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 December 3rd, 2018 FURY

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December 3rd, 2018 FURY Empty
PostSubject: December 3rd, 2018 FURY   December 3rd, 2018 FURY Icon_minitime12/3/2018, 8:58 pm

Monday Night FURY
December 3rd, 2018
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Coleman Coliseum

December 3rd, 2018 FURY 120705_MBB_Coliseum_NotreDame_JH06

SHOW NAME: Consequences Part 2

We kick off Monday Night Fury with the Golden Truth and Carmella in the ring. R-Truth kisses Carmella's hand and she smiles before they begin.
December 3rd, 2018 FURY 008_SD_09252018ej_0050--9b067da463b8f28808af6befe8e6bd89_zpsnzyjdy6i

R-Truth: Welcome to another episode of the number one show in PWG - Truth TV! Ya know last week Goldust and I got our first victory as a team when we whipped Gallows & Anderson's ass like hot butter! And you what time it is? Say it Carmella!

Carmella: Dance break!

Carmella, R-Truth, and Goldust dance around.
December 3rd, 2018 FURY 017_SD_09252018dg_0252--0113f407160d572d1fc4ab910fae1c71_zpsztxmaspq

R-Truth: Now my guest tonight is the hottest thing happing in PWG. This man hit guys with Jackhammers like he was the HULK taken down a Megalodon. He is the United States Champion, please welcome my guest Bill Goldberg!

R Truth starts drinking a bottle of red wine in his off-hand.

* Shortly after Truth stopped speaking, we hear the United States Champion's brand new theme song blast throughout the arena. *

Corey Graves: I don't think someone like Goldberg is guest material.

David Otunga: I think I'll choose to agree with you this once.

* The deity known as "Godberg" appears on stage, standing right inside the fireworks. *

December 3rd, 2018 FURY 2nj7y2

Michael Cole:
Last week, he has beaten another challenger that tried stepping up for the American gold. This time it was ... Sting.

David Otunga: We've got to give that man Sting put up a good fight.

* Goldberg then proceeds to enter the ring, he looks at the seat that was placed for him. But he chooses to remain standing, which makes Truth a little nervous. *

December 3rd, 2018 FURY 2nj83a

* R-Truth then starts smiling, trying to shake off the silence. *


* Both Truth & Mella start clapping for their guest while he keeps a straight face. *

....... Why am I here exactly?

* R-Truth & Mella both look at each other with confusion. *

Uhhhhhhhhhh ... DANCE BREAK!

* Suddenly the lighting changes and both Truth and Mella start doing "The Floss" while Goldberg just is staring at them. *

December 3rd, 2018 FURY Tenor


* Just as the dance break ends, the deity immediately gets in Truth's face. *


* Truth is scared shitless after that, the United States Champ breathes heavily as he speaks. *

Stop wasting my DAMN time and better start getting to business!

R-Truth spits out the wine that he was drinking.
December 3rd, 2018 FURY 001_SD_09252018dg_0278--f5a1545a7d4e0bbe5678ecdbc682344e_zpsnmwewtpy

R Truth: Chill down Bill no need to turn all Big Green on my show you dig. Now I want to ask - you've been knocking down doors and kicking ass ever since you came to PWG - how does it feel to be the longest reigning US Champion?

* Just as Truth finishes his sentence once again, we see Goldberg starting to calm down. *

December 3rd, 2018 FURY 2nkjlp

* The United States Champion then starts speaking. *

... You want to know what I think about becoming the longest reigning United States Champion in PWG History? CHECK! To my list of accomplishments. Now that I have surpassed the silent god as I said. What's Next?!

* Goldberg gets even more serious. *

The MAIN Title on FURY. The PWG Championship, I have SEEN my scheduled match tonight. It's against that weak corporate champion they got running around. His name is JOHN CENA!

* Goldberg nods. *

If I beat this man, I will gain a spot in the Elimination Chamber match. Where HIS PWG Championship IS on the line! It is known that I have beaten Cena before, and tonight I'll do it again.

* The crowd has a mixed reaction. *

I am going to DECIMATE this IMPOTENT Champion! THEN at PWG Wrestelution, HOLD ON! Who else is in this hellish structure? Let's see. Brock Lesnar? IMPOTENT! Edge? IMPOTENT! AJ Styles? IM-PO-TENT! I do NOT even care about the other remaining people in this match, since their relevance match those of a silverfish.

* Goldberg then pauses for a moment. *

ALL of THEM will break, to see ME become THE NEW PWG CHAMPION!

Truth smiles before checking his imaginary ear peice.
December 3rd, 2018 FURY Maxresdefault%206_zpsslde2fe8

R Truth: Man I just heard Cena is coming out here so I'm get my black ass out of here! Yo Carmella, Goldy, let's go dammit I don't want see any war between two Gods!

Cena comes out he takes off his suit jacket and tie. He enters the ring and Goldberg charges at him, but Cena lowers his center of gravity and swoops Goldberg up to hit an Attitude Adjustment!
December 3rd, 2018 FURY Wp2852482_zpsdychrd6j

Cena does his "You Can't See Me" taunt as he leaves the United States Champ laid out in the ring showcasing he has no intentions of letting him enter the Chamber.

*We cut to the backstage area where Charlie Caruso is standing by*

Charlie: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Chris Jericho.
December 3rd, 2018 FURY Maxresdefault

Charlie: Chris, I know you are just about to go out there for your match, and it’s great to see you are still so chipper despite this losing streak you’ve been on. What keeps you so positive?

Jericho: Come on Charlie! Your guest is the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla, and you start off with a question like that? I’m Chris Jericho. It doesn’t matter how many hardships or roadblocks come my way, I am an Alpha in this business and everything goes through me. Chris Jericho is the epitome of positivity and despite all the losses I have faced, I am still putting on some of the best matches in my career with some of the greatest superstars of all time. I mean think about it Charlie, I’ve faced Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan, even AJ Styles! All in the span of a few months!

Charlie: Correct! But you came up short in all of those matches.

*Jericho mocks Charlie*

Jericho: CoRrEcT! No shit sherlock! But unlike some people, I know how to take a loss. You see Charlie, Chris Jericho thrives on overcoming obstacles. This losing streak I’m on? It’s nothing compared to the obstacles I’ve faced and conquered throughout my entire career. And I will figure it out. I mean think about it, if I win my match tonight, I’m in the elimination chamber match fighting for a championship! But forget about that Charlie! I specifically asked for this interview because I have a big announcement regarding next week’s show.

Charlie: So what is it?
December 3rd, 2018 FURY Maxresdefault

Jericho: You see Charlie, a few weeks ago, I hosted the highlight reel and it didn’t turn out to be what I wanted it to be. Instead, my guest, that greasy meatball of a man, Kevin Owens, took a crap on the interview and decided to spit in my face. Now, I didn’t want the return of the highlight reel to be tainted with that fat epic failure’s face, so next week the highlight reel will return to Monday Night Fury!

*Crowd cheers can be heard*

Jericho: And after pulling a few strings, I was able to secure not one but TWO guests that will blow the roof off the place once I get them face to face next week.

Charlie: Who?

Jericho: The Guests...of Jericho, will be none other than....AJ STYLES AND EDGE!

The crowd explodes with excitement*

Graves: HOLY SHIT!

Cole: Oh MY!

Charlie: But those two hate each other! How do you expect to maintain control? Things could get chaotic pretty quickly!

Jericho: I guess you’ll have to find out just like everyone else Charlie… tune in next week to MONDAY NIGHT JERICHO BAYBAY!

*Jericho goes to leave then stops*

Jericho: Oh… and By The Way… can tell Mr. “Tom… Mike….Mitchell….all of them….I could give a crap what his name his since he didn’t answer my calls about conducting this interview”….that he better WATCH…..
December 3rd, 2018 FURY Tenor

Jericho: IT!

*We return to the announce table*

Graves: You know I once called Y2J “Crazy Chris” and now, with what we just heard, I can firmly confirm Jericho is every ounce of psycho to try and attempt to conduct an interview between Edge and AJ Styles! It’s absolute madness!

Cole: Nonetheless, we can confirm what Chris Jericho has said is indeed correct. Next week, Chris Jericho will host a special edition of the highlight reel featuring his guests, The Rated R Superstar, Edge and the Phenomenal One, AJ Styles! Folks, it’s going be one you CANNOT MISS!

Otunga: This has the potential to be the most tense highlight reel ever! Those two might actually kill each other before it’s over and done with!

Last Chance Men's Chamber Qualifier #4
Fatal 4 Way Elimination

Kevin Nash vs. Chris Jericho vs. Batista vs. Daniel Bryan

December 3rd, 2018 FURY 2acUygG

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

The scene transitioned backstage where Daniel Bryan was walking backstage where suddenly, Kayla Braxton came and stopped him in his path.

Daniel, tonight you earnt the final spot in-

Kayla, I'm going to stop you right there, I know what you're going to ask and the answer won't be interesting do, don't bother asking it. However, I d have something very interesting to say.

Daniel Bryan, despite winning the fatal four way earlier in the night, didn't seem to happy about his victory.

Last week, I was not only defeated, but I was also embarrassed by Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar beat me and I barely got any offense in whatsoever. Something...awoke in me last week.

December 3rd, 2018 FURY INxbnPZm

He made me look like a nobody. For the first time in my career, I never felt like an elite wrestler. In my entire career, even I was defeated, I could hold my head up high. I still could say I was one of the best in the world. Last week, I couldn't. I was defeated, embarrassed and after the match, do you know what I realized? I couldn't be humble anymore. I don't care who is opposite me in the ring anymore, I'm not coming in for a Five Star matches anymore. Just five-star ass kickings.

The crowd popped and seemed to like this new attitude of Daniel Bryan. He wasn't going to be in it for the fun anymore. For the 'great wrestling matches' like he did with Chris Jericho a few weeks ago, he was now coming for people's heads and THAT was going to make the match five-star.

Now, I want to thank Brock Lesnar for awakening me and realizing that to at the top of PWG, I need to think like the way I'm thinking now. And now, I want to WARN Brock Lesnar. Inside the Chamber, I will be coming for his head, I'll take him to New Suplex City and I will kick his ass, JUST like I did to tonight to the GOAT, Chris Jericho, The Animal, Batista and The 7 Foot Kevin Nash. It doesn't matter how tall or how many enhancements you have in your body, I will BREAK you!

Daniel Bryan then walked off, he was ready for the Elimination Chamber and was ready to kick The Beast's ass.

(As Fury rolls on we are taken back to the Riott Squad Locker room)
December 3rd, 2018 FURY Sarah-logan-promos

Liv Morgan: Sarah I still can’t beliveee you lost to Ta whatever her name is (Liv chews her gum as it smacks against her lips) But tonight I will win my Elimination chamber qualifier against Lita and Lexi Bliss. Speaking of Bliss where is she?

Sarah Logan: I don’t know Liv , it’s hard enough for me to look after one of you dumb blondes and don’t bring up my loss from last week. I’m not in the mood to talk about it (Sarah cracks her jaw) but who cares about Lexi and Lita, tonight your gone win that Chamber qualifying match Liv.

(Liv Claps to herself)

Liv Morgan: Well of course Sarah I’m gonna win, I’ve got it in the bag and then I’m gonna help my Rubes retain her women’s championship inside that Elimination chamber. And maybe she’ll talk to me again cause she wasn’t very happy the last time i talked to her.

Sarah Logan: Speaking of not seeing people I ain’t seen Ruby all day either, she must be gettin in that champion mindset for her title match in the main event against Asuka or that Riott thing whatever she calls it i dunno. But I ain’t got no doubt she’s gone win it tho Liv.
December 3rd, 2018 FURY 335f669b54c965eeda75310f0e36bb47

Liv Morgan: Well yeah of course Rubes is the best wrestler in PWG Sarah, And the best champion too. Asuka is no match for my Rubes.

(Liv glares off lovingly in the distance)

Sarah Logan: I thought she told you to stop callin her “yours” anymore Liv. But anyway I’m still so angry I lost to Tamina she got lucky last week Liv. Lucky I tell ya if that stupid ref didn’t distract me when I was going for the pin I would have had her beat quicker than my mom can make her famous taters. (Sarah punches her hand) my next opponent isn’t going to get as lucky. Their going to get all of this viking fury I have stored up. I’m gonna pillage them Liv PILLAGE THEM AND SHOW NO MERCY LIV, AND TAKE WHATS MINE

(As Sarah gets a crazy look in her eye, as Liv let’s an awkward laugh then says)

Liv Morgan: ha ha yeah Sarah umm can you just help me get ready for my match.

(As Liv shuts the door and the Riott Squad logo is the last shot before the show rolls on)

Women's Chamber Qualifier #4
Triple Threat Elimination

Lita vs. Liv Morgan vs. Alexa Bliss

December 3rd, 2018 FURY InMqEWD

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

The camera pans backstage to Becky Lynch.
December 3rd, 2018 FURY Tumblr_pccob7nbct1qeiy6vo1_500

Camera man: Becky last week you got backing the win column do you think that will carry over this week?

Becky Lynch: I would like it to but tonight I'm in the ring with two of PWG'S best. I am determined to keep winning last week was my first step on the path to redemption.

Camera man: That being said Becky what is your strategy for winning here tonight?
December 3rd, 2018 FURY Tenor

Becky Lynch: Look Steve a magician never gives away her secrets but what I can tell you is there will be two girls with broken arms at the end of tonight.

Camera man: A very Confident Becky Lynch. Thank you for your time Becky.

Becky Lynch: Steve wait come back! Why are you wearing a Liv Morgan shirt if you going to be biased towards certain wrestlers at least pick a good one. I'll get you a Becky Lynch shirt so you can represent a good wrestler next week.

Becky Lynch Pats Steve on the back pulls her goggles down and walks away.

December 3rd, 2018 FURY Tumblr_inline_od2bwnrSHw1u29if3_250

US Division Match Up
Bray Wyatt vs. Dolph Ziggler

December 3rd, 2018 FURY TeTv5x6

Quote :

Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring with a big smile on his face flipping off the crowd as goes on his merry way. He poses on the ramp and the lights go dark. Dolph turns around to see Bray Wyatt right behind him and superkicks Bray instantly. The Ref tries to help Bray Wyatt back up to his feet for a while and he finally manages to do so and the match is underway.

Ziggler starts with a flurry of strikes in the corner and continues to stomp a defenseless Bray Wyatt. Ziggler climbs to the top rope and asks the crowd if they wanna see an elbow drop. The crowd chess but Bray Wyatt pushes Ziggler off the ropes as Dolph hits his nuts on the top turnbuckle.

Bray Wyatt hits him with the Uranage and Senton combo for a close two count. Bray Wyatt continues the assault with vicious strikes to the lower back of Dolph Ziggler. Bray Wyatt then Irish whips Ziggler into the ropes and Ziggler hits a beautiful dropkick. Elbows and clothesline’s and Bray Wyatt is in trouble here. Dolph Ziggler looks like he is making a comeback and then he hyped and the crowd who are going wild. But they all boo loudly when Dolph puts on the most heel move of them all... the rest hold.

Bray Wyatt almost instantly powers out and gets a stiff boot to the face by Dolph Ziggler who pins Bray Wyatt for a two count. Ziggler goes to the top rope and as he jumps Bray Wyatt clotheslines him in midair to make Dolph land directly on his neck. Bray goes for the pin 1 2 and at 2.9 Dolph kicks out.

Bray Wyatt begins to spider walk and gets Dolph in position for the Sister Abigail and on the spin Ziggler breaks out and nails a brutal Superkick. Dolph climbs on to the top rope and as he does that Bray Wyatt jumps into spider position. Dolph immediately jumps off and hits an elbow drop on Bray who is still in spider walk posiBray'sand makes Brays body contort.

Ziggler hits the heart stopper on Bray and throws him on the apron to hit a burning hammer on the apron (the same move that put Goldust on the shelf once) and throws him in the ring. Ziggler doesn’t hit the zig zag but the F-5. One two three. Ziggler flips off the crowd as he celebrates his hard-fought victory over the Eater of Worlds

click to reveal winner:

Camera cuts backstage to see Andrade Almas with his manager Zelina Vega.
December 3rd, 2018 FURY Maxresdefault1

Renee Young approaches them for an interview.

Renee: So Andrade, after your recent victory over Velveteen Dream, some people say your next in line for that EVO title, do you agree?

Almas: well Renee ever since I stepped foot onto FURY I was destined to get a title. Dream was just in my way and I proved to the whole world that I will become the next EVO champ!
December 3rd, 2018 FURY Renee+Young

Renee: Well some people say that your tactics to get this far with low blowing Dream as well as Adam Cole, what do you have to say about it?

Almas: I feel like they are just jealous of what I'm capable of, you see Renee, I'm the best here I'm on a road of momentum and no one can stop me on Fury. Now if you excuse me I got some work to do...
December 3rd, 2018 FURY E294bf73df0c4618f0a80fb92d632f26

Almas leaves the promo room and the camera gets ready for the next match.

IIconics Confrontation
December 3rd, 2018 FURY 2UGa7eT

*We return from commercial break as Peyton Royce is making her entrance down to the ring*

December 3rd, 2018 FURY HatefulUniformIraniangroundjay-max-1mb

*As Peyton makes it into the ring she asks for a microphone and begins to speak to the lively crowd*

*As Peyton is about to begin speaking she starts shaking her head whilst laughing slightly to herself*

Peyton Royce: I shoulda known... I should have totally seen that comin ya know? That one's on me guys! and I'll hand it to ya Billie, last week you had an idea and not only did you somehow manage to HAVE an idea but you actually managed to put it into action and pull it off all by ya' self.

Michael Cole: Peyton of course is referring to last week when Billie Kay interfered in Peyton's match with Nikki Bella to deliver a big boot.

Corey Graves: Billie did what she had to do last week to stop her enemy from advancing.

Booker T: Aw, c'mon dawg Billie Kay ain't nothin but a sore loser, that's what she is!

*Peyton starts sarcastically clapping for Billie*

Peyton Royce: Well congratulations. Congratulations on condemning yourself to the worst beat down of your life.

*Peyton looks much more serious now, the crowd is anxiously awaiting her every word*

Peyton Royce: I'm tired of repeating myself, I told you that i'd be waiting anytime you get close to the championship, but well it doesn't look like that's happening anytime soon and last week you struck first, you sealed your fate. So Billie, drag ya bogan ass out here so that I can give you the beating that you seem to be craving oh so badly!
December 3rd, 2018 FURY Tenor

Booker T: Awww, shucky ducky let's get it on!!

Corey Graves: So glad to have you back Booker... really...

* While Peyton Royce remains in the ring, ready to fight. This song then blasts through the PA system, which brings a smile to her face. *

Michael Cole:

Booker T: Get dat ass Peyton!

* Her former besties theme song has been playing for a good minute now, and no one has shown up on stage yet. Peyton frowns knowing what's going on. *

Corey Graves: Ummmm...

Michael Cole: What's going on? Where is she!?

* Suddenly the music stopped and she has not shown her face, we see Peyton saying unheard curses to herself. *
December 3rd, 2018 FURY X720-o_E

* While Peyton is about to leave, we hear a very familiar voice. *

Helloooo? Helloooooooo? Can ya lot hear meh .......?

* Peyton Royce and the PWG Universe then set their eyes on the titantron, where they see Billie Kay. *
December 3rd, 2018 FURY 001_29401350_428487500935681_5254735926508126208_n--3fb37293d5987982d3939a6df591ba62

* A few seconds pass, and Billie has figured out how the titantron stuff works, she then sees Peyton and smirks. *

Billie Kay:
Owhh! Look who we got here.... Like meh little prank i just did? HAAHAA!

* Peyton looks triggered while Billie laughs *

Billie Kay:
What's wrong? Upset that i didn't bring out meh bogan arse? THINK! Pey! Ah consider mahself noht stoopid! Only someone with a certain death wise woulda done thaht.

* Billie nods live via sattelite. *

Billie Kay:
Do NOHT get me wrong tho, i do want to fight yu. Ah think it is time for us to settle our lil drama we've got goin for ah while. BUUT NOHT TONIGHT! NOH NOH NOH! With yu thaht angry? Noh! Ummmm. How bout PWG Wrestelution, Sissy?

* The crowd pops at the challenge for the upcoming PPV. *

Billie Kay:
Noht only did i lose my qualifier match for a oppertunity at the NUMBAH ONE thing i want! I made SURE YA LOST ASWELL! Which means we got a SPOT open on the Pay-Per-View card JUST for us! Soooo what do ya say?

Booker T: Aw yeah dawg, Peyton ain't gon back down from that, I guarantee it!

Michael Cole: I certainly hope not, it'd be very interesting to see who comes out on top if these two do meet in the ring!

*The crowd are cheering, already expecting Peyton to accept the challenge, the crowd cannot wait for this collision!*

*Peyton nodding in agreement brings the mic up as she begins her response*
December 3rd, 2018 FURY Tenor

Peyton Royce: Oh so you do want to do this legitimately, one v one, Royce verses Kay, Beauty vs Bogan Bimbo.

*There is an audible "Ooooo" throughout the crowd, Billie rolls her eyes*

Peyton Royce: But enough insults, as if I'd ever say no to the opportunity, no the GUARANTEE that I will get to beat you all over this ring. An here's an idea, ya know, i just don't think that I would be content with only being able to beat you up INSIDE the ring.... So how about we make this more interesting how about we make this match truly... IICONIC. Billie, if you are woman enough, then how about this... At PWG WRESTLUTION, The "Iconic" Billie Kay battles against the Venus Fly Trap Peyton Royce... IN A FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH!

*Peyton now looks very serious and the crowd is going wild at this new challenge, chanting "Yes" repeatedly*

December 3rd, 2018 FURY Latest?cb=20180319155007

* While the crowd is chanting "YES" repeatedly, we see Billie Kay look legit worried. *

Michael Cole: Is she going to accept!

Booker T: Billie HAS to, dawg

* Peyton keeps her eyes locked on the titantron, as she sees Billie basically freaking out. *

Falls Count Anywhehe?! Uhhh .....

* Peyton nods confidently while the crowd stays strong with the "YES" chants. *

Ummmm .... Ah don't knowwww .... About thaaaaaaht ....

* The crowd starts booing *

Ah have to be honest here. Am NOT too fond on the sound of thaht, not at all. Ah mean, it's dirty outside! Has anyone evah cleaned those mats?! YUCK!

* Peyton starts to get irritated at the excuses from Billie Kay *

Sooooooooooo ...... Ummmmm ......

* Billie starts to crack a smile and Peyton already knows where this is going *


* The entire crowd boos, while we see Billie Kay smiling *
December 3rd, 2018 FURY Billie-Kay-in-a-selfie-in-May-2017

* The titantron then goes off, while we see Peyton triggered. *

Winner Enters 5th in Chamber
Becky vs. Nikki vs. Tamina

December 3rd, 2018 FURY 36SMCaB

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

For the third time the same scene opens up in a dimly lit room devoid of anything except the same hooded figure sitting down in a chair. AJ Styles eyes stare intently into the camera for a few moments before finally lowering his facemask to speak with conviction.

December 3rd, 2018 FURY Tumblr_inline_pa8545fQx71vs31ed_400

Edge I am a man of my word. Last week I defeated Chris Jericho to clench my spot inside the Elimination Chamber. But like I said - it was nothing personal - which is why I was able to shake his hand after the match... But I promise you Edge - I promise you - you won't get the same treatment because this time I WILL be the Man to put the final nail in your coffin inside the Chamber!

"Nail in the Coffin." Sounds familiar, doesn't it? I replayed the first FURY of 2K19 over and over after I woke up in the hospital. Watching a Mad Man blaming me for his own failures in his career and personal life. Accusing me of taking him out after I already left him and Revolt behind to start a new chapter on Fury... Edge I'm not like you. I don't stab others in the back when they're not looking. I am not an 'Ultimate Opportunist.' No, whether I embrace the light or dark, I'm still AJ-freaking-Styles and I make examples out of all who cross me & my family... So if I wanted your PWG career to end, I would of FINISHED YOU at GrandStand in front of the world!

AJ shakes his head a few times - as if in regret that he didn't - before continuing.

But I kept my Promise to my Family and God.. I showed Mercy and let your Career continue... but you did nothing with your second chance; you faded away instead for 6 months while your hate spiraled out of control, manifesting in your return at the Super Show where you cost me the PWG Championship and tried to not just end my career, but my LIFE! You dared threatened my family again! To make my wife a widow and my children grow up without their father... and what happened!?!?!?

Hunter, JBL, the suits are all the same. PWG Management idly stands by in the name of ratings and allow you to continue to inflict malice on the roster with no consequences… No one will stop you, no one can stop you, except me... the old me...

That's when I realized what I must do…
your Depravity knows No Bounds...
your Sins cannot be Absolved...
your Soul is beyond Redemption...
so I’ve Broken that Promise to my Family & God...
because I can no longer Stand By...
I can no longer hide.. my Evil Ways...

AJ's eyes remain cold, dark, and stoic for many moments until he finally pulls up his bandanna facemask before the segment fades to black.

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December 3rd, 2018 FURY Empty
PostSubject: Re: December 3rd, 2018 FURY   December 3rd, 2018 FURY Icon_minitime12/3/2018, 9:02 pm

The crowd gets up waiting for the next segment until they hear an all familiar tune. The Tuscaloosa crowd is quick to overpower the music with heavy boos as Edge walks into the ring, embracing the hate.

Edge: You guys can boo all you want but I was humble enough to invite you into my house. You know... they say that God created the world with his breath. However, I believe God forgot to brush his teeth when he made Alabama. This place smells like shit, man. *the crowd boos  Sweet home Alabamaa!! Don't worry guys, nothing smells worst than Georgia.

December 3rd, 2018 FURY 5Kqvlhc

Edge: But enough about you guys! I don't care about you freakin’ Tuscalosers. I want to address AJ Styles. He's a liar, a con-artist, and a pig. Enough of hiding in the dark with a hoodie. Wear that shit outdoors where no one wants to see your despicable face.

You claim you didn't attack me? Well that's a damned a lie. Face it AJ, six months ago your children couldn’t stand to look at a face of failure when you entered your home. You were a mere stranger in the household when you couldn't defend your family from a real superstar... I wonder how it felt back then for Wendy too. I bet you didn't like the way she looked either. Her faced soaked with fear. Her body crushed. It sucks to have your own kids mistaken their mother for their sickly grandma... I wonder how embarrassed they felt going into school knowing their father was nothing but a loser. So what did you do? Even after that win over me, you wanted more. So much more that you tried to paralyze me and leave me in the hospital for what feels like an entirety.

You claim that you kept a promise to God about showing me mercy by allowing my career to continue. Truth is, God doesn't make promises with the Devil. I'm the second coming. I was healed from a paraplegic state and God sent me back here to put an end to something. No AJ...It is not your banged up wife that's a burden to the family.  It is YOU that needs to be put down.

Open your eyes AJ! You're a burden to your family and everyone around you. You cant protect your children from the boogeyman. Your wife is too scared to be apart of you.
The only way you can feel the pain you caused your family. The only way to feel the 6 months of pain I have experienced AJ, is for me to put you down!

Cole: My Goshh, Edge is out of his mind. He’s a sick man.

Graves: Kids just change the channel, you shouldn't hear the words coming from his mouth.

EDGE STOP...Please
December 3rd, 2018 FURY G5JRaHK

December 3rd, 2018 FURY Edge-gif-11

Otunga: Oh my...its Beth

Cole: She better knock some senses in that man.

Beth Phoenix: Edge I have to tell you something. AJ wasn't your attacker…...It...was. It was me.

*Edge looks dumbfounded as if he can't begin to understand what's going on.*  

Beth: H-Hear me out. I had to do it. You made me a monster... Attacking someone's wife... the mother of four children. Poor Wendy. Her kids had to watch her every day with a neck cast, because of what you made me do! No matter how many times I tried to talk to you at home, you yelled at me! Berated me! You went into these violent episodes... Don't you look at yourself in the mirror to see what you've become? You even tried to end AJ's career in front of his wife and children. Now you've come back to PWG and tried to murder him... For what?! This isn't you... Ada-

Edge: SHUT UP! SHUT UPPP! I did this for us! You ungrateful bitch!

The crowd starts to silence as they are bewildered by the change of events. They soon begin to boo as they see a guilty Beth start to tear up.

Beth: I'm sorry Adam.

Edge drops the mic, but his loud scoldings make it audible for the televised audience to hear what he’s saying.

Edge: AJ put you up to this, didn't he!? He's trying to protect his reputation! He had you attack me? I bet you even cheated on me with him! Where were you when I was sick!? You left me!

Edge looks up. He isn’t fighting tears; Instead, he utters the words, “Father forgive me”. Edge then kicks Beth Phoenix, and finishes her off with an Impaler DDT. The crowd looks on with disgust.

December 3rd, 2018 FURY Tenor

Graves: Some one stop him!
Cole: no no.. He’s going to the corner.
Otunga: Not a spear please.

As Edge taunts for the spear, but security intervenes just in time. Edge leaves the ring willingly, but once the guards turn their back on him, he quickly runs back into the ring and commits a drive-by spear to his separated wife Beth.

Cole: Oh My GOD.
Before commercial taping air, we are left with a proud menacing look in his eyes.

December 3rd, 2018 FURY Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSSLJgkoVBHMAAPKfqW4B-7ZV5VI_MzGC2zUo8O-VgpeFLy_5-MbQ

Will Almas' Momentum Continue?
Andrade 'Cien' Almas vs. Sting

December 3rd, 2018 FURY 2Np70xl

Quote :

As the bell rings Almas is staring at Sting. He runs at Sting but Sting clotheslines Almas. Almas is stunned sting throws Almas in the corner.

Graves: Almas is not having the best start to this match.

Cole: sting has been dominating since the start.

Zelina has a scared look on her face as Almas is put on the top rope. Almas starts to fight back but sting punches him in the face. Sting goes for a superplex but Almas stops it and slips under his legs to perform a powerbomb!

Graves: Almas just hit a powerbomb with such force but he needs to capitalize.

Booker: Almas is a great professional wrestler was trained by the best if anyone has a good chance to beat Sting it's this man.

As Almas gets up he backs in the corner to hit the pele kick but as Almas flipped Sting caught him and hit a tombstone.

Cole: Almas must be hurt after that know one can survive that.

As Almas tries to get to his feet, Sting gets up and throws Almas in the corner. Zelina gets up and distracts Sting allowing Almas to get out of the corner and hits Sting in the back of the head. Sting falls in a seated position in the corner as Almas backs up..

Zelina: end him Andrade!

As Almas runs, Sting moves and both of Almas' knees hit the turnbuckle allowing Sting to catch Almas in the scorpion feather drop position. But Zelina gets on the apron and yells at Sting who turns around and drops Almas. As Sting is telling Zelina to stop, she gets in the ring causing the ref to restrain her. But as the ref was getting Zelina, Almas hit a low blow from behind.

Cole: Almas just hit a low blow what a cheap way to go.

Graves: It's not cheap Cole it's being smart and taking the opportunity!

As Sting falls Almas pushed him in the seated position he runs and hits the meteorora. Almas picks Sting up and hit him with the Hammerlock DDT. Almas falls on the pin and the ref counts.



But Sting kicks out as he kicked out Zelina exposed the turnbuckle. Sting gets up and hit Almas with the scorpion death drop & Sting covers but the ref is busy putting the padding for the turnbuckle on. As Sting gets up Zelina gets in the ring when the ref is busy and pushes Sting towards Almas who rolls him up.




Cole: Almas just won by a roll up. He could not win clean he needed Zelina's help

Graves: he didn't need her help Sting just didn't keep his mind on the match

click to reveal winner:

Winner Enters 5th in Chamber
AJ Styles vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Edge

December 3rd, 2018 FURY HiaWPTx

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

We go backstage with Renee Young & John Cena.

Renee Young: John I gotta ask why you attack Goldberg before the match?

December 3rd, 2018 FURY Download%202_zpszutdzgov

Cena: Renee, the truth is I heard what Goldberg said & I wanted to make a statement that I am NOT some soft corporate Champion hiding behind a suit. JBL was playing with a stacked deck and forced me to be on his cabinet; frankly, I'm getting sick and tired of it. It's only a matter of time till I find a way out of that contract and this situation. And once I do Edge, Goldberg, and everybody else talkin' trash better watch out..

Renee Young: Some say you've hit an all-time rut since being on JBL's cabinet. That you can't get the job done anymore.

Cena looks serious.

December 3rd, 2018 FURY Download%201_zpsn7bwfth7

Cena: That’s all I been hearing, you know what, I am done taken orders and wearing these cheap suits - it’s time for me get back to being the old me - if JBL doesn’t like it he can kiss my ass and fire me! With the Elimination Chamber coming up there is no time for me go soft. It’s time for some 'Ruthless Aggression' cause I'll be damned if I’m losing my PWG Championship in the chamber.

Cena walks off to get ready for his match but he before he leaves he puts on a Captain America outfit.

Cena: Tonight I am tributing my match to Stan Lee - Rest In Peace my friend.

Cena heads to the Guerilla Position to prepare to make his entrance.

December 3rd, 2018 FURY W3W1o3r

Match of the Night
If Goldberg Wins he enters the Elimination Chamber
Goldberg vs. John Cena

December 3rd, 2018 FURY PArqbf2

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

* The Main Event match-up between United States Champion Goldberg & PWG Champion John Cena ends, with the 3-count on Cena. *

Corey Graves: Oh .......

Booker T: Dawg ...... Ya know what dis means? Dat boii Goldberg is enterin da elimination chamber!

* Goldberg rises from the corpse that is John Cena. He suddenly rolls out of the ring, and yanks the PWG Championship from the officials and enters the ring again. *

Michael Cole:
What is he doing! He has Cena's belt!

Corey Graves: Earlier tonight, he hit Goldberg with the Attitude Adjustment. I'm smelling payback.

* Goldberg then grabs Cena's head and yells at him. *


* Goldberg then massively starts slamming Cena's face onto the PWG Championship till he bleeds! *


* Goldberg then lets go, and Cena just drops on the mat like a ragdoll. The God then raises the PWG Championship while its champions blood drips of it. *

December 3rd, 2018 FURY 2nouxw

* Goldberg then leaves the PWG Championship on Cena, and proceeds to leave with his own belt. The United States Championship *

*The PWG faithful get loud at the approach of the Main Event*
December 3rd, 2018 FURY JoJo_bio

Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is set for ONE FALL, and is for the PWG WOMENS CHAMPIONSH-

*Before JoJo can finish she is interrupted by the champions music, Riott makes her way onto the stage, emotionless.*

Well, tradition would mean that the champion enters last. However, it seems Ruby Riott has other plans.

She's the champion Michael she can do as she pleases!

*Riott slides into the ring as she rips the micrphone out of JoJo's hand... she barks*


*JoJo QUICKLY escapes the ring*

Well it seems the champ has a few words for us.

That's no way to treat an announcer!

Again, champions can do WHAT they want WHEN they want.

*Riott paces back and forth in the ring. After a few paces she looks at her broken championship. She hits the side of her head with the microphone a few times out of frustration as she yells...*


*Riott pauses to catch her breath. The crowd however take this oppertuity to let out a ruckus 'YOU PASSED OUT' chant. This only seems to enrage the PWG Women's Champion as she paces back and forth some more*
December 3rd, 2018 FURY Ruby-riott


*Riott yells at her body, as her deranged rant continues*


*Riott stops for a moment to catch her breath and after every few words she continues*

now...our incompetent... useless sack... of a general manager... is punishing us?

*Riott looks confused, as she finally catches her breath*

Having us defend OUR championship... when WE NEVER LOST!

*Riott spins into a laughing fit, maniacal and with a wisp of arrogance*

Layfield... this isn't a punishment for us. This is a sacrifice... just like how a false profit died for all of your sins... Asuka will be put to rest for the sins of that ref... the sins of Sasha Banks... the sins of JBL... and the sins of my Riott Squad

*Riott looks into her championship*
December 3rd, 2018 FURY Ruby-Riott-696x392

We told our squad to stay back and watch tonight... with the failures of our Kentucky Killer... and the annoyance that is our Miss Bliss and New Jersey Devil... we told them to watch... AND LEARN.

*Riott goes into another rage*


No matter the cost.

*Just as Riott finishes her sentence she is interrupted by her opponent*

The crowd provide a generous reaction to the Empress due to the consideration that this song is silencing the aggravated raging of the champion Ruby Riot. Asuka ambles out onto the stage dressed in her usual attire. She slowly makes her way down to the ring. As Asuka enters the ring she pauses for a slight moment as the two glare at each other. After a few seconds she saunters past Riot and makes her way to the ropes.
December 3rd, 2018 FURY Tenor

She gradually climbs the top rope and removes the mask that seems to make her do uncanny things. She remains on the top rope soaking in the positive reaction from the lively crowd. The sheer anticipation painted on the believers faces as they await this interesting main event. Asuka beckons for a microphone from the ringside staff, they hastily give her one and she opens her mouth to address the champion.

December 3rd, 2018 FURY 011_RAW_01292018rf_0077__7292f24f9072290a891712281a35bdc6.0

Ruby..Riot!, I believe... we haven't met. the champion? I expected..better.
Anyways...Nice to meet you!.

December 3rd, 2018 FURY Giphy

Asuka sarcastically extends her hand to the Champion as Ruby looks at her in disgust. Asuka smirks as she slowly lowers her hand and continues to speak.

Ruby....I have waited too long....far too long to become...the champion.
for Almost a year everyone... on this.. brand fell to me and this...this is my on one championship match.
when that bell...rings I WILL beat you...and I WILL become CHAMPION!!

after screaming that final word Asuka slams the mic on the floor and Jojo gets set to announce the competitors before the evident bell ring.

PWG Women's Title Match
Asuka vs. Ruby Riott (c)

December 3rd, 2018 FURY WYCUb8q

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

JoJo: Here is your winner and STILL the PWG WOMEN'S CHAMPION... RUBY RIOTT!


The wrongs have been corrected! Ruby Riott DID NOT lose at Civil War and she PINNED Asuka tonight to retain her prize!

I'll give credit where it's due... Ruby showed a lot of fight tonight... but credit still to Asuka putting up one hell of a fight against the champion.

December 3rd, 2018 FURY Latest?cb=20171005173112

*The Ref grabs the championship from the timekeeper and hands it to Riott as she snatches it from the ref, out of breath, she demands her hand to be raised as the ref does so she lets out a blood curdling yell and screams*


*Riott yells at the ref who scurries out of the ring as Asuka is getting to her feet... Riott forms a wicked grin on her face as she drops her championship and stocks Asuka as she stands up. With devilish intentions she grabs Asuka by the arm and spins around for another Riott Kick. However, Asuka manages to kick her way out of it. With Riott stunned Asuka hits a barrage of punches and spin fists, just as she's about to hit with a knock out kick... Riott ducks it and rolls out of the ring grabing her title in the process*
December 3rd, 2018 FURY Screen-Shot-2017-12-27-at-9.54.07-AM-e1514390221660


*Asuka stands in the ring staring a hole in the champion as she yells some Japanese up the ramp... Riott backs up into her squad who is there to help her celebrate*
December 3rd, 2018 FURY Asuka1

Thank you for joining us tonight ladies and gentlemen... we leave you with a colossal main event in the shadow of the Elimination Chamber... Congratulations to Ruby Riott... we will see you NEXT WEEK! Goodnight Everyone!  

*The last image is over Asuka's shoulder looking at the Riott Squad as Riott raises her championship in victory*
December 3rd, 2018 FURY Riott-squad-smackdown-1-16

Monday Night FURY
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