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 December 31st, 2018 FURY

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December 31st, 2018 FURY Empty
PostSubject: December 31st, 2018 FURY   December 31st, 2018 FURY Icon_minitime12/31/2018, 7:29 pm

Monday Night FURY
DECEMBER 31st, 2018
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Scotiabank Arena

December 31st, 2018 FURY Scotiabank-Arena-Sign-07012018-7698

SHOW NAME: New Years Eve Genesis

As the Fury intro comes to an end, Fury goes live and the pyrotechnics blast the eardrums of almost every lively individual in the arena.

December 31st, 2018 FURY 2DRzRG

The camera then proceeds to pan around the arena showing the sheer excitement and anticipation from the fans for tonight's packed show.

::Michael Cole::
Welcome Everyone to the aftermath of Wrestlution, This is Monday Night Fury!

Tonight we will see the new champions, new match-ups and maybe even the start of new rivalries.

All thats left to say is that this is gonna be a show you definitely do not want to miss.

Just as the commentators finish hyping up tonight's show a familiar theme song is heard throughout the arena which receives a positive reaction from the crowd.

Speaking of new champions, here comes The new Womens Champion The Empress Asuka!.

December 31st, 2018 FURY Tenor

Asuka saunters out onto the stage donned in her usual attire with the Womens Title wrapped around her waist.

Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the NEW PWG Womens Champion, Asuka!.

December 31st, 2018 FURY TenseFelineDrever-size_restricted

Asuka gradually makes her way into the ring, where she ascends the top rope and proceeds to graciously remove the mask. She then motions for a microphone and is handed one very quickly.
December 31st, 2018 FURY Image?

After so long... after beating.. almost everyone I have.. done it!
Some think.. I had help, all I have to say to that is... You are wrong.
Because in the end.... It was still me and only me.
I now sit on top of this divi..sion, the place I should have been.. from the start.
I will be.. a fighting champion.
A champion who puts down... everyone.
You know where to find me... And you will not be ready for The Empress.
Not now, not ever... because I do not plan.. on letting this title go.
You now.. have me.. who will make this title.. far more relevant.. than.. little Ruby ever could.

Before Asuka can continue speaking an unexpected voice is heard which causes the crowd to boo. "Ladies and Gentlemen" was the phrase heard and it came from the mouth of none other than Paul Heyman. Paul continues to speak on the stage as the crowd looks unpleased and wonder why hes out here.

December 31st, 2018 FURY AbsoluteBlondCivet-small

Asuka, a woman I have kept a close eye on ever since my arrival to Fury with my client Brock Lesnar. A battle tested warrior, a bad-ass every other woman in the locker room should aspire to be. And the reason this confrontation is only happening now and didn't happen sooner is because I wanted to see if you would finally gain the championship that alluded you or if you would fall off into obscurity. Luckily the latter didn't happen and you won the PWG Womens Championship in convincing fashion.  

Heyman continues walking to the ring and once in he proceeds to speak.
December 31st, 2018 FURY Paul-heyman-BIG-2

So now here we are and I can see that confused look across your face wondering why I'm out here, well I will tell you. Im out here to make you an offer and I only make these particular offers to people who deserve them. I want you to become my client, I want to be your advocate. I bring success to whoever I align myself with and undoubtedly you will want to hold onto that title so with my help The Empress will reign forever!. Now you may be wondering, well how is someone like myself going to actually help you. With my guidance and tactics you will be able to keep that title and so I must say this now, do not be a fighting champion because I see things differently. With every defense you have a chance at losing that belt but those extra defenses aren't worth it...

Before Heyman can continue any further Asuka cuts him off.
December 31st, 2018 FURY 011_RAW_01292018rf_0077__7292f24f9072290a891712281a35bdc6.0

Stop!, I want to.. be a fighting champion for repu..tation, for honor, for my own.. pride.  
Your offer... isnt.. for me. Now get out of.. my ring.

Asuka, take some time to think about this these offers dont come by easily...

Leave!, before I make you.

Heyman then quickly leaves the ring and hastily walks up the ramp in fear. As Heyman is almost at the top of the ramp a theme song starts to play.

December 31st, 2018 FURY Sarah-logan-liv-morgan-entrance-raw-30-july-2018-picDecember 31st, 2018 FURY Alexabliss-8142017

*The Riott Squad's music hits as the reigning champion instantly puts her guard up dropping her microphone and yelling up the ramp... Liv, Lexi and Sarah walk from the backstage area as Liv flicks her hair in Paul's face... Heyman takes note of the situation he sees and looks up the ramp and mouths 'Good Luck' to Asuka. With that Paul walks backstage as the three members of The Riott Squad make their way to the ring and stop at the foot of the apron.*


Well she should! This is three on one, even without Ruby Riott this would be a mugging!


*A figure slides into the ring behind The Empress and before the champ can react is greeted by a Riott Kick from Riott!*

The leader of the Riott Squad with the mind games! What a beautiful chess move!

*As Riott looks down at her handiwork her squad slide in... looking at Riott for approval... to their delight Riott raises her hands at Asuka. As if she was presenting a dinner to her family. The three oblige as a fury of kicks greet Asuka something straight out of the alleys in New York. Riott backs into the corner... as if she was fighting something in her head she pulls at her hair.*
December 31st, 2018 FURY Ruby-Riott-3

*This doesn't stop the onslaught... after a pure minute of what can only be described as a mugging. Liv gets in the face of Asuka, taunting her but out of no where a spinning back fist hits Liv square in the jaw, bringing her to her knees.*


*Just as the offense starts it comes to a end for the PWG Women's Champion. She is greeted by a rib breaking knee from Sarah Logan. Then Lexi Bliss hooks in and plants her signature DDT. Seamlessly, Sarah bounces off the ropes and hits a Kentucky Knee to Asuka as Bliss checks in on Liv. She insists shes fine as she defiantly kicks Asuka in the ribs before picking up the microphone. Looking at it then at her 'Rubes' she hands the microphone to her as Riott steps out of the corner and begins to speak*

Artemis... Artemis... Asuka.
We don't think you understand what you've done.
You've opened a Pandora's Box that can no longer be closed.
You want to call yourself a Empress? Well 'Empress'... Allow us to call ourselves The Devil.
You want to call yourself a fighting champion? Well... champ... The Devil has a rematch clause... I bet a fiddle of gold against your soul... WE are better than you.

December 31st, 2018 FURY Ruby-Riott-RAW-11-12

*Riott kneels down to the laid out champ and grabs her by the chin, she lets the next words out in a fit of anger*

The twenty-seventh day of 2019... Origin... will be your termination as champion... and as challenger.

*Riott pushes Asuka head into the mat as she leads her squad out of the ring and up the ramp*

The challenge has been set! Genesis Tournament be damned! Ruby Riott cashes in her rematch clause against Asuka at Origin!

Well there are more... subtle and polite ways to announce a match.

and the Riott Squad is NONE of the above! Only fifteen minutes into the first show after Wrestleution and we are already making BLOCKBUSTER announcements!

December 31st, 2018 FURY Riott-squad-2434

*Riott glares back at Sarah Logan for a moment as she looks at her opponent in three weeks time in the ring... ever brooding the Riot Squad leaves as EMTs check in on The Empress*

Returning from the opening segment's commercial break, we are taken backstage where we see AJ Styles lurking in the hallways, no doubt searching for the Rated-R Superstar. This search, however, is interrupted by Dasha Fuentes who wishes to get a word with the 2-time PWG Champion ahead of his G2 matchup.

AJ! AJ! The PWG Universe is wondering, after just seeing Asuka's Championship celebration to kick off Monday Night, why don't you have a Celebration scheduled for you're record-making reign?

AJ, who was still surveying the area, finally looks over towards Dasha with a slightly irked expression.
December 31st, 2018 FURY Cbb10755f3b6b2aee5057a6eabe6073d

Celebration? Tell me, Dasha, what is there for me to celebrate? (Dasha breaks eye contact to look at the PWG Championship that rests on AJ's shoulder) This? Maybe once upon a time I'd have a cliche celebration with confetti falling down on some cheap wine while wearing an even cheaper suit. But like I said at New Years Wrestlution, the Elimination Chamber was never about the PWG Championship or Records being Broken; just like my official entry into the G2 Tournament isn't about main eventing GrandStand... It's only been about one thing - one Devil - Edge.

AJ looks away from Dasha and stares directly into the camera to send a direct message to Edge himself.

Edge, no matter how many times you slither away there is nowhere you can go that I will not follow. I AM THE PHANTOM OF YOUR SINS and I will haunt your PWG Legacy at every turn.. There will be no G2 Finals for you.. no main event at GrandStand.. no opportunities at this PWG Championship..

The intensity of AJ's eyes nearly sears the screen before the segment fades to black.

Genesis 2:1 Men's Group B
AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan

December 31st, 2018 FURY TFy2zbK

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

We cut to video of a backstage medical area, where a bruised and battered Peyton Royce is being checked on.
December 31st, 2018 FURY GettyImages-114146984

Camera Man: Peyton, Peyton! Can please get a word with you about your loss to Billie Kay? After months of back and forth, it must have been so frustrating to...

The cameraman stops dead in the middle of his sentence as Peyton who was previously facing away from the camera now slowly turns to face the camera revealing her scars and an almost evil glare as her eyes seem to even glow with rage...






December 31st, 2018 FURY Bruise10

Camera Man: Uh, umm, I..

Peyton holds her glare a bit longer before screaming...

Peyton:... GET OOUUUT!

The cameraman stumbles over as he tries to back away. As the camera falls to the floor we see a hand presumably Peyton's reach down to pick something up... A.. gold.. ... ... mask? The hand slowly lifts the item up and the camera feed cuts out.

A raucous crowd in Toronto is in attendance, the energy remains palpable after a thrilling match between The Phenomenal AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan. Fury's Titantron begins to broadcast a backstage segment to the viewer's where Lexi Bliss is in the locker room.

Bliss is sitting at a table casually eating Pop-Tarts and the cameraman approaches to get a clearer shot.

Lexi Bliss
Hey! can't you see i'm eating.....

December 31st, 2018 FURY Ygs4hgr

The Cameraman replies but Lexi cuts him off.

Lexi Bliss
on second thought, have a seat and keep the camera on me.

The cameraman gets Bliss in the camera's focus before she begins to speak.

Lexi Bliss
It's true, Ruby and I didn't exit the chamber as champion for the squad but that happens sometimes.... anyways that's for her to go after, who could tell by looking at her that she has a lust for gold. to each their own i guess.... Hey Camera man, who am i fighting tonight?

He informs Lexi

Lexi Bliss
That's perfect! Peyton's wearing a mask right? let's see if we can make her wear that mask for a long time. Time to go have some fun with a former champ, I'm out cameras!

Bliss shoves the camera away and she exits the locker room to make her entrance for her match.

Genesis 2:1 Women's Group C
Alexa Bliss vs Peyton Royce

December 31st, 2018 FURY Jq3Mv1Z

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

*Renee Young approaches Kevin Nash backstage, who is sitting at a large locker with Sting*

December 31st, 2018 FURY Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRh_yRlnM-ppVVFf35pEtg9eZSJwhlaWSzS8yoZY0LrtfhPJjsTKQ

RY: Your first match of the Genesis Tournament is Goldberg..a seemingly angry Goldberg. Does that change your strategy going into the match?

Nash: Renee...There's no strategy, there's just kickin' ass. So..I plan on going into that match and kicking Goldberg's ass..

*Nash cracks open a beer*

Nash: ..angry or not, Goldberg is gonna feel a boot just like anyone else who steps into that ring with me. Like I've said before, Renee..Win, Lose, or Draw, I'm kicking your ass..

*We return to the ring where the next Genesis match will take place*

The camera pans backstage to Randy Orton

December 31st, 2018 FURY Giphy

Randy Orton: I think its time I explain my actions as of late. I am sick and tired of being an afterthought so I went after a man who craves the spotlight. Chris Jericho is a stepping stone for the age of Orton to begin again. As for my alliance with Dave, I believe the two of us can rule PWG, just like the kings that we are in this land of sheep.

Randy Orton goes to walk away but he stops himself and looks back at the camera.

Randy Orton: Oh, before I forget, Chris Jericho, when you finally wake up from that RKO I gave you, I'll be waiting to put you back on the shelf....Permanently.

Orton shoves the camera out of his face and walks down the hall into gorilla position for his match up next.

Cole: Randy Orton versus Dolph Ziggler is up next HERE on MONDAY NIGHT FURY!

Genesis 2:1 Men's Group C
Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler

December 31st, 2018 FURY YCOJpsA

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

PWG's flagship show, Monday Night Fury, continues to roll on into the night. As it does, we find ourselves in the backstage area with interviewer, Dasha Fuentes. Dasha smiles big for the camera with her microphone in hand as she begins to speak.

Dasha Fuentes:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am so excited to introduce to you my guest at this time, she is a legend who has influenced an entire generation of women! Please join me in welcoming "The Queen of Extreme" Lita!

The crowd can be heard giving a decent pop as the aforementioned Queen of Extreme steps into view of the camera. Lita wears a jet black t-shirt, the image of a mask is plastered on the front of it with the words "The Luchagors" underneathe it as well as some camo jeans.

Dasha Fuentes:

Wow, this is amazing! Can I just say? You are one of my idols! I love all the amazing things you've done for women's wrestling and I think everyone here tonight, talent included, can agree on that.

As Lita hears Dasha's words she smiles at the compliments, shaking her head in a modest fashion before speaking.


Thank you Dasha, it's absolutely surreal to see what has become of womens wrestling since I started back in the 90s. In those times, we didn't have much of a platform... Some of the women I would work with had no passion for the sport, but were there to look pretty and get paid... But now... I see this landscape of young, talented, passionate women here in PWG... And it's like a dream come true, like, this is what I had always dreamed womens wrestling would become! Dedicated and athletic women like Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Ruby Riott, Ronda Rousey, Nia Jax, Asuka, Bayley, Sasha Banks... The list goes on and on... It's why I had to come be a part of this womens division. I had to come back and prove to myself I can still compete at the highest level in this business!

Lita pauses to take a few breathes and gather her words, as a now much more excited audience can be heard cheering in the background.


Now I may not be the Lita I was in the early and mid 2000s, but I know I still have a few things I can do to teach these girls and make sure this womens movement keeps going strong for as long as this business exists! So yeah, I may not win every match, but that's always been the case in my career. I thrive as the underdog Dasha, when no one thinks I have a chance... and I know I have won four world titles in another promotion... But if any of these girls decide I've "lost it"... I'll be more than happy to get my fifth right here in P..W..G...

With her statement finished Lita turns to Dasha and smiles, before giving a slight nod and leaving the area as cameras fade to a commercial break.

Genesis 2:1 Women's Group A
Tamina vs Brie Bella

December 31st, 2018 FURY 3h7mShI

Quote :

The bell rings to start the match as Tamina looks on at Brie. The two finally lock up and Tamina shows complete dominance overpowering Brie into the corner! Tamina gets pushed by Brie and she gets a swift smack to the face! Tamina stumbles backwards and charges forward, but Brie stops her in her tracks with a kick to the midsection! The action continues to go back and fore as both of them trade their big moves, Brie Bella hitting YES kicks as Tamina would hit her superkick. Brie Bella would hit her running knee and Tamina would hit the Samoan Drop. It looked like Tamina had the match one as she went for the superfly splash but Brie got out of the way and then locked in the YES lock on Tamina, forcing her to tap.

click to reveal winner:

Fury returns with a familiar figure in the form of none other than Beth Phoenix! .

Renee: Hi Beth you were really brave saving AJ last night. How do you feel about that and what are your thoughts on Edge’s behavior?
December 31st, 2018 FURY QS0Iejn

Beth looks down in silence as she tries to put together her anger into words about her near death experience in the hands of Edge.

Renee: I can tell you're-

Beth: With all due respect, I'd rather not talk about that man... I'd rather look forward...

Renee: I couldn't agree more. I can tell you are very angered and stressed, and the best thing to do with stress is let it all out. What are your thoughts on your match with Bianca Bel Air?

Beth: Well... I am a woman that has been through enough. But I am a Phoenix, I rise through the pain and fight through it all. Bel Air is in for a rude awakening.
December 31st, 2018 FURY 8fz5Fgr

Beth: She may flaunt her acrobatic abilities, she may think she can fly in the ring, but when the Phoenix flies and catches her she’ll burn just like the rest of them. She thinks she's the badd-Est and the tough-Est. BUT...She won't feel too bad and tough when she stands toe to toe with me. I may be hurt from last night but I will take all that rage and use it to win the G1 tournament. Because when you fall down and get back up, that's a woman. This is a new start for me... At least... I'm trying but Bianca, when I knock you down, have a fun time getting back up, and that goes for the rest of you women in the locker room who think they can step toe to toe with the Phoenix...including you Renee.

December 31st, 2018 FURY WillingRawBorer-max-1mb

Beth: Now step aside Renee, let the WOMAN go ahead and mother that little child.

Renee: Thank you...G-good luck.

*We return to the ring for our next Genesis Tournament Match-up*

December 31st, 2018 FURY W3W1o3r

Match of the Night
Genesis 2:1 Women's Group C
Bianca Belair vs Beth Phoenix

December 31st, 2018 FURY RCGP7oa

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

(As the show rolls on the screen turns black as you hear)
December 31st, 2018 FURY Maxresdefault

???: Spotlight.....on me

(As the lights begin to turn on slowly)

???: tonight you will experience...

(As a single light shines on and Batista is standing there with his trademark  sunglasses on)

December 31st, 2018 FURY Hqdefault

Batista: Me beating the hell out of the “Dream” and you’ll have to DEAL WITH IT just like him.

Batista: I plan on winning this little genesis tournament so convincingly that next year it will be called the Batista Open Challenge.  And the first person I’m going to defeat is the Evo champion Velveteen Dream. A man in his own right who's been pretty average this year. But obviously he’ll never be as good as me the Animal Batista.  Not ever in his dreams could he even lace my boots on my worst day. I will destroy the Dream here tonight.....I will destroy my group in Genesis....and I will destroy that soccer mom hair cutting having ass know as AJ Styles for the PWG Championship.

(Batista pauses for a brief second then continues)
December 31st, 2018 FURY Hqdefault

Batista: this tournament is going to show everyone why Evolution is to be taken seriously as we establish our dominance once again. Because myself and Randy Orton will win our groups, then we’ll win our respective singles title matches. Then we will go on to beat those jokes of longest reigning tag team champions in Breezango. And speaking of Breezango, don’t think this Genesis tournament has made us forget about you two clowns either. Much like the rest of the tag team division right now in PWG your all jackasses, comedy acts, or losers. So Myself and Randy thought we’d take off the slim pickings and become tag team champions. So this company can have to respectable tag champs and not a cheap watered down version of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker from Rush hour. Two wannabes.
December 31st, 2018 FURY DifficultActiveElk-poster

(Batista smirks then continues)

Batista: So Dream tonight the lights, the camera, the ambiance is all going to be perfect when I’m kicking your ass all around that ring. And for the Fashion clowns take a close look cause tonight is a glimpse of your near future when you have the same fate as Dream. Tonight.....Dream is over .....
December 31st, 2018 FURY DifficultActiveElk-small

(Batista waves to the camera walks off as the screen fades to black and the show continues on)

The Crowd is all buzzing and are jumping up and down with anticipation on what the show will offer them next. But they don't wonder long as a voice booms through the speakers with unparalleled excitement and enthusiasm.

Big E

Fans clap and cheer as the three most positive men in existence appear on stage, dancing and clapping, each wearing the christmas gear, E as Santa-Daddeh, Kofi as the most magnificent Reindeer you ever saw and Woods as an Elf. They dance and clap and skip to the ring  Joyfully, throwing handfuls of pancakes out to the crowd as they do so.  

Corey Graves
Aw come on! It's christmas, can't I get a break from these fools?

New Day enter the ring and survey their surrounding. Set up in the squared circle is a massive 30 foot Christmas tree decorated in golden and silver tinsel, many colour of baubles and flashy Seizure inducing green and blue lights. Underneath it are many perfectly wrapped gifts of all sizes complete with bows. Big E steps up to center stage and loudly clears his throat  

Big E
Ahem! *Clears throat* Ahem!? this thing on? Can you hear Uncle-Daddeh?

The crowd explode in cheers that open the eyes of New day wide as they nod and smile at eachother

Big E
Your boys the...

All three members cup their hands over their mouth and scream along with the crowd "NEW DAY".

Big E
We all about Christmas, We all about giving and getting! But that PWG locker-room... They be scrooges! They don't wanna celebrate the greatest holiday of the year. They feeling all Low Low low! The cheer... Its non existent! It's... Its unbearable!

A tear flows down from Uncle-Daddehs eye, his face is sunken and his nose is starting to run, Kofi quickly sees this and grabs a pancake, using it to wipe the tears from E's Eye

Big E
Thank you, Son! Uncle-Daddeh, He appreciates you. But we must soldier on, for we, are the most positively magnificently gloriously, not gimmick infringment-y force of joy and we gon' bring christmas to that locker room whether they crave it or not! So we ask you, What would Christmas be without a good ol' carol around the tree!?

December 31st, 2018 FURY 07f11861

Corey Graves
Oh dear god! No please don't! Anyone got me some noise cancelling headphones for Christmas?

E once again starts to clear his throat before unleashing his inner musician and breaking out into song

Big E
ohhh 'Tis the season to be Daddeh Fa la la la la, la la la la! He's gonna Find yo mama! Fa la la la la, la la la la!

Daddeh Touch her! Daddeh fu-  

Xavier eyes widen and he quickly shouts out, panicking

Xavier Woods
Woah! E!? Maybe not that one, member this is a family Show!

Big E
Is Xavier woods telling ME to keep it PG? Nah Boi, Daddy know whats good, he knows. Now back to it, Sucka! Where was I at?  

E scratches his head and has a blank stare as he tries to remember

Big E
Dang it, sucka! You made uncle-Daddeh Forget! Fine, Guess we'll be movin' on!  

All three men turn around and look at the gifts sat under the tree with massive cheeky grins plastered across their faces

December 31st, 2018 FURY The-new-day-png-6

Big E
Its time to give 'em they gifts, sucka! But we need these people to come on out here! Who these gifts adressed too!?  

They each crouch near the presents and look at the tags, calling out various names

Big E

Xavier Woods
Golden Truth!

Kofi Kingston
Fashion Po Po!

Xavier Woods

Big E
IIconics!? Woods, you back in the game or somethin'? Ha! Tryin' for the two birds tactic! Daddeh see you, boi! He see you!  

Kofi Kingston
Aw dang Woods! You trying to hold 'em together? Like Glue... only more sticky!? Good luck wit' that, they be full of hate nowadays!

Big E
Woods wantin' to fill em up with somethin'.... and this boi talk to me about a PG Show!?!?!?

Woods bursts out in embarrassed laughter like his soul is being crushed on live TV before saying under his breath

Xavier Woods
Please someone help me...

*The lights snap to purple as The EVO champion makes his way to the ring, with a present in hand and no belt to be seen*


Well as much as the PWG Universe was enjoying that segment it seems Xavier's prayers have been answered.

*Dream stops on the ramp and begins to speak*

December 31st, 2018 FURY Tenor
Now The Dream was in the staging area and saw all these presents... and you know what. The Dream thought to himself "Dream it's the time of giving so what better gift to these PWG pigs than to see THE Experience you know the person that actually WON his title match at Wrestleution?" Sooo I took a few deep breaths... well about as deep as the DISGUSTING TORONTO AIR would allow me and The Dream has made his way out here.

December 31st, 2018 FURY Tenor

*Dream shakes the present in his hand close to his ear as he smiles*

Now like he said... The Dream is in a giving mood so here is THE DREAMS gift to all of you.

*Dream opens the gift, revealing the EVO championship... he raises it in the air to the boos of the crowd and the delight of himself, he enters the ring and brushes past the New Day*

So... three stereotypes walk into a ring and talk about ratings... well babes... there's only ONE rating that matters... The Dream will hold this title forEVER and be RATED the BEST Champion of all time. That's not all though... The Dream entered himself into the Genesis Tournament.
A Animal
A Goat
and a... PWG Champion...
stand in The Dream's way of main eventing Grand Stand... a place he deserves!

*Dream looks around the arena and looks confused at The New Day still in the ring*

What are you still doing in The Dreams ring?

You're Excused.

*Dream fans his hand to usher The New Day out of the ring as Fury cuts to break*

Genesis 2:1 Men's Group B
Velveteen Dream vs Batista

December 31st, 2018 FURY XhnfW9S

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

(As the show rolls on we are taken backstage to an interview area as Dasha Fuentes says)

Dasha Fuentes:
Ladies and gentlemen my guest at this time.....Sarah Logan.

(As Sarah comes into frame with a serious expression on her face)

Ok Sarah tonight you go one on one with Riott Squad compatriot and leader Ruby Riott, what’s your mindset and game-plan like for tonight?

Well tonight is no different from every night but expect for facing one of those regular ring rats. I get to go one on one with one of my sisters my Riott Squad leader Ruby Riott. Now don’t get things confused I will still be tryin to pillage from bell start tell bell end, but we are still sisters no matter what happens in that ring. Whether I win or Ruby wins either way the Riott Squad wins, and we will G2 and pillage once again. Hahahaha

December 31st, 2018 FURY Maxresdefault

Dasha: oh....ok uhmmm this one another opportunity to show yourself as a single competitor something we haven’t seen you do too much, what do you look to show us here tonight?

Well I look to show you idiots that I can still be dominant and vindictive all by my lonesome. I don’t need Liv, Lexi, or Ruby to be a dominant force here in PWG. I am country strong and that’s something you can’t teach to you city slickers. So I will show each and every one of you why Sarah Logan can be a mainstay here in PWG with or without the Riott Squad Dasha.  

Ok but the last time you faced a member of the Riott Squad in Liv Morgan it didn’t go so well for you, what do you plan on doin tonight so that doesn’t happen and you’ll be the one getting your hand raised?

Simple I’m not the same wrestler I was when I joined this company I was a weak girl who didn’t have no purpose. Now I have a purpose the Riott Squad and I am a strong woman, a strong Viking, a strong Kentucky Killer (Sarah Punches her hand) and tonight I’ll show each and every single one of you how much I’ve grown under Ruby’s teachings. She’s taught me soo much and tonight it all comes full circle. In a student vs teacher match up, and like I said it will be all love before and after the bell rings. But during it will be a....pillage....a ms PWG I’m gonna bring my A game so you better bring yours too, and tonight we’ll Riot.....

(As Sarah Goes to walk off someone else walks into frame)

Well I know you're a great singles competitor, why else would I ask you to fight by my side silly?

*Ruby Riott walks into frame to the confusion of Dasha and of Sarah. Ruby lets out a genuine smile as she continues*
December 31st, 2018 FURY 727ea8527b747e5b965763ea02d34216

I appreciate the compliment Sarah but this isn't student vs teacher! You're already fantastic, the only thing I think I showed you was that you need to trust in yourself. Speaking of trust, have you seen Liv? I think I owe her a apology.

*Sarah looks even more confused*

Wait... You like liv?! Listen Ruby are you well? Or are ya even more sick in da head then I thought you was?

*Ruby lets out a playful laugh*

Trust me Sarah, I couldn't feel any better then I do after last night... it's been MONTHS but I finally feel FREE! No more shortcuts, no more blindsides... I'm going to win this #1 contendership the RIGHT way, by winning this Genesis Tournament. I couldn't think of a better person to kick off this path of light with than with you! Good Luck Sister!

*Ruby extends a fist as Sarah looks at the hand, the events that have happened over the past 24 hours almost flashing in her head, Riott losing her title, and the Riott Squad being instructed to jump Asuka earlier in the night. However, this was a different side to Ruby Riott, one that Sarah hasn't seen. Sarah shakes her head and lets out a laugh*

Ya know Ruby... these damn mind games. This is why I train with ya!

*The two cohorts fist bump as Logan walks out of frame*
December 31st, 2018 FURY 0bcd8e08861ab305ea65f1684687a829

uhhh.... Ruby Riott?

*Ruby smiles and shoots a response to the interviewer*

What's up Dash?

*Dasha smiles at the kindness and nickname, a feeling she hasn't felt in a long time*

Um, well... what is the plan tonight?

*Ruby smiles and ponders the question a second*

It's time to take back what is rightfully mine! Last night I realized something... I don't need to resort to anything other than my heart and determination to become relevant around here. Seems everyone is a slime ball or bitter here in the women's division. Well I say its time for the Punk Rock Princess to stick her tongue out and put some smiles on peoples faces tonight.

*Ruby Sticks out her tongue at Dasha who can't help but smile*
December 31st, 2018 FURY NXT_06232017ls_2759%20(2)

Thank you for your time Ruby.


*Dasha leaves frame as Ruby looks around and holds up a small box, about the size of her fist, she opens it as a small red light shines upon her face... she closes it and smiles*

December 31st, 2018 FURY Latest?cb=20130210222219

The cracks grow larger... You want to call yourself the devil? Well... this angel of vengeance is breathing down your neck...

*Ruby walks off frame as the camera fades to black*

Genesis 2:1 Women's Group A
Ruby Riott vs Sarah Logan

December 31st, 2018 FURY SPtmeLr

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

* A match on tonight's FURY show ends, we waste no time as the camera takes us to a different setting. A room. The camera keeps moving, until we see a man. A deity actually. Goldberg. *

December 31st, 2018 FURY 2pr2be


* After Sunday's loss, we see him conflicted. He starts to speak very softly to himself, but we cannot hear what he's saying. *

(unheard speaking)

* Suddenly in a SNAP of a second, he punches a hole in the wall. No yell. no sound. Nothing. Just the glimpse of the fury he's going to unleash tonight  *

December 31st, 2018 FURY T2cfvdciopnlaf4l51su

* Goldberg turns away from the wall, and starts thinking to himself. *

(Again unheard speaking, but now we do hear a few words like "tournament" and "Next")

* Goldberg then proceeds to look back, and stare right into the camera. *


December 31st, 2018 FURY 2pr2rb

* The camera then pans away from the man also known as Godberg, as he had just named the unfortunate man with uneasy calmness. *

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December 31st, 2018 FURY Empty
PostSubject: Re: December 31st, 2018 FURY   December 31st, 2018 FURY Icon_minitime12/31/2018, 7:30 pm

December 31st, 2018 FURY FFACA854-D0D6-4E0B-AF21-F7F70CD6F3B7_zpslg5vwkzu

Cena runs down to the ramp holding a bag of something and enters the ring. Cena then lights the bag of clothe son fire.
December 31st, 2018 FURY 9EC7DB66-522D-483F-AD6C-92DCDA91C536_zps1aqaxcwa

Cena: Really quickly let me say thanks to everybody that went to the theaters and saw Bumblebee! Now let’s get to why I got these nice suites on fire. Simple I am done being in JBL cabinet! Taking orders is not the way I roll - I do things my way.

December 31st, 2018 FURY 19592184-E37B-433C-91EF-3CDE9B38D3DF_zps8cf1dngs

Cena: I can give a damn about winning the G2 Tournament, my main focus is getting rid of the cancer that is JBL! Fury has gone down the drain because of his poor leadership. He needs to be ridden of for the sake of Monday Nights!

Fans chant "Layfield Sucks!" repeatedly.
December 31st, 2018 FURY 562D427D-2C7A-46B8-8579-53E3DA5B3E6B_zpsasmscnam

Cena: JBL doesn’t care about you guys or what Fury needs he only cares about himself. Most of the guys in the locker room are too scared to stand up to JBL but I'M NOT! So JBL the G2 Finals isn't all that's going down at ORIGINS because it's going to be me vs you one more time and I'll put my damn PWG Contract on the line to get rid of your ass for good!

Cena watches the clothes burn until suddenly a theme hits...

*The crowd reverts from cheers to boos at the sight of JBL, along with his cabinet, Dash & Dawson, in toe*

Graves: John Cena better bite his tongue! Because here comes the Fury General Manager himself!
December 31st, 2018 FURY John_Cena_bio-b51ea9d0b6f475af953923ac7791391b-660x400

*JBL stares down Cena with a scowl as the crowd directs their anger at him with intense booing*


*Loud booing ensues throughout the arena as the crowd voices their displeasure towards the General Manager*

JBL: That’s right, I said it Cena, YOU…ARE…A FAILURE! You didn’t deserve the opportunity to be in MY CABINET! And at New Year’s Wresolution, you proved that you did not deserve to hold THE PWG Championship!

*The crowd continues to ferociously boo*
December 31st, 2018 FURY 5bc91e8b9c4a19d89e45b39c2773324fd5d7817c_hq

JBL: And instead of coming out here and begging for my forgiveness, instead of getting down on your damn knees and pleading for me to give you another chance, you ask your boss to fight you?!

*The crowd erupts in cheers at the thought of Cena getting his hands on Bradshaw, Cena points to the crowd and alludes to the fact that they as well want Cena to take out JBL*


*The crowds cheers quickly turn to loud booing*

JBL: What kind of a sideshow attraction do you people take me as?! I AM A BUSINESS MAN! And my main business is making the big decisions that make this show THE A SHOW because THIS…IS…MY….SHOW! And I don’t need some damn turncoat failure to try and tell me how to do business because you will never reach the level of success that I have in my life as a professional business man. And as a matter of fact, since this is MY…SHOW, and since you have taken it upon yourself to disrespect my authority and leadership, …. John Cena…. YOU….ARE FIRED!

Cole: OH NO! Bradshaw just fired Cena!


JBL: And because I know you don’t even have the decency to remove yourself from MY RING, I’m gonna HAVE….YOU….REMOVED….PERSONALLY. GET HIM BOYS!

*The revival smile at each other as they begin to make their way to the ring*
December 31st, 2018 FURY E5eb3-1520361376-800

Otunga: Are you kidding me?! Bradshaw is going to have these thugs do his dirty work?!

Cole: Mr. Layfield is releasing these animals on Cena! This is going to be a two on one mugging!

Graves: Don’t say Cena didn’t ask for this! He should have been on his knees begging like Mr. Layfield said and now he is going to face the consequences! He should know you should NEVER CROSS THE BO-

JBL, Wilder, Dawson, along with everyone else in the PWG Universe, are stopped in their tracks as the one & only Mr. McMahon makes another rare appearance on television.


We haven't seen him since our SuperShow to kick off the 2K19 Season!

JBL's surprised expression gives way to the audience that the GM of FURY was not expecting to see the PWG Owner here tonight. With an angered look upon his countenance, Vince quickly makes clear why he is present.
December 31st, 2018 FURY 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f64745032746a30327743686d64673d3d2d3431353531343031312e313463306666666331306136333930323933383433383136393039332e6a7067?s=fit&w=720&h=720

KILL MY DAMN MUSIC! What in the hell has Monday Nights turned into!? This is supposed to be Monday Night FURY!!! This is MY SHOW Layfield!!! And you've let everything go to hell because of your ego driven vendetta against the lockerroom! You fired Jason Jordan at GrandStand! Johnny Gargano won the PWG Championship and you fired him the very next show! You've hindered Cena forcing him to join this, this Cabinet. It's no god damn wonder REVOLT dominated FURY at Civil War!!! Hunter & Steph do what's best for business, why you've lost your lockerroom Layfield. Well I'm not standing by anymore while you FIRE MY PWG SUPERSTARS WHEN I PAY THEIR SALARIES! Yes, that's right, Cena is NOT FIRED!

The crowd cheers in relief as Cena smirks seeing JBL's authority be over ruled. Vince notices and turns to Cena before speaking once again.

Yet... See Cena those ratings you claim are so Low - that was while you were the PWG Champion. THEE CHAMPION! That is as much your fault as JBLs. You two are hand-in-hand this and there are going to be some god damn consequences... so this is what's going to happen. At ORIGINS it's going to be John Cena... versus John Bradshaw Layfield! (the crowd cheers enthusiastically) And if Cena losses his PWG contract is terminated. There is no "going to Revolt" loophole here. You lose Cena you are DONE here! ... BUT... if Cena wins.. JBL is officially FIRED! This god damn saga is coming to an end one way or another mark my words!!

Cena & JBL are stunned at the high-stakes match announced as Mr. McMahon turns around and exits the stage. But before he reaches the curtains he quickly turns around to get in one last remark.

Oh and JBL if the Goons or anyone else interferes in the match at your behest, you will automatically forfeit the match! (the crowd comes unglued as JBL's ace up his sleeve in all his previous bouts is now neutralized) Ya know, John, I don't even want you to be tempted by it so I'll do you a favor...

Vince folds his arms while looking at the confusion on JBL & The Goons faces whom are on stage with their backs towards the ramp. Suddenly Dawson is sent hurling forward with a devastating CLAYMORE kick from none other than Mr. McMahons 'Right Hand' Drew McIntyre. Wilder is stunned at the sight of his tag partner being destroyed. That is until McIntyre spins him around and hits a lightning quick Future Shock DDT planting his head onto the steel ramp. The Revival is left motionless on the stage as JBL looks on immensely shook at this Terminator like diety of destruction. McIntyre bumps the Fury GM's shoulder as he walks by him towards the only man he takes orders from - Vincent Kennedy McMahon. The Owner of PWG unleashes his patented evil grin before the pair exit the stage as the segment fades to black.
December 31st, 2018 FURY 6723%2B-%2Blaughing%2Bsmiling%2Bsuit%2Bvince_mcmahon%2Bwwf

Genesis 2:1 Men's Group A
Kevin Nash vs Goldberg

December 31st, 2018 FURY Pcj99Wn

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

* We finally return to Monday Night FURY after a lifesucking commercial break. But life returns to the PWG Universe when they hear this Theme blast through the arena. *

Corey Graves: The Iconic ONE!

David Otunga: Don't call her that ......

* The crowd explodes with boos when they see Billie Kay appear on stage, full on with sexy Christmas gear. *

December 31st, 2018 FURY 2pr0io

Billie Kay:

Corey Graves: Cmon... Why are they booing her?! She looks gorguess!

Michael Cole: It's not the looks that they boo her for! It's her betrayal to her former best friend Peyton Royce! And plus, she just called us all drongos.

* Billie enters the ring, and stands center facing the crowd. *

December 31st, 2018 FURY 2pr0ky

* She takes a deep breath as she inhales all the negativity from the crowd, with a huge grin on her face. *

Billie Kay:
Yaaaaasss ....... Yaaaaaaaasss ....... I can just ... TASTE teh salt from all teh way here! Then again, who am ah kiddin? We ALL know that Mistah Santa is a chap! Which means am not Santa obviousleh. OBVIOUSLEH!

* The crowd boos while Billie laughs. *

Billie Kay:
But old man did get me teh GREATEST gift for Christmas! Thas rite. No more will you bogans look down on meh. No more Mrs. Ringside. Yehh, who's irrelevant now ehh? It's NOT meh! Thas foh sure!

* Billie nods while the crowd gets more riled up. *

Billie Kay:
Before ah start blabbing about the Womens Championship and how ah will win it. I'd like to say somethin to Peyton ... You need to know that ah loved you. Our friendship was real foh years. But ..... to become what ah want to become ..... Ah had to do this. You might possibly noht understand now, but someday you will ...

* The crowd calms down after Billie's message to Peyton. *

Billie Kay:
NOW my road to teh Womens Championship can TRULY start. I did keep an eye at that stinky filthy disgustin Elimination Chambah. Thank teh gods that "Teh Rodent" Ruby Riot ain't Champ no more.

* Billie then scratches her head. *

Billie Kay:
Instead ..... It's ehhhh .... Asuka? Ah remembah her ... Yeh! I distinctively remembah BEATING her! YEH!

* The crowd boos. *

Billie Kay:
Is this your Champion?! A LOSAH!? But there does noht have to be a single worry in teh world! Cause through this tournament thingy our good blokes from PWG has organized. I'll WIN to not only have an oppertunity to beat and become Womens Champion. I'll be able to do it on the GRANDEST STAGE OF THEM ALL! PWG GRANDSTAND!

* Billie looks up imagining. *

Billie Kay:
Ah can see it all happenin. Iconic ONE Billie Kay laughin in the faces of MILLIONS. Where i'll beat that gook Asuka AGAIN! HAAHAA! Can yeh just imagine the salt then?

December 31st, 2018 FURY Tumblr_p3c5t6Uw721wyspnlo1_250

As the familiar theme echoes throughout the arena cutting off Billie, PWG’s self proclaimed “juvenile diluent” emerges from backstage.... Alone... To an eruption of cheers!

December 31st, 2018 FURY GaseousLameAtlanticsharpnosepuffer-max-1mb

Liv slaps the ring looking toward Billie with determination as she slides in, a look of disgust overcomes her face as Liv pulls a microphone out of her tight pants smirking.

Liv : Yo Toronto Canada!!!

The crowd continues to cheer bring a huge smile across Liv’s face as she continues.

Liv : Now Billie dunno what ya problem is but seems you want these people to be upset and salty... And on Christmas of all days?!

Billie shakes her head almost not knowing who Liv is as Liv continues.

Liv : Well don’t worry... This Jersey Trash has gotcha a gift straight from the heart here tonight...Some hashtag Liv Vibes!!!

Liv walks toward Billie showing no sign of fear as she smirks in her face.

Liv : Graaaand Stand! The biggest show in wrestling... Weeeell what kinda show has this Drago hijacking our woman’s match!

The crowd begins chanting “Drago” it’s hard to tell if Liv meant this or didn’t know the word...

Liv : Welp my gift is simple... As a member of the greatest faction in PWG...The Riott Squad,Squad!!!

The fans boo the mention of the Riott Squad leaving Liv saddened and confused.

Liv : Guys and gals! No no no... Don’t boo I’m giving remember... Why does everyone hate my Rubes... Shes like sooo nice...

The crowd being chanting “Liv Morgan” almost proclaiming she’s the only member they want, bringing a smile to the oblivious fan favorites face.

Liv : Well Ima girl for the peeps by the peeps.... Soooo you guys won’t have to settle for this “Drago” in the match you guys get.... Me!!!?

Liv throws her hands up to a eruption of cheers for this underdog making her give a loud cackle!

December 31st, 2018 FURY Tenor

Liv : Now Billie... You tryin to step out of Peyton’s shadow by any means necessary... Well what happens when ya get steppen and fall under my shadow... My passion, my heart, and my love for this company is gonna guarantee my path GrandStand... Ya girl Liv is coming for that title!!!! Merry Christmas! To all and to all a goodnight!!!

Liv gives a mic drop thinking she’s done but almost instantly Billie cuts in making Liv appear much less confident...

* Right after Liv stopped speaking. Billie starts to chuckle *
December 31st, 2018 FURY Tumblr_omr4sbYMyo1qfjbcqo1_500

Billie Kay:
Sweetie, yeh thick in teh head or sometin? How am i ever going to fill teh shadow of such a small little girl like you?

* The crowd boos while Billie laughs. *

Billie Kay:
Listen boofhead, if you think all these petty attachments like "Passion, heart and .." Ohh here comes teh worst one. "Love" is going to grant you success headin to GrandStand! THINK AGAIN! It just means you've got so so  SO MUCH to lose!

* Billie nods while Liv seems to disagree. *

Billie Kay:
I had eh petty attachment too ya see. Ah had to get rid of it ... N quickly too, cause if i didn't i wouldve been in teh same place as ive been the last year! AT RINGSIDE! Now with Peyton and my friendship gone. I've got NOTHIN to lose.

* Billie starts glaring at Liv with a realisation. *

Billie Kay:
Just look at yeh. You're the spitting image of me ... Back when i was SECOND to my "former lifepartner". What's teh matter? Stuck inside the wings of that vampire bat? Ruby suckin yeh dry ehh?

* Billie smirks mentioning her leader, which was also a former PWG Womens Champion. *

Billie Kay:
Yeh, you're as stupid as your haircolor if you think you're EVER going to become Women's Champion as an underling!

Liv quickly scurry’s to pick up her microphone that she “mic dropped” almost amusing the arrogance of Billie.

Liv : Underling?! The Riott Squad is a sisterhood... You friggen bitch...
December 31st, 2018 FURY Curtis-Axel-Superstars-19-e1474240724762

The crowd cheers as Liv nods her head Billie seems furious at that comment.
December 31st, 2018 FURY Nxt-liv-v-rachael-3

Liv : Ima lotta things... But I ain’t a “little girl”! I’m sick of being told that I’m to... “Immature”, “ to young”, or “happy”...

Liv wipes her face of an anger we have never seen as she continues!

Liv : We aren’t anything alike... I’m not the next anyone and I’m not... I’m not a underling their my friends...

Liv says almost to herself.

Liv : I believe and always will in my passion, my heart, and like you made fun of... My love! Because I love this place!!! Wrestling is my life bruh!

Liv throws up her arms turning her back to Billie.

Liv : Now you wanna talk about being in my shado...

Before Liv can finish she’s blasted in the back of the head by Billies microphone echoing throughout the arena to a chorus of boos!!! As Billie begins stomping on the Riott Squad members head, as she puts the almost lifeless Liv in a headlock, its only stopped by our referee for this contest pulling her away..
December 31st, 2018 FURY 31163790441_ec8f1625dd_b

Billie seeming proud of her work removes her “festive hat” but to her shock... Liv Morgan weakly pulls herself up... The referee checks on the youngest member of the Squad to see if she can compete, leaving Liv to show a bit of that love for PWG as she nods her head the bell is rung...[/color][/color]

Genesis 2:1 Women's Group B
Billie Kay vs Liv Morgan

December 31st, 2018 FURY Ir6ln1L

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

Our wonderful Fury has returned from commercial break and we are taken to a pre-recorded video. The clip shows a more conference and professional area than the normal backstage area. The video takes a rough cut and changes the focus from the room to the main two people, moving side to side. One is the famous woman wrestler, Mickie James. The other is a great friend of hers and wonderful interviewer, Jason Agnew. The two friends shake hands and the camera finally settles between the two. Jason Starts...

Jason Agnew:
Let me start this interview by saying it feels great to be here with you Mickie. Ever since you went to PWG we haven't talked much so it's great to see you again. Anyways, lets get into the interview shall we?

Mickie, who has a giant smile on her face, nods and gets ready for some questions

Jason Agnew:
I hate to say it, but PWG hasn't been the best for you lately. I have had some concerns and I wanted to ask, why do you think that is?

Mickie's smile slowly leaves her face as she is asked the harsh question. Jason can see this and tries to smile to help his friend out, after all it is his job. After a short pause, Mickie responds

Mickie James:
Well Jay, you still good with that?

Jason gives a slight nod

Mickie James:
Great! If I'm being honest, these last few months I just haven't been feeling it. I know what I wanted but I couldn't push myself like I used to. I couldn't seem to light the fire I once had burning inside me. The fire that helped my win matches and impress my family, the fans, and even myself! I failed my self and these people...

Jason looks a little shocked not realizing what had actually happened to his friend. As Jason goes to ask a new question Mickie begins to smile, as if something changed, Jason stops.
December 31st, 2018 FURY Maxresdefault

Mickie James:
Hold on Jay. Just last week I was home due to not being booked on my choice. Like I said, I didn't have the fire. However, I was getting ready for Christmas with my son Donovan, decorating the tree and making cookies. While we were getting ready for Christmas, I had the TV on. It just so happened, that one of my old matches went on. My son saw this and do you wanna know what he said to me?

Jason looks into Mickie's eyes and nods. As Mickie goes to continue a tear comes to her eye, she wipes it and continues.

Mickie James:
My son said, "Mama, I have only one wish for Christmas. I wanna watch my mama wrestle and win that shiny thing around that girl's arm."

Jason looks as if his heart has just be punched and Mickie's eyes start to tear up. She fans them reliving that beautiful moment and gets rid of them. Jason, because he is the interviewer, returns with a question.

Jason Agnew:
Now that we heard that wonderful story, what's next for Mickie James?

Mickie James:
Its quite simple. I'm gonna make my son's wish come true. I know with how far I've fallen that it will take some work, but I will rise up. I will push myself like I use to. And I will win that Women's Championship for my son, mark my words!

At the last comment, Mickie has a big smile on her face and hugs Jason. The two share the moment before the camera pans off, leaving the two in a deep hug.

*Fury cuts to the ring for another Genesis Tournament Match*

Genesis 2:1 Men's Group A
John Cena vs Brock Lesnar

December 31st, 2018 FURY SHFaLje

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

Monday Night Fury rolls on while backstage footage is displayed on the titantron before the live audience. ReDragon is seen talking amongst themselves in a rather secluded area of the locker room. This is when Roderick Strong steps into the shot welcomed by both members of ReDragon dapping up Fish and O'Reilly. Once everyone is situated, Bobby Fish takes the opportunity to speak.
December 31st, 2018 FURY Tumblr_pdl02cixWv1vla0d3o1_500

Bobby Fish: I know we haven't had the best of luck as of late. Kyle and I have been taking our wins where we can get em. Roderick, I have to thank you after your assist last Monday during our match against Nash and Sting. Couldn't have done it without ya, buddy. I did notice you've been having trouble over on Thursday nights with our Soman friend. Unfortunately, we weren't booked this past pay per view so we couldn't help you out like you did us. We've been talking and came up with a great idea. Why don't we pay a visit to Revolt this week! Joe said some pretty mean things to you. The kinda things that really pierce the soul. If you ask me the guy sounds like a bully. Kyle and I are a lot of things, but never a bully.

Kyle O'Reilly: NEVER A BULLY! You wanna know what we do to bullies? We hit them where it hurts the most. I'll snap every single finger on his short stubby hands. That way Joey boy will never be able to pick up another Big Mac again!

Bobby Fish: That's harsh... I LOVE IT! I was thinking we put him in one of those Clockwork Orange devices and just go to town on like a whole Taco Bell party pack. Alright enough fat jokes before we get banned from Twitter.

Kyle O'Reilly quickly pulls out his phone and begins deleting old tweets.

Bobby Fish: All kidding aside, you're our brother now, Roddy. Your troubles are our troubles. Somebody messes with one of us, all three gun for that son of a bitch's head! There's strength in numbers. Even a school of fish have been known to take out a great white from time to time. If we stick together there's no stopping us. Who is going to put us in our place? Samoa Joe? PFFFT! He'll be receiving a visit from the whole squad in three days. My only question is will he be smart and fall back? Or will he be an idiot and end up swimming with the fishes by the end of the night?

The camera shortly fades to the next segment after Fish, O'Reilly, and Strong all stand together with devious smirks equipped.

Genesis 2:1 Women's Group B
Askua vs Becky Lynch

December 31st, 2018 FURY VCdYdkz

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

*Fury returns from break as Michael Cole, Corey Graves and David Otunga are shown on camera*

Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night Fury. While were giving some insight into the mind of the Viper earlier tonight, we also wanted to take this time to give you an update on Chris Jericho after last week’s attack at the hands of Randy Orton following The Highlight Reel.

*The camera shifts to a replay of last week’s Highlight Reel, where the brawl between AJ, Jericho and Edge’s security ensued*

Otunga: As you can see here, Edge lied about being granted authority to have security at ringside during the highlight reel, revealing his plans to have AJ taken out before their Elimination Chamber match at Wresolution! As the security began to overpower AJ, Chris Jericho intervened to defend Styles and save his show from disaster, using a chair to clear a few guards, allowing AJ to gain the upper hand and take out the rest!

*The replay then shifts to where AJ is alone in the ring standing his ground with the chair while Jericho re-enters the ring after dealing with a few guards on the outside. It shows Jericho grabbing AJ from behind to console him and AJ, thinking it to be a security guard or Edge himself, is startled and whacks Jericho with the chair without looking, leading to Edge using the distraction to hit a spear on Styles*

Graves: Then, after helping AJ out of the kindness of his heart, Jericho is given a chair shot for his troubles by a crazed Styles, leaving Jericho out cold and opening up an opportunity for Edge to hit AJ Styles with a spear.

*The replay shifts again to Jericho being checked on by medical personnel*

Cole: Fury would then go to break and return with Jericho being checked on by medical officials for a possible concussion. After being down for minutes, Jericho would then return to his feet to a roaring ovation from the crowd

*The replay lastly shifts to Randy Orton entering the ring behind a vulnerable Jericho and delivering an RKO*

Otunga: But as Chris would get to his feet, The Viper, Randy Orton, slithered in behind him and delivered an RKO Out of Nowhere, sending The Alpha back to the canvass!

*The camera shifts back to the announce team*

December 31st, 2018 FURY De4v3miW4AAenBy

Cole: Now ladies and gentlemen, we have received a medical update on Jericho and at this time, Y2J will be out of action for a few weeks with a mild concussion.

Otunga: You know, I talked with Jericho a few weeks ago and he was banking on entering the Genesis Tournament and winning the whole thing to revitalize his career here in PWG and after suffering this set back, Chris will miss the deadline and no longer be eligible to compete, all because of Randy Orton!

Graves: Are you kidding me David?! AJ Styles nearly kills a man that helped save his life from a pack of wild men and you’re going to blame Randy for taking advantage of the situation?!

Otunga: Jericho got to his feet after the Styles chair shot. It was Randy's RKO that caused the further damage that led to the mild concussion.

Graves: Randy is an opportunist!

Otunga: He sounds more like a vulture…

Cole: Nonetheless, despite not being cleared to compete, our cameras were able to catch Chris Jericho’s medical evaluation that took place behind the scenes last week after Jericho finally made it to the back.

*The show shifts to the scene backstage. A camera is shown moving through the backstage area until  it comes to a door that reads “Trainer”. The door is ajar, so the camera person is able to peer through the crack in the door without being seen. In view is Chris Jericho, laid out on a medical table with a male nurse holding a large ice pack to his head. A doctor walks into view*

Doctor: Well Mr. Jericho, you have once again escaped a major injury. I have reviewed the tests and though it came back that you do indeed have a concussion, it is a mild one and you will be back in action in a few weeks after a final analysis. I have prescribed you Tylenol and I suggest plenty of bed rest and fluids since you’ll be wanting to get over this as quick as possible.

*Jericho removes the nurses arm from his head and looks at the doctor*

Jericho: So does that mean I am still eligible for the Genesis tournament?

Doctor: Unfortunately, Chris, while mild concussions usually do not last more than three weeks, you won’t be eligible because the tournament starts next week and I can’t clear you in time. So, no, you will not be eligible. But I say look at the Brightside, your career is still very much in-tact and you’ll have plenty of opportunities in the fu…

*Jericho snaps at the doctor*

Jericho: I didn’t ask you for career advice Doc. You’ve done your job now get out of my face.

*The doctor takes a step back and looks down nervously*

Doctor: Right, I apologize Chris … I’ll give you some space to think about things while I consult my associate about your final test. Please excuse me.

*The doctor walks to the back of the trainer’s area through a curtain as Jericho lays back down as the nurse places the icepack back on his head. The nurse looks to make sure the doctor is gone before he begins to speak*

Nurse: You know, I’m not supposed to be saying this because it’s my job but, I’m a really big fan Mr. Jericho, it’s an honor to be even in the same room as you.

Jericho: Thanks man…just not the time right now.

Nurse: I’ve followed your career pretty much everywhere and I know you’ve hit a rough patch recently but I know for sure you’ll get back on track like you always do.

*Jericho quickly places his hand on the nurse’s arm and removes the ice pack to look him in the eyes*

Jericho: I am a rough patch.

Nurse: : I’m sorry. I didn’t mean rough patch. What I meant is that….a wrestler at your age has seen it all…

Jericho: A wrestler at my age? You think I’m old…

Nurse: No… I didn’t mean you were old…I meant…

*Jericho quickly stands to his feet*

Jericho: You think I’m too old to be doing this anymore?! Huh? You think I’m too broken down and can’t get it done anymore?! You think these younger guys in the locker room have surpassed Chris Jericho huh?! DO YA?! HUH?!

Nurse: Mr. Jericho please! I did not mean to offend you or call you injury prone, I was just saying that a wrestler at your level has experience with this kind of stuff and obviously…

*Jericho grabs the nurse by the throat and throws him up against the wall*

Jericho: Experience with what you fuck face?! Experience with losing?! You think I’m a loser?! You think just like everyone one of these pathetic pieces of crap that tell me I need to hang it up or that I don’t have it anymore. I’M THE FUCKING ALPHA AROUND HERE AND I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS BLATANT DISRESPECT! IM GONNA GET MY HANDS ON RANDY ORTON AND RIP HIS FUCKING THROAT OUT! JUST LIKE I CAN DO TO YOU RIGHT NOW BECAUSE YOU”RE NOTHING TO ME! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?! YOU INSIGNIFICANT FOOL! YOU’RE NOTHING!

Nurse: Please Chris….I’m sorry… I understand please don’t hurt me…

*Jericho is seething as he stares down the nurse to a dead silence, with the nurse almost crying as he struggles to breathe. Jericho then looks around slowly and realizes the doctor and another trainer are standing behind him in shock. Jericho slowly removes his hand from the nurse’s throat and begins to brush off the man’s clothes. He then looks puzzled and quickly retrieves his icepack. He smiles at the nurse as he begins to speak*

Jericho: … yea Good talk man! … Oh hey Doc! I’ve been meaning to tell you, I think you’re right. I’m gonna need a ton of rest because I have a date with a viper when I get back…

*Jericho walks towards the door like nothing happened as the camera cuts*

Otunga: Wow… that was….

Graves: Believe me now David? There’s a reason I call him crazy Chris every week.

Cole: I haven’t seen Chris Jericho snap out like that since he was last in PWG, before his big return a few months back. Hopefully, this is just a stressed out version of Jericho and he can use these next few weeks to get him back into the right mindset so that he is ready to face off against Randy Orton.

*The camera pans back to the ring where our main event is scheduled to take place*

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Edge vs Sting

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