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 January 22nd, 2018 FURY

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January 22nd, 2018 FURY Empty
PostSubject: January 22nd, 2018 FURY   January 22nd, 2018 FURY Icon_minitime7/30/2018, 1:34 am

[big][big][big]Monday Night FURY
Monday, January 22nd, 2018
Cleveland, Ohio
Quicken Loans Arena

January 22nd, 2018 FURY Theq-mid-131030-660

[big][big]Round 2! Fight! [/big][/big]

Michael Cole: Welcome everyone to another exciting episode of Monday Night Fury! Coming to you live from Cleveland, Ohio! At the Quicken Loans Arena home to the Cleveland Cavaliers!  

Booker T: Aye, mahn... I don't know about you but I'm exciting for tonight! Last week was great but this week definitely gonna be bet-

Just as the commentator is moments from finishing his speech, the camera's suddenly cut off to Kurt Angle.

**Kurt Angle is shown in the backstage area looking at the match card.  He has a confused look on his face when he sees he has a mystery opponent.**

January 22nd, 2018 FURY Giphy

Angle: This is how PWG treats their only REAL athlete?  Not to mention an Olympic Gold Medalist!  There must be some kind of conspiracy against me.  I won a gold medal with a BROKEN FREAKIN' NECK and gave my blood, sweat, and tears for this country and this is how I'm thanked?  I'm gonna get to the bottom of this!

**Angle walks down the hallway looking for answers.**

Kurt… Kurt, pal. I’m out here.

The camera’s cut from the backstage area and into the ring where we see Monday Night Fury’s general manager, John Bradshaw Layfield. Dressed in his usual attire, he sports his cowboy hat and a smile upon his pale features.

No need to get all pent up and frustrated, Kurt. Why don’t you come out on here?  I’d like to explain what happened and who this mystery opponent of yours is to you and the crowd.

Corey Graves: Who could this mystery opponent be? And what happened to Apollo Crews? Wasn’t he supposed to be in this match?

Booker T: Don’t you remember? My boy Apollo was attacked by that coward, Bray Wyatt! Somebody oughta punish that boy! Get him out of the tournament or somethin'.

JBL waits patiently in the ring for Kurt Angle to make his presence known. The crowd welcomes him with cheers as he saunters down the ramp without music, a look of confusion on his face.    

January 22nd, 2018 FURY KWa3IDk

I mentioned there we goin’ to be surprises on Monday Night Fury but not in the way I imagined it. Kurt, given the attack on Apollo Crew's last week, I’d have given you the win this week in the G1 tournament but I reckon’ a man of your caliber, an Olympic gold medalist, would rather have a hard fought match instead of an easy win, am I right? (He pauses briefly to look at Kurt) Cause here on Fury we don't give away freebies and that title? It's going to be earned by the best damned superstars in this company! And having done battle with you years back, I know you're ready for everythin' and anythin' thrown your way and that's... that's what I look for in a champion! So instead of facing Apollo Crews tonight, you're going to fight a talent you may or may not be familiar with. A man who hasn't been seen on television in years... The lights are on bright and here in this sold out crowd of Ohio, I introduce to you Apollo's replacement in the tournament and Kurt's opponent for tonight...

Michael Cole: Who could it be?!  

Motioning his hands towards the stage, awaits for the reveal of...

**Kurt Angle still looks dumbfounded.  He pulls a mic out of his back pocket.**

January 22nd, 2018 FURY 2106%2520-%2520kurt_angle%2520microphone%2520pointing%2520smackdown%2520wwe

Angle: Now hold on a second.  If a person that's in a tournament is injured and can not compete, his opponent is awarded with a bye.  Everybody knows that!  Once again, your true American Hero is the victim of conspiracy!  But you know what, JBL?  It doesn't matter.  Bring him out here so I can break his freakin ankle!  Oh it's true, IT'S DAMN TRUE!

**Angle shares a few words with JBL off mic as he awaits his opponent.**


Graves: Shut up Cole! It is! The charismatic enigma Jeff Hardy! Fury is not even two weeks old and its just been flipped on its head!

Booker T: A man who innovated the ladder match dawg, dis man has always firmly been in my fave fave dawg!

*After making the entrance that only Jeff can do best he enters the ring and stares down Angle, he then rips the microphone from the gold medalist and backs up to his corner*

Cole: Looks like Jeff a man of few words here tonight! This should be a classic!

*The irate Kurt angle looks at the ref as he backs into his corner, the ref rings the bell*

Genesis 1:2 Matchup
Kurt Angle vs. ???

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

**After the match, Angle takes down the straps of his singlet and grabs a mic.**

Angle: JBL, next time you bring in a mystery opponent for me, make sure he can hang.

**Angle drops the mic and celebrates as his music plays through the arena.**

January 22nd, 2018 FURY Victory-road-2012-kurt-angle-jeff-hardy

Cena comes out and the fans cheer loudly as he makes way to the ring. Cena runs down the ramp slides in the ring ask for a mic.

January 22nd, 2018 FURY RAW_1056_Photo_005_zpsyy0qtj1i

Cena: Last week we kicked off Monday Night Fury stroooong! And tonight, we're going off strong once again! With a dream match! The King of Strong Style vs The Face of PWG! A match you the fans have wanted to see for quite some time! A match that should be tonight's Main Event... but I guess JBL doesn’t know a Main Event when he sees one...

Cena smirks.

January 22nd, 2018 FURY RAW_1036_Photo_009_zpsdxyj8ynn

Cena: HBK says I’m not the face of this company... see Shawn needs to learn that last week he got a lucky one over me. It ain't going to happen again and I’m STILL everything this company represents... so tonight I plan to show why it's ME that will represent this company!

Fans chant "Let’s go Cena!"

January 22nd, 2018 FURY RAW_1056_Photo_006_zpsezkspjjj

Cena: These fans here feeling strong tonight! So let’s kick this show off with a bang! tonight give you all what you deserve.

Cena drops the mic ending the segment.

Monday Night Fury returns from commercial break to a sold out crowd. The cameras slowly zoom in on the color commentators.

Booker T: So far so good on another excitin’ episode of Monday Night Fury. I got to give it to JBL, this man knows how to book a show! We’ve got my dude Dean Ambrose vs. Johny Gargano, two home town boys, going head to head? This is too good, mayhn.

Michael Cole: Let’s not forget about the women’s tournament. I don’t know who’s going to win but my money is on ‘THE BAWSE’ Sasha Ba-.

The ever eccentric Michael Cole is interrupted by a familiar tune, coaxing forth a mixed reaction from the Ohio Crowd in attendance tonight.

Corey Graves: It’s the Fury’s woman of Sophistication, Class, and Glamour! The French Canadian Queen—Maryse!

Booker T: Queen of whut? Are you blind or somethin’? She lost to Bayley last week.

Corey Graves: That was a fluke win! Maryse is simply giving this newer generation some time to shine! She's generous!  

January 22nd, 2018 FURY DE8Pwzr

Maryse struts down the ramp in her ring gear, extending the back of her hand closely to her face as if to block away the ugliness of the crowd.  Eventually she enters the ring, beckons for the microphone and awaits for her music to gradually fade away along with the crowd’s mixed reaction.

Maryse: Silence, Ta gueule! I’m trying to speak here. Or do you Ohio Neanderthals not understand English?

The Ohio crowd boo’s while also questioning what she uttered—they weren’t native French speakers after all.

Maryse: What occurred last week was a tragedy, an error that should be erased from Fury’s history books! Due to things outside of my control, I lost to a little girl who hugs strangers and gives away toys like some… pedophile. A toy she handed me that I believe now was covered in a drug of some sorts… Yes, a drug because quite honestly, I wasn’t feeling myself in that match... I felt weak and found myself drifting in and out conscious.

January 22nd, 2018 FURY ZMW0Pau

Booker T: …Ya’ believe this shit?

Corey Graves: Quiet Booker! Why would she lie? I believe her, only that brat Bayley would do such a thing! She obviously couldn’t defeat a woman fairly!  

Maryse: It was a fluke win because a girl like Bayley could never beat someone with class and sophistication like me...A real woman... And though I’m out of the tournament, I’d watch your back if I were you Bayley because you and I aren’t over... No, not for a long shot.  It’s woman like me who paved the way for brats like you. While all those little girls were trying on training bras and getting rejected by boys for being hideous, I was making a name for myself in the business.  If it weren’t for Maryse, the women’s division wouldn’t be what it is today. If it weren’t for Maryse, Fury women’s division would be unwatchable. And if I weren’t Maryse… well, I’d want to be. Champion or not… I’m going to hold that title eventually but right now, I’ll let the little girls get their shine. But as I promised last week, I’m challenging anyone in the back to an open challenge against me... To prove a point, so who’s it going to be?

After her speech the crowd gives a negative reaction, some admirers give her positive feedback while others look on. Maryse leans back against the rope, microphone in hand while she waits for a possible opponent.

Corey Graves: I don’t see anyone coming out! Who wants to get demolished by Maryse?

Just as Maryse is about to leave the ring because of no rapid answer the arena lights abruptly go out and the arena goes pitch black while the fans cheer in anticipation. Suddenly the titantron goes on and displays a well-known woman hidden behind a mask.

January 22nd, 2018 FURY 6f7ebe6eaac1247d-600x400

Asuka stands there with the strange mask over her face, she remains quiet for a few moments before slowly removing the mask and equipping herself with a faint smirk. The lights once again go pitch black and then Her theme song begins to blare throughout the roaring crowd.

: Graves :
it looks like the Empress of Tomorrow is going to accept the open challenge!

: Cole :
Thank god, someone needed to shut Maryse up!

January 22nd, 2018 FURY 1131f2e4eeasuka

The uncanny Asuka makes her way down to the ring flailing her arms about in a similar manner to Shinsuke Nakamura. Maryse doesn't know what to make of this and just leans against the ropes not knowing whether to be afraid or not. Asuka gets into the ring with Maryse with a microphone in hand.

January 22nd, 2018 FURY Tumblr_o84doeKdcc1u1ljrzo1_500

: Asuka :

We both lost last week, and it seems you will lose again.....
because you ain't ready for ASUKA!!

Maryse exits the ring while Asuka has a big grin displayed over her face, an official runs down to the ring. Maryse finally gets back into the ring seeming almost afraid of Asuka, the ref signals for the bell!

Maryse Open Challenge.
Maryse vs. Asuka

Match Result wrote:

With the referee down and Asuka's countenance buried against the turnbuckle, a desperate Maryse removes the protective padding of the turnbuckle to expose the solid steel. Taking a hold of Asuka’s locks, she slams her face once against the hardened object with a sickening thud. Shrieking follows suit,  Asuka removing herself from the corner to cradle her marred face within her palms.

Booker T: What the heyel is she doing?! That’s illegal!

Corey Graves: But the referee didn't see it!

The referee of course see’s none of this as he slowly gets up to his feet from being used as a shield by Maryse. Seeing this as the opportune moment, Maryse rolls up a dazed and wounded Asuka for the win.





Corey Graves: Maryse has done it! She’s beaten the Empress of Tomorrow! What did I tell you guys?!

Michael: Are you kidding me?!  That was illegal! Asuka had that match won!

Scurrying out of the ring, Maryse exits quickly with a grin depicted upon her features. However that quickly fades once she see's an irate Asuka ascend to her feet with a grin upon her visage. Clearly unfazed and with wolverine healing like abilities, the Empress of Tomorrow stares at Maryse from within the ring licking her lips. Maryse, afraid, heads backstage... Is this the last we've seen from these two?

January 22nd, 2018 FURY Tumblr_oyai89fur81rnux1so2_540

click to reveal winner:

As PWG returns from a commercial the newest PWG action figures are shown once again.

Cole: I think they made a figure of me guys I'm excited!

Graves: You have more of a chance of getting an action figured than of Booker T wrestling again.

Booker: Watch it dawg!

January 22nd, 2018 FURY Giphy

Cole: Controversy struck last week between the Jordan and Ambrose match. Jason must be angry...

Jason Jordan makes his way down to the ring.

Jordan: Last week not only did I put on of the best matches on the card but I got screwed, not once, but twice! By who you ask? By the wife of Dean Ambrose,  Renee Young! I had Ambrose beat then she put his foot on the bottom ropes. Then when I told her wtf I got hit by Dirty Deeds in the middle of the ring!

Jason pauses and breathes in.

Jason: I know I gotta worry about (gulp) Taker but ill be damned if I'm going to be screwed on this new televised program! So Mr. Layfield I want justice! You either rest my points, fire Renee, or we'll have some problems and I know in your 2nd week as GM you don't want that. This is not a threat... it's a damn promise!

So please JBL do the right thing you have till tonight or next week...

As Jason Jordan waits we see Renee come down the ramp.

Jason: What are you doing he-

Right before Jason can finish speaking Renee smacks the taste out his mouth! Jordan then backs her up to the turnbuckle.


[The lights go out & The Undertakers music hits. The arena glows a dark purple & a thick fog begins to fill up the entrance way. The Undertaker appears from the back and stands at the top of the ramp. He glares towards the ring as if he is burning a hole through Jason Jordan. With a microphone in hand, He begins to speak…]

Undertaker: Tonight, The Lord of Darkness does something that hasnt been done in a very, very long time... For which I am forced to make a deal with the Devil and vow to reign hell down on the PWG.

January 22nd, 2018 FURY Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ_Pm3Q2diIjFm7dVuMLBpqNw7vQC2L6O6F2ZEZhc3jr-HJwjrfqQ

Undertaker: My failure became your suffering. My short comings become your demise. My path of destruction begins tonight. Two unfortunate souls, that of which will be sacrificed, and Jason Jordan, Poor boy....You just happen to be first on the list.

Cole: What the hell is he talking about?? Whos the second sacrifice??

Graves: Maybe its You, Michael!

Cole: I sure hope not! He cant be happy after losing to Johnny Gargano last week!

Undertaker: Its the weak minded who stay focused on the wrong things. Focused on the good, while evil peaks its head around the corner.  Pretending to be fearless, but I can look in those eyes Jason. And I can see the fear your trying so hard to hide. Word of advice, Too much courage can be unhealthy. Ya see. There are those who are ready to die. And there are those who are forced to die. No pain, only pleasure...

January 22nd, 2018 FURY Hqdefault

The pleasure of seeing you,


Genesis 1:2 Matchup
Jason Jordan vs Undertaker

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

The titantron lights up displaying a scene which happened earlier today at one of PWG's official performance centers nearby. A PWG interviewer catches up with ICONIC - Peyton Royce and Billie Kay - who don't seem to be in too good a mood.

January 22nd, 2018 FURY Maxresdefault

Peyton! Billie! One moment, please! Can you tell us how you felt about your debuts last week?

Feel!? Feel!? My partnah and 1/2 of ICONIC was robbed of hur championship opportunity by, by Caspah and Soo-Yung!

Some laughs are heard from those making the pop-culture references.

And now I have to face some, some gawd awful, tye dye hippie whose a little too happy to be huggin' kids if ya ask me!

Registered sex offender ?
How NOT Iconic !!!

But aftah our match tha only thing that ditzo will be huggin' is this flower (Royce holds up her trademark flower) as another victim of ICONIC!

The camera pans out as Sasha Banks can be seen with a glare on her face dressed from head to toe, in her own merch acting as if she went deaf she begins.

January 22nd, 2018 FURY Img-2135789-m

Sasha : Number One... I think I speak for everyone when I say... Can you two, just shut up.....

The crowd pops as Billie is about to say something, Sasha glares in her direction as Peyton responds by hugging her best friend and glaring at Sasha.

Sasha : Number two.... I could care less to be honest why you too are complaining... Billie was it? I think it’s something do with not only getting eliminated from the tournament but tonight going one on one with someone who’s gonna snap your dreams and your arm in Becky Lynch.... But I don’t sweat you... The Boss only has time for winners honey...

Sasha rolls her eyes as she takes off her T-shirt and Baseball cap combo as she begins to sign them while she continues.

Sasha : And as for you Peyton “NUMBA THREE”.

Sasha smirks as her attempt at mocking has now set off Bille as she continues.

Sasha : I think I know why your upset I mean I would be too.... The fact that just like me you won last week but for some reason, while I’m backing top three in sales you two can’t even pawn that T-shirt off to each other much less anyone in this arena here tonight....

Sasha : Now regardless if Bayley is my best friend or not... I could care less if you beat her here tonight... But never call out my girl, when two grown women act like middle school bully’s on a bad Disney original movie...

Sasha hands the shirt off to Bille who looks at in disgust as Sasha holds up the hat.

Sasha : What you can Bank on is tonight after I beat Paige you or even my best friend will just be a stepping stone to me proving once again why.... I’m “THE” Horsewoman of PWG and why I’ll be the first PWG Woman’s Championship...

Sasha : Now while I know you two “JUST LIKE CAN'T EVEN RIGHT NOW”... I’ll even give you one Peyton because I know that even you two have some form of taste....

Sasha holds the hat out to Peyton with a slick smirk across her face as she’s cut off by.

January 22nd, 2018 FURY Img-2129354-m

[bgcolor=#000]January 22nd, 2018 FURY Lita-1444224855-800
(Lita smiles at Sasha and looks her over. Like a cougar eyeing up it's next meal)

:: Lita ::
MMMM Tasty indeed....
Did I hear you correctly mention about Porning something off Sashi B?
Something something on the back and forth with you and those duo sheilas.
What ever with who ever, don't leave the Rated R superstar Lita out of the mix.
That'd surely make it to the top of PWG's top sellers I'm certain of it.
Well most viewed and downloaded at least.

( Sasha shakes her head and makes a wtf mouth movement)

:: Sasha ::
P, A, W, N lita....
As in selling their gears at next to nothing.
My gawsh you acting like such a thot right now.

:: Lita ::
Relax home girl relax I'm joking....Of course I knew ha ha.
Nah for real girl.
I want to let you know No hard feelings about last week that was a great match.
I hope you go all the way bring that Title here to fury and we can all celebrate.
Pop the champagne get loose and maybe you can go all the way with me...In the ring.

( Lita gets close speaking slow and sensual like )

:: Lita ::
I'd like nothing less then Riding with you into the sunset.
Cowgirl style or side saddle.... I'm not sure how you like it.
Do you have a riding crop?.

:: Sasha ::
Bitch you crazy! I aint getting familar with you like that..

(Sasha gets all haughty with lita who puts up a finger to her own lips.
Like a teacher calming down a rowdy student.)

:: Lita ::
Shh Shhh now you'll come to your senses, You want lita in that stable.
Trust me Sasha.

(Lita walks away as Sasha adamantly deny's the possibility of her suggestive advances being a reality with a series of uh uh aint no way sister motions.)

:: Lita ::
If the horse won't let me ride willingly I'll be forced to break her down...right down.
I'd rather not break such a spirited filly. sigh...

The camera pans from Lita to the disgusted faces of Peyton and Billie who are a bit lost for words...

January 22nd, 2018 FURY Maxresdefault

That, that was....

...Definitely NOT Iconic.

Iconic now turn their attention back to Sasha Banks unimpressed.

We'ah suppose to be jealous of that GAWDY merch? HA! It's no surprise these trash Americans eat it up they've never had style or class like us in Australia.

The proud American crowd is heard booing at Iconic's comments. Peyton and Billie take another step forward.

Listan he'ah. Peyton beat a supposed "Horsewoman" last week, and la'tah tonight will make it two in a row while I clean up what's left of Beckay.

And if yah somehow make it to the Furray finals, I'll take great pleas'ah in beatin' that weave off yah! Because the closes you'll ever come to being a "horse" woman - is lookin' like one!

It appears Sasha and Iconic are about the throw down when...

Lita turns around as Bayley nearly jumps into her arms and gives her a gigantic hug. Lita gives a very sensual look towards the horsewoman as she pulls back and then raps up Sasha, Peyton, and Billie all at once and the three gasp for air as Bayley releases them.

Oh, well, that felt good.....

January 22nd, 2018 FURY Latest?cb=20140518042806

Never again.......

Peyton Royce and Billie Kay both have very irritated looks on their faces. Peyton is about to speak before Bayley cuts her off.

Guys, I have great news!!!! It sounds like I'm gonna be facing you tonight Peyton!!! I can't wait!!!

Sasha then gives a dumbfounded look towards the hugger as she nearly face palms but just sighs as Bayley begins to speak again.

Billie Kay
Don't you ever put your hands on my iconic life partner again!!!!

Billie Kay is obviously fuming at the sight of Bayley.

Ummm...... I'm sorry I didn't ever catch your name. Are you the new stagehand that JBL told me about earlier????

Billie Kay
No I'm a wre-

Bayley interrupts her with a huge hug. She keeps Billie in her grasp as she begins to speak.

I wanna give you a good ole' welcome to PW- wait what's your name again?

Billie Kay then pushes off of Bayley as Peyton has to hold her back.

Billie Kay
My name is Billie Kay and I'm one half of the Iconic Duo!!!!! Don't ever touch me or my Iconic life partner again or you will rue the day!!!

Peyton Royce then looks Bayley up and down and stares Sasha down as she begins to speak.

Peyton Royce
Well considering the fact that I technically have a bye week in the tournament this week, I'll see you in the ring soon enough Sasha.

Billie then turns away angrily as Peyton and her walk away. Bayley then looks defeated as she looks down.

January 22nd, 2018 FURY Bayley-Raw-91217-645x370

Sorry I didn't know.....

Bayley tears up a little bit and Lita goes over to try and console her. Sasha pulls Bayley by the arm as the two start walking away before Lita can attempt to flirt with Bayley.

The video on the titantron recapping today's earlier events ends and PWG goes to a quick commercial break with Bayley versus Peyton Royce coming up NEXT!

Women's Tournament: Round 2
Bayley vs Peyton Royce

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

The camera pans backstage as Renee Young can be seen with a smile on her face as she nods her head.

Renee : My guest at this time Ohio’s own... Dean Ambrose...

As Ambrose walks into frame to an eruption of cheers from this home state crowd he cracks his neck and punches his jaw twice as Renee begins.

January 22nd, 2018 FURY 1280x720-QbF

Renee : Now Dean last week you defeated as he would like to be called The Next Generation of Great, Jason Jordan, now some would say in controversial fashion, your thoughts?

Dean smirks as he nods his head.

Dean : I mean hey opening night talents nervous, officials are nervous, hell our commentary team was sweating bullets... Mistakes happen... Maybe if the “next generation of great” didn’t drop kick our poor zebra maybe he would of counted it, maybe he wouldn’t.  Fact of the matter is regardless the result would be the same sorry Angle junior... This is my time...

Renee nods her head and smirks a bit as she continues.

Renee: Now last Week you went face to face with Seth Rollins he claimed much the same as you that this is “his show” and after that, things got kinda ugly now you two aren’t in the same bracket why did you....

Dean cuts in.

January 22nd, 2018 FURY Giphy

Dean : Look last week... Was a warning, I’m a peaceful enough guy... But when people piss me off! Mistakes happen.... People get hurt.... I mean like I said it’s a moment that got people buzzing and talking.... Much like tonight when in my home state  Johnny Wrestling goes face to face with yours truly and I move that much closer to the PWG Championship, Now as for brackets?  I don’t need a schedule or GM’s permission... Seth knows where to find me... I mean he thinks he’s as crazed as I am? *Huh* anytime anywhere Rolins I’ll do the exact same....

But before Dean can finish he’s cut off.

Seth Rollins appears from out of the shadows entering the scene with a serious look on his face. The PWG Universe can be heard giving a big pop in the background as Rollins and Ambrose stand face to face once again. Seth moves the microphone over to himself as Renee young stands in the middle of this debacle.

January 22nd, 2018 FURY SOrMdUY

Seth Rollins - You'll do the exact same what? Huh Ambrose? What were you going to say? That you'll do the same exact thing you did to me last week? That cowardly Dirty Deeds from out of no where? You listen to me Ambrose, I gave you your time to wave your white flag before things got worst for you because I didn't want to have to be the one to take you out. You see, you and I both knows how this is going to play out. At the end of the day i'll have my hand raised high in the middle of the ring with a PWG Championship around my waist and you will be left in a heap of your own blood. And let me ask you something.. how do you think that's going to make poor Renee over here feel huh? To know that she will have to watch as the future potential father to her children becomes a lifeless vegetable in E.R. because he just didn't know when to quit. That she will have to go home alone crying every single night because her arrogant and prideful husband doesn't think about anyone else but himself. Dean Ambrose, I tried to save your career but you messed that all up when you decided to hit me with a Dirty Deeds last week. And a Dirty Deed it was indeed because now there's no going back... I mean congratulations you beat baby boy junior, Jason Jordan last week but I beat his dead beat father that same night too. You see Dean, you're not in the same league as me and tonight I truly hope you beat little Johnny Gargano because I want to see you advance all the way to the finals. So, that I can be the one to knock you back down to the bottom of the barrel. So good luck out their tonight home town hero because these people might praise you but I sure as hell see right through you.

Seth Rollins glares at Dean Ambrose one more time before staring at a very serious Renee Young. Renee seems offended by Seth's words and turns to Dean Ambrose, almost as if seeking emotional comfort. Rollins walks off the scene leaving Dean and Renee alone to the remainder of the segment.

Genesis 1:2 Matchup
Bray Wyatt vs Seth Rollins

Match Result wrote:
Michael Cole: What an incredible match thus far!

Corey Graves: For once Cole, you're right, Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins are blowing the roof off this place, and it looks as if Rollins is about to put the finishing touches on Wyatt right now!

*Seth Rollins picks Bray Wyatt up to attempt a 2nd King's Landing, only for it to be countered into a 3rd devastating Sister Abigail.*

Michael Cole: Sister Abigail! From outta nowhere!

Booker T: Oooh baby! That's it!

Michael Cole: Into the cover!


*The official is quick to signal for the bell declaring Bray Wyatt as the winner once again*

Michael Cole: Bray Wyatt wins again!

Corey Graves: The question remains; if Seth Rollins can't beat The Eater of Worlds, who will?

Booker T: Guys, I don't think anybody's gonna be able to stop this guy, he's too powerful!

*Bray falls to his knees over a defeated Kingslayer*

January 22nd, 2018 FURY Tumblr_olaql75jwI1u1ljrzo1_540

Bray Wyatt: FOLLOW... the buzzards! Hahahahahaaa!

*Fury moves onto another commercial break*

click to reveal winner:
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PostSubject: Re: January 22nd, 2018 FURY   January 22nd, 2018 FURY Icon_minitime7/30/2018, 1:37 am

Monday Night Fury returns from commercial break to Bobby Roode standing in the ring looking dashing as always. He's donned in a thousand dollar three piece suit as he holds a microphone in hand. The Pro Wrestling Genesis faithful love Roode cheering for him for simply gracing them with his presence. Some fans in attendance chant "Rooooode" much to the amusement to The Glorious One himself. Bobby waits a few moments letting his fans die down before raising the microphone towards his lips and speaking.

January 22nd, 2018 FURY Bobby

Bobby Roode: Ladies and gentlemen, it feels GLORIOUS to be here in front of all you beautiful people tonight. You know, last week after I defeated the incredible striker known as Shinsuke Nakamura, I went out on the town and celebrated. I celebrated what's to come for Bobby Roode in PWG. You've never seen such greatness before, my people. I'm going to get what's coming to me. What's coming to me you might ask? The world! Though Tony Montana may have spoken those words first in 83, it has never been more relevant to anyone else until now. Don't forget guys, my success is OUR success. The Glorious One takes care of his people.

Chants of "future champ" and "GLORIOUS" can be heard through the arena. Roode gives a smile teeth shown as he nods in approval for the support. He lets the chants flow before beginning to speak again. The crowd goes dead silent out of respect wanting to hear what their favorite superstar will say next.

January 22nd, 2018 FURY Bobby-roode-nxt-8316-645x370

Bobby Roode: Future champ, eh? You guys must be psychic because you read my mind. Shawn Michaels may be pretty gifted in this ring, but he's far from glorious. I'm looking to ride my wave of momentum tonight and straight to the tournament finals. I've never been more focused in my life. I don't need to take a look at my Rolex to see it's my time. When I raise that PWG championship at the Origin pay per view, you're ALL invited to the after party! Even the haters because Bobby Roode loves you guys as well. I also want my group members to know something. Even though I have to drop you on your head one by one, just know it's nothing personal. You're invited to the GLORIOUS after party as well. And if anyone has a...

Roode is stopped mid sentence when he's interrupted.

January 22nd, 2018 FURY Roode

A loud GONG is heard as the whole arena goes pitch black. Before another second passes, an image appears on the titantron. It's a tombstone engraved "Bobby Roode". A man unvisible to the camera begins to shovel up chunks of dirt forming a grave.

January 22nd, 2018 FURY Tumblr_oniw8dxHTp1s05wxzo5_250

The man stops shovelling as the camera moves up to reveal The Lord of Darkness himself, The Undertaker. He stares menacingly at the camera before speaking.

January 22nd, 2018 FURY Tumblr_oniw8dxHTp1s05wxzo2_250

The Undertaker: Earlier tonight I declared two unfortunate souls would be sacrificed. Young Jason being the first and you, Bobby Roode, being number two. These mindless sheep idolize you as if you were something more than just a man. You see Bobby, you're the poster child for pride. One fine representation of the deadly sin itself. You'll made a great addition to my graveyard. When it's all said and done you will REST IN PEACE, Robert.

The light illuminating off the titantron displays enough on the ring to show Roode visually shaken from the threat of The Deadman. Once Undertaker disappears from the tron and the lights restore, Bobby quickly exits the ring and shakes his head in disbelief as he walks up the entrance ramp.

A Iconic Sweep?
Billie Kay vs Becky Lynch

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

The camera pans backstage as Shawn Michaels is seen in his locker room. He's sitting in a hot tub with an expensive bottle of champagne and a cigar in his mouth as Renee Young comes into view as she begins to speak.

January 22nd, 2018 FURY Hqdefault

Renee Young
Ladies and gentleman I have The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels here with me tonight and we were hoping that you could answer a few questions here tonight.

Shawn takes his sunglasses off and tosses them to the side as he raises an eyebrow at her.

Shawn Michaels
You know what Renee how about instead you hop in the old love tub with me so I can show you why they call me The Heartbreak Kid?

Renee then looks as if she was caught off guard by the comment. Shawn then laughs as he begins to speak again

Shawn Michaels
I'm just yanking your chain Renee. In plus I don't feel like having that unhinged piece of garbage trying to enter my domain because I hit on his lady.

Renee then bites her lip as if she is holding her tongue.

Renee Young
So Shawn what's going through your head as you go into your match with Bobby Roode later on tonight?

Shawn then downs the rest of his champagne as he looks at Renee.

Shawn Michaels
I'm thinking I'm gonna win..... anymore questions???

Renee then looks irritated as she takes a deep breath.

Renee Young
No I think that'll be all Shawn thank you.

Shawn Michaels
No thank you Renee. And just know that my offer still stands for you getting in my love tub babe.

Shawn then winks at Renee as she turns and walks out the door.

Genesis 1:2 Matchup
John Cena vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Match Result wrote:

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[big]after a brief commercial break following the dream match between John Cena and Shinksuke Nakamura the viewers are shown the backstage all where Renee Young is standing by with Shinsuke Nakamura.

January 22nd, 2018 FURY MOYzqa

Shinsuke Nakamura! may i have a moment with you? i wanted to ask you some quiestions.[/bgcolor]

Nakamura bows his head as approval then Renee begins asking her first question.

First thing is going into this match what were your thoughts and what are they now after facing John Cena?[/bgcolor]

[bgcolor=crimson]Shinsuke Nakamura
JA..CENA.... great eh competitor. together we will have good matches. love to fight AGAIN...

January 22nd, 2018 FURY IuCva_

Coming to PWG is rough transition, i lose twice but  that means nothing. i like to just fight every body. mix Styles... create art.

we can't wait to see you in more matches, lastly if you wanted to say anything to Cena what would you like to tell him?[/bgcolor]

January 22nd, 2018 FURY Shinsuke[/big]

Genesis 1:2 Matchup
Bobby Roode vs Shawn Michaels

Match Result wrote:

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Women's Tournament: Round 2
Sasha Banks vs Paige

Match Result wrote:

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After a series of amazing match-ups the superstars of PWG have provided for their audience during this week's episode of Monday Night Fury, the camera takes us in an unusual scenario. Though not very illuminated, a few candles burning on a desk can help us paint a picture of whats going on. Paintings can be seen hung across the wall, and a man can be seen standing facing the wall, staring at these paintings.

January 22nd, 2018 FURY Mqdefault

The camera moves closer to get a better picture of who this man is but to no avail; The man moves out of the shot without revealing who he is, the camera looks back and the silhouette of the man can be seen in the darkest corner of the room. Before the camera approaches the man again, he begins to speak.

I am neither Saint or Sinner, I am simply a man who will put down any person that stands before him. I have seen men that have paraded around claiming that they are the strongest, the alpha male and when they met me, they fell.

The man reaches out his right hand, which is covered in tattoos and puts his hand over the flame of one of the candles.

There can never be a man who is too good or too evil; The foundation of every man is weakness. And soon enough, they will....Fade to Black.

The man puts out the flames of the three candles with his fingertips and as soon as the flame of the last candle fades, so does the camera, panning over to ringside for Monday Night Fury's next match-up.  

HOMETOWN BOYS MAIN EVENT - Genesis 1:2 Matchup
Johnny Gargano vs Dean Ambrose

Match Result wrote:

click to reveal winner:

After a hard fought match, Dean Ambrose is seen victorious! Ambrose slowly spins over while remaining on one knee looking out to the Fury Universe with a sadistic smile planted on his face. The crowd is seen cheering on the Lunatic Fringe as he rises to his feet and has his hand raised by the referee. Ambrose paces around beating his chest while mounting the top rope to get the Fury Universe a little bit more rowdy. After a short while Johnny Gargano is seen getting up a bit while running his hands through his hair in disappointment.

Michael Cole -Listen say what you want about these two competitors but these two men laid it all down in the middle of that ring for this sold out crowd tonight! And man the amount of respect this crowd has for both these men is mind blowing!!

Corey Graves- I have to agree with you there Michael. These men are beloved by this crowd so win, lost or draw these people were in for a treat.

Booker T - Naw man, I gotta disagree with you dare corey. That man Johnny Gargano took a big loss here tonight and although it was a fun match, it was a big match! And that man Dean Ambrose is one step closer to becoming the first PWG Champion.. while Johnny Gargano might not be as fortunate.  

January 22nd, 2018 FURY CXfgQeV

Immediately Dean's music dies down as the crowd begins chanting JOHNNY WRESTLING, JOHNNY WRESTLING,
JOHNNY WRESTLING!! Gargano looks out to the crowd doing his best not to let this loss get to him. Dean Ambrose suddenly nods his head at the Fury Crowd and extends his hand to Johnny Gargano. The PWG Universe roars with cheers and claps while Gargano still seem hesitant. He looks toward the crowd for a while almost as if to ask if he should grab his hand. After a few seconds of the crowd getting louder and louder Johnny finally takes Dean Ambrose's hand. Dean helps him up off the ground and the two give a short side hug to each other while Dean pats Johnny on the back. Johnny raises Dean Ambrose's hand as a sign of respect as the PWG Universe roars with cheers. Johnny claps for Dean then exits the ring which allows the spotlight to be back on Dean Ambrose.

January 22nd, 2018 FURY Dean-ambrose-1537

Michael Cole - Wow what a sign of respect between these two men you see this is what Monday Night Fury is all about!! I'm loving this right now!!

Corey Graves - While I don't one hundred percent agree with you Michael.. I have to admit this is awesome...

Booker T - I mean again I understand where ya'll are coming from but all i'm saying is that....

Before Booker T could finish his sentence a familiar tune would burst through the titantron.

The PWG Universe goes berserk at the sound of Seth Rollins' theme song blowing through the titantron. Dean Ambrose is seen grabbing his ribs, but with his other hand making a gesture to "bring it on." Dean Ambrose is seen mouthing some words with a face of disgust awaiting Seth Rollins to come out and face him. Even with Dean Ambrose not being 100 percent shape to fight he seems ready for anything. After a few seconds of waiting, no one seems to be making there way out. However the crowd gets loud with a few screams from the female audience starting to rise. All of a sudden Seth Rollins is seen behind Dean Ambrose!!  

January 22nd, 2018 FURY Tumblr_nx4gwoLXEX1szg0njo3_250

Seth Rollins himself is seen aggressively unbuttoning the top button of his black shirt following by spinning Dean Ambrose around. Seth delivers a strong gut kick to Dean Ambrose's stomach which causes Dean to fall the ground! Dean is seen holding his stomach in pain as he tries his best to get back up to his feel. However before he could do so, Seth Rollins would run to the ropes to pick up some speed. Rollins would return to Dean in full force only to deliver a devastating Blackout!! Dean's head goes crashing to the mat as he passes out immediately. Seth Rollins gazes out to the Fury Universe as they give Seth Rollins a mixed reaction!! Rollins runs his fingers through his wet hair as he stares at Dean Ambrose's fallen body. The show comes to a close with Rollins standing over Dean's body in an act of Revenge...

January 22nd, 2018 FURY XKYrQeZ

[small]Monday Night Fury.
PWG Inc. 2018 ©
A Fury Team Productions.[/small]
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January 22nd, 2018 FURY
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