fandango : She’s very mean and scary I don’t want to talk bad about her...

The crowd laughs again as Breeze holds his title high.

Breeze : Myself and Dangler have made our New Years goal to not just continue tag wrestling but to elevate it!

Fandango : Exactly so whoever wins between Red Wagon and the two old guys who wear tiny trunks we welcome the challenge...And even the Purge movie guys and the Truth that happens to be Golden...

Fandango : Now I know the time slot is almost over soooo... Straight from the sexist team to step inside this ring... Happy New Years and welcome to the New Years Revolt!
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Tumblr_ox1nqyO0ZV1uvyu9yo1_500

Fandango looks at his watch almost timing it, the two nod and drop their mics as Stephanie goes to speak on cue we head to commercial break.

Genesis 2:1 - Group D Match-Up
Roman Reigns vs Roderick Strong

January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Strong-VSReigns

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

With the sound of Paige's theme song playing a chorus of boo's would circle the arena. The boo's are deafening yet tangible - almost as if one could reach out and grab them if he or she so desired. Paige comes out as per usual with her girls Mandy Rose, Sonyda Deville and Maryse with the championship wrapped around her waist. They talk massive amounts of shit to fans as they make there way down to the ring, even going as far as sporadically pulling a young girls "I'm a hugger / Bayley" T-Shirt right off of her, striking and slapping over the back of the head for a few seconds. Tears flow down the young girls eyes as her parents scream and shout at this disgusting faction. The team makes there way into the ring as Paige prepares herself to speak.

Paige - Ah, it sure feels good to prove you disgusting pigs out here tonight wrong week after week, month after month and I love just saying I told you so. It's actually becoming my favorite thing to say to you rats. I mean I am a woman of action and at the woman's elimination chamber I proved it. Not only retaining this championship but defeating five of the best woman's wrestlers alive today - in that chamber. I told you each and everyone of you pigs that this would be the year that Absolution stopped simply allowing these little girls to play doll house with a woman's championship and that we would bring prestige back not only to this title but to woman's wrestling as a whole. I have single handedly been the most talked about, the most controversial, the most beautiful and most talented woman to ever hold this championship in PWG History and it's all thanks too me, myself and I. You see, this is only the beginning of our reigns as the queens of Revolt because once we're done here maybe just maybe we'll come after those ladies in fury that we have unfinished business with. Maybe Paige wants to show woman like Asuka and Kermit Riot what a real champion is all about. But wait, wait, wait... we all know if I did that little miss baddest thot on the planet Ronda Rousey would just stick her nose where it doesn't belong.  

The crowd begins cheering chanting "Ronda, Ronda, Ronda, Ronda!"

Paige - Oh yeah go ahead cheer her on!! Cheer on the woman who was to afraid to cash in on me last night because she knew if she dared to do so my girls, who have undying loyalty to me, would of be right there to greet her at the door. But speaking of loyalty let's also talk about something else that happened at the Elimination Chamber. You know that part at the very end where my girl Maryse thought it was wise to get a little handsy with me!

Paige turn towards Maryse as the crowd starts to now get loud about this confrontation. The crowd gets excited and roar with a positive reaction towards Maryse's actions at the Chamber.

January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Tumblr_p68du4bZxw1tj78k4o5_400

Paige - Maryse, home girl - I thought you were loyal to me!? Yet, you tried to attack me when and pin me when I was down and out. You know Absolution and I beat the living shit out of Mauro Ranallo because we thought he was talking out of pocket about you and now i'm starting to wonder did we do that for no reason!! Because i'm not going to lie sis that energy was different last night and to be honest I felt some type of way about the way you tried to take this championship from me. Look I get it, you got real close to the gold - and sometimes a bitch don't know how to act when that happens but Maryse baby girl, let that be the first and the last time you ever double cross me because the next time you do that... I'll fuck you up, bitch.

Paige smiles at Maryse and winks as Mandy and Sonya stick close to Paige. After a few seconds Paige brushes shoulders with Maryse as she walks past her. The girls follow Paige up the ramp leaving Maryse to have to face Naomi without her teammates by her side.

Genesis 2:1 - Group E Match-Up
Naomi vs Maryse

January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Naomi-VSMaryse

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

Pete Dunne's theme hits to a mixed reaction. Some fans appreciate the fantastic bouts he's been putting on as of late while others can't look past his heinous acts. The Bruiserweight walks out from behind the curtain and onto the entrance ramp as the reactions grow louder. He's dressed in his ring gear a bit banged up and bandaged after the grueling elimination chamber match. For the first time in his career, he walks down to the ring without a championship. You can tell this infuriates Dunne as he has a very sour bitter look on his face. He wastes no time sliding in the ring skipping the usual walk up the solid steel steps. He stands in the middle of the ring mad as ever. The PWG universe only push the issue by chanting "Where's your title" repeatedly. This results in a fuming Pete Dunne to pace back and forth before kicking the rope and shouting "SHUT UP" with great anger. He's then seen shouting towards the ring hands "Give me a bloody microphone!" before being handed one in less than a second.

Mauro Ranallo: You can only imagine what's going through the head of this young man. Just five days ago he was the World Heavyweight Champion of the world. He walks out here today just another competitor after what was just a brutal elimination chamber. He made the final two only to get put down by the much more experienced Roman Reigns.

Byron Saxton: I'd feel for Pete Dunne if he weren't such a jerk. I'm glad he isn't the champ anymore. I just wish it weren't Roman either. Why couldn't it be someone more honorable like Seth Rollins?

Tom Phillps: Please stop talking Byron...

The chants taunting Dunne show no sign of slowing down so he decides to just talk over them.
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Tumblr_orikhz9hEI1rawiuoo1_540

Pete Dunne: WOULD ALL OF YOU SHUT YOUR ROTTEN MOUTHS! I got my championship STOLEN from me. If it weren't for five other men all gunning for my head, I'd still be your world champion. Roman Reigns... keep that title nice and warm because The Bruiserweight and rightful champion is coming to collect what rightfully belongs to me. That title is my property and I will be back for it. You can quote me on that. So go ahead and mock me like school children. That's fine with me. Not one of you have the balls to step through these ropes and fight me. Not to mention I've done more in my twenty-five years of living than anything you peasants could do in a lifetime. Have fun mocking me for five minutes then return to your pitiful nine to five jobs before realizing you'll never amount to anything eventually taking your own life. But before you take your sorry life, I want you to remember that Pete Dunne was better than you.

Those who even bothered to cheer Dunne now boo him after the insults thrown their way.

Pete Dunne: I didn't come out here to piss and moan about getting MY CHAMPIONSHIP stolen. Or even to give you disgusting people the attention you crave. The reason I grace your ugly mugs with my presence is because I have some questions I need answered. I want to know where the hell was Braun Strowman when I needed him the most?! That chamber was bollocks and everyone knows it! How was I supposed to defend my title against five other men? I needed Braun to even the odds. To watch my back against those starving animals. You really think Roman would've been able to get the upper hand on me with a six foot eight three hundred and eighty-five pound monster backing me up? I was distracted with Ambrose when Roman sucker punched me. It's been weeks since Braun was by my side. He clearly isn't with me right now so that can only mean one thing. That monster stealing snake Matt Striker is back there with MY 'Monster Among Men'. Quite frankly, I'm tired of having everything I own STOLEN! I know I said I'd break your face next time we met, but if you come out here and hand over Braun all will be forgiven. I'm feeling generous today. So generous in fact that I might even let you leave here without any broken bones.
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Image?

Pete Dunne lowers the microphone and awaits Matt Striker's response.

As Pete lowers the microphone ane stares to the staging area intently, he begins to grow impatient. Moments begin to feel as if they turn into hours for the restless former champion. Just as Pete raises his microphone to speak once more however...

The theme of Braun Strowman's teacher begins to take over the arena as Pete seems to finally be about to recieve the response he demanded. However, as Matt Striker arrives on the staging area, he does not bring the monster known as Braun Strowman with him. Instead he stands alone, clad in his usual dress shirt covered by an ugly argyle vest. Striker appears a bit nervous as he makes his way to the ring, scaling the steps and being handed a microphone before stepping through the ropes. Slowly Striker's music fades away, leaving only the sound of the audience in attendance cheering in the background as the tense situation continues.

Matt Striker:

Look Peter, or perhaps you prefer Mr. Dunne? I'm really sorry Braun wasn't there for your match at Wrestlelution... I understand academic suspensions can be very frustrating... But I assure you I am not trying to "steal your monster". I'm simply trying to educate a man who may appear angry and violent, but as I've learned these past few weeks, has a genuine thirst for knowledge! I mean, things were rough at first, but he's already made so many improvements. He's backstage right now trying his best to learn the speach we all learned as children... I'm positive he understands what we say now and he so close to actual speach! This is a breakthrough that we cannot simply ignore, we have to nurture this or everything he's worked so hard for may be lost.

Pete appears to be irritated by hearing the same things he's been told be his mentor, Triple H, before Matt continues.

Matt Striker:

As I said before, I truly understand you being so upset having lost your World Champipnship at Wrestlelution. But that's just the thing Mr. Dunne, I didn't lose your title for you... And Braun didn't lose your title for you... The fact of the matter is, that you... Lost your title for you...

"Ooooooh" can be heard emanating from the capacity crowd in attendance at the sting on Striker's final words to Pete as he lowers his microphone...

This sends Pete Dunne past his boiling point as he grills Striker.  Almost even staring into the soul of PWG's resident educator. Matt Striker takes a step back as Pete slowly walks towards him. This is when Striker attempts to raise his microphone to talk Dunne out of anything he's planning to do. Before the former school teacher can get any words out, he is met with a stiff forearm to the skull.
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Tenor

This sends Striker flying and crashing down hard to the mat. He's dazed, but still conscious as he throws his hands up trying to surrender to the bitter Bruiserweight. Pete just grabs one of his arms and delivers repeated shoot kicks to the face of Matt Striker until he's donning a crimson mask. Referees and producers run down to the ring shouting for Dunne to stop. Some brave referees even attempt to pull Dunne off of Striker who is now in a full mount raining down punches onto Striker's already bloodied face. One referee grabs Dunne's arm as he lifts it for another striker. This is when Pete Dunne looks back with the devil's eye and spins around with another clubbing forearm sending the referee flying out of the ring. The others see this and retreat leaving poor Matt Striker at Pete Dunne's mercy. Pete goes to continue his beat down on Matt when a theme plays through the PA system.

Braun Strowman steps out onto the entrance ramp much to the delight of The Bruiserweight. Strowman wastes no time as he quickly walks down to the ring. He steps over the top rope joining both his partner in crime and teacher. Pete points at Striker who sits on the canvas shaking trying to wipe the blood off his eyes. Pete Dunne then shouts "END HIM, BRAUN!" as he pick up Striker by his hair as tosses him towards Braun. The Monster Among Men catches the bloody mess that is Matt Striker. Dunne continues to shout for Braun to destroy the one man who treated him as an equal instead of a living weapon. As Braun holds Striker in his cluthes, Matt looks up at Strowman and says "I was always good to you, Braun". For the first time in his life, Braun Strowman begins to feel remorse as he places Matt Striker gently to the ground. This send Dunne over the edge picking up a microphone and shouting at Strowman

Pete Dunne: Have you lost your mind?! You obey MY wishes! It's the only reason you were hired in the first place. You wouldn't have a job if it weren't for me you ungrateful oaf! Now I want you to pick this sorry excuse of a man up and powerslam him to oblivion!

Braun's nostrils begin to flare and he begins to growl almost like some sort of beast showing his frighting set of teeth. He grabs the microphone straight out of Dunne's hand and lets out a loud "NO!" almost like a roar. Pete Dunne seems a bit taken back by the first actual word he's ever heard Braun speak. This pops the crowd as they even begin cheering for Strowman. Just then, Pete snaps back to reality and slaps the monster right across the face. The arena goes silent in shock including Braun who is still trying to process what just happened. That is when Pete decides to go in for another slap. His arm gets caught mid swing as Braun crushes his arm staring into the eyes as if he were saying "you just made the biggest mistake of your life." Pete's heated demeanor turns to one of concern as he tries to pull his arm free. Braun pulls him in and scoops his former "boss" up on his shoulder. Pete begins squirming on top of the 6′ 8″ monster's shoulder before Braun dashes and sends Pete crashing down with a powerful running powerslam.

January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT BlandNarrowAiredaleterrier-max-1mb    

The PWG Universe goes nuts as Dunne finally got what was coming to him. Braun Strowman stands tall over Dunne after basically crushing him through the canvas. He then picks up Matt Striker and carries his to the back where he can get some medical attention. The last shot shows medical staff running down and trying to place Pete Dunne on a stretcher. He shoves them away and staggers to the back not without tripping a few times. Pete takes one last gaze over at the audience as they mock him with various chants. He's somewhere in between anger and sadness as he holds his ribs and limps off before the camera fades to black.  

Tag Team #1 Contendership Match
Golden Truth vs SaNitY

January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT TTQualifer-Goldvs-San

Quote :

winner via SIM:

Revolt rolls on as we are in one of the many backstage hallways. We hear strange noises get louder as the cheers and boos of the Revolt fans simmer. The cameraman starts to run as the sound gets louder and louder. The fans are now curious to what they are hearing. Suddenly, we see a door cracked open. The cameraman peers through the crack and we see a figure in a black hoodie. Now that the cameraman is closer, we can hear what the figure is saying.

I'm in the top one percent!? NO ONE ELSE CAN STOP ME! No Lunatic, No Scumbag, No One! It was a fluke, every loss is a fluke! I have proven my self day in and day out! I am the best Revolt has, I am the main man! They'll see, all of them will see!

At this point we see the figure turn towards the door. Its then that we see the figure is none other than Kevin Owens. The Revolt fans have a mixed reaction to this discovery, connecting the previous statements and KO as a person. While the fans are connecting the dots, the cameraman has been spotted by Owens. Realizing this, the cameraman tries to turn around and leave but Owens is able to grab the back of his shirt. Owens signals for the camera and the former camera man hands it over, the now man is allowed to leave off Owens' signal and an opened palmed slap accross his face. This causes the man to run but before he is fully gone we hear Owens yell towards the man. The comment however is cut off due to Owens holding the camera's mic. After a good fifteen seconds, Owens finally has the camera how he wants it, a full face shot. January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Kevin_Steen.0.0

Kevin Owens:
I need all of you fans to listen up. Listen to the main attraction, to the main man. I run this show. This show, this is the Kevin Owens Show! I work hard every day. I fight my fights. I win. I lose to flukes and I prove myself after. That is why tonight, I prove that my loss against EC3 was a fluke. That is why tonight, I make a statement. I make a statement to all you greasy finger having, terrible t-shirt designs wearing, sign holding idiots. I make a statement to all the management in the back who see me as a mistake. Who think I'm not good enough. Who put me in matches with idiots like Chris Jericho who didn't deserve to even lay a finger on me. To those that endanger me by letting a lunatic try to attack me. Where was my security on the Kevin Owens Show? If they were a second late I would have been attacked. To those who have doubt in me and my wrestling abilities. Tonight, I make a statement to all of you!

The crowd have gone quiet at this point, not a single sound is heard. Half the crowd is suprisingly worried for Owens even if they may not like him. Has this man gone crazy? Has something finally snapped? Although there is a good portion who have no remorse. Who have no questions about Owens and the condition of his mind. However this silence doesn't last long. Owens is seen on his feet walking back and forth, camera still in hand. He is seen slightly twitching and a slight droplet of sweat runs down his face. Suddenly Owens wipes his face and sits down forcefully. He continues to "play" with his face until he looks straight at the camera, eyes wide open. Owens continues...

Kevin Owens:
You don't understand do you? None of you do. No one in the back, my coworkers, you people. None of you understand what I have gone through. What I have had to live with. What follows me. What goes on in my head. I am the PRIZE...FIGHTER! I have fought through the years to get here. I have fought through the naysayers, the doubters, everyone.  I've had a target on my back for years. A ball and chain to my leg. People telling me I'm not what PWG needs. I'm not what they want. I have carried all of it with me, everything everyone has said and I have proved them all WRONG! I...I am here and I am here to win. To win for MYSELF. No one deserves to enjoy my victory. No one deserves to be with me when I rise to the top. Not you people, not my friends, not even my family. No one was with me. Not then, and not now.

Owens once more is now on his feet as it seems he can't sit still. He returns to pacing back and forth holding the camera in one hand, and rushing his other hand through his hair. Owens doesn't seem to care at this point. His face getting redder, his breathing getting heavier. Spit starts to make its way out into Owens' beard and onto the camera lens. However, Owens is not alright. He doesn't clean of the camera or wipe his face. He stops dead in his tracks. He stays looking straight, no hesitation or instinct to look back at the camera. All the PWG universe can see is a shot of the side of Owens face and the dark room behind him.

Kevin Owens:
Anyways...tonight is my night. Tonight, I go out there, I beat EC3, and I change the New Year. This year...this year is my year. I will win the Genesis Tournament. I will win any championship, the World Heavyweight, IC, hell maybe even the EVO. It doesn't MATTER! The only thing that matters is all of you remember this is year, this is MY YEAR! WELCOME TO THE YEAR...OF KEVIN OWENS!

At this comment, Owens throws down the camera. The camera slightly cracks and we hear a scream from Owens as the screen fades to black.

A laggy camera pans to a parking lot as it adjusts and focuses you begin to be able to see and hear Dean Ambrose and Renee Young.
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT 004

Renee : Dean... I... You... At the Chamber...

Dean slams the car trunk down as he stumbles a bit holding his head still appearing incredibly woozy as he takes a second to regain his composure.

Dean : I ain’t stopping... Seth can talk about saving me... Their ain’t anything left worth saving... Roman can try and ignore me... That’s fine he knows damn well his time will...

Dean falls to his knees as Renee helps him to his feet.

Renee : Dean... Take a week off. Please... Rest, you need rest.

Dean : I’m the Iron Man Of PWG... No days off nothing has stopped me.... This sure as hell won’t...

Renee : Dean you stayed in a overnight hospital. I promised you I wouldn’t tell the higher ups but... This is scaring me... You don’t seem like your...

Dean : I’m wha...What?

Renee : Your tough... And your I hate to say this but your crazy...

Dean chuckles as she helps him.

Renee : But Sanity their... Sick like... Worse than... You.

The grass rustles as the figure holding the camera laughs to himself Dean instantly pulls himself off Renee screaming in the direction.

Dean : Wolfe!!! Get out here you son of a bitch!!

Dean pulls a crowbar out of his jacket much to the shock of Renee as he limps over to the camera clutching it in his hand.

Dean : You think I can’t fight ya? Bring your buddy’s! I wanna feel this crowbar dig into your skin!

Dean finally reaches the bush as he looks around and finally kneels down grabbing the camera and putting it close as it turns off.

It instantly switches back on for the live audience as Dean can be seen sitting in his home in a room alone.
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Hqdefault

Dean : You three.. Aren’t asking for a fight... You three aren’t asking for me to hurt you... You three are begging me to end what little of a career you have left.. No one hurts my wife...

Dean begins murmuring to himself almost trying to calm himself down as he jumps up and puts the camera to his face.

Dean : NO ONE!!! I could careless the pool of blood you three left me in.. Where I come from in my life made me the meanest son of a bitch in the world... My career? CZW crafted me to be the toughest son of a bitch in this world... There ain’t nothing in this world, I can’t do if I decide that suddenly that’s the way it works now... I’m gonna enjoy taking you three apart piece by piece until me and you Wolfe can settle this... Once and for all I’m a man of my word.

A scream can be heard as Dean rushes out of the room still carrying the camera he steps down stairs as Renee looks out of the window terrified.

Dean : What?! Are you ok?!

Renee : I think there’s someone outside I... I... I don’t know I’m so sorry...

Dean places the camera down as a window breaks.Renee clutches Dean tight, as PWG’s Lunatic picks up the rock that crashed thru the window. Dean goes into the kitchen picking up the same crowbar.

Dean : You want me?! I’m right here!! Leave her out this! We can settle this right now!!

The camera sees Wolfe watching thru the window with a sick sadistic look on his face as he taps it twice with the bat he used to break Dean’s face still covered in his blood. Dean rushes over but by the time he gets their he’s gone.

Renee : Dean I... I’m scared they...

Dean : Don’t be... We don’t need anyone else, I will handle this...

Renee tears up a bit as she walks toward him.

Renee : Dean... Your outnumbered we were lucky to escape safe when they jumped you... Maybe we should just find another company I mean...

Dean : No... I worked my ass off to get here... Tonight is the start of the Genesis Tournament the same one I used to get my first world title match... Tonight is redemption and if I see them again... I finish this... Simple...

Renee : Dean we could ask Seth for help I mean? You two were brothers he wanted to help back on Fury, I’m sure if you asked...

Dean : Get your purse! I told you I’ve got this...

Dean walks over to the camera.

Dean : No more games..
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Hqdefault

Dean slowly picks up the camera before quickly slamming it down,  as we head to commercial break.

Genesis 2:1 - Group D Match-Up
Carmella vs Shayna Baszler

January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Camella-VSBaszler

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

Revolt rolls on continuing another amazing show. The camera displays all three members of The Brotherhood standing on a rather fancy looking black carpet that covers the canvas of the ring. All three men and donned in lavish clean suits and are equipped with microphones. They are greeted with boos from the sold out crowd. This doesn't faze them however, instead they find the hostility quite amusing. They laugh off the hate while looking smug as ever in their what is assumed to be thousand dollar suits. Once the crowd dies down, Kyle O'Reilly raises his microphone to speak.  

January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Tumblr_nju66g6Lxo1qdm1lco3_r1_500January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Roderick_strong_suit_png__by_cupofgrasspwa-dac1a25

Kyle O'Reilly: Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages, get ready for the greatest pro wrestling talk show you have ever seen in your entire life... THE FISH TANK! Every great talk show host had their trusty sidekick who always had their back. Carson had Ed McMahon, Letterman had Paul Shaffer, and Bobby Fish has Kyle O'Reilly. Of course we couldn't forget about our co co host, Roderick Strong!  When other talk shows lack entertainment, The Fish Tank will always deliver. Lets be honest for a second here, who really enjoys The Highlight Reel? Nobody has ever tuned in to see Y2J. They only care about his guest. Not to mention there's never even any highlights shown! Talk about clickbait, amirite? Don't even get me started on MizTV. That show has to be the most awful thing The Miz has done since The Real World. And yet, I'd still choose The Real World over MizTV. That's saying something, folks. Yikes!

Some chants of "Y-2-J" breakout at the mention of the wrestling icon himself, Chris Jericho. However, The Brotherhood doesn't see it that way. They almost take it as an insult. O'Reilly seems a bit annoyed, but continues to speak.  

Kyle O'Reilly: You won't be chanting that by the end of this segment mark my words. You can quote me on it! Before my heterosexual life mate and your host, Bobby Fish, can kick this thing off. There's a few things i'm inclined to tell you. Some of you might feel offended or personally attacked. We might not always be politically correct and we honestly couldn't care less. If your feelings are hurt by anything we do on this show, feel free to get up and walk your ass right out of the arena because ain't nobody telling The Brotherhood what we can and cannot do. We make our own rules and we ain't afraid to break em if we have to. I believe I pretty much got everything covered. Without further delay, please welcome your host of The Fish Tank and killer facial hair enthusiast, Bobby Fish!!!

Most of the PWG Universe boo as "The Infamous" Bobby Fish takes a step forward. He is however cheered on by his brothers who give him a round of applause. Fish smirks while chewing on some gum. He lowers his shades a bit before raising his microphone and speaking.

Bobby Fish: I know what a lot of you are thinking right now. My own show, eh? I've been doing this on the independents for awhile now so don't think I have no clue what i'm doing. In fact, I was begged to bring The Fish Tank to PWG television by the producers. Who am I to turn down an opportunity and fat paycheck like that? I won't bring out any guest to carry my show because quite frankly, I don't need them. Believe it or not I can actually be entertaining on my own. We're gonna kick things off with the reason we came to this god forsaken brand in the first place. To confront Samoa Joe. Anyone who keeps up with social media will point out that he isn't here tonight. Our buddy Roddy here was looking forward to this day all week and now Joe had to go and ruin all the fun we were going to have. Roddy boy, how does that make you feel?

Strong acts as if he were on the verge of tears pulling out a handkerchief and acting as if he were wiping away his tears. Fish and O'Reilly come to console Strong padding him on the back. This continues for a few moments until Strong nods his head mouthing the words "i'm good" as he raises his microphone to say a few words.

Roderick Strong: I was super pumped when we'd all be here on Revolt together to confront Joe. I honestly couldn't wait. Once I got that notification on my phone, that tweet shattered my heart into a million pieces. It's like as soon as Joe heard we were coming, he caught the first flight outta here. I always knew Samoa Joe was a coward, but c'mon. He hit the bricks before we could even leave the arena that night. That's when we all came up with a brilliant plan. Fish is the host so i'll let him take it away.

Bobby Fish: Oh, you're too kind, Roddy. My co co host speaks the truth and nothing but the truth. We figured if Joe wasn't going to be on Revolt this week, We'd just go to him. The three of us gathered our stuff and headed to the Samoan Islands where it was rumored Joe was retreating to. Despite you people booing me, I'm feeling somewhat generous tonight. If you turn your attention to the titantron, you will see the footage of our attempt to track down Samoa Joe in the savage Samoan Islands.

The titantron begins playing the footage showing a small plane land.
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT 130403041006-bpr-samao-airlines-ceo-lansgton-00003510-story-top

The Brotherhood exit the plane dressed as if they were rockstars with shades and the tightest jeans you've ever seen on a male. Almost too tight in fact. Nonetheless, they're greeted by some locals who are wearing lavalavas and no shirt. They try to hand each member of The Brotherhood a Ula Fala which is a special necklace made by the natives. The disrespectful trio tell them "no thanks" even going so far as to say "I wouldn't be caught dead wearing that". Strong then busts out an 8x10 of Samoa Joe asking if anyone has seen him. Everyone answers no. The Brotherhood see this as a waste of their time brushing past the kind locals. The camera jumps forward to where they're in a more populated area of the island still with the 8x10 in hand asking anyone and everyone if they have seen Joe. That's when an older hefty man well into his 60s approach them.  

Old Man: That's my nephew, Nuufolau. Is he in some kind of trouble?

The Brotherhood surround the aging man like a pack of wild dogs. The old man is a bit taken back by the hostility, but stands his ground.

Kyle O'Reilly: Ohhh he's in some deep deep trouble. You'll be too unless you give him up. Tell us where he is or we'll put a beating on ya, gramps.

Old Man: I won't tell any of you punks a single word. Now go back wherever it is you came from and leave our beautiful island at once before I notify the authorities.

Bobby Fish: Easy now, old man. There isn't any need for anyone to get hurt. Just tell us where little o'l Joey is and we'll be on our way. Simple as that you stubborn old dog.

The old man refuses to sellout his nephew once more shaking his head no. Fish lets out a sigh before blasting him with a quick elbow to the head. This is when Strong and O'Reilly join in as they all beat down on the poor old man. The old man is able to let out one loud cry for help before eating a knee knocking him clean out courtesy of Roderick Strong. Some other can be heard shouting in the distance "Hey, whats going on over there" before footsteps can be heard running towards the scene. Strong takes the rest of the 8x10s and throws them over the unconscious body of the old man before they all flee. This ends the footage returning back to The Brotherhood all standing in the ring amused by the sickening acts committed by them. This gets them nuclear heat from everyone in the sold out arena. The fans are so disgusted, the begin to throw trash in the ring. Some even try to hop the barricade before being stopped by security.    

Bobby Fish: That's all, folks!

Kyle O'Reilly: Hope you all enjoyed the show.

Roderick Strong: Especially you, Joey boy.

The Brotherhood all take a bow while still being rained down on by garbage from the live audience. They decide to leave before the crowd gets anymore out of hand. Exiting the ring and walking back up the ramp waving to the fans as if they were movie stars on the red carpet until they walk back through the curtain.

January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT W3W1o3r

Match of the Night
Genesis 2:1 - Group E Match-Up
Dean Ambrose vs Braun Strowman

January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Ambrose-VSStrowman

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

As the referee stikes the mat for the three count Braun triumphantly tosses the exhausted Ambrose from on top of him and rises to his feet. He looks to Dean and begins stalking him before the referee begins trying to stop him, screaming the match is over. An angered Braun turns his focus from the battered but victorious Ambrose, to the referee. He seems to protest with the referee, smacking his hand to his hand a about fives times and arguing with the referee who chokes back his intimidation to explain a three count to the confused Strowman who has never before been pinned for one.

This doesn't sit well with the Monster Among Men however, as he abruptly hoists the referee onto his massive shoulder, before driving him to the canvas with a Powerslam! He is not finished there, as he turns to the now rising Dean Ambrose and lifts him onto his shoulder as well, taking a couple steps for added momentum and sending Dean crashing to the canvas as well with another Powerslam!

As he rises to his feet and survery the damage he has caused, Braun raises his arms and lets out a mighty roar before exiting the ring and heading to the backstage area. After all the damage he's taken the sheer might behind Braun's Powerslam seems to have taken more of a toll than it usually would on PWG's ironman, as he remains motionless on the mat.

As Dean lay motionless the worst possible theme he could hear begins to play over the PA system envoking a chorus of booing from the crowd. Appearing at the top of the staging area, are all three sinister members of SAnitY! Eric Young and Killian Dain carry with them a table and Alexander Wolfe appears to have some kind of sack he carries over his shoulder as the three rush the ring. Taking advantage of the situation they quickly set and position the table within the ring as Dean slowly begins to blink his eyes and regain consciousness, still unaware of his surroundings.

With the table set, Alexander Wolfe raises the sack he carries high, before emptying the contents over the table... Thousands of shiney, sharp thumb tacks! As Wolfe nears the end of the bag a couple more items drops out... A canister of lighter fluid and a lighter... Fans begin booing madly as they realize SAnitY doesn't just have bad intentions, but psychotic ones!Wolfe douses the table with the fluid now as Killian and Young turn and begin stomping the already hurt Ambrose, envoking even more rage from the crowd. Wolfe taps on his leader, Eric Young's, shoulder to get his attention and hands him the lighter. Eric grins madly, before shouting something to Dain and Wolfe. Wolfe begins laughing wildly before hopping up to where he is seated on the top turnbuckle. As he does this Dain begins to lift the battered Ambrose up, before hoisting up upward to Wolfe from a belly to back position. As he does this, the mad leader Eric Young, sets the table, already covered in thumbtacks, ablaze!

Dean is given to Wolfe who now holds him on the turnbuckle in a powerbomb position, before bringing Dean crashing down through the flaming table with a devastating Avalanche Powerbomb! Rather then pop for the crazy actions they just sae, the crowd falls silent. Dean Ambrose can be heard screaming in agony. Medics begin rushing to the ringside area as SAnitY vanishes as quickly as they appeared. The last scene we see is that of multiple medics frantically trying to assist Dean, and a stretcher being rushed to the ringside area as the cameras fade to black...

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January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Celebration-1

Revolt returns from commercial break revealing the ring prepared for a celebration of sorts. Decorated with various tables holding champagne bottles and assorted foods, butlers saunter about until facing the stage. Suddenly a familiar theme plays which coaxes forth a series of boo's from the crowd. In conjunction with the new tune, confetti falls from the sky along with balloons.

Tom Philips - Our new champion has arrived! Just in time for his championship celebration! Aren't you excited Byron?!

Byron - Excited to have this demented man as our champion? What if he vacates it again?!

Tom Philips - You better put some respect on his name, he came in second and out lasted five other superstars to earn his second championship! Besides, last time we weren't worthy enough to have him as champion! Now we are!

Mauro Ranallo - With how erratic Roman has been this year, it's hard to know what's truly on his mind. Or should I say their mind?

January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT WG7kb5N

With the title draped over his broad shoulders, Reigns saunters down the ramp with a smug expression depicted upon his countenance. Donned in a lavish suit, Reigns isn't alone; a dozen women in revealing dresses strut behind him. Various men at ringside, take photos of him as if he were some sort of philanthropist, a god that's descended from heaven. He poses for a few photos, laughter escaping his lips before entering the ring. Being greeted by various butlers, one eventually retrieves the microphone for him to speak.

Roman Reigns - I'd hate to say I told you so but here we are again with us as your new World Heavyweight Champion! Roman Reigns the first ever winner of Revolt's Elimination Chamber! Two Time World Heavyweight Champion! A god amongst men, a man the women wish to be with, and an idol the children can look up to. This is and always will be our show but no one ever believed us. They'd bring up our vacated title reign or other insignificant things. You see, around these parts, having this title is apparently the only thing that makes you legit in the company. It’s not about the star power or the amount of success you have, it’s always been about the material gain and although I never believed in such a thing, this title should tell you that this truly is my show now. And unlike the flukes, the wannabes, the paper champions, and the failures backstage, holding this title will mean something when I'm here.

Those other competitors all fell short when it came to Roman Reigns. Pete Dunne, a paper champion that was undeserving of this title; Dean Ambrose, a homeless man who can barely take care of himself, let alone his own wife; The Rock a man past his prime who’s long gone by now; Baron Corbin, a man who had his only taste of the limelight thanks to me; Seth Rollins, a failure who continues to project his insecurities onto us rather than look at himself in the mirror. All of these men had their dreams ruined within the chamber and rather than allow them to live in their fantasy land, I opened up their eyes to the true reality of things—this is my world.

Roman Reigns takes a brief pause to collect his thoughts, the crowd in attendance booing their newest champion into oblivion. This doesn’t seem to faze the champion at all, instead he takes a swig of champagne, tossing the empty glass bottle to the side of the ring. The women within the ring of course look on, as well as the butlers pleased with their host.

Roman Reigns - Speaking of which, Seth Rollins is a real character isn’t he? He changes a strand of his hair and makes us believe he’s this changed man when in actuality, he’s just one of those delusional fans who continues to pester me in an attempt to have another taste of the main event scene, this time in the form of “the shield.” Now I promised I’d put an end to Seth’s career months ago but how do you kill a man who’s as delusional as he is? A man who can’t seem to comprehend that he’s nowhere near my league and never will be because he’s a failure. Why would I align myself with someone like that? All his life that’s been the main theme, constantly losing and fighting battles that ultimately end with the same conclusion. Seth has failed constantly not just in this company but outside of it. And you know? This was supposed to be a celebration but these past few weeks he continues to run his mouth about the man who spared him… So you know what? I want to invite two people who have had to deal with Seth’s constant disappointments so that they can see what a real, successful man looks like.

The crowd is puzzled, they look towards the stage area unsure of who Roman Reigns is talking about. Two people from Seth’s past? What demons from Seth’s past did Reigns manage to conjure up? Leaving the crowd in suspense eventually two women dressed decently appear from the backstage area.
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT R1isvepJanuary 3rd, 2019 REVOLT E5em2ip

Byron Saxton – Wait isn’t that…?

Tom Philips – It’s Zahra Schreiber and Leighla Schultz! Seth’s ex-girlfriend and ex-fiance!

Mauro Ranallo – This just got really personal! Does this man have no shame?!

As the two women saunter down the ring, Roman Reigns and the other attendees of the celebration begin to clap to welcome these new guests. The crowd of course gives a mixed reaction. What's going on?

Roman Reigns – Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time, Zahra Schreiber and Leighla Schultz! The physical manifestations of Seth’s failures! Ladies, please come in. Enjoy a drink or two, bask in the ambiance of true winners.

Given the history, one would assume both of these women despised each other but their apparent disdain for Colby Lopez brought them closer. Was that truly the reason though? Or was there something else involved? Time would tell but at the moment both women entered the ring unfazed by their presence, instead indulging in the lavish sustenance and drink laid before them. Of course, Roman did not go without a greeting, both women kissing his cheek.

Roman Reigns - These two beautiful women he wronged, two relationships he couldn't maintain because of cowardice. Rather than end his failing engagement with Leighla, he went into the arms of another woman... Another woman he eventually left high and dry. Did he apologize to them? Did he make peace? Of course not... Every chapter in Seth's book goes half-done, he never finishes or mends what he started and ruined. Now let me ask the audience at home something-are we really supposed to believe and confide in a man, who failed in both his relationships, to "awaken" Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns? Are we supposed to believe he's some sort of savior of Revolt when he can't even save himself let alone others? Seth Rollins is a con artist and to expose him ever further I-

Before Roman Reigns can continue he's interrupted by none other than...

Before Roman Reigns could finish his statement - the theme song of "The Man" Seth Rollins would blast through the speakers. Seth Rollins enters the scene walking down the ramp in a serious demeanor as the fans go ballistic!! They roar with cheers wanting Seth Rollins crash the party that the current champion is throwing whilst chanting "BURN IT DOWN, BURN IT DOWN, BURN IT DOWN." Seth Rollins walks straight down to the ring only to be met with bouncers who act as barricade in order to hold Rollins back from going any further. Seth Rollins nods his head and bites his bottom lip mouthing a few words before he is cut off by his former lover Leighla Schultz. She grabs the microphone from Roman Reigns and begins to speak.

Leighla Schultz - Colby Lopez you better not take another single fucking step. How dare you fucking come out here acting like your some kind of hero. How dare you people cheer for this maniac and unstable - con artist!?! How dare you act like you're the victim in this story!? You see, these people might eat up your bullshit but as someone who knows you more personally and more intimately than anyone in this damn planet could - i'm here to expose you. Expose you to the world as the true villain of this story. You see, I waited years for an opportunity like this. To come out here and speak out on the real story - what really happened between us and I want to thank Roman Reigns, the real man of PWG for giving me this opportunity. The opportunity to give these people the story they need to hear - not the sugar coated, swept under the rug version of what happened to us in order to make you look flawless in the limelight. They need to hear the real story in order to truly understand how horrible of a human being you are. For those of you who don't know, I am the woman who almost got married to the man standing before you with the cute little blonde streak. I was the woman who supported my man through thick and thin. I was the happiest woman alive and I was ready to become Mrs. Leighla Lopez. A soon to be wife who supported my soon to be husbands wrestling career and no one truly knows how hard that is... going months without getting to your significant other. Having to watch them only from a television screen just hoping you can see them at least twice a year. Yet - Colby Lopez, I loved you. I wanted to marry you. I wanted to start a family with you. To be the mother of your children and most importantly your wife. But you just can't help but mess everything up that's good in your life huh?!

The crowd continues to give mixed reactions as they listen to what this young woman has to say. However, they still choose to remain more-so on Seth Rollins side.

Leighla Schultz - Colby Lopez you destroyed what was going to be a beautiful martial bond between us with your selfishness. You decided that secretly texting, sexting and manipulating this young woman Zahra was more of a priority then staying faithful to me. A woman who loved you more than she loved herself - yet I was so replaceable huh!? You want to talk about Roman Reigns being selfish and caring about no one but himself? Oh, Colby you need to look in a mirror because you have always made everything about you and what's beneficial to you. And if you people don't want to believe me look at what he did to Dean Ambrose and his relationship with his wife! This man was so unhappy with his life that then he started to try to destroy the relationships of those he called his own "brothers" and thank God Roman is currently a single man because we all know Colby would of been on his way to try and wreck that too - all in the name of trying to "save" somebody. You know what's the worst part about you Colby!? The fact that you keep trying to "save" people who never asked for you to save them in the first place. You're a self righteous, pompous, jackass who tries to enforce his own selfish desires onto other people and I hope every little fan who looks up to you realizes tonight that they're looking up too a modern day Hitler and terrorist under the alias Seth Rollins. But you know what i'm glad that things didn't work out between us because you're a failure Colby. You're a failure at everything you do. You're a failure of a superstar, a failure of a man, a failure of a human being and most importantly you would of been a failure of a husband had I married you.

Seth Rollins clenches his fist as the crowd begins to boo!! Rollins immediately turns away and starts slowly walking up the ramp as he shakes his head. However, Leighla does not let him get off so easily - as she now begins to shout.


Immediately Seth Rollins turns around having been triggered by these words. Rollins makes his way back down to the ramp as the crowd roars with cheers at the sight of Rollins coming back. Once again security tries to hold Rollins back only to be met with swift right hands back to back sending every single bouncer crashing to the mat! Rollins enters the ring and faces his former fiancee face to face with a serious demeanor but emotional as well. Rollins mouths a few words before she continues to speak.
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Tumblr_pi42s1IfQT1tuenido2_540


Seth clenches his teeth as he shakes his head only to be met by a swift slap from Leighla!! Rollins head lowers as his hair covers his face. She continues to yell in his face as she once again goes for another slap! However this time Rollins catches her hand and the crowd once again roars with cheers!! Seth mouths a few words as he seems to almost have a tear run down his cheek. Immediately Zahra Schreiber pulls Leiglha back as Roman Reigns connects with a TITLE SHOT to the head of Seth Rollins!! The crowd roars with boo's as Rollins lands on the ground grabbing his head! Roman Reigns orders that a chair be brought to him and has it passed to Leighla. She gazes at the chair and grabs it as Roman Reigns nods his head, telling her to feast. Rollins former fiance grabs the chair and begins unleashing non stop strikes to the back of Rollins. All of that can be heard is his screams and the sound of chair shots as he sways back and forth in agony. After a while Roman stops the attack, grabbing the chair from Leighla and now passing it too Zahra. He nods his head and sways his hand over Rollins fallen body. Zahra unfolds the chair in the middle of the ring. Zahra asks that the now conscience bouncers place Rollins unconscious body on the chair. Zahra holds up Rollins by the hair as she now speaks into a microphone.
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT EXUN1ai

Zahra Schreiber - Sethy-Poo, do you remember how you used me!? Do you remember, how you took advantage of me!? Do you remember how I was only important to you for about a second and then you threw me away!? Do you remember how you took something really sacred from me - and then you disappeared!? -Zahra pulls out a scissor and holds it towards Seth's neck- Do you remember how much I valued you?! What was that you said not too long ago - that, the strand of blond hair you have is almost a reminder of who you are!? Where you came from!? Well honey no, today is going to be a reminder of who you really are - a failure.

Zahra grabs the lock of blonde in Rollins hair (The strand that symbolized not getting go of the light in this "descent to darkness") and cuts its completely off with a scissor! The fans gasps in disgust and heart break as she let's it go. Seth Rollins collapses to the floor again as she lets go of his hair. Zahra then spits on Rollins fallen body as both Zahra and Leighla leave the ring - leaving this fallen man in the ring with a suited Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns adjusts his title with a smirk as the crowd continues to roar with deafening boo's.

January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Giphy

Reigns walks off with a smirk on his face as we go to commercial break.

Saxton: Oh baby it’s the stunning Alicia Fox !

Philips: Saxton relax yourself.

Fox: Lately people been saying I’ve been a nobody cause I lost the fatal 4 way match but you people need to learn that I didn’t get pinned and that I’m still the best woman on the Revolt roster.

Fox pauses as the fans chant "boring".

Fox: All of you need to shut up because I’m the most stunning, sexiest woman on this show. Anyways tonight we begin the G2 tournament and I get to face the so called baddest women on the planet but let’s be honest on here I’m the real baddest women here not Ronda Lousy because look.

Alicia points at the titantron.
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Holly-holm-kos-ronda-rousey

Fox: Hold on one more!.
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Web1_webmma-ufc207gamer-123016-bh-034_7688073

Fox: This is your so-called baddest woman on the plant, more like getting her ass kicked and when I beat the holy crap out of Ronda then you will all know me as Alicia Fox the one who ended Ronda's damn career.

Ronda's theme hits.

To a huge pop Ronda Rousey makes her appearance on PWG Television after not being seen at New Years Wrestlution. However, she is devoid of her typical smiles that accompany her entrance as Alicia's promo no doubt struck a nerve on the PWG Rookie.
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Ronda-Rousey-WWE

MAMMA MIIIA! I don't think it's a wise move bringing up Rousey's last two MMA bouts moments away from having a match with her! But they do say Alicia Fox is pretty crazy!

Ronda, now in the ring, comes face-to-face with Alicia Fox and stares her down for a handful of moments before finally snatching Fox's own microphone out of her hand.
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT 960

And just who the fuck are you!?

Alicia and the PWG Universe are taken aback at the crude language the babyface has never used. Alicia takes a couple steps away from Ronda in the process.

Really though who? I haven't seen you in any significant match or segment on Revolt since I was signed. And now that you had the unfortunate luck of being drawn into MY G2 GROUP you've finally found your voice? Well listen here, bitch, I've competed at the highest levels of Mixed Martial Arts, I've won Championships and Olympic Medals which put a target on my back. And, you'd never know this, but when you achieve and strive for greatness for long enough, it's only a matter of time before someone finally knocks you off the pedestal... BUT I REFUSED TO STAY DOWN AND LET THAT DEFINE ME!

The crowd cheers in support as Ronda continues.

So I reinvented myself and entered the world of wrestling - the world of PWG! And while this is a new chapter in my life, my MMA career is still not over. Holmes. Nunez. Our stories are are far from finished...

Ronda pauses to look Alicia up and down unimpressed.

But for you, Alicia, this is your Final Chapter!

Ronda shoves Alicia down onto the mat to another pop before 'Miss Fortune' takes off her leather jacket and red kilt gear in preparation for the match now only moments away... the ref signals for the bell to be rung.

Ding. Ding. Ding.

Genesis 2:1 - Group D Match-Up
Alica Fox vs Ronda Rousey

January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Fox-VSRousey

Quote :

Ronda Rousey wastes no time bull-rushing the frailer Alicia Fox into the corner turnbuckle before unloading copious stiff strikes over, and over, and over again.
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Ronda-rousey-wwe-raw_4382625

Rousey then takes the dazed Fox and rag dolls her around with repeated Judo Throws, in a manner similar to a Cat playing with a Rat before it kills it.
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Tenor

After 3 Judo Throws, Rousey hits a final one that sends Alicia between the bottom and middle rope, causing her to land hard on the mat outside. Rousey, however, gives no breathing room and pursues outside. Alicia takes a wild swing in self-defense but Ronda quickly bats it away before grabbing and throwing her sideways into the barricade!
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Wwe-ronda-rousey-759

The crowd goes "OHHHHHHHH!" in unison at the sight of this beatdown. Ronda tosses Alicia back into the ring and talks some trash as she pulls Alicia up off the mat by the hair.

January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT 0a7e69aa6753ad8080207140c8dfa783





The crowd cheers as Ronda Rousey secures 3 Points in her first G2 Matchup, but Miss Fortune still has a fiery look in her eyes as it doesn't appear she's quite done yet... As Rousey has Fox's arm set up in position for her patented Arm Bar Submission, she screams down at Fox "WHO'S THE BADDEST BITCH ON THE PLANET!?!?!?" before attempting to rip her arm off.

January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Tenor

AHHHHHH! You're the Baddest Bitch on the Planet! Please! You're the Baddest Bitch on the Planet! AHHHHH!

Finally satisfied at this showcase of dominance, Rousey releases the Arm Bar and allows Fox to lick her wounds outside the ring. Rousey drinks in the fans positive reception to what they witnessed as the commentary team closes out the segment.


click to reveal winner:

The top one percent theme begins blasting through the arena as EC3 begins making his way to the ring, with something on his mind before his match

January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Tenor

As EC3 reaches the ring he grabs a microphone heads to the center of the ring and begins to speak. The crowd seems anxious to hear what he has to say.
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT 011_RAW_04032017ca_0110--98aec89a850800a63821fec10bbebee7

Ec3 looks around at the crowd and then smirks before beginning
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT EC3-NXT-TV-61318

EC3: Brand new year! ... ... ... ... Same. Old. Revolt... ... That's not just a tagline, it's the damn truth. I just beat Kevin Owens at New Years Wrestleution and who is my first opponent on the first episode of Revolt of the new year? ... ... ... Kevin ... Owens...

The crowd gives a mixed reaction to the mention of the home countryman Kevin owens

EC3: Unbelievable right? I came here tonight with positive thoughts on my mind. Ethan, I say to myself, today is gonna be a good day, we're gonna smash that workout, hang out some lovely, sexy Canadian ladies EC3 winks and most importantly we are going to get another win and kick of this tournament with a bang! Then I get here and find out that I am in the same group as Kevin Owens, Fine I think to myself I can beat Kevin again, but surely I'll get to face someone new first, perhaps the new World Champion Roman Reigns...

The crowd boos for the new champion, EC3 shrugs

EC3: I disagree... he's very good.

The crowd boos even more loudly to an almost deafening level

EC3: Anyway my point was, it's rather disappointing to have the same opponent so soon, but I guess it matters not, because once that bell rings you'll all be having New Years deja vu as you watch my hand being raised as E.....C.....3 stands victorious over that former champion Kevin Owens.

EC3 drops the mic and prepares for the match.

Genesis 2:1 - Group D Match-Up
EC3 vs Kevin Owens II

January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT EC3vsKO

Quote :

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As the ref's hand hits the mat for the three the crowd has a mixed reaction. Some boo Owens as he has just pinned EC3 and some cheer seeing the new Kevin Owens. However the crowd play no part in changing what Owens does next. We see Owens get up and scream something towards the ring announcer. Although we can not hear what he said, we can clearly see Owens get handed a mic. The crowd simmer down as Owens starts.

Kevin Owens:
I told you all. Tonight I erased the fluke Ethan had over me at Wrestlution! Tonight was the start of my year. THE YEAR OF KEVIN OWENS!

At Owens last comment he throws down his mic and slowly walks away, leaving Revolt to cut to break

January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Women_Smackdown_Live_mp40832_zpscyj9oizj

As Charlotte's theme song hits she saunters out onto the stage to a mixed reaction. Charlotte makes her way to the ring and once inside she asks for a mic.
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Women_Smackdown_Live_mp40971_zpsuhkhuid8

Charlotte: so tonight I’m facing Paige who we all know is as white as snow. It’s a new year and so we should have a new champion and nobody wants The Queen of Sluts as our Champion any longer.

Charlotte laughs before she speaks again.
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Women_Smackdown_Live_mp41056_zpsyw9jbksg

Charlotte: I am going to make Paige bow down to the Queen, kind of like how Maryse bows down to her every night... Paige I heard spray tan wasn’t even good enough for your skin. I mean you're just doomed to be the pale champion forever.
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Women_Smackdown_Live_mp41058_zpsoo62cixb

Charlotte: The pale champion whore needs to get out here right now! And it’s just too bad that she's going to bow down to the Queen and lose.

Paige finally makes her presence known and once inside the ring the match begins.

Genesis 2:1 - Group E Match-Up
Charlotte vs Paige

January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Charlotte-VSPaige

Quote :

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Crews’ music hits as the crowd looks surprised that Revolt has acquired a new superstar of this caliber. He makes his way down to the ring. Once inside he grabs a mic from the ringside staff.
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Apollo-Crews-Promo

Crews: What’s up PWG. My name is Apollo Crews. I’m here because I’ve heard great things about this company. I’ve traveled the world trying to find a promotion to call my own. But just a few days ago I think I’ve found it here.

Crews: I will be here week in and week out working my ass off to scratch and claw my way to the top. I promise you I will be the best in PWG and the Best In The World.

Crews drops the mic and walks to the back.

Tag Team #1 Contendership Match
Evolution vs ReDragon

January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT TTQualifer-Evovs-Re

Quote :

In the closing moments of the match, Randy Orton is looking to seal the victory for Evolution with an RKO as he pounds his fists into the mat causing O'Reilly to stir. However, Bobby Fish isn't going to stand idly by and allow this to happen. He attempts to enter the ring but is stopped in his tracks by the referee. Fish & the Referee struggle back n forth for a bit, but this is exactly what ReDragon wants - as their Brotherhood member Roderick Strong rips Batista's legs out from under him causing his head to smack hard against the apron!

Orton notices the tail end of this and turns his attention to Strong, allowing O'Reilly to hit a Brainbuster on The Viper. Fish finally returns to his corner to receive the tag from O'Reilly and inevitably hit their tag team Finishing move - TOTAL ELIMINATION.

January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT SinfulDaringAmericanblackvulture-max-1mb




click to reveal winner:

After another break that crushes peoples will to live, we are greeted by a sweeping shot of a tropical land occupied by an array of trees that stand high and mighty above the land and various moving clouds of birds that sweep the area with graceful ease before landing on the wooden giants. This tropical view is broken by the first sight of humanity.
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT IMG_2661_HDR-Edit

Inside of this traditional Samoan Fale stands two figures, one is an older man who's wrinkled face is like a road map of his lifes journey, his thin grey unkempt beard covers up various different scars of his past as he gently places a hand on the shoulder of the much younger and more physically imposing barrel of mass next to him
January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Superstar-Category_Superstar_562x408_SamoaJoeNEW

Samoa Joe
Why did you call me back now, Chief? I had things under control.

The chief looks up at the questioning Samoa Joe before speaking wisdom through his worn out vocal pipes

Control? You don't know the meaning of that word, my friend. Your mindset, everything that you've been doing, I fear you've lost your way.

Samoa Joe closes his eyes and lets out a deep breath of frustration, but he does not dare disagree with the old man. perhaps Joe knows his wisdom to be true?

Anger has clouded your judgement, cost you that which you desire. Tell me, what is your purpose? Why do you do the things you do? Is there an end game?

January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT 960

Samoa Joe racks through his brain in deep thought, but his silence speaks a thousand words to the wise chief.

Without purpose, you have no reason. You may as well simply disappear into obscurity right now. Stay here for the rest of your days until you wither and decay and eventually die with nothing.

You know what you need to do. You know what you need and where to find it Joe.

Samoa Joe's breathing starts to slowly pick up as he realizes what The Chief speaks of, he runs his hand slowly down his face is clearly full of something alien to him, Fear. He turns to the Chief and utters out a few panicked and desperate words

Samoa Joe
You can't seriously expect me to do that, can you Chief?. You know the cost. You know what I lose. I Can't. I WONT!

The Chief does not care for Joe's uncharacteristic outburst of desperate pleas and speaks as calm as the still Sea ahead of them

You Must and you will, Joe. Freedom. Judgement You are scared to lose these things despite the fact Anger took at least one of those from you a long time ago without you even knowing.

You've become a blunt instrument, we don't need that. So stop cowering behind excuses. MAN UP and do what you have to do.

Joe looks down at the chief, this is normally the point where he would attack and leave the frail old man helpless, but instead he puts on a straight face that masks his emotion and waits for the chief to leave and walk out of view into the welcoming arms of the woods.

January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Cedar1

With him now gone, Joe finally brings the full power of his fist slamming onto a nearby desk that he then hunches over it in an attempt to calm down. Something catches Joe's eye though, he reluctantly picks it up. Before shoving his hand at the camera sending the screen into darkness and quite possibly assaulting the man behind it before he can capture what the object was.

Genesis 2:1 - Group E Match-Up
Seth Rollins vs Pete Dunne

January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT Dunne-VSRollins

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

Thursday Night Revolt.
PWG Inc. 2018 ©
Team Revolt Productions.

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January 3rd, 2019 REVOLT
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