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 November 1st, 2018 REVOLT

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November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Empty
PostSubject: November 1st, 2018 REVOLT   November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Icon_minitime11/1/2018, 6:55 pm

Thursday Night REVOLT
November 1st, 2018
Washington, DC
Capital One Arena

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Capone

Show Name: The Night After.

Triple H Opens Revolt

PWG’s first Revolt of the new era begins with fireworks as the crowd are all hype chanting “This is Re-Volt” over and over at the top of their lungs

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Tenor

Triple H's music plays through the pa system to a mixed reaction from those in attendance. Some cheer The Game for the fantastic show he's put together, while others boo the corrupt authority figure for screwing Bobby Roode out of the World Heavyweight Championship last week. Triple H walks through the curtain up the entrance ramp. Some fans are seen bowing down to The King of Kings while others give the thumbs down and continue to boo. Ignoring all of this, Triple H enters the ring already equipped with a microphone. He waits a few moments before beginning to speak.

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT ScholarlyHilariousAngora-size_restricted

Triple H: We have an amazing show for all of you here tonight. Much better than whatever those ass clowns are doing on Monday nights. First things first, I'd like to address Triple Threat. I'm hearing all this talk about how management is against you and we're trying to keep you down. That couldn't be further from the truth. All of you held yourselves down. Kurt, you decided you wanted to take your ball and go home a few months ago when you were over on Fury. Not sure what happened when you were gone, but coming back Dominican was out of left field. Jey, you were in a similar position. You were one of the best tag teams in the division before you and your brother decided you wanted nothing to do with one another and took time off. Last but certainly not least, The Rock. You could've been a multiple World champ by now had you stayed constant. Being the Intercontinental champion and refusing to show up or even speak wasn't good for business. You let Hollywood get to your head.

Fans begin to boo in mention of these heels. Triple H, being a heel himself, chooses to play off this to make himself sound like the good guy.

Triple H: All of you forget I stared in a stable myself before I got my big break. I have no vendetta against anyone of you three. I'll even give each one of you opportunities to prove yourselves here TONIGHT! The first match will be Jey Uso vs Roderick Strong! This next one will be pretty interesting. A lot of you requested it after seeing them go back and forth of Twitter all week. The Rock will go one on one with Samoa Joe! And if Joe wins, he gets a IC title shot at Civil War! Kurt had some choice words for my protégé on Twitter and backstage. I'll give him the opportunity to back up everything he's been saying and take on World Heavyweight Championship, Pete Dunne!

The fans go nuts after these three huge matches get announced. Triple H begins looking a bit smug proud of himself until Dunne's music hits. The Bruiserweight stroms through the curtain with his championship in hand.

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_oz16zbB2OP1ucfyh5o1_250

He looks ticked off as ever as he enters the ring where he's handed a microphone.

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_oqvfwwfwNc1v5ue77o5_250

Pete Dunne: What the hell is this?! You told me from day one you had my back. Do you or do you not because it sure doesn't sound like it. I have no problem beating down on that grandfather, but he walks around with those goons. Not one of those cowards can fight their own battles. I'll take on any of them one on one. There's no way I'm walking down to that ring just to get jumped. With all due respect I think I'll pass on that.

Triple H: Easy there, Dunne. When I say something I mean it. Nobody is getting jumped and I'll make sure of it. I might not always be there to have your back... So I got someone who will.

Triple H points to the entrance ramp revealing the man who'll be Pete Dunne's personal bodyguard.

The audience in attendance looks to the to the staging area, anxiously awaiting this new individual who Triple H has hand selected to protect the reigning World Heavyweight Champion. Seconds begin to feel as if minutes go by as Pete Dunne still wears a look of frustration covering his face. As the moments pass he turns to Triple H, apparently ready to speak again when...

A theme never before heard in the PWG arena begins to pound over the PA system. The ominous heavy rock music is accompanied by simply one name on the titantron "Braun Strowman". The music continues to blare as we await the arrival of who it will come to signalize, until a massive individual finally steps from behind the curtains and into full view.

Tom Phillips:

Oh... My... God...

Byron Saxton:
Who the hell is that!? WHAT the hell is that!?

Mauro Ranallo:
I have no clue! I-I think it's some kind of monster!!!

This "monster" now stands at the top of the staging area, his face covered by a long thick beard and his hair cut into a mohawk, though still long enough to be tied up and run down past his massive shoulders. He's simply adorned in what appears to be a singlet top, as well as a pair of baggy camo pants. This towering presence raises his mighty arms in the air and lets out a primal roar at the top of his lungs, drawing gasps and visible looks of horror from those in attendance within the PWG universe. This freak of nature then begins to walk down to the ring as fans in attendance begin snapping photos and using their phones to record this giants debut. As he finally approaches the ring, he scales the ringside steps and easily steps over the top rope. Triple H is grinning wildly as this beast approches him and the champion.

Triple H:

This, my young protege... This is why you will never have to worry about anything or anyone another day in your life from now on! This is why you will be able to sleep like a baby even if the Devil himself is hunting for your soul! Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you "The Monster Among Men" Braun Strowman!!!

Triple H pauses as the audience doesn't know what to think of this behemoth they now know as Braun Strowman. The Monster Among Men has an almost permanent look etched on his face, a menacing mix of anger and intensity made all the more off-putting by his shear size.

Triple H:

This animal that stands before us all towers at six feet, eight inches tall! He's 385lbs of pure, solid muscle! He has dominated strongman competitions the world over! He may be the most powerful individual that has ever graced God's green Earth! And Petey... He and I have come to an agreement... From now on, where you go... He goes. You have a match? He's gonna be there. You're at an autograph signing? He's gonna there. You got a photo or commercial shoot? You guessed it, the big man is gonna be there. Think of Braun here as your one man secret service, anyone who thinks they want to take a shot at you? They're gonna have to go through Braun Strowman first... And trust me champ, NOBODY is getting through Braun Strowman unscathed!

Fans begin to boo at the idea of such a monster constantly protecting the hated World Heavyweight Champion.

Triple H:

And trust me, any superstar who is feeling froggy... Don't take that leap... because I will not be held responsible for your medical expenses or blamed for the end of your career if you're stupid enough to do so... This man doesn't care about winning championships... He doesn't care if he wins or loses... The only thing Braun Strownman cares about, is causing as much pain as physically possible to anyone who crosses his path! And now Pete, thanks to yours truly... Your path, is now his path. Anyone who crosses you, is also crossing this Monster Among Men!

The fans booing grows louder as they continue to realize the implications of what this unholy alliance may bring. Strowman's expression remains unchanged as he simply stares into the eyes of the man he will now he protecting.

Triple H:

Now tell me my young protege, do you still believe I'm not watching your back?

The Game lowers his microphone and smirks. Dunne displays a facial expression as if he were saying not bad. He then pats Braun on the arm and they both leave together as Triple H follows.

Triple Threat's Challenge - Stage 1
Jimmy Uso vs Roderick Strong

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Strong-VSUso

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

The camera shows the backstage area where multiple talents and other PWG staff are talking and just hanging out. There is one door which everyone stands clear from making sure to keep their distance. The door is revealed to have a sign that reads "Bruiserweight". That's when Mike Rome walks into the camera shot with a microphone in hand. Rome looks a bit shook but manages to form a smile as he begins to speak.
November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Dd603cc8c82f6fe36d6a4014821df15660ef29f8v2_hq

Mike Rome: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm posted outside of the private locker room of none other than the World Heavyweight Champion himself, Pete Dunne! I've been waiting quite some time to get an exclusive interview with 'The Bruiserweight'. So far it's been a little over an hour, but I still have hope. I won't dare to knock. It should be only a matter of time, folks.

Before Mike Rome can continue speaking, some loud banging can be heard from behind the door. The door then flys open as Pete Dunne walks out with the World Heavyweight Championship draped over his shoulder. He seems confused yet annoyed at the same time after realizing Mike Rome was waiting outside his private locker room given to him by The Authority. Dunne decides to entertain the reporter letting him begin his interview.

Mike Rome: First of all, thank you for your time. I know you're a very busy man being champion and all. My first question would have to be your thoughts on the comments made about you from Kurt Angle via Twitter. With talent being encouraged to me more active on social media, Kurt seemed to make you a target. Throwing various insults your way going so far as to say you don't deserve the world title. Besides posting a picture somewhat mocking Angel, you haven't directly responded to the veteran. Why is that? 

Dunne scoffs at the interviewer's question. Rome turns the microphone towards Pete as he answers the question looking annoyed as always.
November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Maxresdefault

Pete Dunne: Well to be quite frank with you, Rome. I've never been a big fan of social media. It's where cowards hide behind a screen typing up a bunch of rubbish they'd never say to your face. It's obvious what that senior citizen is trying to do. He's trying to get a free title shot. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that isn't going to happen. I won't let some desperate old man fool me into giving him a shot at this title I've worked so hard for. If you're looking for a handout, take yourself down to The Salvation Army because there won't be any here. So he can keep typing away his idle threats all he wants. Nobody on this roster is afraid of him or his silly little stable of jobbers.

Mike Rome: Those are some strong words no doubt. Now we learned earlier tonight you'll be going one on one with the returning Angle in a non-title match up. Is there any strategy taking on the more experienced in ring veteran?

Dunne shakes his head as can't believe what he's just heard. 

Pete Dunne: Are you missing brain cells? You must be new to this because that's the most idiotic thing I've heard in a while. Just because Kurt's older than me doesn't mean he's better. He's been here how long and what has he accomplished? Absolutely nothing at all that's what. I walk in here on my first day and win the World Championship right off the bat. I could retire right now and still have had a better career than him. The man doesn't even know his own race. That's honestly the whitest Dominican I've ever seen. That or he's just a senile old man who needs to get beat back to the old folks home. Now please ask be a real question before I punch your teeth down your throat. 

Mike Rome is physically shaken by the threat made by Dunne. He struggles to speak stumbling on each of his words.

Mike Rome: How about your opponent for Civil War, John Cena? You both won major championships at the super show last week in equally controversial fashions. How do you feel heading into Civil War and are there any concerns going head to head with Fury's best?

Pete Dunne: Fury is nothing but a garbage show ran by garbage people with garbage talent. Revolt is the A show with the better champion leading the way. Triple H is a highly intelligent man. He knew he needed to pull out all the stops especially with Civil War coming up. That's why he picked me to be his world champion.  I don't know if the rest of these bums can carry their weight, but I'm guaranteeing a win for Revolt. So bring on Cena and watch me put another past his prime talent down.

Mike Rome: I think that about does it for our interview here. I'm sure the fans are looking forward to seeing you put on a strong showing against Kurt Angle tonight. Thanks once again for your time, Pete Dunne.

Pete Dunne: Trust me, the pleasure was all yours. I'm actually on my way to a meeting with Mr. Helmsley right now. When he asks me why I'm late, I'll be sure to let him know it was you who held me up. I'll see to it that you're unemployed by the end of tonight. I hear there's some good money in janitorial work. Anyway, happy job hunting, mate.

Dunne pats the shoulder of a very teary-eyed reporter. He stays silent in fear of The Bruiserweight. Tears are seen in the eyes as Pete walks off leaving the poor man to fear for his dream job.

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Dr_fla10
November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Receiv12

*The PWG Camera cuts to the arena where the crowd chants promo of the week*

*The Lights go out , the color red shows up in the titantron along with red lighting all over the arena representing the eyes of a man scored by management as he continues to be robbed of accolades he clearly deserves,  White representing the calming presence of a man who is now reborn and now truly does what he wants,  and blue representing the dawning of what could of been and what never will be*

*The beginning chords to medal bachata remix start playing as the crowd stares in amazement over the new Kurt Angle Custom Titan Tron representing the country he loves so much…Dominican Republic*

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Kurt_t10

**The Dominican Wresling Machine finally shows up on stage dressed in a black singlet...He looks around the entire arena pissed off by the immense disrespect since joining**
November 1st, 2018 REVOLT F3216289a2f826a48ac07a019ccd1a15

*Kurt Angle with mic in hand goes into the ring where the interviewer stands waiting to question*

JoJo:.So we all know your disappointed by the fact that you didn't win the promo of the week,  you seem a lot more laid back and not as intense or as serious as you have any words to say after your loss?

*The crowd begins to chant for Pete Dunne as Kurt Angle looks relaxed with no care at all*
November 1st, 2018 REVOLT E5afc1702bd2f51162dff2bda875e06d

Kurt Angle:. I only have one word to say now.... Anything more would be a waste of my precious time considering im doing a western The Rock helped me get a leading role in....all i gotta say about Pete Dunne and the fact i got screwed over the award is Coño!

*Angle does the 3 and shows the best damn video in pwg history*
November 1st, 2018 REVOLT 6bab862a0dec63ad4683193f2544f88e

*Kurt Angle raises 3 fingers once again as his music plays over the P.A. System*

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Dr_fla10

Triple Threat's Challenge - Stage 2
Kurt Angle vs Pete Dunne

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Angle-VSDunne

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Joe-Speaks

The crowd quickly leave their seats, the Samoan submission machine wastes no time in marching on stage, he bops his head ever so slightly to the “Joe Joe Joe” chants

Mauro Ranallo
It’s been too long, and if you’re just joining us now! Finally it’s time for me to welcome you all back to Revolt!

Tom Phillips
We’re only a few minutes in and I already wanna hit you, Mauro. Sucks even more that I agree with you, so welcome back everyone to Re-

Mauro Ranallo
There goes your sentence, Tom. But never mind because this should be very interesting indeed, Samoa Joe is live on Revolt just as promised as he said he’ll be “Waiting” for the Rock as soon as we hit the air and it seems that time is now, he’s sick of waiting!

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT 061_SD_04172018gd_0563--099fddd012df36add7db301b56b8be81

Joe makes his way up the steps, grabbing a mic left for him, he enters the ring and takes a second to examine his surroundings

Samoa Joe
You know, I’ve never been the type of guy to come out here and shout “Conspiracy”, To pretend that black helicopters circle the skies, but I gotta admit, that it is a very funny coincidence. A coincidence that as soon as I make my intentions known, that with over a decade of pent up frustration over being stereotyped by his actions, that this one-man Samoan hit squad was comin’ for Rocky’s head, as soon as he realises “aw Shit, Joe’s gonna kill me” He then almost like magic finds himself some allies.

Samoa Joe wipes the sweat from his forehead, as he pauses to let those words sink in for the crowd
November 1st, 2018 REVOLT 073_SD_04172018gd_0621--591f385b5b4531d1b98f1c17534faa27

Samoa Joe
The triple threat. Rocky, Jey Uso and Kurt Angle. An impressive ensemble, I must admit. But it changes nothing on my end. See I don’t give a damn about your fancy little hand signals, about your entitled, petty and consistent whines for respect. It’s irrelevant to me cause I’m still sooner or later gonna get that big head of yours up on my trophy case, and if gotta take your friends heads too, it’ll be an arduous task, But I’m sure I can accommodate.    

Samoa Joe paces around the ring, the intensity palpable and the passionate hatred for The Rock undeniable

Samoa Joe
So Rocky, bring your friends, bring your jokes, bring it all. Cause I, much like everyone else, REALLY wanna see you speak that crap at my face.

**The music of "The Great One" pounds through the arena as the PWG Intercontinental Champion walks through the curtain.**
November 1st, 2018 REVOLT 9d2341b486fc2e76a0d828759143fcc0

**The crowd is mixed in their reaction, but just the appearance of "The Most Electrifying Man in all of sports and entertainment" has the crowd buzzing.**
November 1st, 2018 REVOLT 1cbb702daa7b58f4c92ab50dc5ddb43b

**The Rock takes time to make fun of a few people in the crowd before raising the mic to his mouth.**


**The crowd pops at the mention of their city.**

The Rock: And in a few short hours after The Rock lays the smackdown on this roody poo candy ass standing in the ring, The Rock is gonna do something more exciting.  The Rock is gonna make headlines.
In a few short hours, The Rock is gonna do something that he's been waiting to do all day. The Rock is gonna LEAVE WASHINGTON D.C.

**The crowd floods the arena with BOOs and Rocky sucks chant.  The Rock smiles and talks some trash to a few fans.**

The Rock:  As soon as The Rock got off the plane, he smelt the stench of this city.  It smelt like Chewbacca's sweaty ball sack.
Speaking of sweaty ball sacks, Samoa Joe, let The Rock explain something to you.  The Rock doesn't need Kurt Angle's help.  The Rock doesn't NEED Jimmy Uso's help.  The Triple Threat was formed, not because we need help winning matches or fighting battles, but because we are all sick and tired of people like you, Pete Dunn and few others stroking off the corporate strudel.  Management has its favorites and they don't hide that from anyone. But enough about that.  The Rock has something to say to YOU, Samoa Joe.

**The Rock lowers the mic, staring a hole through Samoa Joe.  He raises the eyebrow before walking to the ring and getting in Samoa Joe's face..**

The Rock:  The Rock is in your face right now, Samoa Joe, telling you he's three seconds away from smacking your marshmallow man lips off of your fat Samoan face.

**The Rock lowers his mic as the two men engage in an intense staredown.**

The two rivals stand eye to eye, barely blinking as the fans hype fills the arena. Samoa Joe slowly lifts his microphone, not looking away from the Rock for a second. He then speaks in a softer yet more intimidating tone whilst remaining in the Rocks face and staring him in the eye

Samoa Joe
I gotta say, you're surprising me, Maivia, Comin' out here all up in my face like this. Still runnin' that motor mouth loud n' proud. no backup. no bodies to take the fall for you.

But one moment of courage don't make up years of disgracing my culture and my family.
November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Samoa-Joe-3

So Rocky, in a second I'm gonna drop this microphone, toss it to the side and then imma rip you a new asshole, ya hear me?

Joe then speaks to the crowd, still maintaining eye contact with the great one

Samoa Joe
So a quick note to those with a weak stomach, now is the time to look away, cause I'm about to hand out an ass whupping of biblical proportions and it's about to get real red up in here!

Joe then drops the microphone, the Rock does the same as everyone in the crowd gets to their feet. The hype is immeasurable as both men ready for a fight.

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT W3W1o3r

Triple Threat's Challenge - Stage 3
If Samoa Joe wins; He earns a IC Title Shot

The Rock vs Samoa Joe

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Joe-VSRock

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Maxresdefault

Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston and Big E are sat side by side, Woods and Kofi's lips are closed tight, their eyes shut as they try to mask laughter. Big E puts his arms around his partners as he stares at the ground ready for a father-like lecture.  

Big E
Now! You boys, my childs, you tried face the B-ARSE, You nearly got those sucka's too! You went out there and you tried, you tried to keep on beatin' on, but what happened? You left YOUR UNCLE AND YO DADDEH ON DA SIDELINE! He warmed the bench, kept that sucka heated like a big black blanket!

Now.... I git it, my kids, you wanted to prove you could do it without your uncle and yo daddeh, you wanted to make me proud! but sucka, I want dat action! I wanna get up in their grills and give em' a thrill! I tell you dis, you boys did good, but no one, NO ONE can touch those boys in the same way that their daddy can!

Xavier loses his cool and bursts with laughter, Kofi tries to hold it but Xaviers inability to breath through laughter is too much for him

Big E
EH AH EH! calm down... simmer yourselves cause  Yo daddeh ain't done yet, Nigg-

*Kofi quickly cuts off E*

Kofi: WOAH WOAH WOAH! You know E you got a point!

*Kofi looks around the room*

Kofi: But whos idea was it to do a rock paper scissors tournament to determine who was going out there?

*WHO chants from the crowd, Kofi and Xavier stare at E*

Kofi: Xavier and I just got better hand work than you my man!

*Big E stares deep into his hand*

Kofi: And because that plan sucked, we don’t have a match this week. And I feel like the Sheamus hex is still on me because I went to Wendy’s today since I lost to her brother and they forgot my damn drink!

*Xavier continues to laugh as Kofi looks over at him*

Kofi: And what are you laughing about? Ain’t you the one that got pinned by Ron Weasley? You supposed to be the brains Woods, what you thinking in that big ole brain of yours? WE NEED ANSWERS!

*Woods quickly looks over to Kofi with a serious look*

Xavier Woods:
-7 is the answer!

*Both Kingston and E look confused*

Xavier Woods:
Oh sorry just answering an old math problem. So what do I think? I think you should go back to Wendy's and get your drink!

*Both men facepalm and E is the first to talk*

Big E: Get your head in the game son! We need to know what to do!

Xavier Woods:
Oh yeah of course! Ok so I think we need to get the Sheamus hex off of us. To do so we are gonna need, write this down, unicorn powder, Booty-O's, Positivity, and BIg E.

*Neither man has any clues what Xavier is on about*

Xavier Woods:
No that's gonna take too about E and I try? Kingston you got the next one...

*E smiles and Kofi starts to think. E quickly chimes is.*

Big E
Sucka!? Yo ass got us dis hex in the first place! But look, Uncle-daddy, he ain't mad at you, son. It's aight! you want to prove yo-self and dats cool, I get it!  

Big E's eyes then widen as he points his massive finger up in Xaviers face
November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Big_E.0.0

Big E
But We can't be havin' more hexin', son! We need to git ourselves a nice, gorgeous, sexy, booty-licious piece of A-... W I uh, I mean W. We need it! We gots to get it!  

Xavier and Kofi are both looking at E really weird

Big E
WUT!? look, its Uncle-Daddeh business! I gots BILLIONS of baby mamas and twice that in kids! truth be told, Sheamus and Cesaro... They mah kids too!!! They my bois and now uncle-daddeh gotta get em' over his knee, and he gots to administer a beatin' upon his kids!!!

E looks emotional as he clenches his fist, holding it up high for more drama. A tear falls down his face, E quickly wipes, sniffs his nose and speaks

Big E
Uncle-Daddeh needs some positivity right about now!

E pulls out a bong in the shape of a unicorn horn, Woods and Kofi try to take it away.

Big E
EH AH EH!!! Git of my Uni-bong, suckas!

Xavier and Kofi look worried as E pulls out some Booty O's and pours it in the Uni-Bong, before taking a mighty puff and blowing out a cloud of rainbow colored smoke. E starts laughing for no reason before grabbing his bois and walking off-screen.[/b]

*We cut to the titantron as a package begins to play*

*A camera begins at someone's boots and slowly pans upwards, the crowd slowly realise this man is KING BOOKER!*

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Booker%2BT_amazing_wwe_sexy_naked_nude_hot_wallpapers%2B9

King Booker: It is time for the King to take his throne!

*The video cuts off as a kingly theme begins to play*

*King Booker along with his wife Sharmell slowly make their way down to the ring where a throne of gold with red cushions awaits in the center*


Byron Saxton: Oh brother, calm down.

Corey Graves: Shut your mouth Byron! And get on your feet to welcome our King!

*King Booker makes it to the ring and takes his rightful place on the throne*
November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Tenor

*The music winds down and stops*

Sharmell: Hear ye, Hear ye! Your King hath arrived, worry not Kingdom of Revolt for now your true ruler is here!

*The crowd begin to boo, they do not seem to appreciate their new King*

Corey Graves: YES, Finally!

Mauro Ranallo: Well let's hear what our King has to say.

King Booker: Ah, now now my loyal subjects let's not act like those peasants on Fury, you are in my Kingdom now. My rule will be fair and just! I am here to clean up the trash and help Revolt to thrive like only a King can!

For my first order of business tonight I will be taking on Aliester Black in one on one competition. Now what can I say about this man. We have barely seen this guy in PWG, he barely spoke at the SuperShow, but he said enough. This man admitted in front of the whole PWG universe, that he is a dangerous man. Now THAT, my loyal subjects, just wont do. I can not have dangerous men running around Revolt, running through MY KINGDOM causing chaos. So tonight I will do what must be done for the sake of my Kingdom and most importantly for the sake of keeping all those in my Kingdom safe, which includes all of you, my loyal subjects. Tonight I rid Revolt of this villain as a blessing upon all whom take up residence within my Kingdom.

*The crowds boo-ing intensifies*

King Booker: Thank you, Thank you, with that said I shall see you all later on this evening!

*King Booker stands to pose and then exits the ring*
November 1st, 2018 REVOLT 220px-King_Booker_Pose



*Byron rolls his eyes*

Mauro Ranallo: Well we will see King Booker take on Aleister Black next! and I think it will be a great contest!

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT W3W1o3r

Good vs Evil?
Aleister Black vs King Booker

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Blackvs-Booker

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

As a match concludes the camera pans over to the commentary team where we see Byron Saxton, Corey Graves, and Tom Phillips.

Phillips: What a match we just witnessed between both competitors.

Saxton: I wish we can run that match back it was intense.

Graves: Calm down Saxton it wasn't all that.

Phillips: Switching gears now we wanna take you back at what happen at Pwg super show it was between......

All of a sudden the light switch off...

Graves: What the heck!?
November 1st, 2018 REVOLT DecisiveCoolBrant-size_restricted

Saxton: That's Killian Dain. We haven't seen him since the end of September when he challenged The Rock for the Intercontinental Championship.

As Dain smirks around the ring the light shut off again..

Fans: Holy Sh*t.

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Entrance%2B1

Graves: OMG! That's the rest of sanity Alexander Wolfe, Nikki Cross, and Holy crap do my eyes deceive me but is that Eric Young we haven't seen him months!

Fans: Eric Young!

Philipps: Last time we saw Eric Young it was around May.


Fans: Sanity sanity

EY: NO! Don't cheer for us now! When I was here last time it was nothing but boos and whimpering from you guys and while I was away from my brother 'The Beast from Belfast' Killian Dain was destroying the members of the PWG rosters. Now that I have reemerged Sanity is back to do what we did before I got sidelined, and that is to decimate the Tag team division!


November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Already%2Bin%2Bthe%2BRing

Eric Young raises the Sanity flag awaiting their opponents.

TTC Match-Up
Authors of Pain vs SaNity

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT AOPvs-Sa-Nity

Quote :

As Sanity remain in the ring there awaited opponents AOP make their arrival.

AOP walk out into the sight of the viewers as they receive mixed reactions. Ellerings demeanor is that of a slightly deranged man and Akam and Rezar have a look of disdain smeared across their faces. Once inside the ring the bell tolls to signal the beginning of this match.

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Wwe-nxt-results-november-1-2017

Akam and Eric Young start the match for their respective teams. The two glare at each other before Young charges at Akam knocking him down with an unorthodox clothesline. Akam pounces back up off the clothesline no selling it, he starts knocking Eric silly with stiff lefts and rights to the jaw. The two trade various maneuvers consisting of suplexes, clotheslines and whatever comes to their minds.

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT N04-4

Akam gets the upper hand and tags in Rezar to perform a double team move on Young. They deliver a vicious unique power-bomb neck breaker. Rezar takes the quick cover as the referee counts


Before the refs hand can slap the mat a third time a fresh Dain forces his way through Akam and makes the save breaking up the pin. As the match continues the legal man Rezar has a clean smile on his face as he looks at the downed young screaming at him to tag in the bigger man Killian Dain. Once tagged Dain gets in and the two large men charge at each other throwing hard fists at one another. Dain garners the upper hand and delivers a ring shaking power-bomb to Rezar. He then looks to set up for his dominating finisher the ulster plantation. He struggles to hoist the large man up onto his shoulders and just before delivering the move Akam leaps in and breaks it up. The two look to double team Dain but suddenly it all stops when Akam suddenly changes his direction of attack and starts to pummel his own partner Rezar!. Paul Ellering looks on in absolute shock as Akam starts to ground and pound on his now former partner. Akam finally stops the relentless beat down leaving Rezar battered and bruised, he leaves the ring and saunters off. Ellering is visualized with a face of disdain and rage as he watches his team fall apart in unforeseen circumstances.

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT N01

A recovered Dain now on his feet quickly picks up Rezar and delivers the Ulster Plantation, he takes the cover!


The referee makes the third count and calls for the bell, Sanity’s theme song begins to blare as they have their hands raised in victory. They walk outta the ring as the screen fades to black.

click to reveal winner:

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November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Empty
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As Revolt returns from the commercial break we see Byron Saxton to introduce revolts newest diva.

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Normal_WWE_App_exclusives_December_12_2014__439

Saxton: Ladies and Gentleman please welcome the newest signing to the women division Alicia Fox. So ms.Alicia...

Fox: First things first its Alicia Fooooooox you have to hold the "o" in Fox; but go ahead ask your questions.

Saxton: So Ms. Fooox how does it feel to be here at PWG let alone sign with there revolt roster.

Fox: Well, Mr. Saxton I couldn't be more excited to be here. Even though were here in boring Washington Dc (fans boo) but I'm glad I'm here next to you Saxton. (as fox touches his tie)

Saxton: *cough* Alicia tonight you make your debut match against the Ravishing Russian Lana. What is the game plan when you go out there?
November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Maxresdefault

Fox: UM.... She can be called the Ravishing Russian but I'm the Ravishing African ok Byron and to answer the game plan there isn't any I'm just going to go out there and show people and the women revolt roster that the queen of the division has arrived. BYE!!!

New Women Debuts!
Alicia Fox vs Lana

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Fox-VSLana

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

Kairi is in the backstage area with her pirate wheel as she looks into the camera.
November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Kairi-sane-213421

Kairi: Shayna Baszler... you got lucky last time we meet... but I want the women to know.. it won't be that easy anymore... this is a new start, this is a new Kairi, this is...

Kairi gets a serious look of determination on her face.

Kairi: This is... a new evolution!

As Kairi finishes she starts to walk away out but then she stops and turns around and hits the camera with the pirate wheel!

Charlotte comes out fans cheer *

Charlotte gets in the ring grabs a mic *

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Fca2f488c0082292f6faa47d1869d9dfa6177d44_hq%201_zps4xnxvyyf

Charlotte: Last week I failed to get the job done. I took Sasha to the limit but I couldn’t beat her... She proved she was the better woman - that night. But I will be back for that title, Sasha, but first I need to redeem myself. I need to prove that I am still the Queen of Revolt.

Charlotte stays serious.
November 1st, 2018 REVOLT 5210B2D7-A222-48E4-B9D8-8CAF6EA10E79_zpsrhnysgf5

Charlotte: So with that said, I issue a challenge to Naomi... See Naomi and I have yet to cross paths here in PWG and we are two of the best athletes this or any company has ever seen. So let’s put the two best athletes in one match and see who is the true #1 athlete in this ring!

Charlotte awaits a response...

The fans of the Gorgeous Lady of wrestling Naomi, give her a nice ovation. Charlotte watches on moderately pleased, that her request was answered, while she awaits Naomi's presence in the ring..

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_ocavnfNApL1uta6xoo2_r1_250

Naomi acts has if this is a bad idea for Charlotte to have called her out.
wasting no time getting to the ring she acquires a mic to give Charlotte a piece of her mind.
November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Maxresdefault

:: Naomi ::
Uh uh you best keep my name out yo mouth.
Calling me out here girrrll.
Knowing full well I already has me a match tonight.
It's my night to shine right herein Washington D C!

The fans cheer for the hometown mention.

:: Naomi ::
It's glow time baby yeah!
My man's Jimmy holding it down doing his thing with the triple threat.

The crowd gives mixed reaction but sizable support for the new faction to revolt.

:: Phillips ::
Damn right, in my opinion The threat is indeed a threat to the established ones who have become a little to comfortable around here.

:: Naomi ::
I'm doing my thing by checking hoes like you.
Scrawny straw headed no ass so called queen.
But that can wait, The Glow needs to check these other hoes here tonight first.

The crowd oooo's at Naomi's forwardness and disrespect of the other women on the revolt roster.
Some chants of check those hoes ring out.

::Mauro ::
Check those hoes trending on twitter so soon? who'd of thought.

:: Naomi ::
Yeah yeah I said it Hoes.
Carmella hoe, Staten island super hoe.

Bayley hoe, yeah she acts all junior high girl next door huggy wuggy.
But I know she a thot behind them closed doors, especially when she was hanging around that other super hoe Sasha Banks. mmmhmm word .

That hoe ember talking about me eating an eclipse? Sister needs to ease up on her own eating first with that chunky ass.

Charlotte raises an eyebrow and points out Naomi has quite a bit of chunk in her own trunk.

:: Charlotte ::
Pot calling the kettle black arent we?
ha ha ha
Any way Naomi enough about them this is all about me. charlotte flair wooooooooo!

Charlotte woooos at Naomi. The crowd woooooo's along too.

:: Naomi ::
Bish Don't you be wooooing in my face like that.
What you say Hoe?
Did you just call me a black pot?
The fuuuuuh bish?!
Oh you gone get it, I'm snatching that straw looking hair right off yo head ,you say some dumb shit like that again.

Naomi stares at Charlotte in mild anger, as the crowd begins to chant snatch that hoe, snatch that hoe.

Charlotte attempts to calm the chants and this escalating situation some.
November 1st, 2018 REVOLT C520D189-9A9D-414C-9895-AA885897940E_zps6ewchmix

Charlotte: Naomi you make me laugh. With your glow gimmick, it’s funny really it is but you need to learn how to stop "glowing" and start being Naomi because only thing glowing about you is those cheap ass shoes. You are not going to Win tonight dressed live a raver hunny.

Charlotte waves a glow stick in mocking fashion.

Charlotte: look Naomi I’m glowing just like you are woooooo! Ha what a joke!

Charlotte snaps the glow stick in half.

Naomi glares at Charlotte after her words, while the self-proclaimed queen is holding the two halves of a glow stick.
Naomi expresses her thoughts on this through an irked retort on her mic.

:: Naomi ::
check this Hoe..
Your lucky I cant shove those glow sticks up yo stanky slots since we live on tv.
Instead, I'm gonna show ya just how athletic I am with these glow shoes bish.

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT 1fc2ff3dcf59e3b0e2d3413d3d05fe32

After a high Kick to the side of Charlotte's face sends her staggering back a few dazed steps backwards.
Naomi runs up and twists in mid air banging into charlotte flair with her meaty rump.

:: Mauro ::
Mama Mia ! Charlotte is disrespected by naomi using her finishing maneuver the rear view on her.

:: Phillips ::
I hope charlotte got a good taste of what to expect after laying out a challenge to naomi only to end up being layed out herself.

:: Saxton ::
That's not how you treat a queen.

::Phillips ::
Calling yourself a queen doesnt make you one, just like you calling yourself a good commentator.

Naomi leaves the ring and heads backstage leaving charlotte flair seething at the sudden assault she just received.

:: Mauro ::
Saxton phillips please much like democrats and republicans in the Senate here in the D C.
We need to remember the we are on the same team.
Let's have the wrestlers do the fighting not us, which I'm sure will not be a shortage of during the rest of the stay tuned for after this word from our sponsor.

*The crowd is electric as Revolt continues from a commercial break*

Mauro Ranallo:
What a great show it has been so far as Revolt seems to keep giving!

Tom Phillips:
Here is someone I can appreciate. Now shut up Mauro!

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Kevin-Owens-Entrance-AWl067

*Ko appears on the stage, slowly making his way down to the ring*

Mauro Ranallo:
This man has some things to say after his actions at Supershow and Jericho calling him out.

Tom Phillips:
His action of destruction in the EVO title match?

Mauro Ranallo:
You know what I mean!

*The EVO champ has finally made his way to the ring and grabs a mic*

Kevin Owens:
What a great Revolt!

*The crowd have a mixed reaction*

Kevin Owens:
You wanna know why? Because I am here! Kevin Owens the EVO champ has graced you with his presence! Apparently I have some explaining to do. You want an explanation? Jericho was not worth my time!

*KO then goes to exit the arena but the chants from the crowd stops him*

Kevin Owens:
Alright I'll give you more. Jericho was not worth my time, I am the best and I should have no reason to have to prove myself. I already did when I won this title in a fatal fourway. Or when I went over to that scum show and defended against Corbin. Or when I beat Shane Thorne so hard he left. Or when I defended against two idiots who won a wheel spin. Either way, I already proved myself.

Kevin Owens:
You know though, what amazes me even more is Jericho was one of those idiots who lost in the fatal fourway, then lost at Viewer's choice and left. Seems like all Jericho has been doing is losing. Why the hell would a loser deserve to fight me?

*The crowd are quiet after the knowledge dropped by KO*

Kevin Owens:
Now let's get on to a more recent event. Jericho has invited me to the Highlight Reel. Wow, what an honorable man. I'm so happy to be a guest....said no one ever. You see Jericho has to make up his own little talk show when I already have my own show, this show, The Kevin Owens Show. Not only do I have to go play pretend with him I have to go back to the rundown show Fury. Oh and don't get me started on Daniel! "Oh KO will never reply." Or all of you "I can't wait for KO to chicken out!" Well you know what I have already proven that goat face and you stupid idiots wrong. So Jericho, I'll see you on Fury!

*The crowd erupt in cheers*

Kevin Owens:
But Jericho, just know, whatever happens, happens. I'm not sorry for what might happen to you or your show. Now if you all will excuse me the EVO champ has some business to take care of!

*KO throws his mic down before walking backstage*

Men's Civil War Qualifier
Roman Reigns vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Mens-Qualifer-SCSAReigns

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

The arena lights dim and you can hear the roar of the crowd anticipating the man about to walk out from the back. “Let’s Go Cedric!” “Let’s Go Cedric!” The titantron flashes his name and the crowd creates a huge pop.

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Giphy

Cedric bursts through the curtains and is completely pumped up with telling the world he’s finally here. Cedric takes large steps down the ramp feeling the energy of the whole arena whip around him. Nodding to the ovation, he’s smiling from ear to ear." ALRIGHT C'MON, LET'S DO THIS BAY BEEEE"

Ring Announcer
Introducing making his Debut on Revolt
Weighing in at 200lbs
Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina

Cedric Alexander. We've heard a lot of good things about this young superstar who's looking to make it here in PWG and listen to this ovation! This capacity crowd couldn't be more excited for Cedric Alexander!

+ Ranallo  +
This kid is coming in with a lot of hype behind him and trust me Saxton, the hype is real! This isn't your average high flyer this is a man who can do it all in the ring. You can't help but respect him for making his debut in front of such a large crowd.

I agree, to me he shows he has what it takes to be in a good match when he's under big pressure of having your debut on such a grand scale but taking on one of the biggest superstars too.

+ Ranallo  +
That's why he is a fighting wrestler.

This young man, is getting Prepared for one of the biggest obstacles that's for against Velveteen Dream “A superstar from Fury” our Rival Brand.
November 1st, 2018 REVOLT GW9zvJ0

Running up towards the steel steps on the opposite side, he takes his hand on the top rope and scales across it to the other turnbuckle post. Making his climb to the top, he turns his left hand into a visor.
November 1st, 2018 REVOLT YMy6pku

Cedric gets to the tippy top of it now with adrenaline fueling his motion. A forward leap down to the mat, springing his body into a flip invoking a kip up that is faster than the speed of light.

Jogging in place, his hood with the spin covering his face.. pacing himself in a circle for a moment.

Taking his hood and flipping it off behind his neck, Cedric Alexander has emotion in his eyes for his first ever Revolt appearance. Crouching in the turnbuckle as if he is praying

The excitement is growing, the crowd are already fully behind Cedric Alexander. His presence alone is enough to warrant excitement and the crowd are ready to witness a fantastic debut, but they have to enjoy the sight while it lasts.

“the crowd is behind the prospect of watching Cedric Alexander”

+ Ranallo +
What a treat we're in for! Not only are we about to witness the debut of Cedric Alexander.

I know you said!  that Cedric Alexander can do it all but his true ability lies in his aerial abilities, so this is a true test with the aerial acrobatic of Cedric Alexander.

Cedric Alexander suddenly stands and finally steps out to the center of the ring.

$$ - Cedric Alexander - $$
First of all.. “I know I failed, at the Supershow Dream made that known on fury but let me tell you something my dude and I want you to be looking into the camera...Superstars, Warriors, fighting Energy, gathering of fire and rage! Never giving up is what helps me through I may be a small fish in a big damn river but my dude I swim, I swim to the top and I will one day reach the very top of that damn river why because I have determination I have what it takes and yes again I know I failed but once I have the fire I will not let that go I'm prepared to go to great heights and earn my damn shot around here my dude.

*The fans behind brush into cheering for Cedric Alexander after that speech*

$$ - Cedric Alexander - $$
as long as I'm damn breathing and living to the fullest ain't nobody taking my damn fighting spirit away from me!!! I have a huge heart full of energy and I will not give in to someone like Kevin Owens nor The Dream, so my dude you better listen with all this Damn fire and rage I have I'm coming after you're ass at the ppv and I'm fueled and ready to go!

*Cedric Alexander slams the microphone as the fans are roaring in response as he Rolls out of the greeting every fan he can with a five and handshake before heading back through the curtains towards backstage*

The camera pans through a dimly lit room, the cameras can hardly penetrate the blanket of darkness covering the room. A few seconds go by when heavy footsteps are heard echoing throughout the room, getting closer until a dark figure is but feet away, but the camera can’t pick up on who it is. The man stops about halfway before speaking with a heavy deep voice.

Harper: PWG the land of fortune and eternal fame, but soon that very foundation will crumble. No more dreams of glory only nightmares of pain. I don’t care about the championships and the money. No you see my heart it desires something much more, I live for the misery and…destruction soon that is all that will be left in PWG.

The man finally steps forward in to the light revealing a tall, bearded man. He smiles into the camera with a devious look. He is seen dragging a large mallet behind him, as he sits down on the floor as he begins to speak again.

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT X4npd4

Harper: My name is…Harper and I am here to destroy the entire PWG roster whether it’s Fury or Revolt it doesn’t really matter to me because everybody will fall in my path. It all begins tonight with the lone wolf Baron Corbin, when the lone wolf is turned in to nothing but a puppy. Hero’s become men, legends become myths and monsters will cower in fear. Bones will be splintered, spirits will be broken and souls shall be taken…PWG your doomsday is here, let the bludgeoning commence.

The man turns his back to the camera, as he drags the large mallet behind him. He opens the door letting the light illuminate the dreary room and slams the door behind him as the audience is left in darkness waiting for Harper to arrive.

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT 2djv2fn

Evo Division Debuts!
Baron Corbin vs Harper

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Corbin-VSHarper

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

Camera pans all the way backstage  

Ember Moon
can I just say one thing before I begin? it's good to be on Revolt!

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Maxresdefault

With those words leaving her lips, the fans would go wild, chanting and screaming for her. she had even turned her head to the side as she spoke directly down into the camera, as if she was speaking to every single member of the of the crowd. with a smile on her face as it would remain for only a moment more as it faded.

You could tell by the way she spoke that she was fired up, that she was ready for this.

Ember Moon
“From here on I move on, to battles against three other women who are twice as hungery as me. Women who should have by all rights be in the spot light already and Hell I know for a fact that I was placed into this match to lose. That I was never meant to win and yet,  I will not give up, failure was a word that I did not understand. I going to give it everything I have. I'll hit them with Eclipse to fade back in line with a victory tonight. They want to hurt me, exploit anything to win, they want everything and it is never enough, I'm  going to push myself, pulling myself b up uo that ladder and fighting hard as i win. I'm goig to do everything in my power to qin tonight. every single night  i'm going to prove why i belong here win or lose you can't win them all  I'm going  into the ring with some big names tonight and i'm coming out stronger.

she let a laugh escape her as she was confident in herself. the only thing she thought about, the only thing is always on her mind was putting on a exciting show for her fans.

Ember Moon
“I don’t want to sound arrogant or overconfident, I want to give the ladies the respect they deserve. They have done well for themselfs. They have found success here and they should be proud of it, but they need to know one thing, I have not come back to have my story end by there hands. I have not come back to PWG to be beaten by a women such as them. That is not how my story ends. That is not how Ember Moon ends. I will not be beaten by these three women. I have come back to do one thing and only one thing, to become champion. To climb back to the top and to show the world that no matter what, always believe in yourself and always keep on fighting. As good as these women are, I am better. As talented as these women are, I am more talented. I have been all around the world, I have seen it all, I have seen a hundred women like them and I have beaten them all and they will just be another name added to that list of women who ate an Eclipse.”

She slowly nodded her head, she had switched it to serious just like that. All there women are good but she was better and like she said, she did not come back here to have it all end in the first night. Her story was only starting once again and the threw women  would be the first of many to fall to her.  as she looked at the camera one more time before leaving to prepare for her match with Naomi, Carmella, Bayley.

Ranallo: We have late breaking news ladies and gentlemen. Due to an injury the women’s qualifier for Civil War has been changed to a three way between Naomi, Ember Moon, Bayley!

Saxton: Carmella suffered a sprained ankle a few weeks ago as she was training for the new season of PWG. The Princess sent out a tweet regarding her time off in only a way she can.

Byron pulls up the tweet to read it to the audience.

Saxton: “ Hey Revolt..... can you say Mascot?”

The camera cuts to ringside where we see Carmella sitting in the crowd enjoying the show with a few fans. She gives a thumbs up toward the camera and smiles as she waits for the match to begin.

Women's Civil War Qualifier
Bayley vs Naomi vs Ember Moon

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Womens-Qualifier

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

The New Miss Fortune SPEAKS!
November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Ronda-Speaks

As the first Revolt of the 2K19 Season is nearing its end a very fresh theme pierces the audience's ears for only the second time.

Out to a huge pop 'Hot Ronda' Rousey appears from behind the curtain. She once again takes in the atmosphere of the PWG Universe for several moments upon the stage before eventually making her way down the ramp.

MAMMAAA MIIIAA here comes our NEW Miss Fortune!

I had my doubts about here intentions here and still do, but I can't deny she's already paid dividends as the overall #1 pick by bringing the Fortune Briefcase back to Revolt.

We've yet to hear from Ronda herself but I've been nothing but impressed with her in-ring prowess displayed in her first ever wrestling match. And guys she's only going to get better from here.

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_p3azsekCRQ1rnux1so1_540

Ronda can't help but crack a smile at the crowd's response before entering the ring to address the PWG Universe for the first time.
November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Ronda-Rousey-1

Wow.. wow.. this atmosphere, this energy, your reception of me into your world... is incredibly humbling. I trained all my life for Mixed Martial Arts because of my Mother, but I grew up watching Rowdy Roddy Piper and other great wrestlers perform on the grand stage every week. And with the Pipers' family blessing - I chose my ring gear and nickname to honor a childhood hero, honor a legend, and honor this business!

The fans cheer in acceptance of Ronda's genuine words.

But I'm not only here to pay homage to my heroes or to get MMA fans eyes on the PWG product. No, I'm here to prove that I can conquer this universe much like I did MMA. This is a new and exciting challenge for me, but I know the road won't be easy, and that this squared circle is way different than the octagon. I know I have to earn the locker rooms respect and prove to myself that I deserve the love I've already received from all of you great Fans...

Chants of "Ron-da Rous-ey!" break out as the Fans appear to be in full support of the very rare Women's babyface in PWG.

But first I need to address something... I've already heard some of the comments and seen some of the looks in the locker room. About being the #1 pick without ever having a match. About me getting a match against Peyton Royce for her Fortune Contract... Well, that was management rolling out the red carpet for what they called "the biggest women's signing in PWG History." But I've seen the song and dance plenty of times in MMA and with Agents... so the only ones who need to wipe the tears are Management because I'm not going to be anyone's corporate puppet! No the only thing I'm going to be is the ve-

MAMMAAA MIIIAA and here comes another draft pick making their Revolt debut. The vivacious Paige, as well as her partner Maryse, were also drafted to the blue brand.

Now those were two great picks I can get behind. I can't wait to see what these two women accomplish here now that they are off that trash Red Brand.

Well Maryse is nowhere to be seen which is odd seeing how those two seem inseparable.

Paige begins speaking as she walks down the ramp.

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f79463735566f6966595047464c413d3d2d38342e313466613232386330316137646665303236363831383733323939362e676966?s=fit&w=720&h=720

Oh Ronda sorry for the interruption but I just had to come out here to personally welcome you to Revolt! Yes, yes, and I also wanted to welcome you.. to your exposure! Because, deary, I'm about to expose to the whole world that you can't cut it here in MY HOUSE. You're not a woman of class and sophistication like myself or Maryse. No, you're nothing but a pig here for a paycheck after getting knocked out of the UFC!

Some "ohhhs" emit from the crowd as Paige now enters the ring coming face-to-face with Ronda.

And now I'm going to knock you out of my industry, and relevancy!

Can Miss Fortune Prove it?
Ronda Rousey vs Paige w/Maryse

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Rousey-VSPaige

Quote :

Ronda quickly takes her jacket off in a heated fashion as she is ready to make Paige pay for her words in their match. However, Paige lifts up her finger to say one final piece.

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT 212dc6921650ace854a35fe213d2e74bb18bb252_hq

Oh I'm sorry deary did I only say "I"? I mean WE!

Not a moment later Ronda finds herself floored from a stiff forearm to the back of her head! She then feels multiple feet digging into her body from a plethora of stomps!

That's-that's Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose! Why the hell are they helping Paige this is supposed to be a damn Singles match!

The two PWG Rookies making their Revolt show debut continue to pummel Ronda relentlessly. They finally only cease at Paige's order to lift Ronda off the mat and Mandy hits her finisher 'The Bed of Roses'! But the trio is not done there as Sonya now hits her finisher 'The Square-Up Kick'! Finally, Mandy and Sonya lift Ronda off the mat a last time and toss her to Paige, who proceeds to hit Ronda with a Ram-paige!

This Trio make a bold statement as they stand over the broken and battered Miss Fortune as the segment ends...
November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Wwe-absolution-name-trademark-submitted-by-wwe

click to reveal winner:

A laggy fead cuts over the tron as a video camera is picked up and the owner is revealed, to be Dean Ambrose with a cigarette in hand!
November 1st, 2018 REVOLT 1516d26594650164712510342603

Dean slicks his hair back as he takes a deep breath, and another. As he attempts to find the words to say.

Dean : Now I’m sure what your wondering, is where’s the interviewer? Where’s the hd cameras? Hell where’s the PWG logo?? Well... I gotta a few things to say that I know Vinny MAC and Trips ain’t gonna like... Big shocker, Dean Ambrose first night on Revolt and he’s gonna piss off the whole world....

Dean tosses his cigarette on the ground stomping it out as he continues.

Dean : First off I wanna address something, many are asking and wondering where my head is right now... Did that loss at Viewers Choice change anything? No.... No... Not really... You see since day one I was Monday Night Fury, I bled buckets, poured my soul on the microphone, and found myself in the biggest matches our company has ever had.... You knock me down I’m getting back up, but twice as pissed off. I ain’t half this roster where if I take a loss I need a year to find myself? Take time off? Stop cutting promos? Wish I wasn’t the superstar I am, and want to be someone else? Or bitch and whine about my spot? No I know, who I am, and you wanna know what I do? I do something about it and yea you know what it hasn’t gone my way.... Not one god damn time... But this world for years has tried to get rid of me... Whether it be my early life, my struggle to make things meet on the Indy’s, or my failures in PWG.... I’m supposed to be a loser, I’m supposed to be upset... Fuck that! I’m furious!!! And guess what I’m  gonna do something about it!!! And that starts with Seth Rollins....

Dean continues his rant only stopping to wipe the sweat off his face.

Dean : But I’ll get back to that... Apparently theirs a new group in town calling themselves “Triple Threat”.... Hmmm cute... A member of that group beat me at the Super Show a few days ago....Now what I expected was our champion to come out here with his swagger and pep in his step but it seems you feel mistreated... All three of ya? Really mistreated? That’s interesting last I checked, Jimmy Uso you were handed the Tag Team Titles at Grand Stand the biggest show of the year no less! And shortly there after you lost them... And who’d you lose em to? Two men who dress up like stripper cops.... Now I don’t know who’s more of a joke you guys, or them guess you guys seeing as you dumped off Jey Uso... Place me in the ring with Breezango and I promise ain’t no one gonna be laughing....

Dean throws up one finger as he slowly raises a second.

Dean : Than there’s The Rock I mean at least... I think he is?Sometimes he goes missing for months without a peep and I forget... You feel your mistreated with that shiny title on your shoulder is that right? Keep that Swagger and that step for the next few months and you’ll get a main event.... But just cause you put in the effort for one month.... Don’t expect everyone to praise you and feel that your the changing of this company, that they were wrong about you?! Bitch no ones playing favorites... Wanna know why I have the main event? Cause I Stick around, I cause problems, piss people off, and impress in matches... Do that and you’ll make a damn good former champion, Because make no mistake about it, I don’t make mistakes twice keep that title warm....You best hope you don’t see me again..

Dean raises a third finger almost mocking the Triple Threat.

Dean : And than there’s our Dominican hero Kurt Angle.... Don’t know much on him but apparently he’s mistreated as well go figure... A guy who quit at GrandStand came back with a former and current champion... Proclaimed himself their leader and than stated he’s one of the greatest of all time... Wanna know what’s Coño? Bitching and whining that your “video”isn’t a greatest “promo”.... Do something about it... Cause your name ain’t shit here yet...  I’ve seen em all come and I’ve seen em all go.. Hell I was a part of one myself....

Dean closes his fingers and puts his fist to the camera almost like a shield fist to a eruption of cheers from the crowd.

Dean : Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins in almost what seems to be another life, shocked and changed the wrestling world! Wanna know how? We earned it! I don’t give a damn about management! Or what anyone in the back says! Don’t talk and whine about, what if, do something about it! You three have two things to worry about, Make a impact and don’t get in my way.. Cause I promise you I ain’t no suit and I’ll knock some respect into you three....But this is my warning not theirs.... Impress me but don’t cross me.. I’m the victim here.. Not you three....

Dean lowers his fist as he sarcastically moves at the camera before calming down and continuing.

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT DazzlingFriendlyFowl-small

Dean : Now as most of you know... Or...  Seeing as how apparently there’s people who don’t... Our biggest ppv of the year, Grand Stand!!! I was in the main event with Hbk and my former brother in arms Seth Rollins in a hell in a cell! That took years off not just my career but my life.... Wanna question why I got the main event?Cause like a good friend of mine would say! I’m a fucking draw!!!!

Dean pulls a switch blade out of his jacket nodding to that friend as he twirls and continues.

Dean : I’ve seen em all come and I’ll be here to see em all like I’ve said before.... I would talk more about why this match is happening? But I think the past speaks for its self... Seth in PWG, Fury,Revolt we never got that one on one match... But this time there’s nothing standing in my way of proving to the world. I’m not just a Lunatic or just a maniac but I’m better than you. They know it, I know it, and deep down you know it. I’m not here on Revolt to sit and wait, I cut the head off the face of this place. Place it on Triple H’s desk and say who’s next.. My stock goes up... Now don’t make any mistake bruuutha... This is very personal, but it’s also business... This isn’t about Shield’s, brotherhood, or what you threw away....

Dean paces stabbing a hole in the door behind him and screaming into the camera.

Dean : You made me a monster! A man my wife, is afraid of being in the same room as! A man who can’t get out of his own way! You’re the reason why I can’t win a championship in this company... I let you in my head and until I silence your voice... No screw that! Tonight  I will silence your voice... Roman stay the hell out of my way... I finish this tonight.
November 1st, 2018 REVOLT C8mv

Dean flicks his finger and walk out the door as the camera shuts off.

Men's Civil War Qualifier
Seth Rollins vs Dean Amborse

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Mens-Qualifer-Seth-Dean

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_p95k6sqZ1Q1u1ljrzo1_500

After a very free flow - new japan esque match up with an unnecessary amount of OMG moments Seth Rollins is seen slowly getting up after getting the three count on Dean Ambrose! Seth Rollins grabs onto the ropes grabbing onto his head from the vicious dirty deeds he took earlier on. He runs his fingers through his hair as the crowd roars with cheers at the sight of Rollins entering the second slot of team revolt for civil war! Rollins gazes at Dean Ambrose who is seen struggling to get up. Seth gets up to his feet fully then walks over to Dean extending his hand in an attempt to pick Dean Ambrose up! Ambrose stares at his hand then at the crowd who begins roaring with cheers chanting "YES, YES, YES!" Dean almost looks like hes about to accept this offer until suddenly a familiar theme song blast through the speakers followed by an eruption of boo's.

Roman Reigns is seen making his way down to the ring in disgust at the sight of what he believes is about to transpire. Immediately Seth Rollins turns his attention towards Roman Reigns and beckons him to come to the ring! Reigns waste little to no time grabbing onto the middle ropes ready to enter the ring but Seth Rollins manages to rush over and knee him before he can fully enter! This causes Reigns to fall out the ring, however Rollins waste little to no time looking towards the ropes then back at Reigns back and forth having a suicide dive in mind!! The crowd roars with cheers as Seth rushes to the ropes - however to his dismay Dean Ambrose immediately stands gut kicking Seth Rollins followed by connecting with a HUGE free flow dirty deeds!!! The crowd roars with boos as Dean holds onto Seth's hair and proceeds to pick him up once again!! He looks towards Roman Reigns and nods his head. Roman enters the ring with a huge smirk on his face as he goes to the corner preparing his signature spear. Dean Ambrose mutters some words to Rollins just before strong irish whipping him into Roman Reigns who connects with a devastating spear!

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_n96ynxK0Li1qevcs2o1_400

The crowd erupts with boo's at the sight of this disgusting display. Roman Reigns smirks as he gazes at a bruised up and battered Seth Rollins. Reigns quickly gazes at Dean Ambrose with an intimidating look - Dean Ambrose quickly exits the ring mouthing some words as Roman Reigns begins pacing around the ring with laughing at the sound of the boo's. He extends his arms and closes his eyes just before turning his attention back to a downed Seth Rollins who seems to doing his best to get back up almost like a wounded animal. Roman Reigns grabs onto the hair of Rollins while slowly picking him up ready to hit him with another move from what it seems until suddenly something unexpected occurs...

November 1st, 2018 REVOLT VeneratedDifficultGuernseycow-size_restricted

The crowd roars with a mixed reaction as Dean Ambrose plants a huge dirty deeds on Roman Reigns! Dean Ambrose pushes Reigns body off of him as he once again mouths some words to himself just before leaving the ring again. The crowd continues to roar with mixed reactions unsure of what to make of this scene. Is Dean Face? Is Dean Heel? Find out on the next episode of Thursday Night Revolt...

Thursday Night Revolt.
PWG Inc. 2018 ©
Team Revolt Productions.

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November 1st, 2018 REVOLT
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