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 December 13th, 2018 REVOLT

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December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Empty
PostSubject: December 13th, 2018 REVOLT   December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Icon_minitime12/13/2018, 3:53 pm

Thursday Night REVOLT
DECEMBER 13th, 2018
Boise, Idaho
Taco Bell Arena

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Tacobellarena_northwest_ext

Show Name: Throw Away The Key

Stephanie McMahon Opens Revolt
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Steph

*After the show opener plays we are greeted by the PWG faithful loud as ever, the opening pyro ignites them even more as the commentary booth kicks off*

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Giphy


What a night we have planned! With major chamber implications, tonight could determine the winner of the chambers itself!

Oh great...

Show some respect Byron! The CO-GM of Revolt gracing us with her presence tonight. I wonder what's on her mind!

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT MeagerRecentIndianhare-size_restricted

*Steph struts her way to the ring, singing her theme tune. Seemingly in a good mood despite the chorus of boos the PWG Universe is bombarding her with. She gets in the ring and grabs a microphone, milking the crowd for everything it's worth. After they tire themselves out a bit Steph begins*


*The crowd gives a mixed reaction to that but the co-gm keeps going*

The BEST champions, the BEST talent... The BEST management.

*Steph gives a sly smug as she extends her hands to the side, then patting herself on the back*

Now while I have no doubt that our chambers will be the Main Event, and the more must see matches at Wrestlution... This job does come with some downsides... I do have to announce that Ember Moon will have to be pulled from the PPV, and therefore removed from the Elimination Chamber match.

*The crowd gives a guttural boo, as Steph raises her hand*

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_nd9ejsPDvg1thrui5o1_250

Hey, hey , hey... this isn't my or my husbands doing... just watch.

*Steph points at the titantron... as it comes to life with security footage labelled 'earlier today' while grainy you can see Ember Moon in the background and as shes walking to the arena she gets jumped by a hooded figure!. After a beating the figure jumps in a car but not before running over the leg of Ember Moon!. The footage cuts out to more boos as Stephanie explains.*

Listen, we do not condone the actions of this hooded assailant and we are launching a full investigation to find out who did this to Miss Moon. However, the show MUST go on... so we need to find a replacement for the Elimination Cham-

*The Boss gets interrupted by some familiar faces.*  

From out of the depths of the backstage arena, Absolution makes their presence known. All with smug expressions upon their faces, they saunter down the ring while ignoring the cat calls and boo's from the crowd.

Eventually making their presence known within the ring, Maryse beckons for the microphone.

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_ok5mgqIkVr1rmv1vdo2_400

Maryse - Vous êtes tous en présence de femmes puissantes. We are so sorry for the interruption Stephanie but when we saw the literal embodiment of what a woman should be, we couldn't help but come out and fawn over you. Yes, we're talking about you. Sonya and Mandy were just telling us how much they idolized you growing up as children.

Bryon Saxton - These guys are practically sucking up to Stephanie. We all know what they want. A qualification match at the chamber!

Tom Philips - What?! It sounds to me like these four women are being introduced to their idol!  Nothing wrong with that.

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_ok5mgqIkVr1rmv1vdo1_400

Maryse - Even Paige and I have respected you tremendously and wish you'd grace these peasants with your presence more often... You, a woman of class, elegance, intelligence and sophistication, not like the dumb bimbos that run around backstage because of their failed MMA careers... You know not only what's best for business but what's good for women empowerment. That's why I and Absolution know you will make the right decision and toss moi in the Elimination Chamber as the last slot... What do you say?

The crowd commences to chant no, a sickening smile on Maryse's countenance until suddenly...

Before Stephanie could reply to Absolution's proposition we here a feminine voice over the PA system say "Not So Fast" causing the entire faction and Revolt co-GM to turn towards the stage.

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Ronda_Rousey_stat--9405c273f37d5bee19263bb997b8dd7fDecember 13th, 2018 REVOLT Shayna_Baszler_stat--839ba8fced8b624bbcb0cc0e82c0c694

Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler make their presence known on stage receiving a huge pop from the crowd in the process as Absolution look on in disgust. The former MMA women stand on stage to prevent any fuckery from occurring before they can speak their minds.

Our GM didn't rise to power by being manipulated with cheap flattery and it's as obvious as the day is bright what you Absolute Thots are trying to pull. Paige jumped in line of MY title shot to get her pastey fingers on the title but realized after Shanya and I whooped Mute #1 and #2's ass that she can't get the job done inside the Chamber by herself.

Cheers of agreement are heard from the PWG Universe as Shayna now speaks.

So right on cue Ember is taken out by a "mysterious" attacker, and Shook-olution is ready to fill-in to protect their Paper Champ. Ember Moon actually fought for this brand, fought alongside me as WE delivered a decisive win over Fury at Civil War. What did Absolution do at Civil War? Oh, that's right lost to two rookies trying to find their footing in the Big Leagues.. Well we're sick and tired of the number games. You don't hear Ronda asking for a Chamber Qualification Match when she's UNDEFEATED. You don't see me manipulating my allies into the Chamber. That's because WE are the real women in the Division. And you can try to stack the whole deck in Paige's favor but you forget I'm the Ace of Spades!!! I haven't been Pinned or Submitted yet and inside the Elimination Chamber, it's STAYING that way when I become the NEW Women's World Champion!

Another large pop is heard as the Fans cannot stand having Absolution having the gold. Ronda & Shayna look on strongly at all the women in the ring.

*Stephanie McMahon looks a bit agitated at the situation, but takes a moment and smiles*
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Stephanie-mcmahon

Stephanie McMahon:
As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted.

*McMahon looks over at Maryse, who puts her hands up in defence of her actions*

Then again I was interrupted by the 'Two of the Lesser Four Horsewomen'... I was going to get to my point.

*The MMA women look agitated at Steph while Mandy and Sonya laugh at McMahon's comments*

While I do know every reason WHY I am on top of this division and why I RUN IT, I do respect women who appreciate the work I do around here.

*Steph pauses on account of her huge ego, which just gets boosted by Maryse still talking up the CO-GM*

So tonight... I will give Maryse... an opportunity when she goes one on one against Bayley for the newly-opened spot in the chamber.

*The Crowd is vocal against allowing Maryse in the match with chants of 'WE WANT RONDA'. Ronda smiles at her fans but Steph cuts it off*

You honestly think I'm going to allow the reigning Miss Fortune in that chamber?! HA... Miss Rousey, I OWN YOU... So act big all you want... you were gifted that briefcase because of me... and because of ME you are NOT being booked at Wrestlelution... so you can sit on the sidelines Sunday and watch your pal here fight and take years off her career...while you relax, waiting with your briefcase.

*The MMA Horsewomen look at each other, with Bazsler looking at the case*

Don't worry though... tonight, the both of you will be in action... IN THE MAIN EVENT!

*The crowd pops at the thought of another team up of the MMA Horsewomen.*

NOT against Absolution however... you want to talk about being undefeated?... then what better way to market a Main Event... ONE OF YOU... FOR THE FIRST TIME WILL BE PINNED OR SUBMITTED WHEN YOU FIGHT EACH OTHER.

*The crowd sends a mixed reaction, partly upset with them not being able to see Ronda and Shayna sink their teeth into Paige but another side excited to see this dream match up, Ronda and Shayna look at each other this time a little cautious*  

I need ratings, I need drama... and, just to make sure you 'besties' don't throw MY MAIN EVENT, and as a reward for MY reigning champion... Paige will be the SPECIAL GUEST ENFORCER for that match!

*As Steph's theme hits, the crowd erupts in boos for the 'reward' for Paige. Mandy and Sonya lower the middle rope for Steph as she struts up the ramp before Absolution leaves Paige in the ring, who holds up her championship between the two friends.*
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT E3d57e701be5f8db95fbeb2ac102e5ed--paige-wwe-paige-ohara

*She mouths 'Good Luck Pigs' as she walks out of the ring... before we go to commercial break the last shot is a face-off between Ronda and Shayna... one WILL be pinned or submitted tonight... Shayna looks at the Briefcase one last time as...*

Stephanie McMahon:
Oh... I almost forgot... that qualifying match starts RIGHT NOW!

*Bayley's music cues up and she starts her entrance... slightly hesitant of Steph... the camera pans to Maryse getting ready as we fade to commercial.

Who Replaces Ember Moon in the Chamber?
Maryse vs Bayley

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Last-Chance-Q

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

As we return from commercial break the lights suddenly go out and a familiar theme song begins to play.

Revolt's own, Aleister Black's entrance begins as he ascends from the stage, tailored in a sleek suit. He makes haste and marches to the ring, climbing swiftly through the ropes and begins pacing back and forth.

Mauro Ranallo
It's the ominous, enigmatic warrior Aleister black, he looks like he has something to say. it was only two weeks ago we saw his rivals from Fury.....

Byron Saxton rudely interjects into Ranallo's commentary

Byron Saxton
If you're asking me I would say Revolt is the superior show.

Tom Phillips chimes in.

Tom Phillips
No one asked you anything Saxton, who put you on commentary?

Mauro Ranallo
as I was saying, his rivals from Fury, the New World Order and just two weeks ago they beat down Tyler Bate at a Revolt show and kidnapped him. We haven't seen him since.

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT NiceOptimalBordercollie-size_restricted

Aleister raises the mic to his mouth and begins to address matters at hand.

Aleister Black
The New World Order as they call themselves crossed a line, as a man that should not be crossed. the assault and kidnapping of Bate will not stand. Come Wrestlution, I will defeat you, not only so you relinquish Bate's whereabouts but to also teach you a lesson.

Static effects appear on the tron and then fade to black before revealing the phrase "The following broadcast is paid for by the New World Order." both men can be seen standing there calm, sting swinging his bat in his right hand and nash on Sting's left-hand side with his arms crossed.

Hey Aleister! woohoo Hey!

Aleister's attention quickly shifts to the tron.

Kevin Nash
Hey buddy, I hope we aren't interrupting anything, we just decided that we would speak to you on your show. Haha, what was this show again? doesn't matter, look you friend Tyler Bate is doing alright.

Let's see if we can break him and then convert him into the Wolfpac.

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR_2IIsO7Ei84Z_hWrPMTQEYIFJ2724Jh__rghhE2Uo5POinXS7

Kevin Nash
whoa slow down there Stinger, Look Me and my boy Sting will fight you at Wrestlution... which one? both? I don't know but we will see won't we? as for Tyler Bate, well I don't see you beating us so sure why not up the stakes. if you win we will hand over Tyler Bate, not like you have the numbers anyways.

We'll see you there Donnie Darko, I mean Aleister Black. Good luck.

The NWO's transmission cuts out and the live feed is left focusing close up on Aleister's stern, piercing gaze before cutting to commercial break.

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f61587144566b6f387572616775773d3d2d3533393132303637322e313531356634663533386137386561623833373236373138303632352e676966?s=fit&w=720&h=720

The crowd erupts in a hale of Boo's and cheers, the "Joe Joe Joe" chants quickly start to ring out as The destroyer makes his way onto the stage.  

Tom Phillips

Mauro Ranallo
Indeed he has Tom, but Is he still at full strength? This man has taken two huge losses back to back, his confidence must be shaken!

Tom Phillips
You're probably right, why not go and ask him?

Mauro Ranallo
Because, Tom, contrary to your belief, I'm not stupid!

The angry Samoan Destroyer walks down the ramp with purpose and wastes no time in rolling under the bottom rope and into the ring. A microphone is held for him to take between the ropes, Joe snatches and strolls into the center of the ring as he patiently waits for the crowd to calm
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT &image=eabe13504e2fcc456a26f9a71a1929a338b2823c-aHR0cHM6Ly93cmVzdGxpbmdydW1vcnMubmV0L3dwLWNvbnRlbnQvdXBsb2Fkcy8yMDE2LzEwL1NhbW9hLUpvZS1OWFQuanBn

Samoa Joe
Lemme guess, you though this was that traditional thing where the big bad comes out with some sorta excuse why he lost? Cause that's what I am, right? I'm such a terrible person, you'd have me believe.
I deserved all the beatings I got, right?

Samoa Joe watches on as many of the crowd start to cheer at the top of their lungs. Joe simply watches in pure disgust

Samoa Joe
Heroes never get appreciated, not until they are long gone. You think this loss stops me? Boy it's barely even a roadblock. See there Is a reason that I am the inevitable. Because no matter what happens, I never stop. Rock thinks he's safe, huh? That I'm the past? Well maybe I am, but the past, it's got a way of comin' up on ya when you least expect it and one day, I will get back to you, Rock.

Might not be today, maybe not tomorrow, but inevitably I will finish you.

Samoa Joe wipes his nose and slowly walks around the ring scowering down at the fans

Samoa Joe
So tonight, I am faced with Roderick Strong and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

One barely good enough to supply for his family, while the other just decides to beat on 'em. Stone Cold, he drinks beer, he shoots defenseless animals, he beats his wife but no, I'm the bad guy here. I'm the evil one. I'm the one who deserves beatdowns right?

The once thunderous crowd quietens down as Joe continues the verbal rampage

Samoa Joe
Here I am, a man fighting for his culture, but just cause it ain't yours that makes me a BAAAD man, don't it?  

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Nxt-6-10-15-9946885509

Joe is about to say something else, but gets cut off

As Joe is interrupted by "End of Heartache" theme song, Roderick Strong comes from behind the curtain with a smirk on his face.
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_or9io8mmKz1w349a0o1_540

Strong: Samoa Joe.. I don't know where you get this impression of me that I can't take care of my family? When you're the one who can't even beat the Rock, let alone lose more than a pound. Yes, I said a fat joke. But anyways Joe while you are out here promising to do whatever the hell you want to the Rock, I've been the most dominant Revolt superstar! Week-after-week I've been doing what I said and that's beating the hell out of my opponent in this ring and having the ref raise my arm. Because you and Austin are nothing but has-beens who are just in my way on my path to become the greatest Revolt superstar to ever live!

Some fans start cheers for Roderick Strong.

Strong: Don't cheer for me! The matter of fact is tonight makes no difference what match type Triple H throws at me cause it will just be the same result and that's my arm getting raised after I pin you or Austin. But I'm hoping it's you, Joe, just to piss in your cereal more, and after I win, I'll go on to win my future title shot!

Strong gets close to Joe' and starts poking him in the chest.

Strong: Because superstars like you or Austin aren't on my level...

Graves: Oh lord, Strong shouldn't have poked the bear like this.

Joe quickly swats Roderick's arm away and starts getting in his face barking down at the smaller man

Samoa Joe
Boy, If you wanna keep that arm attached to your stupid ass person I'd very quickly take my recommendation and stop touching me.

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT A54508653ab9f808a3964b34ae46a63ac35a409b_hq

Roddy smirks and holds his hands up in the air innocently as Joe speaks in a quieter and deeper tone, his voice booming with authority  

Samoa Joe
now Lemme slaps you with some hard reality right now, you call yourself dominant? who you beat, huh? EC3? Listen close. Let my words sink in. You've been playin' in the little leagues while I'm out here breakin' necks an' cashin' cheques.

Now I know about you, you think you tough, think you're hot stuff, don't ya? Why is that Roddy? What makes you tough? Is it the fact you survived your upbringing? Is it the fact that you actually survived childhood despite Mommy shooting Daddy? is that it!?
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT DNbTtAzU8AEOUto.0

Multiple gasps are heard in the crowd at Joe taking such a despicable shot, but Joe is not the least bit sorry as he continues to talk down at the smaller man who's confident happy grin has vanished

Strong looks at Joe and smirks...

Strong: Well... since we are already in the ring.

Out of nowhere Strong delivers a jumping knee to the chin laying out Samoa Joe right in the ring.

Graves: Holy Crap! What a knee from Strong! Joe never saw it coming..

It’s S C S A!

You shouldn’t commentate in short hand.

W T F?

I stand corrected, you shouldn’t commentate at all.

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT 1cc12fc112acb3284e7f8032e13765ea13884109_00

Now Stone Cold only has a few beers in him, so let me see if I got this straight.
(What?) Joe likes respecting Heritage. (What?) Strong says it’s his time and we should move on. (What?) I pinned Jimmy Uso two weeks ago. (What?) Yet neither of you offered Stone Cold a beer. (What?) I SAID neither of these superstars brought Stone Cold some Beer.

But that’s okay, because I’m gonna give both of them a Can Of Whoop-Ass right now free of charge.  And that’s the bottom line, cause Stone Cold Said so!

Triple Threat for Momentum
Roderick Strong vs Samoa Joe vs Steve Austin

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Triple-Threat

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

*It's time for another interview as we go backstage with Renee Young who is already standing with her guest EC3*
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Renee_Young.0

Renee: Please welcome my guest, EC3. Ethan I have to ask, you seemed very confident going into your match against Roderick Strong last week but you came up short. How are you feeling this week after your first loss?

*EC3 seems to ignore parts of Renee's question*
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Superstar-Category_Superstar_562x408_ec3

EC3: Don't call me Ethan, only my Aunt calls me that and i haven't seen her in a long time, I wonder how she's doing?
Anyway, tonight I take on a man that Hasn't said a word in his entire run on this show. Now I get it okay, some people aren't big talkers, some people "prefer to let their fists do the talking" but you see Renee in order to be at the top of our business, in order to be a Top One Percent superstar like myself, and like Roddy Strong proved to be last week, You gotta be able to talk the talk as well as being perfection in that squared circle.

So what do you want to ask me exactly? Do you wanna know if I'm afraid of Baron Corbin? Do you wanna know if I have a strategy for Baron Corbin? Here's a question Renee... Where is Baron Corbin? Who says he's even going to show up for our match, he's probably too busy hanging out in a dark corner somewhere or scaring off women with that heinous bald spot and outdated hairstyle.

Tonight, if Corbin steps into that ring with E...C...3! Maybe he'll learn a little thing or two about how to be a Top One Percent athlete and Lady's man like yours truly.

EC3 Out!

*EC3 walks off to make his final preparations before his match next with Baron Corbin.*

Renee: Well, thank you for your time!

The Top One Percent vs Entrant One
EC3 vs Baron Corbin

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Corbinvs-EC3

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

Charlotte comes out and the fans give her mix reaction as she walks down towards the ramp.
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Normal_Charl_mp40020_zpsvsvp4sgx

Charlotte gets into the ring and smiles as she speaks into the mic.
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Normal_Charl_mp40093_zpspbkhwgpp

Charlotte: Last week I beat Ember Moon so badly she had to up and quit PWG. Hah it ain't my fault she can't hold a light up to the Queen like the rest of the Women's Division. And that's why tonight is already a foregone conclusion. I am going to beat Carmella and Miss Banks because I am the best woman to enter that chamber!
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Normal_Charl_mp40101_zpsdhvaegd2

Charlotte: Cause it sure as hell ain't Paige. The truth is she's just a paper champion. I can say it because it's true; everybody knows Paige wouldn't be champion without her lesbian girlfriend Maryse. I hope you and Maryse had a fun time celebrating your win cause come New Years Wrestlution - she's going to lose that championship to me.

The hard cam locks onto Charlotte.
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Normal_Charl_mp40126_zpsg2ptczom

Charlotte: It's too bad for Paige that she can't dominate in the ring like she dominates in the bedroom. We've all seen those leaks hunny. You're not fit to have any type of Championship gold around you.

Some chants of "Paige-a-hoe" start.
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Normal_Charl_mp40122_zpswmav7iib

Charlotte: Paige is going to be saying hoe-hoe-hoe all night long after she loses the biggest match of her career - and that is my Christmas gift to you...

Charlotte takes off her robe and awaits Carmella & Sasha Banks for their Triple Threat match.
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Normal_Charl_mp40453_zpskjgyfkei

Chamber Placement Elimination Match
Carmella vs Charlotte vs Sasha Banks

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Female-Placement

Quote :

winner via SIM:

As another action-packed edition of Thursday Night Revolt continues, cameras pan around the ecstatic audience in attendance. The buzz in the crowd is electric as people jump at the sight of themselves on the titantron. Signs are flashed that read from supporting their favorite superstars such as "New Day Rocks!" to showing their displeasure for their favorite superstars to hate such as "Someone please "KO" Kevin Owens!" This sight shifts however, as the cameras cut to the backstage area. The fans begin to boo madly as this happens, but not because they aren't on TV anymore. The reason they voice their disdain is because the area we are taken too the office of the Revolt General Manager, Triple H. Yelling in the face of Triple H is a visibly angry Pete Dunne along with his bodygaurd, Braun Strowman. Dunne wears a simple t-shirt that reads "Bruiser-Weight" with an image of himself holding the World Championship in his teeth as has become a signature action for him. He holds the PWG World Championship over his shoulder in one arm, while using the other to point at his bodyguard while he screams. Due to the booing from the audience it is unclear what he's saying, but as the crowd hushes, it begins to become clear.

Pete Dunne:

I mean it's absolute rubbish! What the hell am I supposed to do with him!? The man can get hit by a car then walk to the ring for a match no problem, but he can't speak a damn word!? He barely understands half of the bloody things I tell him! The big bastard tried to follow me into the washroom! What did he think he was going to do!? Help me wipe!?!? It's unacceptable that you stick me with a bodygaurd with less human understanding and vocabulary than bloody Groot!!!

Triple H:
Petey, Petey, Petey... Calm down kid you're gonna give yourself an aneurysm. Look, I got all the voicemails and texts you've sent me this week on the matter and I understand your frustrations. But you gotta understand Pete, Braun here... He hasn't exactly had a normal life... He wasn't raised like you or me, you don't get to be the monster he is by accident. But honestly, I'd rather not get into all that right now because its a damn long story and it really doesn't matter. Because like I've told you many times before, I have things covered for you and I found an answer to our little problem.

Triple H's words seem to have gotten Pete's attention, however his angered tone is still plastered over his voice.

Pete Dunne:

You've found an answer have you? Well then exactly what is it? Because I'm sick of trying to figure out what his different grunts and roars mean...

Triple H:
Well you see, the problem with Braun is that he's never had anyone actually try to teach him how to speak... Read... Write... Or well, anything that didn't involve making him the monster he is right now. So, I took it upon myself to hire him his own personal teacher that will go on the road with you guys and hopefully teach the big man to actually use some words.

Pete Dunne:
A teacher!? That's your answer!?

Triple H:
Pretty much kid, you got a better idea?

Hunter's question causes the champion to pause. Knowing he can't think of any better way to be able to communicate with his monster, he lets out a sigh.

Pete Dunne:

Fine then, we'll try it your way... But it had better work!

Triple H:
Trust me, it should work just fine. This guy is the best teacher I know... Well, he's also the only teacher I know but... You know what? It should be fine...

The side commentary of his mentor causes the World Champion to raise his eyebrow. Appearing skeptical as he ponders to The Game.

Pete Dunne:

Wait, wait... "Only teacher you know" "should be fine" just who the hell did you hire anyw-

Hello my students, it is I...

A new voice comes from behind Pete Dunne, causing him to whip his head around to see the source entering through the office doorway.

Matt Striker:

Matt Striker... You're teacher...

Entering the room is none other than Matt Striker. He smiles widely as he enters the room and passes by Dunne to shake the General Manager's hand. He wears an off white dress shirt with a tie and an argyle vest on top of them as he greets Triple H.

Matt Striker:

Hello Mr. Helmsley, it's such an honor to be here tonight and to know that you want me to be a part of PWG. Now, forgive me for asking but you were a bit vague on the phone, but you said you needed me to come out immediately because you needed my skillset... I was moved. It will be my honor to help PWG in its time of need and help carry the Revolt commentary team to being the top announce team in the world! I assume I'll be taking Mr. Saxton's seat?

Triple H stares vacantly at a hopeful and starry eyed Matt Striker, before burying his face in his hands and shaking his head at the former teacher.

Triple H:

No Matt... No... Just... No...

The beaming smile on Matt's face vanishes at Triple H's response. Instead, he now where's a look of disappointment and confusion.

Matt Striker:

But I don't understand, if you don't want me here to do commentary, then why were you so insistent I rush out here?

Triple H:
Well Matt, what I need you to do for me is much more important than to commentate on some matches... See, I need your skills as a teacher...

Matt Striker:
As a teacher?? I haven't taught in years... I mean, I suppose I could tutor you in a few things, what are you taking night classes or something?

Triple H:
Not me you idi- no Matt... I don't need you to teach me anything. I'm the cerebral assassin, you can't teach me anything I don't already know... The person I need you  teach... Is that guy...

Matt Striker slowly turns around and seems to finally notice the Monster Among Men who has been quietly standing in the background. Upon seeing this intimidating beast Striker's jaw drops in terror.

Matt Striker:

Oh dear Lord...

Matt continues to stare at the monster, mouth agape, as he takes in the sheer presence of the mammoth before stammering to continue.

Matt Striker:

Wh-wh-what uh... What d-do you want me to teach it- I mean him...

Triple H:
In a word? Well, everything... See, Braun has never had a teacher so he's kind of... Lacking as far as mental strength goes... So from now on, I want you to be his personal teacher and help him learn to become a normal member of society... Or at least teach him to talk...

Matt Striker:
He doesn't even know how to talk!?! Mr. Helmsley I'm not sure if I can-

As Striker appears to be trying to try talking his way out of the situation Hunter's phone rings. Without concern for what Matt Striker has to say he quickly answers it. After a few seconds he hangs up and turns to Matt.

Triple H:

Look Matt, I just got an important call so I have to go take care of something. But you two can feel free to get started right now actually. Pete, you should come too so these guys can get aquainted and focus.

Matt Striker:
Yes, but Mr. Helmsley I-

Before Matt can finish his sentence Pete Dunne and Triple H leave the room, closing the door behind them. Striker stares at the door, closing his eyes in frustration and letting out a big sigh before turning around. Braun Strowman now approaches his new teacher, until he's standing less than a foot from him, staring down at the nervous Striker with his usual intense stare and heavy breathing.

Matt Striker:

S-so... Until I can teach you the English language... Is there any specifc way you would like to communicate or-

Braun Strowman:

The abruptness and intensity of the primal scream causes Striker to leap back, tripping over himself and falling down on the couch. There he looks up at the monstrous Strowman with terror in his eyes, trying not to move as if sudden movements would anger the beast. Striker looks to the office door across the room and meekly whimpers in its direction.

Matt Striker:

Fans can be heard laughing at the expense of the squeaking voice of fear Striker has produced as cameras slowly fade to a commercial break.

Two 'Monsters' Clash
Aleister Black vs Braun Strowman

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Monsters

Quote :

winner via SIM:

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December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Empty
PostSubject: Re: December 13th, 2018 REVOLT   December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Icon_minitime12/13/2018, 4:12 pm

As Revolt comes back from commercial the big screen titantron turns on.

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT 2ouwpi

Fox: Ladies and Gentleman it is I.... The new Pirate Princess the one who defeated the undefeated Kari Sane.

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT 2ouwn5

Fox: Not only was i gone for a good period of time but what a way to comeback last week and pin the so called clam princess of pirates. Thats why i went out of my way and got this cute sailor captain hat. So Saine I'm so sorry that i beat 1.2.3 but now theres a new princess and her name is ALICIA FOX and I demand to be called that until miss little kari sane tells me other wise.

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT 2ouww0

Fox: So tonight as my first order of business as the new princess I face a girl not a woman but by the name of Sonya Deville and after i throw her overboard all of you pwg fans will finally see that Pirate princess Alicia Fox is now The Captain of the sea.

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT 2oux30

As Fox smiles at the camera the scene fades.

A Fox and Deville
Alicia Fox vs Sonya Deville

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Deville-Vs-Fox

Quote :

The bell rings both women exchange blows as Sonya dominates the early going with punches backing up Fox into the corner having her roll out the ring.

Fox stalls outside the ring as Deville goes out and chases her around the ring as fox slides back in so does Sonya as fox takes advantages and starts to clobber her with kicks to the back.

Fox picks her up only to be counter by Sonya and gets dropkicked to the corner as Deville trys to pick her up fox plays possum and makes Sonya go face first into the second turnbuckle as fox sees sonya on her two knees she follows it up with the foxy axe kick.

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT AnnualWarpedEmperorpenguin-size_restricted




Winner of the match Alicia F-

As Fox demands the announcer to say it right.

Winner of the match Pirate Princess Alicia Fox.

Fox goes under the ring apron and grabs a crown and puts it on her head
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT SfzzK2W

click to reveal winner:

As the show rolls on, the camera cuts to a hallway, the walls adorned with garlands and other festive decorations. It's all quiet until some loud singing is heard from around the corner. The multiple workers cover their ears from the terrible sound as Ya bois The New Day gleefully skip around the corner.
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT New-day-uproxx-e1527645917291

Woods is dressed in an incredible Green and red elf costume, Kofi is a magnificent Reindeer who gallops down the hallway and in the center is Big E, Who pats on his stomach as he reveals himself as the one singing in a Santa costume  

Big Santa
Oh the weather outside be frightful! But the Fiya be soo delightful! And since You've no place to go, mama Blows! Mama Blows! mama blows!

Oh yes she does! AAAAAHHHH!!!!

E then gleefully shouts at the top of lungs

Big Santa
Time fo' verse 2!!!


E is then suddenly cut off by The jamaican reindeer who's nose starts to twitch uncontrollably. E and Woods look concerned and put a hand on his shoulder

Big Santa
What Ails you, boi?  

The reindeer then points at a nearby door that leads outside, flumes of Smoke travel under the doorway and coat the air.

Big Santa
Oh Dayum! That smell! It's like bein' donkey punched by Kong! Ow! What be that smell!?  

Woods, who seems oddly ok with the smell creeps toward the door, he pulls out a doctors stethoscope and puts the dreaded cold part on the door as he listens to whats on the other side, making audible notes as he does so

The wood Elf
That voice! So deep! So... Jeez us! This poor creature! It needs honey! it needs cough meds or somethin'. We must help it!  

woods then opens the door and on the other side of it stand 3 dark menacing figures, their faces illuminated by the flaming trashcan next between them.
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT SAnitY-696x392

The wood Elf
Noow the voice suddenly makes sense!

The trio of filthy people start to walk toward the New Day but E steps forward and puts a hand up and starts shouting

Big Santa
Woah! ay ay ay! Stop up! Simmer yourselves, We didn't know it was you bois!  

E then quickly and carefully pulls out a giant santa sack keeping an eye on Sanity  
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Deluxe-santa-sack

Big Santa
Look, just cause you be the anti New Day don't mean we gots to hate on eachother! Tis' the season to be jolly and ya bois the...  

All 3 members of New day cup their hands and shout as loud as humanly possible "NEEEW DAY!"

Big Santa
We were gon' give you these later, but since you here we thought we'd band together and shed some positivity into yo lives! We got you gifts! Oh yes we did!

All three members of Sanity no longer look furious, but confused instead as E reaches into his sack of gifts

Big Santa
Pullin' gifts outta the sack, memories of all the baby mama's, well... not yours, That weren't me. BUT! We got you all a little something.  

E pulls out a large tub of thick gold moisture labeled Uni-cough no longer" and looks right at Young, he carefully reaches over and drops it into the befuddled leader of Sanity's hand.
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Honey-png-image-27097

Big Santa
Normally It'd take only a single drop to fix the throat, but you be special. You need to down the entire thing if you wanna sound like a real boy again!  

Alexander Wolfe steps forward and lets out a maniacal laugh as he jumps up and down on the spot like some creepy deranged serial killer.  

Big Santa
Don't you worry Wolfe, We got something for you too! Oh yeah!

E reaches into the sack and pulls out a load of white pills, he smiles and carefully drops them into Wolfes hand before talking straight to EY, covering the side of his mouth and whispering

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Videoblocks-large-amount-of-white-round-pills-falling-on-flat-surface-animation-of-large-amount-of-tablets-with-mask-for-tablets-included_hit2cdtwz_thumbnail-small04

Big Santa
*Yo pet Wolfe got flea's! Cover the pills in some fresh hams and play fetch wit' him*

E smiles at Wolfe before pointing at Killian

Big Santa
I be sorry, Killian. I couldn't fit yo gift in my sack! But don't fret!

Woods rings a bell and in strolls mr. Bootyworth with a lawnmower
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT H310-0929

Big Santa
I saw you gots a hair problem! So this special device disguised as a lawn mover is designed to help you! See, the man who made this! He had issues too, but then he figured out the solution! He once was called A-Train but now he joined the land of the humans cause of this miracle arranger!

E nods for Mr. Bootyworth to park the lawnmower in front of Dain, but he is scared of the beast of Belfast and pushes it over before making a quick break for it

Big Santa
Now, we gots one more gift! I'm afaid y'all will have to share it! But don't worry, it'll be fine as long as long as you don't drop it!

E reaches into the sack one last time and pulls out...
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT S-l300

E gives a goody wide-eyed smile and nods before slowly reaching out to give the soap to Sanity

As the big man of The New Day extends his final "gift" offer of soap to the insane group before them, he wears a jolly smile, as do the remaining New Day members. However, the leader of the insane trio, Eric Young does not smile in return, but rather stares down at the soap bar with a soured scowl. Before turning to perhaps his most crazed follower, Alexander Wolfe, and giving a nod. With that, the maniacal German takes the soap from Big E and looks at it, reading the inscription. He begins to laugh as if he's in on the joke with The New Day, causing the festive trio to laugh(although uneasily) along with the psychopath.

Alexander Wolfe:

Hahahahaha! The soap says "Gay Bar!" Hahahahahaha!!! Oh that's funny! Hahahahaha you guys are good! Hehe, no! Better than good, you're all hilarious!!! Hahahahaha!!!

The New Day members laughter comes to a hault as they watch the crazed Wolfe laughing uncontrollably. Wolfe continues his laughter before it begins to slow as he speaks.

Alexander Wolfe:

This is so great! You know, if I'm being totally honest with you...

Alexander Wolfe looks back to his SAnitY brothers briefly, before walking towards The New Day and bringing them into a sort of huddle away from the ears of his fellow faction members.

Alexander Wolfe:

Those two back there may not appreciate it, but these are mein first ever Christmas presents! When I was younger, mein mother would always say every year, that I was receiving the gifts of not using the chains to beat mein arsch with that day...

Wolfe's head remains in the huddle while the members of New Day snap their heads back and look out to one another amongst themselves. Their faces wear matching emotions, showing how alike they all are. It's a twisted expression stuck on their face that they flash to one another as if to say "what the hell is wrong with this guy?"

Alexander Wolfe:

So my friends may be a bit upset with these gifts, but me? I would like to return the holiday cheer... So I was planning on giving this gift to someone else, but I think the three of you deserve it more. Just give me two seconds gentlemen...

Alexander turns and walks away from the trio for a few moments, allowing them to exchange looks and chatter amongst themselves. They seem to be in high spirits about the proposition, as they figure Wolfe is crazy enough to truly believe they meant well with their gifts. Smiles are exchanged, but not for long as they hear a whistle from the direction Wolfe had left in. They now see the mental individual approaching them with his hands behind his back, apparently hiding the gift he is going give to them.

Alexander Wolfe:

So I really hope you guys like this... I actually had planned to give it to someone I've been... Well... Drawn to lately... And I guarantee you gentlemen, there's absolutely nothing like the sound and feel of it...

Wolfe pulls the "gift" from his back revealing a solid wooden baseball bat.

Alexander Wolfe:

When it hits your skull just right!!!

Alexander swings wildly at the New Day trio! Luckily, they manage to jump back and begin running in time that they are sprinting down the hallway as Wolfe finishes his follow through. Wolfe is about to give chase but he's grabbed by his hoodie by the big man known as Killian Dain. Wolfe looks back to see his leader, Eric Young standing before him. Young places a hand on his crazed disciples shoulder, stating only one word.

Eric Young:


Seemingly referencing the tag match between the two teams up next, Eric Young's words appear to be law for Wolfe. He regains his composure and smiles at his fearless leader, before beginning his usual insane laughter as cameras fade to a commercial break.

REMATCH - Tag Team #1 Contendership Match
The New Day vs SaNitY II

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Tag-1

Quote :

We welcome you back to Thursday Night Revolt as Sanity & The New Day are still going at it to see who will challenge Breezango for the Tag Team Championships at Wrestlution!


The commentators continue as they final 3 minutes of the match unfold...

winner via SIM:

The duo known as R-Truth and Carmella come out to a generous reaction from the crowd.
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT 001_SD_10162018ej_0163--b3470e30bd9169822ddb8699c5c6efa4_zpsxwo1j7io

R-Truth: What's up! Mella and the Golden Truth is where it's at!

Carmella: Whats up!
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT 002_SD_10162018jg_0008--647e10df8e92afcde7d0cc930ccf26ac_zpsho0p7lex

Truth and Carmella get into the ring and continue to scream their favorite line.

R-truth: Whats up! Whats up!
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT 005_SD_10162018ej_0516--8b10aae0973b2a3234d5da7f57dab032_zps8lfdd0yn

R-Truth: Welcome to another hot episode of Truth TV tonight and I gotta say Goldy won't be with us he's too busy training.... but Mella baby you know what time it is?

Carmella: Dance break!
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT 004_SD_10162018ej_0182--04a42bbfc1c8cf51b3109321bb453443_zpssjv9cyel

R-Truth and Carmella dance around having a good time.
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT 003_SD_09252018dg_0053--eeeae3ba4c30bf8410a149a796efac48%201_zps05greeir

R-Truth: damn Mella baby you sure got the moves. Tonight our guests are none other than the Tag Team Champions Breezango. Some say they can't be beaten, but they haven't faced the Golden Truth yet.. so let's bring the boys out here and see what they have to say for themselves.

Truth waits a few moments for Breezango to show their faces but they never do.

R-Truth: Yo where they hell those boys at? Are you telling me they are scared of good old Truth, oh well thats the end of Truth TV.

Truth walks away confused.

Chamber Placement Elimination Match
Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns vs The Rock

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Male-Placement

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

*The spectacular Revolt Go Home Show continues when the arena goes black. Suddenly we hear a theme play through the arena*

*The crowd boo, hating on KO, although there are some cheers for KO. KO is seen on the ramp making his way down to the setup ring. We see the ring is set up for what looks to be a conference of sorts. Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring wearing a hoodie instead of his normal attire. KO eventually makes his way into the ring. KO sits down with an aggressive look on his face before speaking*
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Kevin-owens-spotlight-promo-3

Kevin Owens:
I am tired of all of this! Week after week I come out here and I prove myself to all of you people, but do I get respect? No, no I do not! Last week I had a great show planned and what happens, that lunatic ruined my show. He broke my equipment and that came personally out of my pocket. Although, that's not all that little rodent did. He tried to assault me! I have a wife and kids to go home to, people to make proud.

*KO pauses, wiping his face before continuing*

Kevin Owens:
But Ambrose doesn't understand that, no one loves him. He has no one around him after what he did. He has changed, changed for the worst. He acts all big and tough, like he has someone to make proud. The only person he has is himself, and I doubt that's a lot. Ambrose likes to talk about how he has always been this close.

*Owens pinches his fingers, copying Ambrose from last week*

Kevin Owens:
Ambrose thinks he has been that close? Well Ambrose has been that close,
which means he has had his chance. It was my chance to make it after he had all his chances, but Ambrose doesn't get that. Ambrose is in it for himself. Ambrose is in it to make himself feel better after all his failed attempts.

*KO pauses to take a breathe, before continuing*

Kevin Owens:
Anyways...I can't stay on that idiot any longer. I am here to call out Triple H! I want you to get out here because I have some complaints. I feel I am in DANGER after what that lunatic attempted last week. First Jericho, now Ambrose. What would have happened if security wasn't there? What would have happened if I was assaulted? Get out here, we have some talking to do...

KO waits a few moments receiving no response from Triple H. He then proceeds to slam the microphone on the floor and then walks off aggravated.

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT W3W1o3r

Match of the Night
The Best Odds Battle
Dean Ambrose vs Pete Dunne

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Ambrose-VSDunne

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

The camera pans backstage as Renee Young can be seen staring blankly forward almost ghosted as a figure steps into frame to a mixed reaction. Dean Ambrose who is covered in sweat absolutely exhausted from a near 20 minute classic with World Heavyweight Champion Pete Dunne. He looks at Renee as she speaks.

Renee : Dean... I... I...
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Renee-758x435

Dean shakes his head as he slowly looks her in the eye.

Dean : I swear to god...If he hurt you... I...

Renee : Dean... I haven’t seen you in weeks... I hate to say this but... I don’t... I don’t know if I trust you..

Dean nods his head as he closes his eyes.

Dean : I’m a lot of things... That much is clear... I haven’t.. Been good to you that much is clear.... But for the first time in months... I... I.... Feel...

Renee looks up confused as Dean continues.

Dean : I knew I had to clear my head of distractions to be the perfect superstar.... That’s the only way I could achieve my goal... But as you can tell I still don’t have that world title...

Dean shakes his head.

Dean : The Chamber is this Sunday... The voices in my head told me! Focus... And wait... And for months I obeyed them...

Dean unzips his jacket as he slowly pulls his wedding band out of his chest jacket pocket and holds it up to Renee’s face who actually cracks a light smile making the crowd cheer.

Renee : Dean... I completely follow your quest to...

Dean puts a finger on her lips as he exhales.

Dean : Your my distraction... Pete Dunee still got his ass kicked tonight... I’m still stepping inside that Chamber the most sadistic and twisted man in this company! But I watched and studied what that... Wolfe did to you... I....

Renee : Dean it’s ok... Your match is more important...

Dean goes wide eyed and his eyes shift to a psychopathic side.

Dean : Stop... This is hard enough the old Dean Ambrose is.... The man you married, the man you fixed.... Is broken beyond repair... But Wolfe learns tonight what happens when you lay your hands in my life... I’m gonna step in that ring and either he shows up with his buddy’s and I rip each and every single one of them limb from limb till I get to him...

Renee looks concerned as Dean continues.

Dean : He comes out alone... Which I don’t think he’s that stupid and I break every bone in a man’s body and watch if he can still breathe thru his nose... And I see if that son of a bitch is still interested in torturing one of the only good things to ever step into my pathetic life....

Dean closes his eyes and slowly slides the wedding band onto his finger as Renee speaks.

Renee : Dean! The Chamber is this week... No distractions! I’m a distraction you were right!

Dean : I told my voices.... To shut their god damn mouths... This Sunday is business, tonight... Is personal...

Dean walks out of frame as he steps onto the stage without a theme to a chorus of cheers. PWG’s Lunatic Fringe makes his way down the ramp to a shocking silence from those on commentary as he slowly rips the mic out of our announcer's hand and taps it three times. The aura of his calmness and rage is quite nerve-wracking to see... After what feels like an entirety Ambrose speaks.  

Dean : Usually I spend quite some time explaining what I’m gonna do to someone inside this ring... I give vivid detail of my life, my thoughts, I let you into my world...

Dean cricks his neck as the madman known for his words seems to be short on them tonight as he points backstage.

Dean : Wolfe there is no escaping me... I ain’t here to play hero... You wanna harass the woman’s roster? Be my guest... But you are harassing and traumatizing the last person in my life who sees past the monster that I am... My wife...

Dean wipes his face as he continues trying to speak almost like he can’t get it out. He then grabs his head and screams at the microphone.

Dean : Agggh!!! Shut up!!! Shut up!!! I know the risk! I know! She’s worth it shut up!!!

Dean seems to be having a one way conversation with... Himself?! As he slaps his face twice he heavily breathes looking toward the stage pointing.
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Ambrose-1479410293-800

Dean : My voices that exist in my head... Never agree... But they both think this is a path to self destruction... Defending a woman I denounced... Does she even still love me? Does she? She’s afraid of me to!!! I can’t love her... But I can proctect her... I will protect her...

Dean pulls his hair but leans looking at the stage almost at war with himself at every pause in his speech.

Dean : I won’t stop... Wolfe you picked the wrong woman, and the wrong S.O.B to piss off... There ain’t no warning I’m injuring you... I wanna feel your bones break under my boot... Screw it...

Dean looks at his ring and seems to regain control.

Dean : This is between me and you.... Keep big man Dain and your leader out of this! They want a purge?! They want to see insanity? You three don’t want to live this life... You three don’t know the meaning of the word... Stay out of my way.... Wolfe your career is on borrowed time... Now I...

Dean stops talking as he looks to the tron - for the first in his career - horrified.

The titantron that has stolen the attention from Dean Ambrose also causes audible gasps of shock from the crowd. There on the titantron sits a woman in a chair... Her arms are bound behind her with thick ropes and a strip of duct tape has been placed over her mouth, causing any cries for help to be muffled. Ambrose begins to look visibly shaken, a sight none have truly seen before in PWG. This is because to woman who is tied up, is none other than his wife he just left backstage, Renee Young. Renee can be seen struggling hard to free herself from her current position, trying to rip at the ropes and scream through the tape... But to no avail... As the scene becomes increasingly uncomfortable, we hear a familiar sound that we know means something bad is about to happen...

Alexander Wolfe:


December 13th, 2018 REVOLT 91c5be26f4axeltischer

As the by now, all too familiar laughter begins to echo throughout the arena, Dean now knows exactly what's going on as he can be heard screaming profanity off microphone. Finally, Wolfe steps into the camera frame, in front of the subdued Renee. His laughter still going strong, before slowing as he begins to speak.

Alexander Wolfe:

Hey Deanie... I think you forgot something back here! Hahahaha!!! This really doesn't look good on you now does it? You go to the ring, ranting and raving, saying how you're going to make me pay for what I've done to poor, sweet, innocent...

Alexander slowly saunters towards the tied Linatic Fringe's tied up and helpless wife, kneeling down to be eye level with her and leaning close enough to slightly smell Renee's hair in a fashion that makes the entire arenas skin crawl.

Alexander Wolfe:

Beautiful... Blondie here... You know, the beautiful ones always make the greatest faces when in agony Dean? It's the contrast you see... Taking a face so pretty... And causing it to contort and twist itself in so many ugly ways as their bones snap...

The German psychopath slightly shudders a bit to himselfs with excitement as he describes the terrifying scene while tears once again stream down the face of Renee.

Alexander Wolfe:

Oh yes... Hahahahaha! Yes, yes, yes... It's absolutely the best Dean... In fact... Perhaps I should show you what I mean...

With that, Alexander slowly reveals a baseball bat! It appears to be the same one he had chased The New Day with earlier in the night as this sight is enough for Dean to hastily make his exit from the ring, wearing on his face a look of worry for his wife more than rage for Wolfe. He begins running full speed, quickly making his way to the backstage area. Our cameras follow Dean as he makes his way to the back, screaming his wife's name as he frantically tries to find her whereabouts... After a minute or two of searching Dean finally sees him, Alexander Wolfe. He stands over Renee in the chair, turning to Dean and smiling, even waving at the Lunatic Fringe. Dean sees red and charges at Wolfe, he almost reaches him before he's blasted from the side! Big Killian Dain blindsides Ambrose when he is mere feet from reaching Wolfe. Also appearing is the leader of the group, Eric Young, he begins stomping the downed Ambrose along with Dain. The stiff boots beat at the body of Ambrose, damaging wherever they connect. Eric Young turns and walks off screen for something as Dain continues to stomp away at the man trying to rescue his wife. Young comes back onto screen, weilding an empty garbage can, bringing it crashing down on Dean and leaving it a dented mess. Dean appears to be hurt as Wolfe's laughter can be heard ringing throughout the background. Eric and Killian look down at the coughing and hurt Ambrose, before reaching down and grabbing him, propping him up on bis knees while each hold one of his arms, extended out into almost a crucifix like position. Ambrose is dazed and restrained now as the subject of his rage approaches him... Baseball bat still in hand.

Alexander Wolfe:

That didn't work out like you had hoped it would... Did it? Ahahahahaha!!!! I mean, you came in like the hero of the day, the knight in shining armor... Only to be beaten and humilated in front of blondie here hahahahaha!!!! But it's ok Dean... In fact, I admire you for being almost as crazy as us, but still thinking you can have a normal life and a normal wife... So I suppose that out of that admiration... I won't hurt your wife with this bat today...

With that, Wolfe turns to Renee and removes the duct tape from her mouth. She appears to be relieved, as does Dean who breathes a sigh of relief, knowing his wife won't be-


Out of nowhere Alexander Wolfe turns around with his bat and clobbers a kneeling Dean with it as hard as he can in the skull! Dean falls to the ground limp and Renee begins screaming.

Renee Young:

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT 4135

Dean doesn't respond, he's not moving an inch. The maniac of PWG is gushing blood from his skull where the bat made contact, making his face unrecognizable. His wife continues to scream in the background, still being tied up its all she can do. SAnitY observes their dirty work, the chaos they've caused and the family they are destroying. Wolfe's laughter echoes over the cries from Renee as the members leave the area, the last thing we see is the sight of a still unable to move Ambrose and the frantic cries of his tied up wife, begging for him to just be ok...
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT 33d06fc19bef33f922cf5b2511c2b3b2

Paige as Guest Enforcer
Shayna Baszler vs Ronda Rousey

December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Paige-Enforcer

Quote :

Mauro Ranallo: MAMMMMAAAAAA MIAAAAAAA!!! RONDA ROUSEY JUST PUT PAIGE THROUGH THE TABLE! What will the official do?! This ref has to make a decision.

The referee tries to talk Ronda and Shayna out of any further beatdown on Paige. They hear none of it as the crowd cheers them to continue this 2-on-1 Assault. Unable to regain order of the match, the official calls for the bell declaring it a no contest before calling for officials to prevent things from escalating any further.

Tom Phillips: This is sickening! These two never had the intention to come out here and compete tonight! Instead, we're forced to watch poor Paige get jumped by these, these disgusting Pigs!

Bryon Saxton: What will Stephanie McMahon think about all this? Her plans completely backfired here tonight. We need to get some help out here. Someone needs to stop this.

Various security comes running down to the ring - no doubt sent by the Revolt GM. Shayna stands tall by Ronda's side taking out the men sent from the back as they enter the ring. With the devastation left in their wake, Shayna picks up the World Womens Championship to a huge pop.
December 13th, 2018 REVOLT Baszler_NXT_Women%27s_Champion_crop

She then shouts "It's time!" Rousey slides out the ring and lifts her Fortune case up high to a loud pop from the crowd. Shayna Baszler takes the referee shirt off the official and puts it on herself. Before she can call for the bell, Mandy Rose, Maryse, and Sonya Deville come running down to the ring all with weapons equipped. The two horsewomen quickly exit the ring with huge grins as they finally gave Absolution a taste of their own medicine.

Tom Phillips: Yeah it's all smiles right now from these two but they just crossed the boss again and left egg on her face. There's going to be hell to pay for the MMA Horsewomen regardless who comes out of Wrestlution as World Women's Champ!

click to reveal winner:

Thursday Night Revolt.
PWG Inc. 2018 ©
Team Revolt Productions.

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December 13th, 2018 REVOLT
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