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 9/3/18 Match Card

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9/3/18 Match Card Empty
PostSubject: 9/3/18 Match Card   9/3/18 Match Card Icon_minitime8/27/2018, 7:27 pm

Monday Night FURY
September 3rd, 2018
Sacramento, California
Golden 1 Center

9/3/18 Match Card Maxresdefault

SHOW NAME: A Return From The Lime Light

Champion and Challenger Meet
9/3/18 Match Card Dean_AJMeet

Mr.Fortune vs The Submission Machine
Johnny Gargano vs Samoa Joe

9/3/18 Match Card Gargano_VSJoe

Two Strong Egos Clash
Nikki Bella vs Mayse

9/3/18 Match Card Bella_VSMaryse

The End of Takers Day?
Undertaker vs Baron Corbin

9/3/18 Match Card Corbin_VSTaker

A New Champion Eclipses on Fury
9/3/18 Match Card Ember_Moon_Champ

Viva La Ole!
Sami Zayn vs Eddie Guerrero

9/3/18 Match Card Eddie_VSZayn

Rusev Day Since Day 1(ish)
The Usos vs Rusev Day

9/3/18 Match Card USOSvs_Rusev_Day

Ziggler's Shattered Dreams?
Goldust vs Dolph Ziggler

9/3/18 Match Card Goldust_VSZiggler

United States Championship Re-Match
Bray Wyatt vs Goldberg (c)

9/3/18 Match Card USTitle

World Women's Championship #1 Contendership Match (Elimination)
Sasha Banks vs Lita vs Asuka vs Becky Lynch

9/3/18 Match Card Womens_contender


  • As always you have until 11:59 PM Pacific Sunday (DATE HERE) to have your matches and RPs in
  • If you don't know the username of your opponent check out the Superstar Cards by clicking HERE
  • Don't forget to brush up on our Gameplay Rules before your match by clicking HERE
  • It is the Winner's Responsibility to record, upload, and turn in the Video to the account Match_Results
  • D/L Fury's Custom Arena on Community Creations using #pwg #fury #anycolor
  • This is the (Shows before PPV
  • Let's continue finishing out the 2K18 season strong! Good Luck, Have Fun!
    ~The PWG Staff
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9/3/18 Match Card
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