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 Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT

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Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT Empty
PostSubject: Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT   Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT Icon_minitime9/6/2018, 6:03 pm

Thursday Night REVOLT
September 6, 2018
San Diego, California
SDCCU Stadium

Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT 2017-02-PetcoParkNight-1200x630-640x336

The Tides have Changed.

Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT IuZkJYU

*The hottest brand in sports entertainment crackles live, as REVOLT comes to life the crowd, electric. The opening pyro energizes the crowd even more!*

Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT ShyWarmheartedGraywolf-size_restricted


We may not be at Comic Con Mauro... but there are some great cos-players here tonight dressed up as some of our Revolt Roster Members!

My God you guys are insufferable...


You wanna talk about Cos-play... here's a women who is a PRETENDER to that championship... she doesn't deserve that gold.

*Ruby Riot makes her way onto the stage to a pop from the crowd, she rips the belt off her waste and raises it into the air, as she yells into the heavens, a battle cry heard throughout the arena*

Oh hush Phillips... Ruby Riot lived her dream at Blockbuster and finally stood tall over the IIconics!

*Ruby slides into the ring and grabs a microphone*

Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_oxbuxaFUqE1rnux1so1_540

WE....I....WE DID IT!

*The crowd again erupts*

*Ruby laughs a little sickly off mic* We made sure of that.

*she takes the title off her shoulder and holds it, looking at her reflection in the gold, talking to the belt; she continues*

and we took one of her most prized possessions... JUST like we took away Miss Kay... but this separation will be much more permanent.

*Ruby gives a look of concern into the title, then almost like shes lost she looks around at the PWG fans. Her eyes however still jet black*

Oh great what is the psychopath on now?

Ugh... I don't know Tom... she looks lost? Confused?

*pulling at her hair, and whispering*! We own you you could have never done th...*Screaming* GET OUT!

*The crowd... in awe... and shocked silence as the champion looks down, her black hair covering her face. After a few tense moments, she whispers*


So what do you say PWG Universe!!

Tonight we start a Riot!

*Ruby holds the championship in the air as she grins and yells to pump up the crowd. Who, after a moment, are happy to celebrate with the Punk Rock Princess... However when she looks into the hard cam however... her eyes still black... she mouths two words...

'Help Me'

Ruby leaves the ring, title in hand as Revolt rolls on*

The camera pans to the commentary table where a quick dialog among the Revolt Table takes place.

Mauro Ranallo - Ladies and Gentleman we want to take you back to Blockbuster for a minute - over the grueling match that was our PWG World Championship match! It was one for the ages with four of our strongest competitors on the show going head to head. At a point it looked Seth Rollins had the match won until that mischievous referee literally left the ring while Rollins had Roman Reigns potentially beat! Not only that - but the same referee would go on to cost not only Seth Rollins the match but Bobby Roode and Roman Reigns at a point as well!! One has to think - was the referee paid off!?!

Tom Philips - Well hold your horses Mauro! I think you're just upset like a lot of the reddit marks are that my boy Brock Lesnar left that match reclaiming the PWG World Title. I mean c'mon I think your looking a little into the match - when Lesnar won fair and square!!

Byron Saxton - Oh would you cut the crap Tom! Anyone could see clear as day that, that biased referee costed three men the match! Yet not once did he do screw over Lesnar!! More so than that, I wouldn't put past someone like Paul Heyman to pay off a referee!! He'd do anything to put the title back on his client!! It's despicable if you ask me!!

Mauro Ranallo - Well whether it was a screw job or not, one things for sure we have a small video package from earlier in the day of referee Yun Jin being chased down for some answers.

The Camera pans to a segment where Yun Jin is seen in a suit walking to the Revolt Headquarters with multiple paparazzi pursuing him and shouting questions at him!
Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT Asian-man-vest




Yun Jin finally stops for a moment lowering his shades just a tad bit before responding to the paparazzi, saying the words - "No Comment." The paparazzi would continue to shout words and questions at him, talking over one another as Yun Jin would simply enter the Revolt Headquarters and slam the door behind him. Two bouncers would step in the way not allowing them to go any further! The camera goes back to the commentary team.

Byron Saxton - You see that!?! You cannot tell me that, that referee isn't hiding something!! What a crook!!

Tom Philips - Oh shut your mouth, you don't what you're talking about.

Immediately a familiar song plays through the titantron - which causes the crowd to erupt in cheers.

]Seth Rollins is seen coming out with a more serious demeanor as the PWG Universe continues to roar with cheers! Seth Rollins nods his head and begins to make his way down to the ring and towards a microphone. The crowd begins chanting F#** YUN JIN - F*&@ YUN JIN - F*@& YUN JIN. Seth Rollins finally begins to speak

Seth Rollins - At Blockbuster, believe it or not that referee cost me the damn match! And this isn't a heel promo where I make excuses and say I would of won if X, Y & Z happened but last week I said it and i'll say it again - the authority does not like Seth Rollins and I wouldn't be surprised if it was The Authority that authorized that to happen. Hell, i'll go as far and say that referee Yun Jin is working as a 3rd party referee strictly for the Triple H and Stephanie McMahon and you see that's the problem. The problem is the authority thinks they know what's best for business when it's each and everyone of you who have to suffer from their poor executive decisions! I am tired of the politics, I am tired of the bull shit, I am tired of the cowardice unhanded tactics - So I want someone to come out here and explain themselves right, freaking, now! I don't care if it's Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, HELL EVEN VINCENT KENNEDY MCMAHON HIMSELF! SOMEONE GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE, RIGHT NOW BECAUSE IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ME SAY IT TO MY FACE - DON'T MAKE YOUR LITTLE CORPORATE KISS ASS REFEREE'S DO THE DEED FOR YOU!

A livid Seth Rollins pulls the microphone away from his mouth while the Revolt Crowd gets wild with cheers chanting "Burn it down! Burn it down! Burn it down!
Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_okj9pwxFGi1s3s7t3o1_400

Is Carmella Still Down to Riot?
Carmella & Lexi Bliss vs Mickie James and Nia Jax

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

Backstage a cautious Jinder Mahal is seen pushing Sunil in front of him so Sunil can scout ahead as Sumir is seen holding the rear guard.

Drew McIntyre is also seen up ahead.
Jinder approaches in haste.

:: Jinder ::
Drew.. have you seen Kane tonight ?

:: Drew ::
Not since he decimated you and the revival at blockbuster.
That guy is scary, I don't think I'd want to see him anywhere near me, given a choice.

:: Jinder ::
Thanks for the unneeded traumatizing trip down memory lane drew.
No Kane sighted.. good.. good.

I don't know why Triple H is letting that big red freak run rampant like this around here.
Now I find out tonight Kane has been made an enforcer in my match against Y2Jerkoff tonight.
That leads me to remember when I last I saw you, It was the night that I was an enforcer in your match against that current Injury Lister that miz.

:: Drew ::
Yeah, I remember your boys here getting involved my business uninvited.

:: Jinder ::
Yes they did and then they got attacked.
and for that I demand an apology!

Drew gets uptight at Jinder's tone.
Jinder angry mug's at Drew the Singhs back him up expecting to have Drew apologize to them for that incident from a couple revolt show's ago.
Instead, Jinder turns abruptly to them, pointing at them .

:: Jinder ::
I demand an apology from you two!
Say sorry for having Drew have to resort to having to take his attention from his important match.

Jinder forces the Singhs to reluctantly apologize.

:: Singhs ::

Jinder slaps both of them.

:: Jinder ::
Say it like you mean it!

They say it with more meaning.

:: Singhs ::
We beg you to forgive us an accept our most respectful apology.

Drew seems to consider their apology.

:: Jinder ::
I also remember your change of heart during that match.
Letting me dispatch of that Undeserving Icon of American arrogance The Miz and your word's against these American degenerates.

You are a man with class, and intelligence.
Bird's of a feather should flock together, drew.
we should look at aligning with each other what do you think about that?

Jinder looks for a response, when suddenly the corridor goes red.

Jinder is startled and the Singhs get all jumpy unsure where to go.
A big figure is seen laughing down one end.
The Maharaja hot-steps it in the opposite direction urging drew to follow, not leaving in the way of self-preservation, before ordering the Singhs to get Kane at bay, long enough he to get away.

They honor to their Prince's request, standing in trembling fighting stances.
Kane slowly walks towards them.
The Singhs pick up chairs each and hold them up threatening Kane he still comes towards them.
He kicks one chair back into Sunil's face knocking him back over a cable case.
Sumir strikes Kane on the shoulder, Kanes didn't like that and takes Sumir by the face and smothers him until he lowers to the ground being held by Kane, as he makes steam engine style hissing noises, until Sumir looks to pass out then gets released.

A different camera cut sees Jonder moving down the corridors a pace pausing to look back no and then to see if he is being followed.
He just avoids running into Y2J.

:: Jinder ::
Y2J you rockstar you, I loved your last album.
Hey uh If you help me with Kane tonight I'll put you over. I'll lay down heck winning the match doesn't matter to me...

Y2J rolls his eyes and has an expression of not going to do such a thing for Jinder, as he smirks.
Jinder carries on with his escape.
Drew is going away from the direction of Kane also, seeing this Drew shakes his head at Jinder's desperate attempts to gain support from Y2J in this Kane predicament he has found himself.

The show returns from a commercial break to see Drew McIntyre standing in the ring. With microphone in hand he soaks in the boos from the crowd.

McIntyre: Silence!! All of you should be glorifying me for my recent actions; instead I have received nothing but hate.

The audience starts chanting for The Undertaker. Drew laughs at this display.

McIntyre: He’s not coming people. For crying out loud Taker is a superstar under the Fury banner and we all know JBL doesn’t have the stones to let his boys run wild. Besides if The Deadman somehow received a hall pass to show up... Stephanie has a no-contact agreement in effect. For those of you Americans who haven’t quite understood yet. I’m untouchable!!!! If Taker wants to get his hands on me then he’ll have a hefty fine to pay. Is $20,000 worth it Deadman?

Drew arrogantly walks around the ring acting as if he is looking for the Undertaker amongst the crowd. He then leans on the ropes.
Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_p7ba2zBfzg1wuijdao1_540

McIntyre: The same question keeps popping up on my twitter feed and I’m getting sick of seeing it so I’m going to answer the age old question. Why? Why would you attack the phenom? The most pathetic post I saw was “Why would you attack my hero?”

The Chosen One looks directly into the camera.

McIntyre: Defiance! Because at any given moment I can destroy a person's career. If you don’t believe ask guys like Ric Flair, Shinsuke Nakamura, Dolph Ziggler, and the latest addition the Phenom! I’m not going to be intimidated by an old man with bad hips like so many before me! That leads me to the night in question. At BlockBuster I showed the entire world that The Undertaker is nothing more than an illusion. Behind all that smoke and mirrors you are a man and just like most men you can be beaten to a bloody pulp.

Mauro: I have it on good authority that our general managers are none too pleased with this act of rebellion by The Scottish Psychopath!

Saxton: He’s definitely struck out on his own but I don’t how wise it is to make yourself a target for the Undertaker’s wrath.

Phillips: Shut up Mauro! The McMahons know how valuable Drew is as a superstar and they should be proud that he fired the first shots!

McIntyre: I can.....

The commentators continue talking until the arena goes completely dark.

A handful of moments pass until lighting suddenly strikes the titantron creating a cloud of smoke! Upon the smoke clearing, we see The Undertaker at some apparent graveyard displayed on the titantron.

Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT Giphy

:The Undertaker:
Before you stands... a legendary force of Darkness. Before you stands... a legendary evil, a truly Big Evil. I am that legendary force of Darkness, and that legendary Evil. I am The Phenom...I am The Undertaker....

I realize that it has been a very, very long time since I protected my yard with a cold, iron grip around the throat of my competition... Others have claimed it's their yard.... I say they just rented it, and the time to pay that rent has come. These men are summoned to pay for their sins, through whatever course of action I intend to take. Whether I send them to the hottest, most fiery pits of hell...or to an emergency room...

A man such as yourself, Drew, is no better. You are a adulate shell of man such as John Cena...Kevin Nash...Bray who cannot bring themselves to step into a ring again with Demons such as I. Men who seek fame, fortune, and recognition, and sure, some received it, but they strayed away from the challenge of The Deadman to get there...

John Cena, I will admit, put up a larger fight than I ever expected...but John, our war will never be over. You will always be just another punk kid in the eyes of The Phenom, and I will eventually want a rematch, cause whether you have a contract or not, your soul will belong to me...

AJ Styles... the current Pro Wrestling Genesis Champion... 'The Phenomenal One' is nothing but fraud. A man who feels that he is truly the baddest man to step in this ring...he is not. The baddest man, the most evil force to ever step in this ring is the ONE and ONLY Phenom!

And then there's you Drew, who was a mere puppet on the strings of the ever-so-almighty Vincent Kennedy McMahon and now claims he's on his own for the benefit of his "people". Tell me Drew, how many of those "Moments" did you lose when you played lackey to Vince? Because the Moments you permanently lost were certainly wiser than those that came crawling back once again "Memory's". You're a foolish mortal, Drew, a very..foolish...mortal.

If you choose to step into my yard, you better bring your balls, you better bring a good fight, and you better be able to withstand a hellacious beating. Because if you bring a good fight, and are able to take could possibly earn my respect...but if you can't...don't consider yourself so lucky. You better be ready to fight for your soul in my yard, because if you don't, prepare yourself. Prepare to...


Drew McIntyre is seen standing in the ring as the atmosphere in the arena begins to return to normal. He looks visible shaken by what just transpired merely seconds ago as drops the microphone onto the ring canvas. A look of both shock and terror now plasters his face as he climbs out of the ring. The Chosen One slowly makes his way backstage where he is greeted by Charly Caruso. Drew, who is in his own world at this point, doesn’t even realize she’s there.

Caruso: Drew?

McIntyre continues to ignore her that is until she touches him on the shoulder with her hand. Drew jumps and turns around expecting the Undertaker, but upon seeing Charly, the look of fear is briefly replaced with anger.
Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT C_gUmQrVoAA8K29

Caruso: Many of the fan base want to know. How are you going to answer this challenge?

McIntyre: Til know I only believed that the Undertaker was a man. His so called “powers of darkness” were nothing more than cheap parlor tricks. All I saw was an old man with bad hips that I could tear down to build my stock. I never expected the Deadman to rise back up from that beating at Blockbuster.

Drew continues the conversation with Charly as he peeks down a hallway before walking down it.

McIntyre: Wait....I’m The Chosen One!! I’m a respected member of the authority! Vince McMahon himself entrusted me with the protection of the billion dollar princess.

Drew’s brief moment of self-reassurance is cut short when the words from Taker reverberate through his head. This cause Drew to temporarily lose it as he grabs a pipe and starts swinging it at thin air all the while mumbling to himself that he is not a puppet.


Members of security rush and quickly subdue the Scottish psychopath. The chaotic scene ends with Drew McIntyre being escorted to the office of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Mauro: it’s safe to say The Deadman has gotten under the skin and into the twisted mind of Drew McIntyre tonight!

Saxton: I wouldn’t want to be Drew in this situation and with all that mystic power the Undertaker has I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t his last appearance.

Phillips: Both of you disappoint me. Our general manager will come up with a solution to this unforeseen encounter. Wait and see gentleman.

Saxton: wait and see McIntyre get thrown to the wolves you mean.

Saxton and Phillips continue to bicker back and forth as the night of excitement continues.

The Viper vs The Scottish Psychopath
Randy Orton vs Drew McIntyre

Quote :

Nearing the end of this back n fourth match, McIntyre is seen in the corner of the ring aiming to hit a Claymore on Orton. But right before he explodes out of the corner, a loud GONG is heard stirring the audience into a frenzy. McIntyre looks around the arena frantically as he expects the Deadman to appear at any moment. After roughly a minute passes, McIntyre finally realizes that Undertaker isn't coming out and turns his attention back to Randy Orton.

RKO outta nowhere! The Viper goes for the cover.




click to reveal winner:

*We go backstage with Renee Young*
*Renee is looking around as if she is waiting for someone*

Renee: Um, sorry guys. I was scheduled to do an interview right now with Shane Thorne, but I haven't heard from him at all...

*A security guard walks by*

Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT 995063

Renee: Excuse me, uh have you seen Shane Thorne by any chance?

Guard: No sorry, haven't seen him all day.

*Renee is slightly frustrated by this*

Renee: Well it looks like there won't be any interview after all, I...

*As Renee is about to sign off she spots a man in a hoodie with his head down heading past the shot*

Renee: Hey, excuse me! Shane!?

*The hooded man reluctantly stops, and takes off the hood revealing himself to be Shane Thorne*

Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT Latest?cb=20160728120917

Renee: Shane, if you wouldn't mind, you were scheduled for an interview with me right now.

Shane: What do you want to know...

Renee: Well, you come up quite short at Blockbuster, some might say that you were way in over your head, what do you have to say to the critics?

*Shane appear incredibly frustrated, he takes awhile to answer*

Shane: ...They're right...

Renee: That's it? "They're right"? Don't you have anything else to add?

Shane: ...What do you want me to say Renee? ... Did you expect me to come here to this interview and be "the bigger man" and act like it doesn't matter because there's always more to come?? Well IT DOES MATTER, I.... I was EMBARRASSED at Blockbuster, and you want to ambush me with an interview about my loss?

*Renee almost seems afraid of Shane now*

Shane: I proved, every word that Batista said about me right... It kills me inside to have to admit that. I didn't come to Revolt to be made a laughing stock! They say Renee... They say that "A man with nothing left to lose is a dangerous man..."

*Shane looks around*

Shane: Hmmm... Nothing...

*Shane continues out of shot*

As Revolt returns from commercial break, the lights go out and on the titantron it shows Killian Dain backstage in a dark room.
Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT DbGsK-gV4AEvP1Q

Killian: Tonight I'm here because Fury FEARED THE INSANITY! So much they united to send me away to Revolt... But it does not matter because I still spread FEAR in PWG! So everyone better get out of my way or FEAR the repercussions.

As the titantron fades to static the lights move to the middle of the ring to show another new member of Revolt - an generic interviewer.

Generic Interviewer: ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guest at this time Dain.

The lights move to the ramp as the sounds of helicopters play through the pa system.

Dain walks down the ramp and enters the ring with a mic.

Killian: .....

Generic Interviewer: so Killian you just made a very impactful statement do you have anything more to add on to that statement

Killian:: Yes I do have something to add on I forgot to add a ...

Killian stops and looks at the generic interviewer and picks him up for the Electric Chair Driver and then throws him outside the ring.

As the crowd boos Killian he puts the generic interviewer through a table he set up!

Killian then yells "fear the insanity!" as he awaits his scheduled opponent - Shane Thorne.

Will Thorne Fear The Insanity?
Killian Dain vs Shane Thorne

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

The sight of another dreaded commercial advertisement plays and then ceases after a few moments. The number one show that is Revolt returns back to our television screens, live and ready to roll the next segment proceeds. The jam packed crowd full of believers quickly start to become disgusted as the theme of the Beast Incarnate begins to blare out of the arena's speakers.

With a night full of controversy surrounding this suspicious Asian referee Yun Jin, here comes the new World Champion who wasn't even scheduled to be here tonight. A lonesome Lesnar saunters out onto the stage with a smug grin depicted among his facial features. With the World belt wrapped around his waist he strolls down to the squared circle of professional wrestling. The crowd provides him with an onslaught of distaste and disdain in the from of unrelenting booing. Lesnar starts to make a loop around the outside of the ring where he notices a disrespectful imbecile screaming and shouting at him, without hesitation The Beast grabs him and pulls him over the barricade, Lesnar threatens the now teary eyed fan as the crowd looks on in shock. The Beast shows mercy and lets him go and the fan is then seen running for his life. Lesnar enters the ring and before he even has to open his mouth, a shook member at the ringside staff hastily hands him a microphone before scurrying away in fear. Lesnar laughs it off before addressing this hostile crowd.

Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT Brock-Lesnar-Microphone

I myself decided to show up to this piece of shit dump to tell you scumbags something. The fact of the matter is this title proves that I am the best 'fighter' in this damn company and this little damn wrestling business is lucky to have me. A locker room full of wrestlers cannot compete with a former UFC champion and I have proved this since day one. Two times I have held this belt and im gonna continue to hold this belt as many times as I please. But I believe a celebration is in order, not for this damned title but for the return of this man.

Lesnar points towards the entrance area as Heyman is seen wheeling out onto the stage in a wheel chair, in severe pain he continues to make his down to the ring. He is then seen leaning heavily on his crutch before hobbling into the ring. The ringside staff quickly get his wheel chair into the ring, being now seated in the center he opens his mouth to address everything that has gone down in only the extraordinary way he can.
Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT Maxresdefault

Not too long ago, Bobby Roode attempted to end my life and its sickening to even think a man would go that far just for a vendetta on my client Brock Lesnar. Now I sit here a broken man, a man who struggles to walk, a man who has lost all hope in Bobby Roode. God dammit Bobby you could've been something but you ruined any chance of greatness in your life when you took an automobile and attempted murder. You shouldn't have been anywhere near that World title match at Blockbuster, the only place your ass should've been is in a locked cell serving time, because you've taken it too damn far. But of course the useless management team here do absolutely nothing about this and instead decide to reward him for his heinous actions. Im clearly the victim here and I come back with all this controversial crap in my face about some Asian ref apparently aiding my client in his match. I sat at home at and watched that match in full, never once did that ref act suspicious in any and then I hear all of you ungrateful pricks complaining about him being paid off and all this garbage. I had nothing to do with it and nor did my client, so clearly your allegations are false. Besides my client had no issues damn near breaking the arms of both Roode and and that drug abuser Reigns. Now my client Brock Lesnar is once again the rightful champion of this show and thats just the way it is.

The crowd still continues to boo both men as Heymans look of distraught forms into a glare of aversion. He opens his mouth again as the aggressive voices of the people become to grow even louder.

Right thats it! I've had enough of you fickle pieces of shits, it really does sadden me that you'll boo the victim and cheer for a man who tried to end my life over nothing. Im so tired of this its about time I just left for good because none of you deserve me!. My client Brock Lesnar over here will continue to do just fine without me.

Lesnar gives Heyman a blank stare before slightly nodding his head, then suddenly a theme plays throughout the arena to ruin the moment.

Paul Heyman begins to look startled as he quickly runs behind Brock Lesnar. The Beast gets ready for a fight as he rips the title off from around his waist. An injured Heyman begins to speak while still taking cover behind Lesnar.

Paul Heyman: Think about what you're doing, Robert. They said there wasn't any evidence that you ran me down. If you assault me out here, that's all the evidence I need to have the local police department lock your ass up and throw away the damn key! Not only will Brock pummel you in self defense, but you'll spend the night in a cold dark cell bloodied and broken. There isn't anything glorious about prison.

Roode stands on top of the entrance ramp emotionless. He stares down Brock Lesnar not even listening to a single word Paul Heyman is spewing. He slowly begins to take off his sports coat as he begins walking down the ramp. A shook Heyman continues antagonize Roode while looking over Lesnar's shoulder.

Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT 3126193083_1_2_jiROOwEk

Paul Heyman: This is your final warning! Turn back now or face the consequences. Oh who am I kidding, you're not even listening to me are you? You are someone too stupid to take advice. We've done this same thing before. You come out and attack us, Brock beats you at the pay per view, repeat. Just admit you can't beat Brock and move on. Accept the fact you don't have what it takes. You'll never be better than Brock Lesnar. Sorry if your fragile ego can't take that.

Roode then begins unbuttoning his dress shirt as he gets closer to the ring.

Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT BasicValidAmericantoad-small

The Glorious One throws the shirt on the floor as he nearly approaches the ring. Paul Heyman shouts on the top of his lungs for his beast to attack. Lesnar stands his ground motioning for Roode to enter the ring. Bobby slides into the ring and The Beast Incarnate quickly pounces on him shoot UFC style. With his arms wrapped around Roode's waist, he begins throwing knees to the head of Bobby Roode. Roode manages to slip out of Brock's grasp and get to his feet. Roode then begins slugging him as the two begin trading blows. Bobby Roode manages to connect with a few right hands that knock Brock down. He then notices the World Heavyweight Championship on the canvas. Bobby Roode picks it up and begins sizing up the man who screwed him over at Blockbuster. Brock stands up only to get blasted by his own championship. Roode goes to continue when he's interrupted.

Paul Heyman: ENOUGH!!! That is enough, Robert Roode. You have let your hunger for revenge consume you! I would say you've taken it too far, but the line has been crossed when you almost took my life! All this for what... a championship? Revenge? Look at Brock bloodied on the floor by his very own championship all because he wanted to celebrate his title win. You sir are a very sick man and you need help!

Roode aggressively snatches the microphone straight from Heyman's hand and begins to speak.

Bobby Roode: I won't allow you to play the victim... not this time. NOT EVER AGAIN! You just never seem to learn your lesson, Heyman. We always come back to this because I refuse to let you two run roughshod over Revolt without consequence. This championship should be mine and you know it. You screwed me out of the biggest moment of my career. I just want you to admit it. Admit you paid off the ref in Brock's favor! If you don't, I'll finish the job on your client right now.

Bobby tosses Heyman the microphone expecting an answer. Paul Heyman shakes his head until Roode raises the championship as if he were about to strike him with it.

Paul Heyman: Alright... you wanna know know the truth, huh? The million dollar question that everyone has been asking. Was official Yun Jin paid off and by who? You really wanna know? It wasn't Triple H or The Authority because IT WAS ME DAMMIT! I paid off that Asian son of a bitch and I paid handsomely. So handsomely in fact he doesn't have to referee another match a day in his life. All to assure my client would walk out of Blockbuster champion and you the loser! I'd be lying if i said The Authority weren't completely involved. The Authority knew what was going on and allowed the bribe to happen. They didn't want Seth walking out champion and I didn't want you walking out champion. Reigns was a victim of circumstance. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time. That's the whole story. Are you happy now?

The whole audience is speechless as well as the commentators. Everyone is in shock except for Bobby Roode who replies with

Bobby Roode: No, I'm not...

Roode then sends the World Heavyweight Championship smashing into the head of Paul Heyman. Heyman looks up at Roode shaking as blood pours down his face.

Bobby Roode: Now I'm happy you son of a bitch! You finally got what you deserve!

Roode throws the microphone into the head of Heyman only turn around into a quick F5 from out of nowhere.

Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT Giphy

Brock collapses after the F5 unable to get up. The three men all lay in the ring broken as medical and various backstage staff run down to the ring after all the chaos that went down just moments ago. The crowd is still silent as this felt all too real. The camera then fades to black.

The Goons Handicap Special
Batista vs The Revival

Quote :

Batista and Dash Wilder are in the ring, Dawson is outside recovering from an earlier hit, The Animal for the first time in the match has control, He lifts Dawson up with ease and nails him with a spine-buster.

Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT Vdlabm

Batista knows that Dash is weakened, he senses his opportunity and waists no time in hoisting him up onto his shoulders for the Batista Bomb, before Dash can fall, however, Dawson manages to get in the ring and cut the massive legs of Batista out with a chop block.

Tom Phillips
Chop block and the Revival have control again!

Mauro Ranallo
The Revival using the numbers to their advantage like only they can!

Dawson tags in and quickly locks in the knee bar, Batista uses his massive strength advantage and crawls to the ropes, prompting a break, the ref counts for it to be broken, Dawson keeps the hold in until a late four count, he tags Dash back in and they irish whip Batista at the ropes.

Tom Phillips
Going for the Shatter machine!

As Batista runs back, his weakened leg buckles and he accidentally spears the man up front, Dash wilder, crawls on the floor in pain, Dawson tries to leap on the attack, But Batista, manages to muster up the strength to hit a Belly to Belly suplex, sending Dawson flying across the ring, the momentum sends him flying under the bottom rope, Batista slaps the bad leg, trying to toughen himself up, before trying for the Batista bomb again.

Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT 2iqelbr

The ref counts the three, Batista quickly rolls out of the ring and limps up the ramp, his face has a huge grin planted on it

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Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT Jt926cf

Quote :

Kevin Ownes, the greatest champ, is in the ring with a celebration set up for him.

Kevin Owens:
Well would you look at this! I told you when I came here that I would be coming for my prize...and I DID IT!

Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_ovrrasLdgH1ugbdiio4_500

Kevin Owens:
And all of you made fun of me for my match at Fortune! I may not have put up the best performance, but compare me to my challengers. I'm the one with a title! HA. And I also guess this means Revolt is the "better" show because I hold the title. You're welcome by the way. Although, I'm not a big fan of the name I say we rename it the KEVIN OWENS SHOW!

*The crowd have a mix reaction at KO's comments as he thinks about it*

Kevin Owens:
Just imagine it now. The Kevin Owens Show: ft. a bunch of nobodies. Revolt gets views, but put the must-see talent in the title scene and Revolt would be the most watched show on TV. And it would just be a friendly reward from the higher ups. I know that's the best idea you guys have heard, but I have to carry on.

Now that I am the greatest champ you have laid your eyes on, I now have to go over to those idiots on Fury and defend MY title. No one belongs in a match for my title. No one is worthy of being in the same ring as THE MAN. I proved that when I beat Ziggler (loser), Sami Zayn (loser), and Chris Jericho (loser). No one had a chance, just like no one deserves a chance to take MY TITLE!

Everyone can say what they want about me, but fact of the matter is I am your champ. Others may call themselves the best, but Kevin Owens is the best there is, best there was, and best there ever will be. Also, say what you want about me copying Bret Hart, but he will be dead soon enough like the rest of his family. Whoops....

Anyways he did not know the man KO was gonna be born. Which means if you all have been listening, means no one is worthy to fight me! So I rest my case the way you can all leave now nothing else is worth watching. Just remember, when you see Revolt's name changed next week, you can thank me!

*Kevin Owens walks away kissing his prize*

The crowd are all settled down, they've had to sit through various advertisements, but their quiet turns quickly to boos...

Tom Phillips
The Animal Batista is here live in the flesh for the second time since he beat that Australian loser humble

Mauro Ranallo
C'mon Tom, You can't praise him just once!? he went in there with no fear, and despite the huge size, experience and other advantages, he went down swinging!

Tom Phillips
No... Just no, you even watch the same match I did!? He was embarrassed! More so then every week when Byron has to show his face on TV!

Byron Saxton

Batista makes the ring he holds a microphone and waits for the crowd to simmer down before speaking

I'm gonna go ahead and guess that you guys are assuming that I'm here to gloat, right? well... You are damn right I am. Why wouldn't I be happy with Sunday? I Embarrassed! Embarrassed Shane Thorne! He came to the arena, he could barely show his face, he openly admitted that I was right! And seeing that change in his attitude, seeing him go from cocky to damn near soulless, I ain't gonna lie, it's really really satisfying.

Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT Batista-promo

The crowd boo's at Batista's gloating

But I gotta admit, as fun as it was beating that punk kid soulless, He simply wasn't on my level. Just like those two Goons weren't in a handicap match earlier tonight. I need a big match for Viewers Choice. See earlier today, I received an offer for a huge BLOCKBUSTER movie, a movie which I've decided to accept. This means that pretty soon, I'm gonna go back to that film set an-

Batista is cut off by the sound of boo's

You imbeciles can boo me all you like, but we all know you're gonna pay money to watch my movie anyways, I know this, you know this, so stop pretending that you're all high and mighty, ok? You're all dirty disgusting hypocrites who boo me for goin' Hollywood, but'll cheer for the fruity pebble who does the exact same thing!

Now as I was saying, New movie, new opportunities in that industry, and more people who'll come here to check out my work. so by way of promoting myself, I'm gonna need a match for Viewer Choice before my no compete clause kicks in. So someone, anyone, get your ass out here! Accept my Pay per view challenge! Cause if I have to come back there and drag someones ass out here myself, it won't be pretty.

Batista wakes up from his feigned sleep as he jokingly slept on the turnbuckle pad's in his wait for a response to his challenge.

:: Ranallo ::
The Maharaja Jinder Mahal answers the challenge?

:: Saxton ::
Clearly that tombstone from Kane at BlockBuster has knock him senseless, he should be worried about Kane, not out here trying to take on Batista too.

:: Phillips ::
I commend his resilience a normal man would be in a coma but he is in action tonight and I guess the match tonight against Jericho with the big red machine as enforcer, just aren't enough for the sher of India, he want's to face a big star like Batista at Viewers Choice, like a Maharaja deserves.

Jinder comes out flanked by his servants the Singh brother's.
He urges for his music to be cut.
They stand atop the rampway Jinder readies himself with a microphone presented to him by Sumir, to begin speaking at Batista, who is looking back at them with interest.

:: Jinder ::
Cut my music! Batista I'm not out here to try and fight you.
No no far from it, I'm out here to offer you a role.
How about the role of Body guard in the top rated reality show in the all of India, the wrestling genesis of The Modern Day Maharaja!?
The role would pay very well, very well indeed.
You'll have to do your own stunts, which I'm sure is no problem.

Jinder looks about nervously.

:: Jinder ::
Sunil.. Sumir..Keep an eye out for that big red freak.

They fan out checking the venue for anything strange.
Jinder focuses on Batista again.

:: Jinder ::
What do you say ? No need for your people to talk to your people, lets cut of the middle men and cut a deal, a very lucrative deal. hmmm?

Jinder awaits Batista's response to his offer.

Batista looks the tall Indian man in the eye, he seems amused by the offer to be his bodyguard
Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT Batista-2

Bodyguard, huh? Well Jinder, you're Indian royalty, right? And you wanna offer me a job? Well man, I gotta say, that's a good little pitch, but don't treat me like a dumbass, You and me, we both know what you're playing at here.

You want ME to protect YOU from Kane, Don't think I didn't see you in the backstage area's weaseling around, trying to get help from anyone that'll feel sorry enough for you.

Batista puts his hand on Jinder's shoulder

But you know what, Jinder? You ain't leaving here empty handed, oh no, because I got somethin' real special for you, only the best for royalty. I got you thi-

Batista suddenly nails Jinder with a spinebuster on the unsuspecting Indian

Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT Spinebuster+2

The Singhs quickly turn around, shocked at what happened, Batista dares them to face him, but before anything can happen

The lights go off, then turn back on revealing Kane who stands between the Singh brothers and Batista.

Mauro: Oh’s the Big Red Machine!

Byron: Are we seeing a possible alliance!?

Phillips: Don't be stupid Byron! Kane is after Mahal.

Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT KJvWlbO

Kane stares down at the Singhs who are in their knees begging for forgiveness.
However Kane shows no mercy and picks the two brothers up from the ground by their collars.
Disregarding Batista's presence and his desire to retaliate against the Singhs, Kane delivers them a double chokeslam.

Mauro: Kane isnt done yet guys! His eyes are fixated at Mahal. Are we going to see another chokeslam?

As Kane plots to pick Jinder from the ground, Batista pulls Kane's shoulder in disgust.
Kane chooses to ignore and turn back to Jinder, when Batista pulls back his arm and hits him with a sucker punch.
The two are suddenly in an all-out brawl. They exchange a series of punches and kicks that send the crowd oohing and ahhing.
Batista gradually gains momentum, and delivers consecutive clotheslines to a resilient Kane.

Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT Giphy

Kane suddenly gains leverage and takes a hold of Batista's neck in an attempt to slam him. The animal struggles and writhes as he's being choked, but with both hands, he manages to take off the grip of the monster; consequentially, the two are back to exchanging back to back blows

Mauro: We are having a brawl out here gentlemen!

Phillips: But at the cost of Mahal running away! Out comes Mahal and in com--

Byron: Here comes security to separate this brawl between these two behemoths!

Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT MhQ7sd8

Kane and Batista are no longer in battle, as a storm of security divide them.
Suddenly, the Animal breaks past security and jumps on Kane. The two continue their brawl, which evidently fades to black when more security arrives...

Match of the Night
Special Guest Enforcer - Kane
Jinder Mahal vs Chris Jericho

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT Chris-jericho-raw987photo035-1345382335

(After Jericho’s hand is raised he immediately starts screaming for his theme to be cut and demands a microphone)

Chris Jericho: Now that this is loser is out of the way (as Jericho stomps on Jinder one more time)  there’s someone I wanna call out. Throw a challenge down to ya dig. Someone whose idolized me, wanted to be me Chris Jericho. The man who hid from me at Blockbuster that fat son of a bitch Kevin Owens.

(The crowd boos Jericho)

Chris Jericho: Ahh boo me if you want, listen Kevin you only won that match cause that irrelevant loser Dolph Ziggler caught me off guard, I was gonna end you jack. So the next PPV is Viewers Choice, how about you get to fight Owens fight.... nah I have a new slogan for you lose Owens lose to Chris Jericho at viewers choice for the EVO championship. And Kevin if you don’t answer then I’ll make my voice louder until you do. Tick tock little Kevin my next request won’t be so nice.

(Jericho drops the mic and exits the ring as he sees the Demon Kane lurking ringside. Y2J exits up the ramp as Kane stalks Jinder.)

The ring is now reserved for Kane and Jinder. Kane looks down at Jinder's body in a maniacal manner. His finger rub against each other as he prepares to torture Jinder.

Byron: Man what is Kane doing going to do with Jinder.

Phillips: I think its obvious Byron that it won't end well.

Kane tightens his glove and picks Jinder by the throat. Jinder is then heard cursing out Kane in Punjabi; such curses were censored in the Hindi televised version of PWG.
The Devil's Favorite Demon stares into Jinders eyes while grabbing him by the throat, and throws him out of the ring in a chokeslam-like manner.
Jinder takes a hard fall landing his neck on the hardest part of the apron.
Kane slowly steps out of the ring by the top rope and delivers an uppercut to the Maharajah. Jinder tumbles, but remains on his feet. Still having fight in his spirit, Jinder rocks Kane in his face tilting his mask a bit to the left.
Jinder, whose energy is drained from his strong uppercut, is dumbfounded as he reveals a partial look at Kane's hideous face.

Mauro: Oh my!

Phillips: This isn't Halloween! It's best to keep that mask on.

Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT UFL6k5C

Kane quickly fixes his mask, and chokes Jinder once again; this time, he chokes him with anger rather than pleasure.  
He lifts Jinder up in the air with his hand, aiming at the announcement table.

Mauro: No No NO No NOOO!!

Byron: Move Tom!

The 7ft. demon delivers a vicious Chokeslam straight to the announcers' table.

Mauro: MAMAAA MIAAA!!! Kane delivered a chokeslam through the announcement table and through hell, all in one sequence. Kane didn't even take off the television monitors! Unsafe!

Despite punishing Jinder, Kane felt a greater defeat as he was humiliated with a partial face reveal.
Kane is then heard screaming in gibberish like a maniac, before leaving the arena.

*After another fantasic PWG match we are taken backstage to the 'Backstage Sexy Lounge Area', occupied by none other than the PWG Tag Team Champs, Tyler Breeze and Fandango*

Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_oi8tmozAa21w0yhbuo1_500.0

You know Breezy life is good! We are still the longest reigning Tag Team Champions.
We are undefeated in the matches that we win.

*Breeze stiffs a laugh at that comment and Fandango continues*

ANNNNND We are still SUPER SEXY!.... well me more than you but you're passable.


What?! You told me to be more honest didn't you?

*laughs*ok Dangler... look... yes we have been on a good streak... we managed to beat the Usos and sneak past the Revival but we got a hard fought battle coming up against the Hardy Bo...

*Breeze is interrupted by a Man in Black, he whispers something into Fandango's ear*

...FOR WHAT!!!
...oh wait its Jeff that makes sense...
Thank you.

Who is that?

Don't worry about it... let's just say that title bonus is magical.

Nonono... Not him...Who's released?

The Hardy Boyz.

What?! Why?!...
...Wait don't answer that.
Sooooo... the match card is just all question marks... what now?

*Shrugs* Don't know, I'm just here to look pretty and win matches.

Ummmm... okay... well do we go out and wait orrrrr?

*Shrugs* Sitting here and looking pretty...

*Tentatively sits back down and shrugs* Well if someone needs us.... I
guess they know where to find us... and by the way... I'm the attractive one.


Darkness abruptly falls over the backstage arena like it has so many times before, though it seems that no matter how many times this occurs, someone doesn’t experience any fewer goosebumps rising in their skin or any less intense chills rocketing down the length of their spine. The lone source of light emits from the spotlight that is shown behind Breezeango as but through it is a face soon appears as Luke Harper.

:Luke Harper:
The sheep, together they are merely a bigger meal.

:Luke Harper:
Breezeango operates under the guise of innocence, but they harbor a monster that feeds on there selfish actions. Your lies started this war and you condemned The tag belts honorable thing would have been not being selfish but you to are far from honorable who cares about honor anyways.

:Luke Harper:
While you, Breezeango, continue to run in circles, once again entrusting your future in the vote of the vultures who want us to hurt you so they can feed on your fear.

And just like that the Luke Harper, along with Erik Roawn, appears so they can see him, though the residual effects of their message still linger. Tonight, Wyatt family will have the opportunity to deal a serious blow to Breezeango by ending their reign as Tag Team Champions.

Tag-Team Championships Match
Harper and Rowan vs Breezango(c)

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

Revolt returns from commercial break to an unfamiliar setting—the hallway of a lavish apartment complex. Music from long ago blares in the background but gradually fades once the bell to the door is rung.  he culprit?  None other than Michael Cole who turns to face the camera.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m Michael Cole. Usually I work for the Monday Night Fury Brand but today I’ve been sent by corporate to give an exclusive interview to none other than Roman Re-

Interrupted by the door opening, a beauteous maid greets Michael Cole with a puzzled expression on her face.

Veronica: Can I help you, sir?

Michael Cole: I’m… Michael Cole…. You may have seen me on the TV?

Veronica: I’m sorry but I’ve never heard of you.  

Michael looks insulted, gazing back at the camera then back at the maid.

Michael Cole:  Oh…. Well… I’m here to interview Roman Reigns?

Veronica: Ah, yes.  Mister Anoaʻi is waiting in the living room. Please, come in. He's just across the hall.

Michael Cole and the camera crew saunter into the lavish apartment complex which resembles more of a mansion than anything else. They wander about taking in the various pictures of art and furniture that litter the area before entering what they presume to be the living room where they encounter Roman Reigns donned in a robe and unkempt beard. He seems too occupied on his phone to greet them.

Michael Cole: Wow this place is fantastic. You’re making this much based off a PWG Sal-

Roman Reigns
: Remove your shoes and take a seat.

The Fury commentator is caught off guard. He removes his loafers and proceeds to take a seat on the opposite couch facing Roman. It is here that Michael notices an empty bottle of prescription pills beside him.

Michael Cole: Are these… Xanax? Are you dealing with depression or something?

Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT G0Z20VP

Roman Reigns: (startled, putting aside his phone) That…. Isn’t mine actually. AJ Styles was here a few days ago, must’ve left that there. The guy is on the drugs, y'know? JBL should have him stripped of the title….  You guys can edit that out the video, right?

Michael Cole: Yeah I mean sure bu-

Roman Reigns:
Coffee? Water?

Michael Cole: No I’m o-

Roman Reigns:
Veronica! Can you bring our guests some water? None of the sprinkled kind, straight from the tap please.

Michael Cole: You didn’t have to do th-

Roman Reigns:
So what’s the topic of discussion?  

Michael Cole: Well people have been wondering where you disappeared to. Months ago you won the PWG World Heavyweight Championship just to drop it a few days later. Why? You were arguably at the pinnacle of your career and you threw it away because the fans didn't deserve to it? Where did you go? Where have you been?

Roman Reigns does not respond, instead, his empty eyes remain fixated upon the Fury Interviewer who feels a sudden chill down his spine.

Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT Tumblr_o9hywwzMgd1uta6xoo3_250

Roman Reigns: Well where else could I have been? I’ve been on Earth this entire time, Michael! A happy camper! Rockin’ and a rollin’! (Reigns laughs which eases the tension for the moment).

Why why did I leave? I left because we believed that the fans didn't deserve us and because I had done everything there was to do on Thursday Night Revolt. Of course I’ve never won the lesser champions like the Intercontinental Championship and the Tag Team Titles but we went out there and proved a point the night we dismissed the crowd.  You see what we proved is that the most coveted title didn’t mean anything in our eyes. You’ve got people on the roster whose dreams are to win the big one in front of thousands of adoring fans with confetti descending from the skies. Individuals who break their bodies down just to achieve a hefty belt and their name added to a history book that doesn’t mean a damn thing in the long run. And for what? For nothing…

And then you have people like us who are sensible and logical, who take for the sole purpose of taking, to prove they can do whatever it is they want in life.  Everyone on Revolt are like puppets and people like us? We’re the puppet masters because at the end of the day there wasn’t anyone stopping us from achieving that title or even holding it for years. Not Brock Lesnar, Bobby Roode, Finn Balor, Seth Rollins or any other person I left in the dust. And leaving that title, I knew what was going to happen. Much like when the Apex Predator leaves the scene, vultures like Seth Rollins who couldn’t amount to anything on Monday Night Fury, went ahead and inserted himself in a place he shouldn’t have been. But you know something? Doesn’t matter who was or is champion right now. Whether it’s Brock Lesnar who won off a fluke submission and a paid referee or that vulture Seth, if you haven’t beaten the true champions of Revolt, you aren’t a damned thing but a dead skin cell waiting to be replaced.

Roman Reigns finally ceases his long monologue only for Michael Cole to ask the question that’s on everyone’s on mind.

Michael Cole: That’s fine and all Roman but… You keep saying we and us. Who are you talking about?

Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT MvAvBe6

Suddenly the seriousness of Roman's face dissipates and instead an empty expression replaces it.  There is a sense of eeriness that encompasses the interview as he parts his lips to speak.

Roman Reigns: Well it's simple really.... We are...

Fade to black.

World Championship #1 Contender's Match
Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns vs Bobby Roode

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

Bobby Roode's entrance theme hits as the referee calls for the bell. Roman Reigns slaps the canvas upset he didn't have a say in the final decision. He nods his head before grilling Roode on his way to the back. Some medical staff ringside cater to Seth Rollins as he lays on the canvas. Bobby Roode's arm is then raised in victory while he still sells his ribs.

Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT Bobby%2BRoode%2B-%2BCelebrating%2B1

Mauro Ranallo: Despite everything he's been through and all the pandemonium he caused earlier in the night, Bobby Roode is going on to face Brock Lesnar at Viewers Choice!  

Bryon Saxton: I just don't understand how Roode was able to pull this off. This man had a scuffle with the World Heavyweight Champion, got hit with multiple finishing maneuvers, and still won the match. This is a side of Bobby Roode who refuses to give up until he gets his hands on Brock Lesnar and wins his first world title.  

Tom Phillps: I couldn't have said it better myself, Saxton.

Roode begins to celebrate his win until police sirens are heard. A cop car pulls up from the back as well as multiple policemen come running down the entrance ramp storming the ring guns drawn. Roode seems confused, but is in no shape to fight. They point their guns at him as one cop begins to shout at Roode.

Police Officer: Get on your knees, scumbag! Hands behind your head!

Bobby Roode complies as the cops all enter the ring. One cop begins to cuff him while the other all have their guns out waiting for Roode to make one wrong move. Despite Roode doing everything he's told, the arresting officer pistol whips Bobby in the back of the head as he begins shouting at him again.

Police Officer: Stop resisting arrest, you piece of shit! You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you? With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?

Bobby Roode coughs up some blood before speaking to the arresting officer.

Bobby Roode: Yeah, actually there is. Go fuck yourself, pig!

Roode then spits some blood into the officers face before getting beaten down by a couple of cops. They carry Roode out of the ring and up the ramp to the backstage area. As the cops carry the bloodied Roode, some wrestlers backstage seem disgusted but are too afraid to speak up. Some women are even seen crying as Roode was a locker room favorite. They then pass Triple H backstage who stops them. Hunter speaks to Roode as his head hangs low dripping from blood.

Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT 7f5100bd95331414b7af9ab9ce74189c

Triple H: It didn't have to be like this. I was actually a fan of yours, but you took it too far tonight. I want you to be an example of what happens to people who don't play ball with The Authority. You could've got back in line and waited for your next title shot like a good employee. Instead you harassed a defenseless man until he told you what you wanted to hear. Paul Heyman will be pressing charges. Enjoy life in prison, Roode. Take him away boys.

The cops drag Roode off into the parking lot area where he's carelessly thrown into a police car. Triple H shakes the hand of the arresting officer before the officer enters the car and drives away. The scene ends with Triple H watching the cop car drive off with a smug smirk on his face.

Thursday Night Revolt.
PWG Inc. 2018 ©
Team Revolt Productions.

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Septermber 6th, 2018 REVOLT
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