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 September 20th, 2018 REVOLT

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September 20th, 2018 REVOLT Empty
PostSubject: September 20th, 2018 REVOLT   September 20th, 2018 REVOLT Icon_minitime9/20/2018, 7:16 pm

Thursday Night REVOLT
September 20, 2018
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Wells Fargo Center

September 20th, 2018 REVOLT Wells_fargo_center_spectacor

A Switch of Direction :

The PWG Universe is seen chattering among themselves until suddenly a familiar theme song plays through the titantron. As the sound of the Games theme song plays the crowd gives a huge positive reaction. The General Manager of Revolt comes out with a fresh suit equipped as he looks out to the PWG Universe. He makes his way into the ring with a serious face grabbing a microphone on his way down.

Triple H - Ladies and Gentleman WELCOME TO THURSDAY NIGHT REVOLT!! The place where only the cream of the crop are, The place where dreams are made a reality and the place opportunity awaits for those who crave it. Now a lot of you might have been asking, "Triple H where have you been!?!" The reality is in a place like Revolt I know I don't have to babysit anyone here or micromanage because for the most part these superstars and you people get it. I don't need to be in the lime light because this show isn't about me - it's about all of you and the future of the business. Now, i'm glad that a week from now we will be entering our first interactive paper view at "Viewers Choice", where all of you will be able to vote on the match up's that you would like to see!! Matches like Bobby Roode vs Brock Lesnar! Matches like Kilian Dain vs The Rock! Matches like our very own Drew McIntyre going up against Fury's Undertaker! Matches like Ruby Riot vs a Contender of your choosing! Everything will be left in your hands, the people and I wouldn't have it any other way for one night only!!

September 20th, 2018 REVOLT ScholarlyHilariousAngora-size_restricted

The crowd roars with cheers at the sound of this information

Triple H - But that's in a week and this is now!! So tonight, you will all be in for a treat because we will have matches like the Newly Crowned Evo - Champ Kevin Owens goes one on one the World Heavy Weight Champion Brock Lesnar!! But what will be even more exciting is that for the first time since his title victory THE ROCK will be returning to action TONIGHT! And SO ...  if you're not down with all of that, then I have two words for YOU!

The crowd yells in unison "SUCK IT!"

The sound of the unified roaring crowd obnoxiously screaming "Suck It!" is quickly silenced as the theme of the Beast is heard throughout the arena. The crowds lively positiveness rapidly turns into an onslaught of ear piercing disrespect for the Heel Champion.

Lesnar saunters out onto the stage with a smirk smeared across his features. The Game looks slightly surprised by The Beasts sudden appearance. He soaks in all the hatred and screams, "I'm the fucken champ!" before walking down the ramp with the world title belt wrapped around his waist. Lesnar circles the squared circle and grabs a mic from the petrified ringside staff before addressing Revolts General Manager.
September 20th, 2018 REVOLT Skysports-brock-lesnar-wwe_4085902

::Brock Lesnar::
Hunter, id just like to say that you did a good job in giving me that slight assist at whatever the hell that PPV was called. But now me being partially grateful is where it all stops because you can come out here and promote your show to be the best and put me in a pointless match against an out of shape jobber, but lets face it your show is out of damn control and you haven't done a thing about it. Now we may be "business partners", but as of these past weeks it doesn't seem like that. How bout I refresh your damned memory, Heyman was assaulted by that fucking piece a shit Bobby and somehow you think staging an arrest is a way to appease me, after all that fuckboy Roode has done to me hes lucky I don't end his life. Heres how it is in this business, you need me more than I need you and somehow you think awarding Bob with a shot at my title will make things better. Its only going to make things worse and at the end of the day the blood will be on your hands when I leave Roode beaten, bruised and at the brink of death. Once I've removed Roode from the picture you better start coughing up more money for all the fucking shit I've had to deal with, or maybe i'll take this title and my main event draw somewhere else.

Triple H looks confused and almost disgusted at the words coming out of Lesnars mouth as the fans continue to boo Lesnar. Triple H looks like hes ready to retort to this unexpected mouthful that The Beast has provided him but before he can he is cut off by a theme....

Brock Lesnar and Triple H don’t waste a second turning around and giving their full attention to the entrance ramp the moment they hear that theme they’re all too familiar with. The entire live audience cheers for one of the most beloved faces on Revolt. Roode walks through the curtain already with a microphone in hand. He comes off as intense, but passionate at the same time as he raises the microphone towards his lips to speak.
September 20th, 2018 REVOLT Latest?cb=20150818095020

Bobby Roode: Is this who you really want as your World Heavyweight Champion, Hunter? This is the man you tried to put me away to protect? Brock Lesnar isn’t proud to be your World Champion. Brock Lesnar isn’t even proud to be a professional wrestler. This is his hobby whenever the UFC suspends him over illegal substances. He can’t even remember the name of last months pay per view. That goes to show you how much your “champion” respects pro wrestling.

Roode slowly begins to walk towards the ring as he continues to speak.

Bobby Roode: I LOVE PRO WRESTLING AND I LOVE BEING A PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER DAMMIT! I refuse to let Brock Lesnar make a mockery of our sport. I’ll admit it, I let Brock take me to some dark places. Maybe madness even. Made me a man unhinged. I went beyond places i’d never thought I go. All while you stand there with that smug smirk on your face. With Viewers Choice right around the corner, there's a few ways are final encounter could reach its conclusion. We can battle until someone mentally and physically cannot continue in a last man standing match. The Beast can get locked in a cage with a convict in a no escape steel cage match! Or we can really see who the better man is between you and I in a two out of three falls match. I don’t care what match the fans vote… I’m putting your ass down for good.

Triple H has seem to reach his boiling point after everything Roode has said. He begins to speak while Roode steps between the ropes and enters the ring.
September 20th, 2018 REVOLT Landscape-1510643514-triple-h-raw

Triple H: That is ENOUGH, Roode. Brock may not be the most compassionate, but that's not what it takes to make a dominant champion. Brock is a draw people fly from across the world to see. Nobody is going pockets out to see some nut from Canada (crowd boos). See even all these people here are booing you. There was a time where you could've been “the guy”. You blew it letting all your peer take what could've been yours. You just need to accept it's Brock's time. Also as a little insurance policy, I went and got a little paperwork done. It states if you lay a finger on Brock or myself, you forfeit your championship opportunity at Viewers Choice. Now I'd suggest you go backstage and get ready for your match.

The sold out crowd shower Triple H with boos as he tries to dismiss The Glorious One. Before Bobby leaves the ring he says one last thing.

Bobby Roode: Don't worry... you'll both get yours.

This amuses Brock as he taunts Roode by  waving goodbye. Triple H pats Lesnar on the back as Bobby Roode walks back through the curtain. They both wait till Roode has left before exiting the ring and going to the back.


Great! You know we still haven't seen the TRUE champion in Peyton Royce since that VICIOUS attack at BlockBuster.

Oh great this again?! You know what Tom, I'm more concerned with the well being of our CURRENT PWG Women's Champion. Shes not well!

Yea... SHES NUTS, CRAZY, BONKERS... she makes Nikki Cross look TAME!


*The crowd have a mixed reaction to the pairing, between booing Lexi, and just being curios on what's going on in the head of the champion.*
September 20th, 2018 REVOLT Harley_quinn.0.0

Now listen here yuuh dweebs. Your leaduh AND mine the NEW PWG Women's Champion the national trea-zuh is gonna grace us with a few words straight from her noggin. So shut ya pie holes next person who says a word... it’ll be to my bat, at lemme tell you it'll be a short convo.

*Lexi goes from a stern voice to a bubbly one*

GOOD! Here ya go Red!

*Ruby goes to accept the microphone, but looks concerned at Lexi, she assures the champ as Ruby grabs the microphone*

Your loyalty won't go unnoticed Lexi.

*Lexi smiles like a school girl and leans into Riot*
September 20th, 2018 REVOLT Ruby-Riott-696x392

So we see that all of a sudden everyone is starting to care about us now that we're champion.

How come she talks to herself?...

Is Ruby trapped?...

Are Roman and Ruby cursed?...

*Riot laughs*

Trust us... I am a force much more feared, and despised then whatever the hell Roman THINKS he is.

*Bliss pats Riot on the back as she continues*

What happened to US is of no concern to ANY of you lessers. NONE of you DESERVE TO KNOW. Now...haha... now you're having me fight Charlotte at Viewers Choice... YOU MORONIC FOOLS...


*Bliss shakes Riot a bit... Ruby looks at Lexi... concerned and scared. Lexi nods and takes the mic*

Look Red... has gone a bit bonkers... but that's what I like bout her! Look fugget about Chartlotte... we're gonna prove dat the Squad is stronger than all. So if any POSERS wanna crack at Red and I... step up and try us!

*Ruby looks into her belt, shakes her head and with hair in her face, raises the belt and gives out a war cry, to the approval of Lexi. The Riot squad await their challengers.*

The Riot Squad Open Challenge
Riot Squad vs ???

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

Coming back from a commercial break, AoP is standing inside the squared circle waiting for their opponents ‘Rusev Day.
September 20th, 2018 REVOLT 1200px-Akam%26Rezar_NXT_TakeOver_NOLA

A loud humming is heard from the PA System and the humming appears to come from none other than Aiden English.

English: “HmmHmmHmmHmmmmmmmm!”

Fans cheer once hearing the humming as today is Rusev Day! Aiden steps out of the curtain with mic in hand coming out to a sea of cheers. He holds his hand into the air silencing the crowd and lifts the mic to his mouth.

September 20th, 2018 REVOLT Tenor

English: “Ladies and Gentlemen Boys and Girlssss, it is time for a day like none other, a day of victory and prideeeee, but before I announce that day I have something to say, AoP it is time for your demise, and the whole PWG Universe shall see me and Rusev rise, and when we rise to the top, our prize will be the Tag Team Championships, and that day will come on...(fans chant Rusev Day) RUSEV DAYYYYYYYYYY!”

After Aiden finishes his song of sorts the Bulgarian Brute Rusevs theme is heard as he comes out to the curtain and does his pose onto the entrance ramp. Then Aiden and Rusev approach the AoP ready for their revenge on Akam and Rezar.

Rusev Day takes on the Authors of Pain
Rusev Day vs A.O.P.

Quote :

As the bell sounds, the starting members consist of Rezar and Rusev, the two brutes charge at each other and start trading blows. Their respective team mates eagerly look on with invested interest as these two men in the ring pummel each other. Suddenly Rezar gets the upper hand and attempts for a big boot which misses and then Rusev dishes out a free flow superkick that grounds the big man. Rusev then tags in a fresh Aiden who seems to have a clean smirk on his countenance as he eyes up the exhausted Rezar. He picks him up and foolishly attempts a suplex, the size difference comes into play and Rezar knocks him to the floor with a big right hand.

As the match continues Rezar tags in Akam. He starts to dish out vicious strikes to the skull of the grounded English. A hungry Akam starts pulling out an array of moves from his arsenal. He then picks up English and drills him with a violent power-bomb. He takes the cover....


Before the refs hand can smack the mat for a third time Rusev is able to dodge an incoming Rezar and break up the pin. Rezar tries to attack Rusev but gets a big kick in the head for his troubles. Akam looks distracted as he gets hit down by Aiden. He then tags in Rusev who looks to end the match with another massive super kick.  A groggy Akam looks for his partner who is no where to be found. Ellering who has been silent til now starts to yell at Akam to dodge the incoming kick. His screams of danger go unheard as Akam takes the superkick to the mouth, he crumbles to the floor as Rusev falls into the pin.

September 20th, 2018 REVOLT Skysports-aiden-english-rusev_4425985

Before we hear the third count shocking unexpected events occur. Aiden breaks up the pin and starts to beat the hell out of Rusev with hard strikes to the head, the crowd looks on in disgust. English looks pissed off as he continues his ground and pound. Once hes done enough he leaves a broken Rusev to be the prey of the Authors of Pain. This apparent turn of alignment comes as a surprise to everyone as Aiden leaves the ring giving no apparent reason for his actions.

September 20th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_p7b5aoW7sH1wyspnlo1_500

The Authors of Pain pick up a lifeless Rusev and drill him with their emphatic finisher the Final Chapter! The legal Akam takes the cover...


AOP has their hands raised in victory after some controversial actions by English. They start to walk off with a pleased Ellering as the screen fades to black.

click to reveal winner:

The camera pans backstage as we see Randy Orton making his way to the ring.
September 20th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_n8dv9mAtsG1rlmi6co2_500

Renee Young runs up next to Randy Orton.

Renee Young: Randy Randy Randy.

Randy Orton stops walked and looks at Renee Young.

Randy Orton: What do you want can't you see I have better things to do the talk to you.

Renee Young: Well Randy some would say you don't care about PWG and are just hear to collect a paycheck.

Randy Orton: Well those people are exactly right I don't care now do you have any other stupid questions for me or can I move on with my day?

Renee Young: I do have on last question Randy what is your plan for 2019 or are you going to Coast through next year as well?


Randy Orton  Storms off.

*We cut to the parking lot area where Shane Thorne is lurking*
September 20th, 2018 REVOLT Shane_Thorne_stat--802bcda471be53e01985cdebd390ceb8

Renee: Shane... If I can get a word...


Renee: Shane, I understand that you must be frustrated after the last few weeks, and I understand if you don't want to answer right now but I have got to ask.... What has been going on with you lately?

Shane: Renee... I have been frustrated, I have let myself get inside my head ever since Blockbuster. I've gone from over my head, to... underselling myself. I thought, that I finally had it worked out. I thought that what I needed was to drop the gesturing, and become more vicious in the ring. Well, fat lot of good that did me in the elimination match last week...

Renee: Well, in some good news, not only are you one of the three options to face Kevin Owens for the EVO championship at Viewers Choice but you are currently ahead in the votes over Chris Jericho and Randy Orton!

Shane: ..Hm, I can't lie Renee, it's a little surprising to me that the fans still have faith in me, maybe I have been looking at things the wrong way... but assuming that I do end up in that match I can promise you, I can promise the fans and...

*There is a decent pause*

Shane:... I can promise MYSELF, that I will not kneel to Kevin Owens!!

*The crowd can be heard chanting "Shane, Shane Shane!" *

Renee: Well that is great to hear, do you have anything else to add?

Shane: Oh yeah, there is one thing that's been bothering me...

Renee: What's that?

Shane:...Why does Byron Saxton still work here? You'd make for a much better commentator.

*Renee let's out a smirk*

*Shane heads for the locker rooms, pumped up and focused*

Tom Phillips: Finally! Something I can agree with Thorne on!

Byron: Well that's just mean...
September 20th, 2018 REVOLT Hqdefault

Match of the Night
The Viper vs The IC #1 Contender
Randy Orton vs Kilian Dain

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

(As Revolt rolls on we are taken backstage to Mike Rome)

Mike Rome: Ladies and gentlemen my guest at this time Chris Jericho

(A disgusted Chris Jericho appears in the frame)

Mike Rome: well tonight Chris after another disappointing loss last week how can you rebound this week against one half of Breezango?
September 20th, 2018 REVOLT Dbzk8ixVQAAtMDM

Chris Jericho: Dan shut the hell up, “how are you gonna bounce back against Breezango,” it’s BREEZANGO what the hell kind of question is that. I hope that Fandango accepts on be half of his sorry ass team. So I can embarrass him and make him look like more of a joke then he already is. Fashion files will be canceled, Fandango will be canceled. And at Viewers Choice Kevin Owens will be canceled.

Mike Rome: Well there’s a problem with that last statement Chris, Kevin Owens’ match was announced for Viewers Choice.

Chris Jericho: And Dave what’s the problem?

Mike Rome: Well it’s a poll to decide who faces Kevin Owens, with yourself

Chris Jericho: of course

Mike Rome: Shane Thorne and Randy Orton.

Chris Jericho: pffft The irrelevant Shane Thorne I embarrassed him last week and pinned him so he’s canceled too. And what the hell has Randy Orton done this year besides 1 get pinned and 2 get pinned of his own finishing maneuver? I have this in the bag I’m better than both of these losers and I’ll finally get my revenge on that fat son of a bitch Owens.

Mike Rome: Well that’s where the other problem lies Chris, your losing the poll to Shane Thorne.

Chris Jericho: WHAT!!! Shane Thorne doesn’t deserve that match up I pinned his ass last week.....NO NO NO this is ridiculous, of course leave it too the idiots of chant AJ V Cena 3 multiple times to rob me of my match. Typical but you no what Jake, I don’t care who wins that stupid fan poll but I can tell you this those entitle swine know as the PWG Universe will not cost me my match at Viewers Choice.

(Chris Jericho pauses and looks in the camera)

Chris Jericho: And as for Fandildo and Tyler Breeze I don’t which one of you fights me tonight because i gonna kick both of your f****g asses tonight. And at Viewers Choice Kevin Owens will get.......IT!!!

(A frustrated Jericho walks off but then comes back and jumps Mike Rome and busts his nose)

Chris Jericho: Back to you jackasses and Mauro ringside, learn how to do your job John.

(Jericho stomps on Rome one more time then walks off as the camera fades to black)

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September 20th, 2018 REVOLT Empty
PostSubject: Re: September 20th, 2018 REVOLT   September 20th, 2018 REVOLT Icon_minitime9/20/2018, 7:18 pm

The crowd is embedded with a mix of boos and cheers as they hear the music of Kane.

Mauro: Oh here he comes! The big red monster! Suffering a loss from last weeks Revolt, Kane is in no mood tonight.

September 20th, 2018 REVOLT Tenor

Byron: I don't think he's ever in the mood Mauro. He is pure evil!

Phillips: But is it really a loss when Jinder distracted him!?

Kane finally enters the ring, grabs a mic and begins to walk in circles like a maniac.

Kane: Last week, I had a match with the "Animal". But that's not what I got...I got a handicap match. Distraction after distraction, I lost sight of the match and my opponent. I had enough of distractions. If it wasn't for Batista's interference 2 weeks ago, Jinder would've been in a coma by now. Whether it was 2 weeks ago or last week, I've been interrupted and distracted from accomplishing my feasts of fear!

Jinder they call you a prince and it's no wonder you're not a king. No king needs a dog to fight battles for him. You can wear the title of 'prince' all you want, but the bottom line're just a little boy with pissed pants but when I meet you in the ring tonight... the only thing we'll be seeing is blood.

And think you're scot-free after your win last week..but the truth is animal, I ain't scared or fazed by ya'. I ain't scared of stray pups like you, and I never will be! I'll hunt you down David and.... I will... kill you.
I've killed critters as a child. Watching them squirm as they take their last breath of humanity was a pleasure second only to fear. I ended them... and I ain't afraid to end anyone. I mean who wants silly creature barking at you every day? That's what I think of Batista when I hear or see him... No wonder he's wrestling here instead of pursuing that movie career. You're better off leaving now pal because when I get my hands on you, it will be Old Yeller 2!

Byron: This guy kills dogs? What about humans.
Phillips: Who likes dogs anyways Byron, he's more of a cat person.

Kane laughs as he takes in the mixed reaction of the crowd, but starts to fiddle his fingers out of anger when the crowd chants...*Take the mask off clap, clap,clap Take the mask off

Mauro: Speaking of distractions, the crowd tonight is one for him.


As for... As for the tag match tonight...You may wonder who is my partner.
Well quite frankly, I don't give a damn who my partner is. I've been alone all my life, and whoever chooses to be my partner better get out of the way when I take on Batista and Jinder, or face the consequences...

But anyone who wants to be my partner, can come out now but let it be known I want a fearless partner one that doesn't wear a mask! I want a partner who is willing to take these men out and extract revenge quite like I do... Cause all I want to do is FIGHT! I want payback. I want to feast on fear! The Big Red Monster is starving and tonight, I have two main courses and there is no one...I mean no one that will stop me from feasting on their fear. Partner or or not..I will feast.

So Jinder, leave your snake-charmin practices at home, because tonight.. I will not be distracted...I will lock eyes...with you in the ring....And at that will realize that I ain't a snake..I'm the Devil's Favorite Demon, the truest form of an Animal!

Hell Hath no Fury like the BIG RED MACHINE!!

Breezedango Switches It Up.
Tyler Breeze or Fandango (Partner can be at ringside) vs Chris Jericho

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

Thursday Night Revolt returns from commercial break to the sound of a familiar tune.

Almost immediately the crowd drowns out the music with heavy boo's a smug expression depicted upon Roman's features.

Mauro Ranallo—How can this man be smiling after what he did to Seth Rollins last week?

Tom Phillips—Were you watching the match? Did you see what happened before? Seth has been a thorn in Roman's side since he return. He had it coming if you ask me.

While commentator continues to banter, Roman slides into the ring and beckons for a microphone to address the crowd.
September 20th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_p8fmx2shbZ1qevcs2o1_250

Roman Reigns—Philadelphia, home of the Liberty Bell and the Declaration of Independence. A place etched with history and yet… it’s one of the shittiest cities in the country. (Cheap heat garners a negative reaction). But fret not, Roman Reigns a man of the people is here. See it’s not every day that the scum of the earth can bask in the greatness that is Roman Reigns. Let’s face it, the woman adore me, the children aspire to be like me, and the men fear me… Hell, if I wasn’t Roman Reigns, I’d want to be.
September 20th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_p8fmx2shbZ1qevcs2o4_250

Byron Saxton—Roman is full of himself!

Tom Philips—Shut up, Saxton. Maybe that’s why you’re still single and Roman Reigns is practically bathing in women! I mean look at this guy!

Roman Reigns—It’s not easy being us… Or should I say me. But occasionally, we have individuals who try to hinder my progress. People who are so envious, they try to do everything in their power to stop me for the sole purpose of jealous… It is for that reason that Seth Rollins got exactly what was coming to him. And fortunately for all you people, you won’t be seeing him tonight… He didn’t even bother to show up.

The crowd retorts with various boos, some say children even crying—perhaps paid off.
September 20th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_p8fmx2shbZ1qevcs2o3_250

Roman Reigns—Thursday Night Rollins? What the hell is that? Rollins hasn’t done a damned thing on my show but jump at the opportunity to earn a shot he never should’ve gotten. He came from the other brand straight off a loss in an I quit match. You think he cares about you people? You think he wants to be here? He’s only here because he’s a title hungry failure. Loss after loss after loss… When does it end? Revolt doesn’t need a failure leading the show. One who doesn’t respect the top guy around here… So I did what I had to do and took out the trash. Trash… That’s all there is on this show but I’m here to make it great… But the powers that be continue to insult us.. It’s as if they don’t see what we can do...

Bryon Saxton: Who is this we that Roman keeps referring to? He hasn't explained himself in weeks!  

Roman goes into one of his lifeless states, staring mindlessly at the crowd until he gradually brings the microphone to his lips.

Roman Reigns—Shane Thorne. Who... Who is that? My competition? I don't know where they've found this guy but I hear he's a lost cause... Someone you delusional people believe in and yet he falls every single time. Aren't you all tired of disappointment? Aren't you tired of these false heroes? From what I see he's a failure just like Seth Rollins and yet you've chosen to vote for him at Viewer's Choice... But like Seth Rollins... I'll be sure to make him disappe-

Just before Roman Reigns can finish his sentence he's interrupted by none other than...

*The crowd erupts in cheers as Shane Thorne makes his way out on to the stage, mic in hand*
September 20th, 2018 REVOLT Shane_Thorne_stat--802bcda471be53e01985cdebd390ceb8

Mauro: Well if it isn't Romans opponent tonight Shane Thorne! MAMMA MIA!

Tom: Well, let's hear what he's got to say...

Shane: Roman, I don't know what's going on in that head of yours, or why you seem to suddenly think that you have some kind of imaginary friend these days. What I do know however... is that Byron Saxton is a TERRIBLE announcer!


Mauro: MAMMA MIA!!

*Roman is not amused by Shane's antics*

Shane: Wait, sorry wrong speech. AHEM, Roman... you need help man. I know that you have only recently returned to Revolt and you missed a lot in your absence, allow me to introduce myself. I am Shane Thorne, being perfectly honest I haven't had the best run of late, but I have beaten some big names around here, and I intend on beating another come Viewers choice and maybe... even tonight. I don't know what weirdo crap is going on inside your head Roman, What I do know is that I have a one on one match with you right here tonight, that's right, right here! in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

*The crowd goes insane at this cheapest of pops*

Tom: Ugh, please go back to dissing Byron!

Byron: Hey!

*Shane enters the ring now*
September 20th, 2018 REVOLT Shane-haste-788a4295-d04e-4cf6-9ca1-773c5e8fa18-resize-750

Shane: I need to believe that I have a chance tonight, I need to give all of these people a reason to believe in me at Viewers choice! So Roman, let's not waste anymore time!

The big dog takes on a young competitor.
Roman Reigns vs Shane Thorne

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

After the decimation that was Roman Reigns vs Shane Thorne, Roman Reigns stands up slowly with a serious look on his face. The fans roar with boo's as this disgusting heel glares at a fallen lovable face in Shane Thorne. Roman looks around with what becomes a smug look as he then stares out to the crowd absorbing the boo's. After a few seconds Shane Thorne begins to crawl towards Roman, almost as if to show his fighters spirit. Roman, notices this and chuckles to himself before grabbing Shane by the hair. The Big Dog begins to slowly pick up this young, barely conscious man - like an animal playing with his prey. But, before Reigns can inflict anymore damage to this young man a familiar song blasts through the titantron

Seth Rollins is seen coming out the curtain with a serious expression on his face as the crowd roars with cheers. Roman Reigns immediately let's go of Shane Thorne who goes crashing to the ground - in preparation for Seth Rollins. Reigns beckons Rollins to enter the ring, as Rollins rushes down towards the ring. Immediately Rollins dives through the bottom rope and lunges at Reigns. The two begin locking up with one arm swinging and the other grabbing on to each others head. After a while Roman gets the upper hand kneeing Seth in the stomach and tossing him towards the ropes! Seth Rollins goes crashing outside of the ring as Roman Reigns rolls underneath the ropes towards the announcers table! The crowd begins roaring with boo's as once again Roman Reigns begins removing all the equipment off the table - the fans boo intensify as they begin to witness shades of last week once again. Reigns grabs onto Rollins and forcibly pulls him into a crucifixion power bomb position! However, before delivering another power bomb, Seth begins moving his body like a fish out of water - breaking out of the power bomb position! Rollins then lands on his feet, spinning Reigns around into a devilish super kick! Reigns falls flat on his back towards the table as the crowd goes berserk once again with cheers!!
September 20th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_penhz8ha1d1w46fuyo9_540

Seth looks at Reigns in this vulnerable state then looks up towards the top rope and points towards the top turnbuckle! The crowd begins roaring with cheers once again chanting YES, YES, YES! Rollins nods his head and pushes Reigns body to be fully on the table! He then slides into the ring looking out towards crowd who is beckoning Rollins to finish Roman Reigns! Rollins begins crawling up to the top rope while grabbing his stomach and then stands on the rope pointing one more time at Roman Reigns. The crowd continues their "YES, YES, YES" chants - Seth Rollins nods his head and prepares to leap! However, suddenly Reigns wakes up and rolls off the table. Reigns grabs his head in confusion then realizes where's he's at, as he makes his escape to the ramp! The Big Dog shakes his head no then begins to smirk saying "not today." The crowd roars with boo's as an annoyed and disappointed Seth Rollins jumps off the top rope and back into the ring. Seth watches Roman Reigns make his leave and proceeds to demand a microphone while helping Shane Thorne up to his feet.

Seth Rollins - Roman, you can run now but at Viewers Choice the running is going to stop. You see, last week you made things personal when you took it upon yourself to Crucifix Power Bomb me through that table. So let it be known that I've already spoken to a few guys backstage and come Viewers Choice you and I will be going one on one! And guess what!? These fans, the people you say don't matter - they're going to decide in what match type. Roman Reigns you may think you can do whatever you want and this is your show but come Next Sunday i'm going to show you that this show right here - IS THURSDAY NIGHT ROLLINS!!

September 20th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_pdfi5oWjyM1rmv1vdo2_400

The segment comes to an end at the sight of the crowd roaring with cheers at the sound of this match up. Roman Reigns can be seen with a serious look on his face as he slowly walks backwards up the ramp. Rollins nods his head then turns to Shane muttering some encouraging words to the young competitor. The two quickly shake hands and give a each other a side hug. A frustrated Shane Thorne then looks at Roman Reigns while still in a bit of pain. He stays close to Seth Rollins until the camera fades to black.

The Animal & The Maharaja vs The Demon and Who?
Batista & Jinder Mahal vs Kane & Drew McIntyre

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

He's here! It's The Undertaker! The roof is blown off the building as The Undertaker begins a slow walk towards the ring as he faces a horde of security guards! The Undertaker gives them all a Death stare as the security guards stand there not allowing The Undertaker through them  as he approaches the ring

The Undertaker all fired up but more of the party crashers come running down as more security guards fill around The Undertaker and Drew who is standing in the ring with a lot more Security Guards around him.

The crowd absolutely explode into a frenzy of cheers and chants as The Undertaker squirms The Security Guards backward into the ring apron! The Undertaker grabs of the security men by the Throat The Undertaker then LIFTS HIM UP AND DESTROYS HIM with a devastating Chokeslam signaling the end for Drew.

The Undertaker doesn't smile, he doesn't flinch, he doesn't show any sign of human emotion...He just starts laying waste to most of the security guards before trying to enter the ring where Drew Flees outside of the ring going through the crowd and being a coward as The Undertaker finally makes it into the Ring and grabs a microphone

:The Undertaker:
Drew you're more of a bitch then what I thought son you made a grueling mistake by attacking me boy you're like so many others before you will feel the wrath of Hell striking down upon you... Come Viewers Choice... you will suffer Hell's wrath in a Buried Alive Match!!!

Drew manages to slip backstage just as The Undertaker finishes his ominous warning. The Chosen One quickly walks past producers and personnel as he mutters to himself. Drew comes to the end of the hallway. He looks behind him to make The Deadman is nowhere in sight, but all he sees is nothing. Not even the people he passed by mere seconds earlier are there. Drew shakes his head and walks around the corner. The Scotsman stops almost instantly as a Druid can be seen standing at the other end of the hallway.

Drew searches for an alternative exit as he checks every door between himself and the henchman of darkness. One door finally gives way and McIntyre doesn’t hesitate to enter its domain.

He finds a flashlight and begins to scope his surroundings out. That is until he realizes he has entered a supply closet. A few seconds pass then the door opens as Drew peaks out to see if it safe to move on. The Druid is no longer guarding his escape route although a message has been left on the wall written in what appears to be red paint. McIntyre touches his right hand to the wall and feels the wet substance run through his fingers. This shocks Drew and he immediately runs to his locker room.

Drew reaches the door to his locker room, but doesn’t open it. The camera moves closer to get a clear shot of the door. It has the same message scrawled on it with the same red “paint”. Drew runs his fingers through his hair as he urges the cameraman to open the door.

McIntyre: Is it clear?

The cameraman nods which also inadvertently moves the camera up and down. Drew slams the door behind him and prepares to leave the arena. As he packs his luggage he speaks.

McIntyre: I didn’t ask for this you know. I should be living the high life right now; not running for my life! All I was suppose to do was show him that he isn’t as untouchable as he thinks. It was suppose to be one attack and done, but now I’m at the mercy of his mind games. For crying out loud he’s a Fury superstar! He shouldn’t be here!

Drew zips the gym bag and exits his locker room. He makes a quick dash to the parking lot as the cameraman follows his every action.

McIntyre: He’s just a man. He has no supernatural powers. You hear my Taker! You are nothing more than a feeble old....

Before Drew can complete his sentence he spies his car. He pulls out a set of keys from his bag and unlocks the front door to his escape. A grayish smoke swirls around his feet from an unknown source and this small distraction cause McIntyre to break the key in the lock. He tosses the key and finds a crowbar, which he uses to bash in the driver's window of the car. Shattered glass can be seen scattered all over the front seat as Drew opens the door. He pushes it aside, cutting his hands in the process, and remembers the key is broken.

The Chosen One rests his head on the steering wheel and thinks of a way out as the lights in the garage flicker. Seeing this Drew decides to Hotwire his car. As he is busy with this task the cameraman urges him to look up. McIntyre ignores him and continues with his work.

McIntyre: Whatever it is can wait. I’m almost done.

Drew stares up for a brief second and all he can see are four druids blocking his exit. Interpreting this as a figment of his imagination Drew attempts to start the car, but nothing happens. The Chosen One doesn’t take his gaze off of the druids as he steps out of the car. He pops up the hood and is shocked. The engine is completely gone. In its place is a small stone tablet with the letters “Rest in Peace” carved into it.

McIntyre: None of this is real. The Undertaker can’t do something like this. He’s just a man!

Drew turns around and stares at the druids who march closer to him with every passing second. The lights flicker more and then start to dim as Drew is on his knees begging for mercy. The last scene the camera catches is a bloody Drew McIntyre being encircled by the druids. Drew let’s out a scream as the camera feed goes black ending the segment...

A Young Champion vs The Veteran Champion
Kevin Owens vs Brock Lesnar

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

The referee calls for the bell after Brock pins the EVO champion off a devastating F5. The Beast Incarnate quickly jumps to his feet and taunts the broken Kevin Owens while medical staff and the referee attend to him. The camera then catches Triple H walking up the entrance ramp clapping. The Revolt general manager enters the ring where he shakes Brock Lesnar's hand and is seen mouthing the words "job well done".  
September 20th, 2018 REVOLT Triple-h-welcomes-brock-lesnar-665x385-1426226255

Before Triple H and Lesnar can continue their post match celebration, a voice is heard. Unable to see where its coming from, both Triple H and Brock look around shook. A spotlight then shines on Bobby Roode in the crowd as he holds a microphone. The fans repeatedly chant "Roode! Roode! Roode!". They all come to a silence as Roode begins to speak towards both men in the ring.
September 20th, 2018 REVOLT BhAGx7xCAAMRNK8

Bobby Roode: As if you two couldn't get anymore despicable, you jump me before my match with The Rock. Robbing these great fans of the rematch they never got to see. Now earlier in the night I told you both that "you'll get yours" and I meant it. You seem to have forgotten I have the best lawyers around. Not only are they great at getting me out of legal trouble, but they can find loopholes in almost any contract. After I recovered from the mugging earlier, I called up my lawyer and had him take a look at that contract you had made. It states that "I cannot lay a finger on you or Brock until the bell rings at Viewers Choice". It didn't say anything about getting someone else to put you two in your place.  

This pops the crowd as they wonder who would help The Glorious One get his revenge. Triple H throws off his sports coat and begins unbuttoning and rolling up his sleeves. Brock gets stanced and ready to square up with anyone has to offer. Roode leaves the fans waiting in anticipation before speaking again.

Bobby Roode: Remember when you had me falsely arrested and I spent the entire week in prison? Well during my stay I made a couple of friends. Some were actually fans of mine and provided me with protection in the event I needed it. Prison life mainly revolves around respect and loyalty. You see, I'm not a man who forgets these kinda things. I, with my own money, personally bailed out some good buddies I made while locked up. They love GLORIOUS Bobby Roode, but I can't say they're very big fan of yours. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome some personal friends of mine straight from the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego, Cell Block Four!!!

Multiple scruffy looking convicts in orange jumpsuits all begin running down to the ring while Bobby Roode sits on a ladies lap in the audience watching along. Triple H and Brock begin throwing hard strikes to the head of each convict as they enter the ring making them take back bumps. It eventually becomes too much for both men to handle as the ring becomes flooded with convicts. They get Triple H corned as they jump him all throwing wild and rapid punches. Brock manages to fight a few off before being forced to retreat. He quickly exits the ring the first chance he gets. Brock Lesnar watches the convicts beat down on Triple H while he slowly backs up the entrance ramp. The convicts all pick up Triple H as if he were crowd surfing and toss him outside the ring near Lesnar. Roode then runs down to the ring and joins Cell Block Four.

September 20th, 2018 REVOLT WearyWarmBuzzard-size_restricted

Bobby Roode: Now THAT was truly GLORIOUS! I'll be seeing you this Sunday at Viewers Choice, Brock.

All the convicts follow along as Roode tosses his hands in the air twirling them before shouting "GLORIOUS". Two rather large convicts who look like henchmen in a Batman game lift Roode up on their shoulders as all the fans cheer for him. An irate Brock Lesnar picks up Triple H, puts his lifeless body over his right shoulder, and walks to the back. One of the convicts spots the World Heavyweight Championship dropped by Brock on the canvas. He picks up the title and hands it to Roode. Bobby Roode stares at the title and displays a huge smile realizing it could be his come this Sunday. He lifts the title in the air to a huge standing ovation as the show comes to an end.

Thursday Night Revolt.
PWG Inc. 2018 ©
Team Revolt Productions.

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September 20th, 2018 REVOLT
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