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 January 29th, 2018 FURY

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January 29th, 2018 FURY Empty
PostSubject: January 29th, 2018 FURY   January 29th, 2018 FURY Icon_minitime7/30/2018, 1:40 am

[big][big][big]Monday Night FURY
Monday, January 29th 2018
Portland, Oregon
Moda Center

January 29th, 2018 FURY Moda-center-2

[big][big]SHOW NAME: Go Home to Origin [/big][/big]

Monday Night Fury opens up to a sold out crowd in the Moda Center, generic opening music blaring throughout the PA system as the fans in attendance are on the edge of their feet.    

Michael Cole: Welcome to another exciting episode of Monday Night Fury coming to you live from the Monda Center in Portland, Oregon! I'm your host Michael Cole joined along my illustrious colleagues Corey Graves and Booker T!

Booker T: Ahhhh mahn! It's gewd to be here and let me tell you something,  I'm excited for what's in store tonight!

Corey Grave: Can't agree with you more, Booker. This marks the last week for the G1 classic and I can't wait to see who qualifies for the PWG Championship!

Michael Cole: Let's not forget the Women's semi-finals tonight!

Michael Cole: Speaking of excitement, here comes out general manager!  

Pulling out of his limo is John Bradshaw Layfield who makes his presence known to the crowd. A smile is depicted upon his visage as he raises his hands to acknowledge the boisterous fans. He saunters down the ramp and makes his way into the ring. Beckoning for the microphone he waits for the crowd to gradually quiet themselves before beginning his promo.

January 29th, 2018 FURY Tumblr_mjb9i6NZjy1r1ukqvo7_250

Portland Oregon! Welcome to Monday Night Fury! (the crowd clamors at his catering). Hope you guys are strapped in because I've got a helluva night for all of ya'! Last week I said what I promised I'd do and brought back a surprise in Jeff Hardy! And although he fell short against a worthy opponent in Kurt Angle, I signed him because I know what I the fans want to see. I see nothing but greatness for this show, this roster, and for the fans. And tonight, I'm going to keep on delivering! For the first time ever, we’re going to have a women’s main event to determine the final contest for the women's tournament. It's going to be "The Boss" Sasha Banks versus "The Hugger" Bayley in what I believe will be a god damned classic. And whoever wins, I know Fury will be coming home with the gold... Ya’ see, unlike Thursday Night Revolt, the women don’t have to share the main event with the men, they own it! Fury is focusing on it's stars and building from the ground up! The lights are on bright and I believe in Sasha and Bayley... That's why I'm giving them the opportunity to showcase their talent to the world... Just like I did with Dean and Johnny last week...

But that's not all! The G1 tournament comes to ahead tonight to determine the final standings! Who will win the PWG Title at Origins?! Will it be Shawn Michaels?! Seth Rollins?! Bobby Roode?! Bray Wyatt?! Or will an underdog show up and surprise us at all!? The opportunities are endless! Quite frankly I don't know myself but I do know two will enter and only one man will walk out as our first ever PWG Champion! I guaran-damn-tee it... And there's more... Runners up will receive a chance at the United States Championship...  I sill haven’t decided if I wanted to make it a singles match, a triple threat, a fatal four way or a six man but you’re god damned right we’re going to have a United States Champion too. So those of you in the back complaining and cryin’ about loses, don’t worry... I’m watchin’ ever match, I’m seeing who’s doing what, and I intend on rewarding those who want to be fed... Lastly, I just want t-

Just as John is about to finish his sentence he is interrupted by...

Cena comes out fans cheer*

January 29th, 2018 FURY 063D6D44-7D2E-4DEE-816F-D3BDF53F7F09_zpsslzlwjck

Cena gets in the ring ask for a mic*

January 29th, 2018 FURY C0C30516-FCCC-4EDE-A754-F6C693A87FD0_zpsdzux8whd

Cena: JBL do us all a damn favor shut your mouth! Hell, I am not the only tired of listening to you talk the whole PWG universe tired of you.

Cena laughs*

Cena: I don’t know what the hell Vince saw in you but man... you can’t book good matches these fans don’t want a 6 man or 8 man. They want a good match! But you seem to not get the point so how about I do your job for you!? Trust me I can do way better job than you.

As John Cena finishes talking theme hits.

January 29th, 2018 FURY Tenor

Jason Jordan tries to give a fan a high five but the fan moves his hand.

Jordan: Mr. John....Mr. John nice to see you. Guys, you know what, I’m sorry Cena but I’m going to need you to back off because there are so many things important for me to say right now in front of Mr. Layfield.

Chants of "Daddy’s boy. Daddy’s Boy" are heard from the crowd.

Jason smirks.

Jordan: So JBL I’ve heard you just talk about half of the roster but you didn’t mention me after I pulled off the upset of my career beating Undertaker! Also tonight, I plan on beating Johnny Gargano!

Last week when I called you out about how I got screwed against Dean you didn’t show up! But you now come out thinking cause
I’m the new GM I can come out here whenever I want? Well, I’m not begging this time I'm demanding that you fire the wife of Dean Ambrose or else!

Cena tries to speak but is cut off by Jason.

Jordan: Shut the hell up Cena I don’t want any problems with you but if you keep interrupting me then there damn well will be... So JBL what are you going to do about it? And if you don’t then I’ll make sure I get you fired!

After the sudden backlash and disrespect from two of his superstars, the self-proclaimed Wrestling God nods his head and bites his lower lip as if to convey disappointment. He stares at John Cena for quite a while before averting his gaze, fixating his attention on Jason Jordan.

January 29th, 2018 FURY Johnbradshawleyfield-500x281

So... You want me to fire Renee Young because you felt screwed by Dean Ambrose? Because YOU couldn't be Dean Ambrose?! What's going to happen if I don't...? You going to go stand in the welfare line? Or are you going to stay at home while your daddy rakes in the dough...? (A resounding "oooooh" emanates from the masses in attendance.)  You want to complain and demand things on MY show?! You want to disrespect me?! Well let me tell you somethin', son. I ain't your daddy. I'm your boss. I'm not here to caress, kiss your forehead, and give into your demands whenever you throw a tantrum. I'm the man who signs your god damned checks, I'm the one who's keeping you employed around these parts. You lost your match and although I can sympathize with you, the tournament must go on and it doesn't stop for no daddy's boy! So either sit back or shut up because if you dare disrespect me again, win or lose tonight, I'm going to make your life a living hell, son...      

A solemn JBL pauses and is met with a positive reaction from the crowd. "Daddy's Boy" chants pervaded the arena, laughter all around. He glares at John Cena for just a while longer before turning his attention to John Cena. Suddenly he steps into his face.

...Don't think I didn't hear what you had to say last week, John... You want to cry about not being booked in the main event!? You want to complain about the booking!? Why don’t you look at yourself at the god damned mirror! I gave you a chance to main event the first week and you blew it! You lost to Shawn Michaels! You come out here like your some hot shot but you're nothing but a man who can't back up his talk! I put those who work hard in the main event, I tried to do the same with you but you couldn't get the job done! I'm all about equal opportunity but when things don't go your way, you want to bitch like punk ass kid?! Let me tell you somethin', you don’t put asses in seats, John... No one gives a damn about John Cena because John Cena can’t get himself wins! (The crowd gives a mixed reaction, mostly negative ) I've got guys in the back named Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle and even that chump Jason Jordan comin' out here and impressing me and the audience backstage. But... rather than look at your own actions, rather than looking at yourself, you want to come out here and disrespect me…?! On my show?! Let me tell you something, John. The crowd may not want to see six man or eight man matches but they sure as hell don't want to see you...  (The boo's towards the irate JBL grow. He regains his composure.)

But I'll tell you what... if you don't win your match against Booby Roode tonight... I'm going to put you up against an opponent of my choosing at Origins. And if you can impress me then, I'll consider putting you in a number one contenders match for the United States Championship... But if you try and interrupt me again, you'll see what's good for you... Put up or shut up, John cause at the end of the day, I'm the boss around here and the true face of Monday Night Fury will rise to the top...    

John lowers his microphone, grills Cena one last time before pulling away.

Jason smirks before chuckling at the remarks JBL made.

January 29th, 2018 FURY 26403539_1962385944081049_4783230959304572928_n

Jordan: JBL you're right about one thing - I am better than Cena. But you got something else right. You do sign my checks because that’s all your good for. Just a man who sits behind a desk wearing a suit.  You know why Vince hand-picked you as the “GM” of Fury? It's because your nothing but a lazy has-been. You may be known as a "legend" but you’ll never be a Hall of Famer cause Ron Simmons carried your whole career!

Fans "Ooooooo" at the disrespect.

Jordan: You say you'll make my life a living hell? Mr. Bradshaw the only thing that's a living hell is that stomach of yours! You say you sympathize but you're not doing a god damn thing! ... So since you're not going to do it then I’ll do it myself. So JBL the line has been crossed and whatever you throw at me I’ll be ready cause I’m for sure not afraid of a fat lazy son of a bitch!

A rowdy fan is heard yelling "JBL kick his ass!"

The theme song of a familiar popular woman would burst through the titantron! The Fury Universe roars with cheers as the mysterious raven haired heroine makes her way to the scene. She seems to already have a microphone at hand as she taunts before speaking

January 29th, 2018 FURY Tumblr_ozqz55RgqF1u1ljrzo2_500

Paige - Oh why don't you all just shut the FUCK UP!

The Fury Universe gives a mixed reaction some cheering others gasping due to this vulgar language!

Paige - You see unlike you bozo the clowns, minus Mr. Layfield of course.... i'm not going to come out here and whine like little Baby Boy Jordan about how talent should be released just because I took an L. You see, last week Sasha Banks took me to the limit and bested me. She was the better woman that night and I can admit that. So now I want a chance to redeem myself. A chance to show the world that THIS IS STILL MY HOUSE. I didn't come out here like little Johnny boy over there to tell my boss how to do his job either, but what am I here to do is demand a match tonight!! When I came to this company I came here to kick some ass, collect pay checks and go on spa days on the weekends. I didn't sign up to see telenovela's of people letting the tears flow because things haven't gone the way they wished. So look Mr. Layfield i'm hungry for competition right here, right now! So if you don't mind Johnathan and Little Angle, GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY RING AND GET A REFEREE OUT HERE, CAUSE MAMA'S HUNGRY TO MAKE SOMEONE JOB!!

January 29th, 2018 FURY Tumblr_oefrekQPnJ1vcnw7so2_400

As Jordan is walking up the ramp upset a familiar themes cues up as Jordan gives a stern glare a very confident Sasha Banks emerges from behind the curtain followed by Cole reminding us its “Boss Time”.

Sasha struts into the ring as she grabs a mic and looks at Jbl,Paige,and Cena

January 29th, 2018 FURY Cover-1473134454-800

Sasha : Seems a few of you are upset with the ways things are run around here.... And to be honest that’s the problem with today’s wrestling everyone seems to want to talk... Every single time I walk down that ramp I do it with such swagger with such charisma... Our residential wrestling god has no choice but to book the Boss in our main event here tonight!

Sasha flips her hair out of her face as everyone in the ring looks across the crowd as almost in unison a “Sasha Banks” chant erupts...

Sasha : Now since everyone wants to talk I’ll do the same.... Tonight after I beat my best friend Bayley in the main event of Fury I’m going on to making history and capturing the first ever PWG Woman’s Championship because Bosses make history.... Now Paige I respect you but let me make one thing clear this isn’t your house, It’s mine and very soon everyone is just gonna have to get used to that....

Sasha smirks as a mixed reaction falls over the crowd as Sasha walks up to Cena.

Sasha : And as for you Cena.. I could care less about your history of your pedigree.... Face of the company? Your looking at her....So put up or shut up? Either way your face is destined to be next to mine on every Fury ad sweetheart.... Sorry not sorry man or woman i’m the Face. Now I could stay and debate but.... I’m a busy woman enjoy the show ladies and gentlemen...

Sasha smirks as she stand face to face with the much taller man as she than exits the ring and begins to walk up the ramp to a now mixed reaction .

January 29th, 2018 FURY Fzucrhgry5h1endh4xmdoxojbzmtt2bj-1492235023-800

Billie Kay vs Paige

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

The PWG Universe is seen roaring with cheers as the cameras swirl left and right capturing the audience from the different angles! After a short while the lights dim as a small video package promo of last weeks main event and what transpired after the match!!


The PWG Universe is heard giving a mixed reaction as the theme song of the culprit Seth Rollins blasts through the titantron!! Seth Rollins is then seen walking out to the stage with a smug smirk planted on his face.

Michael Cole - Ladies and Gentleman, you're looking at the man who cowardly attacked Dean Ambrose after his 5 star match with Johnny Gargano last week. Rollins is a man hell bent on taking down Dean Ambrose for reasons i'm not sure of...

Corey Graves - Wait a second Michael, did you just say cowardly!? You mean the way Dean Ambrose cowardly attacked him on the opening night of Monday Night Fury? If you ask me these two are even. I'm on Seth Rollins side in all of this!

Booker T - Well I gotta disagree with that Corey! Seth Rollins attacked this man when he was already beaten and bruised whereas when Dean Ambrose did it, he did it to a perfectly healthy Rollins. So I think that your boy right there is a coward!

Michael Cole - Exactly! And let's not forget, last night Seth Rollins took a huge loss to Bray Wyatt! So how will he be able to catch up and "kick Dean Ambrose back down the mountain" when he himself is now in second place to Dean Ambrose!? The Lunatic Fringe hasn't lost a single match since his debut and my money is on him to win this whole damn thing!!

Seth Rollins makes his way into the ring and requests a microphone. He has it delivered to him while he paces around to the sound of this sold out crowd giving a strong mixed reaction!

January 29th, 2018 FURY Tumblr_oibg0qSIwI1qhwjmvo1_500

Seth Rollins - Let me clear something up right now since that piece of shit Michael Cole wants to run his mouth from all the way over there. The only reason I lost to Bray Wyatt last night was because of that Lunatic Dean Ambrose and that psychotic Cleveland Ohio crowd... you see when I looked out into that crowd that supported that psychopath all I saw was Dean Ambrose's face laughing back at me. I don't care if you don't believe me but he was smirking, smiling and laughing through each and everyone of his supporters all while spitting in my face and spitting in the face of every single man who has ever been punished for being the "nice guy." Dean Ambrose is the reason I couldn't focus in that match and Dean Ambrose is only one who should be blamed for being laid out in the middle of this ring with my boot on top of his head last week. All I ever wanted to do was save Dean Ambrose and his wife's future. Trust me Dean I've been where you've been at, where you feel like you have the world in your hands. But one bad one injury can take that all away. I tried to protect this man from his reckless ways. I tried to give him a future because at the end of the day I wanted him to be the bread winner of his household. I didn't want him to become a dead beat father who can't support his future family. But the reality is I learned the minute you hit me with a dirty deeds that you were truly lost. And as much as I tried, nothing I could do could save you so now I have only one choice...and that's to put you down!

The Fury audience gives mixed reactions due to the fact that they are still split between being a Seth Rollins or Dean Ambrose fan

Seth Rollins - Dean Ambrose... you did this all to yourself and now i'm just here to clean up the mess you made of your life. So when this is all said and done I...

Suddenly Seth is interrupted by a familiar tune.

Booker :Oh myyy shuckey duckey quak, quak.....

Michael Cole :And as Good ‘Ol J.R would say business is about to pick up!!!

January 29th, 2018 FURY Ka7rT8Y

The crowd erupts in a mixed reaction as Ambrose emerges from behind the curtain with purpose as he marches down the ramp Seth motions for him to get in the ring but just before, Dean does he stops and pulls a mic out of his hoodie.

Dean : There’s a few things you don’t mess with in this world.... A man’s family,income, and way of life.... You see you wanna talk about Renee and my future... She knows the kind of man she married and make no mistake about it, She’s the one bright light in my life of darkness....

Dean pauses as he looks into the ring as it seems something is even more off about Dean as he looks Seth dead in the eye.

January 29th, 2018 FURY A411fe55be0

Dean :I’m a sick, sick guy.... I enjoy what I do Seth... I love the look on someone face as I punch their face into the canvas... I take a personal sense of pride in every superstar that isn’t me that gets wheeled up that ramp on a stretcher....

Dean flicks his hair.

Dean :I feel no empathy, remorse, or guilt for anything I do in that ring cause it’s a violent business... And I’m the most violent sonva bitch we have employed...

January 29th, 2018 FURY Dean-Ambrose-3

Dean hops into the ring and pulls a crowbar out of his jacket to a massive pop from those in attendance but to the dismay of Graves.

Graves :Oh god this maniac has a crowbar!!!! Yes what we do for a living is violent but this isn’t wrestling it’s.... It’s...

Booker :Exactly What dat man said... Anarchy... putting some attitude back into wrestling and I love it!!!

Rollins showing no sign of fear keeps his eyes trained on Dean as Dean points the crowbar at him and continues.

Dean :Tonight I end this once and for all because the difference between me and you Mr. “Good guy” Is yea that stomp to my head was vicious and unexpected... But unlike you I know what I am I’m not gonna pretend to be the good guy... I’m just gonna put you on Injury reserve...

Before Dean can lunge he’s grabbed from behind by Renee to massive boos from those in attendance as she can almost be seen trying to talk her husband down as she grabs the microphone.

Renee :Stop it!!! Please, I know how this is going to end and PWG can be different... Please for me....

Dean lowers his hand with the crowbar in hand and nods his head much to the dismay of the crowd who begins to chant “Let them fight” As she stops and goes toward Seth followed by her beginning to yell and scream at him for a bit she nails a quick slap across his face to the shock of those in attendance as she bumps past him and goes to stand on the apron leaving Dean with a smirk and Rollins seething.

Graves : I thought the saying was behind every great man is a great woman... But clearly, these two prove that one wrong both Dean and Renee have no class...

But before Booker can cut in Seth goes to lunge at Dean who instinctively ducks and Rollins forearm connects with the back of Renee’s head who falls face first onto the floor.

January 29th, 2018 FURY Tumblr_inline_nnw9ywqJ1V1t9bgxo_500

Michael Cole :Oh my god!!!

The crowd pauses for a second as Ambrose looks to the outside of the ring with concern on his face as he drops the crowbar and pulls at his hair he looks over to Seth who also shares Dean’s look of concern,Seth goes to attempt to help her, but before Seth can react Dean again blindsided him and lunges onto him and begin to punch him over and over again much to the support of those in attendance who just wanted to see these two brawl.

January 29th, 2018 FURY 9a8425551a08de9691fa2280e535980d_crop_north

Security runs down to detain the two men as the commentary not seeming to know to react remains silent.

The two men are detained as the two exchange glares as we head to commercial break.

Genesis 1:3
Shinsuke Nakamura vs HBK

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

Monday Night Fury returns from commercial break to a familiar theme.

Ambling out of the backstage area is none other than Maryse who dons a smug expression upon her countenance. Undoubtedly from her controversial match from last week, she seems satisfied in the manner in which she’s won. However, the crowd thinks differenlt, showcasing their discontent towards the self-proclaimed Queen of Sophistication by welcoming her in boo’s.

Corey Graves: Now this is a woman who deserves to be main eventing the show tonight! Did you see what she did to Asuka?!

Michael Cole: Were we watching the same match? Maryse was practically getting manhandled by The Empress of Tomorrow until she started using underhanded tactics!

Finally making her way into the ring, Maryse beckons for a microphone and parts her lips to commence her speech.

January 29th, 2018 FURY RGrKyu1

Merci! Merci! All of you are all too kind.  I know you pigs don’t recognize talent when it’s in the ring but I am the embodiment on what this women’s division ought to be! I mean did you see what I did last week to the sold called Empress of Tomorrow? I beat her clean, fair and square in this very ring.

Booker T: Now that’s bullshit.

Corey Graves: Quiet, Booker! The Queen of Sophistication is speaking!  

I made an example out of Asuka last week and what happened to her would’ve happened to that little girl Bayley weeks ago at the first stage of the tournament.  It’s a shame that these little girls get to main event this week when REAL women should be showcasing their talents. You see what this show needs is a real Queen! Not a hugger, not a boss, and certainly not an empress who wears children’s masks to the ring. And I proved just that last week... I mean Asuka didn't even stand a chance in the ring when she came face to me. She's nothing but a ph-

Maryse is suddenly startled and interrupted by...

A song of a Empress blasts throughout the arena as Asuka makes her way onto the stage donned in her usual flamboyant robe over her ring gear as well equipped with her obscenely strange mask that she slowly removes from her face to reveal a hint of a smirk depicted across her features.

: Cole :
And here comes Asuka she can't be pleased about the underhanded tactics Maryse pulled last week to steal a win

: Graves :
Bite your tongue Cole Maryse won that match fair and square.

: Booker T :
Thats a load of shit Corey! and you know it!

January 29th, 2018 FURY Lg

She gradually makes her way down the ramp and gets into the ring. She stares at Maryse with the same smirk that she always has on her face. She then pushes Maryse out of the way and taunts at her, Maryse looking pissed off does nothing but stand there. Asuka then beckons for a mic from the ringside staff who which immediately give her one. Asuka with a mic in hand begins to speak.

: Asuka :
You call yourself a real woman! thats funny! what happened last week... was a fluke...

Asuka then pauses for a moment and then continues in a serious tone.

January 29th, 2018 FURY AsukaMic

: Asuka :

January 29th, 2018 FURY 033_NXT_08202016rf_1656--a2d8a529b85af0ba5aa862f25c8e5a8e

After saying this Maryse gets up in her face screaming at her before Asuka strikes her in the skull with a sudden spinning back fist, Maryse stunned from the punch is down on a knee, she then receives a roundhouse kick to her head which knocks her out of the ring and onto the floor.  

: Cole :
Oh my word! Asuka is fired up she is done playing games but will Maryse accept the challenge we will find out later I guess.

Genesis 1:3
Jason Jordan vs Johnny Gargano

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

Lita vs Becky Lynch

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

Genesis 1:3
Undertaker vs Dean Ambrose

Match Result wrote:

We've reached the midway point of the match where both Ambrose and Taker are trading blows. Undertaker blocks a thrown right hand from Dean and grabs him by the throat. Dean Ambrose tries to break free, but the grip is too strong. Just as 'The Deadman' is about to hit his signature Chokeslam, Taker is met with a loud GLORIOUS as Roode's theme plays through the pa system.

This gets Undertaker's full attention as he drops Dean and turns towards the entrance

January 29th, 2018 FURY

Roode comes out onto the entrance ramp microphone in hand. He stays high on the entrance ramp while Undertaker begs him to come down to the ring. 'The Glorious One' smirking raises the microphone towards his lips to speak.

Bobby Roode: I'll give it to you, Taker. Last week you got in my head. You completely threw me off my game. Shawn is the real deal. If I wanted to beat him I would've had to give a hundred and ten percent. All I could think about was you and what was said. I'm some sort of "sacrifice" was it? Because I'm prideful? Whatever it was I want you to know this, Deadman. First things first 'The Glorious One' doesn't take very kindly to threats. For this next one I want you to really listen good. Even get a Qtip if you need because I want you to hear and understand this. I'M NOT SCARED OF YOU! I'm not afraid of the big bad Undertaker. If you wanted my attention you've got it. When I'm lifting you up for a Glorious DDT and your life (or afterlife) is flashing before your eyes, just know you caused that. Actions have consequences. You should know what better than anyone. By the way, what's that behind you?  

Undertaker is seen mouthing the words "you think I'm falling for that". He then continues to try to get Roode to come down. Before another moment passes, Dean Ambrose spins Undertaker around and kicks him in the gut before hitting a quick Dirty Deeds.

January 29th, 2018 FURY Tumblr_opxk17O6Cn1qfcnbvo8_r1_250

Ambrose wastes no time going for the cover as the ref counts one ... two....  and three. The referee calls for the bell before raising Dean's arm. The camera then cuts back to Roode with a huge smile on his face. He takes the opportunity to say one last thing.

Bobby Roode: GLORIOUS!

Roode then takes a bow before heading backstage.

click to reveal winner:
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January 29th, 2018 FURY Empty
PostSubject: Re: January 29th, 2018 FURY   January 29th, 2018 FURY Icon_minitime7/30/2018, 1:41 am

Charly: I am standing here with my guest, "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy. Jeff some would say that your debut on Fury was nothing short of a disaster. Care to respond.

January 29th, 2018 FURY Jeff-Hardy-Interview-2017

[bgcolor=#000]Hardy: What's to say. I got my ass kicked and I almost lost the use of this leg. But I couldn't think of a better way to shake the ring rust off.[/bgcolor]

Charly: So are you looking forward to your match tonight with Seth Rollins?

[bgcolor=#000]Hardy: All I see from "The Man" is the need to play mother hen with a chick that doesn't want or need him. Seth; your just like Matt was a few years ago. He wanted to change me for the better but look man. I've been jumping off ladders for the past 20 years and nothing is wrong with me. And if I'm able I'll be doing this same shit when I start my slow ride into dementia. What I'm getting at Seth is you can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved and trust me Dean is happy doing his own thing.[/bgcolor]

Charly: How can you be for sure?

[bgcolor=#000]Hardy: I know cause I've been where Ambrose is now. We each have this desire to constantly try and outdo our last big stunt. It's an adrenaline rush and if Seth can't understand that then...[/bgcolor]

January 29th, 2018 FURY Tumblr_static_tumblr_static_230r0qbv65c088ow88gkskock_640

The Fury camera man instantly turns his equipment to Seth Rollins who seems to be interrupting the segment. Rollins glares at Jeff Hardy with a look of disdain on his face. The man prepares himself to speak to the daredevil himself.

Seth Rollins - You know Jefferson, they say sometimes a brother knows you better than you know yourself. Who coined that phrase? Me, I say this because the reality is Jeff, just like Dean Ambrose the problem lies within the fact that you think you don't need to be saved. So you're right, you and Dean are alike because you're both delusional. The truth of this all is that 20 - 30 years down the line the same people who've egged you on to jump off an 1000 foot ladder aren't going to be the same people who lie next to you in your death bed if something goes wrong. The same people who chant.. HARDY, HARDY, HARDY  are not going to be pushing your wheel chair when you're body just says it's had enough. But you know who will be? Your family... and that's exactly what you and Dean Ambrose don't understand. You two are so caught up in the "moment" that you can't even see what it will cost you in the future. Dean Ambrose has been like a brother to me. We traveled the indies together, we went to battle both against each other and with each other so I know him in and out. But I got to say Jeff the biggest difference between your brother and I is that unlike him I will save my bother. I will absolutely save my brother from this dark path he's going. I mean did you not see what just happened earlier tonight? His cowardice caused me to accidentally hit his wife in the back of the skull!! Do you think I wanted to do that!? Absolutely not... but I rather him see where his actions is taking him now than 20 years later when Renee finally decides she's had enough. Then where will that lead Dean? Oh I know, it'll lead him to a dark... dark... dark... suicidal path something i'm sure you probably know all about. Isn't that right Jeff Hardy?

A muffled faint mixed reaction can be heard among the Fury Crowd as Seth continues to speak to Jeff Hardy backstage.

Seth Rollins -You see, I know a lot about you Jeff, hell I grew up watching you wrestle all over the world. I watched every single documentary and every single match you've been in. You inspired me to be where i'm at today.. so if anything I feel like I know more about you than you know about me. Which means tonight i'm going to take you down and give you the eye opening beating Matt Hardy should of gave you a long, long time ago and proceed to be the next PWG Champion that leads this company to greatness.

Genesis 1:3
Seth Rollins vs Jeff Hardy

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

Peyton Royce vs Asuka

Match Result wrote:

Asuka and Peyton continue to fight it out in the ring until Asuka takes the upper hand with a big kick cracking on the skull of Royce. Asuka now looks to close out this match but suddenly Billie Kays presence is felt as she runs down the ramp distracting Asuka. Asuka re concentrates herself and goes for another big kick on Royce but she dodges the kick and the kick happens to knock the ref out who was clumsily standing behind Royce. Asuka checks on the almost unconscious ref before turning into a spinning heel kick variant from Peyton.

January 29th, 2018 FURY 0822665001474560476_filepicker

Billie Kay slides her way into the squared circle and lines a downed Asuka up for a big boot. A groggy Asuka gradually finds her footing and is met with a signature big boot. The ref is finally starting to stir but has already missed the illegal big boot and now Royce picks Asuka up for her finisher the fisherman suplex and drills her to the floor, she then bridges for the cover which of course the ref can just make the count for.




Jojo: Heres your winner via pinfall Peyton Royce!!

January 29th, 2018 FURY C0PgVxrVQAA-1J8

Royce, alongside her iconic teammate Billie Kay, are seen in the ring with a huge smile plastered across there faces before the two leave the ring Royce puts her trademark flower over Asuka's chest.

January 29th, 2018 FURY Asuka-May-Become-a-Pual-Heyman-Girl

The two then quickly scurry up the ramp where they notice Asuka ripping the flower off her chest Asuka then quickly gets up and gives off a death stare to the Iconic Duo before the segment concludes.

click to reveal winner:

Genesis 1:3
Bray Wyatt vs Kurt Angle

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

Monday Night Fury returns after a quick commercial break to the same eerie scenario as we were taken in last week. From afar, the man can be seen sitting down on a chair, but this time, the camera does not try to expose the man as if it is being controlled by the man himself. The camera points itself down towards this man's hand and we can see that he has a tattoo on his fist and his hand.

January 29th, 2018 FURY BlackHandTeaser.0.0

My mission is not to achieve superstardom - have my name in lights or be rich. I am just a man who will expose the weakness in every man that stands before me until I claim what is mine. I am a man who will brutalize the men who prance around claiming that they are the best, they will all pay for their sins.

The man carefully moves his hand over the flame of the candle placed next to him.

I will tear down the ivory tower that are stowed away in and make them...Fade....To....Black.

The man puts out the flame with just his fingertips and in the mist of the dark room, a child can be heard in the background singing in a slow melody, after a few seconds the room turns into complete silence and the camera cuts over to ringside, prepared for the next match that Monday Night Fury has to offer to their audience


Michael Cole: I can't quite wrap my head around whats going on here.

Corey Graves: I don't know either Cole, I just know that a mysterious force is upon us!

Genesis 1:3
John Cena vs Bobby Roode

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

MAIN EVENT - Women's Tournament Fury Finals
Sasha Banks vs Bayley

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

Sasha stands tall after her monumental win over Bayley. The crowd is rambunctious and on their feet knowing full well that Sasha's journey has been a long one but has finally advanced into the finals of the tournament. But who would she face? Who was the other competitor coming from Thursday Night Revolt? They didn't quite know but simply indulged in the now rather than the future. Suddenly a familair theme song pervades the PA system.

John Bradshaw Layfield saunters down the ring with a smile plastered upon his visage. His music quickly fades as he grabs a microphone to speak.  

Give these women a round of applause ladies and gentlemen! They’ve fought long and hard to get here!  

John pauses and allows for the audience to cheer for both fatigued women.  Eventually the both disappear up the ramp.

[big]JBL: [/big]
Congratulations to Sasha Banks… She’ll be representing Monday Fury at Origins! But that’s not at all I’ve finally decided that at Origins we will have a fatal four way elimination to determine our United States Champion! It’ll be Bray Wyatt, Jason Jordan, Bobby Roode, and Seth Rollins! (The crowd cheers.) And for your main event… After counting up the points tonight to determine our first ever PWG Champion it will be Dean Ambrose vs. Shawn Michaels!!!! Have a helluva night everyone!  

January 29th, 2018 FURY Tumblr_mjb9i6NZjy1r1ukqvo7_250

Booker T: There is it baby, I can't wait!

Michael Cole: I'm Michael Cole signing off, see you at Origins everyone!

[small]Monday Night Fury.
PWG Inc. 2018 ©
A Fury Team Productions.[/small]
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January 29th, 2018 FURY
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