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 April 2nd, 2018 FURY

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April 2nd, 2018 FURY Empty
PostSubject: April 2nd, 2018 FURY   April 2nd, 2018 FURY Icon_minitime7/30/2018, 7:46 pm

[big][big][big]Monday Night FURY
APRIL 2nd, 2018
Nashville, Tennessee
Bridgestone Arena

April 2nd, 2018 FURY Bridgestone-LED

[big][big]SHOW NAME: Spring Fury [/big][/big]

TTC Tournament
The Revival VS The Hardy Boyz

Match Result wrote:
winner via MS - The Revival

The cameras cut backstage as random interviewer C is standing by with The Iconic Duo, whom appear to be in a good mood.

Peyton, after your monumental win over the best women Fury has to offer, you earned a PWG Women's title shot at the grandest stage of them all - GrandStand! You must feel grateful to have such an opportunity so early in your wrestling career.

The good mood of Iconic swiftly changes at the phrasing of his question.

April 2nd, 2018 FURY Maxresdefault

Grateful? Tha only one who should be grateful is tha awful 80's ponytail joke of a champ Bayley. Grateful that Sasha somehow escaped tha beating of her lyfe wit a victory over me preventing tha Broken Promises title match becoming a Triple-Threat. Cause we all know Bayley would-ah nev'ah sniffed tha title with me in tha ring! Now I earned this opportunity by going through 2 oth'ah horsewomen and the 'Empress of Tomorrow'. Well, Asuka n tha rest of tha woman on Fury are goin' to be waitin' a whole lot longer than tomorrow tah become PWG Women's Champion after I'm victorious at GrandStand!

Bayley equals transitional champ; how NOT Iconic!

This is a lot of confidence from you Peyton, considering Bayley has already defeated you once before in Singles competition during the inaugural Women's Tournament.

Billie Kay gets defensive about her partner in crime.

Are ya as blind as ya are daft!? How many times does she haft tah replay tha footage! Tha ref botched tha pin count hard'ah than Fergie singin' at tha NBA All-Star Game! Juss look!

Those in attendance who've heard Fergie sing The U.S. National Anthem laugh at the pop-culture reference while the camera is transitioning to the footage of Bayley vs Peyton Royce

April 2nd, 2018 FURY Giphy

[big]BOOKER T[/big]
...How many times dis bitch gonna play this!?

As long as it takes for you haters to admit Peyton kicked out! Now shut up, Book, the future PWG Womens Champ is speaking!

I aim tah get Bayley 1-on-1 some point in our tag match tonight. Juss tah give our viewers a little sneak peek of whats in store in 3 weeks...and, well, it's always fun beatin' up Sasha Skanks.

Now THAT'S Iconic!

The Iconic Duo laugh in amusement for only a few moments before being interrupted by their Tag-Team opponents.

The camera pans over as Bayley walks into frame smiling as she seems like her old giddy self again. The Iconic Duo is clearly not feeling her as they scowl at the Women’s Champion.

Hey gang what’s going on y’all!!! I’m so excited to step into that ring tonight against both of you! Oh wait you know what????

April 2nd, 2018 FURY D1dd1658fb235749ad540838df590e7d

Bayley gives Peyton a huge hug and starts to whip her around as she starts shouting.....

We’re gonna wrestle at Grand Stand! We’re gonna wrestle at Grand Stand!

Bayley continues to do this until Peyton is able to slip out of her hug and mean mugs Bayley. Bayley’s enthusiasm is clearly pissing the two off as Billy almost jumps at Bayley but Peyton restrains her. Bayley jumps back as this happens as she bumps into someone out of cameras view....

Sasha walks into the frame with a look of determination on her face as she stops in her tracks but before she can speak she’s cut off by.

Bayley : Sasha how are you!!? I just wanted to say ummm I...

Bayley goes to hug Sasha as the “Boss sticks out a finger in protest”

Sasha : Don’t touch me...  

Bayley looks disappointed at Sasha, and in response, Sasha almost shows remorse but continues.

Sasha : What you two little girls need to learn is no matter what happens this is still my show.

Bayley looks puzzled at Sasha as she speaks up.

Bayley :But Sasha... I’m the champ so doesn’t that mean this is my show?

Sasha looks almost hostile but immediately shifts her expression and almost agrees.

Sasha :You know what our Show because the Boss and the Hugger run Fury and as long as this stays between us... That statement stands!  

Peyton rolls her eyes as she laughs.

Peyton : So sad Sasha Skanks so young and already a has been. Let’s go Billie...

The Iconic Duo smirk and leave the frame as Sasha looks almost defeated as Bayley tries to lift her spirits.

Bayley : Look Sasha I don’t think your a has been... And I know these people agree!

The fans begin chanting “Sasha” as Sasha nods her head.

Sasha : Don’t worry about me... I’ll be fine what you need to worry about is making Grand Stand and I’m here to make sure that you do. Come hell or high water, Iconic Duo or Becky Lynch, your having your GrandStand moment! Let’s go Bae!

April 2nd, 2018 FURY Tenor

Bayley almost nods her head as the two hug the scene fades to commercial break.

Ember Rises to the Challenge
Maryse VS Ember Moon

Match Result wrote:
Both women are going at it with Ember taking the lead early on the match. She delivers various suplexes and other moves that leave Maryse unable to retaliate. The match looks to be ending soon until Paige’s theme music kicks in. Out comes Paige with a grin upon her lips, distracting Ember who receives a skull crush kick to the back of her head. Falling neck first into the ropes and then the floor, Maryse pins her

1… 2…. Ember Kicks Out!

The match continues with Maryse mostly on top. Just as she’s about to deliver French Kiss, Ember Moon pushes her to the turnbuckle. She backs up and does her signature which sends Maryse lifeless onto the ground. The crowd gets hype as she points towards the top turn buckle. She climbs up and beckons for Maryse to get up. While doing so Paige attempts to distract her on the apron, she quickly kicks her off sending her to the floor. The distraction proved enough for Maryse quickly joins her on the top rope and delivers a NEVER BEFORE SEEN FRENCH KISS FROM THE TOP ROPE. WITH A SICKENING THUD IT CONNECTS. BUT IT APPEARS EMBER LANDED AWKWARDLY ON HER NECK, BLOOD SPURTING FROM HER MOUTH BUT MARYSE DOESN’T CARE.



Ambulance comes in and checks up on Ember, hoisting her on a stretcher and the self-proclaimed True women of PWG  celebrate their victory.

click to reveal winner:

*Fury comes back from commercial and the camera pans around the arena showing off the packed crowd that showed up for the show tonight.*

April 2nd, 2018 FURY Maxresdefault

*The camera finally focuses in on the commentators table.*

Michael Cole:Welcome back everyone. As you may have noticed over the past couple of weeks there have been a missing pair of superstars, but I'm being told that Sheamus is on Skype right now to explain The Bars absence at Broken Promises. Let's hear what he has to say.

*The cameras change and the frame now focuses on the titatron which is now illuminated with Sheamus and his tag partner in the back of an SUV.*

April 2nd, 2018 FURY 06bf193ba9a05e27ebd4c0a3b533457a

Sheamus:I know you fans miss having us around, but this fella and I decided since we have had such a dominant run here on PWG that we would go on a lil bit of a holiday whilst the rest of the so called "Tag Division" battles amongst each udder. You see, Cesaro and I are the epitome of what a tag team should be. I mean c'mon, we've shown week in and week out that we are the best tag team just like the last time we stepped inta that ring we dismantled the Hardys with ease and by the end of this tournament my brodder and I WILL be crowned the NEW PWG Tag Team Champions.

A Mid Card Clash
Shinsuke Nakamura & Kurt Angle VS Kevin Nash & Bray Wyatt

Match Result wrote:

winner via SIM:

April 2nd, 2018 FURY 53C1908F-1FD1-4BA2-8B7B-4F5BA0CA03FC_zpsd0npggpu

Cena comes running down the ramp as the fans go nuts. Cena slides into the ring and grabs a mic from ringside staff.

April 2nd, 2018 FURY 8930806E-CF82-41A2-AB5D-3EF55D4555FC_zps47o3lvaz

Cena: Last week Triple H said that if I go to Revolt he would Pedigree me and have me arrested? Dude, it's your head stuck between Stephanie's tits! I mean, damn, did I light the fire in the GM of Revolt so badly that he also wants me part of his roster? Which is it Hunter? Well, I got a news flash for you homie, you ain’t going hitting no Pedigree on me!

Cena laughs.

April 2nd, 2018 FURY 2CF06121-CCE0-4945-B67C-9448A0843EBB_zpsprqs5ymt

Cena: Let me ask all you fans something. Do you all want to see me fight AJ Styles one last time before GrandStand? (the arena fills with chants of "YES!") Well, looks like Triple H's punk ass doesn’t want to see his superstar fall twice cause I know I can beat AJ twice if had the chance. These fans want to see the best match possible happen again cause when AJ and I locked horns the first time, it was amazing, the energy was off the roof, and if it happens twice it'll be even better!!!

Cena gets out of the ring. hops the barricade, and drinks a beer with a fan.

April 2nd, 2018 FURY 337CB8F6-F41F-414D-AF7A-48BB1743ED3B_zpsmqizf8la

Fans chant we want AJ vs Cena one more time, we want aj vs Cena one more time.

April 2nd, 2018 FURY C0B5E934-119D-4E99-B41F-EF3240330D51_zpslrad7kxf

Cena: If these people charts don't matter to you then I don’t know what Hunter or JBL are doing here as GMs! I will be the guy that kicks Revolt in the ass cause this war has only just started.

Cena gets back in the ring and takes off his hat and his shirt as he is becoming more intense.

April 2nd, 2018 FURY 3781AC05-0968-46C3-A3E6-1D7C41DD0789_zpsxfx70via

Cena: Triple H, you want pedigree me on your show? Well Just Bring It... Cause I won’t stop till these fans get the match they want again, even If that means I gotta kick your old ass to do it!

Cena drops the mic.

Two Egos Collide
John Cena VS Dean Ambrose

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

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April 2nd, 2018 FURY Empty
PostSubject: Re: April 2nd, 2018 FURY   April 2nd, 2018 FURY Icon_minitime7/30/2018, 7:47 pm

Can Lynch Burn The Empress
Becky Lynch VS Asuka

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

The GOAT vs The Glorious One
Daniel Bryan VS Bobby Roode

Match Result wrote:
Fury returns from commercial break to where Bobby Roode finishes up his entrance and enters the ring. Roode  stands in the ring pacing back and forth while still in his million dollar robe as he awaits the man who specifically called him out. He then stops and begins to focus all his attention on the entrance ramp as Bryan's music hits.

A few moments pass without any signs on Daniel Bryan. This annoys Roode as he begins to grow impatient. Bobby is extra infuriated as this is not the first time he has been stood up after accepting a challenge. They play Bryan's entrance music once more in an attempt to bring him out to no avail. The fans in attendance begin to boo as they realize there isn't going to be a main event tonight. Roode starts to have a fit shouting at the ref. The referee leans though the top and middle rope telling ring announcer Lilian Garcia something that goes unheard to the cameras. Garcia  stands up from her seat and begins to announce something.  

Lilian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen... due to Daniel Bryans absence, the winner of the match via forfeit, BOBBY ROOOOOOOODE!

Roode nods his head in approval after this announcement. He then walks over and demands a microphone where hes given one. Boos flow through the arena after the disappointing forfeit victory. The fans aren't happy and neither is Bobby as he raises the microphone to share whats on his mind.

April 2nd, 2018 FURY 055_RR_01282018ej_01839--5944775d6f4a9fd6fcdbfd31f84ab4c8

Bobby Roode: Trust me, I'm just as pissed off if not more that there won't be a main event tonight. Maybe something happened to Daniel or maybe he got cold feet. He was probably sitting backstage and started having second thoughts just like The Undertake two months ago. Maybe that weird Satan thing knew i'd beat the devil out of him so he told Bryan to head for the hills. Either way and all speculation aside i'm here and Daniel Bryan isn't. The man you people hate actually showed up for the match. The guy you cheer for however, is nowhere to be found. What does that say about you people. Don't think too hard you might hurt yourselves. I'll be a nice guy for once and answer it for you. It means you people are fickle and complete idiots. Wake up! You think Bryan cares whether or not you people cheer his? He couldn't even be bothered showing up for work today. You stopped booing because you know i'm speaking the truth! I'm here every single week never scared to fight anyone. That's because I can knock anyone who steps to me straight on their ass. I better be compensated for this next week, JBL. If not i'll pack my bags and take myself to a show where I can actually compete. If somethings not done about this The Glorious One is taking his talents to Thursday nights!

Bobby Roode drops the microphone and aggressively storms out of the ring and up the ramp.

Fury returns back from commercial break to see Neville, in a full suit, sitting on a chair, with Renee Young sitting across from him

Renee Young: Neville, thank you so much for joining me in this interview tonight, it came as quite a shock to everyone when you were announced as the newest member of the Fury roster, what made you want to join PWG?

Neville: Renee, before we continue..How long do you think I've been under contract?

Renee: Um, I'm not reall-

Neville cuts off Renee from speaking, before she can answer

Neville: Four......Months. That's right, for the last four months ever since PWG started I have been paid to do nothing. And I am absolutely sick of it. You want to know why they did it Renee? Because I am too good. Vince McMahon, JBL, Triple H...they're all afraid of me. If they had me in the G1 tournament, it wouldn't have even been a competition, I'd still be champion to this day....They didn't want me on Fury or on Revolt because they're afraid I'd make everyone else look bad, they didn't want me in any other company because they're afraid they would lose money to them...And they have the gall to say that this company has the best in the world while I've been sitting at home?  And of course, while they're desperate they call me up and say 'Hey, Adrian..we need you" It makes me sick to my stomach..I'm sick and tired of being discriminated against.

Renee: Why do you think it was discrimination?

Neville: It's all the same, ever since I stepped foot in the United States I have been discriminated against, do you know what it's like to check into a hotel and be looked at like you're speaking another language? Or to be in a gym and have everyone else look at you like you're a freak, because you're outworking them all? Americans like to lash out, be cruel...That's fine by me, because I will use that cruelty as fuel and motivation, to show why I'm the best.

Renee: Well, what is your goal here on Fury?

Neville: My goal should be obvious, I want to show that I'm the best, to rule over everyone, and the first step to that, is to become PWG Champion, and I will do what I say..because I am the King.

Renee: You call yourself the King, why is that?

Neville waits a moment or two before answering

Neville: I don't call myself the King, Renee... I am the King, because I know, one-hundred percent. That I am better, than every single person they can throw in front of me.

The camera zooms just to show Neville, while strangely looking more calm than before

Neville: So, with that being said, ladies and gentlemen of the PWG locker room, and everyone else watching.. let me refer to you all for a moment. The pleasure is all yours, I'm sure. Keep this in mind: You can follow me and acknowledge me as King, and I will award you your right; Or you can defy me and I will personally deliver thee justice.

A few seconds pass by as the frame adjusts to show Renee Young once again

Renee: Is there anyone on the Fury roster that you're most looking forward to wrestle against?

Neville: No, let me put this into terms you might understand....Nobody here is I'm pretty confident that this whole Fury roster will be a dawdle to me.

Renee: I'm sorry I didn't quite get that last part, could you repeat that?

Neville takes a deep sigh

Neville: This over

Neville stands up and walks off while the camera shows a confused Renee Young, as the segment slowly fades to black.

Can Bayley and Sasha Hug it Out?
Iconic Duo VS Sasha Banks & Bayley

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

Sasha celebrates with satisfaction pinning Peyton Royce, now in tag-team action, as the crowd cheers seeing Iconic get their come-up-ins. Peyton Royce rolls out of the ring and Billie Kay tries to help her Iconic parter but Peyton shoves her away out of frustration! Peyton is heard yelling at Billie "We had anoth'ah entry why did you juss sit the'ah n' watch!" before storming up the ramp by herself leaving Billie in shock.

*A mysterious VHS Tape is sent to PWG Management. A member of the staff checks the PWG P.O. Box for Monthly Fan Mail & Business Cards Etc*

*The Staff member process to open the mail and finds a VHS Tape inside, which is very out of the ordinary when it comes to what they receive every month*

*Curiosity gets the best of the young staff member as he grabs all the fan mail & messages including the VHS Tape to PWG Headquarters*

*The young man brings the VHS Tape & Mail inside and shows it to the other staff as well as his immediate boss. The young man shows it to all of his fellow staff members as noticed that it reads “BLACKHEART”. They all decided to play the tape thinking it was a fan or something of that sort*

*They grab a VHS player and a fairly old TV Monitor from the mid 90’s and slide the tap into the VHS player as all of the remaining staff on break group around each other to start the tape*

*VHS Tape begins to start and PWG’s Newest signee is instantly popped up on the screen with a blank stare.. so menacing that it brings a very creepy and dreadful vibe into the room*

*Tommaso appears to be in some type of chamber or room with a single light hanging above him as he has a crutch in hand hanging over his shoulder as if he was finished using it on someone*

*The room becomes null and silent as everyone shushes up to hear Ciampa speak*

April 2nd, 2018 FURY C72470554960830225bc8f28d2f5fdc9f6350696_hq

Ciampa: March 29th, 2018 is the date. REMEMBER IT.

*A slow and menacing laugh falls through the VHS Tape as almost if it was a whisper*

Ciampa: If you don’t know.. YOU SHOULD KNOW. I am “THE BLACKHEART”,  “The Sicilian Psychopath”, “The Psycho Killer” & The Man that’s going to ATTACK, STABILIZE AND CONQUER PWG and more specifically FURY; Tommaso... Ciampa...

*Ciampa at this point hasn’t blinked once and it begins to start ironically being creepier by Tommaso suddenly but eerily lighten up as if he was your next door neighbor*

Ciampa: Now you’d expect me to be like everyone else, call out the Top Talent, make threats to title holders & send a message to management. But you should already know what I’m capable of...

I am EVERYTHING this business... and this company needs... I am a savior.. of sorts. You see I am here to make a message... and to show that I am not someone to be messed with. SEE I DON’T NEED ANYONE TO LEAD ME TO THE PROMISE LAND... Because I am the BEST wrestler you never saw. I will single-handedly go through any man that decides they want to destroy my destiny of becoming World Heavyweight Champion.

As you already know I have scars of betrayal written all over me. But NOTHING WILL STOP ME FROM RAGING, PILLAGING & PLUNDERING THIS ENTIRE FUCKING COMPANY!! And showing who the REAL “Face” Of Professional Wrestling or... “Sport Entertainment” is..

*Ciampa walks around slightly but aggressively tapping his crutch onto the old beaten silver concrete floor..*

Ciampa: I understand it will take time... I’m not a patient man but I’m willing to wait. I’m willing to wait to SAVE PWG from itself. Understand that I am the Change... I am the End... and I am the RESULT. Soon I will have gold... soon I will be known as the best. And soon I will change the landscape of this business forever.

No traitor... No “BEST FRIEND”... No Man will stop me.

Be afraid PWG... I’m Coming.

*Ciampa’s Vicious blank stare becomes implanted onto the screen and all the staff members watching. As they think the tape is done, suddenly Ciampa grabs his crutch and SMASHES it into the camera! Leaving nothing but blackness for everyone watching to see*

*The all staff members a visibly haunted by what they just watched. One of them quickly scavenges to the tape inside the VHS player and yanks it out of the machine. She runs to the main coordinates inside the building and hands them the tape*

*The higher-ups decide to post it on The PWG Website & YouTube Channel for all the Fans, Staff Members & Roster to see*

Former Champion vs. Contender.
Shawn Michaels vs Dolph Ziggler

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

[small]Monday Night Fury.
PWG Inc. 2018 ©
A Fury Team Productions.

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April 2nd, 2018 FURY
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