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 September 17th, 2018 FURY

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September 17th, 2018 FURY Empty
PostSubject: September 17th, 2018 FURY   September 17th, 2018 FURY Icon_minitime9/17/2018, 12:43 pm

Monday Night FURY
September 17th, 2018
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
PPG Paints Arena

September 17th, 2018 FURY PPG-Paints-arena

SHOW NAME: The Last Breath

PWG Championship Contract Signing
September 17th, 2018 FURY Contract_Signing

Quote :

The camera pans to the ring as JBL can be seen holding his jaw with a sense of arrogance and anger about him as he speaks.
September 17th, 2018 FURY 5bc91e8b9c4a19d89e45b39c2773324fd5d7817c_hq

Jbl : Now ladies and gentlemen.. Welcome to Monday Night Fury!

The crowd cheers as JBL almost cuts them off almost instantly as he rubs his jaw.

JBL : Now between that punch in the face last week from that bitc....I mean great talent Sasha Banks... And yours truly gonna beat some respect into John Cena this comin Sunday! We have the contract signing for the... “A” Show and the championship! Mr.Fortune Johnny Gargano!
September 17th, 2018 FURY JohnnyGargano

The crowd cheers for their underdog hero! As Johnny holds the case high for the crowd hopping to the top rope and staring both men down after soaking in the cheers he hops down.

Jbl : The Lunatic Fringe And Fury proud since day one... Dean Ambrose!!!!
September 17th, 2018 FURY Dean-ambrose

The crowd boos the sick sadistic man standing in front of them.As Ambrose looks them over from the corner of his eye but simply returns his gaze to the PWG Championship almost ignoring Johnny.

Jbl : And the champ who runs the camp!!! Your PWG Champion A...J... Styles!!!
September 17th, 2018 FURY AJ-Styles

AJ holds the title high to another eruption of cheers for the odds on favorite! As Johnny and Dean both stare into it, almost lost in a trance.

JBL : Now a few statements and warnings for these men...The contract in front of you is for the Main Event, of the inaugural Viewers Choice! A night where not only your Wrestling Gawd steps back into the ring, but Fury’s finest duke it out for that! The company belt... Now the match your signing for could be one of three...

JBL is cut of by a tapping sound. Once...Twice...Three times till the crowd falls silent as Ambrose clears his throat.

Dean : AJ... Something seems to be lost in translation... I don’t wanna harm your family... In fact I pity them... They seem like good people it’s a shame they will pay the price...

AJ stares Dean down as PWG’s Lunatic continues.

Dean : Now I’m a different kind of man than your used too... When most men or women hold a microphone they talk for the sake of talking... When I speak I turn heads and I command attention... All attention is focused on me every time I speak! I’m almost like a sadistic microphone maestro... I don’t tell you things to intimidate you... I tell you this to warn you... Ladder, Elimination, Falls Count Anywhere?

The crowd stays silent almost proving Dean’s statement correct.

Dean : Place whatever label you want on it, sell as many tickets as you can JBL... Because no one has worked harder or longer for that Championship than me... It’s been one year... This January it’s a full calendar year... And I still haven’t held that Championship!!!!

Dean slams his hands down screaming with a sadistic passion that almost makes you feel for him.
September 17th, 2018 FURY Raw_02022014jg_0228-1444565582-800

Dean : I’ve been down and out! Laughed at! And I’ve bled oh you damn sure believe I’ve bled... But anyone that’s faced me knows the type of pain that I have planned for you...

AJ tries to speak but Dean’s screams out and cuts him off.

Dean : You shut your god damn mouth!!! I’ve played this song and dance for a year now... I don’t care how many people think I’m a joke, that I have no chance, that AJ is just checking off another name... Look into my eyes...

Dean stares into the camera with a look we’ve never seen. Almost like this is his breaking point, almost like he only exists for this match.

Dean : I found this mindset six months ago. I was told there was nothing left by my wife. No reason, no, conscience, no understanding and even the most rudimentary sense of life or death, of good or evil, right or wrong. All I know is glory and that... As long as I have a breath in my body, a pulse, or... Even an ability to think... I promise you Mark my words Dean Ambrose will finally win the big one... And I don’t plan on having a lot of accolades when I finally call it a career... That PWG Championship will be my one and only reign, no one or nothing will take it away from me... I have nothing left... That is everything to me...You pray to whatever god you think can save you...

Almost feeling like a one on one for a second, Johnny cuts in and changes that mindset instantly by saying...

September 17th, 2018 FURY Image?

Johnny: “Dean...Shut your mouth man! I mean jeez a lil toothpaste or a mint won’t hurt that bad you downer”

Some laughter is heard at Johnny’s insult as Ambrose steps rights into the face of Gargano for taking his words lightly.

Johnny: “Woah woah woah, easy now. But Dean it seems like you’ve forgotten that AJ is not the only man you are stepping into that ring with Sunday. You’re looking at the FIRST EVER Mr. Fortune. And man I went through literal hell to get that briefcase, just like I’ll come straight out of Hell with the PWG Championship at Viewers Choice!

A quick pop is heard as Gargano then turns his attention to AJ, stepping right up into the face of the champion.

Johnny: “ I hope that this Sunday that you not only have your attention on Dean but also on me. Because you know very damn well from last week what I can do to you. I left you unconscious on the ground and I’m not afraid to do the same thing again. Heh maybe Wendy will be calling me Daddy after Sunday.”

The crowd goes wild over what Johnny just said and an angered AJ gets rights into the face of Gargano barking his mouth at Johnny, but Gargano just responds with a laugh. JBL has to step in between the two to stop them from fighting.

September 17th, 2018 FURY DistinctFocusedGrosbeak-size_restricted

Johnny: “I promise that this Sunday, that Johnny Wrestling will be walking out not as Mr. Fortune, but as PWG Champion. Now JBL, where do I sign?”

JBL points to the dotted line as Johnny writes down his signature on the contract making his cash in official.

September 17th, 2018 FURY Tumblr_o7e8o2PIhr1shsq9jo1_540

AJ Styles is still staring straight daggers through Johnny Gargano for his offhanded disrespect of his wife and mother of his children. The Phenomenal One then switches his gaze to The Lunatic Fringe.

You make all the damn promises you want, Dean, hell your lost mind actually believes them. But you want this championship for all the WRONG reasons... and that's why you'll never get it. Cause make no mistake about it Dean, the only OPTION is for guys like me to beat guys like you! Guys who'd rather have their woman Fear him than Love him. Guys who do nothing but hurt all their loved ones for their own selfish desires of destruction. Well, I'm going to be the one to make your twisted fantasy a reality. Because why you fight despite those who care about you, I fight FOR each and every damn one who cares about me! My Children, my Wife, the PWG Universe, every kid out there wearing my Gloves - they are who drive me to be the BEST EVER! And being their PWG Champion, that's how I pay them my respect for their support... That's the difference between me and you Dean. You tapped out the the Garga-No-Escape because you have no one to fight for. Why I didn't because I have EVERYTHING TO FIGHT FOR! So take it as the Gospel, that my cold dead fingertips will have to be pryed off this championship before I let a Snake like you represent PWG...

Some "Ohhhhhs" are heard as AJ now takes a step closer to Dean causing the tension in the arena to build even further.

You Snaked your way into Broken Promises; you snaked your way into GrandStand - and since you keep mentioning my Family - it's just like you Snaked Renee into a Marriage!

The audience nearly comes unglued at the usually respectful PWG Champion taking a very personal shot at Dean Ambrose; although one has to wonder just how much it affected The Lunatic Fringe given his state of mind. JBL, however, isn't taking any chances and immediately gets between the two men to prevent a brawl from erupting before the original two Superstars in the match could sign the contract. The Champ now decides to turn his attention to Mr. Fortune Johnny Gargano who has a smug expression.
September 17th, 2018 FURY Aj-styles-2

And just like you, Johnny, who Snaked your way into the Viewers Choice title match, Oh yeah, you went through Hell to win that Case at Fortune, but you won't be wrestling the Devil at Viewers Choice, cause in this ring between these ropes - I'M GOD! I'M UNTOUCHABLE! I'M THE PHENOMENAL ONE!

A loud pop is heard as the Fans seem to be firmly behind their Champion.

But you already know that, Johnny, that's why you never cashed in for that Singles match you kept talking about. But hey, at least you're not stupid; hoping to catch lightning in a bottle once more and win the Big One at the expense of the Sociopath next to us. The only problem is you already showed me your true colors...

AJ now takes a step closer to Johnny 'Wrestling' building the tension higher once again.

I respected you Johnny, hell, I've been rooting for you since you got your Second Chance in PWG. But last week, you continued to interfere in my business with Dean. You blind sided me with attacks; you tried to split my damn head open with a Baseball Bat! And now you take cheap shots at my Wife... After you won the case I thought you could be the One to finally take over and be 'The Man' of PWG. Be the one to lead the best promotion on the planet into the next Decade... But I was wrong. You're just as blinded by lust as Dean is for this Championship. Nah, you're just like the rest of them...

AJ takes a step back and looks at both Gargano & Ambrose before finishing his thought.

And just like each and every one of them in the past - The Georgia Pitbull will be the one to put you both down! At Viewers Choice I'm going to make you Famous, Johnny, when you become the first Mr. Fortune to fail his cash-in... And Dean, well you're already Famous for coming up short...

AJ sets his microphone down on the table and inks his Signature next to Gargano's, leaving only Ambrose's signature to make the Viewers Choice match official.

Dean stares at AJ almost lost in thought as the crowd continues to chant for AJ Styles, Ambrose closes his eyes almost soaking it in as you hear his gravely voice respond.

Dean : I’m supposed to be labeled a loser... Cause I’m not supposed to win the title this Sunday... Ain’t that right JBL?

JBL looks concerned as Ambrose stares him down.

Dean : Well news flash I’m not supposed to be standing here! But I am... Homeless kids aren’t supposed to graduate high school but I did...I wasn’t supposed to become a successful wrestler, I wasn’t supposed to become a champion in every company I’ve ever stepped into all except this one...

Dean can be seen grabbing something from under the table as AJ steps forward as just than Ambrose connects with a huge bat shot off the eye of AJ Styles! Much to the shock of JBL, Johnny, and the PWG universe.

Johnny attempts to run toward Dean as he too is smacked in the face with the bat! As Dean grabs a stunned Johnny and Powerbombs him through the table! Ambrose slowly looks up toward JBL who escapes and exits the ring before Ambrose scoops up the contract.
September 17th, 2018 FURY Dean-Ambrose-Kendo

Dean : This bad boy is what Johnny attempted to use just last week...

Ambrose dips his finger on the blood streaked across the bat from AJ’s face as he slowly wipes it on the contract, before shortly grabbing the pen and signing over the blood to an eruption of boos.

Dean : Never bring up my wife and never call me a joke.... at Viewers Choice... I finally claim the PWG Championship...And you two just made the biggest mistake anyone can make... You made this personal...

Ambrose slams the microphone down as he slowly picks up the PWG Championship and holds it high for the first time in his career over both AJ and Johnny! Ambrose falls into the corner clutching the title and the contract as we head to commercial break...

September 17th, 2018 FURY Giphy

Two Families Collide
The New Day vs The Wyatt Family

Quote :

winners via SIM:

With the hit of a familiar young woman's music, a chorus of boo's would enter the arena. Immediately Paige is seen walking out with a huge smile planted on her face. She does a little spin before turning around and gesturing for someone to come out with her finger. After a few seconds, Maryse is seen coming out in a fresh attire laughing as well. The boos intensify OD. Paige is seen laughing wrapping her arm around Maryse's neck while Maryse wraps her arm around Paige's waist. The two slowly make their way down to the ring as the crowd continues to boo them. The two enter the ring collecting two microphones on the way in.

September 17th, 2018 FURY Tumblr_o94qbeDLHE1rmv1vdo3_400

Paige mocks the crowd once more before speaking.

Paige - Oh what's that? I'm sorry I don't understand what any of you people in TRASH ASS PENNSYLVANIA ARE SAYING BECAUSE I DON'T SPEAK THE LANGUAGE OF PIGS. Sorry, sorry, sorry, nope, nope, nope - all I hear is snorting sorry - I mean I can tell people are mad... I mean what, did you think you had seen the end of us? No, we're just getting started and by the way - Ember Moon you will get fucked up in do time. But for now, I thought why not help out a sister out and notice the key word there... SISTER. You see last week I heard what you had to say Nikki Bella. I mean with what face did you think you could come out here and disrespect Maryse like that? You love spilling the tea huh? Well how about you let a real Brit show an uncultured Mexican swine like yourself what real tea being spilled looks like. You want to come out here and say Maryse is a fake bitch?! Well that's really funny coming from a slut whose 99 percent plastic. You see, this woman right is someone you wish you could be and you don't have to admit it but we all know you're just jealous of her. Jealous because she's thick and that's thick two C's. Jealous because she can take what she wants, when she wants. Jealous because she has a real sister she can rely on in me - unlike you with your dysfunctional ass family.

The crowd begins roaring with deafening boo's
September 17th, 2018 FURY Tumblr_ob57qnS1su1uxtjooo4_500

Paige - Oh what, you disgusting pigs don't like to hear the truth huh!?! Well the truth hurts - and the truth is tonight Nikki Bella is going to learn first hand what happens when you mess with a real woman. Tonight I'm going to pummel Nikki Bella to the ground - so much so that she won't even be able to make it to Viewers Choice. And when we're done with you the only thing you'll be remembered as is just another disgusting THOT that Maryse and I disposed of.

Once the hostile crowd gradually fades away, Maryse takes the microphone from her accomplice with a smug expression depicted upon her face. That conniving smile remains fixated upon her lips which she parts to speak once the crowd fizzles out.
September 17th, 2018 FURY Tumblr_ok5mgqIkVr1rmv1vdo3_400

Maryse - Très bien dit. Je n'aurais pas pu le dire mieux. (The crowd responds to her French with what chants) Je t'ai oublié les idiots ne comprennent pas le français. (Another 'what' chant breaks out) You know it really doesn't matter what happens at Viewer's Choice. It doesn't matter who gets chosen for what because at the end of the day my accomplice and I are destined to be winners. Nikki may have been something on that shit show Revolt but over here, she's nothing but an idiotic has-been who hasn't realized that she'll be nothing on the Paige and Maryse show...

Now she may have gotten lucky tag teaming with Shrek but she won't get lucky when she goes one on one with the future of this company. And like my partner stated, she isn't even going to make it past Viewer's Choice and if she does, she'll eat another French Kiss and lose 1...2...3.

See you tonight, salope.

Maryse flicks the microphone over her shoulder. Both women laugh in the ring, absorbing the crowd's negative reaction until the cameras evidently fade to the next segment.

*Renee Young catches up with Kevin Nash as he's getting ready for his match against Baron Corbin*
September 17th, 2018 FURY Kevin_Nash_Pro

RY: Kevin Nash! Not on such a hot-streak as of late, what can you attribute to that?

KN: Renee, I'm not even sure what you're talking about..

RY: You have lost your last 2 matches, one being a match for the PWG Championship. Your most recent loss was to Samoa Joe. I -

*Nash cuts her off*

KN: I lost to a champion and then I lost to one of the best this company has to offer. What do you want me to say? Ah jeez, if I would have done this or that? No, I did what I could and that's that. But tonight, Corbin better watch out, Big Daddy's hungry for a W.

RY: So sure you'll get that W?

KN: All I'm sure of is that I'm ready to kick someone's ass..

*Kevin Nash walks away*

RY: Back to you guys at ringside..

Who Will Bonce Back?
Kevin Nash vs Baron Corbin

Quote :

Corbin and Nash lock up.
Corbin gets the upper hand and slams Nash onto the Matt.
Corbin picks him back but but he reverses, throwing Corbin into the ropes.
He runs at Corbin but he pushes Nash over the top rope outside the ring.
Corbin follows and picks up Nash by the legs, performing a powerbomb.
He follows up by hitting a second powerbomb.
He then throws Nash back into the ring.
Nash reverses Corbin’s next grapple attempt and goes for a finisher.
Corbin reverses and hits an End of Days. He goes for the pin and is successful.
Corbin Wins.

Cena comes out and the fans are on their feet. Once he gets in the ring he grabs a mic.
September 17th, 2018 FURY 3EE9DF7C-92C5-4354-BE4B-06F3B17B0213_zpsdhtz1lvx

Cena: Last week I got that sorry son of a bitch. I told JBL I am going take his old ass to school. Let's be honest, he has hidden behind his suit for a long time but come Viewers Choice, there's no hiding from me cause I'm given him an ass kicking of a lifetime.

Cena puts one finger up in the air.
September 17th, 2018 FURY 536132F7-9398-4A13-8E9C-8BCE59C933B4_zpsaz2ktvoh

Cena: One vote can change the outcome of which type of match we're having at Viewers Choice. So just letting the fans know how bad I want JBL in an Extreme Rules match. It's the one match I can beat the absolute crap out of him with anything I get my hands on. JBL walks around here like he's a mayor, but the fact is he's just some old man who's scared of getting his teeth knocked down his throat!

Fans chant "Let's go Cena!"
September 17th, 2018 FURY 93B7CD2E-1068-46E7-A466-C2A58C5DBA51_zpscfla13s6

Cena: Tonight I get the chance at little payback with my tag partner the Undertaker! The one time I could actually use the help with beating a couple of Goons is now! Taker's ready. I'm ready. So let's get this show on the road.


Fading away almost immediately, the music ceases and is replaced by the hostile crowd's deafening boo's. Sauntering down the ring is the general manager of Fury with a livid expression depicted upon his countenance. Give the heinous actions committed by John Cena, his reaction is warranted. Beckoning for a microphone and entering the ring devoid of the goons, John comes face to face with John Cena.

September 17th, 2018 FURY Tumblr_inline_pai5txjgoL1snpcgq_540

JBL—What are ya’ stupid, son?! I’m old?! Do you pay attention or are you so focused on your damned delusions that you can’t see what’s been going on!? Do you remember Jason Jordan? Do you remember that boy? Do you remember how much the crowd loved him? Now do you remember what happened when he demanded things he couldn’t earn? HE LOST AGAINST ME AT GRANDSTAND! CLOTHESLINES FROM HELL 1…2….3! OLD? YOU COULDN’T EVEN BEAT THE UNDERTAKER WHO’S WELL PAST HIS YEARS, JOHN.

The crowd gives a mixed reaction knowing there is truth in Bradshaw's words.

JBL— And now you're here practically begging the fans to vote for an extreme rules match. What's wrong, Cena? Aren't you always ready for a fight? Or do you know you won't make it in a gauntlet match agaisnt me? You can do everything and anything in the company, right? After all, nothing is impossible for delusional John except winning... Y'know something... I ought to fire you but despite your losing streak, you make me money. You make this company some god damned revenue which you means you’re worth somethin’ boy. But that don’t mean I gotta treat you right and that’s why at Viewer’s Choice I’m going to beat some sense into ya’. And when I beat ya'... When I pin you flat on the ground, your life officially belongs to me. And you know what that means? When I say jump, you jump. When I say talk, you talk. When I tell you to do something, you do it. You signed your life away to me when you disrespected me, John. I hope you can life your life knowing you'll be nothing more than JBL's Corporate BITCH!

The PWG universe is caught off guard by the use of language, even the commentators are stunned by the general manager's words. An irate Cena proceeds to remove his shirt almost as if saying he's ready for Viewer's Choice now. That is until he glances past JBL's shoulders and notices JBL's goons sauntering down the ramp with ill intentions in mind.

September 17th, 2018 FURY Tumblr_oo6pyb2ndc1w96dxio3_400

And then the lights go out. The crowd comes fully alive, all doubt fading away as another gong sounds and the ominous theme of the Deadman begins to play over the speakers.

As the gong sounds, the stage begins to fill with smoke and the titantron comes to life with lightning strikes. The arena taking an eerie shade of purple. The camera zooms up the stage right into the smoke, searching for it. And then they find it. Standing amidst the smoke... The one and only - Phenom.

Just a mere silhouette within the smoke, the Deadman stands tall, not moving, allowing the camera to get up to him. The camera spins around him, revealing the man himself from the side.

The Undertaker is obviously emotionless as he stares down at the ring, still stationary. A few moments pass then he takes off in a slowed stride, making his way to the ring.

The Undertaker has made it halfway down the ramp by now, his slow and usual stride carrying him. Once he reaches the bottom of the ramp, he halts, as though planning his next move. Behind him on the stage, fire erupts, as though signaling for him to move.

He snaps to his left, walking over to the stairs. Once reaching them, he turns to them and pulls out his trench coat, allowing him to climb them more easily. He climbs them and halts at the top, raising his hands into the air, causing the lights to come on. He then crosses onto the apron and enters the ring, holding onto his hat. He crosses the ring now, taking a mic from a ring hand and turning back to the middle of the ring as the lights dim throughout the arena. He faces JBL and his Goons and brings the mic to his lips.

September 17th, 2018 FURY 20091008_SD_undertaker_promo

:The Undertaker:
Time and time again, I have walked into this company, and hear this old man is past his prime I showed Cena why I'm still the deadman "The Phenom" and why this is still my yard.. JBL I Chokeslammed your beloved boss straight to Hell, we haven't seen him since than.. the only difference between us JBL, is you're in a suit with two ungrateful bitches as you're Goons, and I'm the legend that everyone fears... Cena earned my respect and I'll be damned if I watch a bunch of little maggots like yourselves Triple Team a guy and have no judgment... I would like to see you try that with me...

The Undertaker lowers the mic, allowing this to sink in as the crowd cheers him.

Cena Seeks an Ally
The Revival vs John Cena & The Undertaker

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

Ziggler stares at a camera from his home in Hollywood Florida
September 17th, 2018 FURY Tumblr_nudre2SkuP1tchj8go2_500

Ziggler: Baron Corbin.... JAKE ROBERTS! Two men in the spotlight. Two men who I also happened to beat before. Also two men who are nowhere near as talented in the squared circle. I hit the most picture perfect dropkicks in the business they can’t even hit a Dropkick at all. No one can touch me in terms of raw talent! And opportunities are handed to these less talented stars over and over and over AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!! But that can be forgiven. You have given me these people who are complete JOKES. Like Roberts, Goldust, and Corbin. I have proven they aren’t on my level so why does this keep HAPPENING!? My time is now. Dolph Ziggler will change the world and as much as “THEY” think they can hold me down there ain’t no stopping me. Give me someone worthy of my skill and I will do what I do best. STEAL THE SHOW!!!

*Ziggler Superkicks the camera and exits the room*

*The camera cuts to the all to familiar backstage area as Joe can be seen getting ready for his match, he cocks his head at the camera*

This thing on?

*A slight smirk escapes his mouth as Joe wipes his nose*
September 17th, 2018 FURY Samoa-Joe-NXT-42016-645x366

Hey Bill? Can you hear me? Or has dementia gotten to you? Your back sore? Or can you even hear me old man?

*Joe laughs a bit, but a stern face appears on the challenger*

No no no, I know it's not that. Actually you've been racking up the W's as of late haven't you? Who's Next? Who's Next... You want a challenge...

I'm Next Bill... and yes, I've been fantasizing this match for years now... but especially these past two weeks.

Who's Next?

You're BIGGEST BADDEST challenge yet... you see I'm not a deranged mute with a lantern... or hell... I'm not even A lunatic... I'm something much much worse...


The Next United States Champion... the man who sends shivers down opponents spine... the man who hasn't held Gold here on Fury cause I've been to busy CARRYING this show on top of my ability... my mic performance and my devilishly good looks.

*Joe smirks*


Well Bill it's simple... I know you revolve around thous two words... so tonight when you get a taste of how it is to go toe to toe with me you think of thous two words... and you wrap your brain around WHO'S NEXT.

Because Bill... I'm going to make you dread another two words...

*Joe pauses for dramatic effect*

Who's Next?

Samoa Joe.

*Joe walks off camera*

A Rematch for Redemption
Ember Moon vs Becky Lynch

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

As the bell rings Ember Moons holds the back of her head soaking in that hard-fought match.

As the referee walks over to Ember a flustered Sasha Banks storms the ring and smashes Ember with the title clocking her in the back of the head to a chorus of boos!

Sasha looks sympathetic to Becky for a second, but snaps out of it and lays a boot on Embers chest holding the title high over both women with a mic in hand as she speaks up.
September 17th, 2018 FURY Sasha-Raw101016-ii

Sasha : Oh shut your mouths! Your acting like she didn’t just assault me? Oh let me guess you self-entitled pricks?? I’m in the wrong per usual huh? No surprise...

Sasha rolls her eyes.

Sasha : Just like how stalking me at an airport at three in the morning is acceptable behavior? But yet I can’t have some time to myself. The worlds dumbest fan base can’t understand that? Big shock... I tried to be your hero... I tried to make an example... Screw That!

Sasha kicks Ember out of the ring.

Sasha : Where did that get me?? You people still cheer Ember and that fake bitch Nikki Bella... But yet I can be cast out? Forgotten?! I’m the damn women’s division! Legit Boss isn’t just a title! I am the Boss!!! I am the women’s division, I’m the first ever Woman’s Champion and I’m “THE” Fury superstar since day one... This Sunday I make history one more time with or without any of you...
September 17th, 2018 FURY Raw-results-october3

Sasha closes her eyes and holds the title to herself almost in an obsessive manner as she then lays the title in the ring. As we head to commercial break.

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September 17th, 2018 FURY Empty
PostSubject: Re: September 17th, 2018 FURY   September 17th, 2018 FURY Icon_minitime9/17/2018, 12:44 pm

Nikki comes out with smile on her face to a rambunctious crowd.
September 17th, 2018 FURY Normal_040_SD_01172017ej_0711--376e15c61c584bb170ad13035d3a1d40_zpsj3mu0qld

Nikki slides into the ring and grabs a mic.
September 17th, 2018 FURY Normal_WWE_Smackdown_Live_01_03_17_720p_HDTV_H264-XWT_mp4_20170103_223604_687_zpsmkg1jgoz

Nikki: I am sick and tired of that bimbo Maryse! She's gotten under my skin for the last time. She needs to remember I was the leader of this women’s division. Before I lost my title, I was undefeated and there still isn't one woman who could say they were longest reigning women’s champion. Every night I put my heart, my sou,l my body on the line, just to be the best.

Nikki remains serious.*
September 17th, 2018 FURY Normal_WWE_Smackdown_Live_01_03_17_720p_HDTV_H264-XWT_mp4_20170103_223616_942_zpsu8bza9z6

Nikki: I’m not going let Maryse words get to me because unlike her, I've actually done something in this company. That’s why at Viewers Choice I’m going to shut her up. Somebody needs to because if I don’t nobody will. She walks around like she owns the locker room news but butter cup, you don't .

Fans cheer for Nikki louder*
September 17th, 2018 FURY Normal_WWE_Smackdown_Live_01_03_17_720p_HDTV_H264-XWT_mp4_20170103_223644_347_zpsrqp4kpfe

Nikki: Everyday I listen to these fans cheer. They cheer not because I am garbage or fake. No, they cheer me because I am fearless. I don’t walk over egg shells like Maryse does, this is my ring and I’ll fight for it every night. So Maryse why don’t act like a real woman and not like some bimbo you already are.

The dynamic duo of Paige and Maryse make their presence known to the crowd once more. The reaction remains the same, children and women booing while some men cat call the two. The both of them seem unfazed, in fact they're in good spirits. Did they receive good news or do they have something sinister in mind?

Booker T: I don't like the look on their faces, dawg. Somethin's up.

Corey Graves: What are you smoking, Booker?! All I see is two Queens gracing us with their beauty twice in one night.

September 17th, 2018 FURY Tumblr_pckmwdoART1vjciejo2_400

Eventually making their way into the ring, Maryse is yet again face to face with Nikki Bella. The only exception this time is that her accomplice Paige is right beside her.

Maryse: Real woman? The only real women in this ring are standing right in front of you. I can't say the same for you especially when you refused to get in the ring earlier when we called you out. Fearless Leader, right? More like Fearful Leader if you ask me.

How many times do I have to tell you that no one cares about your past accomplishments. No one cares if you were the leader of the division long ago. That was then and this is now... Your supposed fans out in the attendance, they care about the now. And right now, you aren't anything but a bottom feeder who lost to me in less than ten minutes. Imagine that, one of the longest reigning champions lost to someone who hasn't accomplished anything in this company. It's pathetic and if what you say is true. That every day you put your body on the line to be the best? Then I guess when you lost to me, your best wasn't good enough.

Maryse pauses to get into Nikki's face. There's an air of confidence we haven't seen from her lately, maybe because of Paige who laughs in the distance.
September 17th, 2018 FURY Tumblr_o9i0slBqXj1rmv1vdo2_400

Maryse: You're just as delusional as your pig of a boyfriend and I've got some news for you. You may not be shivering in your boots now but you will be when my partner Paige decides the stipulation for our match at Viewer's Choice. And from what I hear, the votes for Paige are racking up quickly... So what does that say about you? That nobody cares about your pathetic ass anymore, bitch.

Ah, the b-word. Enough to get the crowd's attention and also an excellent way to rile up one's opponent. Undoubtedly doing its job, Nikki attempts to pounce on Maryse only for the referee to hold her back. Maryse laughs alongside Paige, she slithers outside of the ring and allows for the match to begin. Will Nikki prove triumphant before Viewer's Choice?

A Taste of Viewers Choice
Paige w/ Maryse vs Nikki Bella

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

* We return from a match on FURY, the camera takes us to the backstage hallways. We then see United States Champion Goldberg wander around the area. *

September 17th, 2018 FURY 2hpfgy

* Something then catches Goldberg's eyes, he then turns more serious and clears his voice *

You! Come over here.

* The camera then reveals it's none other than Eddie Guerrero that he's speaking to. They then stand face to face. *

We're on the same page tonight, ONLY because it was booked this way. So listen up, i don't care what business you have with that old snake. I'll let you get his hands on him, ONLY if i don't have to carry you in this. I don't want to be bothered when i brutalize Joe.

September 17th, 2018 FURY 2hpfq2

* Goldberg & Eddie's staredown intensifies. *

Simply said, don't F*CK up! I don't feel like leaving THREE men wasted in the ring tonight.

Eddie approaches Goldberg and the two come face to face and a tense staredown pursues. The serious gaze of Eddie Guerrero doesn't let up while the same from Goldberg who also occasionally rotates his neck and moves his shoulders, flexing his usual way. The tension breaks as Eddie smirks then begins to address Goldberg's threats.

Eddie Guerrero: look, Holmes, you may be US champion and you act all tough essay but don't forget... don't you forget for one second who it is you're talking to. I'm Eddie Guerrero Holmes. I've been PWG champion so before you want to keep flexing your power and that championship remember that you are not on my level yet. All this tough talk essay vato will get you nowhere, instead of flaunting championship maybe you should focus on our match. The way I see it, you and me... We got this no problem BUT.... can I trust you calbrone? Only way we lose is if you or I getting the disadvantage in numbers. All I know is I'll trust you tonight but you better not betray me.

Eddie then backdrops out of the frame and the camera pans back to Goldberg. Goldberg still keeps the intense gaze while the shot lingers for a moment before cutting to commercial break.

Match of the Night
Falls Count Anywhere
Sasha Banks vs Asuka

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

PWG Fury returns from commercial break to find the cameras following none other than old Mean Gene Okerlund in the backstage area. Gene has a microphone and raises it to speak to the PWG Universe.

Okerlund: Ladies and gentlemen, I am here tonight to conduct a special interview with a man that I have a lot of history with Jake "The Snake" Roberts. PWG officials called me in after Jake's actions the last few weeks to avoid issues with their regular interviewers. Now I have made contact with Roberts since my assignment and have been told where I can find him so lets get there folks.

Gene leads the camera into the depths of the arena before coming into a dark hallway leading to Roberts "locker room". Okerlund enters and finds himself in the showers where the room is filled with steam. Jake is seen kneeling on the ground over his python Damien. Roberts looks up and sees Okerlund before getting to his feet to speak to him.
September 17th, 2018 FURY Hqdefault

Okerlund: Well ladies and gents, it would appear that we have found Jake Roberts here with Damien in the showers. Jake, what in the world are we doing in the showers?

Roberts: Because this is my time Gene. I didn't ask to talk to you did I? Damien didn't either so if you want to speak to us then you will do so here. Now ask your questions Gene or get out...

Okerlund: Alright Jake lets get down to business then. Since your return to the wrestling world you have been targeting one Eddie Guerrero; the question on everyone's mind is why attack him Jake?

Roberts: Why do we dance with the devil in the pale moonlight Gene? Huh? You want to know why I am attacking Guerrero it's quite simple really...Eddie deceived the whole world when he pretended to be deceased for the last thirteen years. He made a mockery out of his legacy and the legacy of those who paved the way for him. When I look at Eddie I don't see a man Gene I see prey. I see a shade of the man Guerrero used to be and I am here to expose him.

Okerlund: Expose him what do you mean by that Jake?

Roberts: It's simple, isn't it Gene? I mean Eddie Guerrero has lied, cheated, and stolen his entire life so why should death be any different? Since he has reemerged from his self imposed exile he has resumed his actions and worked his way into title opportunities even taking the PWG Championship. Well now its time for Eddie to build some trust with the PWG faithful. You see no one knows how to lie like the Snake and at Viewer's Choice I have decided that I am going to show the world the truth about Eddie Guerrero.

Okerlund shifts uncomfortably as Damien writhes closer to him in Jake's hands before Roberts shifts him. Gene moves to speak again only to be silenced by the Snake.
September 17th, 2018 FURY Hqdefault

Roberts: Gene, I came back for one reason and that is to show the world that you can trust no one... no one, but me. So I have a little proposition for you Eddie. At Viewer's Choice how about it's you and me the liar and the truth teller. How about it's you and me locked inside Hell in a Cell? That way there will be no writhing away or slipping back into obscurity. Just you, me, and Damien locked in the cell for the whole world to see... Based on your actions last week I know you are dying to get your hands on me so if you are truly a man and not just the shade of your past you will accept this challenge... Later tonight when Joe and I are destroying the two of you just know that this is just the lead up. Know that you will be in that cell come Sunday because if not you won't live to regret it.... Trust me...

Jake and Damien make their way out of the show as Gene Okerlund stands in shocked disbelief at what he has just heard.

Okerlund: Well you heard it here first folks, Jake Roberts has laid down the gauntlet for Guerrero this Sunday. Will Latino Heat accept his challenge and be locked in the Cell with Roberts? Hopefully we will find out later tonight back you guys on commentary Cole.

The camera shifts back the announce team as it fades to commercial break.

Tornado Tag Match-Up
Goldberg & Eddie Guerrero vs Jake Roberts & Samoa Joe

Quote :

* The intense tornado tag match between these 4 entities concludes with Jake "The Snake" Roberts getting the pinfall over his nemesis Eddie Guerrero. The crowd explodes with boos *

Booker T:

Corey Graves:
What do you expect? Goldberg wasn't there for Eddie.

* We see a creepy smirk appear on Jake's face, as he reaches for his classic bag which has his favorite creature inside of it. As he slowly stalks towards the hurt Eddie, we out of nowhere see Goldberg storm into the ring and spear the hell out of Jake. Just cause he's salty, not cause he wants to save Eddie. *

September 17th, 2018 FURY 2htb14

Booker T:

* While Goldberg has his eyes set on the hurt Jake, we then see Samoa Joe turn Goldberg around to hit a massive Samoan blitz on the bald man. *

September 17th, 2018 FURY 2htb4z

Corey Graves:

Booker T:

* Goldberg then rolls out of the ring, where Joe quickly follows. But doesn't expect a sudden attack from Eddie who he thought was out cold. *

September 17th, 2018 FURY 2htb8k

Corey Graves:

Booker T:

* Goldberg & Eddie then stand next to each other, suddenly Goldberg grasps Eddie by the throat. Ready to fuck him up for costing the match, the crowd boos in response. *


* While Goldberg's focus is mainly on Eddie, we see Jake trying to hit a chair shot to his opponent on Viewers' Choice. Eddie ducks and Goldberg gets nailed in the skull instead. *


Corey Graves: Payback for the spear i guess.

* Jake then stands there annoyed, that he didn't get his main target, while we see Eddie standing in the crowd chilling with his fans. We then see Samoa Joe recovered in the ring, and Goldberg eventually gets his way to the entrance ramp with a massive headache. The post-match segment then finalizes with all of them having a brief staredown. *

Steel Cage - No Escape
Johnny Gargano vs Dean Ambrose

Quote :

Coming back from a commercial break, it’s the main event of Fury as Dean Ambrose is taking on Johnny Gargano. Both men are trying to gain momentum heading into the biggest match of their careers here in PWG. Dean has control of Johnny but it hasn’t always been like this in the match. Everything Dean has tried to do to Johnny, he counters and hits a bigger move.

Cole: “Welcome back to Fury everyone, it’s our main event, Johnny Gargano versus Dean Ambrose in a steel cage match here. Johnny has been off the walls in this match but Dean currently has the upper hand in the match.”

Graves: “Man Cole, you hit it right on the spot, everything Dean has tried against Johnny, Gargano just reverses it and takes control.”

In the middle of the ring, Dean is wearing down Johnny with a headlock. Fans are clapping trying to get Johnny back in the game...and it works! Johnny feeds off of the PWG Universe and is able to make it to his feet while in the lock but Dean hits him right in the gut with a punch causing Johnny to bend over.

Dean then gets an idea, he grabs the head of Johnny and Irish whips him onto the steel wall. A loud thud is heard but it’s not that of Johnny’s body hitting the wall, it’s the sound of Dean’s head hitting the canvas. Showing a replay on the titantron, it replays the moment.

After Dean threw Johnny into the steel, Johnny was able to use his agility to his advantage and grab onto the steel wall, once doing so, he jumps off of it onto Dean and hits a perfect Tornado DDT on Ambrose! Johnny then picks up the body of Dean, lifts him onto his shoulder, and throws Dean face first into the steel wall.

Cole: “WOW! Look at Johnny Gargano go! No wonder why so many people call him ‘Johnny Wrestling’!”

Johnny then falls onto the motionless Dean and locks in a Garga-No-Escape on Dean! Ambrose tries his best to get out but he’s the Lunatic is too stubborn and instead of tapping, Dean passes out in the Submission hold!

The ref calls the match and gives Gargano the win, but Johnny is not letting go of Dean. Multiple PWG officials and medical staff enter through the Steel Cage door to attempt to pull Johnny off of Dean and give medical attention to Dean.

But suddenly a flying figure appears on screen, diving from the top of the Steel Cage and hits a Forearm onto Gargano! The figure shows to be none other than the PWG Champion AJ Styles! Styles has just hit a Phenomenal Forearm off the top of the Steel Cage onto Gargano!

The Crowd marks out at the huge spot in the closing moments of the FINAL FURY of the 2K18 Season; as AJ Styles is now the only man left standing tall in the squared circle. He grabs his title and hoists it above his head while looking down at the prone Ambrose & Garagano... Will this be the same outcome at Viewer’s Choice? Will Dean Ambrose's moment finally come? Or will it be taken by someone more fortunate?

September 17th, 2018 FURY

Monday Night FURY.
PWG Inc. 2018 ©
Team FURY Productions.

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September 17th, 2018 FURY
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