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 September 3rd, 2018 FURY

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September 3rd, 2018 FURY Empty
PostSubject: September 3rd, 2018 FURY   September 3rd, 2018 FURY Icon_minitime9/3/2018, 3:00 pm

Monday Night FURY
September 3rd, 2018
Sacramento, California
Golden 1 Center

September 3rd, 2018 FURY Maxresdefault

SHOW NAME: A Return From The Lime Light

September 3rd, 2018 FURY Giphy

After the show intro plays, fireworks shoot off into the air as episode 22 of Monday Night FURY is officially underway!
September 3rd, 2018 FURY Corey-Graves-Michael-Cole-Booker-T

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the post-BlockBuster edition of Monday Night FURY!

Awwww I've been waitin' all week for Fury to come and now here we are dawgs! BlockBuster was off tha hook and truly was the Biggest Event of the Summer! We saw 4 Championships change hands and even crowned a NEW inaugural champion! And why it wasn't one of our boys, you can bet we gettin' that Sucka when the champ shows up here in enemy territory next week!

Couldn't agree more with ya Booke and that surprises me! After another hugely successful Big 4 PPV there isn't a better time to be in PWG as we are nearing the end of the 2K18 Season. And with a New Season comes New Talent! Rumors have it that our leader JBL and Revolt's Triple H have been scouring the planet looking for fresh and hungry Superstars to sign and make an impact in PWG!

The crowd lets out an ecstatic pop at the sound of the all-familiar tune of the one and only AJ Styles. Dawning the coveted PWG Championship around his waist, the handcrafted gold shimmers when the lights come back on as Styles hits his signature pose.

September 3rd, 2018 FURY Giphy

And speaking about "impact" Corey, one whose arguably made the most on not just Fury but PWG as a whole is kicking off the show!

Ah-haaaaaah! My boy AJ Styles has made history again; as he broke the PWG Championship "curse" and is now the longest reigning PWG Champion EVER! And spoiler alert dawgs, I think my son is only gettin' started!

Yes, its undeniable AJ has done great things here and taken Monday Nights to a whole new level since arriving in the GS Superstar Shakeup back in May, BUT he will now have to defend the prestigious PWG Championship against the most battle-tested Superstar on Fury - 'The Lunatic Fringe' Dean Ambrose.

September 3rd, 2018 FURY Giphy

The crowd pops as AJ hits his signature pose once more before he beckons to the ringside staff for a microphone. Upon receiving the microphone, the champ can't even get a word in as chants of "A-J-Styles!" rain down onto the ring. The Phenomenal One smiles and is humbled by this reception, never taking it for granted; the chants finally die-down after several moments allowing AJ to speak.
September 3rd, 2018 FURY AJ_Styles

Last week the whole world tuned in to see the Biggest Event of the Summer, they tuned in to see the Biggest Championship in PWG, defended against the Biggest Contender, in the Biggest match for the title yet... Cause it's just like I said after winning the PWG Championship - "now the real challenge starts." No former champion being able to defend this title was proof of that. And I can now say "was" because with you all behind me, we made HISTORY last week when I retained against Big Diesel, and I'm now YOUR Longest Reigning PWG Champion!

The Sacramento fans shower AJ in cheers and chants of "YES! YES! YES!"
September 3rd, 2018 FURY 65f372d17eeceada5b2dbe0756cb2988

But Hell, Kevin Nash sure didn't make it easy. The Cheap Shots and Cheap Digs aside, I give credit where credits due, and when that bell rang at BlockBuster and we took each other to the limit - respect was forged. And that moment... well that was just 'Too Sweet'

AJ throws up the 'Too Sweet' gesture once more in respect for the tough fight Nash gave him before continuing.

But... I'm not the only one who had a big win that night in San Fran. As PWG Champion, the biggest target in the entire industry is on your back. So you best always keep eyes in the back of your head; on whose making moves to take your spot; on whose your next challen-

The PWG Champion is cut off by another familiar theme blaring through the arena audio system...

Corey : And here he is....

September 3rd, 2018 FURY QZb12P8

Dean’s theme blares through the arena as PWG’s Lunatic limps his way from the backstage area and slowly, steps into the ring mic in hand.

Booker : Look Corey, Ambrose is dangerous but he ain’t perfect dog... How many times we seen Ambrose blow the big one?

Corey : Once Booker.. Only once every, other times there were outside variables.

Cole : We are pretty much seeing the man who changed Monday Nights and the guy who’s stuck em out. And this crowd is thunderous!

Ambrose goes to speak as the crowd boos he slowly lowers his microphone and stares into the sea of people. A “let’s go Ambrose” chant erupts as Dean laughs, but it’s quickly followed up by a much louder “AJ Styles” chant.

Dean : You got em all fooled... They think they matter... They think you are their hero.... Come on cheer for em!

The crowd almost instantly chant “AJ Styles” as AJ nods his head but quickly, Dean snaps in

Dean : AJ Styles.... The man who arrived to Monday Night and claims he’s become the star but there’s just one problem... A problem Samoa Joe found out the past few months and most importantly at BlockBuster.. This show ain’t Revolt this show ain’t up for grabs.. Not as long as I’m breathing...

Dean cricks his neck and closes his eyes as AJ becomes a bit more serious.

September 3rd, 2018 FURY FocusedPresentAurochs-size_restricted

Dean : February eleventh, twenty eighteen.... A date I’ll always carry with me... The day that the voices in my head scream, the day that whatever good was left in me died... I was embarrassed by Shawn Michaels... Super Kick one, two, three...

Dean leans back as the crowd hushes a bit interested to see where this goes.

Dean : I spent this entire year trying to get back to that moment... And I still haven’t had a one-on-one match for that Championship... March eighteenth, twenty eighteen...Triple Threat - Seth, HBK, and Dean Ambrose... The night HBK attacked me and cost us the match... Seth stood tall and I fell yet again...

Dean : "The Show of Shows" GrandStand... The biggest of the year. A night I and those other two men closed off the show for the first time ever and made history... You wanna talk about history? How about HBK pinning Seth Rollins after the three of us crashed through the cell roof while I was unresponsive and told that’s it, that’s your shot, back of the line....

Dean pulls at his face as he goes face to face with AJ.

Dean : I fell deeper and deeper into my madness until the man was gone and the monster was free, and the only man who had the balls to do something about it, was Samoa Joe. A man I now respect... I however don’t respect you...

The crowd boos as Ambrose continues.

Dean : He’s a monster like me you're just a man, nothing more nothing less... You think you can have it all? Weeeell do ya?! The wife, the kids, and the happiness? The legacy and the glory? That ain’t how this life works guys like you don’t beat guys like me...

Dean : You see we both came from the Independents, you were hailed as one of the top stars in the world for your flips and showmanship.. I was ignored for all the buckets of blood I spilled, all the lives I ruined, all the careers I destroyed, all the times I was told you won’t make it big time.

Dean : Turns out I did, but that company I made back in those days is gone... Now the big time is PWG... It’s THE company and I’m on THE flagship Monday Nights... And unlike most I have never have left.... Whether it be a Shakeup, a Superstar forced to leave, someone taking time off, or someone being fired cause they couldn’t hack it! You can count how many stars have done what I have on one hand! But ain’t none of em like me... I’m one in a million.

Dean slowly touches the title and pulls away from it quick.

Dean : Your next challenger AJ? Is a man with nothing to lose but everything to gain... That is my life... And you have the misfortune of being forced to go one-on-one with me... I haven’t had a one-on-one since HBK... I’m sure your a great guy, and I almost feel bad.... But I’m a sick man who enjoys hurting people and I happen to be very good at it...

Dean : Don’t let your pretty, pretty little wife Wendy watch... Or your kids... Damn sure don’t bring em live.. Because you won’t strive to hurt me... You're a superstar and a professional with morals... I’m not I’m gonna hurt you...

Dean steps closer as AJ doesn’t seem fazed and instead stares daggers through Dean.
September 3rd, 2018 FURY Dean-Ambrose-AJ-Styles-Smackdown-645x370

Dean : Oh I hit a nerve didn’t I? Well allow me to continue... I’m gonna break every bone you have in your body!! I’m gonna rip and tear at your skin!!! And I’m gonna leave you a busted bloody heap just like this world has left me!!!

AJ closes his eyes but reopens then sharing Ambrose’s aggression.

Dean : And you're gonna fly home to your poor, poor kids who are going to be crying asking if Daddy’s ok? Your wife won’t know what to say, you told them to watch and she’s horrified...

AJ clenches his fist.

Dean : And your gonna limp in accept your hero’s welcome and show them you have no title and your not the man you claimed to be....

Ambrose smirks in a sick way enjoying this.

Dean : They’re gonna ask "what happened?" “What’s with all those bandages?” “Why can’t you stand dad?” And all you will be able to say traumatized from your injuries is “Monsters are real and Ambrose is PWG’s backbone, blood, and heart”...

Dean flicks his hair back and goes to speak again but is cut off by...

AJ Styles has heard enough from The Lunatic and goes off.

September 3rd, 2018 FURY AJ-Styles-Angry

Listen here you son of a bitch! If you EVER bring my family into this again you're not going to get a "man" and you're not going to get a "monster" - you're going to get THE GEORGIA PITBULL - and you can ask Edge how that went over for him after I sent his ass packing to the retirement line again!

The crowd pops loudly for the memorable Styles-Edge feud in which The Rated R Superstar physically attacked Wendy and visually scarred his children before falling to AJ's justice at GrandStand.

Guys like me don't beat Guys like you? Really? I've beaten the vile Edge. I've beaten the womanizing and controlling John Cena. And all YOU are is a mixture of the two. Hell, I've pinned the monster you just went to war with, and it sure as hell didn't take me 3 tries! (some "ohhhs" are heard from the crowd) The man who embarrassed you twice for this Championship - I pinned him my FIRST NIGHT here! and HBK was never quite the same after that night. He lost his smile, and then this Championship, because he looked in the mirror and knew his run at the top was over, because FURY IS THE HOUSE THAT AJ STYLES BUILT!

The crowd pops once more as they fully support the biggest Face on Fury.

And Monday Night Fury; My House, My Show... wasn't built off your blood and sweat and tears Dean-o. It wasn't built off Lazy Champions who showed up to work half the time to get carried by his challengers. It wasn't built off Mute Champions that the audience forgets about until it's defended at PPVs.

The tension rises as AJ steps up directly into Dean's face before continuing.

And it wasn't built off Snakes taking shortcuts to slither their way into Championship, after Championship match they didn't deserve, just to FAIL!

Dean is visually irked at the last comment as it seems AJ's has returned the favor of getting under the other's skin. 'The Lunatic Fringe' is ready to come unhinged at any moment...

Before the two could unleash on one another a new, but familiar, tune floods the arena.

That new tune appears to be none other than Johnny Wrestling’s!
Gargano emerges from the curtain to receive an ovation from the PWG Universe.

Gargano makes his way down to the ring with both mic and Fortune Briefcase in hand. And Johnny coming fresh off a hell of a victory against Killian Dain at Blockbuster which also makes him 2-0 at PPVs.
September 3rd, 2018 FURY Johnny-gargano-promo-3_orig

JG: “Sacramento how we doing tonight!?!”

The Sacramento crowd cheers letting Gargano know how they’re feeling.
Johnny then shifts his attention to AJ and Dean.

JG: “Look I’m sorry to interrupt your little love affair going on here tonight...”

Some laughs are heard throughout the arena.

JG: “But I have something important to tell the PWG Universe tonight and also you AJ Styles. Look AJ you know I respect you right?”

AJ nods and says “yep”

JG: “And well Dean...You haven’t really earned my respect yet.”

Dean gets up in the face of Gargano but Johnny doesn’t back down, instead, he gets in Ambrose’s face too. Before Dean eventually backs off.

JG: “So, to continue on what I was saying. AJ you’d know I’d never cash in this briefcase on you if you were weak and beaten and defenseless. And Dean, I mean hell I would love to cash in on you if you were like that.

Some more laughter is heard.

JG: “But to get to my point. AJ, Dean, your little 1-on-1 at Viewers Choice... Is becoming a triple threat match, cause I’m placing myself in that match with this!”

Gargano raises the Fortune Contract Briefcase into the air as the fans cheer so loud that the roof might blow off of the arena!
September 3rd, 2018 FURY RESEM70318nxt18042018res

JG: “SO DEAN AND AJ, AT VIEWERS CHOICE NEITHER OF YOU WILL WALK OUT OF BALTIMORE PWG CHAMPION. IT’LL BE ME! JOHNNY-FREAKING-WRESTLING! So AJ you wanna call yourself the ‘Georgia Bulldog’ well you’re looking at the ‘Cleveland Dawg’. So I’d suggest that you watch my match tonight against Samoa Joe, you too Dean, and learn something from it.”

Gargano, Styles, and Ambrose have an intense stare down...

Dean begins pacing side to side as the crowd explodes in cheers for the announcement made, AJ looks almost as stunned as Johnny begins feeding off the crowd Ambrose cuts in.

Dean : Sooo it’s seems Gargano.... Mr.Fortune wants to play Russian roulette with his career....

Johnny smirks as Dean gets in his face as he seems to have snapped even more.

Dean : The second your name goes on that card trust me, your gonna wish it didn’t fairy tales aren’t real and stupidity that’s what gets ya hurt. Crossing Dean Ambrose is stupid wasting a cash in, anytime anywhere.... Is stupid...

Dean raises his eyebrows glaring at him.

Dean : You gotta Rebel heart huh?

The crowd cheers as Ambrose smirks.

Dean : Your all for these people,  good guy Johnny? Huh? You think that’s enough cause your a good wrestler huh? Johnny Wrestling?

The fans begin chanting “Johnny Wrestling” as Dean moves away from him.

Dean : Great you’ll show up with your corny smile get the big match and at least you can say you tried.... I’m only gonna say this once  so listen and listen good.. Stay out of my way! Stay out of my match! Stay away from my title! Cause Dean Ambrose isn’t a sports entertainer... Oh no no no Johnny boy... Dean Ambrose is a freak, a menace, and most importantly the future PWG Champion! And I’ve worked to damn hard for this! You cash in just know... Your career much like AJ’s can and will come to a premature end...

Dean moves away from Johnny who doesn’t seem fazed in the slightest. As he moves face to face with Styles who looks fuming much like Dean.

Dean : Now as I was saying.. Before I was rudely interrupted by very loud music... Don’t you ever compare me... To anyone else... Believe the hype... I’m every bit as dangerous and good as they say I am... Johnny has the option to walk away... You do not...  I’m not Edge I’m not here to threaten your family... Im here to prepare them for what daddy can’t.. Your a failure as not just as a champion, but as a father too...

AJ looks ready to stomp Dean’s head into the ground as Johnny looks on.

Dean : Greed,aggression, hate, and betrayal is what keeps this world running... Your safety net of a happy family that works hard to get what they want is fake just like you... People succeed by stepping on someone else to get where they are... Johnny could cash in right now... Ain’t that right Johnny?

AJ goes to spin around and swing his fist assuming Johnny will jump him, but only sees a confused Johnny readying himself. AJ spins toward Dean as he realizes Ambrose is already walking up the ramp to a chorus of boos.

September 3rd, 2018 FURY Giphy

Dean : Don’t trust em? Can’t blame ya... There’s evil and weak in this world which one are you?

Dean drops the mic as it gives a loud thud AJ leans  over the rope screaming for Dean to comeback as Johnny looks at the crowd proud of his decision.

*After the opening segment with Johnny Gargano announcing his cash in at Viewers Choice! Charly Caruso is seen backstage, mic in hand she begins*

Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time, Samoa Joe.

September 3rd, 2018 FURY D2c54a13376be0a9c93cbc39031d3865

*Joe walks into frame with a slight limp but a smile on his face*

Well Char, what can I do for you?

Well first thank you for giving me some of your time for this interview... I know you're a busy man so lets cut to the chase. Last night at BlockBuster... you finally lost to Dean Amborse 4-3... with the final fall happening in the last 5 seconds. How do you feel?

*Joe ponders the question for a moment then begins*

Physically I'm hurt, bruised, broken. I've suffered some minor laceration and my fingers broke. My chiropractor had a field day, and my doctor says I need a break.

*Joe pauses and lets his words sink in*

Mentally... never better.

But.. but..

September 3rd, 2018 FURY Samoa%2BJoe%2B-%2BBarckstage%2BInterview

*smiles* But I lost... that's the nature of the beast Charley... you don't get to the top of the mountain without slipping a few times... but hey that's neither here nor there. You see Dean-O and I may have taken a few years off of our careers... but we also made each other better warriors. Noe I agree with JBL, There won't be another Ambrose vs Joe match in a good bit. But, I'll be watching... hell I may even be rooting for that crazed one.

Well, on that note the first ever Mr.Fortune announced he will be CASHING IN his briefcase and making the match at Viewers Choice a Triple Threat... Johnny Gargano is also the man you will be facing tonight.

*chuckles* You know... hes got balls. I can't say that's how I would cash in my briefcase but hey... He wants to make a name for himself... against two of the top guys in PWG. Hey... hes got heart... but tonight just because I lost doesn't mean I'm just going to lie down tonight.

*Joe turns to the camera*

So Johnny Wrestling... you're meeting Joey Headrocker tonight... Good Luck... but I know you don't need it.

Now if you'll excuse me Char.

No No of corse. Thank You for your time.

*Joe nods at his interviewer as he walks off to gorilla position*

Mr.Fortune vs The Submission Machine
Johnny Gargano vs Samoa Joe

Quote :

click to reveal winner:


*The bell tolls as Samoa Joe stands up from the pin*

Just like that it's back to the winning ways for Samoa Joe.

I mean I wasn't rooting for any of them... with Joe's new attitude... but yea... of cores The Submission Machine won.

Booker T:
I don't know dawg... Mr. Forutne LOOKING GOODT TONIGHT DAWG! Maybe if Joe didn't bonce into that rope break it be a different story tonight!

*After Joe gets his hand raised by the ref he looks at Gargano as hes using the ropes to get to his feet... Joe walks over to him and offers a hand. Johnny looks up and without hesitation accepts it as Joe helps him to his feet. The two then share a handshake.*

There's Joe's new attitude... I don't get it... I'm telling you this is the reason he hasn't won a big one... caring about these fans and his opponents will get him nowhere.

Oh stop being a spoil sport... this is respect between two competitors. Fair Play to Johnny Gargano and Samoa Joe.

*Joe and Gargano share a few words in the ring Joe audibly saying "Good Luck" as he raises Johnny's hand... after a moment Johnny shakes his head no and raises Joe's hand instead to the amusement of the crowd as Johnny leaves the ring to give Joe some time with his fans. The segment ends with Joe throwing up his hand sign as Johnny in the background trying to figure out what went wrong.*

September 3rd, 2018 FURY Joe

The PWG Universe is heard chattering among themselves until a familiar theme song plays through the titantron. Immediately some fresh boos can be heard in unison while a young woman makes her way to the scene.

The young raven haired woman can be seen laughing with a huge smirk planted on her face. She extends her arms to almost absorb the boos while making a quick twirl. The superstar begins walking down the ring at a nice pace, swinging her hips left and right as if she was Jennifer Lopez in a music video of sorts. On her way down she slaps a young unexpected fans box of popcorn - right out of her hands. Paige smirks saying "Kill yourself." With tears in the young fans eyes, she screams at Paige who laughs her way to the ring.
September 3rd, 2018 FURY Tumblr_ozub07RfxX1uxtjooo2_400

Paige - Yes, Yes, Yes - I know you all are just as happy to see me as I am too see all of you. I mean when I look out to the crowd all I see is a bunch of low grade degenerates who will never EVER amount to ANYTHING. I mean look at me, I have it all. Looks, beauty, strength, intellect - I'm a damn goddess and yet I am forced to come out here and bless you all with my presence? Well you better breathe it in because it's a presence you all don't deserve. You see, last week I sat down and I had the chance to really reflect on my life and really reevaluate my position here in the company. Now I know I the epitome of perfection in a young woman but more so than that I realized something.. and that's that I was getting a little too comfortable laying on my back being a queen.. and now's the time that the queen took her throne back. Now I know what most of you are wondering - and saying to yourselves in your little nerdy voices. "But Paige what does that mean - you want to be woman's champion? But you haven't done anything to deserve it." News flash you disgusting pigs - my mere existence means I deserve everything. I deserve to be put on a damn pedestal and be handed every single thing in this company.

The Crowd Continues to boo Paige with a deafening sound.

Paige - Oh yeah, you better believe it. You see Paige is important and what Paige wants is important. What Paige desires is important and what Paige needs is important. But you know what isn't important? Better yet, you know who isn't important? Our piece of garbage excuse of a champion - Ember Moon. You see when Ember made her debut here she made a mockery of me and my best friend Maryse. By the way shout out to the main bitch - love ya girl. Anyways, Ember Moon made an impact and won all of your pathetic hearts but what happened after that? Oh that's right I squashed that pathetic bug and she went back to irrelevancy - hiding in the shadows like the little bug she is. Then what did she do? While I slept on her and was focusing on more important things in my life outside of Monday Night Fury she snuck under the radar and under everyone noses and weaseled her way to winning that championship like the RAT she is. .. And that... that's a problem. It's a problem because you and I, ember.. we have unfinished business and truth be told I don't like seeing you succeed. Being on top isn't where someone like you belongs. So I will not rest until I see you back where you belong and that's under my boot. And while i'm at it, i'll take that championship as a souvenir. So you better sleep with one eye open Ember... because im coming for you and when I get my hands on you - you're career will be nothing more than a far off memory.

Paige tosses the microphone and smirks as the crowd continues too boo her. She winks at the fans while laughing as her music plays and she quickly exits the ring and back up the ramp.
September 3rd, 2018 FURY Tumblr_oaiym2Pd4T1uxtjooo3_500

After the promo delivered by Paige concludes, the cameras pan backstage to another elusive superstar—Maryse. Dressed in what seems to best in-ring attire money can buy, she stares at the monitor with indifference in her eyes until Renee Young arrives to interrupt the atmosphere of silence.
September 3rd, 2018 FURY Tumblr_ohoz0jTB5C1rmv1vdo1_540

Renee Young: Maryse, we haven’t really seen much activity from you on the roster. We’ve seen you do your matches unlike your former partner but you haven’t been outspoken as you were when PWG first went on the air. Why have you been silent? Where have you been exactly? What is your mindset?

The French Canadian averts her gaze from the monitor and fixates her attention on Renee Young with a disgruntled expression depicted upon her face.

Maryse: Pourquoi pas? Why does it matter where I’ve been or where I go? A woman of class goes where she wants and does what she feels like. I’ve competed in my matches when I’ve felt the need to do so and sometimes I don’t feel like showing up. I’ve got places to see, clothes to buy, and an image to portray. Besides, why compete for a title that’s been tainted by little girls and is currently held by Shrek? I say, why not let these babies have their fun while the real women do as they please. Now I’m not going to make an excuse and say that I deserve a title shot but instead, I’m going to make an example out of a former women’s champion and show the world who I am exactly.

Renee Young: But aren’t you worried? Nikki Bella isn’t exactly someone to take lightl-

Tais-toi. If Nicole is anything like her sorry an excuse for a boyfriend, then there’s nothing to worry about. Both of them are losers who talk the talk but never walk the walk. Always demanding for things they've never earned. It's outrageous and to be expected from children. Talk talk talk… That’s all I hear nowadays from her and these women but after tonight, she won’t even be able to utter a mere sentence after a French Kiss from me.    

Maryse walks off from the camera’s view, leaving an unsure Renee Young to her own devices.

Viva La Ole!
Sami Zayn vs Eddie Guerrero

Quote :

winner via SIM:

Eddie celebrates over the fallen Zayn while the referee holds up his hand. Sami struggles to his feet only to be shoved out of the way by a hooded man. The hooded man grabs Guerrero and pulls him from the top rope before twisting his arm and dropping him with a sickening short-arm lariat. Eddie writhes in pain as the man slithers out of the ring and grabs a large canvas bag from under the ring.

Cole: Who in the hell? What the hell is this guy doing to Eddie?

Graves: I'm not sure Cole, but I for one am all for it. Guerrero deserves it all for deceiving the world for so long!

The figure slides it into the before grabbing a microphone from ringside and joining it. The referee attempted to stop the man from resuming his attack on Guerrero only to be thrown from the ring along with the prone body of Zayn. The man throws off his cloak to reveal a surprising face. The man lifts Eddie before dropping him to the mat with a venomous finish.

September 3rd, 2018 FURY JakeRoberts2

Booker T: Shucky ducky quack quack Jake "The Snake" is back Jack!

Graves: This is amazing! I can't believe my eyes gentlemen one of the most sinister men in wrestling history has rejoined the fold here tonight!

Cole: Not only that Corey, but it seems like he has set his gaze on the former PWG Champion!

Roberts paces the ring never taking his eyes off the fallen Guerrero before grabbing his microphone from the apron to speak. Sitting in the corner to do so staring at his prey.

Roberts: Eddie...Eddie....Eddie....All these years you lied to the world and cheated your family of time with you. Your daughter Shaul suffered from substance abuse over your "death". Now you suddenly return with no remorse for what you have done. Well Eddie your reckoning has come just as the snake caused the downfall of Eden I am here to be your end.

Guerrero stirs feebly on the ground as the crowd stirs in shock at the revelations by the Snake. Jake slithers across the mat and gets right in Eddie's face to continue his monologue.

Roberts: Eddie, you didn't deserve the shots you were given upon your return to the living. You didn't deserve your championship and you certainly don't deserve to continue here in PWG. By the end of this Eddie, I am going to make you beg on your hands and knees. A victim of your own greed, wallowing in the muck of your own deceit. As for tonight Eddie, tonight, is just the beginning and tonight you get a glimpse of your maker. Tonight you get glimpse of what is to come...Trust me Eddie this is far from over...

Slowly Jake's eyes move toward the canvas bag he slid into the corner as it writhes with expectation.

September 3rd, 2018 FURY Raw02

Roberts slowly makes his way to the corner untying the bag before reaching inside for his prized pet. Damien coils around the arm of Jake as he removes him from the bag. Jake stares into it's eyes before wrapping the beast around Eddie's prone body with a sort of sick smile on his face as the referee pleas with him to stop.

September 3rd, 2018 FURY Giphy

As Damien coils around Guerrero Jake laughs his sadistic laugh retrieving his microphone from the apron for one last word.

Roberts: This is only the beginning Eddie...Trust Me....

Finally Jake drops the microphone and retrieves Damien from around the neck of Guerrero. The referee immediately checks on Eddie as Roberts leaves the ring only to have the camera get one last glimpse of the returning legend on his way to the back.

September 3rd, 2018 FURY Zcem

Renee Young: I am here with the fearless Nikki Bella who has match later tonight against Maryse. Nikki any words for your opponent?
September 3rd, 2018 FURY 9925EA19-A86B-4E5F-A92F-F532189F3F09_zpsdr8mb3zm

Nikki : Yeah, I heard what she said about me. She's the one who should worry about me, because tonight she'll learn that I am not so easy to beat like she claims.

Renee Young: Do you feel that Maryse is targeting you?

Nikki smirks and before letting out a laugh.
September 3rd, 2018 FURY 82DDFBB9-AE6C-4333-A5FD-FA0082B36E6A_zps0zxopado

Nikki: That dumb blonde makes me laugh. Why doesn't she make herself useful and pour me a cup of tea or something? That's all the dumb bimbo is good for, because she isn’t fearless like me...

Nikki walks off, ending the segment.

Two Strong Egos Clash
Nikki Bella vs Mayse

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

After the match between Nicole and Maryse, the French Canadian beckons for a microphone. With microphone in hand, she places a foot on Nikki’s neck in a show of disrespect before parting her lips to speak. The referee of course tries to move Maryse to the side but she isn’t having it.

Maryse: And like that your former women’s champion and your fearless leader loses to a real woman in 1…2…3 What was there to worry about again? What should I be fetching you, Nicole? If anything you should be begging to be standing in my spotlight because after tonight, no one is going to look at you the same. You’re just like your boyfriend John Cena who talks the talk but can’t get a win to save his life.  You’re garbage and trash compared to me…  

Maryse stomps on Nicole’s chest much to the crowd’s dismay before leaving the ring. Things are clearly not over for the two.

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John Cena's theme hits and he comes out to the fans cheering as he makes his way to the ring.

Cena pulls out a microphone from the back pocket of his jorts.
September 3rd, 2018 FURY 562D427D-2C7A-46B8-8579-53E3DA5B3E6B_zpsasmscnam

Cena: At BlockBuster we had the fight of our lives but in the end, I failed to get the job done against Taker... BUT that is not why I am out here tonight, see I am out here to tell Mr. Styles that AJ-Cena Trilogy needs to happen one way or the other! He's holding something that I have failed to get and that's the PWG championship! AJ, I don't want to earn a shot in a Contenders Match, no, I want a straight shot at the title. Cause I'm the ONLY Fury Superstar to have beaten you in Singles competition. And far as I see it, we are now tied 1-to-1... So how bout it guys? You want to see this rubber match with the highest stakes possible!?

The Fans cheer and chant "YES!" as the live crowd always wants to get "free" title matches no matter who the challengers are, and this undoubtedly would be a BIG match.
September 3rd, 2018 FURY 19592184-E37B-433C-91EF-3CDE9B38D3DF_zps8cf1dngs

Cena: AJ you see these fans want us go at again; do you blame them? We bring best out of each other each and every time we in this damn ring together! And the only thing we haven't done it for yet is for thee championship... I am saying screw JBL!!! Let's do this for the fans man! The two of us fighting one... last... time... AJ lets make some damn magic!

Cena gets cocky and smirks.
September 3rd, 2018 FURY 562D427D-2C7A-46B8-8579-53E3DA5B3E6B_zpsasmscnam

Cena: I mean, not unless you lost your balls, or you're too scared to defend that championship against somebody who can actually give you a challenge - because Nash couldn't - hell nobody can EXCEPT ME! So AJ... ball is in your court...

Cena waits for an answer to his PWG Championship challenge.

A veil of silence consumes the arena until a familiar tune pervades the arena, the fans responding with a mixed reaction—mostly negative.

Michael Cole: It’s JBL!

Booker T: No shit, Cole.

Rather than enter the ring, John stands at the ramp with an amused expression depicted upon his countenance. The music evidently fades away until John brings the bud of the microphone to his lips to speak.

Got to love it here in California! Tons of sunshine, the people are beautiful, the lights are on bright, and the wrestling fans are crazy here tonight! (The crowd gives a cheap pop). But I’m not here to talk about all that nonsense, I’m here to address John Cena... versus AJ Styles. A rivalry that’s been in the makin’ for a couple’a months, practically since the beginning of this shows creation.... John Cena versus AJ Styles for the PWG Championship at Viewer’s Choice. That’s got a good ring to it don’t it? What do ya' think, Sacramento? Does that sound like somethin' that should happen? (The crowd once again responds with positive energy). No... No... No... Better yet, why don't we have it here tonight?! The Main Event! Screw Dean Ambrose! AJ Styles defends the title against John Cena tonight-- is that what you guys want to see?!

Bradshaw's words are enough to send fans into a cheering frenzy, even John Cena has a smile depicted upon his countenance. But just as John is about to utter his next sentence, the Revival attacks Cena from behind, aiming for his legs which sends Cena tumbling onto the floor.

Booker T: What the heyel?! What are JBL's goons doin' here?! Come on son! I knew it was too goodt to be true.

Corey Graves: I saw this coming from a mile away, do you think you can just say screw the general manager of Fury and get away with it?!  

September 3rd, 2018 FURY Tumblr_nihm9z7vNy1sbzhteo1_400

John tries to get back up and fight but is met with a flurry of punches and kicks that sends him crashing to the ground. John gradually enters the ring accompanied by a bunch of boo's from the crowd. Removing his blazer, he beckons for the boys to pick up. Upon doing so, John ricochets from the ropes and connects with a neck snapping clotheslines from hell. He glares down at John Cena's lifeless body, his hand accepting the microphone from Scott Dawson.


An irate JBL lashes out, leaving the ring. The self-named goons for hire pick Cena up, toss him against the ropes and deliver a shatter machine to make one last statement on John Cena. The crowd looks on with anger and John Bradshaw Layfield, who stands at the ramp, looks back with a solemn expression on his face. What's next in store for Cena...?
September 3rd, 2018 FURY Tumblr_osj99cCeSw1uxtjooo4_500

Rusev Day Since Day 1(ish)
The Usos vs Rusev Day

Quote :

Coming back from commercial break, Rusev and Aiden English are seen standing in the ring waiting for their match against The Usos. It’s been a while since Rusev Day has come into the ring and still no sight of the USO’s. Tired of waiting, Aiden grabs a mic and addresses the non-present Usos.
September 3rd, 2018 FURY Happy-Rusev-Day-1

Aiden: “ Listen here Usos. Me and Rusev are sick of this little mind game you two are playing. Now come out here and face me and this Bulgarian Brute and get Crushed!”  

After Aiden says this the fans expect the Usos to come out...but there is still no sign of them coming to the ring.

The ref soon calls for a forfiet by the Usos and handing Rusev Day an unearned victory. Rusev is pleased, but not Aiden.

Aiden: “NonoNO! Look me and Rusev want to win this match fair and square not by no show! I demand that next week that the Usos show their face and face us! Then they will finally realize that its....RUSEV DAYYYYYY!!!”

Aiden and Rusev soon leave the ring in anger and disappointment. What’s next for Rusev Day? Where were the Usos? There’s a lot of questions needing answered.

* After a match on tonight's FURY show, we see Renee Young waiting around the parking lot area. *
September 3rd, 2018 FURY 0dbdc-1501038795-800

Renee Young:
How much longer is it going to take?

* Suddenly we see a car drive into the parking lot, after it's been parked. The new United States Champion Goldberg exits the vehicle. He wastes no time, and walks to head to the lockerrooms *

September 3rd, 2018 FURY 512425-goldberg-youtube

* But Renee, who has been waiting a long time for this scoop with Goldberg. Tries to approach him *

Renee Young:
Goldberg! Goldberg! Wait! Could i have a word with you?!


* Goldberg simply walks past her, ignoring her existence completely. But she tries to keep up with the man *

Renee Young:
Word has it that Bray might be out of action, caused by your actions at Blockbuster. Any thoughts?

* Goldberg keeps walking with the belt hanging on his shoulder, until Renee just gives up. Miss Young sighs realizing she just waited for nothing. *

Ziggler's Shattered Dreams?
Goldust vs Dolph Ziggler

Quote :

Dolph comes to the ring with purpose after getting "screwed" out of the Evo Championship at BlockBuster. Goldust comes to the ring and s instantly dry humps Ziggler after the bell. Vintage Goldust!

Ziggler throws him off and Superkicks Goldust so hard that the mark of his boot gets imprinted on his face paint. Ziggler stomps Goldusts leg over and over again with Fury in his eyes he wants to destroy Goldust. He then locks in a Sleeper...

But Goldust fights back and hits a huge Dropkick. Goldust then picks up Ziggler hits him with a Zig Zag, pins him very sexually and almost beats Dolph with his own move!

Ziggler rolls out the ring while Goldust follows him. Ziggler gets back on the apron and puts him in torture rack position. Brutal Burning Hammer on the apron to Godust!

Ziggler hits the Zig Zag in the ring. Dolph Ziggler wins and exits the ring before hopping onto the announcers table. He looks at the Camera. "Give me Owens!" he shouts. Ziggler wants that belt.

September 3rd, 2018 FURY Dolph-ziggler-smackdown-february-2018

A New Champion Eclipses on Fury
September 3rd, 2018 FURY Ember_Moon_Champ

Quote :

Monday Night Fury returns from commercial break to where Band Cane Hill is set up with drums and guitars up on the far right top of the entrance ramp. In the dead center is Grammy winner Lzzy Hale of Halestorm. She stands with a guitar around her and a microphone in front. Some fans are a tad bit confused as to why they're getting this free concert, but they cheer nonetheless. A spotlight then hits Lzzy Hale as she begins singing the lyrics to Ember Moon's entrance theme. The PWG Universe jump to their feet in excitement once they realize it's time for Moon's championship celebration.  

Ember emerges mid song to a huge pop. She dances around Lzzy Hale jamming out for a moment.

September 3rd, 2018 FURY Tumblr_p6wni4GHu41s05wxzo3_400

The two fist bump before Ember goes walking down the entrance ramp. The beloved women's champion quickly paces around the ring giving each fan a high five. Ember then quickly jumps under the bottom ropes and into the ring where a large Game Of Thrones like throne is placed in the center.
September 3rd, 2018 FURY Game-of-thrones-iron-throne-firebox-640x533

She requests a microphone and is handed one is seconds. Barely able to hide how she feels, a huge smile is across the face of Ember. The War Goddess waits a few moments letting the live crowd die down before speaking.

Ember Moon: I DID IT!!! This is something I've fought for my entire life. I'm living a dream standing here your PWG women's champion. All the tears, blood, and sweat I put into this have finally paid off.  All the grueling training seasons with Booker T haha. Let me tell you something, that guy will have you work your ass off. Without him I wouldn't be here right now. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you Booker. My trainer isn't the only one i'm out here to thank. You people are my true motivation to give it all I have week in and week out. To the little girls watching, you are a warrior too. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do something because of your gender. Give it all you have and follow your heart. I did and now I'm living my dream. All you have to do is fight for it, my warriors.  

Fans begin to chant "Em-ber Moon" and "You Deserve It" causing Ember to get a little choked up. Ember wipes a tear from her eye as she continues to speak.

Ember Moon: There are a lot of talented women back there, but I made myself a promise. A promise that i'd claim the throne on top of the women's division here on Fury. The flames have been freed and the prophecy has come true! I want to be a champion you guys could be proud of. I'll forever fight with heart and honor. I now sit upon my throne beginning my reign as your champion.

Ember Moon drops the microphone and sits on her physical throne. Photographers all gather in front of the ring to get a shot of the new champion begin her reign. The camera gets one more shot of Ember as she winks to the camera and throws up her signature hand gesture before the camera goes to the next segment.

The office of JBL gets a visitor.
It's the lovely Lita she looks unsure and her force grin masks her uncertainty.
JBL awaits her to speak her mind, as to what brings her here in front of his mahogany wood desk.

:: Lita ::
You know the 19 season is nearly here with the slammy's on soon.
Frankly JBL I don't know if the future hold's anything for myself here in PWG.
I just need another chance John. Times are changing new talent is coming up, this might be my last run.
I know I hav'nt done too much but if you could see it in your heart to do me a favor it'd be very greatly appreciated.
One more chance at a big match, is all I need.

:: JBL ::
This is Just saddening.
You used to be fearless, now look at you.
Like an addict trying to get a fix from me.
I don't want to see you acting like this, even if you're not getting much of that winners fix, you have to still act like a winner, heck look at Paige.

Lita nod's at JBL's reference.

:: JBL ::
You're damn right, There is a lot of capable young talent coming up from developmental.
So you need to show me something or to be frank myself Lita.
I wouldn't resign you for the next season, if you don't sort your shit out fast.

JBL shakes his head as he thinks for a few seconds. Lita is about to leave but JBL's words halt her from turning her back and walking away from him.

:: JBL ::
We go back a long way's in this business Lita, era's of attitude non-canon to PWG history. You're a veteran and I know how tough it can be as the times move on.
Then you are and before you know it times have changed while you've remained the same.

Soo...I'll add you to the contender's match, do the job and all that.
but girl you better give it everything you got and show me that worthy of being apart of fury or that contract will not be getting renewed.

:: Lita ::
Yes sir thanks so much. I'll go out there and put on a good show.

Lita happily gives JBL a kiss on the cheek.

:: JBL ::
Hey hey keep it professional, can't have every woman thinking I can be pushed over by puppy dog eyes and a hard-luck story.
I have an Image to uphold around here... Now get.

JBL Chuckles as Lita leaves his office.
He makes a phone call.

United States Championship Re-Match
Bray Wyatt vs Goldberg (c)

Quote :

* After commercial break ends, we see Bray Wyatt waiting in the ring for his United States Title rematch. Still very hurt by the events that occurred at BlockBuster, but the atmosphere completely changes when this Theme Song blasts through the arena *

Booker T:
Get ready for part 2 boii's!

Corey Graves:
I'm not sure if I even want to see it, last week was a massacre.

* We see the man himself appear on stage, with the title gold sitting on his waist. His signature fireworks erupt and he proceeds to stand in it like any other entrance *

September 3rd, 2018 FURY 2guin2

* Moments pass and we see that Goldberg finds himself in the ring, with Bray hanging on the other side of the corner *

Corey Graves:
Bray doesn't seem ready, just look at him! He's barely standing with the help of the ropes.

Booker T:
If he wants to fite! He's gotta fite Corey!

* Goldberg takes a disgusting look at the weaken Bray Wyatt. He takes the United States Title off his waist and hands it to the ref, doing it quickly since he wants this match dealt with. He then yells at the ref *

Ring the bell! Now!

* The ref then stands center, looking at both corners to see if the fighters are ready. Both of them nod and as soon as the bell rings, we see Goldberg rush towards Bray's corner. Hooking him with a massive clothesline which follows with Wyatt dropping on the floor like a lifeless body. *

Michael Cole:

Booker T:

* The crowd then starts a "GODBERG" chant while we see Goldberg flexing his beast muscles. But as soon as he notices Bray slowly raising to his feet, he quickly follows with a devistating spear! *

September 3rd, 2018 FURY 2guiw1

Corey Graves: Just stop this already!

Michael Cole: SPEAR! SPEAR!

* Goldberg looks down at the broken man, while he still desperately tries to fight for his former title. He barely can reach the ropes, but Goldberg grabs him by the hair and gets him in the JACKHAMMER hold, lifts him in the air. Just to get dropped dead again. *


Michael Cole: ONE! TWO ! YEP! THREE! IT'S OVER!

* Right after Goldberg dealt with him, he kicks him right out of the ring. To keep the spotlight to himself, like at Blockbuster he lets his impatience get to him as he walks up to the ref to get his United States Championship *

Corey Graves: And still the Champion of the United States of America, this being! What the hell is he?!

Michael Cole: We know what he calls himself, and so does the PWG universe by the likes of it.

* Goldberg leaves the ring and heads up to the stage with the United States Championship on his shoulder before he completely leaves. He looks back and shows off his earned accomplishment one final time for the night *

September 3rd, 2018 FURY Promo303140211

Match of The Night
World Women's Championship #1 Contendership Match (Elimination)
Sasha Banks vs Lita vs Asuka vs Becky Lynch

Quote :

click to reveal winner:

Monday Night FURY.
PWG Inc. 2018 ©
Team FURY Productions.

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