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 November 8th, 2018 REVOLT

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November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Empty
PostSubject: November 8th, 2018 REVOLT   November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Icon_minitime11/8/2018, 6:10 pm

Thursday Night REVOLT
NOVEMBER 8th, 2018
Lexington, Kentucky
Rupp Arena

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT 800px-RuppArena

Show Name: The Night Before WAR

The camera pans to the ring just as the Revolt intro ends, Reveling Triple H standing tall in the middle of the ring, clutching his microphone as he takes a deep breath.
November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_ne54nyelWC1srbyoyo1_500

Triple H : Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Thursday Revolt! The A-Show!

Triple H laughs to himself as he receives a mixed reaction from those in attendance.

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT ScholarlyHilariousAngora-size_restricted

Triple H : Now if you need any further proof on why were the A-Show? I don’t why you would however look back, to what our show did when we invaded Monday Nights! Man, Woman, and even Tag Teams... We embarrassed and humiliated JBL and his show of rejects!

Triple H steps close to the camera almost screaming into it!


Triple H smirks calming himself with a chuckle.

Triple H : Now seeing as how JBL doesn’t know how to fill up his broadcast seems all the professional announcements and duty’s fall on Revolt.... Next pay per view will not only debut, but will feature both the PWG World Championship and the PWG World Woman’s Championship inside... Theeee Elimination Chamber!!!

The crowd cheers as Triple H smirks.

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT HwF9aHg

Triple H : Now other matches are of course to be announced but I’m a fair general manager who rewards... Loyalty... Now while I don’t understand, how representing mine and my wife’s creation, isn’t enough motivation it seems these newer stars want just a bit more.... And that is why, I’m announcing any surviving members of the male and female Revolt teams will be awarded a spot in said chambers! Here on Revolt we reward success! Not failure! Now for any who lose or in other words fail? You get nothing! You watch as the Stars rise and you fall! You earn your place here no exceptions!

Triple H nods his head as he throws his hand up.

Triple H : Now while I could sit out here and continue to talk up the best show, in sports entertainment I’ll allow MY talent to do it for me... Tonight and this Sunday! JBL this ones for you.

Triple H gives a crotch chop as the crowd continues to pour in a mixed reaction, as he exits the ring we head to commercial break.

An empty chair in a dimly lit room appears on the tron, the crowd chatter among themselves, wondering what this means. Their question is answered shortly as a wide, bulking frame walks into shot and takes a seat  
November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Tenor

Joe takes a second as he stares down the camera and leans forward with his elbows resting on his lap. The destroyer takes a second as he carefully selects his words.

Samoa Joe
ever been since the birth, the genesis one might say, I have been this places strongest pillar. Samoa Joe, the first ever world champion, the rival of the year, the future intercontinental champion and the one they all low-key fear n' revere!

But tonight, I'm relegated to Kurt Angle.  

A loud mix of boos and cheers are heard from the crowd at the mention of the Dominican gold medalist

Samoa Joe
Now I don't know what happened to Kurt, see I knew him way before this whole mid-life crisis, before a few screws got knocked loose in that head of his and well before his fake-Samoan love triangle.  

Some laughter is heard from the crowd as Samoa Joe keeps a straight face, his beady eyes scanning the arena and waiting for silence  

Samoa Joe
But that's cool, see "Cono" Tonight is your lucky night, cause Uncle Joe's geography class is open for business and I'm whupping that ass all the way back to Pennsylvania!

the crowd are heard oooo-ing loudly at the destroyers jab on Kurt Angle's sketchy origins

Samoa Joe
Then with 2 of you punks down under my boot, that'll leave just one. So before this massacre begins, do me a favor Kurt and tell whichever Uso that is, to watch his back cause I'll roll up on his ass and I'll make him vanish into thin air just like his dumb ass twin brother did!
November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Samoa-joe-raw

Then with all his boys struck down, my attention will be back solely on what's left of Maivia. And it is then, that I will come and finish the job in the most excruciating ways that I know how!  

The intensity in Joe's words reaches a breaking point as he stands up, knocking his chair over before marching out of shot with a purpose

Can Joe Beat Triple Threat Twice?
Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Angle-VSJoe

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

Samoa Joe plants Angle with a second nasty Island Driver, he gets the cover and the ref counts 1...2...3! The bell rings as Samoa Joe rises to his feet and his theme blasts through the speakers

Joe stands above Kurt Angle and places his boot over the Olympians throat, he asserts pressure and presses down his entire body weight. Refs rush out and circle Joe.

Let him go, Joe! Stop choking him! Let him go

an irate Samoa Joe screams back

Samoa Joe

You think this is choking!? Boi, I'm a bout to educate you!

Joe then quickly scoops Angle to a seated position and locks in his patented coquina clutch

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Joevsangle

Joe keeps barking words at the refs as he squeezes tighter and tighter each second like a bloodthirsty boa constrictor as Kurt desperately scrambles for even a single breath  

Samoa Joe

Break it! Break it refs! I dare you!  

The refs don't dare get closer to Joe in fear of their own safety

Samoa Joe

Go to the light, Kurt! SHHHH!!! GET TO IT!  

Joe's eyes roll into the back of his head in pure sadistic pleasure as Kurt's arms collapse lifelessly to the floor and saliva drolls out from the side of his (maybe) Dominican mouth.

Joe finally releases the grip, before once again sitting Kurt up and slowly placing a hand on the top of Kurt's head and the other on his Jaw. He screams at the refs again

Samoa Joe

He's had a broken neck before, right!? Right!? I'm Sure he can survive it again!  

Joe in one quick sickening crank, tries to snap the Olympian's neck. Kurt finds unfortunate life as he starts to violently shake in a near seizure-like manner. Silence shrouds the arena as thousands of concerned fans look on in fear, their hands covering their mouth and tears flowing from the kids' eyes in the crowd.

The refs finally scramble in to tend to the convulsing Kurt, As Joe sits on one knee watching with a smile slowly appearing on his face in what he considers a day's good work.

Carmella is seen backstage skipping down the Hallway of various locker rooms.

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Carmella_2017_new_png_by_ambriegnsasylum16-dbpmp5f

She comes across a door labeled "Gallows & Anderson" and overhears the pair inside talking. Then it's as if a light bulb goes off in her head! She moves nearby equipment boxes to the door barricading the Tag Team inside! But why has the Princess of Staten Island done so? In any case, the scheduled Triple Threat for the Tag Team #1 Contendership is now only between Golden Truth and ReDragon...

Tag Team #1 Contendership - Tornado One Fall
Golden Truth vs ReDragon

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Tag-Team-Contenders

Quote :

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PWG Revolt continues to roll on into the night, much to the delight of the massive audience in attendance. Signs are seen being waved frantically as the camera pans around to show the viewers at home the excitement of the live crowd. After a few moments however, the camera cuts to ringside where a very serious looking announcement team is standing by.

Byron Saxton:

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to PWG Revolt. Now usually the three of us here would be excited to show you rare footage of a superstar before they signed with our company, but this footage we're about to show you is... Off-putting to say the least...

Tom Phillips:
I think that's something we can all agree on Saxton. Because the footage we're about to show you is very rare and quite frankly, it's horrifying...

Mauro Ranallo:
Yes and to be clear, what my colleagues are referring to is the rare footage of the newest Revolt roster member... Braun Strowman. Now apparently General Manager, Triple H, purchased the rights to this footage from the independent organization Strowman was in before Triple H found him. And I think we can all agree that any parents with young children, You may want to ask them to leave the room... Because once they see this footage, you will never be able to convince them that monsters don't exist...

As this chilling video draws to an end, Revolt slowly fades into a commercial break.

We return to revolt where King Booker is seated in the ring upon his golden throne alongside his loyal wife Queen Sharmell

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Kingandqueenonthrone_zps335023fc

Mauro: The King had an epic clash with Aleister Black last week, but he ultimately came up short, it'll be interesting to hear King Booker's thoughts on that.

Tom: He's still the King and I expect him to bounce back this week!

Sharmell: All hail, King Booker!

Sharmell hands the microphone over to King Booker as the crowd reigns in boos

King Booker: Ladies and gentlemen of the Kingdom, lately I have been hearing some disturbing news. It would seem that within the last week rumors have begun to spread throughout the Revolt kingdom, this is abhorrent and unacceptable. Some people seem to believe that I, your King failed in my mission last week. I laugh. I laugh at these heinous rumors because you see I didst not fail, no I accomplished exactly what I set out to do my subjects. Last week was only the beginning, I wouldn't waste all my energy on a simple reconnaissance mission, for the layman's out there, I was simply 'scouting' Aleister Black last week.

King Booker smiles widely whilst the crowds booing becomes stronger

King Booker: So tonight...

As Booker begins to speak again he is interrupted by...

Triple H walks out on to the stage and wastes no time in breaking some news to the King

Triple H: Sorry to interrupt you "King" Booker, but you can cancel any future plans you have with Aliester Black because this week you have a different opponent. You see I need a tried and true ring veteran for my newest... project. Quite frankly Booker I need your help tonight.

King Booker looks pleased at this news

Triple H: King Booker tonight I need your help, I need you to show a new guy around, so tonight KING BOOKER will go one on one with... THE MONSTER AMONG MEN, BRAUN STROWMAN!
Triple H appears very pleased with himself

King Booker's pleased looked quickly fades into a look of shock and horror
November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Booker-t-tell-me

Mauro: Safe to say this is NOT what King Booker was expecting tonight!

Tom: C'mon this is completely unfair to the King, what did he do to deserve this?

Byron: I'm looking forward to it!

Tom: No one cares Byron.

As Triple H leaves Booker finishes his speech

King Booker: ...Wut dah he... Worry not mah loyal subjects! Your King shall be victorious! All hail, KIIIING BOOKAH!

The King tries to stay calm but clearly appears worried

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT CalculatingFailingFennecfox-max-1mb

Can The King Slay a Monster?
King Booker vs Braun Strowman

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Bookervs-Strowman

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

Our shot opens with a simple pitch black shot with a small amount of fog running around on the floor.


We then saw a shot of Killian Dain standing in the smoke, lost and broken.

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT 8YmBBqNm

I was defeated...I was broken. I was lost in this cruel world. The only direction I had was the compass pointing me to the abyss. I was ready to become nothing more than a mere carcass to the vultures. I...was dead inside.

A high pitched piano song began to play in the background as Killian Dain continued to relive through all of his recent losses.

I my career burnt. My dreams were burning in front of my very eyes and I was chained back! There was nothing I could do and no one to save me!

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT KyNgbbNm

I begged and cried for my saviour! I was on my knees and I didn't know what to do! A monster inside me was eating me alive, killing me! Every loss, every setback, the monster would torture me from the inside! I wanted it to stop but finally...I had a saviour. HE came to help me. HE showed me the way. HE...saved me.

Killian Dain was now laughing manically as he continued to talk about his saviour and as the fire slowly began to die out.

The monster inside me was a prisoner in my own body but he showed me...he was only trying to help. The monster inside me was unleashed and I let him take over and now...I understand everything! You satisfy the monster by hearing the screams of others, hearing them beg for mercy. You satisfy the monster by beating everyone and looking in their eyes and they realise their destruction!

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT VsgLMKsm

I listened to my saviour and I beat the ever living hell out of Akam & Rezar and I realized that this was now my destiny. Unleash pain onto everybody! ERIC YOUNG SAVED ME! I was insane when I thought I could accomplish all of this by being normal but now, I have been blessed with SAnitY!

TTC Match Up
Sheamus w/ Cesaro vs Eric Young w/ Killian Dain

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Bar-VSSanity

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

There are a flock of random reporters waiting in the front of the arena to get the latest scoop from all the top Revolt talent. Some wrestlers notice them and choose to keep walking. Others give a wave, but that's about it. Suddenly, a woman in a leather jacket and sunglasses comes walking in. It appears to be one of Revolt's newest signees, Shayna Baszler. She looks something of an 80s movie badass as the reporters call out hoping to get a few words. She puts her hands up saying "one at a time". Shayna then points at the first reporter allowing him to speak.
November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Giphy_10

Reporter #1: Hello, I'm Ken from Bleacher Report. My first question would have to be what were your thoughts on seeing your on seeing your pal Ronda Rousey viciously attacked by Absolution and my followup to that would be why didn't you help her?

Shayna replies quickly and with confidence

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_p3tddyGlqw1vxmjuao2_400

Shayna Baszler: Before any of you trying to go twisting up the facts, I wasn't in the arena last week. I had the week off so I spent it training as I usually do. Ronda is a big girl she can handle herself. If she needed my help, she would've called me up. If those sucker punching sluts decide they want to jump Ronda again, I won't wait for a call. Horsewomen always have each other's back. Alright who's next? How about you with the bowtie.

The red headed bowtied reporter looking something out of a vintage comic book jumps up and begins speaking ever so fast.

Reporter #2: Jimmy Olsen, reporter for the Daily Planet. You call yourself "The Submission Magician". Why is that?

Shayna Baszler: Finally a question about me. I'm the Submission Magician because I can make any limb disappear. Now you see your arm, now you don't. It's truly magical ladies and gentlemen. You got a little taste of it at the Super Show. I look forward to carrying team Revolt to victory at Civil War. Last question goes to the Unabomber over there in the hoodie and shades.

Some stranger in a hoodie stands with a microphone in hand and begins speaking in a muffled voice.

???: My question is a simple one. What are you going to do when Absolution comes for you next after we take out your buddy, Ronda?

Shayna grabs the woman in the hoodie by the throat before being rocked by a quick right from Sonya Deville. The hooded person then removes the hoodie revealed to be Paige. Mandy Rose joins Sonya and continues to beat down on Shayna while Paige shouts "THIS IS OUR HOUSE".

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Tenor

All reports begin snapping photos rather than try to help Shayna. Paige snatches the camera from one reporter and commands Sonya and Mandy to hold her up. Each woman grabs one arm while Paige snaps a bunch of pictures of the beaten Baszler. She takes a selfie like a picture with Shayna behind her before smashing the camera over the head of a helpless Shayna Baszler. Security is heard running in the distance. All three women disappear into the crowd leaving Shayna laid out just as they did her fellow Horsewoman the week before.

We go backstage with Charlotte wearing her all gold attire as she gets set for her interview.
November 8th, 2018 REVOLT 12EDE21F-6F88-4681-B868-DBB7B03AD393_zpsyufbmmwg

Dasha: I am here with the 'Queen of PWG' Charlotte who has a match next against PWG rookie Kairi Sane. How are you feeling ahead of your match?

Charlotte smiles before she speaks.

Charlotte: One thing I love is new competition, and for Kairi's sake, she's going to learn why I am called 'The Queen'

Dasha: Charlotte I also want to talk about last week and your altercation with Naomi.

Charlotte smirks.
November 8th, 2018 REVOLT B9E68AEF-0432-4829-A344-69C48371C7F2_zpsq2wajdlc

Charlotte: She got a lucky cheap shot on me that's it. And if that's her only game plan then she's in for a rude awakening because I am a Flair and that name is worth its weight in gold. So here's a news flash - Naomi's glow is going night-night the next time I see her but first, it's time to deal with the pirate princess...

Charlotte walks off to prepare for her upcoming match.

A Pirate vs A Queen
Kairi Sane vs Charlotte

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Charlotte-VSSane

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

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November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Empty
PostSubject: Re: November 8th, 2018 REVOLT   November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Icon_minitime11/8/2018, 6:11 pm

With the sound off of this unexpected music follows a huge pop. Seth Rollins makes his way out to the ring extending his arms out with a huge smirk on his face. Rollins raises his arms and tosses his right arm down as he struts to the ring giving fans high fives on his way down. He finds his way to a microphone then prepares himself to speak as the pop begins to die down.

Seth Rollins - You know last week a lot of weird stuff went down . . . and to be honest everything has been so surreal. I mean first things first I want to talk about Dean Ambrose.. Dean Ambrose is a man that I've gone to hell and back with . . . a man that at one time I called a brother and at another time called a mortal enemy. Dean Ambrose is a man that I know through and through - and a man who still blames me for my mistakes. You see before I talk about what happened at last weeks main event - I want to address that promo he cut backstage before our match happened. Dean Ambrose is a man who still blames me for "making him the way he is." He's a man who still holds my previous transgressions against me and you know what I can't blame him. I said it before and I'll say it again when I first came on the scene here in PWG I was a pompous, prideful, arrogant fool who wanted to make name for himself at any cost. I was a man so hell-bent on becoming champion that I became so delusional that I lost myself... I was blinded by greed and material wealth to the point that I started to see everything around me crumble one by one both good and bad. And I remember it so clearly - the day things finally went too far and Renee Young got hurt. That was my turning point . . that was when I hit my lowest of lows and realized that I had to change - I was becoming a monster. But by then it was too late. . .

Seth Rollins is seen lowering the mic for a bit - as the crowd is heard chattering among themselves hanging on every word Seth would say.

Seth Rollins - It was too late because by the time I started to see the light - I had already lead Dean Ambrose to the edge of darkness. I tried to save him and I tried to make things right. I mean after all I promised Renee that I would bring Dean back to who he was. But unfortunately things didn't go my way and before I knew it I was shipped to Thursday Night Revolt after losing the PWG Championship. But, last night I saw a glimpse of the old Dean. When that match was said and done and I extended my hand out to him . . . even if it was a for a brief second I saw the old him, my brother. Yet, that was all ruined when Roman Reigns decided to crash the party. [crowd boos] Roman Reigns came in and did what he does best - which was to make it all about him. Yet, in all of that my former shield brother Dean Ambrose not only planted me with a Dirty Deeds - he hit Roman with one too. And because of that I know now that there's conflict within him. I know some where deep down he knows that this path will only lead him to destruction. And I know that somewhere deep within the Dean Ambrose I knew is still there. So, Dean Ambrose i'm calling you out... I made a lot of mistakes in my life and i'm not a perfect person. And i'm not asking you to forgive me for my wrong doings but what I'm asking is that you come out here face to face, man to man, look me dead in the eye and tell me what I have to do to fix all of this.
November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_oo9n08232H1u1ljrzo1_500

Seth awaits Dean Ambrose only to here a different theme song

Accompanied by the sound of boo's, Roman Reigns make his appearance known to the hostile crowd. Donned with a solemn expression upon his countenance, he saunters down the ramp all while his vision is fixated upon Seth Rollins. Despite the circumstances from the past, these two men would now have to co-exist with one another this month. But for how long...?
November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_p7b62vvRLW1tuenido1_540

Eventually entering the ring, Reigns beckons for a microphone before standing toe-to-toe with the man he defeated at Viewer's Choice.

Roman Reigns: I've got to say, Colby, Hunter ought to give you a drug test for being so delusional. No one cares about the homeless man you fought last week or the fact that he decided to touch me as a means of making a name for himself. What was his name again...? Regardless, we all know you're out here to brag about your first win in how many weeks or months...? None of these fans care about your history lessons, your constant failures as a single's competitor, or why you're out here right now. These people came out here to see the man who's winning record continues to increase by the week. An inspiration for all the children viewing from home, a man the women want to be with, and all the men envy. The owner of this show who doesn't even need a title to make himself relevant... They all want to be like us and they respect us too. It's... Roman Reigns.  

Bryon Saxton: Again with this 'us?' Who is he referring to?! Is there an invisible person or something?

Roman Reigns:
But here you are wasting precious screen time babbling like some idiot. For what? To fix another one of your failures? What is this? A way to gain sympathy from the crowd? You want to fix something? Why don't you look at the mirror and fix yourself. Your career hasn't amounted to anything since arriving to Revolt. You're nothing but a scavenger that picks at the bones of old carcasses but when the alpha male arrives, you scurry away until the next opportunity arises. A former paper champion, a beacon of false hope for this people who pity you more than anything. You cling onto the past because you know nothing will come of your future so long as you're on our show.... What sort of individual wants to be associated or even align themselves with you? Quite frankly the only mistake you made wasn't driving Revolt's newest smoker to his supposed darkness, your mistake was coming to PWG... You're nothing but a delusional, lost fool with no clear direction whatsoever... And I'd put you out of your misery for good like I should've done at Viewer's Choice but the powers that be have sought fit to team us up together not just tonight but at Civil War... Thanks to Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins will be made relevant and he doesn't even need a title to do so... So instead of calling out that junkie who will get what's coming to him soon, you should instead be apologizing for existing in our presence.    

Roman Reigns inches closes to Seth Rollins who has an angered expression upon his face. Before any of the two can react they are interrupted by...

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Entrance%2B3

Dean’s theme hits to a mixed reaction from the crowd still not exactly knowing how to react to the “Lunatic Fringe” as he steps into the ring staring both his former “brothers” down as he clutches the microphone in his hand almost in an inner struggle just standing in this ring as the crowd erupts in a “Shield” chant. Rollins looks toward the crowd almost soaking it in, while Roman stares a hole through both men as Ambrose cuts in.

Dean : You know my name Roman...

Dean walks toward Roman slowly.

Dean : Wanna say my name? I’m Dean “fucking” Ambrose. A guy that warned you to stay the hell out of my business... And you didn’t, so I planted your ass in this ring first night on Revolt... As a warning, I don’t just hand these out... Use it well... Remember and respect my name I’ll step on your “yard” whenever I want...

The crowd cheers as Roman barley flenches not acknowledging Ambrose, as Rollins laughs who seems to catch the attention of this maniac who slowly creeps toward Seth.

Dean : You wanna apologize? Make things right?! Ha ha ha....What a joke...

Dean pulls at his hair seeming to lose his inner struggle.

Dean : You wouldn’t understand either of you!! Because your Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns... Two names who have both tasted the biggest Championships and have your names etched into the history books and in people’s minds as Stars... The “man” and The “Guy”

Dean looks up closing his eyes as he seems to almost try not to break down and scream as he begins mumbling.

Dean : Who the hell is Dean Ambrose?! Huh who is he?! Who am I?! A freak who hurts people, a psychopath who forgot what it means to be human, a mistake that somehow keeps getting up.... Yea those all seem right... I don’t need fancy nicknames, or admiration, or fanfare... I’ll continue be the best performer, wrestler,and talker regardless if i get credit...

Dean : Last week I blurred the lines, but tonight... Tonight is much different... Because theres two voices in my head.. And they won’t stop their screaming! Which is why I planted your ass just like Roman as a warning and I’m damn proud of it how many times can you stab me in the back Seth? And expect me to forget... Only reason I haven’t ripped the skin off your faces is because the boss needs you both healthy...

The crowd boos as Dean pulls at his hair pacing.

Dean : One voice want me to go for you first Seth... Destroy the fans superstar, get my revenge, and kill all hope... But the other wants me to rip that smirk off your face Roman cement my name by erasing yours... I don’t see Brothers in you two, I see enemies... I see people who wanna take from me... Just like the government took my house as a kid... Just like the police took my mom... Just like you took my wife from me... This is all I have!!! This ring!!! These moments I create! This is what I live and exist for! I’ll be damned if anyone takes this! I won’t lose anything else!

Dean throws up his hands walking around the ring, as Seth looks sympathetic but also wary of a man he once considered an ally. Dean looks toward both men.
November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Giphy

Dean : If there’s one thing Seth you can take pride in, is this Sunday The Shield reunites... Once I beat Corbin and Austin, I’m entering that match but not as a brotherhood but alone... I will be a world champion, I will put my name on the map, I won't be just the guy in that match... Not anymore! You two better hope you don’t see me again... This is just the start... Old Triple H announced surviving members get a title shot?? Well tonight Dean Ambrose wakes the fuck up!!! You two have been warned stay out of my way... Don’t let either voice in my head be right... Next time I take your careers, I’m done playing nice...

Dean drops the mic to a mixed reaction and exits the ring almost seeming even more at war with himself,  as Reigns and Rollins stare down we head to commercial break.

REDEMPTION Civil War Qualifier
Sonya Deville vs Naomi vs Carmella vs Mandy Rose

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Female-CWQualifier

Quote :

winner via SIM:

We go backstage to a locker room where we find Ronda Rousey preparing for her upcoming match when Dasha Fuentes approaches.
November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Wwe-rowdy-ronda-rousey-1526627707

Ronda since arriving in PWG you've been on quite the roller coaster; being the #1 Overall Pick in the Women's Draft and winning the Fortune Briefcase in your debut. But this immediate success hasn't gone unnoticed by the Women's Locker room, and last week you were viciously attacked by the newly formed group calling themselves 'Absolution'. Ho-

Ronda motions her hand to cut off Dasha before speaking.

We are on the cusp of the biggest event in PWG as Fury's best takes on Revolt's best, and half the locker room is looking to dig a knife in the other half's back. So Absolution gangs up and blindsides me last week to make themselves relevant instead of focusing on Qualifying for Revolt's Civil War team; they jumped Shayna Baszler earlier while I was away instead of fighting us face-to-face like real women but that's fine... The only reason we haven't left all their passed out bodies in a broken pile is cause we're Team Players. Revolt drafted us both with zero wrestling experience and gave us the opportunity for this challenge we've always dreamed of - so bet your ass we bleed blue! But after Absolution fights Riot Squad; after Civil War...

Ronda gets incredibly intense with a fierce look in her eyes before she continues.

Absolution is just going to bleed... OUT!

Y-You are going against the World Women's Champion Sasha Banks later tonight and holding the Fortune Briefcase adds extra intrigue to the match. May we see a Cash-In while you have her in the ring?

Ronda smirks before answering.

Sasha's made history by becoming the first women to hold the PWG and World Women's Championship, and I can't think of a better measuring stick to go against... But cashing in? No, not tonight. Cause I want to silence any doubters, any who feel I've been handed everything, by defeating the best Women's Champion. So whether it's Ruby Riot... or Sasha Banks that comes out on top, I'll be there with my Fortune Briefcase to announce my cash-in on the Champ who beat the Champ!

The crowd pops at this revelation that has heightened the stakes of the PWG Womens vs World Womens champions match as Revolt fades to a quick commercial break with Rousey vs Banks coming up NEXT!

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT W3W1o3r

Match of the Night
Champ vs Miss Fortune
Sasha Banks vs Ronda Rousey

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Banks-VSRonda

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

The camera shows the backstage area where Mike Rome is standing microphone in hand. He appears almost relieved he still has a job after his altercation with Dunne last week. Nonetheless, the man is all smiles as he begins to speak into the camera.
November 8th, 2018 REVOLT 20180409_raw_exclusive_roke--af6566e0de53f912164076d6845076ca

Mike Rome: Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm joined here today by two men who feel they haven't had a very fair shake here on Revolt and are looking to make a name for themselves. Please welcome Heath Slater and Rhyno.

The goofy duo of Heath Slater and Rhyno walk into the camera shot with excitement as this is the first tv time they ever had in Pro Wrestling Genesis. Slater wears some slick shades with his hair slicked back trying to play it cool despite being a total goofball. Rhyno on the other hand has no problem not taking himself too seriously as carries a plate munching away on some cheese and crackers. Slater begins to speak before Rome can even ask a question not wasting any second of this precious tv time.

Heath Slater: AHHH MAN! It is great to be here with you, Romey boy! You know I really appreciate you giving us this time to speak. Fans have been asking me "Slater! When are you gonna be on my television". The people want Slater and Rhyno. Beauty and the man beast baby! Ahh I have so much to say. I mean...

Before Slater can finish, rumblings are heard and the ground begins to shake almost as if there were a Tyrannosaurus rex stomping about backstage. An aggressive Braun Strowman comes rolling through like a tornado causing others to run away and take cover. Rhyno tosses his plate up in horror while Slater tries to take cover behind his larger friend.

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_oolsizz4zs1s05wxzo1_400

Slater and Rhyno run off in fear while a bold Mike Rome attempts to approach this monster. He is clearly shaking in his boots. Rome manages to muster up the courage to tap the arm of Strowman in hopes of getting an exclusive with 'The Monster Among Men' and the PWG World Heavyweight Champion's new bodyguard. Braun turns around with a menacing demeanor and begins to snarl at Rome causing the interviewer to piss himself. Braun follows this up by letting out a powerful roar sending Mike Rome fleeing in terror. A voice is then heard in the distance.
November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_ph4y56RnAY1xgwzygo1_400

Pete Dunne: Enough of that, big man. We have business to attend to.

Dunne begins walking with his championship draped across his shoulder  while Braun joins him by his side. The two walk for a moment before arriving at the door of Triple H's office. Both men walk through the door without even knocking to find Triple H sitting at his desk doing some paperwork. Hunter puts down the paper to address them.

Triple H: To what do I owe the pleasure?

Pete Dunne: Well, I have a few concerns.  Last week was the worst officiating I've ever seen from a referee. Kurt's win was a fluke and everyone knows it. If you go back and watch last week's match, you'll see the fastest three count of your life! I want the lost stricken from the record books and that referee relieved of his duties.

Triple H nods and quickly responds.

Triple H: Consider it already taken care of. As of this week,  Braun will be ringside for all of your matches. If you're out there, he's out there. Now is there anything else I can help you with? 

Pete Dunne: Actually, yes there is my good man. I noticed I'm scheduled to face King Booker tonight. After last weeks unfortunate circumstances, I'm afraid I am a bit banged up. Give me tonight off so I can rest. You wouldn't want your world champion injury ridden at Civil War. I need to be one hundred percent if you want me representing Revolt. I actually have a brilliant idea. Why don't Braun take my place tonight. I can even accompany him and witness his power and strength first hand.

Triple H: See that, you're already thinking like a champ. Looking at that bigger picture. I want us to really take it to Fury. I can imagine how bruised  Cena's ego is after that Bitter End on his own show. You're the face of this brand and you continue to prove it. Put the final nail in the coffin and beat Cena at Civil War. Show the whole world you're the best dammit!

This humors Dunne as a small smirk comes across his face. Braun shows no change in expression as he stands beside Dunne's arms folded. The Bruiserweight gives a sight nod of approval before exiting the boss's office followed by Braun.

REDEMPTION Civil War Qualifier
Dean Ambrose vs Baron Corbin

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Male-CWQualifier

Quote :

With Amrbose & Corbin already in the ring, Stone Cold's theme hits to a big pop from the crowd. However after many moments the song fades with no Rattle Snake in sight. JoJo proceeds to get on the microphone and state "I've just been informed that this match has now become a Singles match!"

The match begins. Corbin starts off with control, hitting Dean with two strikes then grappling him to the ground. Corbin picks him back up and goes for another punch but Dean reverses and kicks his leg, causing him to kneel. Dean dropkicks Corbin. Dean waits till the groggy Corbin gets up the hits a Dirty Deeds. Corbin kicks out at 2.5!

After the kick out Corbin regains control and slams Dean down with a back suplex. Corbins stands Dean back up and hits an End of Days. Dean does not kick out. Corbin is the winner.

click to reveal winner:

As the camera pans over to the backstage area it shows Charly Caruso.

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT 2lqknw

Caruso: Ladies and Gentleman my guest at this time Roderick Strong. So Mr. Strong last week you made your debut but it was unsuccessful when you lost in the middle of the ring to Jimmy Uso 1-2-3 what was your mindset and how did u feel.

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT 2lql37

Strong:REALLY! Did you just have to ruin my night and remind me of what happen to me last week are you.... you know what let me tell you something "CHARLY" the feeling I went through it was really upsetting and it was an embarrassing night for me and the people in the back were not pleased at all.

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT 2lqlai

Caruso: Roderick I'm so sorry I didn't mean to make you upset I can see why you weren't booked this night (fans: oooooh) no I didn't mean it as a burn I swear but what do you the people in the back we not pleased?

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT 2lqld3

Strong: You really think its funny and i understand laugh it up go ahead i don't care but let me show you something *as strong takes his cell phone out and shares a photo*
November 8th, 2018 REVOLT 61c757b7e98372b14fdb4bcfd9614eed

you see this image this was the picture i took right before i went out for my debut match. It was a with my boss Triple H and that night you know what he told me. He said strong one day you'll be the "IT FACTOR OF REVOLT" you hear me he said IT FACTOR. Now last week didn't look like i was anything but it looked more like i was a damn jobber. So you know what i did we went to furry and to not let my boss down I NAILED Cien Alams with one of my devastating moves the rocket kick..

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT 2lqlmu

Caruso: I saw that. So what do you plan on doing now.

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT 2lqlnr

Strong:  My plan is this and to make sure Triple H is happy and never disappoint him again to show why i'll be known as the It factor of Revolt ... I'm throwing out an open challenge to anyone in the furry locker room who has the balls to face me at Civil War and face me the IT FACTOR RODERICK STRONG! Tweet at me Furry roster.

The scene fades ending the backstage segment.

World Women's #1 Contendership Match
Maryse OR Paige (Their Choice) vs Bayley

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT World-Womens-1

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

*PWG returns from commercial break and Jimmy Uso’s music blasts though the Rupp Arena*

Tom Phillips:”Jimmy Uso has been looking impressive as of late. Aligned with his cousin, The Rock, and Kurt Angle in what they are calling the triple threat. Also beating Roderick Strong last week.”

Bryon Saxton: “Will you shut up? Seriously, The Triple Threat are a bunch of overrated competitors who can’t cut it on there own. As The Rock showed, losing a non-title match last week. Can’t wait for Roman and Seth to show these punks for what they are.”

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Tenor

*Jimmy Uso goes to pick up the mic to speak but he gets drowned out in boos from the crowd, so Uso stops for a second to gather himself*

Jimmy Uso: “All of you dumb motherfuckers need to learn when a true OG comes out to say something, you all need to keep your traps shut before I make it stay shut.”

*the crowd starts booing even louder but Uso just laughs*

Jimmy Uso: “Y’all lucky that most of you are some sorry ass crackers that’s not worth my time. Anyway what I originally came out to say, is thank you. Thank you management for being blind. You see, I’m not stupid, unlike all you dumbasses here in Kentucky.

*The crowd boos loudly almost in a uproar*

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Proxy.php?

Jimmy Uso: “You see I know me and The Rock, who despite being the Intercontinental champion, get no real respect for anyone here, but we got put in the tag match against Dean and Seth for one reason. That reason is they want to make 2 of their golden boys look good right before the PPV. But why I wanted to say thank you is, management for finally being so thick headed with the disrespect that you really confused us with enhancement talent. Now we’ll see what will happen when either pretty boy Seth or Dean goes night night for the pin fall.”

*The starts chanting “bullshit” loudly*

Jimmy Uso: “You people never learn, I think it’s time to make a example for all your motherfuckers and put someone in their place.”

*Jimmy Uso exits the ring and walks towards the announce table*

Jimmy Uso: “You, bald Steve Harvey wannabe, stand the fuck up.

*Bryon Saxton slowly rises up, and looks nervous*

Jimmy Uso: “Now I’ve heard a couple of things you said about me and the triple threat the past couple weeks. You care to repeat them to my face?”

Saxton: “Um... well... you know it’s my job to...”

Jimmy Uso: “It’s job to do what motherfucker? To call things how you see them?

Saxton: “Yes... but you see.....”

*Jimmy Uso steps back and super kicks Saxton and Saxton falls to the ground. Then Uso stands over him for a couple of seconds before raising the mic to speak*

Jimmy Uso:”Maybe next time you’ll think before disrespecting me or my family, you sorry ass excuse of a man. Now whoever I hear is disrespecting me next, I’ll make you wish that all you got was a super kick.”

*Jimmy Uso drops the mic on Saxton then proceeds to hold up the 3, he then remains in the ring to await his Triple Threat partner The Rock.*

Ally's vs Rivals Before Civil War
Jimmy Uso & The Rock vs Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Triple-Threat-VSShield

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

The referee calls for the bell after the quick pinfall. The two members of Triple Threat celebrate their win over two of the biggest stars in PWG. They don't waste the opportunity to gloat while Seth lays on the mat still reeling from the effects of the Rock Bottom. Roman glances over at the team before hopping off the apron.

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Giphy

Mauro Ranallo: Despite the founder of their stable getting taken out, Triple Threat is all smiles following their victory here tonight! This has to cement them as a force to be reckoned with here on Revolt.

Bryon Saxton: They just beat two former world champions. Despite Rollins and Reign's individual success, there seemed to be some tension there. I'm not discrediting Triple Threats win, all I'm saying is Roman and Seth both looked like they were trying to one-up each other instead of focusing on the match.  

Tom Phillips: What does this mean for the men's Revolt team as we head in to Civil War? Will they be able to put their differences aside, or will Fury win it all?

Just as Roman's about to walk through the curtain, he's blasted with a big boot that sends the big dog flying back and laying him out on the stage. This gets the Triple Threat's attention unsure of what just happened. Out walks Nash with a little swagger smirking before he throws up a too sweet hand gesture. Just then Brock and Daniel Bryan slide into the ring getting the jump on both men. Jimmy is caught with a quick running knee from Bryan while Brock and Rock trade punches. Nash runs down to the ring and begins to jump Rock with Lesnar. The two pummel him until Brock Lesnar scoops him up for a quick F5. Seth Rollins jumps on the back of Brock but is quickly tossed off. Nash manages to get Seth in his clutches before lifting him up and dropping him with a spine-shattering Jackknife Powerbomb.


Bryon Saxton: This has to be some sort of retaliation from Revolt's attack this past Monday!

John Bradshaw Layfield's limo pulls up by the entrance way. Jbl exits the limo followed by a who's who of top Fury talent. The Fury gm walks marches down to the ring with his superstars while the Fury men's team for Civil War throw the Revolt superstars out of the ring. Jbl enters the ring and demands a microphone where he's quickly handed one. He then begins speaking surrounded by his Fury loyal.

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT GenerousHeavyAntarcticgiantpetrel-small

JBL: This past Monday, Revolt trash invaded our show and drew first blood. They had to know retribution was coming. I'd be lying if I said it was easy to get in here tonight. They had security to up to the brim. Nearly every entry was covered. That's why we had to come in through the back! Revolt was stupid enough to book a Fury tag team on their show tonight. Those good o'l boys ReDragon left the doors unlocked and now here we are. GO GET EM, BOYS!

JBL points towards the back where the Fury superstars go charging. A sea of red t-shirts that read Fury can be seen as the camera picks them up backstage. Dean is seen talking to Renee Young backstage when the men of Fury pull up on him. They begin to taunt him before Dean tells Young to run and begins throwing quick wild punches at various men in the crowd. The camera manages to catch Randy Orton kicking Ambrose below the belt. He tells his Fury brothers to hold up Dean before hitting an RKO on the hard concrete floor.

The camera's cut to the Tag Team #1 Contenders trashing Breezango's office when the Tag Team Champions walk-in completely aloof to the situation. They proceed to get blasted with stiff punches and kicks by ReDragon. Bobby Fish takes a steel chair to Fandango's back while O'Rilley is delivering his patented Palm Strikes repeatedly.

Stopping the rest of the men from continuing, the women of Revolt create a blockade showing no fear in taking on anyone Fury can throw at them. These women consist of Sasha Banks, Ember Moon, Charlotte, Carmella, and Absolution. The Fury men stop before stepping aside as their women step up. Every woman on the Fury roster outnumbers the Revolt women as the Fury women attack led by the Riot Squad. Various women are seen throwing blows, but the numbers game comes into play leaving Paige and Banks as the last women standing. Nikki Bella hits Sasha Banks with a stiff forearm transitioning into Asuka hitting a quick freeflow Empress Kick. The Riot Squad surround Paige after her Absolution sisters have been decimated. The trio surrounds Paige as if they were a pack of hyenas before all pouncing on here with various strikes and kicks. Riot picks up Paige before dropping her with a Riot Kick. They add insult to injury as they continue to beat down on the helpless Paige.
November 8th, 2018 REVOLT L8v7Ew

The men continue to march forward when a few of Revolt's top talent is seen blocking the path. Names like Aleister Black, Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens, Booker T, Stone Cold, and Cedric Alexander all put their differences aside to defend their brand. The two opposing sides begin to charge at one another as if they were army men fighting for their country. Dream and Cedric Alexander run straight for each other trading blows before Dream's Fury brothers get involved and beat down on Cedric. Dream proceeds to pick Cedric up and hit him with a Rainmaker DDT. Aleister Black manages to catch one Fury member with a Black Mass. He attempts the second one, but Adam Cole manages to duck it and hits a lighting quick superkick. Before Black could fall, Y2J catches him with a Codebreaker. The two then give one another props. Cole then shouts "watch out!" causing Jericho to turn around and catch the sneaky Kevin Owens with another Codebreaker!

November 8th, 2018 REVOLT 27f

They manage to reach the door to Triple H's office. Batista takes the initiative to kick it open to where it appears Triple H isn't there. Batista walks in only to get nearly decapitated by a sledgehammer by Triple H who was hiding behind the door. He swings the hammer some more but is caught by AJ Styles who leaps off his desk and catches Hunter with a Phenomenal Forearm. The Fury superstars take his sledgehammer and begin to trash his office. A shook Pete Dunne sees what's going on in the distance and tries took run off with his bodyguard, Braun Strowman. Some of the Fury men noticed and begin chasing after him. They chase the two all the way down to the ring where Pete Dunne and Braun Strowman are in the ring surrounded by Fury talent all on the outside. JBL tosses Tom Phillips out of his chair and takes his seat at the commentary table.

Bryon Saxton: Are you proud of yourself? You interrupted a perfectly good show and caused chaos throughout the Revolt locker room! It isn't too late to call this off.

JBL: Save your breath, Saxton. I'd choose my next word carefully if I were you. Unless you wanna end up like the rest of this sorry show! Grab some popcorn and watch this spoiled brat get what's coming to him.

The Fury superstars all begin slapping the canvas from around the ring creating suspense. Almas slides in the ring and goes to running right at Dunne. Braun catches him and gorilla presses him out of the ring where he's caught by his fellow Fury brothers. Braun Strowman roars and yells for them to get in the ring while Dunne hides behind him. Just then, Goldberg enters the ring and shouts "C'mon big guy!". The two begin locking up until Braun manages to easily shove him off. Goldberg then charges at Braun for a spear. Somehow Braun doesn't go down but it manages to bring him to one knee. Edge slides in the ring and both he and Goldberg nod at one another before both running and hitting a two-man spear chopping the big man down. Pete Dunne throws his hands up realizing there's no way he's winning this fight. He attempts to talk his way out of it until John Cena enters the ring with a huge smile on his face. This sends Dunne into a fit of rage running at Cena with a fist. John Cena ducks it and picks The Bruiserweight up in a Fireman's Carry. Cena tugs on his Fury shirt before sending Dunne crashing to the mat with an AA.
November 8th, 2018 REVOLT Cena

JBL then runs into the ring with a microphone.


JBL exits the ring as his roster follow behind. Some fans are left shocked while others are hyped for the upcoming Civil War pay per view. The final shot of Revolt ends with Fury standing on top of the stage all chanting "Fury" repeatedly.

Thursday Night Revolt.
PWG Inc. 2018 ©
Team Revolt Productions.

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November 8th, 2018 REVOLT
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