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 December 6th, 2018 REVOLT

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December 6th, 2018 REVOLT Empty
PostSubject: December 6th, 2018 REVOLT   December 6th, 2018 REVOLT Icon_minitime12/6/2018, 7:15 pm

Thursday Night REVOLT
DECEMBER 6th, 2018
Tampa, FL
Amalie Arena

December 6th, 2018 REVOLT Amalie-arena-home-of-the-tampa-bay-lightning

Show Name: Chamber Implications

As the newly crowned woman's champion's music blasts through the titantron - the Leader of Absolution makes her way out with her faction at her side. They all clap for Paige as she laughs and chuckles, allowing herself to be flattered for a minute just before clasping her hands together and shrugging her shoulders. Paige roars "THIS IS MY HOUSE!" as she wave dashes to the ring. Absolution follows her, as she makes her way to the ring and makes her way to a microphone. The crowd begins roaring with boo's as Paige laughs with a huge smirk planted on her face. Paige lowers the microphone and then simply raises the championship in response to the crowds reaction to her. The boo's intensify.

Paige - But was I wrong though!? Answer me that, you PIGS WAS I WRONG THO!? The answer is no!! I did exactly what I said I would do and now that we got that ratchet ass thot Sasha Banks out of the way - Absolution is now the main attraction once again. But i'm not here to address how I dominated the former mute Revolt Champion - I'm not here to address how i'm going to be champion forever and how this title is coming to the grave with me still holding it in my Chanel Coffin. I'm not out here to address how each everyone of you are going to stay virgins for the rest of your lives. I'm out here to address one thot in particular and that's Ronda Rousey - The Sluttiest Woman on The Planet. You see last week she thought she could come out here and disrespect me and she's damn lucky I didn't decide to bury her right then and there. Last week Ronda had the audacity to try and defame Maryse and myself's character - saying we that we have some kind of leaked videos or pictures?! Like literally I should counter sue you for defaming Maryse and myself's character like that . . Ronda you must be confusing us Queens with some sluts who try to be like us on WWE or something like that because there's only one true Paige and Maryse and that's right here in PWG. So nice try bitch but you have nothing on us - because we're real woman that represent real reformation unlike you. You're just a washed up martial artist. We all know you're here because you couldn't remain relevant in any other place but here. See Maryse and I - eat, sleep and breathe wrestling. While you - eat, sleep and breathe a desire to be relevant and that's okay because unlike you we don't need free-bee's. When you came here you were practically handed a free briefcase from poor Peyton Royce just because you're "Ronda Rousey?" Listen I don't give a fuck who you think you are outside of this business - as far as I'm concern you ain't shit here. You're a bottom feeder and you want to say that you've done more in your career than I have in under a month? Well I guess you're going to have to eat your words now because i'm the fucking woman's champion now.  

December 6th, 2018 REVOLT Paige_divas_champion_gif_by_jerikane-d7yioy2

Paige - Ronda if you think you're ever going to be champion while i'm alive, you're gladly mistaken. As long as Absolution is around we are personally going to make you our little play toy. We are going to tear you limb from limb both mentally and physically each and every week and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. It's not about a woman's revolution - it's about a woman's ABSOLUTION. We are the end all be all - and you will just be another thot that we chew up and spit out bubblegum princess.

Redemption Chamber Qualifier
Samoa Joe vs Roman Reigns

December 6th, 2018 REVOLT MaleQual

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

Samoa Joe is backstage shortly after his loss with Roman Reigns. he holds his ribs and breathes a little heavier then is natural given the abuse his midsection has received over the last weeks. A timid Renee Young slowly and carefully approaches Samoa Joe with a mic in hand as the Destroyer is stumbling down the hallway.

Renee Young
Uh... hey Joe? Can I get a quick word with you after your loss to Roman Reigns, which is your second in as many weeks?

Samoa Joe stops dead in his tracks and looks down at the cautious Renee
December 6th, 2018 REVOLT Maxresdefault

Samoa Joe
Nah we ain't doing this, I'm asking the questions. So let me start off by asking this, your ability to walk, is that something you value? Or what about breathing, you value that? huh, Miss young?

Because if you care at all about these things then I'd get your ass back to Deano's RV and FAR away from my face.

Joe's body trembles with sheer rage as Renee and the cameraman makes a quick break for it, Looking back quickly to catch Joe punching a hole into a nearby door and screaming in frustration

Who Can Gain Momentum?
Tyler Bate vs Harper

December 6th, 2018 REVOLT Bate-VHarper

Quote :

winner via SIM:

*The camera pans to the ring as Greg Hamilton announces*

The following contest set for ONE FALL... is for the EVO Championship!

*Strowman's theme blasts though the arena to a mixed reaction from the crowd. The camera cuts backstage as the monster amongst men makes his way to the curtain... However, from behind he is hit by a chair shot in the back of the head! That doesn't bring the monster down... only angers him. The attacker... Velveteen Dream... backs up slowly.
December 6th, 2018 REVOLT 20016846_velveteen-dream-says-i-hate_ffdce6fb_m

Woah Woah big man... listen The Dream just wanted to tal-

*Before finishing his sentence he thinks better of talking to the monster and dashes down the other hallway... Strowman follows the champion. Like a scene out of a horror movie Dream starts throwing stuff in the path of his follower and works his way into the parking lot. After running around a corer Strowman loses The Dream*

December 6th, 2018 REVOLT Tenor

*Strowman let’s out a scream the could scare anyone*

*He becomes irate looking for the man that tried to take him out. At one point out of frustration he flips over a car like it was nothing! Braun pants in anger as a sound of tires can be heard and when Strowman turns around HE IS HIT BY A CAR!*

December 6th, 2018 REVOLT GcU2Gd

*This sends the Monster flying into the underside of the overturned car, not moving. Velveteen Dream gets out of the attacking car... he looks wide eyed at the wreckage as he grabs his championship and flees the scene... but not out of the arena. Dream runs out of the backstage area down the ramp and slides into the ring. Yelling demands at the referee. The ref looks disgusted but walks over to Greg Hamilton*

Ladies and Gentlemen... since Braun Strowman has... not shown up for his scheduled championship match. He has until the refs count of TEN before the win is awarded to The Velveteen Dream.

*Dream smiles at his handiwork but demands...*



What a BRILLIANT way for The Dream to beat the monster amongst men!

NO! This is a hit and run!

*The ref is still reluctant but rings for the start of the match and begins counting*





December 6th, 2018 REVOLT 1342548376_john_cone

*Dream smiles and hits his pose but is interrupted by.*

The crowd in attendance comes unglued! The monster this hard rock theme has come to symbolize is actually receiving a standing ovation!

Tom Phillips:

What the hell! This can't be real! Don't tell me-

Mauro Ranallo:
This can't be happening! This can't be real!

The commentators appear to be in the same state of crazed shock as the fans in attendance as they see the amazing sight before them... "The Monster Among Men" appears on the staging area after just being hit by a car! As if that isn't shocking enough for the audience in attendance he doesn't appear to be mangled or soaked in blood... In fact, he's not even limping... No, instead this monster appears to be seething! The crowd in attendance isn't cheering because they like this animal before them, but because they don't know what else to do. Braun Strowman seems to have defied logic as he stares a hole through the EVO Champion, Velveteen Dream.

Byron Saxton:

I see it, but I dont believe it! It's Braun Strowman! How the hell is he here!? How the hell is he standing!?!

As the theme continues to pound over the PA system, Velveteen Dream looks as though he has seen a ghost. His jaw is gaped as he slowly lowers his arms from his pose. He begins to rub his eyes hard, looking again as if he hopes this was all some illusion and no one is really there... But it's not, the angry monster is still glaring at him from the staging area with a terrifying gaze. Dream begins demanding the referee count faster! But the referee appears to be in just as much shock as everyone else. Dream violently shakes him, causing him to snap out of it as the monster now makes a B-Line for the ring. The referee is about to begin counting again, but at this point Braun is already scaling the steps and stepping over the top rope and into the ring, giving the referee no choice but to signal for the bell to start the match.

*Ding! Ding! Ding!*

EVO Championship Match
Braun Strowman vs Velveteen Dream

December 6th, 2018 REVOLT Evo-Championship

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

*When the ref calls for the match to be thrown out Dream is still shocked on the stage, but he still gives off an air of smugness*

Here is your winner... Braun Strowman!

*Strowman doesn't take his eyes off of Velveteen Dream as the ref raises his hand, Strowman scares away the ref*
December 6th, 2018 REVOLT 208_RAW_08072017cm_2550--a896ea34ab431c3165465b90d357e043

HOWEVER... STILL your EVO Champion... The Velveteen Dream!

*Dream throws up the title with his pose and hugs his championship like a long lost child... he blows a kiss to the Revolt audience and backs away into the backstage area away from Braun's peering eyes...*
December 6th, 2018 REVOLT Velveteen1.5b99916db1944

I hope Dream knows he ONLY SURVIVED tonight... There have to be consequences!

That's out of our hands... that's Fury's business. GREAT RETAIN FROM THE CHAMPION!

Sure... call it that.

*Revolt moves on to commercial break*

*As we return to Revolt we are about to be greeted backstage by Renee Young with her guest...*
December 6th, 2018 REVOLT Renee-Young-WWE

Renee Young: Ladies and Gentlemen my guest at this time, Revolts newest acquisition... E C 3!

December 6th, 2018 REVOLT Ethan_carter_iii_in_suit_by_nuruddinayobwwe-dc03sum

Renee Young: Ec3, tonight you take on Roderick Strong..

*Renee is interrupted by Ec3*

EC3: AHEM... Tonight the top one percent takes on Roderick Strong, and thanks to the cerebral general manager of Revolt, the esteemed legend Triple H, the winner of our little match gets a future title opportunity. Not bad right Renee? Only my second week here and already Triple H has seen fit to reward me without me having to say anything. You know why Renee? Because Triple H is a smart man, they don't call him the Cerebral Assassin for nothing, they call Triple H the Cerebral Assassin because he is one of the smartest minds in our business and he knows a Top One Percent talent *EC3 grabs the collar of his suit jacket* like myself when he sees them. Thanks for the pep talk Renee, it's been swell.

*EC3 looks over at and winks at Renee before leaving the interview area*

As the young new talent known as EC3 leaves the area with a smirk, confident in his abilities, Renee Young is now left to regather herself. However, rather than cut to a commercial break as would be usual, the cameras stay on Renee. She doesn't appear to realize the cameras are still rolling as she turns to a nearby stand and grabs a few note cards. She begins to sift through the cards, presumably trying to remember important questions for her next interview. This moment of peace doesnt last though, as she is soon startled by a familiar sound....


Hahaha... Hahahaha.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Renee tosses her cards in the air and whips herself around. Darting her head in different directions a shaken Renee Young finally sees the source of this maniacal laughter... Alexander Wolfe. Wolfe stands not far from Young as cameras whip around to see him, wearing his usual hoodie, but pulled down. The psychopathic Wolfe is staring straight at Renee, still lauging in a loud and crazed manner, slowly waving to her in a way that sends shivers down the poot journalists spine. Renee appears to be frozen with fear as Wolfe's laughter continues, before suddenly her brain snaps back into function, allowing her to attempt to run away! But it's too late, Alexander quickly closes the distance between the two and traps the terrified Young against a wall. As his laughter continues, Wolfe sees the stressed look in Renee's eyes, causing his laughter to slow to a stop. A wicked grin tugs at his cheeks as he finally speaks.

Alexander Wolfe:

Oh what's wrong this time blondie? Why do you look so scared? It's almost as if you think I'm going to hurt you... Hahahaha...

Renee Young:
Help! Somebo-

Before Renee can finish Alexander quickly covers her mouth with his hand brings his face mere inches from hers.

Alexander Wolfe:

Shhh-shhh-shhhhhh... Don't do that... You'll spoil all the fun before it even begins... Hahahahahahaha...

Tears begin to stream from the eyes of the horrified Young as she continues her now muffled cries for help. These screams, though muffled, appear to irritate Wolfe as he now aggressively presses his hand harder over Renee's mouth.

Alexander Wolfe:

I said be quiet you dumb bitch!

The violence in his profane threat causes Renee to stop her attempts to scream. However, nothing seems to be able to stop the tears that continue to run down his cheeks, as this uncomfortable scene continues...

Alexander Wolfe:

That's better hehe... I mean, the screaming isn't supposed to come until later, a time and a place for everything as they say hahahaha... You see blondie... I have a certain talent... A certain passion... A certain... desire... Hehe, hahahahaha... What is it? Well I'm so glad you asked... I love causing as much pain as possible. Mostly, it doesn't matter to me who I'm hurting... Just as long as i get to see the agony I cause them... How much their body can take... Before it can't take anymore.... Hahahaha... It truly is a fascinating hobby, and like I said, I cam do it with anyone but you...

Alexander pauses, grinning madly at the helpless young woman, before grabbing a strand of her hair and letting it run through his hands...

Alexander Wolfe:

You... For some reason, I can't get you out of my head... I don't know why, so please don't bother asking hahaha... But ever since I saw you blondie... I've wanted to see you... In anguish... I want to see that pretty little face of yours twisted in agony... Hahaha, just the thought of it is giving me goosebumps! Hahahahahaha!!!... But don't worry... It won't be tonight... See, sometimes I like to... Tease myself for lack of a better term hahaha... The fear in your eyes right now... Ohhh yes... That's all I want for now... Haha... Hahaha..... Hahahahahaha!!!

As the despicable laughter begins to bellow from the maniac, he releases his hold on Renee Young. She collapses to the ground, sobbing violently and uncontrollably, while Alexander's laughter echoes through the hallways. He briefly stares at the product of his depravity before him, never stopping his laughing as he slowly turns around and begins to exit the area. Cameras stay focused on the broken Renee Young as PWG slowly fades into a commercial break.

A Fox Battles A Pirate
Kairi Sane vs Alica Fox

December 6th, 2018 REVOLT FoxVSane

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

Ranallo: Mama mia an Axe Kick from Alicia!

Graves: OMG! Fox just ended the undefeated Karie Sane!

Tom: What a shocker here on Revolt. And to think Fox is just coming back from who knows where and pulls off an upset like this!

December 6th, 2018 REVOLT Dust-particles-dark-room-ray-of-light_4kmijblzg__F0000

The camera pans to a backstage segment where all that is seen is a dark room. The crowd is heard chattering among themselves as the camera focuses in on a shadowy figure within the dark room. The shadowy figure seems to be shirtless with hair drenched in water covering his face. However, just by saying one name the crowd is able to tell who this beloved superstar is. Just one name - resonates with the PWG universes hate and disgust is said by their beloved hero as the camera tries to focus some more on the darkened figure.

Seth Rollins - Roman Reigns . . . Roman Reigns . . . Roman Reigns . . . Roman Reigns . . . Roman Reigns . . . Roman . . . Reigns . . . Roman . . . Reigns . . . Roman . . . Reigns . . . Joe . . . Joseph . . . Son of Samoa . . . Son of Man . . . Dream Destroyer . . . The Chosen One . . . Blood of Royalty . . . Cousin of Greatness . . . Once a Brother . . . Once a Friend . . . Once a Best Friend . . . Once a Confidant. How you have fallen . . . How you have fallen into darkness . . . So greatly deceived . . . So greatly seduced . . . What a sad story . . . but every story whether it be good or bad has an ending. Roman Reigns - At Civil War you showed the world that you don't care about this brand - you don't care about family - you don't care about the people - and most importantly you don't care about yourself. Roman Reigns - a man who thinks everything is meaningless and nothingness yet desires something so much greater than his eyes can see or his hands can touch and that is purpose. Roman Reigns - a man who delves in the realm of nothingness. Roman Reigns a "nobody" that truly desires to feel. A nobody that desires to have a heart. Roman Reigns - a man plagued with the demons of legion who now seeks refuge in the demise of those around him.  

The crowd remains quiet hearing this almost different side of their beloved hero, as he opens up a book a read from a certain passage of a booklet.

Seth Rollins - "This man lived in the tombs, and no one could bind him anymore, not even with a chain. For he had often been chained hand and foot, but he tore the chains apart and broke the irons on his feet. No one was strong enough to subdue him. Night and day among the tombs and in the hills he would cry out and cut himself with stones." - Roman Reigns . . . I am not your savior nor am I your salvation but what I am is an example. Someone one who has consumed his darkness and cast it to the swine. I am an example. Someone who has walked in darkness but has now chosen the light. I am an example - Someone who realizes in order to destroy your darkness, I myself must delve back into darkness to meet you in your turmoil. Not to be conformed by your darkness but to emit my light in your place of seclusion. Roman Reigns you have trapped your true-self in this jail cell and now you are held victim by the spirit of "us" - and now it's my time to enter that dark place and give that man the keys of freedom that I once found myself. And whether he takes them or not - that isn't my assignment. My job is to give to give the "platform of change" to Joseph - the man I once called my brother.  

December 6th, 2018 REVOLT Giphy

Seth Rollins slowly looks up as the room shines brightly to such an extent that it blinds the whole screen with a white light. The camera begins to focus back in as the light dies down so that it isn't blinding but allows the viewer to see this new persona of Seth Rollins. A blonde streak of hair can be seen blending with Seth's dark hair being symbolic of sorts.

Seth Rollins - I am - a consumer of darkness. I am - a projector of light. I am - the break of dawn. I am - your guiding moonlight. I am - everything. I am - WHO I AM.
December 6th, 2018 REVOLT 27026f4703f92c6b9855e0e2a9a40819

December 6th, 2018 REVOLT Match-Of-The-Night

Elimination; Winner Draws 5 in Chamber, 1st Eliminated Draws 1

Seth Rollins vs Baron Corbin vs Dean Ambrose

December 6th, 2018 REVOLT Chamber-Elim

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

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December 6th, 2018 REVOLT Empty
PostSubject: Re: December 6th, 2018 REVOLT   December 6th, 2018 REVOLT Icon_minitime12/6/2018, 7:16 pm

The crowd all rise to their feet in thunderous ovation as this theme blasts through the speakers...

December 6th, 2018 REVOLT 118_FAST_03112018rf_4928--b0fa1b519b7dad9c51caf2b59c90e66b

The 3 members of new day rush out from behind the curtain. Kofi with a plate of delicious pancakes that he Frisbee throws into the crowd, woods playing that trombone like a Jazz king and E twerking and pointing at his own ass as he backs that thing up down the ramp like a damn truck.

Tom Phillips
Does it get any more retarded than these guys? I don't think so

Byron Saxton
What Tom? These guys... don't diss 'em they're the most positive thing around.

Tom Phillips
Congratulations Saxton you proved me wron- WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING!?

Big E by this stage has pulled out two bottles of syrup entitled "Booty Juice" which he squirts into the crowd as Kofi trys to throw the pancakes in the syrups path.

They eventually make the ring, woods climbs atop the middle rope and blows on that sax like *Insert mother joke here* while E is trying to swim on the floor and Kofi is trying to use the now empty plate like an iceskate as he slides from one side of the ring to the other.

Eventually all the music stops and The New Day grab a hold of microphones  

December 6th, 2018 REVOLT Image?

Big E
Now... Let uncle Daddeh start off by saying that, he is made Millions upon Billions of childrens! He smashed a trillion Baby mama's and not all of 'em were pretty, alright! See Yo Uncle-Daddeh, He been with some freaks in his time but never did he smash the trash people from the walking Dead! Never did he do that, naw suckas. He got SOME standards.

See, I never made these Chillens', So where they spawned Uncle-Daddeh got no clue! Now clearly, this shows what happens, what happens when a kid not from the Big E Baby Factory comes into existence! They become these... these... These no good dirty dummeh dumpster diving douch-nozzles who'd be at home in the backdrop of A Mad Max Movie!  

Xavier Woods
They Would! They Would!

Big E
They Would indeed my child, but Mad Max don't want no Sanity people, who does right? They'd probably go to catering and rot the food just by standing near it!

But I Needs to ask someone, I need to ask a man of smarts! A man with a degree! A man who knows pshycolology!

Everyone looks mad confused at that last word

Xavier Woods
um... Psycho-What-ogy?  

E looks Toward Woods awkwardly

Big E
Don't cast yo judgement on me! Where would I find time to educate when I got a conga line a baby mamas to meet! I mean, how do books even work!? Tell me!

Xavier Woods
well it's easy as pie, just turn the pa-

Kofi Kingston
Ha! He Got yo ass! Turn the PAIGE, get it?

Everyone in the crowd laugh at the top of their lungs but E just stares awkwardly

Big E
Naw that was a genui- Actually ye, ye thats TOTALLY where I was going! but anyway, back to Pshycholology!

Woods, you the smart man, right? You got them degrees right? Well crank up the thermostat in yo head cause Uncle-Daddeh got the tough questions!

Woods closes his eyes and takes the deepest of breathes

December 6th, 2018 REVOLT Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSXCdAXhXEd35cWEiYy4BUhMgWGASOXgPufBKrx46hh6Vjj6ZG5

Xavier Woods
K... Think I'm ready.  

Big E
Those Sanity bois, they work here, right?

Xavier Woods
Um... Fairly sure, yeah  

Big E
So therefore they get a big juicy paycheck like the rest of us, right?

Xavier Woods
Well... Yeah, they do, yeah!  

Big E
So tell yo Uncle-Daddeh, if they have money, if they can afford the simple things in life, WHY DON'T THESE N*GGA'S USE A SHOWER!  

Woods eyes open wide, this man is in DEEP thought

Xavier Woods:

Both members jump up at the sudden scream by Xavier, he quickly lifts up his trombone and starts to play a soothing song, Xavier is in his happy place
December 6th, 2018 REVOLT Os-wwe-xavier-woods-new-day-20180313

Big E:
He's doing it Kofi!

Xavier jumps of the middle rope and is now in the middle of the ring, he breaks out playing the beat to Somnus from Final Fantasy XV trying to get the answers

Kofi Kingston:
How long does this take E?

Big E:
Not sure...

Suddenly mid song Xavier puts down his trombone and lays it nicely on the ground before grabbing a mic from E, E and Kingston smile ready for the answer that took so much work to get
December 6th, 2018 REVOLT Xavier-Woods-On-Mic-AWL168

Xavier Woods:
You know have they are Sanity right?

Both men knod

Xavier Woods:
Well basically no one is actually sane so they must be lying, which means they should be SHAMED!

E and Kofi's mouths drop

Big E:
I aint raise no liers! They can't be mine!

Xavier Woods:
That's not all, Sanity has 6 letters, New Day has 6 letters...

Kofi gasps

Xavier Woods:
We have three members, they have three members...

Both Kofi and E start getting excited

Xavier Woods:
They are all dark and creepy, we are all colorful and positive...We use showers, they don't, its clear to me. Kofi grab my notepad.

Kofi exits the ring and grabs Wood's notepad and hand it to him

Xavier Woods:
Than~ KOFI! This is a picture of my cosplay

Xavier holds up the notepad to the audience
December 6th, 2018 REVOLT 39600366_481178319066794_4441384917258993664_n

The audience laughs as Xavier checks himself out

Xavier Woods:
I looked pretty good! Anyways, I guess...I'll have to write on the back...

Xavier sounds like he died when he said that, but grabs a pen from his hair and starts writing

Xavier Woods:
Basically, using all the knowledge I just put on you boys and inserting it into the Sesquipedalian Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobic algorithm we find out...that Sanity...

E is basically jumping on Xavier wanting to know the answer to this deep question

Xavier Woods:

Big E:

Xavier Woods:
I KNOW RIGHT! That's why them boys don't shower, they do the opposite of us. I assume that's why they prefer waffles over the Goldeny Brown, Floppy, Delicious Pancakes! That's why tonight we gonna defeat them boys because if we win, they must do the opposite.

All three members start to dance ready for that free win

Xavier Woods:
But who's gonna fight them? I ain't trying to get all dirty, you see that boy Dain? He probably as sweaty as a man in the Sahara Desert. And its nearly Winter!

The men look at each other, knowing what they must do. Suddenly the break out into a three-way game of rock, paper, scissors. Both Kingston and Woods pull out paper but Daddy E pulls out that good Booty Juice giving him the automatic win.

Xavier Woods:
NOOO! Da Booty Juice!

E laughs as Kingston and Woods make a game plan

December 6th, 2018 REVOLT Kofi-Kingston-645x365

*Kofi contemplates quitting as he realizes what he has to face*

Kofi: So you're telling me that Xavier and I have to face throat condition and hairy fat guy? I don't even think those guys know what wrestling is, they just want to hurt folks.

*Kofi shakes off the nerves*

Kofi: You know what? It don't matter because we have the power of positivity on our side! We gone beat these boys back to the sewer they came out of... and then we can split!

Big E: Because!!!!

*Crowd chants "New Day Rocks" as they await their opponents*

Two Factions Meet
The New Day vs SaNity

December 6th, 2018 REVOLT New-Day-VSanity

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

As Revolt returns from the commercial break we see R-Truth approaching Goldust who is seen with two ladies.
December 6th, 2018 REVOLT 69D73C2E-573D-41F2-8C67-3E4C0CA32A7A_zpschwnybhp

R-Truth:Goldy man I thought I would award us with a massage dog. I mean we do deserve it now, your girl got good hands so she going to take care of you.

R-Truth and Goldust get undressed and lay on the massage tables. His massage therapist starts to massage Goldust's back adding more pressure. Truth looks at Goldust and starts to speak.

R-Truth: Hows your girl? Oh, by the way, I failed to mention that she's a tranny dawg. I meant to tell you that but Mella said you like those type of women.

Goldust looks at Truth very unpleased by the words coming out of his mouth.

Goldust: What the hell is wrong with you?

Asian chick massages Truth's shoulders.

R-Truth: Man we should be more worried about those weirdos Breezango. Them boys have held the Tag Championships too long so I say we challenge them boys at the next PPV and get ourselves some gold.

Goldust nods his head. The massage ladies finish massaging Truth and Goldust. The tranny then proceeds to give Goldust her number. In return, Goldust pays a large $1,000 dollar tip.

R-Truth: Yo Goldy, where in the hell did you get that much money? That’s way too much for a tip!

R-Truth and Goldust leave the locker room.

A True Challenge
Roderick Strong vs EC3

December 6th, 2018 REVOLT Strong-VSEC3

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

After the match, Strong asks for an interview on the ramp!
December 6th, 2018 REVOLT B9dceb8f9b1431fc0af980ea917aeab0

Strong: This is your future Triple H what did I tell you what I say I plan on doing I do for real you didn’t just bring me here to lose no you brought me here to be a winner and I’ve shown that again defeating another person you brought it and now that I have a future title shot. Mark this down I will be your next Championship holder!

As Strong's new theme hits again having the scene fade.

Losers Draw 1 & 2 Inside Elimination Chamber
Ember Moon & Shayna Baszler vs Charlotte & Carmella

December 6th, 2018 REVOLT 12-Qualifier

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winners via SIM:

*Revolt returns from commercial break and we see the ring set up for the Famous Kevin Owens Show*
December 6th, 2018 REVOLT 085_RAW_08062018jg_0984--046d0d229cadfd45f9e322b254451b09

*We see KO with a somewhat depressed and forced smile on his face. His music begins as he goes to talk*

*KO is pissed as he was just about to begin and looks towards the production area*

Kevin Owens:
The hell are you doing back there?!

*KO's music comes to a sudden stop and KO has a sigh of relief*

Kevin Owens:
Anyways! As I was trying to say, Welcome, To The KEVIN OWENS SHOW!

*The crowd have a mixed reaction, some loving and some hating KO*

Kevin Owens:
Now this is this the first edition of The Kevin Owens Show and for every talk show you need a great first edition! So Ladies and Gentleman my topic of tonight is the Elimination Chamber. That chamber is deadly! It could shorten careers, injure many, and the winner gets the ultimate prize, The World Heavyweight Championship. As I hate to say, at the moment I will not be participating.

*No one seems sad besides KO who pretends to shed a tear*

Kevin Owens:
I know it sucks, I know it hurts you all to know this but you can all blame that lunatic Dean Ambrose! If it wasn't for him oiling himself up I would have been able to grip him for Pop-Up Powerbomb! But Ambrose had to be a cheater.

*The crowd have no reaction and are mainly confused*

Kevin Owens:
And don't even get me started on the attack before the match, he practically ruined my chances right then and there! I couldn't let myself down though so I had to push through. If I am being honest...I think the decision should be reversed for your rightful winner, Kevin Owens!

*Some cheer to this wanting to see KO rise and some boo*

Kevin Owens:
Although I hate to do this, I need to change the subject from me. I know that may not please all of you because I am your hero but I need to call out all the guys for the chamber so far! He is the champ, Pete Dunne, Baron Corbin, Seth Rollins, Dean~Ambrose~, and the newest addition, Roman Reigns. Why don't you all come down and join me on the Kevin Owens Show?

*KO patiently waits for his guests*

Just then KO hears a familiar tune as the crowd gives a mixed reaction Ambrose emerges from behind the curtain on a war path.

Dean steps next to the chairs taking a seat in one as he begins speaking.
December 6th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_ncf1ocm73x1thcpemo1_250

Dean : I’m a lot of things... Sadistic, selfish, crazed...

Dean looks around the arena as the crowd continues buzzing.

Dean : A cheater? Hell no!!! I’ve busted my ass to get where I am to become “the measuring stick” here in PWG! I’m the bridge between the main event and the up and comers.... I didn’t ask for that title or coin it... I’ve proven it time and time again...

Dean : Just like when I beat you... However keep in l mind you KO showed heart... And at least you can say, you tried...

Dean flicks his hair allowing the water to smudge the camera.

Dean : I ain’t the same man who joined this company almost a year ago over on Fury... I’ve evolved, I’ve changed and I can guarantee you would have beat the Dean Ambrose Of old... I was distracted, weak, and happy....

Dean taps his jacket looking KO in the eye.

Dean : Don’t take it personally ain’t no one in this company able to matchup with me anymore... Tonight I proved it again but you want guests??

Dean slinks closer grabbing a chair and breaking it with his hands allowing a bit of blood to drip off his hand.

Dean : Imagine that being your neck... Did you know... The human finger is as easy to bite off and apart as a carrot? But the mind stops you because it’s insane or to disgusting to comprehend... What about a guy who is not just disgusting but also crazed would I be able to do that?... You wanna test me one more time?! You didn’t appreciate your warning? You want another “moment”?

Dean moves a bit closer making KO a bit uneasy for the first time.

Dean : You know the streets where I come from... They don’t allow that to slide... A tough guy isn’t intimidating? He gets jumped and made an example of... So in a sense I’m gonna have to hurt you now... What if that chamber matches participants find me weak?

Dean slams the KO show logo down to the horror of KO. Possibly coming out of his own pocket with the damage so far. Dean raises his bloody hand to the disgust of those in attendance and at home.

Dean : That makes me a target... I lose my moment... Again... KO I’m tired of coming just this close....

Dean pinches his hand together almost from what everyone can tell on the verge of cracking but Kevin holds his ground out of fear? Or out of bravery? It’s hard to tell.

Dean : So I have to hurt you... Kevin.. Your names Kevin right?

Kevin nods his head as Dean looks saddened a bit.

Dean : It’s nothing personal for once... But to your family... And kids watching at home I’m so sorry...

Dean pulls a lead pipe out of his jacket as three security members take him down!

KO watches the scene unfold as the guards drag Dean out of the ring. KO looks toward the crowd almost disappointed as he yells. “SORRY FOLKS HE RUINED THE SHOW! BOO THAT MAN”

Triple H walks onto stage watching this unfold as Dean can be seen laughing his blood now dripping on the stage.
December 6th, 2018 REVOLT Match-cancelled-1405937049-2245326

Dean : You saved  him... But your boy Pete’s in there with me!

Triple H stares a hole thru Dean almost looking done with his antics as Ambrose points at the Chamber.

Dean : I’m breaking his neck! “Sir” have a talk with him and say your goodbyes!

December 6th, 2018 REVOLT Images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcSnHmtAYXsv449j_Spo1pOdta5MnAeyhfEFzuJN8gQr0xk55Oih

A guard smacks Dean’s head as Ambrose nails him in the face with a quick elbow almost instantly. As he collapses more guards detain Dean and almost carry him backstage leaning Triple H who stares up high to the structure his champ will be stuck inside.

December 6th, 2018 REVOLT Elimination-Chamber-758x426

If Rock Wins, He Earns a Spot in Elimination Chamber
The Rock vs Pete Dunne

December 6th, 2018 REVOLT Champvs-Champ

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Thursday Night Revolt.
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December 6th, 2018 REVOLT
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