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 November 29th, 2018 REVOLT

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November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Empty
PostSubject: November 29th, 2018 REVOLT   November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Icon_minitime11/29/2018, 7:38 pm

Thursday Night REVOLT
NOVEMBER 29th, 2018
Charlottesville, Virginia
John Paul Jones Arena

November 29th, 2018 REVOLT June2006-JPJ-0214_e00f5fd5-5056-a36a-067ff1e551d1b802

Show Name: The Dust Settles

HHH Opens Revolt
November 29th, 2018 REVOLT HHH

*The show's pyro goes off as Revolt goes live on the air! Greeted by the voices of the thousands in attendance, we are greeted by our familiar commentary team*

November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Giphy


After a VERY successful night for Revolt, out comes the man that led us into battle! Our Co-GM Triple H!

*Triple H makes his way out on the stage flanked by Pete Dunne and Braun Strowman to a mixed reaction; he gives a smirk, adjusts his jacket and makes his way to the ring.*
November 29th, 2018 REVOLT WGXO

The one night of the year that Revolt WAS on the same page. We dominated!

For once I agree with you Byron... now shut up and listen to our boss.

*Pete lowers the ropes for HHH as all three men enter the ring. Triple H grabs a microphone as the crowd erupts in a chant of. RE-VOLT! *clap* *clap* *clap* RE-VOLT! *clap* *clap* *clap* Triple H lets the crowd chant before putting the mic to his lips and speaking*

Eleven to Four.

*The crowd cheers at the number as HHH lets his win soak in*

We DOMINATED Fury with ELEVEN WINS to their FOUR... so JBL... turns out you aren't even HALF as good as Revolt. However, I'm not here to gloat.... much.

*HHH smirks as he continues*

In a few weeks' time, we head into New Year's Wrestlelution! The last PPV of the year... and along with everyone's New Year plans... that means change is coming to PWG. That change is represented by the hellscape that is... THE ELIMINATION CHAMBER.

*The Crowd pops at the mere mention of the match stipulation not yet seen in PWG*
November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Triple-h-icw-road-to-fear-and-loathing-x-BIG_3

It's where the cream rises to the top... and where the weak fall.

*HHH side eyes Pete Dunne as he adjusts his championship*

As promised, the surviving members of the respective Civil War teams have already claimed a rightful spot in the chamber.

*HHH points at the titan-tron as a graphic shows*

The World Women's Champion will defend her belt against...

The last two spots will be determined tonight and next week with the first qualifier being The Queen Charlotte Flair taking on The Hugger Bayley TONIGHT!

As for the champion herself... Sasha Banks will defend her belt against the number one contender Paige... TONIGHT. The winner enters Elimination Chamber with the prize... and the biggest target on her back.

*HHH takes a pause to let the crowd react, but he drops another major match for tonight*

While we're talking about championships... our Main Event will be the next chapter in Revolt's hottest rivalries... SAMOA JOE taking on THE ROCK for the IC CHAMPIONSHIP!

*The Crowd pops at that but HHH has other things on his mind. He looks at Pete.*
November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Triple_H

However, regarding the World Heavyweight Champion.

Pete Dunne will defend his belt at New Years Wrestlelution, inside the Elimination Chamber... against the surviving members...
THE ARCHITECT - Seth Rollins
THE LONE WOLF - Baron Corbin

with the last three spots being filled out over the next two weeks... The Lunatic Dean Ambrose vs The FORMER EVO champion Kevin Owens will battle tonight to enter that chamber.

We beat Fury by a LANDSLIDE... I expect no different fro-

*HHH is interrupted by Pete Dunne*

Pete Dunne: What are these ballocks I hear about an elimination chamber?! If I may have a word, Mr. Helmsley. You've never said any word to me defending my title in a chamber. Everytime I think you're looking out for me, I get blindsided by your latest idea. Sure, I'll fight in the chamber, but you have to give me something here.

Triple H puts his hands up as if he were telling Dunne to calm down. Dunne begins to wind down hearing his boss out. Braun shows no change in emotion as he stands beside The Bruiserweight with his usual death stare plastered on his face.

Triple H: You should've let me finish. Since you're the reigning defending World Heavyweight Champion, you'll be the only man to have an advantage in the elimination chamber. You'll have the sixth spot meaning you will be the last man to enter Satan's structure. The ball is in your court. You just have to pick it up and run with it.

Pete Dunne slowly claps with a slightly impressed look on his face before raising the microphone to speak again.
November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Triple-h-gives-welsh-wrestling-fans-a-massive-surprise-at-independent-show

Pete Dunne: That actually doesn't sound too bad. Doesn't quite make up for the fact that you're throwing me in a prison with five other competitors, but it's something nonetheless. I'll enter that ungodly structure and do bad things to good people. The other participants shouldn't fear the elimination chamber, they should fear Pete Dunne. Everyone will learn that I'm no fluke champion when I walk out of hell STILL your World Heavyweight Champion!

Dunne then throws the microphone to the ground and lifts up his championship towards the crowd. This is met with a sea of boos while Pete taunts them acting like he's wiping tears from his face. He shakes Triple H's hand before stepping through the ropes and exiting the ring as Braun follows slightly grilling Triple H as he passes him.

Just as Pete Dunn and Braun are about to make their exit, a video appears upon the titantron.

Classical music pervades the airwaves as we are introduced to the interior of a lavish white apartment. Intricate furniture and paintings littering the walls, give an air of luxury about the apartment. Cameras follow the backside of a maid who eventually stops in front of a familiar face currently watching Monday Night Fury from the view of his couch.
November 29th, 2018 REVOLT UsQnqmm

Once the camera gradually diminishes the space between Roman Reigns and the lens, he abruptly turns to the camera, feigning an expression of surprise.

Roman Reigns: Oh, hello! Hunter, Thomas, and Mister Strowman... I didn't see you guys there. It's weird seeing myself on the television screen while the show is on display but I suppose that's what you expect from the true face of Revolt. I'm sure the audience members at home are wondering why Roman Reigns is sitting here and not in the arena well that's because the general manager sought fit to give us a reprieve from carrying the main event.... Right, Hunter?

The cameras cut to Triple H who has a bit of a dumbfounded expression on his countenance.

Roman Reigns: You see, I can understand giving us a reprieve but what I cannot overlook is excluding me from the Elimination Chamber. Sole survivors? More like failures to be honest. If it wasn't for us, Revolt would've lost the main event and been the laughing stock in terms of the caliber of main event competitors it possesses. When you look back at the footage what do you see? You see Seth Rollins being tossed around like a rag doll by Kevin Nash. You see Baron Corbin getting his few shots in before tagging in the face of Revolt. Did you see how quick I defeated Daniel Bryan? Do you see how I handled Brock Lesnar? I did all of the work and just because Seth Rollins was on my team doesn't mean I was going to let things slide. The man is a failure and I'd be damned-no, we'd be foolish if we were going to allow him to ride the momentum of our victory. So my hand may have slipped and I may have accidentally hit him with the chair but so what? Revolt would've lost if it weren't for me...

But rather than reward me with a slot, you let the failures in the chamber. You're going to give the neighborhood homeless man a shot against that disgruntled loser Owens. You're even rewarding the paper champion with a free slot in the form of the sixth pods...

Roman laughs slightly, eyes deviating elsewhere before a serious expression overcomes his visage.

Roman Reigns: So you know what we're going to do, Hunter? You're going to give me a slot in the chamber as well. Whether it's forced or not, I'm going to make my way into the Chamber. I don't care if you've got to toss me in, I don't care if I have to break a few bones to get what I want, you're going to make it happen for us because at the end of the day, people come here to see Roman Reigns. A man every women want to be with. An inspiration for the children. A person the men envy. And if I don't get what rightfully belongs to me, I'll make it happen myself. Even if I have to kill to get what I want. I await your response next week...

With the sound of a familiar theme song the crowd begins roaring with boos. As per usual The "Leader" of Absolution, Paige - comes out with a huge smirk on her face as she extends her arms, almost to absorb the boos. She seems to be chewing on some bubblegum obnoxiously as she looks out to the crowd. Paige then looks to her left and her right as the rest of her faction come out the shadows to both her sides. Paige chuckles as the four women walk down the ramp with sass - talking shit to some of the fans as they make their way to the ring.

Paige - You know when I look out to this crowd all I see is disgusting pigs. I mean look at yourselves you should be a shame of the fact that each and every one of you even has the decency to come to OUR SHOW - THURSDAY NIGHT REVOLT AND BOO US. Like are you kidding me!? You must be kidding me after all that we've done for this show and for woman's wrestling as a whole - taking care of those thots Ronda Rousey & Shayna Nut Sauce Bazler. Like you people really have that audacity to still boo us after all we've done for Thursday Night Revolt... well see now we know the kind of woman you people like . . . you like the type of woman who look more like men than woman. The type of woman who's going to treat you like you're the girl in the relationship and drag you around like you have a collar on your neck because you just don't know how to wear the pants in the relationship. You people are the types of pigs that probably have your wife at home working and paying the bills while you sit at home jerking off to woman like us while wasting your life away - day by day. You see that is exactly why each and every one of you tonight will never amount to anything in your lives you disgusting pigs. Absolution is all about changing the game and changing the way woman are perceived in PWG  - the Era of Ratchet Thots holding championships is over. Which brings me to my next topic . . . Sasha Banks or like what she likes to call herself. . . the boss.    

The crowd roars with cheers

Paige - Oh yeah you would cheer on a disgusting thot like Sasha Banks. What is she the boss of !? Sucking Dick !?! Because the last time I checked I haven't heard a single word come out of her little mouth since being drafted over to my show. You see I know the type of thot Sasha is... the type of slut that gets really loud when things aren't going her way and but is real quiet and silent when she's holding the gold. The type that will probably cry her way out the door and out of PWG when I defeat her tonight and take back the championship that Absolution deserves. You see I said it last week and I'll say it again this week. Absolution is done letting these thots run rampant and play dollhouse on our show. It's time for action . . . and it's time to restore order to our FUCKING SHOW!

Paige lowers the microphone as the crowd roars with boos. She chuckles until shes evidently interrupted by another young woman.

November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_o94qbeDLHE1rmv1vdo4_400

Out walks one-half MMA crossover stars - Ronda Rousey - to a huge pop that finally cut off the filth coming out of Absolution's mouths. Paige, Maryse, Mandy, & Sonya are offended at such an interruption as Ronda basks in the "THANK YOU" chants from the audience. A handful of moments later the chants begin to lose steam, allowing Ronda to speak into the microphone she came out with.
November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Category_superstar_rondaRousey

I think I speak for everyone in the arena when I say 'Shut.. the Hell.. Up!' I mean, do you really think anyone would buy this bullshit you try to sell week-in and week-out?

Some chants of "NO! NO! NO!" break out as Ronda continues.

You come out here and talk about "Class" and "Sophistication." You somehow call everyone a "Thot" while the whole world has seen your little leaked 'Home Movies Collection'. Meanwhile, your French girlfriend showed her goods to some sleazy magazine after she quit this industry.

"OOOOOooooos" emit from the crowd.

You talk about women being "Mute" around here when there are two girls standing behind you that no one knows their names still. Do they speak? Or is promising to carry them the only way you could find two other women to agree with the shit that comes out of your mouths?

Paige gets mad and turns to Mandy & Sonya to shake her head "no" to reassure her stablemates.

Paige. Maryse. The Fact is you two and your henchwomen aren't the saviors of Revolt, you're the problem. The same two girls who fit the description of what they claimed Sasha Banks is. While she was busy becoming the first ever woman to win both Womens Championships, where were you two? Hanging out at day spa's talking shit like a bunch of basic bitches not to be seen on TV for MONTHS! I've accomplished more on my FIRST DAY in PWG then you two have in an entire YEAR when I won this Fortune Case!

Ronda holds up her Fortune Briefcase to another pop from the crowd.

This same contract that your little group has stopped me from cashing-in twice... and now moments away from your title match that SHOULD of been mine - it all makes sense why.. You were too shook to be the #1 Contender to MY Womens World Championship!

Cheers fill the arena in agreement with Miss Fortune as Paige dismisses that being a possibility.

But believe it or not, I actually hope you become Champ tonight... Not because it's what these great Fans deserve but cause it will be THAT much sweeter to see Shayna rip your arm off inside the Chamber! There will be no more sneak attacks and no more numbers game that you've built your floundering stable on! And if by some miracle you weasel your way to a retain - I'LL BE THERE WAITING GLADLY TO TAKE YOUR ARM AND YOUR CHAMPIONSHIP!

the crowd pops the loudest of the segment due to the conviction of Ronda's words.

But that's at New Years Wrestlution and right now we're in Charlottesville, Virginia! And since you're booked for the night, how about Shayna & I take on Mute #1 and Mute #2 in a Tag Match! Cause we're here to chew bubblegum and kick some Absolution ass... and we're all out of bubblegum...

Ronda drops the mic as her theme hits while we see Mandy and Sonya step up in the ring and accept the challenge; looking forward to the opportunity to prove Ronda's words as hollow and earn a signature win for Absolution

World Womens Championship Match
Paige vs Sasha Banks (c)

November 29th, 2018 REVOLT World-Womens-Title

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

The New day are spotted backstage, Kofi is reading a pancake picture book licking his lips with envy. Woods is playing that Red Dead 2 and Nearby is the uncle-Daddeh E who is dead-lifting a massive keg labeled "Pancake batter".

Big E

E then lifts it again but this time in a full overhead press
November 29th, 2018 REVOLT 04_BIGE

Big E

Uncle-Daddeh dumps the keg on the floor and slumps down onto a nearby seat, he grabs some golden syrup and pours it down his gullet with loads of it missing and going everywhere. He then lets out a loud syrupy burp.
November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Big-e-642x362

Big E
*intense burping intensifies*  

He then licks his lips and starts to speak to his boys as he looks over at Woods cowboy covered TV screen

Big E
My childrens... Daddeh be curious... whats with all the cowboys lately!? I see 'em everywhere! on the TV! on the Streets! Hell I even saw 'em when I was emptying my bowls once!  

The New Day bois look real concerned and stare at E who looks nervously to either side before pulling on an invisible collar

Big E
What!? Fandangos mama be kinky! but tonight... I gots to apologize to that woman... I never did pay her...

but thats beside the point! See suckas, we- THATS HER!!! THAT LOOKS JUST LIKE HER!!!

November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Big_E.0.0

Woods looks befuddled as E points at Woods TV screen on Red Dead 2 with his eyes wide open and his finger shaking ever so slightly
November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Maxresdefault

Big E

Just then you see our tag champions walk into frame as Fandangos jaw has his jaw dropped as Breeze sits with the New Day.

Fandango : Momma?! What are you doing?!

Big E can be seen laughing as Breeze cuts in.

Breeze : Hey that’s Red Dead Two! This totally isn’t a shameless plug for money! How far are you?

The New Day can be seen conversing as Fandango cuts in.

Fandango : Shhh it! Breezy we’re the funny guys! They’re doing our thing!

Breeze : Dangler... It’s fine I...

Fandango : That’s the woman who gave birth to me Breezy.... I can’t let this stand! I know you Big E! If that even is your real name.... And you are most certainly, not my uncle or my daddy! Breezy stand next to me!! We need an angry face off!

Breeze stands up next to Fandango looking confused as the New Day stand up, leading to an awkward face off only seeming to be fueled by Fandango as the scene turns to black and white.
November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Smackdown-06-06-17

Fandango : These are our laughs! And you can’t have them... That is my mom she is a nice lady you can’t have her! The Big E... Dropped syrup and food that’s gross! These are our titles....Ok I think you get the point... Sorry I’ll stop yelling...

The New Day accept Fandango’s apology as Breeze cuts in.

Breeze : Dangler... That’s not your mom...

Everyone looks at Breeze confused as the scene returns to color.

November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Backstage%2BTalk%2B1

Fandango : Breezy wouldn’t you think I’d know my own mother!? I can’t believe this guy, I can’t take him anywhere... Also b...t....w.... this totally counts as a Fashion Files...

Breeze : Dangler we should go...Your causing a scene... This is why no one hangs out with you besides that Bateman guy...

Fandango : I’ll have you know Bateman is a nice man... Unlike you who looks a lot like E...C...

Fandango is moved out of frame by Breeze before he can finish his statement. Breeze can be seen apologizing for Fandangos behavior as we cut back to ringside.

b]*Kofi stares blankly with his jaw dropped as Breezedango depart, Xavier stands confused and Big E continues to stare at the woman on the screen mouthing “I knew it was you”*[/b]

Kofi: Did that really just happ… never mind you know guys I just realized something. The tag team champions were just standing right here. And we ain't even take the time to ask them for a title match! What the hell is wrong with us? Is everyone in this tag division incredibly stoned? I thought we had a wellness policy. And where do those guys get their stuff from? I’m sick of buying dime bags from unicorns.

*Big E begins licking the television screen, Xavier cuts off Kofi*

Xavier: Relax my good man! We’ll have the chance to make that a reality without putting it into words. Because tonight, if we defeat Breezdango, then we’ll have a pinfall victory over the PWG Tag Team Champions. Then management will have no choice but to make us the number one contenders.

Kofi: You’re right Xav, I mean think about, there’s not much competition around here to begin with. I mean yea there’s the Truth is Golden, Era of Undisputedness but other than those guys, I’ve seen Gallows and Anderson on three milk boxes today and there’s already rumors going around that The Bar is closed for business after embarrassing themselves last week with that unsightly… person…thing….alien, whatever you wanna call it!

*Big E turns away from licking Fandango’s mom, and runs up to the camera*
November 29th, 2018 REVOLT F6r3vN4


*Big E returns to Fandango’s mom*

Kofi: All that leaves is SANITY as our main competition here on Revolt and I don’t even think those guys know what active competition means. They’re just a group of lunatics that worship a small man with a scratchy throat condition. AND I DAMN SURE AINT AFRAID OF NO SCRATCHY THROAT LOOKIN ASS BABY!

*Xavier turns to the camera*

Xavier: Breezdango, even though you were here a few minutes ago and we could have said this directly to your face but we didn’t think of it at the time, were gonna say this now despite the fact that you guys are probably not even watching….NONE THE LESS! Tonight the New Day will triumph and just like we made the bar close up shop, we’re going to send a cancellation notice to the fashion files.

*Big E suddenly turns away from Fandango’s mom as if he had been listening the whole time*

Big E: BECAUUUUUSE!!!!!...


Comedy Squared
The New Day vs Breezango

November 29th, 2018 REVOLT New-Day-VSBreezango

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

*We return to Revolt where we see Booker T the fallen King in the middle of the ring with a microphone, no robe, no crown, no scepter, just... Booker*

Booker T: So... I guess I lost, again.

*The crowd feeling sympathy for the fallen king, the fallen legend, begin to chant "Booker T, Booker T!*

Booker T: Thank you guys, really. Ya know it's funny I ain't gon make no excuses, but I coulda sworn I beat Sting, well guess it was just a dream huh. I ain't gonna lie to you guys, this ain't how I wanted it to end, but tonight... tonight is gonna be my last appearance on Revolt, after tonight I'm gonna return to the commentary desk... on Fury

*The crowd disappointing at the news of Booker no longer wrestling now start a "No" chant, one fan is particularly devastated*
November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Giphy

Booker T: I know, I know... But! Before dat! I am here tonight, and i am here for one. last. fight!

*The crowd cheers loudly*

Booker T: I have only one rule, I don't want to face someone that I've faced before, I want to face someone fresh, perhaps to impart some wisdom on an up and comer before I take my leave from Revolt and if my opponent is able to best me they will take my Revolt contract! So if there's anyone out there who's been waiting for an opportunity to make a name for themselves... WATCHA WAITIN' FOR SUCKA! LET'S DO THIS!!

*Booker T throws down the microphone and is amped up for a battle!*
November 29th, 2018 REVOLT 011_RAW_04032017ca_0110--98aec89a850800a63821fec10bbebee7

*Seconds pass, then a couple minutes as Booker T and the fans anxiously await to see who will accept this challenge, eventually we hear...*

November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Tenor

Mauro: Oh MAMMA MIA! That's EC3! We'd heard rumors that this man was on his way to Revolt and here. he. is!

Tom: What an opportunity for this young man tonight and what an unfortunate reality for Fury viewers that Booker T is gonna be back on commentary.

Byron: C'mon I don't have any more love for Fury than you guys but let's have some respect for the living legend, long live the King, and good luck to EC3!

Top One Percent of Debuts
King Booker vs EC3

November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Bookervs-EC3

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

*Revolt returns back from commercial break to the next Chamber qualifier, Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose.*

*The crowd's reactions are half-and-half as KO makes his way to the ring.*

Byron Saxton:
Here come the man KO off a big win against Fury's own, the ayatollah of rock and rolla, Chris Jericho, who I am glad got the win, but hasn't had my respect as of late.

*KO makes his way in the ring demanding a mic*

Kevin Ownes:
Cut my music!

*KO's music comes to an abrupt end as he takes a breath before continuing.*

Kevin Owens:
At Civil War, I proved myself when I beat that scum Jericho. I proved I was the better man after I tried to apologize to the man and he attacked me. Many think I was going to attack him, why would I do that?

*KO puts on his best 'confused' face, but it doesn't trick anyone.*

Kevin Owens:
Civil War was the start of a new KO. The rise of Kevin Owens you could say! Tonight, I have a chance to get into the World Heavyweight Championship chamber. All I have to do is defeat the lunatic Dean Ambrose.

*The crowd boo at the mention of Ambrose.*

Kevin Owens:
Exactly! That's why I will defeat him and earn a NEW prize after that scum Jericho cost me mine! Tonight I hurt the lunatic! TONIGHT REVOLT IS THE KEVIN OWENS SH~

*KO is interrupted mid-sentence by his opponent tonight.*

The crowd erupts in a mixed reaction as the “lunatic fringe” emerges from behind the curtain.

November 29th, 2018 REVOLT N2prlK

He wastes no time entering the ring mic in hand.

Dean : This your moment? You feel disrespected? You feel insulted?

Ambrose paces side to side making this crowd uneasy but not seeming to intimidate KO.

Dean : You had a run with the Evo title... Ain’t gonna lie you got people talkin... KO isn’t just Mr.Bingo Halls... He can swing with the best of em? You think that makes you better than me?

KO nods as Dean goes face to face with him.
November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Owenvsambrose

Dean : That reign doesn’t mean a damn thing to me... You or Jericho... I could careless what problems you have? Or who you like or don’t like... I ain’t a charity and I ain’t the welcoming party... I’m the most sadistic and twisted superstar in this company...
November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Dean-Ambrose-Vs-Kevin-Owens-Al111

Dean pushes KO who instantly returns to staring Dean down, suprising PWG’s “Lunatic” as the crowd begins chanting “Kevin Owens”

Dean : You like em Ladies And Gentlemen? Heh... They ain’t the measuring stick here... Your looking at em you can keep up with Dean Ambrose? Or at the least survive? There’s a place for you here in PWG. Randy found out the hard way what happens when you try and make your name off of me!! You wanna “good match” go ask Seth Rollins....

The crowd cheers at his name as Dean glares in their direction.

Dean : You wanna get that main event spot? You fight Roman Reigns...

The crowd boos as Dean smirks.

Dean : You wanna get hurt? And commit career suicide? You fight me... Now I’ve made a lot of guarantees and lately none of em have come true... I’m a man with nothing to lose and everything to gain... And if that’s means crippling you to get my shot at that world title... My chance at... Glory... So be it... Ref ring the bell...

Dean tosses the mic down as the crowd is almost coming unglued.

Chamber Qualifier
Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens

November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Mens-Chamber-Q

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

*Camera cuts to the back entrance to the arena. There's a black and red Hummer sitting, doors opening. Kevin Nash and Sting step out to everyone's surprise. Sting has a bat, Nash has a megaphone. The small crowd of fans that have gathered outside of the arena are going nuts.*
November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Maxresdefault

Nash: KING Sting! It seems we have stumbled upon a rowdy bunch! Security looks pretty tight tonight...even with the invite! Talk about hospitality...I mean, I get it, really I do. I hope the beer is flowing and the nachos are cheesy in there, guys! Big Sexy is a bit hungry on his night off so let's throw some chili on those 'chos, bros...Could we at LEAST get a golf cart to bring us in? You guys know how my quads get..

Ranallo: What the hell is Nash going on about? They're here but...wait..

Saxton: Yeah, I think we're thinking the same thing...Where's Sting?

Ranallo: Where in world is Sting?! He was RIGHT there!

*Camera cuts to the ring for the next match.*

Who Can Grab The Brass Ring?
Kairi Sane vs Naomi

November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Naomivs-Sane

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

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November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Empty
PostSubject: Re: November 29th, 2018 REVOLT   November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Icon_minitime11/29/2018, 7:39 pm

The sea of humanity that is the PWG fans are brought to life at the sound of the roar of Joe's theme

The Samoan Submission machine walks out on stage, a sizable welt over his ribs after a devastating spear from Goldberg just days before

November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQoyFe1KM1yRonVxZ04cvLpvov1PYWPuwDd0uEt1ONGBjuudXeh

Tom Phillips
Samoa Joe despite a big victory in a fatal four way at Civil War looks absolutely furious!

Mauro Ranallo
I have a feeling that has something to do with that huge gash on his stomach!

Samoa Joe walks around the ring toward the timekeepers and snatches a mic from the tech guy as he wonders around the ringside area

Samoa Joe
I am NOT a happy man. I'm pissed off, I'm angry because at the Civil War, Maivia got one up on me when he took a low blow and ran so that I go through that there barricade.

Samoa looks at the near by barricade, his bottom lip quivering in uncontrollable rage.

Samoa Joe
I consider that night a personal failure, and I'm paying for my transgressions, just as I should.

Joe points at the disgusting welt covering his stomach

Samoa Joe
Failure is not something I take lightly, and while this right here hurts like a mofo, It is NOTHING compared to what I do to The Rock tonight!

Anger and failure are very powerful motivators, and it is these very motivators that I will use to craft an ultimate war machine that rolls right on through the Rock and snatches the Intercontinental championship from his cold dead grip here tonight, and I mean that in the most literal sense that I'm capable.

See, I ain't playing, not tonight. I'm deadly serious when I say that I'm willing to hurt. to feel agony. To inflict it. to feel it in all its forms.

Samoa Joe stares down at the welt, he then hits it with the mic using all the force with all the force he can conjure, his face goes bright red with pain and anger. he does it again. and again. Thunderous shots self inflicted in a sadistic attempt to rage up. He keeps hitting it repeatedly as he screams two words again and again at the camera

Samoa Joe

Mauro Ranallo
This is sick! Someone stop him! Get him a straight jacket! Anything!

Joe keeps doing it, each hit harder then the last. The loud mechanical thud of the mic hitting his flesh echos through the arena in a sickly thump. Fans front row look deeply uncomfortable as Joe keeps on doing it. again and again.

He eventually stops and hunches over in pain before slowly rising like a fearsome monster to a fully standing position, saliva slowly dripping from his mouth, his eyes nearly in the back of his skull, his welt in the darkest of purple shades and his breathing heavy.

Samoa Joe
Bring him to me. BRING HIM!

November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Samoa-joe-324543234

Joe screams those words again into the camera before shoving the cameraman down, the angle goes crazy and a loud crash is heard as the camera his the floor showing only Joe's feet as he climbs onto the apron. The screen fades to black as we go to commercial.

November 29th, 2018 REVOLT W3W1o3r

Match of the Night
Two Bad Asses Meet
Steve Austin vs Jimmy Uso

November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Stone-Cold-VSUSE

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

*Commercial break ends and Aleister Black is in the ring ready to address a few things when...*

Ranallo: I'm getting word that we have a camera on Sting, let's cut to that..
November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Sting_nwo_wolfpack_by_nuruddinayobwwe-dbskxd3

*Sting is seen going to town with the baseball bat on Revolt Superstar, Tyler Bate. Sting then drags Bate to the back, to the red and black Hummer*

*Bate regains some strength, and puts up a small fight. As he is getting the better of Sting...*

Nash: Hey Ty!

*Tyler Bate turns into a Big Boot and is laid out*

Nash: Let's get the little guy in this thing, you got the zip-ties?

*Black watches the chaos*

*Sting hands Nash the zip-ties*

Nash: 4 Life my Brother! (as he makes Bates' hands immovable)

Sting: 4 Life!

Nash: Cool, he's should drive...I did end up having some 'chos and brews..

Ranallo: What the hell is going on?!

Saxton: I'm sure Aleister would like to know too...

MMA Horsewomen Meet Absolution
Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler vs Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose

November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Womens-Tag

Quote :

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As PWG returns from commercial break a new theme hits. Fans seem to be confused as Roderick Strong comes out with a look of disgust on his face.

Philips: OH man strong doesn't seem to be happy.

Saxton: Of course he doesn't after being one of the many victories at Civil War this man is hardly getting the opportunities he deserves.

Strong makes his way into the ring and grabs a mic.
November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Roderick-Strong-NXT-6717-645x370

Strong heavily breathes in disgust as he says the following words.

Strong: You know what I've been... I've been really patient with this company but every time i do something right i don't get the respect I deserve. Civil war i was one of many winners that night and when i arrived today I didn't even see my name on a qualifying match for the Elimination Chamber.... not even for a regular match, but do you know what really pisses me off is that when i watched Fury the other night i see that people like Andrade "Cien" Almas who is the man I put down at the PPV get more TV time then me. That to me is a sign of disrespect. You people and the people in the back think I'm some kind of joke to you but what y'all don't realize is I'm better then half... NO! i am better then every PWG Superstar to ever walk in this squared circle. Ha! You know what?

Roderick exits the ring and grabs a chair and places it in the middle of the ring.

Strong: Since nobody will give me the TV time I deserve I'm going to sit here for roughly 10 minutes or if someone from management gives me some damn answers and Triple H i know you don't like people wasting the crowds time but remember what you told me that ill be the next IT factor of this show. SO WHY DONT YOU KEEP THAT DAMN PROMISE AND HAVE YOU OR SOMEONE GIVE ME ALL THE ANSWERS THAT I WANT! I kept my end of the bargain by winning at Civil War so why don't you keep yours...

A handful more moments pass until suddenly the titantron lights up showcasing Revolt GM Triple H.
November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Ad0a30d895795d5850dfdc60e22418f9

I'm a busy man, Roderick, but you want more air time? You want more challenges? You want inside the Elimination Chamber for a shot at the most prestigious championship in PWG? ... Hah, well, you got some balls for a kid whose PWG career started only a month ago. See one single win - even at Civil War - doesn't shoot you straight to the top of the mountain. No you have to buy-in and prove to me that you deserve the World Heavyweight Championship by coming out here each and every week and proving yourself on the microphone and inside the ring...

Triple H smirks before continuing.

But I like the fire; I like that you want to grab the brass ring! So next week - you will have your airtime. You will have your challenge. You will have a match against the 'Top One Percent' EC3! And whoever wins - WON'T enter the Chamber - but they WILL earn a future title shot... Long as they continue to prove to me they are Championship material both in the ring and on the microphone! Now go prove me right Roderick. Prove that I made the right decision signing you to the blue brand.

Roderick Strong nods his head accepting the further challenge laid out by Revolt's GM as the segment ends.

David vs Goliath
Cedric Alexander vs Braun Strowman

November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Alexander-VSStrowman

Quote :

winner via SIM:

With Bayley already in the ring, Charlotte comes out on the ramp with a mic.
November 29th, 2018 REVOLT 98038C6B-88C3-4CF1-9030-FBA267E8C1C6_zpswv6nqskz

Charlotte: Naomi's incompetence caused our tag match against Fury to become a Draw. She was the weak link in our team, I mean, did she have a glow sticks on her mind cause it clearly wasn't on the match at all.

Charlotte laughs.
November 29th, 2018 REVOLT 7F43640E-2B2F-4362-B8E4-B4DA89E3855E_zpshw75v9kn

Charlotte: Now after teaming with her, I see how much of a joke she really is. I am a Queen for crying out loud! I shouldn't be in the ring with someone who is a joke, let alone teaming with them! I promise whenever we step in this ring I am going to kick her glowing ass all over it.
November 29th, 2018 REVOLT C44933AA-C7C4-45F9-8802-8F46A676CF52_zpsrm6df7l4

Charlotte: And to make things even worse, I am in the ring with Bayley who is an even bigger joke! News Flash, Bayley, nobody wants to hug you, they want to boo you after being a mute your whole career! So after I'm done embarrassing you I'm focusing on the laughing stock of revolt Naomi.

Charlotte walks down to the ring gets ready for her match*

Chamber Qualifier
Bayley vs Charlotte

November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Female-Chamber-Q

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

November 29th, 2018 REVOLT 2npfrc

SaNitY appears outside the arena next to an barrel that's on fire. They are holding several photos as one is shown.
November 29th, 2018 REVOLT B0c7c-1502864447-800

Sanity (Killian): Breezango...Lets start with you. The TAG Team champions the team that's on top of the mountain. The team that go around dressing like its Halloween everyday but enough, you see, since we been back we've dominated in every shape and form and its only a matter of time when those titles go bye..bye and come home to there rightful owners you hear that.... those titles are begging to come to us, there begging to be in the rightful hand, and not be in two idiots who play dress up so once you guys lose those titles your amazing dream becomes your worse nightmare.

EY raises his hand...
November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Dan60ld-1b25c7fc-f629-4570-8d11-d5468f810637

Sanity (Alexander) GoldenTruth...... The old mutton heads truth the 46 year old man... Goldust the 49 year old man. Its only a matter of time that us sanity men take you out to the back and do what travis did to his poor dog old yeller and 'GUN NOISE' and put you two out of your misery and watch you guys faded into clouds of dust.

EY raises his hand again....

Sanity (Killian) THE CLUB....

EY raises his hand and chuckles as they know the Club is nothing without Balor and Styles.
November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Rohredragon_0

Sanity (Alexander): ReDragons... The, how do I put this, oh the two of the most overrated tag team we have ever heard of but you know we actually like you guys.... but if you two ever cross us just know that we will hurt you guys and obliterate you two so stay out of our way and you'll live...

EY breaths before showing the last photo.
November 29th, 2018 REVOLT The-New-Day-1024x576

Sanity (EY): That just leaves NEW DAY! For the past couple of weeks we've been listening to you guys speak and speak ands speak and speak till our ears started bleeding on how annoying and how idiotic and how stupid you guys sound.. Big E the muscles of the team or should i say the most retarded one! Kofi or should i say the not so entertaining one.. and Xav... i mean consequences Creed the smart one... the mr.upupdowndown...or how about the x rated movie one... you 3 have been the walking around here like its all fun and games laughing giggling making jokes..but sanity were not about that were here for one reason and one reason only is to be the ONLY 3 MAN FACTION TO RUN THIS PLACE!!!

EY: And for all the other tag teams that we named and described the same for all of you.. There can only be one dominate tag team and that will be KILLIAN DAIN, ALEXANDER WOLFE, AND ME ERIC YOUNG. THE RAISE OF SANITY IS JUST BEGINNING AND ALL OF YOU WONT BE ABLE TO STOP US.

November 29th, 2018 REVOLT Latest?cb=20160210232626

All three men walk away right behind them a car burst into flames
ending the scene.

Intercontinental Championship Match
Samoa Joe vs The Rock (c)

November 29th, 2018 REVOLT ICTitle

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

Thursday Night Revolt.
PWG Inc. 2018 ©
Team Revolt Productions.

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November 29th, 2018 REVOLT
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